Acknowledgements.This s tory was inspired by “According to you – Orianthi” and “Waiting for yesterday – David Archuleta”.

I want to specially thank my cousin Jace for giving me an insight into a guy’s mind without him knowing.I have never written a short story before, this is my first attempt so be nice!Hope you like this =)Written by Skyler S Jayne. I quickly got off the bus and ran into the gourmet restaurant. George was waiting forme. I entered the restaurant and searched for him. I spotted George and let out a hugesigh of relief. At least he didn’t ditch me! George had deep black eyes and dirty blondehair. He ’s extremely good-looking. “Hey , ” I said an d kissed his cheek. “ Scarlett Webber, y ou’re late,” he said, “again.” “I know, I’m so sorry , ” I apologized. “As long as you never repeat the mistake again , ” he sighed and looked at his menu. George was the kind of guy who was spoiled by his parents even though they were poor.It was so weird that he was single because of he was so good looking. But he had hugedemands from me. On our first date he asked me to straighten my hair because he didn’t like my wavy hair!

“You should go to the lady’s room and fre shen up, ” he told me. “I’m good , ” I said. He gave me a commanding/disgusted look. I sighed and walked towards the washroom. I stared at myself in the mirror. I’m here on a date with George Maine , the 19-year-oldhottie and I looked so boring. I didn’t actually prepare myself. I didn’t feel the need to. Iran my fingers through my brunette hair and splashed water onto my pale face. Yeah, I probably had the most common body. I was 5’4”. I’ve never had a boyfriend. George is my first. I’m happy with him ….. I guess. I walked back to my table. “So what are we eating?” I asked him. “I ordered a Chicken salad for you and a grilled meal for me , ” he said.

“So that for starters and what for dinner?” I asked. “That is your dinner,” he said as if he was stating the obvious. “Oh , ” I said and drank my coke. “I’m low on cash , ” he said. “Ok

ay, ” I said nonchalantly. “They give the food really fast so that’s good , ” he smiled. Didn’t guys always want the dinner to be late so that they can get to know the girl more? “Great , ” I said slowly. “So how’s Rachel?” he asked. “She’s good , ” I said. “Tell her thanks for setting us up , ” he said. “Sure , ” I sighed and drank my coke. I was bored. Were dates supposed to be thisboring? “So what other plans do you have tonight?” I asked in an attempt to get theconversation going. “Not much. I’m gonna sleep at 9pm because I have to go somewhere tomorrow , ” he said. I looked at my watch. “It’s 8pm now , ” I said.

“Yeah , so we need to finish this in 20 minutes, ” he said urgently. “Fin e with me, ” I said actually relieved. We ate and he dropped me till the bus stop so that I could go home. We kissedamazingly and then I entered the bus. I opened the house door with my key. I live with my brother Samuel. He had his ownhouse because he was 25. Since there is no-one looking after me, Sam decided to takeme in. Dad’s a high class lawyer who has no time for me or Sam. Mom re-married and I don’t like the guy. He keeps mom away from Sam and I.I took a shower and went to the living room where Sam usually was, playing some gameon his Xbox.I entered the room and noticed that he was playing it with someone else. “Sam?” I said. “Here , ” he yelled over the noise. I went and stood near the sofa and saw David. “Oh my G osh, David, you’re here!” I said and hugged him. “Hey , Scarr, ” he said used his special nickname for me and hugged back. His hug wasnice and warm. It felt good. “You just got back?” I asked. “Yeah ,

” he said while playing the game. “Awesome!” I said. “Would you’ll talk later? I’m trying to win here!” Sam said. “You’re just scared that she may distract you and I’ll win … again , ” David smirked. I sat on the couch. David Furtado was Sam’s best friend. He was 24. I also had a tinything for him. I guess I would have to get over him because I was seeing George.The game got over I guess because Da vid said “Victory is mine” in his British accent. “How was California?” I asked. David had just returned from California. He had gone there for a month to look for a job. “It was good. I met a couple of my friends. No luck with the job though , ” he said. “Maybe you could try again , ” I said with hope for him. “Planning to get rid of me?” he smirked. “No, that’s not what I meant ! ” I said trying to justify myself. “I’ll miss this place way too much, ” he smiled. “Aww, I’m getting something to eat

, ” I said and got up. “You didn’t eat on your date?” Sam asked. “He had to go somewhere so we didn’t eat much , ” I said. “I’ll come with , ” David said. “No , you won’t , ” Sam said almost protectively. “ Dude, w hat? I’ll make me a sandwich , ” David said almost confused and gave Sam a look while Sam sent him a tiny glare. Weird. “She can make you one , ” Sam said. “I’ll make you one , ” I said still confused. David got up and said , “Let’s go.” “Ok ay, ” I said and we walked to the kitchen.

