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Drug Court Program





Drug Court Handbook

Table of Contents
Welcome to Drug Court Definitions Program Requirements Graduation Requirements Missed Counseling Sessions Court Attendance Program Incentives Program Sanctions Important Addresses and Phone Numbers 5 5 5 6 1 1 3 4 4

Welcome to Drug Court
This program is based on the National Drug Court Model. The first Drug Court began in 1989 and there are now over 1500 Drug Courts across the United States. This program has been designed to help you overcome the substance abuse that led to your current placement on probation. This handbook is designed to answer questions, address concerns, and provide information about Drug Court. As a participant, you will be expected to follow the instructions given in Drug Court by the Judge and comply with the treatment plan that will be developed by you and your counselor. You will attend Court on a regular basis in order to discuss your case with the Drug Court Judge. You will receive incentives or sanctions according to how well you have followed the rules of the program. Once you complete all of your requirements, you can be considered for graduation.

Some Definitions:


Assessment: To gather information about your drug and alcohol use and lifestyle to find the best treatment for you. Confidentiality: The requirement not to discuss specific names and personal information learned during treatment and court sessions with anyone outside of the treatment group or court. Counselor: The person who provides your treatment services, in group and individual sessions, and gathers information about your efforts. Drug Court Judge: The judicial officer who directs court each time you attend and talks with you about your efforts. Drug Court Team: The group of professionals, including the Judge, probation officer, counselor, public defender, and county attorney, that provide both legal and treatment oversight of your case. Drug Testing: You will be assigned a “color” for the entire time you are in the program. Each weekday you will be required to call an assigned phone number to see if your color has been called. If your color is called that day you must go to the assigned lab and submit to a urine drug screen. Any failures to test or diluted drug tests will be considered positive drug tests by the drug court team. You will also have to submit to random breathalyzer tests, which uses a hand held devise designed to test for alcohol in the breath. Incentives: The possible rewards the Drug Court Judge offers you for following the program rules. Sanctions: The possible negative responses the Drug Court Judge uses when you fail to follow program rules as directed. Self-help or Support Groups: A group that provides support and an opportunity for personal growth in your new drug-free lifestyle. Examples include Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Probation Officer: The person who monitors your progress through the program to make sure that all Drug Court requirements are being met.


Treatment: Counseling that you will attend during your entire time in the program. This may include residential treatment, intensive outpatient substance abuse counseling, standard outpatient substance abuse treatment, relapse prevention, family counseling, individual counseling, anger management, domestic violence counseling, aftercare or any other counseling that may be appropriate for you.

Program Requirements
The Drug Court Program consists of three paths. Once you have completed the requirements for each path you can graduate from the program. Upon graduation from the program your probation will be successfully terminated. The minimum amount of time it will take to complete this program is one year.

Court Requirements:
• • • • • Length – 1-2 weeks Attend Orientations - Court and Probation Begin TASC Colors Report to Probation Officer Enroll in Community Service



Court Requirements:
• • • • • • • • • • • • • PATH II Length - Minimum 20 weeks Attend Court 1X every 4 weeks Report to Court on time Report to your Probation Officer (APO) 1 X monthly Completed primary treatment Drug test as ordered Obtain full-time employment or be a full-time student - Provide paycheck stub to APO monthly Stable residence or halfway house Completed a minimum of 20 hours of community service, if ordered at sentencing Probation Service Fees (PSF) and Counseling Fees must both be under $75.00 Participate in a support group - Minimum of 1X weekly Must have 8 consecutive weeks of sobriety Attend Budget Class, if appropriate

Court Requirements:
• • • • • • • • • • • • Length - Minimum 12 weeks Attend Court 1X every 4 weeks Report to Court on time Report to your APO 1X monthly Complete Relapse Prevention Have written Relapse Prevention Plan signed by counselor/APO/sponsor Drug testing as ordered Maintain full-time employment (no day labor or temp jobs) or be a full-time student – Provide paycheck stub to APO 1X per month Stable residence PSF and Counseling Fees must both be under $50.00 Must have completed 50 hours of any community service, if ordered at sentencing Must have 12 consecutive weeks of sobriety


