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Highest Income Consulting
The Ultimate Guide for Consultants, Trainers and other Professional Advisors for the 21st Century Book Three Low Cost/No Cost Marketing
How to Apply the Research into what the Top Earners Actually Do to Produce the Highest Consulting Incomes “Bringing Clients to Beat a Path to Your Door” By

Tom Lambert
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Highest Income Consulting

The keys to effective marketing tactics
For more than 20 years the leading researcher in the field of the actual tactics that are used by the highest earners was the late Howard Shenson. I have continued that work and you and I are both beneficiaries of Howard’s legacy. From the following detailed notes of the specific tactics that will build your status, credibility, fees and earnings select those that are comfortable for you and are appropriate to the to image and reputation that you want to build. Having selected one or more use it consistently - particularly in Howard Shenson’s immortal phrase, “when you are fat, dumb and happy”. The only way to smooth out the peaks and troughs of demand for your services is to market yourself effectively and consistently. Consistent has two separate meanings. If you are to build your reputation, credibility and status in the eyes of your clients everything that you do must be consistent with the “brand image” that you are building. What is more you must choose those elements that you know that you can apply consistently in the sense of never letting a week go by without a serious marketing effort. Client memories can be short. You need to remind them of your presence and skills on a regular and compelling basis. Only by applying the two modes of consistency will you bring clients beating a path to your door. Mini Case Study An alumnus of my master class was advised to write a report in a field where he had expert knowledge and a good deal of material already to hand. The report was completed in good time and featured an area of considerable press and business interest. As a result the report sold extremely well netting an income of £100,000 ($150,000). The author also received excellent media coverage, particularly on television. The television appearances led, however, to no additional consultancy business. Why not? There were two reasons and you need to bear these very much in mind whilst making your choices. 1. The consultant concerned was a poor television performer with a tendency to talk at considerable length without coming to the point. The medium is such that short, compelling, carefully pre-planned answers are a must. 2. In all the words spoken the consultant gave viewers no specific reason to contact him. He did not think to offer further information to any who made contact, nor did he clearly indicate how he might be in a position to assist enquirers with his services. He simply answered the questions that he was asked in a style inappropriate to the medium. The following tactics have all been shown to lead to dramatic results, but only when they are done well. When making your choices you need to ask yourself the following questions. What are my talents? How can I use what I am good at to build my reputation and status in the eyes of my potential customers? How can I be sure that I reach those who would benefit from my services? How will I encourage those who might assign me to make contact with me? Which of the tactics that are appropriate to my personality, talents and desired image will I still be happy to do when I am busy and tired? MARKETING – What the highest earners still do to build and sustain their practices A quick note may be of interest to the reader. What follows is based on around thirty years of global research. It details what the highest earners still do to build and sustain their practices. One and one assumption has been made. It is that what has sustained top earnings for many consultants for up to thirty years will work for you. The so-called "window of opportunity" is open only briefly as an organisation's priorities change. When they recognise the need for the services that you supply, yours must be the name that they know. You marketing therefore must be consistent and indirect. Aimed specifically at making you well known to all your prospective clients. To put it simply, you need to work to make yourself a “brand”. Yours must be the name that springs to mind when

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Highest Income Consulting

the prospective client thinks; “I need professional advice”. You must ensure that clients “beat a path to your door” because yours is the name that they know and trust. You cannot hope to do this by paid for marketing alone. You must use low cost/no cost approaches partly because to do otherwise can be ruinously expensive and partly because paid for promotional puff only builds reputations over a long period of time. People’s first response to advertising, direct mail and the like is, “they would say that wouldn’t they?” Their response to indirect and no cost methods is that they see you in action and they know what you can do. So those things that you choose to do from the following must be those that indicate clearly that you are a master of your trade. Avoid pursuing dream approaches unless you are prepared to put in the preparation. If you want to speak at conferences, but are a poor speaker for example, consider attending a Frank Furness Speakers Boot Camp (www.frankfurness.com) and then practice until you can dazzle and inspire audiences. If you aspire to writing a book then forget rubbish spoken about writer’s block or “genius”. Learn to write every day. Be prepared to edit what you have written and edit again and again until the meaning shines through. Try to ensure that your personality is in your work. I try to write as I speak. Then because speech takes ungrammatical short cuts I edit my work by improving the grammar and readability without losing the cadence. Most of all I refuse to believe in “writer’s block”. I might write garbage when the words do not flow easily, but I write because tomorrow I will edit what I have written and, after ten books and countless articles, I know that it will come right in spite of the fact that I will never be satisfied. Indirect methods of marketing bring clients to you, clamouring for you to serve them. Indirect methods include: Public Speaking Engagements to suitable audiences. Writing Books and/or Articles for the Trade Journals. Publishing your own Newsletter. Writing "Letters to the Editor" to get your views in the press at the lowest possible cost in terms of time. Being Listed in Directories. (Very few clients use them, but as long as one does and the entry is free your name ought to be there.) Being prominent in Professional or Trade Associations. Attending conferences and seminars and asking intelligent questions to which the rest of the audience want the answer. (My old, very old, hero Peter Drucker once asked of an HR guru who had waved his hands wildly as he mouthed platitudes about empowerment; “Why do you snarl when ever you mention people?” I will never forget such an incisive and justified question which, had Mr. Drucker said not one word more, would have labelled him as by far the most meaningful speaker at the conference. There is quite enough cant in the world and I for one remain grateful to Peter Drucker and those very rare people that like him are prepared to cut through the hypocrisy and puncture meaningless pretentiousness.) Developing and Delivering Seminars. Using the Press Effectively to promote you. These are the no cost/low cost tools of professional marketing. They may well be boosted by paid promotion, but they alone are the foundations of credibility and success. They carry the added advantages that they have been the proven and preferred strategies of the highest earning consultants in the world and that, unlike paid promotion they are not subject to the Mandy Rice-Davies Syndrome: “They would say that, wouldn’t they”. Your overall marketing strategy should be aimed at becoming well known in your field so that potential clients beat a path to your door. I cannot over-emphasise the fact that clients must come to you. If you have no choice other than to go cold calling on potential buyers of your services you will, even if you are a superior salesperson, experience more rejections than assignments. If you can get clients to come to you, begging you to serve them, you can be a poor salesperson and still win business. If you market effectively and develop effective sales skills you will be among the highest income consultants and the earnings of consultancy can be very high indeed. The global master of selling professional services and I are combining our skills to provide the tools that will make superior professionals into confident, comfortable and expert salespeople. Keep an occasional watch on www.tom-lambert.org for developments. Once at your door the potential client must not be driven away again by unprofessional sales techniques. (Later we will concentrate on research into client psychology and how to

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dumb and happy" still discipline yourself to market a minimum of 15% to 20% of your time. Look consistently for opportunities to serve. Never forget that your clients will. It is a $100 billion dollar business. There is no end of competition. Any clues that you can find for new. why you will do it from the client perspective.) Write letters that specify what you can do for each individual client until you are so busy that a brochure is the only practical answer to the many demands on your time. only mail to those for whom you have identified a need that your services can meet. (results). Take a little time out to watch business programmes on television. At the same time your marketing effort must become a role model for the industry and for your clients. Planning and structure are essential and we propose to provide tools that ensure that you are effective in both. (benefits).tom-lambert. Your marketing must shorten their decision time and your performance – which is still part of your total marketing strategy – must lead to repeat and referral business. (Recent research at Harvard by de Geus shows that any business. You apart. This reduces your earning capability at best and at worst it removes it all together. © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. You must do it often. When you are "fat. Your reputation apart. for the most part. Be sure that your letter states what you can do for the client. creative and profitable applications of your skills and knowledge will put you and keep you ahead of the pack. the client has little reason to seek your opinion. They do not have time to waste. But you only get repeats and referrals if your initial marketing tactics get you the first assignment. So you can market consistently no matter how busy you may be. What is more most of them can become the means of earning while you are marketing. The news is under-rated intelligence Watch and read the news specifically as a market development exercise. (Designing and using an effective brochure will be dealt with in detail in a later section. Your personal status apart. It is better to avoid having brochures printed until the pressure of work makes them an essential tool. do it right and do it at the lowest possible cost or your business will founder.Highest Income Consulting sell while appearing to the client to be a compelling and logical professional advisor rather than a salesperson. the results of hiring you are unknown. Some effective methods will enable you to watch money accumulate in your bank account even while you sun yourself on some favourite beach.) Status.) That means that clients need more help and they need it more quickly and more economically. The moment that you stop marketing is the moment when the client. Everything that you do must be consistent with the image that you are seeking to build. Unless your status in your chosen field or fields is very high they are more likely to put faith in their own judgement in preference to yours. whose attention span may well be very short. be successful people. begins to forget you. but there is always more to it than that. The joy of proven low cost/no cost marketing strategies is that they can frequently be completed out of “normal” working hours. your product is intangible. regardless of size or assets. Consistent and effective marketing is the only way to smooth the peaks and troughs of business. reputation and credibility The tactics that you select must be consistent with building your status and reputation and must be comfortable for you to perform. Marketing must be regular and consistent. The business cycle is spinning ever faster.org Page 4 . With many less than effective practitioners out there you are your “product” and you need to be relaxed in that role. will go “belly up” within little more than a decade without effective and consistent marketing allied to frugality. letters and brochures that take the form of a recipe rather than a marketing tactic to a friend at the golf club who. You have to become a brand because unless your name triggers an effect in the mind of your prospective client they will go down the safe track toward the big and big name consultancy or they will seek to do what they must as cheaply as possible. Clients have been known to pass proposals. Are you considering investing in a brochure? Mailing brochures to potential clients "cold" seldom brings a response and is prohibitively expensive. Consultancy is big business. but never tells the client how to do it themselves. with your recipe to guide him is able to do something of a job and feed himself with the income that should be putting bread on your table.

“who wants a couple of newly minted MBA’s holding your hands as you peer into the abyss?” Before my reputation went before me I had two packs of business cards. a tool or test. Tombstone advertisements slowly build the brand. and preferably you alone. Their only remedy is to keep it short. You and I cannot afford tombstone advertising. Worse. The ill-fated dot coms spent millions on tombstone advertisements many of which were impressive. There are two types of advertising.000 subscribers paying $199 a year for an information-packed newsletter. In one pocket I had all my professional and academic qualifications printed after my name. an audio or videotape. Advertising professional services is difficult and if you try to use it to stimulate a flagging market it is ruinously expensive and ineffective. It really is as simple as that. academic approach to business? Even Richard Pascal. and that is not the image for a professional to convey. For full details of advertising tactics and media you may wish to refer to my “Key Management Solutions” or “High Income Consulting”. no buyers. indeed whatever you do. They say to the world that this firm is successful. No prospects. © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. The Internet’s propensity for free newsletters has to a major degree reduced the market for paid materials. You may wish to advertise to build on the brand that you have created for yourself. in the other I had my name alone and unadorned. Unless you know the potential client well how do you know how he or she will react to reading of your precious higher degree? Will they think that anyone without an MBA cannot be worthy of a high fee? Or will they think that a higher degree simply enhances the likelihood of an unworldly. sometimes over a number of years. I ‘m important to you. It consists of: A compelling headline that speaks directly to those that we want to read our advertisement and to nobody else. or the subtle advertising of a paid for newsletter. This promise must be to deliver what the reader wants. They are glossy and impressive. It is well known because it works. make it easy to contact you. but the first essential steps are to use low cost/no cost tactics that the client will believe in order to build that brand most quickly and at least cost. but would have been more so had they mentioned at least in passing what it was that the company advertised actually did or could do for you or me. not what you may want him or her to want. but remember this above all things. can deliver all that you promise. Haemorrhoid advertising has a wellknown structure. HR (Personnel) Departments have become the "bin" into that unsolicited CV's are automatically dropped by Directors and Line Management. The headline does not scream.Highest Income Consulting CV’s don’t build business Avoid using a CV to promote your services to business.tom-lambert. If you advertise. but those who currently sell newsletters as “knowledge products” argue that the paid-for market is growing again and the competition is less intense than you may think. I’m clever” so much as “Read me. the author of “Managing at the Edge” and tutor of many MBA programmes has asked. the use of a CV says "gissajob". case study driven. In the good old days my colleague and mentor Howard Shenson had 250. Instructions on how to take action to get the outcome that you have promised. “Hey look at me. Recruitment specialists make it clear that even the best-crafted CV may contain items that will put off a prospective employer. I have the ointment”. Advertising must turn prospects into buyers. With clients the situation is worse. If your offer is not specific to the Personnel function you have little hope of attracting business. They imply success because they are expensive and make no attempt to persuade anyone to part with their money today. No potential client received a card until I was clear which I should use. Something like a concise booklet.org Page 5 . Proof that you. Paid and frankly – less effective – marketing Should you choose to advertise do so only when there are many buyers in the market. Knowledge products beat promotional puff If you advertise try to do so through a "knowledge product" that may also bring you some revenue.” A promise that you can deliver an outcome that will be recognised as having real value to the reader. If you choose to advertise you must use what Howard used to call haemorrhoid advertising: “you have the pain.

