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Extraterrestrials (ETs)

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Ezekiel's Encounter with Extraterrestrials....

Since it has been established that the Bible, is indeed a historical record of the ancient peoples, and that the historical peoples, places and events did happen. We need to consider that the observations by the prophets were also historically accurate. Ezekiel, describing his encounter with an Extraterrestrial Race and UFO, (Whether or not, they are not the Anunnaki.....they do describe a race of Aliens from the Stars).

The Vision of Ezekiel From The "Bear" Bible This plate, which is from the first Protestant Bible published in Spanish, shows the Mercavah, or chariot of Jehovah, which appeared to Ezekiel by the river Chebar. According to the mystics, the wheels supporting the throne of God represent the orbits of the planets, and the entire solar system is properly the Mercavah, or chariot of God. One of the divisions of the Kabbalah that dealing with the arts and sciences of those planes which are under the heavens is called the Mercavah.

"As I was among the captives, by the river of Chebar, that is when the heavens opened up, and I looked and beheld a whirlwind, that came out of the North. A great cloud, and a fire enfolding itself, and a brightness was about it". "Out of the midst, was the color of Amber, out of the midst of fire. Also, out of the midst thereof, came the likeness of four living creatures!
"And this was their appearance; They had the likeness of a man. And every one had four faces, and four wings. And their feet were straight feet, and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf's foot". "And they four....had one "likeness", and their appearance and their work, was as it were a wheel, in the middle of a wheel. (Describing a Space Ship)."

The Greys
Everybody has a theory about visitors from other worlds or realms most of which cannot be substantiated but keeps us wondering about our future and their return to help humanity evolve or to destroy the human race. They are all part of the grid realities in which we consciously experience n 3D the physical realms so anything goes and no one is necessarily right or wrong. We create belief systems based on personal experience. Just as ancient civilizations had gods from above creating myths about them we also create aliens races viewing them as having higher powers of creation. The most written about alien life form seems to be the big eyes Greys particularly those from Zeta Reticuli which many people believe exist. The Greys are said to be the Watchers of the program for the consciousness computer-source that creates our reality. It is why they are clones.

Reports from individuals who have been in contact with the Greys vary on their intentions: some say they are kind beings here to guide us through our evolution, while others believe they are cruel invaders intent on ruling the planet.
One thing is certain; most people who have come in contact with Greys believe that they are actively abducting people on a regular basis. The Greys are reported to be abducting individuals and extracting eggs or semen to create a grey-human hybrid. The Greys are the extra-terrestrial species that are alleged to have crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. Also, it is widely rumored among researchers that the Grey species entered an agreement with the U.S. government to provide us "hardware" in the form of advanced technology for "software".

Description Extra-terrestrial Species: Aliases: Height: Weight: Eyes: Hair: Skin: Sex: Communication: Location of Origin Zeti Reticula Star System in the Orion Constellation Distinguishing Characteristics Slit for mouth Nose and ears are indentation Webbed hands with four fingers Thin body Large head in proportion to body Grey The Visitors 3.5 - 6 feet 65 - 90 pounds (estimated) Large, oval-shaped, black None Rough-textured No visual reproductive organs Cloning suspected form of reproduction Telepathic

Greys The Reticulians

Sub-Types of Greys
There are 3 types of Greys: Type A: This is the type most commonly referred to as the Greys. Also known as Zeta Reticuli from the Zeta Reticulan star system (the Bernard star) neighboring the Orion area. They function in a mode that is apparently military in nature with a rigidly defined social structure that holds science and "conquering worlds" to be the prime movers. They are normally about 4.5 ft tall with large heads and black "wrap around" eyes. They have limited facial features, slit mouth and no nose to speak of. They have evolved beyond the need for reproductive systems or digestive systems and reproduce by cloning. Their genetics are partly based on insecticidal genetics. Their science deals largely with the study of other life forms and genetic engineering. They have allegedly had a part to play in the alteration of human genetics over thousands of years. It seems that they may be trying to cross breed with humans in order to create a "mixture race" that would be better than either. (I've read that they are a dying species, that have cloned so much that now, with each successive cloning, the species grows weaker. They are trying to infuse new life into their species by creating the mixed breed.)

