MISS SCORPIO 2013 APPLICATION Contestant Number _______ Talent Props Yes No Talent Set-up Time needed: Yes

No Talent Length (minutes) Dancers: Yes No Given Name: Stage Name: Address: City: State: Zip Code: How many dancers:

Telephone Number: Sponsor(s) Horoscope sign: Employer: Birth date: Hobbies: Height: Eyes: Hair:

Are there any physical disabilities, handicaps, or any other information you think we should know in order to better help you? Yes No If so...please explain below. Two questions I would like asked during interview (Male Interview or On-Stage Interview are: 1) 2)

Entry Fee: $25 Contestants will be scored in the following categories: Creative Costume 0-200 points, On-Stage Interview 0-100 points, Talent 0-300 points, Evening Gown 0-150 points. Possible Point Total 750 points CREATIVE COSTUME This is the “Presentation” category for THE MISS SCORPIO PAGEANT. Each contestant will present themselves to the audience and judges in a Creative Costume. No Excessive Glitter, Powder, No Fire, and No Water may be used in this category. There is a three (3) minute limit, no set-up time, and each contestant must introduce themselves on the microphone giving their name and contestant number. Contestants will provide their own music for this category. There is no set theme for Creative Costume and contestants will be judged on creativity, fit, ability to model costume, speaking ability, music selection, and overall effectiveness of creative costume and introduction. Show us your BEST! Props may be used, BUT MUST be carried on and carried off within the 3 minute time limit. Remember the curtains will not be closed during this category and there is NO SET UP time. You will be judged only on the COSTUME you have on your body! TALENT Contestants will be judged on their quality of lip-sync, live vocal or other entertainment. Judges will be looking to see if the contestants know the words to their song and finish each word. If there is choreography, the dancers should know the steps and the steps should flow. Always examine your presentation for entertainment value. EVENING GOWN Evening Gown is a statement of the contestant’s style and taste. No strings should be anywhere on the dress (this includes sleeves, neckline, hem, along the zipper, or at any seam). The dress should be stain-free and wrinkle-free. The hem of the gown should be even unless the style of the gown is an uneven bottom. The judges should not be able to see through any part of the gown unless that is the style of gown. The gown length should be either to the top of the toe part of the shoe or approximately 1⁄2-1 inch above the floor. Jewelry should accessorize and not be overpowering. Shoes should match the outfit and complement it, should not be scuffed, worn at the toe or heels. Modeling should be a slow easy pace, touching the three points that form a triangle. At each point, the contestant will make a slow turn, facing the back of the stage, pause, and turn to the front of the stage.

The Miss Scorpio Pageant is open to all Female Impersonators. Contestants will be judged in the following categories: Creative Costume, Evening Gown, and Talent. Contestants must have reached eighteen (18) prior to the date of the pageant. If for any reason the promoter finds it necessary to investigate the age of the contestant, valid, current, legitimate proof must be provided. Picture ID is required at registration. Talent presentation will be limited to seven (7) minutes. Props must be placed and removed within one (1) minute, respectively. The music for your talent section must be on high-quality cassette or compact disk and cued in advance of your competition. If you exceed your talent presentation time, and/or the one minute prop set-up and removal time, your score will be penalized accordingly. Any use of drugs and/or excessive alcohol consumption will not be tolerated, and might result in disqualification. Judging will be on a total points accumulation system. Category descriptions are enclosed. Any contestant caught in the act of stealing will be immediately disqualified and removed from the competition. Any contestant whose actions are considered demeaning to the title of Miss Scorpio will be disqualified. Punctuality is extremely important to the running of the Miss Scorpio Pageant. Any contestant who is not at an appointed place at the appointed time will be given violation points accordingly. Any type talent presentation is acceptable except those which might cause injury to the audience, the participants and/or to the other contestants, or which might be in poor taste. All debris must be cleared from the stage within the one minute time limit mentioned above immediately after your talent presentation. A detailed description of your evening gown must be printed legibly or typed on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper (letter size) and submitted with your registration. Your $25 registration fee must accompany your application. You may pay either by certified check, casher’s check, money order and/or cash.

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