publications. so you owe it to yourself to think things through carefully. but not quite useful enough”. I ensure that clients take it very seriously. In this way subscribers are encouraged to become clients.000 that he has built up in a matter of months. May I suggest that you carefully consider each question for yourself as well as using the complete tool when working with clients? Some of the questions may not be directly relevant to you. In an ideal world where anything is possible what would you choose to accomplish through your Web presence? What is your objective for increased sales in the first year? How will a website support the achievement of this goal? What are your specific cost cutting goals? How do you expect to measure the economies of being online? How will your people become more productive? How will you enjoy low cost/no cost entry into new markets? How will you switch from make and sell to sell and make? What products or services can be delivered online? What intermediaries can you stop having to pay? What are you doing to make your best customers more loyal? Some experts believe that online business will take off and will grow at a cumulative rate of at 30% a year for the next 5 years. in Howard Shenson’s famous dictum.org Page 6 . these are the drivers of profit in a business. Marketing Online A conversation with a consultant Marketing and innovation. What’s your solution?” In the last quarter of 2002 European online sales exceeded those of the USA for the first time. – Peter Drucker. It is not an idle question.) What are your goals for customer service improvements? How will you measure your advances in customer service? What motivates your best customers to buy? What motivates them to buy from you? What motivates others with the same or better potential to buy elsewhere? Who do your best customers also do business with or get information from on the Internet? What are your goals for doing joint ventures on the Internet? Can you list the Internet chat rooms. The following are some of the questions that I would typically ask to ensure that my clients were planning for online success and not assuming that a Web presence is simply part of the old routine. especially in 1999 when £15 billion of investors money was urinated against walls by people who could not organise the proverbial “piss-up in a brewery” a website remains considerably more than a superior advertising medium for those that use it sensibly. but the opportunities are not. Your additional business and the profits that it will bring will make you glad that you took the time.tom-lambert.Highest Income Consulting An American who once called me to tell me that he was “the USA’s Tom Lambert” has a readership of more than 22. but all are appropriate to most of your clients. When I advise a corporation’s senior team that is developing a new business strategy these days the Internet remains an important feature. What are you doing to ensure that you can handle the distribution and customer service problems that could arise if your business grew that fast or faster? (At this stage clients grin and say: “That’s a problem I would like to have to deal with when it happens. that your newsletter should be “very useful.” To which I rather bad temperedly reply. To do this they increased at an annual rate in excess of 60%. In spite of the debacle of the dot coms. The rest are costs. newsgroups that your best customers participate in? What do your best customers say about you and your service online and off it? How do your best customers perceive your business? © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. The cost of getting on line may be modest. Meanwhile in the more mature market US sales only increased at a rate of 34% while those in more conservative Japan increased at a similar rate. The key is that. “Never mind the problem.

tom-lambert. distribution and delivery. e-mail capacity.Highest Income Consulting What precisely are your competitors doing online and what are you doing to ensure a competitive edge? As they change how will you stay ahead of the pack? What is the profile of your best customers? What future needs of your customers will your online presence enable you to satisfy? How do you plan to identify changing customer needs and expectations more quickly than your competition? How are you building right now the competencies that you will need in the most profitable markets of the future? What is your online marketing budget? What is your advertising policy? How many Internet PR pieces do you intend to have published each month? Who will publish them? Why will they publish your stuff? What are your growth limitations? What about order processing and fulfilment. credit card processing and security. customer service and customer delight? What concrete steps have you put in place today to ensure your optimal future growth potential? © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www.org Page 7 .

tomorrow? Sale of online advertising Building brands – existing products/services Opt-in email marketing Customer/market information Access to world markets Affinity (host/beneficiary) marketing Direct B2B sales Direct B2C sales Global presence/visibility Knowledge sharing Online training and development Sale of lists to e-mailers Cost reductions New advertising channel Attracting new customers Improved buying terms Recruitment and retention of staff Shorten supply chain (reduce intermediaries) Personalised customer service Reduced time-to-market 24x7 availability to customers Global business platform Identify new suppliers Enhanced responsiveness to market Online distribution Faster decision making Low cost entry into new markets ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. more importantly.org Page 8 . but it is sufficiently comprehensive to enable at least one or two “eureka!” thought breakthroughs for most businesses and professional practices.tom-lambert. The survey is not exhaustive. but detailed survey is designed to enable you to take a fresh look at your e-business strategy as you consider the degree to which you have established and are meeting optimal objectives for your firm.Highest Income Consulting E-Business Corporate Analysis The following brief. What are the key strategic or tactical benefits that you are seeking from your e-business initiative? Why have you chosen to go to the expense and trouble of having a website? Please tick each item that you are seeking from an online presence and give the others some thought. Should you widen your thinking about what the Internet might deliver for you? Have you set your sights on the right outcomes for today and.

0 = No success as yet 1 First glimmerings of results 2 Some clear early benefits experienced 3 Considerable benefits 4 A major success Access to world markets Sale of online advertising Building brands – existing products/services Opt-in email marketing Customer/market information Customer retention Affinity (host/beneficiary) marketing Direct B2B sales Direct B2C sales Global presence/visibility Knowledge sharing Online training and development Sale of lists to e-mailers Cost reductions New advertising channel Attracting new customers Improved buying terms Recruitment and retention of staff Shorten supply chain (reduce intermediaries) Personalised customer service Reduced time-to-market 24x7 availability to customers Global business platform Identify new suppliers Enhanced responsiveness to market Online distribution Faster decision making Low cost entry into new markets 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www.org Page 9 .Highest Income Consulting To what degree have you been successful in enjoying the benefits of your e-business strategy? How well is it working for you? Has the web delivered what you planned for? Has it delivered the unexpected? Do you need to revisit your strategy and beef it up a little – or a lot? Please circle the appropriate number using the following guidelines.tom-lambert.

“do something different and do it now”? Increased sales revenues in existing markets Increased share of revenues from new markets Increased profitability Enhanced Return on Capital Employed Investment funds attracted Enhanced market value of company Competencies developed Information flow Cost per transaction Information distribution cost Increased stock turnover Customer retention Customer satisfaction Market share Share of customer Overall cost reduction Staff reductions Sales per staff member Overall productivity Speed to market Number of customers Just in time deliveries Number of website visits Number of website transactions Trends recognised Sales per website visitor Number of customer opt-ins Speed of response Service quality Staff retention Customer “churn” Staff “churn” Website downtime Brand recognition Transaction security failures ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www.org Page 10 . What are the sign posts which will tell you that it is working for you? What are the warning signs that should scream at you.Highest Income Consulting What are the key performance indicators of your e-business? Please tick the appropriate items.tom-lambert.

Highest Income Consulting Having assessed your objectives.org Page 11 . you may well want to re-assess or reconsider your initial strategic and tactical considerations.tom-lambert. Typical thoughts might include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Are we attracting enough visitors? Do they stay? Do they welcome the offer of further information? Do they proactively request that we keep in touch? Are we treating our customers as individuals with different needs? Do visitors buy online? Do they come back to visit again? Do we know with certainty what the emerging needs of our customers are? How do we compare against our competition when it comes to delighting the customer? Do we know who are our online competition by name and understand each one’s unique marketing proposition? Does our site add transactional value for buyers? Does it give us added value as sellers? Does it make it easier than ever to do business with us? Is our unique selling proposition emphasised effectively? Could we use online activities to sell and make rather than to make and sell? Is our site properly integrated with the rest of the business? Is our site too clever to be useful to visitors? Does our site help build our service standards? Are we attracting enough prospects of the right kind to our site? Have we entered into the right online strategic alliances? Do we make it easy to do business online? Is our offline distribution up to the job? Should we find ways to deliver more online? Do we really understand how to keep in touch with the ever-changing search engine algorithms? Are we treating our site as a technology breakthrough rather than a marketing and sales operation? Have we been persuaded by those with an axe to grind that a website is merely an electronic brand building exercise? Have we a comprehensive strategy in place or was our web presence cobbled together by junior “techies” after the chairman returned from the golf course full of web enthusiasm? Does our offline marketing support success online? Has our web presence enabled us to cut costs? Have we passed some of the advantages we have gained to our customers in the exceptional value and quality of our offering? © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. If this small survey has helped you to think again it has achieved its purpose. the status of your business to date and the key indicators of your online business success.

potential joint venture partners if you wanted to do it personally in a hurry? 3. What is the average purchase per visit? 4. If you could improve one key aspect of your marketing at a stroke what would it be? I cannot pretend that this is an exhaustive list of questions that I ask in any specific situation. What parts are “stars”? 9. Which are competitions most profitable customers? 21.org Page 12 . What is your policy for getting rid of customers who are and will remain more hassle than they are worth? 15. What is it in the dirt world? 24. It is probably a good exercise to look at clients and customers using the same definitions and the same nomenclature – but not in their hearing!) 13. How do you reward referrals? 26. Which are bringing in the most profitable business? 20. Which host/ beneficiary deals are bringing in the most business? 19. at the very worst. Where would you find a list of. They should. they will remind you of the important questions that you ought to be asking yourself. Similarly not all of the questions listed will be the key questions to which your specific situation and strategy demands full and careful answers. needs and desires changing? • If they want “A” today could they be persuaded to want “B” tomorrow? • What is the lifetime value of a customer? • How much can I spend to attract the right customer? © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. How frequently does the average customer buy? 6. What is the purchase lifetime of the average customer? 5. be of considerable relevance and. From a marketer’s viewpoint you must always keep in the forefront of your mind whether you market on line or in the local flea market: • Who is my best type of customer? • What do they need? • What do they want (WOMAN – wants overcome (lack of) money and needs)? • What motivates them to buy? • What motivates them to buy from a specific supplier? • How can I give them more of what they like? • How are their interests. creativity and money. What is your strategy for capturing them? 22. at present need thorough market testing to justify a high investment of time. What is in you signature file for emails? 18. Question marks are possibly future stars but which. Stars are high potential product lines that still require considerable investment of money and effort to market. suppliers. What is your referral system? 25. How often do you communicate with your customers? 16. say. What is your unique selling proposition online? 23. however. but which are selling well. How are they promoted? 10. How do you capture all customers. How are you keeping the costs of market testing them within bounds? 12. How are they promoted? 8. What items are “question marks” at present? 11. prospective affiliate promoters and joint venture partners’ email addresses? 2. How do you personalise communications? 17. What specifically do you do to lengthen the product life cycle of cash cows and accelerate the wide acceptance of stars? 14.tom-lambert.Highest Income Consulting Down and dirty marketing 1. distributors. Dogs are slow moving low value lines that probably cost more to supply than they generate in profit. What parts of your range are “cash cows”? 7. prospects. affiliates. Good questions lead to supplementary questions and they only have relevance in the light of what has already been discussed. What do you do to ensure that you can lose “dogs” without losing customers? (Note for non-marketers: Cash Cows are established product lines that generate high revenues without further investment.

) If you already have a website Who. dumb and happy. 2. we know that’s eleven. Make it easy to contact you. adapt and adopt the best that your creativity and budget can manage. 4. Constantly look at what works for others. 9. Take a pride in your expertise. 3. Make it easy for people to buy on line.org Page 13 . Build customer loyalty and you will build employee loyalty without effort.tom-lambert. Deliver more than you promise. 6. Ensure that your messages consistently reflect the image that you want. 11. Identity . Ensure that the customer is never confused by conflicting messages. Be consistent: market consistently when you’re fat. outside the company has checked your website for speed of loading and ease of use? Do the headlines on each page sell to the customer as well as to the search engines? What are the specific benefits that you use? Are all contact details on each page? Do you give all potential customers clear and compelling reasons to give you their e-mail addresses for further information? If I visited your page for looking for xxxxx what specifically would make me want to permit you to keep in touch with me? How do you measure website traffic? How do you measure the sales per visitor? What keywords do people use to get to your site? What other sites. Creativity – be creative. but don’t try to push what customers don’t want. or newsrooms do they come from? How often do you check the search engines to ensure that you are in the top ten? How do you make the required changes when you find that you are slipping? How many times each day do your people check e-mails? How often do you check your auto responder messages to customers to be certain that they are still relevant? When was the product or service information that you are currently sending out last updated? Where do you display customer testimonials and how do you use them to build a prospect’s confidence in you as the preferred supplier? © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. not money. but always deliver more than you promise.Be clear about who you are and what you offer from the customer’s viewpoint. Remember customers on line are short on time and attention. most economical use of emerging technology to delight and go on delighting my customers? Ten tips for the small (and large) business website 1. Avoid pop up advertising and “get off my site” banners that distract customers from their purpose. 10. 7. 8. 5. credibility and image? How can I make the best. (OK. but never cloud the purpose of your business with cleverness for its own sake.Highest Income Consulting • • • How will I delight and go on delighting my customers? How can I dump those who are more trouble than they are worth without damaging my reputation.