Court Requirements:
• • • • • • • Length - Minimum 20 weeks Attend Court 1X every 8 weeks Report to Court on time Report to your APO 1X monthly Drug Testing as ordered Complete Aftercare and/or any other recommended ancillary services such as Budget Class, Anger Management, Cognitive Behavioral, Parenting, Job Skills, Education, etc. Maintain full time employment or be a full-time student - Provide paycheck stub to APO 1 X per month


• • •

Both PSF and Counseling Fees must be at $0 balance one full week prior to graduation All community service hours ordered at sentencing must be complete one full week prior to graduation Must have 20 consecutive weeks of sobriety

Graduation Requirements: • You must complete all treatment and path requirements • You must have 20 weeks clean and sober time • You must show stability in residence and employment or school Missed Counseling Sessions: • If you miss a session, you will need to make up that session • You must call your counselor and probation officer to inform them why you need to miss a session • You must make every effort to attend and participate in every session. A pattern of missed sessions or lack of participation will result in a sanction Court Attendance: • Always be on time and dressed appropriately for court • Be prepared to discuss your progress with the Judge • Complete all tasks ordered in your Drug Court contract and bring proof of completion to Court • Leave food and drink outside the courtroom • Turn off cell phones and pagers Incentives include: • Reduction of deferred jail days, • Promotion to next Path • Praise from the Judge in court • Being one of the first to go during a court session • Gift Certificates • Graduation/Early Termination from Probation Sanctions include:


• • • • • • • • •

Remaining until the end of court Increased reporting to court and/or probation officer Increased drug testing Written paper Curfew Attending probation violation court Community service hours Jail time Revocation to prison


Impor tant Add resses and Phone Numbers
DRUG COURT – Address: 101 West Jefferson Street East Court Building, 8th Floor Courtroom #812 Phoenix, AZ 85003

PROBATION OFFICERS – Supervisor, Karen Barnes Stan Alexander Veronica Alvarado Dene Bimber Clifford Ford David Leventhal Laura Medlock Brandie Moncovich Suzanne Shirleson Scott Stoffel Ken Zimmerman Address: (602) 506-6260

(602) 619-0733 (602) 619-2949 (602) 619-1872 (602) 619-2378 (602) 619-3276 (602) 619-1603 (602) 619-1813 (602) 619-9068 (602) 619-3211 (602) 619-2207

111 South 3rd Avenue West Court Building, 5th Floor

Phoenix, AZ 85003 COUNSELORS Clinical Supervisor, Carey McGrath (602) 506-3336 Intake and Assessments: Roxanne DalPos Address: (602) 372-2321

111 S. 3rd Ave., 5th Floor Phoenix, AZ 85003

In-House Counseling: Kara Barney Mary Burger John Smith Address: (602) 372-2326 (602) 372-2428 (602) 372-2485

2445 West Indianola Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85015 (602) 372-4755

Pearl Eugene Address:

6655 West Glendale Avenue Glendale, AZ 85301 (602) 372-5506

Artie Patchen Address:

245 North Centennial Way Mesa, AZ 85201

Community Based Providers Community Bridges 8825 N. 23rd Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85021 Concepts for Change 5008 W. Glendale Ave. Glendale, AZ 85301 480-217-7557



New Horizons 5062 N. 19th Ave. Suite 102 Phoenix, AZ 85015


TASC (602)712-0234 423 N. Country Club Dr., Suite 19 Mesa, AZ 85201 DRUG TESTING- YOU MUST REPORT TO ONE OF THE ADDRESSES BELOW FOR YOUR DRUG TESTING-TASC U/A Color Recording (602) 258-6652

Hours of Operation: 11:00 A.M. – 8:30 P.M. (Monday – Friday) Locations: 2234 North 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85006 5955 West Myrtle Avenue Glendale, AZ 85301 423 North Country Club Drive Suite #19
Mesa, AZ 85201


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