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This document and working links were updated on the 1 march 2011; Email me if the links have problems,

Ive got a reliable scribd website for posting documents and now for the astrology programs (and all astro documents as well) looks good I am going to add more links and documents and software in the

future , log on these scribd links regularly/ monthly to get updates of new things. From Where to download free Jyotish books/ documents and astrology Softwares; all links for getting
astrology/astronomy sofware free and free books are here. Basically I have 4 sites to store documents for software see below; ;my 1st srib-site; 100+ astro books & latest BTG magazines, 17505 reads in 2 month ; the encyclopedia of vedic knowledge, some classics with original sanskrit and english translation; gita, krishna book, bhagavatam, Caitanya Caritamrita, + most vedas & more ;2690 reads in less than a week Please read attentively because this is a jyotish mine, treasure. Personal appreciation or encouragements, or thanks are welcome; all files were created by , any advise is welcome, I wish to spread this divine knowledge all-over, if You have ideas tell me, I am going to post this letter to different websites and encourage you to do so to advertise, copy/paste it, print it, distribute it, drop leaflets from the sky.. so people will be directed towards for books or links for software and documents also all other books not viewable or available on scibd are available here-under;

BOOKS and DOCUMENTS; get them individually and for free this is the web-page you will get with all individual links;

most at the books in PDF format have a preview (click on magnifier) of the 1st book page, then individual downloads in the right column, tips to get everything free; click in the folders in the left pane to open individual files and download them free for downloading whole files You have to register and need.

these files are in PDF (photocopy of books) as well as their almost exact counterpart in words format for copy/paste/ study/ extract. This is 10 years of my work on astrology/astronomy given to You for the benefit of mankind and future generations.
My comments; Middle ages mentality is no more acceptable (belief that all astrologers, astronomers etc.. must be burn to the stake is gone) it is time now to spread this esoteric/ metaphysical science that deals with our karma (so people who do not believe in soul/ God/ reincarnation/ higher intelligence in universe/ karmic laws of good and bad, will have hard time to accept astrology and what to speak to comprehend it!). So if You have red this that means you are searching; You are part of the intelligentsia of the human beings who try to comprehend the secret laws of mother nature which is directed by the Father (God) and You are asking Yourself; Why we are here? why we have to go trough suffering and happiness?, what causes all that?then it is certainly not by chance, there must be some intelligent power up there ? When we say power we must say there must be persons who control (planets and their rulers/ deities) and an ultimate controller, master and creator of all planets call it God, who set up the laws of nature and laws of karma. Wether we appreciate it or not, wether we admit it or not, we (humans, animals and all living creatures) are totally under the laws of nature (karma, instinct), our problems will vanish gradually individually and collectively only by starting to co-operate with God and not by trying to play God by boosting ourselves or competing with others of the same mentality. Now the next step is to transcend karma, astrology and get eternal wisdom and liberation ..go to; all vedic, spiritual and Godly guidance is there.

SOFTWARE PROGRAMS freeware or cracked (a basic set of proper tools for Jyotish); Get a view of the whole package here (except Jagannath Hora); this is the web-page you will get with all individual links;

get them individually and for free with a sub-link as below; (need a RAR program to UNRAR the compressed files); tips to get everything free; click in the folders in the left pane to open individual files and download them
freefor downloading whole files You have to register and need.

Freeware; Jagannath Hora ; a must; favorite of most vedic astrologers and free, many amazing features and customisations. Includes different house systems including KP system with beginning middle and end of houses (best and free program BUTbeware time zones and summer saving time are sometimes wrong so their atlas is not perfect and they warn about this in their help file, so counter-check with ACS Atlas (available independently here-under) or other reliable softwares that have reliable ACS atlas includedGoravani, Kepler , Parasara light Download link for JHora: & check their website, it is full of informations and links to free MP3 classes on vedic astro. (You have to know astrology to use it, or You will learn astro better by using it) ACS atlas (a must especially with JHora) to make sure the time zone is correct, otherwise You are going To waste your time and make wrong predictions with the wrong time; GORAVANI JYOTISH; (made by an amazing western vedic astrologer; an amazing program with readingshelpful for lazy
astrologers, but computer readings will have apparent contradictions for the novice, still many features very interestingcompatibility.etc ) still a valid torrent slow link. or better get it (with a doubled database for readings and tips) from;

cartografx world map; a world atlas installed on your computer. That is a must if you do not have Google earth or internet, or if
you look for a place non-existent in your astro software, or you have coordinates (long. & lat.) but do not know the place, or there is several places /cities/ villages of the same name (which one?) or also you are looking for the closest city nearby to get the proper time zone or you just like geography and like travelling. The program have a search engine for all these places and gives quite a detailed map (geographic or political) with exact coordinates similar Google earth (with less details of course, too small villages will not be there); geovision software; Indian/vedic classic astrology; includes 3 programs; Parashara's Light 7 (classic Jyotish, good also, gives some already made computer readings, do not rely too much on them) once decompressed, you can remake an iso file from the contents of the file or make a bootable CD. I was unable to split the iso file in 2 rar files. So I had to make a file of the contents and break it in 2 parts with sArchiver program. Sri muhurta; (a good muhurtha programs made by the same company as parasara); Bookshelf (made by the same company as parasara) no real need if you got parasara.. Muhurta gives only the readings.