Haemorrhoids are undoubtedly unpleasant. Design advertisements that lead the customer to take action. seminars. Is the image of the firm that is conveyed appropriate and positive? © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. Press releases. Only use paid advertising when there is clearly no better alternative.) With this information you can make an informed decision. I think that I might learn to live with haemorrhoids. Is the headline powerful enough to dominate the infoclutter (excessive “information” to which we are subjected every day of our lives) that surrounds it? 3. 2. “Reach” has to mean that you place your advertisement only where it will be seen by a large number of potential customers rather than getting the idle attention of uninterested passers by. • What they are arguing about on the “letters” page or elsewhere. articles in trade journals. (those with the need or desire for the benefits that you offer and money to satisfy their desire). but given the unenviable choice between haemorrhoids or a tombstone.) 6. pre-test your copy. Media are comprehensively listed in BRAD (SRDS in the USA) and Willings Press Guide. contact them and ask for a “media pack”. letters to the editor or networking may be better and will certainly be cheaper.if there is such a recondite publication. direct mail. favourable attention? 2. Choose your medium with care. • What those readers. but unambiguous? Does it address a known need or desire? 5. watch or listen to the publication or service. Does the advertisement demand immediate. Having identified the probable media from Willings. word of mouth. This will tell you: • The demographic breakdown of the readership or audience. Am I offering real benefits that are clear and desirable to my carefully chosen audience? 4. expensive blank square with a message around its border suggesting that BT can help you to think out of the box. Avoid being seduced by the agency view of reach. Is the message concise.org Page 14 . You might like to exercise your own judgement on the current BT advertisement that is a large. • What is likely to excite the editor or production team by helping to raise new issues contentious or otherwise. If you must advertise make sure that a high percentage of those who will see your message have an interest in what you offer.) The Key Steps Toward Successful Sensible Budget Advertising 1. • The numbers who buy the magazine or service. Colour is fine.Highest Income Consulting If you decide that you must advertise 1. Is the layout clear and easy to read without wasting too much money on so-called “white space”? (Black print on a white background remains the easiest to read. • The numbers who read. point of sale promotions. It is less good for the text. 1. (But they generally prefer contentious. • Is this the right medium for you? • Might a cheaper approach than advertising get better results? • Could paid advertising and editorial in work tandem? • Should you become a radio or television personality? • Might you usefully offer the editor a regular column or an “ agony aunt” piece that may turn you into the world’s first “mousetrap guru”? Pre-testing your advertising copy Having carefully selected your medium as having the highest probability of reaching the greatest number of people with whom you need to communicate. though expensive. (See the next page for the simple rules for creating a haemorrhoid ad. listeners or viewers are interested in right now. If you have designed the proverbial better mousetrap these publications will guide you to The Mouse Haters Gazette . conference presentations. reverse printing takes time and people are no longer generous with their time. for pictures. BRAD or SRDS.tom-lambert. 3.

As a result of the anthrax scares following 9/11 email direct mail has increased at around 60% per annum. only maintaining it wins the war © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. greedy and in a hurry. We are in a world that is overloaded with messages.Highest Income Consulting 7. A key way of encouraging such requests is through a useful website that provides excellent information in an easy to access form. As a general rule email mailing lists should be generated through opt-in mailing requests. If you must advertise. telephone number. Is it absolutely clear how to respond? 9. play to their greed and make it snappy.Research makes it clear that long copy sells Timing can be totally flexible Can keep you in touch with valued customers and build referral and repeat business Can sometimes “piggy back” with non-competing material Disadvantages Total dependence on the quality of the list Bought lists need constant updating Some rented lists can only be used once We have come to hate “junk mail” You have. Direct mail can be very effective. This raises new areas of concern including the matter of SPAM. the traditional marketer’s faith in direct mail has risen. WouId the stimulus to action now work even on those with only a lukewarm interest in my offering? (Am I appealing to people’s self interest?) 8.and I want to know now”.org Page 15 . Direct Mail Advantages Messages can be directed at a highly selective target group Mailings can be highly personalised Messages can be long and and full of information . New variations on the direct mail theme make it very effective indeed. The most compelling reason to attend is that “here is something that I want to know about . according to research. Do your advertising on the back of existing low cost/no cost tactics so that your name is known to a proportion of readers who will then approach your advertisement with interest and belief. People are selfish. Are the simple things like address. Being “good enough” doesn’t cut it any more. How would I rate the overall impression created? What will be the “gut” response? Only if the answers to each of the above questions are positive does your advertisement stand a realistic chance of competing for attention and action in the “noise” which surrounds every piece of present day communication. Does the advertisement show why you should buy from me rather than my competitors? 11. Strangely one of the worst ideas thought up by the “show me a bandwagon and I’ll drive it” school of consultancy to damage business reinforced the belief for a while. but for the moment let us concentrate on the traditional approaches. e-mail address and fax number accurate and easy to find? 10. Yours must give people a compelling reason to give you some of their very limited capacity for attention. stick to the haemorrhoid variety. Sit right down and write yourself a letter As infoclutter has caused the effectiveness of advertising to fall. Downsizing improved the chances of getting your mail into the right hands as more executives found themselves forced to take on the onerous task of opening their own mail. Entice them. no more than 8 seconds to catch the reader’s attention Getting attention is only half the battle. Make it easy for potential buyers of your services to respond. Summary Advertise only when you have to in order to reach a wider audience that you cannot reach by other means.tom-lambert. Would I spend my own money on what is offered in this advertisement? 12. By 1999 52% of marketing spend in the United States was devoted to direct mail.

can be carried out relatively quickly and cheaply.. But that telephone call had persuaded them to look out for this mailing and the vast majority of us keep our word especially if doing so is neither too onerous nor too expensive. 1% is good.. The control group received the mailing in the normal way.. The experimental group was sent the same promotional material but: It was preceded by a telephone call to the recipient with the objective of persuading him/her to look out for it. This is particularly true for those who take our advice and test their marketing initiatives with small numbers... In short they sold themselves on the message. 2% is sometimes regarded as a marketing miracle. It costs more. Their usual response to it was probably to bin it without even opening it or to glance at it and decide that it held no interest for them.tom-lambert. The American Marketing Association conducted an experiment some years ago. roses all the way Before we look at the new ideas in a later chapter it may be useful to look at how some very clever people have overcome the problems of direct mail.5% is common.Highest Income Consulting Average response rates are low 0. Roses. but more importantly they read it with the intention of finding something worthwhile in it. © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www.. equal in size and potential experimental and control groups. One of the most successful mailings of all time before E-Market Dominance was discovered went like this. but a couple of hundred brief calls. (A member of the opposite sex to that of the recipient generally made the call. even if repeated. Psychology teaches us that when we do something out of the ordinary we justify the changed behaviour to ourselves any way than we can. The near compulsion of keeping a promise to a member of the opposite sex is strong in most of us. A few thousand telephone calls will stretch the budget of all but the biggest spender. It is educational to consider just what happened in this case. but there is more to it than that.. The programme is in its early stages. As I write this The Institute of Practical Marketing is replicating this experiment.org Page 16 . More people read the mailing.. Identical mailings were sent to carefully targeted. This three-pronged approach costs a little more. So for starters it is almost certain that more people read the message.. Like most of us the experimental group probably disliked junk mail. but unless you can afford massive mailings a 15 to 1 response ratio is almost certainly worth the additional cost. but there is no escaping the groundwork and that groundwork may include old fashioned direct mail. Research Case Study Research has shown that there are ways to raise low response rates to direct mail.. We will tell you how as we progress.) After the mailing was received a follow up telephone call was made to establish the recipient’s response to what they had read. The experimental group-purchasing rate was a little over 15%. Using new marketing methods we can produce response rates of between 35% and 70%. but their experience is certainly underlining the effectiveness of the approach. It clearly cannot stay at that level. The control group response rate was a little under 1%. but. Having recommended the approach I received an email this morning to let me know that their response rate so far is an almost miraculous 90%.

An idea from an acknowledged master With cheap and easy communication by email many people think that direct mail as such is dead. and only if. Putting that another way 78 busy business opinion leaders attended the meeting and assessed the concept and bought into the idea. went further than simply passing the invitation to the boss. The card was attached to the rose by a green ribbon. but her postcards are different and it is being different that catches the attention. It does not mean that she does not have her own email-based newsletter. She explains the success of her postcard campaign as follows. More importantly they became advocates who praised the idea to their business contacts leading to many more unsolicited sales. Fortunately their results were an improvement on the 0. Consultants should be good at doing what they teach others to do. The response rate for attending the meeting was 78 out of 100. Consultants are better than most.. What is more.org Page 17 . On the other hand they receive very few postcards.Highest Income Consulting Case study The bane of the mailing expert’s existence is the gatekeeper or dragon. Inside was an invitation card that matched that which had been attached to the rose in every way except that it bore details of the proposed meeting and was therefore larger. They sell a meeting with the potential client so you would expect a higher response rate than the norm on two accounts: 1. If consultants offer anything worth buying to their clients they ought to be able to do better than most in promoting their wares. • Romance and mystery go together and are great. by using postcards rather than stuffing envelopes she keeps the cost down and overcomes any concerns that may still be around after the anthrax scares of last year that opening an envelope from an unknown source can carry danger with it. This is far from true if you are prepared to use a little imagination. They drew his/her attention to it and treated it as if it was very special.. The firm with the idea to sell was a marketing consultancy.. The combination of © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www.. With that in mind I repeat the proven advice of an acknowledged master. They scored on average a response rate of 5. maybe thousands of emails each week.5% to 2% that we have learned to expect. The whole campaign went like this: Step One: A single long stemmed red rose was mailed to each gatekeeper. 2.. • Most women like flowers and regard red roses as particularly romantic. This mailing was aimed at chief executives with the intention of getting them to a meeting to assess a new and exciting concept.. but every entrepreneur should be prepared to think through successful approaches with the intention of building their own creativity. The PA’s. One consultant that I have heard of builds her business by sending out around 500 pre-printed postcards each month. fun. though harmless. She finds that this approach brings in real dividends at relatively low cost.3%. It is an easier sale. This innovative approach went like this: • Most PA’s in this sexually unequal world are still women. consultants seldom use mailings to sell a product or service. only the lady’s given name. The important thing is always to look for ways to stand out from the growing crowd. If. The personal assistant who dumps unsolicited mail in the bin rather than bother a busy boss with it. Step Two: Three days later a gold edged envelope with an identical ribbon and addressed to the chief executive arrived in the mail. Of course.but they must do better In 1997 the Direct Mail Information Service researched 38 mailings from different consultants. in the main. It had a gold edged card attached bearing no message. People these days receive several hundred. As a result postcards may just get a touch more attention because they are a relative rarity... you can get your message past the gatekeeper and into the hands of the intended recipient can you make a sale.tom-lambert.

11. To improve the effectiveness of direct mail 1. Speak directly to your reader. His Drayton Bird Partnership says that a number of factors contribute to mailing success. Be clear about your offering. Make it easy to respond.. Not all bosses are men. 6. much better.35 x 1. 2. Avoid sexual assumptions. but not if they are unmanned or always engaged... Get a good mailing list.org Page 18 . They know those who keep their lists up to date and those who do not. It doesn’t need to be a rose. People are greedy. 7. not yours in mind. You are buying an expensive ticket for a lottery if you buy a list directly from the list owner. Personalise your letters.Highest Income Consulting carefully researched advice and experience in the real world may just provide you with the killer approach to bringing in even more business.35) Response Mechanism (factor x 1... though I think roses are nice.press 9 to express despair. No one likes to think that you can’t even be bothered to use their name. To keep your business they want you to be delighted.2) Get it all right and you may improve your hit rate by a factor of 6 x 3 x 2 x 1. Plan. 3. Differentiation is vital in marketing. You may need an exceptional offer to sell heating oil in July.tom-lambert..2 = 58 On that basis we could all do better. See case study above. Brokers want your business. People like (0)800 phone numbers. (Most of us regard letters which © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. Use incentives.000 for a single letter.. The great copywriters say that they spend 90% of their time planning and 10% writing. Use telemarketing first and last if you can afford it. Keeping the list up to date is a difficult and expensive business. Most of us don’t like those tin voices that tell us to “Press 1 for account enquiries.. You might expect him to emphasise that the copy is the only thing that counts. But never forget the need for consistency. and 12. 9. They may have been collected by dubious means and use of them to send unsolicited e-mails can lead to your site being removed by your Internet service provider. but make sure that what you offer is really attractive. . What counts in his expert opinion is: The Mailing List (factor x 6) The Offer (factor x 3) The Timing (factor x 2) Creativity (factor x 1. If they don’t want to know more why are you writing? 5.. You can improve your chances by going to a reputable list broker. Given an accurate brief they will find exactly what you want.. 2. Get and hold the reader’s attention.. 10. Provide response mechanisms with the customer’s convenience.. They say that you can improve your success by a factor of up to 58 times if you get it all right. 4. Learn how to use new media such as email effectively To write letters that sell 1. Be extra careful when buying lists on the Internet.. Use long copy if you’re certain that the reader will want to know more.. 8. Build a personal relationship with your customer from the first moment. You need to become the friend that they rely on.. Think carefully about your timing. Personalise your letter. The lady referred to above finds that less than nine mailings a year and her business suffers measurably. Those who do the most effective writing and therefore plan best can charge up to $50... Look for creative ways to get your message into the right hands. Identify a problem that is hurting them or make an offer that they would die for. Drayton Bird is a genius of copy writing.. He doesn’t.. You must make it absolutely clear why the customer should buy from you. Most products are seasonal in some way. coupons or free gifts. Not all secretaries are women... Too many list owners cut corners when it comes to cleaning the list. They buy in lists every day.

