Jan. 13, 2013 Dear Parents: As you may have seen over the weekend, Ms.

Gonzales, a kindergarten educational assistant at Montezuma, was arrested on Friday on criminal charges. The case is being handled by the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office and at this point there are no allegations that any of the inappropriate photographs involved students at the school. If you want to talk with the Sheriff’s detectives investigating this case, you may call the Sheriff’s Department at 314-0135. The educational assistant has been removed from the classroom and a substitute teaching assistant has been assigned to the class. Albuquerque Public Schools Human Resources will conduct an investigation and Ms. Gonzales will be dealt with according to the results of that investigation. If you or your child wants help in dealing with this situation, members of the district’s crisis counseling staff will be available at the school. You may contact the school counselor at Montezuma to access this counseling. As always the safety and security of students is of the utmost importance at Montezuma. If you have questions or concerns you may contact me at the school at 260-2040. Sincerely,

Michael Carrillo Interim Principal

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