“What happened to Sam?” I asked. “Forget it , ” David said. I removed the ingredients for a sandwich from the shelves. “So how was California?” I asked.

“It was good , ” he asked, “you’re dating?” “I know! Some guy actually went out with me!” I said in mock-disbelief. “What? Tonnes of people would go out with you, ” David said I rolled my eyes. “Tell me about your boyfriend , ” He asked. “Well his name is George Maine. He’s 19 too. We’ve been going out for two weeks. Ye ah that’s it basically, ” I said. It was difficult describing our relationship. “Anything else? He must have that great something. You’ve been going out with him fortwo weeks!” he said. “Umm

, ” I hesitated, “Well, he’s hot and a great kisser.” “That’s it? Great kisser?” he asked somewhat angry. Angry with the choice I made? “Well yeah. What else is needed?” I asked even though I know just a great kisser isn’t good enough. “You need more!” he said, “How did you’ll meet anyway?” “Well, umm, Rachel set me up with him because she didn’t want me to feel lonelybecause she was dating and I wasn’t , ” I said in one breath. “So you’re going out with him because he’s a great kisser? That’s very shallow , ” he said in a fake disapproving tone.I poked him with my elbow.He picked up the knife from the counter and said, “Don’t poke me, I have a knife!”“You just lifted it!” I exclaimed. “Hey, don’t underestimate the power of the knife. I can kill you!” “My brother would kill you then!” “Err, I’ll kill him first! I picked up the kn ife before he did.” I laughed. This was just like old times . “My dad’s a lawyer. He can sue your ass!” I said.

“I’ll just destroy the evidence and change my look , ” he said then ran his fingers through

h is hair, “I could get a Mohawk.” I bursted out laughing at the thought of him having a Mohawk. “You’re hair is fine the way it is! It ’s the perfect shade of brown to complement your gray eyes . Your shorttousled hair compliments your face so well, ” I said, not realizing that I actually ga ve himan analysis of his face and hair.He seemed star-strucked. He later smiled and said “Thanks.” I smiled back. “So you don’t like your boyfriend?” he asked. Why couldn’t he drop the subject? It’s weird talking to your crush about your boyfriend. Wait, I had to get over Davidsomehow. “I don’t know.” “What’s not good about him?” he asked.“Umm, well he asked me to straighten my hair , ” I said. “ Seriously? That guy is blind!” he said. “Why?” I asked confused. He came closer to me and ran his fingers thro ugh my hair, almost unconsciously. “You have great hair, ” he said. “ Soft ” he murmured.“You done?” I heard Sam yell from the other room. David quickly came out of his trance and said, “One minute, I’m making you one too .

” “You’re making him one?” I asked . “ Yeah, ” he muttered and quickly put together three small sandwiches and we went backto the living room. “What took you’ll so long?” Sam asked almost suspiciously. “We were talking , ” I said. “About?” Sam asked.

“ Stuff. Stop being so paranoid, ” David said and sat down next to Sam and I sat downnext to David.We were watching the football match. Well actually they were watching and I wasstaring at my nails. I think it was half-time or something so Sam went to the washroom. “I don’t think you should go out with that guy, ” David said. “Why not?” I asked. “You don’t even like him! Why are you wasting your time?” he asked. “I’m trying not to be too picky. He’s my first boyfriend , ” I said. “You should go out with someone who you like and can spend the res t of your life with.

Not with someone who you can’t stand , ” he said in a controlled voice. Controlling hisanger? “Doesn’t matter , ” I shrugged, “I know your only saying that in an older brother way .” He chuckled and said, “No , I’m not.” “Dump him and date a guy that actually cares about you, ” he said suggestively. I kept thinking but I had noone in mind. “Who?” I asked confused. He slowly put his hands over mine and said, “ Me .” “You? Why would you wanna go out with me?” I asked confused and a littledisappointed. “Why wouldn’t I ?” he asked. “Because I’m boring , ” I said, “You like exciting women.” “I like you , ” he said.