Suggest a vital decision. We all make rational decisions that would delight the economist. 6. “How much have you wasted on training in the last few years?” Most tell me in great detail and with not a little chagrin.. you emphasise nothing. what would you wish for?” You make an informed guess and show them that they’ll get it from you. Delighted existing customers are six to eight times easier to sell. what chance do you have in accurately predicting his or her needs. Tell the reader early and powerfully what your offer is then build your case until the reader cannot wait to buy.org Page 19 . To recover from a start like that demands a wonderful offer and a truly creative letter. the wonderful technology or what have you that your firm has doesn’t interest me.) 8.. Move the reader to buy now and make buying easy. Mix emotions and logic in your correspondence. (Frankly. As you know.) 11. Why not try the appropriate openings from ideas listed here: 1. (But remember that if you that if you emphasise everything. Underline and emphasise what you want the reader to notice. If your product is new to your reader... 4. Never forget the old dictum that a letter needs to be “a salesperson in an envelope”. 5. It may be a chore... If you’re anything like me. the more you must convince the reader that you are offering them better value. higher sales.) 5. but they arouse. People like to buy from people that they like and we like best people who are like us. I sometimes ask prospective clients who are buying training.. Ask a provocative question. Worst of all is “Dear Sir or Madam”. Prove that you can deliver all that you promise. if you can’t even get the reader’s sex right. That means that you can get six to eight times the sales by simply keeping in touch. I want to know what your widgets will do for me. 10. interest in what you have to say. Your biggest benefit is your offer. If you can offer the solution to an important problem which you and I both know that I face. I might bite your hand off...Highest Income Consulting are sent without the courtesy of using our name as the worst of junk mail. “If you could wave a magic marketing wand. on average. but people like to buy from people that they like and we don’t like impersonal facsimile signatures. Breaking the 8 second barrier Copy writing gurus have tested opening sentences of letters and have suggested a number that have been proved to work.. that’s why those who most enjoy training courses are those who didn’t really need the training... If it has been around for some time tell the reader what makes it different and better than competitive widgets and emphasise what that difference does for them. 12. If your product or service is expensive. (Remember you only have.) 3. (Logic implies that the reader is logical and that implication appeals to their emotions.. Include quotes from delighted customers or authorities. Write your letter from the recipient’s point of view. Most firms spend most of their time and efforts on trying to attract new customers . your letter needs to be longer.don’t. Sign letters.. 2.) © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www.. It is only others who use emotions when they decide to buy. Happy customers who have a need will come to you to fulfil it..) 4. People love to be told how knowledgeable they are.) 9. explain it to the reader in detail and hammer home what it will do for him or her. not how clever you think you are.. and more.. The more ferocious competition is.. Then I tell them how they need never waste another cent. What if. less customer hassle or the biggest benefit that your offering can deliver.” Your offer of course must be sufficiently important to the customer to justify such an approach.. Provocative questions take a little moral fibre. 3. (More profit. sometimes passionate. 13.tom-lambert. The first few words of a letter determine whether your reader will read greedily and sell him or herself on the offer or will consign your work of literature to the bin. “The decision that you will make after reading this letter may make the difference between disaster and prosperity. Long copy sells and there is a proven relationship between the cost of the offer and the length of the letter. (You might even consider saying “thank you” now and again without pushing for a sale. eight seconds to grab your reader’s attention. happier customers. 7. Customers buy benefits.

.” 25. Give good news after bad. “You don’t need to lose sleep over rising interest rates.) 16... You’re a rare bird.. “I’m surprised that we haven’t heard from you.. but you have the answer in your hands right now..” 8. even terse. but we should because you and I.. “ No one dare promise to get your Web site consistently in the top ten..... but Readers Digest does pretty well.” This is the opening of one of the most famous and successful letters ever..” 30. Introduction.... 21. “Are you paying too much...... Invitation..... Solve a problem.. Congratulations... “Less than an hour ago I realised....) 23. but it is amazing how much they all love it. Another speaker finished and the chair asked for questions.. “I love to share great ideas... “I’ve enclosed. no one but us. “I’ve missed you so I. 13. Why is it that you always snarl when you mention customers?” 19.” 10. “Your generous action has not gone unnoticed.. Drucker intervened. 14..” Respect for expert authority is a hardwired part of the human psyche.” (It helps when we all hate “them”. Because you’re an “A” you must be a “B”.” 18.... “When was the last time that you......” (A bit like Readers Digest perhaps.....) The great Peter Drucker was once the main speaker at an international business conference.” 12.” Only the other person likes flattery. “Competition gets tougher every day. “Cat lovers like you love..... so be sure that you can get your offer across in very few words. “We don’t know each other. There was silence. “Have you ever wished...” (The shorter the period of time the more compelling ... 7.... not you. “I have a question... “Why don’t (do) they.. 9.. Preferably with no strings attached.... “The experts say...” Make sure that the enclosure is interesting... “Your position as an industry opinion leader entitles you to..” © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www... sir.. “You are invited to a secret preview...within reason. You did that..” 15.... so we’re doing this.....) 20.... Narrative.” 24.. Others can’t we can.....” 27.. “In the less than two minutes that it will take you to read this letter. A funny thing happened when I took up my pen to write this letter...” 26.. valuable or useful to the recipient..... “I’ll get straight to the point. “Why are we doing this?” (Your good reason for doing it must be good for the customer..tom-lambert.) 28.......” 11. Free gift.....” 17..org Page 20 ...” 22..” (If you try this you must be brief.. “The American Express Gold Card is not for everyone..........Highest Income Consulting 6.” 29. “You are important to us so we want you to be the first to know.

If you have the talent or are prepared to put in the work conference speaking is something of a royal road down which clients may pour to reach your door. Shelley is a smart and funny lady with all the skills needed to hold an audience in the palm of her hand. As in Ed’s case thinking “I wonder how he did that”. Unlike paid approaches these build credibility and status rather than merely communicate an offering. How could you turn your simple card into a treasured souvenir? When you speak avoid name-dropping. tells them how to contact me. Rather than risk a joke that. but they can all take away a useful piece of paper that. most successful consultants are often the most adept at entertaining and inspiring audiences. talk about your family. On the other hand be ready to pepper your speech with anecdotes that demonstrate that you are paid to provide business services. An American colleague of mine used to hand out a small mathematical trick.uk/) speaking at a consultants’ conference. Rather tell self-deprecating little stories about real amusing experiences. Confidentiality remains the key. that you are good at what you do. Recently I had the good fortune to hear Shelley Cooper (http://www.shelleycooper. He hopped from one leg to the other as he tried to think of a way to reciprocate. It was an interesting novelty for two keynote speakers to arrive at an international conference smelling like a wellmaintained lavatory. As a business consultant I sometimes provide economic data. Some information from a survey you have completed.org Page 21 .Highest Income Consulting The low cost/no cost tactics that deliver professional exposure and build credibility No matter how effectively you use paid for marketing it is seldom as effective as no cost/low cost tactics. that you have a sense of humour. The trick had nothing to do with his business offering. Twenty or so years ago I produced a brief summary of how a “buyer” thinks when facing a decision. (Research in the USA showed that 13% of seminar and conference audiences were actively assessing the speakers for possible assignments. Mike congratulated the young guy in charge and gave him a generous tip. should it fail to get a laugh. I cannot hope to speak with them all individually. Avoid telling jokes unless you are very good at it. We can’t all do magic perhaps. Suddenly he had a great idea. a business tool. People still drag it. your personal © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www.co. Conference appearances The best. We stopped at a roadside restaurant to freshen up in the rest room.tom-lambert. dog-eared and thumb-marked from pockets or handbags and show me it with pride when we meet. As a playing card it is the “wrong” size to go into a crad file – another expression for “lost” – it has the potential client’s signature on it as part of the trick and it is a souvenir so it is kept. a list of sources of information or a little psychometric self -test. does a close magic trick with a playing card that miraculously goes from being a plain backed card to one that bears his business details. but people loved it and copied it for friends and colleagues. It was a pre-Internet example of viral marketing. that you are an accessible and likeable person who can be approached without fear and above all. economics or psychology are useful and retained. among other things. sweat-grimed and dogeared in the toilets. some new tips and techniques or new findings in business. the most magical of consultants. He raised the air freshener spray that gave the toilets their not unpleasing smell and sprayed Mike and I liberally. He grinned a grin that threatened to split his face in two. The man was clearly delighted. Ed Stivala. Talking about and brilliantly demonstrating the use of humour in a presentation she warned against the use of jokes unless you have remarkable skills of timing and delivery. I find myself speaking to audiences of up to 1000 or more. When speaking at conferences before groups of potential clients be sure to give each person something that they will take away and to which they will refer and so keep handy. leaves you high and dry. a brief note on some new legislation. The place was spotless. They have got to remember your name. but you and I ought to think seriously about how our business card can become something that people keep carefully apart from all the others that they collect and to which they refer frequently. especially if they don’t get a chance to talk to you at the event. My good friend Michael Cox and I were travelling together to a conference in South Africa. since most conferences are dreary beyond belief. These are the kind of things audiences keep and to which they continue to refer after the event.) This excludes brochures almost by definition – they get left. There is plenty of humour in the world that we live in and enough in what happens in our daily lives to enliven any speech if you look for the gentle comedy of every day living.

It is to practise. Finally and hesitantly she answered.tomlambert. Never be afraid to give successful speeches again and again to different audiences. This intensive programme fits the speaker for the task like no other and is increasingly available across the globe. Fold A4 sheets three times and you have made an ideal breast pocket piece. knowledge and skills to be a much sought after conference speaker you may wish to register with a speaker’s bureau in order to more widely exploit your capabilities. the more I am willing and able to pay. Learn from the masters Attend conferences when you can. make a considerable income from finding you work. (The fourth did arrive – sadly he was drunk. smile through our fears and perform.) We all search for useful information If you promote an information product through advertising always charge for it. People with no real interest in your services will send for "freebies" just to pass the time. but consistently until it delivers an unequalled treasury of tools. Conference organisers love speakers who can get them out of trouble. (So are the clients. one of the world’s best gave five speeches to the same audience in one day when three booked speakers failed to arrive due to illness or accident. A few simple but desirable bits and pieces given freely from your website can attract search engines and visitors and will bring visitors back again and again looking for more of the same. Having two speeches of different lengths ready means that you can step into the breach at short notice. That is why clients would beat a path to his door. The search engines. “I think he talks at people. Almost all will want to see a video of you delivering a talk to a live audience. Speakers’ bureaux If you have the talent. They liked what they had and they wanted more. Remember that my old guru Howard Shenson used to say that the really skilled consultant always gave “enough to be interesting. along with her classmates was asked by her teacher “what does your daddy do?” I am told that Carole gave this question much thought. but not quite enough to be as useful as it appears”. They almost certainly deliver it best. your pet hates or those slightly quirky things that you hold most dear and you will get supportive laughter or smiles from those who experience the warmth that comes from having similar feelings or encounters. Mike Cox. Listen to the best in the business. titles and areas that you wish to speak about as well as the geographical areas in which you are happy to work. determination.com. but be careful not to steal their material. like God. Be ready to speak Write two good speeches one of about 20 minutes and another of around twice that length and practise both until your delivery is highly professional. grit our teeth. if you are in demand. The one exception to charging for information pieces is on the Internet.org Page 22 . (It slides upwards – the more I work. but precious. Most will consider anything that you send them. After all they will. When my daughter Carole was about 5 years old she. The more time that you repeat a speech the better you will become at delivering it.frankfurness. A small charge produces qualified leads that really want to know more.” Shelley’s final piece of advice is as essential to those who believe that they are blessed with a remarkable talent as it is to those of us who need to quieten the butterflies.) Some bureaux seek to charge a considerable fee for just looking at your work. practise and then practise some more. techniques and information for professionals.org slowly. (consider how often you have idly ticked advertiser’s boxes in an in-flight magazine or “subscribed” to an online newsletter that you never get time to read). Learn from them. I am personally happy to pay 20% of the fee for occasional work with a sliding scale for frequent bookings. and format them to easily go into handbags or pockets. I will be building the free side of www. I © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. They are old. The best that I know of is Frank Furness’ Speakers Boot Camp www.Highest Income Consulting shortcomings. If you can afford it go on a good training course. Most will require that you provide them with the subjects.tom-lambert. love a cheerful giver.) Make sure that your contact details are clear on all pieces you hand out. As I mentioned above I have clients who still carry useful material 20 years after the event. There are many excellent bureaux in most parts of the world.

