Sydney Survivors 2013 new year Edition
10 Weeks to a New Year, New Body, & New Found Health Transformation Program. Starts on the 2nd of February 2013
Your New Year’s Resolution starts today!
Adrian..... Big result for his Big Day!
Adrian was keen to shape up for his Wedding Day,and ended up winning the Spring into Summer 10 Week Body & Wellbeing Transformation for males. A fantastic result, losing over 12 kilograms and reducing his body fat from 25.6% to 8.5%.
10 Week Body & Wellbeing Transformation

Spring into Summer

Adrian Goodwin
Initial Weight Initial Left Bicep Initial Right Bicep Initial Chest Initial Waist Initial Hip Initial Left Thigh Initial Right Thigh Initial Metabolic Age Initial Body Fat 90.4 35 35 111 95 105 56 56 51 25.6

Final Weight Final Left Bicep

77.5 30 30 97 80 93 55 55 21 8.5

Congratulations Adrian!

Final Right Bicep Final Chest Final Waist Final Hip Final Left Thigh Final Right Thigh Final Metabolic Age Final Body Fat

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Gemma..... Fitter, Faster & Happier in 2013!
Gemma took up the challenge, and ended up winning the Spring into Summer 10 Week Body & Wellbeing Transformation for females. A fantastic result, losing over 13 kilograms.

Awesome Result

Congratulations Gemma!


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2013 a year in reflection
Half Marathons, Full Marathon & Fun Runs
175 Survivors completed the 2012 Sutherland to Surf l 90 Survivors completed the Sydney Half Marathons & Gold Coast Half Marathon l 12 Survivors completed the Gold Coast Full Marathon


It’s incredible what you can achieve as part of a strong supportive team!

77 Survivors travelled by coach to Peats Ridge, to take on the first ever Tough Mudder Sydney. The whole team worked together to complete over 20 kilometresof crazy obstacles, which included water crossings, electric shock therapy, mudpits, half pipes..... you name it!

What a day.... and what a bus trip home after conqering this amazing event.

Spring into Summer Awards Dinner
Close to 250 guests enjoyed a great evening in Decmber 2012, to recognise the hard work & effort by everybody during the 10 week Spring into Summer Body Transformation. Close to 1.3 tonnes of weight was lost by our participants, and most importantly everyone improved their health, fitness & wellbeing. Sydney Survivors has a great community that supports everybody to achieve the results they dream of!

the survivors difference
Community Support Leadership

team survivors a new initiative
Training & preparation, nutrition, and support for fun runs, triathlon, Kokoda Trek 2014 preparation, Half and Full Marathons.

survivor bootcamps like no other...... Teamwork - Guts - Results - Pride - Challlenges
Every Saturday Morning

Weight Loss Journey - Penny Kemp
I joined SS in June ‘12. I had gained 30kgs during treatment for Cancer. I spent years in the gym and dieting and nothing changed. After seeing my friends post wonderful SS journeys on Facebook, I signed on. In one seminar I learned more about nutrition than I had done in a life time. I applied that knowledge immediately and started my work outs. What I then realised was that working out in a group was the key. The trainers are phenomenal, and to know that everyone there is in the same boat as you means the support is 100%, and with that comes achievement. From the start you go from ‘desperate for change’, to ‘achieving amazing goals’. I’ve lost 22kgs and my life has changed on every level. I have total health, I’m happy, I’ve made amazing friends, and I do awesome fun things, but most of all, I’m not wasting my life anymore, I’m LIVING! Penny Kemp

Weight Loss Journey - Gary Campbell
I joined Survivors in September 2011 under plenty of pressure from my wife and daughter who were training there. I was 54 years old, nervous and embarrassed about how overweight I had become, but frankly I was fed up with being fat. I promised my family that I would have a go, but that was to get them off my back. Fitness testing was tough, and then I attended my first training session. It hurt, I was sore, unable to complete most of the exercises but none of that mattered. I faced how unfit I had become, but it took me back 35 years to how I felt when I was fit. I loved it!! In my mind I was locked in and I made a 10 week commitment to myself. Importantly I listened to Jason about nutrition and blindly followed everything he said and trained regularly. I lost 13 Kilos in the first transform and I got plenty of positive feedback at work and at Survivors. I have now lost 30Kgs and given that I have done it in a sustainable way I wont be going back to being fat. I am still working to drop another 8 Kilos and continuing with transforms to make me refocus 100% is how to get results. My doctor tells me that I have added at least 15 years to my life. I was boarder line diabetic but my sugar is now perfect. My cholesterol is under control and my Blood Pressure meds have reduced dramatically. Joining Survivors is one of 2 great decisions that I have made in my life. Better nutrition and training is now just how we live. Gary Campbell