1. My bachelor dissertation consists of theoretical as well as practical elements & aspects of Online Marketing & the Online Marketing campaign. 2.

As of the theoretical part, 3 most important and relevant thematics can be mentioned: ! -the online medium concepts ! -the online marketing tools & channels ! -the online creative strategy 3. In regard to the online medium, a few facts from www.internetworldsstats.com: as of December 31st 2011: -almost 79% of the U.S. population uses the internet, that represents a 152.6% growth over the 2000-2011 time frame. -almost 62% of Europeans are online that represents a 376.4% growth in the same above mentioned time frame. -also, more than 52% of Romanian population is online, which, taking into account the share of population living in rural areas and the low living standard, this figure is pretty high. -also extremely high growth % for Africa and the Middle East: 2,988.4% respectively 2,244.8%. 4. Here are listed some of the tools from my selection that appears in the bachelor dissertation. The selected marketing tools, are from my experience & opinion some of the most essential tools for any marketing campaign: google analytics, google webmaster central & alexa.com for data and statistics, google adwords for advertising and youtube, wordpress and social bookmarking for interlinkage, SEO & awareness boost. 5. Here we have again just a selection of the most effective channels for online marketing in 2012: ! -SEO aka Search Engine Optimization, basically helps at getting higher rankings on search engines by solving and meeting certain so-called SEO-Factors. ! -Mobile marketing refers to marketing done through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. ! The rest are self explanatory. 6. As for trends in online marketing in 2012, social media & video marketing are mainstream: the examples 7. Of course every online marketing campaign must have objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant & time bound; as well as an overview of the activities and their deadlines, because you must know what has to be done and by when. 8. For the practical part of my bachelor dissertation I’ve prepared an online marketing campaign strategy/plan for City Business Centre - Timisoara aka CBC. 9. CBC is a buildings complex that offers next-level office environments for rent. The highlight of CBC is represented by the services & features build right in the complex. 10. Of course the campaign has a set of predefined S.M.A.R.T. objectives that are related to web-site traffic, social networks and videos, and ultimately aimed at increasing online awareness of CBC, resulting in higher customer conversion & retention rate, which results in higher returns for CBC. 11.Also the campaign has a budget, more exactly an estimative initial setup budget of 680 euros and a total monthly budget of 990 euros. 12.The online marketing tools used for the campaign are: 13.14. Social media marketing tools such as the tools offered by Facebook, Twitter; 15. Social Video Marketing by Youtube; 16. SEM tools: SEO & paid inclusion. 17. As for monitoring and control, the primarily used tool we have Google Analytics. 18. -19. For a time frame between February - June 2012 we have:

The online creative strategy for the campaign is composed of some CBC official website add-ings and modifications aimed to better highlight CBC’s essence. The bottom line is: -Global internet usage is . the other elements revolve around SEO. Also the starting date for the campaign is 1st of August and the end date is 29th of november 2012. moreover from 359 visits. I’ve even came up with a USP: “ “ 25. Thank you for your attention ! .-3499 visitors which represent about 850 visits/month -BUT if we take intro consideration the engagement statistics we have 1831 visits of 0-10 seconds which represent 52. Social Video Marketing and paid online advertising will result in a great increase in inline awareness which results in higher customer conversion&retention rate which ultimately will result in higher returns. Concentrating on social media marketing. Social Media Content delivering and paid advertising. -22-23-24.. 27. just 90 visits are from social networks. everything that must be done in the campaign is represented in a Gantt Chart: and is composed of one time tasks and tasks that must be done constantly.33% of total visits The conclusion is that the real visits/month is of 420 and not 850 which could be identified at first glance. 21. These statistics show us that the referral traffic for the official CBC website is very week.. 26. So it’s clear that the social presence of CBC stands very week prior the the marketing campaign. and CBC’s online presence is very week prior to the campaign thus not taking advantage of online marketing is a missed opportunity for them. 20.

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