It is a very valuable marketing activity just to be accessible – and to keep ears and eyes open and mouth shut until the moment comes to speak. When you tear out a piece for transmission make it look and feel as if you have taken some trouble to do it. Psychological research – Cialdini et al – shows that we are generally driven to reciprocate for any and all “good turns”. Tear the paper by hand leaving a rough edge that says. for most consultants. The best journalistic job for a consultant is to become a business “agony aunt”. having written to you. You have what sales people call “warm prospects” since.Highest Income Consulting personally do not even bother to tell them where to go. Once at the end of a three-day conference in America I had heard so many re-iterated concerns that I was able to use the whole of my presentation to suggest solutions to the audience’s problems and ideas to exploit their vaguely thought-through opportunities. John Harvey-Jones gave me this advice some years ago and I pass it to you with confidence. to be made up of prospective clients. That way you have a privileged insight into the problems and opportunities facing business as well as having the best of reasons to contact those companies where the described challenge or opportunity is too complex to be dealt with on the printed page. The publication itself will tell you what are the hot topics as well as indicating the preferred style and length of articles.org Page 23 . This enables you to direct your presentation straight toward the current and future needs of your audience. It takes months for an article to go through the peer review system and by the time it appears your piece may have lost its topicality. Go instead for the trade press or the serious newspaper or magazines. photocopy or fax it and send it with a hand written note. I ignore them and their offer. Be sure that you do good turns for others without an expectation of direct or immediate return. An audience that had been sitting bored for three days came to life and they and I had a most invigorating exchange of ideas followed by glowing tributes and recommendations. British Rates and Data or Rates and Data (USA). If you don’t know the publication that you feel will reach your target audience either buy a copy of the publication or call them and ask for a media pack. Magazine and journal articles Regard lifelong learning as a critical part of your marketing strategy. If you want to target a specific market check out the appropriate publications in Willings Press Guide. Avoid the academic journals. © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. What is worse the readership is unlikely. Never talk and run When I appear at a conference I take the view that my fee is for the duration of the conference and not for the hour or less for which I might be speaking. circle it with ink. tear it out. the enquirer is already identifying you as a trusted expert. The media pack will give you reasonably reliable data on who reads the magazine – whether it is decision-makers or junior management – how many buy the publication and an estimate of how many are passed copies to read.tom-lambert. If you choose to write articles make sure that they appear where they will do the most good. If possible try to be taken on as a regular contributor. but you also hear many conversations and discussions concerning what is really important to your audience right now. When you see an item in print that you believe is of interest to a potential or existing client. There is time for everything – if you care to use it Use travel and leisure time to keep in touch with clients and prospective clients. however. If I invest in my reputation and skills and that delivers income to them I expect them to invest a little time in checking out a serious business opportunity. Business can come to you that way. I have written regular articles for newspapers in several parts of the world. A neatly excised piece carefully cut with scissors fails to have the same emotional impact. This will keep those who could use your services. “he or she saw this and thought of me”. The more knowledgeable you are the more ideas you have to exploit and the easier it is for you to find material for interventions as well as articles and talks. By remaining for the duration of the conference not only do you enable some of those interested to speak directly to you. To make most effective use of time write the notes when watching TV or travelling by train or air. because although what goes around does tend to come around it can take a hell of a time to make the trip. or refer you to others thinking of you and feeling a little indebted to you.

however. If they choose to change your beautiful purple prose. Once they start to use your written pieces or calls there is a snowball effect as they increasingly turn to you for comment. but you are also an easy person with whom to communicate. If you work this way be sure to have the person that you have quoted approve the copy. make sure that your quote is accurate. I have done that. but want to have your name seen in the papers or trade journals write letters to the editor. quote me unless you quote me absolutely accurately. Either way those with the strongest feelings may contact you and effective networking may follow a display of intelligence and tact that proves that not only are you no fool. Cultivate journalists. © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. They are as lazy as the rest of us and they welcome easy and regular sources of information and opinion. “that is useful – how can I get more of the same?” Invite comment. You can safely attribute a thought or belief to me or anyone if you carefully check your source. Newsletters The world and his wife all have newsletters these days. (if they agree with you). Some writers. Comment on trends and happenings in your chosen field to the press. even if I have to write the copy myself from what they tell me. You cannot. Letters get your name in print If you lack the ability or time to write articles. If you quote directly. Ask them for contact details of others who might benefit from reading their valuable and expert opinion because if they have taken the trouble to think issues through they will want other opinion leaders to be aware of their conclusions. Aim it accurately at the readers’ known needs and provide some immediate satisfaction. day-to-day contact with consultants. When interviewing a business leader never hide the fact that you are a consultant as well as a writer. I use my more influential and professional friend’s ideas in this way unblushingly. Interview the top person well and you may well be the only consultant that he or she knows. or an idiot (if they don’t).” If you want to have a newsletter that works for you make it information rich in ways that will help your reader. “I have done this. I’ll tell you why in detail later. speak to authors and journalists. Check that they approve of the copy before sending it out and encourage them to send it to their peers. Make yours different. however. This is the one place where “dropping names” is permissible. Top people do. however. Pick a current theme and be contentious. Check that they like the way that you have written up what they said and print their names in bold type.tom-lambert. Too many are merely some variant on the boasting book. In your own columns and articles ally yourself in the public mind with the decisionmakers in the field that you serve. then publish what they have written or have asked you to write. Readers will either think you a genius. Have industry leaders contribute their thoughts by interviewing them about the future or current state of their industry. Turn over your newsletter now and again to other top names that will give you kudos by association. for example. enquiries and controversy. The higher in the organisation a person is the less likely that they are to have direct personal. Make sure that all means of contacting you are readily seen in your signature block. You may well be the only consultant with whom they have had a protracted discussion. It is no less than intellectual fraud to use someone else’s name to give credence to ideas that are not theirs but merely your own. If you behave professionally your name will be the one that comes to their mind when in the boardroom or elsewhere the need for external advice or action is raised. That way your name can frequently be seen in the publications without your having written a line.org Page 24 . Their reputation and status is important and they have the right to be quoted to their satisfaction. (more later). If you have a newsletter. ask your important clients for their views on how their industry is faring. if they feel that you have scrambled their invariable deathless prose will regard what you have written as damaging and under US law they can demand damages from you in return. They usually employ others to do that for them. Being a writer opens doors Business leaders rarely speak directly to consultants. In this way you get your newsletter into the hands of more potential clients – and there is more.Highest Income Consulting Don't be afraid of becoming a guru. Make your readers think. Comment on what important people are saying or doing and you will rapidly become seen as one of the "makers and shakers" of an industry or profession.

Seward and Gers et al If you intend to conduct seminars you would be wise to have a practical understanding of how to ensure that what you teach is transferred to the world of work. Forgive me while I repeat the essential prerequisite for getting assignments through contact with top people. research shows that at least one in three of any group that you teach effectively will use your other services at some time. What is more. then and only then. Make sure that publication of your stuff is unedited. At the very least you should understand the old. to remain commercially minded. Deliver it so that they will understand and apply it. It is worth repeating. Howard Shenson used to advise many who sought to share the knowledge that they had gained by conducting seminars.tom-lambert. If your name is on it. When I asked him what drove his enthusiasm he answered. Conducting worthwhile seminars is an effective way of marketing everything that you can do. No matter what GM decide I will always have what I have learned from you.absolutely mine. I remember although it was many years ago now a senior colleague from Switzerland who never missed a seminar that I conducted even though he had to travel far and wide to attend. If you are planning to start to run seminars try think like an entrepreneur at first rather than as a trainer. If you can devise a seminar that delivers any or all of the above and if you are prepared to start your teaching business with a subject that you can deliver effectively without notes or props you may make so much income that you have no need to use training as a marketing initiative. they will value them the more. What you give me is mine alone. (My book Key Management Solutions reviews much of the essential theory for those who are unfamiliar with it. yet any trainer who is worth his or her salt will have had many similar experiences. my house and everything else that I enjoy at present is in the gift of General Motors and could be taken away. I believe that Bruce Joyce’s research finding while at Columbia are important as is the research conducted by Xerox. should you invest in fancy materials and handouts.Highest Income Consulting Let your readers put your newsletter on their websites with a simple acknowledgement of authorship and details of how to contact you. Nobody knew the market better than Howard. If you do a good job expressing and presenting your views or those of other people your listeners or readers will remember and business may come to you. when you write articles or newsletters make no secret of the fact that you do consultancy and you get well paid for doing it. “Ultimately the standard of living of my family. you want it to be your truth and all your truth. He had tested it again and again. Try to bear in mind that although the purpose of low cost/no cost marketing is to build and sustain your professional practice. my car. When you know absolutely that people will pay good money to attend. when you speak at conferences. Do not produce expensive handouts. How to make more money.) © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. Provide them only with notepaper and pencils and they will develop their personal notes and because those notes will highlight specifically what they want to know right now. but reliable Kolb Learning Styles Inventory and the research into Learning Transfer of Seward and Gers and of Mary Broad. That is mine . documentation or materials until you know that there is a market for what you offer.org Page 25 . When you interview industry leaders. Conversely the entrepreneur came empty-handed. How to get more out of life. Give people what they want to know. How to keep more of the money that they made. but with a brain teeming with ideas. The more places that it can be read the better. that everything that you elect to do should be aimed at building your credibility and status while bringing in extra income. Seminars There is a special and very important relationship that exists between those who teach and those who choose to learn. He used to say that trainers came to him burdened down with caseloads of expensive paper with no real idea whether there was anyone out there to buy their wares. People would pay and attend in great numbers for seminars that taught them all or any of the following. Later as your income increases you can provide all the expensive extras that add value.” I have never had a better testimonial.

So instead of speaking you ask questions as described in detail above. Meetings also enable effective networking with the people that really count . All that I have written above about conference presentations is equally true of smaller meetings. If appropriate ask another relevant question. They are. One is obvious. Frank was always on the “million dollar table” when he sold financial products and mainly because he was a devoted marketer who was also a “nice person to talk to”. Fame is the spur Consultancy is an intangible. You want them to see you and people are disinclined to turn their heads and wriggle to see from whom is coming the apparently disembodied voice. ask a searching question that shows that you know your subject and have been listening with care. Make you interjections concise and to the point. when appropriate. (Many people are so pleased with their questions that they simply do not see the need to listen. Nobody can say in advance with any certainty what the outcome of a consultancy or training intervention will be.) Listen carefully to the speaker to ensure that you do not ask a question that has already been answered fully. These people are now your allies. But please let me remind you that there is more to it than just standing up and blasting away with an interrogation of the speaker. Those who use meetings to network are using each meeting that they attend as a microcosm of the whole world of business. you are unlikely to be invited to speak at every meeting. Some consultants do little else to build their businesses and those that do it with sensitivity prosper. You are ensuring that the important gaps are filled.Highest Income Consulting Meetings Some top earners make meetings the main thrust of their marketing. But you need to be seen to be smarter than that. The audience is more cohesive. preferably on the left side as you face the speaker. When clients buy in such a service they are effectively making a leap of faith. The king of networkers. That is why it is essential that you make yourself at least a little bit famous. (You must be perceived as someone who cuts directly to the chase. That way the client has confidence in you as an individual. It is relatively easy to design and deliver a presentation that will be valued by every listener.org Page 26 .) Having got an answer ask supplementary questions only if absolutely necessary. Listen carefully to the guest speaker and. It is to deliver convincing and inspirational presentations. Do not make a speech. It is a simple fact of life that no matter how good a speaker you may be. Make it easy to see you. Such meetings contribute indirectly to the marketing strategy by enabling the consultant or trainer to identify emergent client needs before they become common knowledge. By so doing they build confidence in their ability to deliver. In some ways smaller meetings are easier to handle. in effect. If there is a post meeting drink buy yours prior to taking up your position. If you have been listening carefully and know your subject it is a near certainty that others in the audience would have liked to ask something similar and are grateful to you for raising the point thoughtfully and courteously.) Do not be tempted to make a speech rather than ask a question. The second tactic is less obvious perhaps.clients. Two key tactics accelerate the process. © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. When you attend a meeting as a marketer make sure that you arrive early. They identify and attend those meetings where potential clients gather to exchange ideas and listen to presentations from experts. Do not underestimate the power of this simple approach. my friend Frank Furness and Roger Jones are perfect models of the art of using questions to become the centre of attraction. By asking intelligent and searching questions you demonstrate your own knowledge.tom-lambert. If you have shown through your question that you are intelligent – you must be if you hit on the question that I was anxious to ask – courteous and approachable – you made that clear in the way that you phrased your question – people will come to you and talk. becoming famous within a restricted group of people. Ask your question and wait for the answer. Take up a position near to the front of the room. (People want to see who is asking the question. After the meeting take an accessible position in the bar or elsewhere according to the circumstances. The problems and opportunities are often common to most if not to all. Meet and greet the people with whom you want to network.

