The Social Club Weekly

Monday, January 14th 1913

est. Sept 6th1912

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Third floor club house scheduled to re-open this weekend at the Social Club. Friday and Saturday this week the top floor of this newly opened downtown speak-easy will re-open to the public at 5:00 pm for dinner and libation. When asked what was the cause for the temporary closing of the third floor, manager Adam Olesen stated “the top floor has been closed to walk ins in order to accommodate private holiday parties.”

Mutiny hits a home “Mutiny in the Parlor” wowed the guys run! and gals this Saturday night with tunes

of the times, becoming an instant favorite in their first visit to the joint. Appreciative fans kept them playing well into the evening. Sources report rumors of a re-appearance for a special Valentine’s Day set next month!

“one man” returning to club

New menu items, seasonal features on the scene!
Grandpa’s Coffin
This new signature cocktail has been a favorite at the club since its introduction last month. This close relative of the Old Fashion is crafted with WL Weller bourbon, and a touch of Laphroaig lending a nice smokiness that is balanced by sweet, locally distilled Cedar Ridge Apple Brandy. Finished with a lemon twist and orange oil it’s a uniquely crafted cocktail that will tantalize the palate.

Mulled Wine
A seasonal delight, the club’s house mulled wine was a hit this past weekend and is certain to help us all through these cold winter months. This spiced brew of brandy, port and red wines is served warm in a large snifter and always hits the spot. Chef Jacob Huth holds a made from scratch Chicken Pot Pie.

Robert “One Man” Johnson returns to the Clinton Street Social Club this coming Saturday January 19th. Swing by the club for the best of the Blues, Booze and not too fancy food. “One Man” will get the joint boppin’ around 8pm so come to see and be seen at the most swinging spot in town!

Steamed Clams Arrive!!
New head chef Jacob Huth announces a special of Steamed Clams coming this weekend. This expands the clubs current shellfish offerings of Orange/Fennel steamed Mussels, raw Delaware oysters and the famous Fried Oyster Po’Boy. This weekend’s steamers will be accompanied by diced, house cured bacon and tomato broth, says Huth.

Ol’ Watch & Chain
In this spin on the classic Manhattan, the folks at The Social Club use super smooth Eagle Rare single barrel 10 year bourbon, sweet and dry vermouth, Compari boutique bitters and an orange twist. So tasty t’ll knock your knickers off folks!

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