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Statement from Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins
“We commend Governor Cuomo for this historic package of bills, consistent with legislation proposed by the Senate Democratic Conference for years but always blocked by the Senate Republicans. The Senate Democrats were proud to provide the votes to make this crucial package possible. The fact is, the bills passed today should have been enacted a long time ago.” ###

Background Below is a listing of Senate Democratic Conference bills that are similar to current package of legislation o S.575 Gianaris - Provides for universal background checks for the sale of firearms o S.66 Peralta – Requires the sale or transfer of certain firearms between unlicensed persons shall be conduction through a licensed firearms dealer o S.1804 Espaillat - Requires the safe storage of all guns, either in a safe or with a locking device, and provides for penalties; requires notices to be furnished upon the transfer of guns and issuance /renewal of licenses; defines guns as weapons in the form of rifles, shotguns, and firearms. o S.895B-2011 Krueger - The “Children‟s Weapon Accident Prevention Act” creates the crimes of failure to store a weapon safely or failure to store a weapon, and criminally negligent storage of a weapon. o S.202 Squadron - Provides for the banning of the possession, sale or manufacture of assault weapons, subject to an exception; expands duties of superintendent of state police to include identifying assault weapons.

o S.574 Gianaris - Regulates firearms and ammunition dealers by directing that such dealers hold a permit issued by the division of criminal justice services after an investigation of the applicant by such division; requires such dealers to have insurance and engage in certain security measures at their businesses; and establishes that a violation of this provision shall constitute a class A misdemeanor. o S.69 Peralta – Relates to the suspension and revocation of firearms licenses upon the issuance of an order of protection. o S.63 Peralta - Authorizes courts to revoke firearms license and seize the weapons of certain individuals o S.1422 Diaz – Increases the penalty for the penalty, use, or sale of certain firearms or ammunition and redefines „assault weapon‟ to include conversion kits o S.1810 Espaillat - Enacts the “Gun Trafficking Prevention Act,” which prohibits illegal gun trafficking, establishes new laws regarding criminal possession of a weapon by a minor and criminal use of a weapon by a minor and failure to report a lost or stolen firearm, and establishes fines for gun trafficking. o S.50 Peralta - Statewide Firearm License recertification o S.117 Peralta – Ammo background checks and law enforcement oversight

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