Why? The reason is complex yet simple. You may be wondering why from time to time I provide what is basically the same information in a different form. but please remember that I am describing. I want to make a difference. If after the meeting the group adjourns to a bar. In my view. As a super consultant. as it is usually practised among consultants does not work. What then? I am unwilling to find reciprocal opportunities for you. although I still hope that you will find them for me. I regard a sales situation as one in which I simply have to get the order or I have failed. I pay you 25% minimum because that enables you to keep in touch with your client. If you find me work sufficiently often that I am kept busy earning my normal fee rate for 5 days a week I will pay you half of all that I earn from your efforts. I have a thousand ideas all of them good and I need to communicate them to those who can benefit. “that’s better. At the same time they are better at some things than I am. If you find me work I will pay you not less than 25% of the fee.org Page 27 . That is the level of payment that makes your effort worthwhile. He or she tells me of their pain and I simply cannot wait to provide the solution.tom-lambert. can it work? But if I join a consultants’ network only in the hope that you will find me work. Last and by no means least where simple reciprocation is not immediate or easy I will pay an intelligent “finders fee” to those that give me business opportunities. now the old man has made it clear!” Consultant networking I believe strongly in networking. but I try to add the little touches of variety from time to time that will enable some of you to think. I network with other consultants so I have to think carefully about what it is that I bring to the party. What is worse perhaps is that the solutions that I deliver are often misunderstood by the non-expert client who believes that they now have the answer and no © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. however. backed by stringent research and long experience. Please think about it for a moment. I meet a potential client. Research shows that the best consultants and trainers and the best salespeople are driven by different motives and those motives make all the difference when it comes to behaviour. If assignments result they often expect to pay the “finder” some 10% of the fee earned. The majority of those who join consultancy networks do so in the hope that others will provide them with work. Where I can I will reciprocate for any business that they may choose to put my way. How often will 10% deliver a worthwhile profit over and above the cost to the other consultant of finding the opportunity and selling the client on meeting you? The answer is “very rarely”.Highest Income Consulting Make yourself accessible at the end of the meeting to all who wish to continue the discussion with you. So some of the very best business advisors are not going to deliver much additional business into the general pot. Let us be absolutely frank about this. Research has shown that some of the best consultants are the most appalling salespeople. Furthermore the client remains yours rather than mine. Get a drink in your hand so that nobody is inhibited from approaching you by the thought that the price of talking to you is to buy you a drink. ensure that the client is delighted with my work and to look for other opportunities for either of us to serve. Of course what I pay you is what you pay me if the roles are reversed. I have a sense of vocation. If networking is a one-way-street. Without burdening you with academic detail. it is proved that we each have our own special way of taking in information. in detail what the top earners do and the devil is very much in the detail. The written word puts a severe limitation on the number of idiosyncratic ways that I can use. Why would others want to put work my way? I hope and believe that I contribute knowledge and experience that others may lack. The above strictures may appear to be self-evident. If you get a detail wrong the tactic may not work for you as well as it has worked for others and that means a potential loss of income. The result is that I give away the only thing that I have to sell – solutions. to pay you less amounts almost to an insult. but I also believe that networking. If I am a super salesperson I am driven by a need to “win”. Note. The answer is simple. my drives are very different.

“BEGINS” at the beginning of your release and “ENDS” under the last sentence so that the editor knows that he or she has the whole piece and has no need to search for other pages. Make your press releases press friendly. Mark the back of any photograph clearly with information that ties it immediately to the written release. When an editor gives you space he or she is doing you a massive favour. As Kat Callo has expressed it. find space for everything that you submit. So keep in touch with www. Never assume that your practice. None of us will carry out any work for which others are better qualified.org if you want to enjoy the independence that comes from being the best in each relevant field. It is a happier fact that only performance can keep you at the top. Quality control and codes of practice are agreed and binding on all. economics. possibly ten thousand expensive nonentities for every Lizzie Dean or Merle Whale. (25% of a high fee may be a great deal better than 100% of a lower one. Until you are a highest income consultant. Highest income consultants network. the seller will receive an equitable reward for his or her efforts. So keep visiting http://www. indeed they cannot. SCMG.tom-lambert. Press relations It is perhaps a sad fact of life that hype plays a major part in building reputations. business. They will not.org Page 28 . I am a commercial disaster. no matter how splendid. All members of the network will abide by the agreed standard terms and conditions. but to be in the wrong one is utterly meaningless. valid but contentious comments on society. © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. All assignments will be the subject of simple but comprehensive contracts. You may also find if you look for a top class professional in PR that there are at least ten. I prefer to work with a good professional if I can afford it or when others. Concentrate on what the press likes to print – survey results. If in doubt try a “do it yourself” approach first. Write. if they network at all. So be very careful not to enter into a contract where you pay a monthly fee to a so-called expert who does nothing for you. In summary the network will work to agreed rules. It may be tough to get into the right network. is the centre of any busy editor’s universe. So what can we do? If you and I network together with others we recognise our very different strengths and work to an agreement. ethically and effectively.Highest Income Consulting further need for my services. Having had the real privilege of working with Lizzie Dean and other superb PR advisors including Merle Whale.tom-lambert. through its CEO Richard Ilsley is working with me to enable top consultants to become top salespeople by providing a complete and ethical structure that has brought six figure incomes to top advisors from London to Chicago and Sao Paulo. Attach a good photograph whenever possible to increase your chances of being published by around 28%.org . Ask any good salesperson. Whether you are on your way up. Contact the press regularly. We will work to an agreed fee structure when networking. are paying. As the new global institute develops and international networking opportunities increase I will be keeping visitors to my website and readers of my newsletter informed of progress.tom-lambert.) The “finder” will invoice the client and will act as project manager passing to the “doer” his or her share of the fee as soon as it is to hand. Be specific about the release date. however. culture or technology. The least that you can do is to make it easy for them. usually publishers. it is not. “they only network with those who build their status and credibility”. or whether you are busy staying at the top you need some support from the press. If I can justify far higher fees than others we will generally work to my fee level even though that may mean that some get less client work. Write your press release on a single page where possible. What is more the world’s number one sales consultancy. you may well be forced by circumstances to do it yourself. ownership of the client is clear and the network will be clearly underpinned by a written agreement.

features of features editors and business of business editors. under any circumstances.org) Author Mini Fact File Fact: There are more than 2. Pick the right editor. Do not use email unless you know that is acceptable.tom-lambert.tom-lambert. If asked for further information. I was introduced to best-selling author Ron Holland before I wrote a word. (Nobody likes spam and everybody is conscious of the danger posed by cretins with viruses. factual information regularly so that you are seen as a source of help. be prepared to provide it immediately. I was then to send that synopsis to retailers – not publishers – and ask whether such a book would have a market. He then suggested that instead of getting on with the business of writing the book I would better use my limited time writing a single page description of what I had in mind to write. Use Willings Press Guide to identify editors of any journal or. pester an editor to try to get your piece printed. So if they sell your books cheaply you will receive pennies where you might have expected pounds. Fact: When foreign rights to your book are sold the publisher is entitled to 50% of the advance and subsequent royalties. They cannot wait around for your input when you have nothing better to do. If in doubt read the publication with some care before sending anything. Their motivation to sell is minimal. Try to avoid sending your precious piece to somewhere where it will only get spiked.Highest Income Consulting Make it clear how the editor may contact you for further information and make sure that you are available where you have said that you will be. Publishers.) If your piece is published build a relationship by sending neutral. Retailers told me that it would sell. Fact: All sales to booksellers are on a sale or return basis. They do ask me – now. Fact: So called “co-operative publishing” deals mean in practice that a publisher makes a profit out of you without selling a single book. today it is common for publishers to pass to the author 10% of what they receive for the book.500 non-fiction books published each month in English. Fact: Whereas the royalty on a book was 10% of the cover price. I am lucky. Every one of these is your competitor for shelf space and the book buyer’s limited budget. Fact: Research shows that the average book buyer reads to page 29 before putting the book to one side with the intention of reading it another day. Fact: American bookshops return to the publisher on average 42% of the books ordered and the author gets no royalty on these. Do not. Getting Published – Tom Lambert (www. The result. © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. but there was a time when nobody in publishing knew my name. News is the province of news editors. Mail any piece to the appropriate editor by name. Let me try to help you as Ron helped me. High Income Consulting sold out its first printing in a little over a month and is still a global best seller after ten years. The editor is the sole judge of what the readers want to read and will not welcome any pressure from an outsider. Ron dictated a letter in my presence – to me – stating that his database of 40. But what if you are in the position that I was in ten years ago? I was lucky. Leave adequate margins for the editor to edit your piece.000 names would be interested in buying the book I was proposing. If they asked me When it comes to writing a book I am frequently reminded of the Frank Sinatra song that began “If they asked me.org Page 29 . Fact: Americans buy many more books than English buyers. Editors have deadlines. advised of the book by their retailers beat a path to my door. for example the “features” department. I could write a book”.

Fact: All the above being true – authorship of a best selling book adds more to your credibility and perceived value than any other form of marketing. (Studios in Jockey Fields – London if I remember rightly. If either belief turns out to be false you are very lucky!) Marketing 1. are a better bet than “corporate CEOs”. Your qualifications to write such a book. Write a single page (don’t take this too literally if it takes two you of course need two) synopsis and send it to buyers at the major retail book outlets asking. consultants and students of business”. Be careful not to tell retailers that you intend to give the book to your clients. 3. It is credibility that counts. Your thoughts on how you will market the book through seminars or client work perhaps. Consider doing your own PR campaign. (The contract may commit you to supplying the publisher with one short article for them to place. offering yourself to television chat shows and write short articles for newspapers identifying you as the author of this new and important work if you enjoy doing that kind of thing. Get to know the publisher’s marketing people as soon as possible once you have a contract. How your proposed book is different and why it is better. 3. If you know any titled people or captains of industry or other (successful) authors. so much the better. 6. (Synopsis and dummy contents page) 2.) 4. include Accountancy. 2. (They’ll send out pre-publication copies by the busload with a request that people say something wonderful. Who will buy it – the more the merrier so “supervisors and managers. newspaper or journal here or abroad that ought to receive a review copy. Before taking on the considerable labour of writing a book try a little market testing. If you need to include separately a short biographical sketch that shows that you are the Great Poohbah where this subject is concerned and that you command a considerable following. They will not want to read anything that reduces their market. 5. “talk to this guy”. but only if you provide all the names and addresses.Highest Income Consulting Fact: If you do a book signing for a retailer. Send a list of every “big name” that you know personally who might say something nice about you and your book if given the chance to read it before publication.) © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. (On the other hand make the giveaways clear later to any publisher – from their prospective they want to sell out of the first printing in double quick time to recoup their investment and a sale to you is as good to them as a sale to anyone – better in fact they will only give you 35% margin.tom-lambert. Accountancy Age and particularly that specialist video channel run by Channel 4 to which so many subscribe. List every magazine. What the book is about including a chapter listing with a short description of the contents of each. Is there a market for this book? 1. What similar titles are in the market at the time. Waterstones demand 50% and book clubs are worse – 80%% or more. Why this book is needed right now and will sell in huge numbers.) 5. 2.org Page 30 . Write and send them a few “blurbs” for the cover. Make sure that your synopsis makes it clear that you know something of the market.) Proposal If a publisher wants a proposal or if you elect to go direct they will generally want some that explains: 1. “will such a book sell?” If they think that it will they will either provide you with a dossier of letters that will enthuse publishers when you send a proposal – or better they will contact their favourite publishers saying. accountants. In your case since you work with say. 7. 4. (Assume for the moment that the editor that you are dealing with has to sell to a committee and can’t do that unless you provide all the ammo and that the marketing people will want to do the minimum so anything that you can do for them will be useful. 3. signed books cannot be returned.