“We can’t be together , I’m alre ady dating someone else, ” I said , disappointmentdripping in each and every word. “You know I’m better than h im. I can treat you better than he can, ” he said and entwined his hands with mine. He was right. “Sam won’t like it , ” I said. “I know, I already told him that I liked you and his response was ‘ Don’t you dare go out with her ’ . Unless you don’t like me , ” he ended disappointed.I sighed and said, “I like you.” Another sigh. “I don’t know.” The door opened and Sam came walking in. David quickly removed his hands from mine. “Da vid get your stuff. It’s getting late , ” Sam told David. “Yeah sure , ” David said and go tu

p, “I’ll be back in 20 minutes.” “Where are you going?” I asked. “I’m spending the night , ” David said and smiled. David left our house. Sam sat next to me and watched TV. “How was your date?” he asked me. “Good, I guess. Why?” I asked. “Can’t I just ask you?” he asked. “I guess , ” I shrugged. “So, do you like David?” he asked slowly. I stayed quite. I didn’t want to d o something that Sam disapproved off. “Scarlett , tell me!” he said a bit louder. “Why do you want to know?” I asked. He sighed, obviously knowing that I liked him. “Because Scarlett, I don’t want you to gethurt. I love you but don’t fall for him.” “So now you’re telling me what to do?” I asked slowly. “No, just don’t go out with my best friend , alright? ” he said and tried pulling me into a hug.

I got up and said “I’m going to sleep. Tell David I said goodnight.” “Scarlett, just promise me you won’t go out with him. He used to be a player. I don’tknow if he’s changed , ” he said. I could feel that he wanted to protect me. But I couldn’t promise that I would stay away from him. Now that I know he likes me back. “I’m sorry , Sam, ” I whispered and went to my room. I was so confused. I couldn’t turn my back on George either. I know that he’ s a bitinsensi tive towards me, he doesn’t treat me like I’m the center of his universe , but I just couldn’t. I heard a knock on my door. I walked towards the door and opened it. “David , ”I whispered. “Can I come in?” he asked. “Sure , ” I said and let him in. “ I know you need to choose, ” David started, “between me and Gorgy P orgy.” “Gorgy Porgy?” I asked and bursted out laughing. “Yes

, ” he smiled and sat on my bed. “I just came to say why you need to choo se me and not the other person.” “Alright , ” I said unsure. “First, I would never leave you hungry after a date , ” he said. I went and sat next to him. “I still don’t get it , ” I said confused. “Get what?” he asked. “Why now? Why would you tell me now? What do you even like about me? I’m just a kid in your eyes, ” I said. I didn’t look him in the eye out of embarrassm ent. “Because, I recently realized that I felt this way about you. You’re in no way a kid in my eyes, ” he said and brushed my hair, “I respect you in a way. You’ re wiser than most girls I’ve met.” “I would have called George now, but he’s sleeping ,

” I said trying to get off the subject. “Call him then, I’d pick up your call at any time of the day , ” he smiled. “Now you’re being cheesy and weird , ” I said and dialed George. The time was 9:30 right now. His phone rang. Maybe I shouldn’t call him. What do I tell him anyway ? I was about to disconnect the phone when he lifted it. Or at least I think hedid. “Hello?” the receiver asked, a female receiver. “Umm yes , who’s this?” I asked. “Well this is George’s phone, but this is his girlfriend , Annabel, speaking” she said. Girlfriend? “You’re his girlfriend?” I asked almost heart -broken. David gave me aconfused look. “I sure am. W ho is this?” she asked. “Scarlett, so are you like going out and kissing and stuff?” I asked. David kept looking at me. “Umm honey, we do more than that,

” she said in a smiling voice “Can I just speak to him?” I asked in a c ontrolled voice. Controlling my anger andsadness. “Sure , ” sh e said. “Hello?” he asked. “Hey, this is Scarlett , ” I said. “ Crap! ” he whispered and then said “ Hey, Scarlett . How’s it going?” he tried to stay calm. “Who is she?” I asked.