+ 2 of the best western astro programs (still good , they even make vedic chart, and have many features); Kepler; a huge program includes astrocartography maps, eclipse maps + many features; Solfire V5; I consider it the best western program except for the atlas, it is an astronomy/ astrology programmany features

+ astronomy ; my preferred to see the real sky, any time from any place with all stars and planets.because I customised it and rename all stars and naksatras with vedic names, a small size program but still powerful with thousands of stars .beautiful customisable sky maps. Not essential but a fun and also a serious tool for any astrologer/ astronomer student, you can get it from the web also as a freeware but better you get the customised version (it took me several months of work to classify, research and enter all vedic stars with their names); 2 alcyone programs (advanced astronomy data); Planet's Orbits and Alcyone Ephemeris (customisable sky maps and astronomical ephemeris) good for planetary data and research (either You embrace vedic geo-centricity or modern heliocentricity. it will not change the angles, speed, distances and coordinates of the planets viewed from earth, (another story for the stars as far as their distance is concerned but for astrology that does not change anything); Geocentric universe 3.0; a customisable program to see the Universe in 3D with everything explained with audio tutorials as you visualise the planets moving (like the seasons, eclipses, retrogrades, stars, orbitsetc.. and with scientific and scriptural evidences) a must if You want to really want to know how all ancient civilisations (and few scientist and PhDs) were perceiving correctly the solar system as geocentric with the earth not rotating but the whole celestial sphere rotating around every single day; in 1600-1700 AC, We (humans) invented an Heliocentric solar system. That is why astrology is ridiculed
because if the sun is in the centre and earth turning around then the so-called position of the sun (or any planet) in a particular sign is actually an illusion because it is based only on the relative position of the earth (in other words if the sun is fixed then why should He be in Aries or Taurus or any sign, then definitely I agree with scientists and astronomers that if the sun is in the centre then definitely all astrologers sideralists and tropicalists are quacks). Astrologers, astronomers, scientists (and millions of others) were considered witches and burnt or tortured in the dark middle ages (in Europe and Mediterranean basin only) where all kinds of Knowledge was banned and destroyed including huge libraries like Constantinople (by the Vatican mafia and murderers) . Astrology (and other sciences) in the western world reappeared only in the 18th century (or renaissance) mostly because of William Lilly, the astronomer/ astrologer of queen Victoria as well as Kepler and also because of Newton laws (not without flaws if applied to the universe). Since then astrologers have still been considered quacks by astronomers and scientists (those only who accept only the theory of an heliocentric universe). Luckily astrology still survived in India throughout more than 20 foreign invasions in about 1000 years .A miracle although they believe and follow the west and reject their own culture (what remains of it) . India sub-continent was still the richest and most civilised country in the world before the western colonisations and slavery. But astrology must be rebuilt. Link;

+ extra programs for different calendars and time, time-zones in the world a may help. Especially if you deal with charts a few hundred or thousands of years old;

I am providing You the proper tools and programs to do and learn astrology efficiently, however if You have difficulty to download/install or run these programs or want moreemail me , also I highly recommend You to go to and get for free; enter the name of the program you want (they have almost anything for mac and windows) or enter all files and you are going to have a list of all the downloadable programs (generally with serial or crack included) or files you want..beware..this site also have a lot of dirty things, get only the nectar, not the crap. NOTICE; The computer programs many vedic astrologers work with are, Goravani Jyotish , Parashara's Light 7 and Jagannatha Hora Solar Fire Deluxe, and Halloran's AstrolDeluxe for Windows for Western Astrology, and KPAstro, TP Jyotish which is a superb program for those of you working with S.P. Khullar's Cuspal Interlinks work, and Jyotishya Deepika for KP Charts and details. KPAstro is a super program for all the KP buffs - many exceptional features and absolutely unbeatable printouts, while Jyotishya Deepika is wonderful also in that it focuses on both KP and Classical and is a smart program for both students and professionals alike. TP Jyotish is an absolute must for any Khullar work, (fascinating) as the calculations run down to to prana lord date and time. On my Windows Mobile Pocket PC, I work with both Astracadabra and Jyotish Tools for Windows - two excellent astrology programs that become exceptionally handy when you're on the move and away from your computer. Astracadabra now also operates with KP and Cuspal Interlink functionality - complete with hard to beat features for a PPC - it's loaded and exceptionally user friendly. List of links to jyotish documents included in the packages above, copy/paste links; these documents include all the documents listed in my my page; + much more but are on website; many links looks like duplicates bearing the same name; they are not same , one is in PDF the other in word format or the books are spread in several volumes (books in words are almost same as their PDF counterpart except some weird tables or Sanskrit words unidentified) books and booklets Downloaded from web; my work; good files; about Dcharts & more about Jaimini astro, arudhas, argalas; for chart analysis; about sarvatobhadra about ayanamsa booklets for birth rectification and more about geocentricity; Graphs, ephemeris & tables

10 Karakas Marriage-compatibility Medical astro other files

11 planetary motion

12 lessons FULL SCANNED JYOTISH BOOKS ORIGINALS Manuals, encyclopedias of astrology; BOOKS




16 from KN Rao new techniques of predictions