John Allison Statement As a former CEO of a bank that worked very closely with small businesses, I still have contact with many job creators and the message I hear from them is very clear: they are decidedly pessimistic. In fact, many of these business leaders are more pessimistic than their business would suggest because many are aware of the long-term implications of current policy. The taxing, spending and over-regulating that is going on in Washington is not only making it more difficult for small business owners in 2013, which this survey bears out, but is weakening the current economic recovery, which only delays a return to full employment and a growing economy. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this survey is that it’s not surprising. The small business owners and entrepreneurs that JCA represents have been consistent and vocal over the past year about shortcomings of the status quo. We have advocated for fiscal discipline, regulatory and tax reform and the need to empower the free market if we are going to see more jobs created. This survey underscores our message: the status quo is simply unsustainable. While this fiscal cliff may be behind us, there are many more challenges right around the corner. Politicians in Washington now have the opportunity to pursue progrowth policies that will unshackle the free enterprise system. What working families, small businesses and job creators need from their elected leaders is comprehensive reform of our nation's burdensome tax code and excessive regulatory regime. JCA knows what it takes to create jobs, because our members have done it and we stand ready to work with politicians on both sides of the aisle who are truly willing to put aside partisan posturing and come together to restore America's economy.

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