“Just a friend , ” he said. “I thought you were going to sleep , ” I said with tears finally escaping my eyes. David looked helpless. “I am , babe, just that my neighbor came by, and we were talking and” “And you

decide to get naked with her ?” I cut him off. “Babe, it’s not like that” he said. His voice didn’t seem regretful though. He was just sorry he got caught. “Don’t call me that!” I yelled. “I’m sorry , ” he said, “I’ll make it up to you.” “No , George, you won ’t. We’re through. I never want to see your face again!” I yelled. “Can we talk about this?” he asked. “No. J-just stay out of my life, ” I said and hung up the phone. I threw my phone across the room in anger. The first boyfriend that I’ve ever hadcheated on me. This is so bad. I was probably just some worthless piece of meat to him.I buried my head in my pillow and let my tears escape. “Your screen got cracked , ” I heard David say. “I don’t care , ” I mumbled. I felt the bed move. “You wanna talk about it?” he asked.

“What’s there to talk about?” I said between sobs, “My boyfriend cheated on me. I’m obviously not wor th anything to him … or anyone.” “You’re worth a lot , Scarr, ” David said and combed my hair with his fingers. “Please , don’t touch me , ”I trembled. “I’m not going to hurt you , ” he said in a soothing voice. “Leave me alone!” I tried to scream, but it only came out as a whisper.

“Can I just say something before I go?” he asked softly. “What?” I asked. “Could you just sit up first?” he asked. I sat up. He looked at me and his face fell. Did I really look that ugly? “I want you to know something, ” he said and lifted my chin with his finger. “What?” I asked; my voice shaky. “I want you to know you’re beautiful, incredible and I

can’t ever get you out of myhead, ” he said. I scoffed. “Just stop with the whole trying to get in my pants thing , ” I said and wiped my tears. “Scarr , listen. I’m not lying when I say those things , ” he said, “I’m not gonna keep chasing you forever . I’m go nna be here for you if you want me b ut I won’t be here forlong, okay?” I nodded. “And one more thing , ” he said and kissed me. Whoa! We moved in perfectsynchronization. Damn he was a better kisser than George. There was no gropinginvolved here, it was simply innocent. Innocent yet perfect.He pulled away – unfortunately- and said, “Remember that”. He let go of me and left my room. Remember what ?The door closed and I hid my head in my pillow. Damn him, George! For cheating on me!Damn David for kissing me in the best way possible. David may turn out to be a jerk too. I heard the door opening. “Go away , ” I said.

“It’s my house , ” I heard Sam say. And then I could tell that he was sleeping next to me. “Can I sleep here tonight?” he asked. “Why? You have your own room, ” I said quietly.

“I’m gonna let David sleep in it alone. Food poisoning , ” he explained. “He was fine before , ” I said. “Must have been something else, he’s throwing up like a new born baby in my room , ” Sam said. “Oh , ” was all I said. “So, your boyfriend cheated on you, huh?” he asked. “Yeah , he did, ” I whispered. “And your cell phone screen got cracked too ,

” he said. “So what?” I asked. “I’ll buy you a new one , ” he said. “A new screen?” I asked. “I was thinking a new phone, but a new screen work s too, ” Sam said and I playfullypunched his shoulder. “Thank you , ” I said. “On one condition . ” I sighed and said, “What is it?” “You give me the name and address of that guy who cheated on you , ” he said. “Why?” I asked. “Well, I’m gonna make sure he never cheats on anyone ever again, ” he said in an almost dangerous voice. “I’ll tell you later, I’m sleepy now , ” I said.

“Alright , ” he said and then chuckled, “Maybe it would have been bet ter if you went out with David.” “It doesn’t matter now , ” I said sadly, “he won’t like me now.”

“And why not , Scarr, ” Sam said, imitating the nickname only David had for me. “You think he still likes me?” I asked hopefully. “ Of course he does, Scarlet. You should have heard the way he described you. And youshould have seen how he felt when he found out that you were being cheated on. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but he’s actually a good guy , ” Sam said. “So I’m allowed to date him?” I asked. “ Yeah sure, I think he may be good for you but if he ever hurts you, I know where he lives. I can beat him up easily. But you can’t keep him away from me. I need someone toplay my Xbox360 with, ” he said and kissed my forehead. “Good night , ” I whispered and closed my eyes.