Prentice Hall/Financial Times. (because they can deliver major sales in the USA and have a strong relationship with amazon. writes a short introduction and is perceived as both author and subject expert. books are simply stuffed into carousel displays by © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. If you are prepared to sell your book from a garage full of them you can build your reputation and make money. If you can then sell your book for £20 a copy you have a high profit potential. She sells each contributor 1000 books for back of the room sales at conferences. Be a published author without writing a book You don’t have to write a book to be a published author. (because at the time he had a very small list and had no choice other than to market and sell my first effort).000 books sold in advance publishers constantly beat a path to her door. She then takes the role of “series editor”. On a personal note. A different. these 1000 copies would be your book. Paying a publisher can. He employs a skilled lady to put the “exercises” into publishable form and by the end of a five-day programme there is a book ready for the presses. I have worked with Nicholas Brealey. Amway trained. sells an average of 200 of my books each month for a 35% profit on a sale or return deal with the publisher. Of course you do have to have a website and a great many visitors. but similar approach is that of a skilled trainer. Warsaw or Prague for around £2 per copy. but with a considerable investment requirement. Choosing a publisher is a strategic issue. When the books are published the first printing is in 1000 lots and the cover shows all contributors with the editor’s mug shot in the middle of the circle. academics need publication to raise their profile he conducts seminars on authorship. do not be tempted to write for Kogan Page. but it was his name that sold – and still sells – the books.com for online sales). London SW10 9SB. In order to satisfy the vanity or commercial needs of the contributors each 1000 printing shows one portrait a little bigger than the rest. Knowing that. 84 Drayton Gardens. Once your book is in PDF format online every sale is highly profitable. One regular conference speaker. I would personally have never have published a book if I had to rely on a vanity publisher. You can rise to full membership once you are an established author of “at least one full length publication”. Electronic publishing The Internet provides excellent opportunities to minimise investment and maximise profits. If that were your portrait. (because as a business author being published in a relationship with the FT is important) and McGraw Hill. Thereafter things go roughly as described above. Experience of authors that I know is that marketing is non-existent. One very famous thriller writer actually wrote very little.tom-lambert. your association with a major publisher can be important. In the USA a lady has a considerable reputation as a business author without ever writing a book. (ISBN 0-7136-6281-6 Apply to become an Associate Member of the Society of Authors (the world’s poshest trade union). A specialist developed the plots and his wife carried out the necessary research as well as much of the writing. With 12. however. for example.org Page 31 . Publishing abroad If you can be sure that your book is ready for publication without further editing you can have it printed in Hong Kong. deliver major dividends.Highest Income Consulting “Vanity” publishing Generally if you want your book to work for you. General Buy yourself a copy of the Artists and Writers Yearbook so that you have a reference of all the major publishers and what they look for. She contacts a dozen or so experts in any field that takes her fancy and invites each to write a chapter.

000. He always writes individual letters demonstrating that he fully understands and is uniquely capable of responding to the client’s needs. however. however. business. much worse. their mind has been alerted. Brochures Delay using a brochure until the pressures of time forces you to have one. For as long as possible write an individual letter for each client or prospective client showing how you are uniquely qualified to solve his or her very specific problem. “improving market penetration by 13%”). So the consultant effectively does the tough part of the job and someone else makes money from it. the consultant delivers a detailed recipe from which the client or his newly-retired friend from the golf club can work without any further help from the initiating consultant. At the same time. The borderline between no cost and high cost Let me admit it. Brochures are often unnecessary. demonstrates that you have been listening and have understood. William du Toit. How you choose to get published is therefore a key strategic issue. however. developed and used with the client’s behaviour as well as expectations in mind. Limit each to about 40 – 50 words. possibly the world’s leading consultant in the field of globalisation and national culture has run a busy consultancy from South Africa and Lichtenstein for a number of years without experiencing any need for a brochure. brochures and proposals can lose not win. not you. Say what you have achieved in a range of situations in quantified terms (“within 3 months”. (quantified where possible see above – for well tested psychological reasons it is addition of numbers that makes the written word look factual as well as creating desire for some of what others have had) of using your services. Clients hate to be told that a different situation was “just like theirs”. Write four or five very brief case studies of your achievements. Too much detail will cause the client to see © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. This means that when they come across something similar to their situation they recognise the similarities and wonder whether the answer lies in what they are looking at. but if you put some limited information in front of a client they often will see parallels that you would miss.000 in the first year”.tom-lambert. “saving £2. but essentially similar.Highest Income Consulting “salespeople” and sales are miserably low unless you enjoy the kind of luck that wins the lottery – twice. “would you buy my services if this is all that you had to go on?” When pressure of business forces you write a brochure make it factual not generalised sales bumf. They have a mindset that suggests that their problem or opportunity is unique. “here is a situation just like yours”. I don’t like them.org Page 32 . Again one of the secrets of the stars is to keep things low cost for as long as is possible. Be very clear about this. A letter that focuses on the client problem or opportunity rather than a brochure which tends to be a general statement of competence to serve. The idea is to allow the client to read a solution to a situation that he. believes is similar enough to the problems and opportunities that he faces to make him or her think: “yes. consciously or otherwise to search fro a solution. When it comes to proposals the problems are different. They are expensive. I want some of that!” If the client is to extrapolate from your previous experience to his own needs you must be careful not to write in too much detail that will cause him or her to think. Using a computer and designing your brochure as the top earners do you can even produce a brochure for each assignment if you wish. Like all marketing tools. too easy for the client to bin and are often designed in such a way that they fail entirely to put the sales message across by being too clever by half. they can be very effective when the details are thought through with care. When in doubt he subjects his drafts to the scrutiny of an experienced friend with the question. the special skills and knowledge that you brought to bear and the benefits to your clients. Although I recognise that brochures are a vital part of marketing for many. As a consultant it would be death for you to say. Conclusion If you have the drive and ability to use words you will write a book – nothing will stop you. I will explain how to make a brochure appear to be much more than a general statement below. but that’s different”. The consultant usually tries to tell the client too much and either the client fails to see through the detail to the relevance of the proposal or. Unless designed. “ah.

Clients increasingly see expensive brochures on fancy stock as evidence of excessively high prices. Only when he reissued one of his early newsletters did he get things back on track – numbers are important. rather than “what is he or she trying to say?” People these days tend to be cash rich. You know this is not the case. Get them talking A good brochure makes the potential client want to talk to you. Confident of the success he was enjoying he stopped collecting the data on savings. “My MBA studies provided me with a number of viable strategies without reducing the client problem to an academic exercise or getting in the way of my ability to get things done at the coal face”. Spice your case studies lightly with those details from your CV that you cannot bear the world to remain ignorant of and you're there. In research it is not my role to point out inconsistencies. Do not invent. “that is valuable . Try to ensure that the information is of lasting value. If desirable. and I added a brief model of how to use the information. (preferably using less words!) your qualifications make sense in the real world of work. To do that you need to make them feel that they already have value from what they have read and they want more. Never lose sight of the opinion of the best professional recruitment firms that a CV should say as little as possible that the prospective employee can react adversely to.D. If you write as part of a specific mini case study of carefully quantified success.org Page 33 . They may occasionally waste money. If you speak one or more foreign languages you may say. while saying just enough to make them want to hire you. (I keep any comments to myself. Even Richard Pascale the great business guru and business school professor.please tell me more”.tom-lambert.) There are a number of readability tests including the famous and unfortunately named Fogg Index. He sent out to management a “newsletter” that was nothing more than a list of savings made as a result of attending the course. So they remembered my name. His courses were always oversubscribed. Use your computer and printer to make your brochures inexpensive and easy to write. In my GM days one of my national training managers was conducting regular problem solving courses. using cases relevant to their forecast needs or current issues. but never quite enough to actually do too much with until critical supplementary questions are answered. but they will not thank you for wasting their time. Make the prospective client want to speak to you. I used to print on mine the steps that anyone’s mind goes through when making a decision (described in detail in my book The Power of Influence and in my No Fail Seminars). It is their feelings and beliefs that I want to know about. People kept and constantly referred to the model. but they have to be the right questions. If a nine year old can feed back exactly what you were trying to communicate any businessperson will feel that you are not wasting his or her time by being too smart for your or their own good. The prospective client must want to say. Within three months no one was being sent to his courses. write a separate brochure for each sector or client group that you serve. Some have kept the now tatty pieces of paper through a number of photocopies for 20 years. has asked. Overcome the ease with which brochures are binned (and “filed”) by printing yours on an A4 sheet folded (x3) to go easily into a pocket or handbag and ideally print some useful information to which the client will want to refer. but make your best estimate if you must. but to many practical businesspeople higher degrees hint broadly at too academic an approach.Highest Income Consulting major differences between what you describe and his or her own situation. “my knowledge of Xhosa enabled me to understand the subtleties behind the president’s thinking”. Use nine year olds to test for readability if you can. A brochure must have the same effect. That means it must raise as many questions as it answers. In research I have had major corporate buyers state that they prefer not to be financing consultants expensive promotional material whilst their own company spends a fortune on every piece of paper from the brochure to the Annual Report. So quantify benefits even where it is difficult to do so. Keep every word in your brochure succinct and to the point. but if you want others to share your view you need to emphasise the practicality of “book learning”. but remember that the average businessperson in a hurry responds best and most rapidly to writing that is readily understandable to a nine year old child. but time poor. Provide some useful information to think about. You may be rightly proud of your MBA or Ph. “when facing the abyss who wants his hands held by two newly minted MBA’s?” Many people perceive academic qualifications as if they forced people into trying to view real life through the pages of an ancient case study. © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www.

I add my Terms and Conditions to a Summary of Costs (I don’t like calling “costs” “investment” it fools nobody). always handle your brochure with exaggerated respect. but make it an informed choice. My approach to proposals is simple. It may be a recipe that loses you opportunities to less able competitors. full of photographs and printed on the most expensive stock. Since you will be writing many proposals make it easy for yourself by working consistently to a format. and I have a complete proposal. For every box on the flow chart I write a benefit summary that makes it absolutely clear that the client gets a return on anything and everything that I do. even when the client does not ask for one. From my knowledge of the client I now may choose to “pretty-up” the document. flow charting or scattering cards about does this for you. Instead show your client with some care those parts that are of immediate interest to him or her and indicate that there are other pearls to be found by the careful reader. Who will this kind of brochure impress? Why precisely is it important to impress them in this way? What is my evidence that they are more likely to assign consultants who offer fancy brochures than those who write letters or use simple brochures? How specifically does my brochure relate to their problems or opportunities? What evidence do I have that clients read and retain brochures? What in my brochure specifically hits the clients’ “hot button”? Am I trying to cover up limited marketing effort and inadequate sales skills with a touch of glitz? What does it say about me that could not have been said more cheaply and more effectively? How can I use my brochure to bring in business? Have I a sufficient budget to look good when my brochure is compared with those distributed by the best of my competitors? Is there a better use that I could be making of my money right now? Fancy or plain.tom-lambert. A simple Gantt Chart or time line shows when things will be done and the time that it will take to do them. A proposal may be an important marketing device. Always write yourself a proposal. First I write a flow chart of the activities that will take my client from where they are to where they want to be. In this way having a brochure can be made to work for you. If mind mapping. This predisposes the reader’s mind to interpret what he or she sees as being of great value to them. “I’ll just leave you one of these”. go for what works for you. if you have been employed in an organisation where proposals are designed to primarily to satisfy a senior partner's view of what is "proper" you may need to rethink your proposal writing skills or lose business. In short I have a simple template that I am able to tailor quickly from what I already have on my computer. If the client knows little of me I might add a short biographical sketch slanted toward his or her need. House © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. Activities. that. Now as I sit at my computer I am tempted to return to cards with a specific activity scribbled on each as the start point of understanding step by step how I get the client from where they are to where they want to be. Never say anything like. time and cost Before I had the fancy computer programmes that make flow charting easy I used to use simple 5 x 3 cards. It may be a tool that enables you to deliver top-quality service. It is your route map for giving superior service. Proposals are intended to sell your services.Highest Income Consulting Penny plain? If you prefer to make your brochure highly colourful.org Page 34 . The alternative is to spend a small or considerable fortune on something that the client may see as an impressive irrelevance that is allowed to clutter a desk for a day or two before being filed in the waste paper basket. benefits. Ensure that when you take it from your briefcase and hand it to the client that they realise that they are getting something worth having. of course. If the client is strong on values I may add a copy of my Mission Statement. A good proposal is your tool at least as much as it is for the client’s benefit. It is essential to accurate costing and it helps you to clarify the job in your mind. is your choice. Proposals Do not under-estimate the importance of proposals or the dangers that go with badly developed or badly written screeds. If the client likes to be “busy-busy” I add an Executive Summary.