There seem to be two main social classes. One is the more hawkish and is more abrupt, crude and blunt. The more dove-like ones are more refined and capable of a more business-like behavior towards humans, and prefer to use more "diplomatic" behavior to gain control over human's. This type of Grey is what I believe is being referred to as the "Orange" class of Greys. They seem to be emotionless (by human standards) and therefore are seen as cruel in their treatment of human beings. They are able to take human lives without any regard for that individual. They allegedly can use certain substances of the human body for their sustenance and therefore appear to be carnivorous in regards to humans. These Greys are described as servants to a master race of reptilian-type aliens and are trying to prepare the earth for their arrival by gaining control over the Earth through many means. They tend to enjoy the feeling of freedom they have on Earth, away from their masters and would desire the help of humans in confrontations with the reptilians - which appears to be a consideration for the near future. These Greys have their best known bases in New Mexico and Nevada but are also known to have bases in many countries of the world.

Type B: Tall Greys from Orion. Usually about 7 to 8 ft. tall (reports often exaggerate their height as being 9 to 12 ft.) with facial feature somewhat similar to grey type A with the exception of the large nose found on type B Greys. These Greys allegedly have technologies that allow them to perform certain actions that appear "miraculous." These Greys are less viscous towards humans than type A Greys (but are still considered "hostile".) They tend to influence more through political controls and negotiated agreements with those in power. Their main bases seem to be in the Aleutian Islands. Type C: These are the shortest of the Greys and tend to be about 3.5 ft. tall. Their facial features are very similar to the Zeta Reticuli Greys and are of the same "root race.". They are just as hostile to humans as the Zetas. They are from a star system near the shoulder of Orion called Bellatrax.


The Reptilians
Description: Tall 6 to 8 foot bipedal creatures with scaly, green, reptilian like skin. The large eyes are yellow or gold with a vertical pupil (like a cat's). It is interesting to note that this entity is similar to what the dinosaurs may have evolved into had they still been around. They are sometimes linked to myths about Sumer the Dogons Nibiru among other ancient astronauts who came to Earth to seed the planet and promise to returns. These are allegedly highly advanced entities but viewed as being of a negative, hostile or dangerous disposition since they regard humans as a totally inferior race. They would perceive us much the way we would perceive a herd of cattle.


There are allegedly aliens that can take on human form. They are said to come from the Pleiades, Orion, Lyra, Vega, Cassiopeia (also the home of an Praying Mantis Race, Arcturus, Andromeda. Celestial Entities. The Praying Mantis aliens allegedly have long, narrow faces with long, narrow large eyes slanted upward and outward in an almost V position. They have thin, long torso; long, thin arms which are usually crooked; a sharp bend at mid joint with the hand and fingers growing almost erratically onward from the wrist; and legs bent at an almost right angles, creating a crouched pose .both males and females have been reported. Many people feel that some of the entities fall under the heading of cryptozoology aliens or hybrids (alien and human crossbreeding).


The Nordics
The Nordics are a race of Alien visitors that look very similar to the average human except a little taller and heavier. They are reported, by people who have seen them, to very muscular and in excellent physical shape. They derive their name from the fact that they resemble the Scandinavians. Individuals who have allegedly come in contact with the Nordics say that they are here to observe our culture and not interfere in our evolution. Some individuals have suggested that because of the Nordic's similar physical appearance to humans that they could possibly be our long lost relatives who have since moved on to another planet. Other individuals suggest that the Nordics are in conflict with they Greys because they object to the Greys interfering with human evolution. Other than these few theories, not a lot is known about the Nordics.


Extra-terrestrial Species:
Aliases: Height: Weight: Eyes: Hair:

Nordics Swedes 5 - 6.5 feet 120 - 240 pounds (estimated) Human Blonde

Sex: Communication: Location of Origin Pleides Distinguishing Characteristics

Pale white
Male and Female Telepathic

Share common physical features with human beings (especially Scandinavians) Are taller than the average human

Have more of a muscular build than the average human


Extraterrestrials and UFO'S

Some researchers report an increase in UFO sights and related encounters, while others report a decrease. The majority of incidents happen at night. They are reported by one or more witnesses, and generally do not involve physical contact. Nondescript photos are often offered as proof of a sighting. Contact information from aliens is generally channeled and speaks about the nature of humanity and its evolution. Description of ships are the same as those recorded throughout history, in recent years centering on triangular formations. Without physical contact and information shared, our connection remains an enigma.


There are those who believe humanity was seeded by a non-human source who will return one day to help us evolve beyond this reality. This is based on alleged alien contact, religious dogma, ancient prophecies, symbols and archetypes, our inner guidance, meditation, dreams, among other internal and external influences. All are metaphors in the hologram of our reality. At the end of time, all reverts back in the evolution of consciousness through the spiraling patterns of Sacred Geometry and twin DNA in the Alchemy of Time. Reality is a consciousness experiment in linear time and emotion that is about to evolve.


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