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Commissioning - Contents.2

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> 1 > 2 General commissioning principles 1.1 Precautions of use 1.2 Explanation of the general information 1.3 Tests and their classification 1.4 Tests or checking 1.5 On site documents to be used 1.6 Test equipment 1.7 Specific tools 1.8 Abbreviation and terminology used 1.9 Summary description of the equipment 1.10 Technical characteristics 1.11 Commissioning procedure Commissioning preparation 2.1 The preliminary checks performing 2.2 The hardware configuration determination 2.3 The preliminary operations 2.4 The powering up 2.5 Commissioning preparation procedure > 3 NE configuration with the Craft Terminal 3.1 Checking the access to the NE screens 3.2 Checking the NE software version 3.3 The quick configuration procedure 3.4 Alarms severities 3.5 Alarms severities setting 3.6 Dialogue with the NE by 1320CT

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Commissioning - Contents.3

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> 4 > 5 Radio channel check in local 4.1 Equipment and transmission alarms 4.2 ODU(s) alarm status check 4.3 Transmit frequency control 4.4 Signal spectrum control 4.5 The Automatic Transmitted Power Control 4.6 Transmitter power output check 4.7 Received power measurement 4.8 Reporting the D1 channel access cable equalization 4.9 Local radio channel check procedure 4.10 PTx and PRx measurement procedure > 6 Local configuration control Antennas alignment & received power control 5.1 Antennas alignment 5.2 Received power control 5.3 Antenna alignment procedure 6.1 Check software key code 6.2 Check NE parameters and frame 6.3 Check tributaries 6.4 Check automatic restoration criteria 6.5 Check Rx static delay 6.6 Check Tx and Rx frequencies 6.7 Check RTPC & ATPC thresholds 6.8 Check Overhead 6.9 Check the local NE IP address 6.10 Check OSPF Area 6.11 Check NMS IP point to point interface 6.12 Check Ethernet access (OS) 6.13 Check IP static routing 6.14 Local configuration control procedure

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Commissioning - Contents.4

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> 7 > 8 Various Switching tests 7.1 Protection switching configuration 7.2 Protection switching priority levels 7.3 Mux/Demux protection (EPS-Tx) switching test 7.4 Radio protection (EPS-Rx) switching test 7.5 HSB Transmission protection (HST-Tx) switching test 7.6 Various switching tests procedure > 9 The loop back functions test 8.1 Preparation of the loop back functions test 8.2 Loop back deactivation 8.3 Near end Tributary loop back test 8.4 Near end IDU cable loop back test 8.5 Near end ODU cable loop back test 8.6 Near end RF loop back test 8.7 Near End loop backs test procedure 8.8 Far End loop backs test procedure The link qualification 9.1 The qualification of a radio link 9.2 The supervision parameters 9.3 The remote NE acquisition 9.4 Tributaries test 9.5 Service data channel test 9.6 Ethernet interface test 9.7 The hop quality check procedure 9.8 Link qualification procedure 9.9 Hop stability test

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Commissioning - Contents.5

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> 10 > 11 Engineering Order Wire tests 10.1 EOW tests preparation 10.2 Test one phone call from IDU sta. A to IDU sta. B 10.3 Inside hop EOW functionality test procedure 10.4 EOW line side call test procedure NE integration tests 11.1 The NMS radio side check 11.2 The NMS line side check 11.3 The Input/Output external points 11.4 The Input/Output external points test 11.5 The NE integration tests procedure > 12 Commissioning end operation 12.1 Recording the NE remote inventory 12.2 Recording the NE configuration 12.3 Commissioning end 12.4 To save and/or to restore the NE configurations 12.5 Back up operation 12.6 Restore operation

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Commissioning - Contents.6

Self assessment of the prerequisites

> At the beginning of the training you will be asked to fill this questionnaire > Please, return this sheet to the trainer at the beginning of the training

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Commissioning - Contents.7

Self assessment of the prerequisites (continued)

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Commissioning - Contents.8

Self assessment of the objectives

> At the end of each section you will be asked to fill this questionnaire > Please, return this sheet to the trainer at the end of the training

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Commissioning - Contents.9

Self assessment of the objectives (continued)

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Commissioning - Contents.10