by adding an Executive Summary. The rest is padding. This is essential when the client is under extreme pressure to perform now and win benefits within a tight timeframe. All things are never equal. yet brief way what they need to know that will make them want to “consume” every word of the complete document. You must tell the prospective client: What is to be done – but NOT how to do it. I believe that. however. It may. At the end of important assignments for major corporates in the USA in particular I had a third party. I know that some salespeople believe that it is important to write or talk about “investment” rather than costs. Even if your client regards you so highly that he or she will never need to see a proposal it needs to communicate clearly so that as you discuss progress of the assignment at any time you can identify clearly for your client where you have got to. – A concise relevant Benefit Summary with the benefits linked logically so that you can prove that because the first is true all the others are guaranteed. concise and compelling. Given that political situations abound in organisations make your summary so clear and inspirational that the person who hired you is proud to pass it upwards. however. When it will be done – but NOT how to do it. If you are an engineer. why you are there. strictly according to the needs and expectations of the client: Unique skills. You may wish to add a few testimonials. and often should include a summary of RESEARCH that you have carried out concerning the client’s industry – but avoid giving away too much of what you should be selling. Some are more interested in the values that drive you than in what you will do and want to see a value or mission statement. or otherwise. meet with the board to ensure that they understood and were delighted with the outcomes. knowledge or experience that you will apply. Whatever they want.Highest Income Consulting styles can be the death of effective communication. like so many excellent ideas the use of the word investment has become so excessive that the client thinks “cost” and wonders why you lack the honesty to say the word. It also has the advantage that a timeline or Gantt chart will never provide a competitor with a recipe. Others are so busy that they give themselves extra work by demanding the addition of an executive summary. Your terms and conditions of doing business. A proposal may also state or include. but it may offer a level of challenge that will send him or her scuttling back to the golf club. When you write an Executive Summary. Why it is to be done – but NOT how to do it. for every box on your flow chart (action) will sell every single activity without giving the “how” away. Some want confirmation that you have understood their situation and seek a summary of what they may have told you.tom-lambert. The man who did this for us was one welcome in any boardroom in the USA. believe that the customer really is right and give it to them. particularly a large company. consultants are brought in at an operational level and the top team are hardly aware of their existence. When I have run consultancies I have been at pains to do all that I can to arouse interest at the highest level. be very sure that you are telling the prospective client in an inspirational. – An activity flow chart is clear. Where your principle client is not the principal client an executive summary may be all that the top person will get to read. adjunct professor at a leading business school and a retired general with a reputation for courage that was well known throughout the © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. and clients look for and expect different things in a proposal. Add anything fancy that you fancy All things being equal the above are all that you and your client would need. what steps remain and how long it is going to take to get to the end of the journey. How much it is going to cost.org Page 35 . but sometimes it is essential padding. The values and ethics that drive your business. but it never gives the “how” away. Repeat business Often in a business. He was President of a good size bank. educator or scientist think carefully about writing proposals that sell rather than simply inform the already initiated. – A Gantt chart or Time Line fulfils the vital role of telling the client when the benefits will be experienced. an honest broker. So you may wish to save your prospect time.

proposals presented by eager consultants being photocopied and have even been told by a PA that they were to be passed to a friend at the golf club to see if he could do the business. but it is not your job to provide them with the means to do the job that you have planned so carefully. (He was also a fan of my books. not even asking for expenses. So if you write an executive summary make sure that it is good enough to have a real practical use and is not just one more page added to make the proposal feel a little heavier. “I’m sure that we all agree that Tom has hit the nail firmly on the head. Then. Nothing less would have been ethical. newly retired. Most businesspeople have friends. but not too much. Danger signs Be careful to write proposals not recipes. Recycling When by mischance a good proposal fails to get you the business recycle it. but it was contingent on the board having a clear indication in advance of what we were there for and using a respected third party to genuinely ensure that they were delighted with the outcome... The way that you use it should show you to be a master.tom-lambert. Talk. but with international activities it isn’t always practical. His next question would be what used to be called an assumptive close. Usually the board would express absolute satisfaction with what had been achieved. A consultant needs to be a master rather than a mere expert. The enclosed briefly covers some of my conclusions and recommendations. and it always seemed like the most casual question in the world. I was taken along only to respond to any complaints or doubts. I try to make it a rule to always present proposals verbally. © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www.) He would meet with the board and carefully debrief them on the intervention. Of course it is nice to appear to be an expert if that is what the client wants above all else. Do not include the contract or letter of agreement in your proposal. Add any up to date data that you can find about the industry and send what was once your proposal. I had and I talked myself right out of an assignment that was mine had I only had sense enough to keep my mouth shut and enjoy a 3000 mile flight for its own sake." I won a major contract from an international brewery because the CEO assumed that I was an expert on his industry. He asked a group of people who had just expressed themselves as being delighted with our work.. Nothing less would have worked. I have seen.. I would welcome an opportunity to discuss them.. Take out of it all references to the “would have been” client. Check the room and equipment as a matter of course and find out all that you can about your audience so that you can talk individually to the needs or wants of each person present. Recipes can be too easily handed to another cook. Clients dislike anything that indicates that you are taking them for granted. my third party assessor would ask what was the client company’s next priority. Have you anything to add Tom?” Like the fool that I am at times. Do not attempt to sell what is already sold. Almost the nicest thing about the situation was that our third party so much enjoyed the task and was so aware of the need to serve the client that he worked unpaid. at client consultant “beauty parades” while waiting to strut my own stuff.. The CEO introduced me to the board of the major corporation with the words. I almost was an expert on the basis of what I had learned from his competitor that had rejected my proposal. He would make it clear that he was there only to ensure their total satisfaction. I once flew to New York following a proposal that I had mailed to save costs. and grow rich If you are invited to present your proposal verbally prepare as carefully as you would for any important speech.. “how will you use Tom’s team in this one?” This approach brought in the bigger and better repeat work. With me still little more than an observer the conversation would become light-hearted and general. A proposal should demonstrate that you are an expert.Highest Income Consulting nation. There is nothing wrong with that.org Page 36 . who call themselves consultants and who use the old network to get a little business. but is now a “report” to the CEO's of the other major players in the industry with a letter that reads something like: " I have recently conducted research into some of the major issues that your industry is currently facing.

fallacies and foul-ups As an author of some ten globally successful business books I think that I understand the triumph of hype over utility better than some. One charged some £17. From more than twenty years of dedicated research we know that many excellent people are merely getting by where their skills. Every year a number of “business bodice rippers” are published and succeed beyond the authors’ most extreme dreams of avarice. in the cases that I have been able to research. Unlike the Round Table most do not “adapt and adopt”.org Page 37 . They are not the only losers. work time to mature before they charge in to pile change on change. “well they would say that – wouldn’t they”. Make sure that you demonstrate what you have to offer rather than appear to boast about it. But there are. just might. Always deliver more than you promise because delivery is the final key to marketing superiority. (At my age forcing myself to think works better than selenium. “Promotional puff” simply leads the reader to think. This has created a great market opportunity for purveyors of third to fifth rate management and sales training. but your enthusiasm and energy will remain high and the exercise is good for keeping the brain active. Be careful to select and apply those that your talents and sense of fun will enable you to exploit to the maximum. anxious to use his or her knowledge and experience and painfully aware of the difficulties of making it on their own have little opportunity to taste and try before they buy. Through its strategic allies the Centre for Consulting Excellence is helping to turn that proven research into reliable tools and techniques and get those tools into the hands of those best able to use them whether those people are consultants or clients. stands an excellent chance of being the world’s leading brand of irrelevant and impertinent so-called “development” – and it doesn’t end there. tools and techniques.) For the sake of economy and effectiveness always seek to use low cost/no cost marketing methods rather than paid promotion. but the redundant executive. The only winners are the authors that have for the most part cunningly hidden one good idea in 300 pages of dense prose and those consultants that find a short-lived bandwagon a true transport of delight. As a result many sign up for what. No corporate and few SME’s will buy in to outdated ideas badly delivered. Us the ideas of the stars like a menu rather than a checklist. Putting the Right People In and the Wrong People Out We have a dream When we developed our plan for the international Centre for Consulting Excellence we were driven by a vision of making the best use of the best people in the interest of clients worldwide. beneficiaries of an unhappy situation. Management. Some years ago I was assigned to investigate some of the many companies that offered to make me a successful consultant for a considerable slice – or in one case all – of my redundancy money. are the world’s leading change junkies. knowledge and experience should enable them to get rich. Meanwhile at the sharp end of academia far away from the ivory towers where the dross of past failures is being dusted off and given a new name before being thrust upon the world in a new guise real research of value is being painstakingly completed prior to testing in the real world.500 for which he offered three days of training based on insurance sales techniques. particularly British management. They rush in to introduce change in the form of half-digested concepts and they are too impatient to give those few that might. a “territory” in the form of approximately 3000 © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. Stand and deliver – or in most cases don’t With the growth of ageism and a tendency to downsize or globalise with an enthusiasm that Gadarene pigs might envy companies and corporations on both sides of the Atlantic are casting aside experience for no better reason than that it has become fashionable to see the fiftieth or even the fortieth birthday as a sort of “dispose by” date.tom-lambert. Use low cost/no cost marketing techniques that built your status and credibility. They adopt on average some fourteen and a half “new” ideas a year.Highest Income Consulting Summary Demand of yourself that each day you will think of three new ideas to promote your practice. All those that buy consulting services are the poorer where they cannot access the best people using the best research. Fads. of course. Never let your clients and prospective clients forget that you are a professional. They may not all be viable.

” he said. Do they have strategic allies that are specialists in turning the best of global research into established tools? 6. researchers and academics that will enable me to have “bleeding edge” research and proven information that will keep me ahead of the pack? 2. Do they have the individual “big names” of consultancy and business that will give me status and credibility through association? 13.Highest Income Consulting business names and addresses culled from readily accessible business sources. Have they convinced me that they can support my activities with effective corporate marketing? 11. Do they have a membership organisation including corporate executives that may assign me work? 17. When it became clear to him that I was a fish that was not going to bite he became avuncular. Do they have a proven process for winning repeat and referral business? 10. You may have the opportunity as I have had to interview a considerable number that have parted with cash only to discover that the training given is useless and the assignment opportunities are non-existent. Believe me when I assure you that more recent research suggests that his like still lurk behind the airy promises that can be read in too many small advertisements. His answer had at least the advantage of honesty.org Page 38 . This is excellent advice.500. Administration consisted of the provision of stationery and invoicing for any work that his unfortunate investors were lucky enough to find. Use them with determination and do not part with any money until the advertisers have delivered answers that satisfy you. “Big names” dominate the consultancy sector if they don’t have a big name what do I get through associating with them? 14. Pangloss an unshakeable faith that all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds. Do they enable me to take established psychometrics that are valid and reliable and which will identify and enable me to exploit my key strengths? © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www. “What is your evidence for that?” The killer questions 1.tom-lambert. what do they have that you lack? 3. Can they deliver to me and continue to update top quality consulting tools and techniques? 5. In a world where litigation against consultants has recently increased by 40% how will they help me to protect myself? 16. How do you know that the Jonah has lifted his rump and really attempted to use what was taught? How do you know that the Panglossian attitude is not driven by a need to recoup some of a wasted investment by earning commissions through introducing other lambs to be fleeced? It is with the aim of helping to provide a tool that if pursued with determination will tell you all that you need to know that we at the Centre developed the following questions. Do they have an advisory panel of recognised business and academic leaders that can support me in the field and help me to win additional business? 12. retaining £30 in every hundred for providing the service. Can they provide me with an internationally recognised accreditation? 7. How much is what they have really worth in terms of giving you an edge in a highly competitive business? 4. Do they appear big enough to enable me to charge the level of fee that my skills. magazines and the like invest in their own otherwise saleable advertising space to advise would be buyers to exercise care to check out advertisers before parting with cash. He passed on 70% of what he collected. I asked him how he justified what he called “an investment” of £17. experience and knowledge deserve? 15. Are they developing a programme that could give me advanced qualifications that are specific to the consulting profession? 8. two days of telemarketing support and “administration”. Or you may find a few “happy campers” that share with the immortal Dr. but it is far from easy to accomplish with any certainty that the information that you find is reliable. Even then add one little question that Professor Don Thain proved was the most trustworthy anti-BS device that I have ever encountered. Are they able to share with me more than 20 years of research into how the top earners market themselves at no cost and ensure a stream of clients beating a path to their door? 9. journals. If they don’t. Do they have worldwide contacts with leading business people. It takes a great deal of diligence Newspapers. “Is how much the buggers have got”. “That.

Our values are: Values Consistently making the best use of the best people Making consultancy and training true professions Only proven. Do they offer training that is focused on building and sustaining a high-income practice rather than run-of-the-mill general management training? 20. Can they provide me with the tools that help to make consulting less of an intangible “product”? 25. Do they research and report on the changing needs of clients and give me the information that I require to successfully exploit new market opportunities? 22. reliable and economic results © Tom Lambert 2002 – 2003 http://www.centreforconsultingexcellence. Do they offer the established consultant continuous professional development opportunities? 21. tools and techniques Global in scope and application Life long learning – just in time Fast.Highest Income Consulting 18. Can they teach me the secrets of client psychology to help me to sell my capabilities without ever acting or appearing to act as a salesperson? 24. Have they provided me with information.org Page 39 .com/ I have been told that the easy way to understand any organisation begins by considering the degree to which it promotes its values and the resonance that those values have with its actions. With this week’s report that shows that we are still not paying women equally after almost 30 years of legislation I for one am not prepared to hold my breath.tom-lambert. Many hope and some even expect that the anti-ageism legislation that this country is committed to bring in by 2006 will automatically keep the mature executive gainfully employed and will put an end to the exploitation of the redundant by the totally useless. Do they have a sales team in the field or do they expect me to do all my own selling? 19. research-based processes. Do they enable me to work with a network of superior professionals that will enable me to deliver the “holistic” solutions that clients are increasingly demanding? 23. including a convincing and professional business plan that enables me to answer every single question above with a resounding “yes”? The Centre for Consulting Excellence I make no bones about the fact that a small but vital part of my motivation in helping to build the centre springs from my desire to help to ensure that the more mature among us gets a better deal as well as clients. Top business brains and academics are already working with us and I hope that readers will join the fight – after a spot of due diligence that may start with a critical look at our website http://www. With this in the forefront of my mind I want to see the charlatans of our industry fold up their businesses and creep away.

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