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800/533 MHz system bus Supports HyperThreading Technology LGA775 socket

Front Side Bus (FSB) support for high-performance Intel processors and greater system performance. Increased system responsiveness for multi-tasking.

LGA775 socket supports the highest performance Intel desktop processors. Stunning media, incredible visuals and new 3D capabilities. For business users, Intel validates the chipset, processor, graphics and software stack to provide a well-tested platform with support for Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux and OS/2 PCI Express x16 graphics delivers up to 4 GB/s per direction, 3.5 times more bandwidth than AGP 8X. PCI Express x1 I/O offers 500 MB/s concurrently, over 3.5 times more bandwidth than PCI at 133 MB/s.

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900

PCI Express bus architecture

Dual-channel DDR2 or DDR

Flexible memory support, for dual-channel DDR2 533/DDR2 400 or DDR400/DDR333 memory, in configurations of up to 4 GB RAM. For I/O intensive applications, new serial point-to-point bus delivers up to 2.0 GB/s concurrent bandwidth between the memory and I/O controllers, compared to 266 MB/s with previous generation Intel hub architecture. Intel Pentium 4 Processor supporting Hyper-Threading Technology

Direct Media Interface (DMI)


IntelPentium4Processor 775LandGridArray(LGA)
Chipsets Intel 915GV Express, 910GL Express and 915P Express chipsets


Features and benefits

Supports Intel Core2 Processor, with 1066/800/533 MHz System Bus Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Supports Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Intel Pentium D processor, Intel Pentium 4 Processor with HT Technology and all other Intel Pentium processors and Intel Celeron processors in the LGA775 socket, with scalability for future processor innovations. Delivers greater than 3.5 times the bandwidth over the traditional AGP 8X interface and supports the latest highperformance graphics cards. Offers up to 3.5 times the bandwidth over traditional PCI architecture, delivering faster access to peripheral devices and networking. Boosts graphics performance to deliver richer visual color and picture clarity without the need for additional discrete graphics cards. Up to 10.7 GB/s of bandwidth and 4GB memory addressability for faster system responsiveness and support for 64-bit computing. Gives users a more flexible memory upgrade option by allowing different memory sizes to be installed while maintaining dual-channel mode/performance.

PCI Express x16 Interface

PCI Express x1 Interface

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950

Dual-channel DDR2 Memory Support

Intel Flex Memory Technology