I woke up to someone applying pressure on my back. Wait someone was massaging me? “Get off , ” I grumbled. The massager stopped and said “Damn! I thought you’d get up happy after a massage.” I turned around and saw David smiling and then he turned serious and asked, “How areyou?” “I’m sleepy , ” I said. “Well George sent you a message telling you to meet him at Starbucks. Are you going?” he asked.I thought about it for some time and said, “I’ll go, but do you mind dropping me there?” “You’re going to go?” he asked in a sad tone. “I’m gonna formally break up with him , ”I told him. “That’s good , ” he said. I brushed my teeth and changed my clothes and we were in David’s car.

“ While I go talk to George, ” I told David, “You buy us something to eat.”

“Fine with me , ” David said and parked into the Starbucks lot. Did I mention theStarbucks here was HUGE? They actually host tiny parties here.I saw George sitting with a strawberry head girl. I walked up to him. Why did he call mehere in the first place? “What do you want?” I a sked. I was still sad that he cheated on me. Well, I hated thefact that he used me to cheat on his girlfriend. I hated him. “I just called you to say that we’re through , ” George said, “ It wasn’t worth risking my relationship with Anna to date you. ” He said ‘ you ’ like a disgusting thing. I stared at him. “That’s what you called me here for? You didn’t eve n tell me you had a girlfriend!” “I called you to tell you to stay away from me , ” George said, his eyes however didn’t saythe same, “You know , you’re stupid and useless. And you never show up on time, that’sthe worst quality in a girl.” “So you just called me to insult me?” I asked.

He somehow made me want to cry. Howcould he say those things? I bit my lips to stop myself from crying. “ Basically, ” he said and kissed the strawberry head girl’s cheek. I turned around frustrated and banged into someone. I was going to apologize but the person put their arms around me. I looked up and saw David. “What did he say?” David asked concerned. “Can we go?” I asked, my voice did sound like I was going to cry. “What did he say?” he asked, now a bit angry. “He insulted me , ” I whispered, “he s said that I was stupid.” He removed his arms and said, “ You wait outside. I’ll take care of him.” “How?” I asked. By then he had already walked over to George and punched his jaw, definitely breakingit. I ran over there. “David , let ’ s go, ” I said and pulled him. David said, “That was for treating Scarlett that way. Stay away from her and stop cheating on your girlfriend. ” He then turned to the other girl and said ,

“He’s probably cheated on you more than once, you shoul dn’t go out with guys like him.” “More than once?” the girl asked George. George had no answer. The girl slapped him and walked away.David put his hand on my shoulder and we walked towards the car. He handed me a donut and asked “Are you gonna be ok ay ?” “Yeah,” I sighed, “I’m fine.” “Good , ” he smiled. Maybe I should ask him out now. I mean, he still wants to go out with me right? Well that’s what Sam said. What if Sam’s wrong? Maybe David was just joking about the whole liking thing. April fool’s day is next week after all. “What are you thinking about?” he asked . “Huh?” I asked when I snapped out of my daze. “You were concentrating , ” he said. “Yeah, we ll umm nothing, ” I said un coolly. Damn it!

“No, there’s something , ” he smiled. “Ok ay , maybe there’s something , ” I said. “What?” he asked. “I was wondering , ” I started. “Hmm?”“Are you still interested in me?” I asked.

“Of course I am, ” he said. “Then you don’t mind being my boyfriend?” I asked in one breath. There was silence. “I mean, like if you want. No pressure. I mean, you probably don’tlike me that much anyway” I started rambling, “I mean, it’s ok ay really .” “I’ll be your boyfriend , ” he cut me off. “Really?” I asked excited. “Yeah, why should I miss out on a beautiful and incredible girl,

” he said, “you’re funny,irresistible and everything that I’ll ever want. I’m not gonna lose anything by going out with you.” I probably had the biggest most embarrassing smile on my face right now. I heard himchuckling.He pulled into the driveway and I got out. He threw out the empty coffee cups in thetrash and we walked towards the front door. “Thanks for asking me out , ” he said and held my hand. “Anytime ”I said and smiled.He pulled me closer to him and kissed me. I put my arms around his neck and deepenedthe kiss. I still tried to keep the kiss innocent.I heard a cough. I pulled away and saw Sam with a bag of groceries. “Hey , Sam, ” I said and ran my fing ers through my hair nervously. “I take it you’ll are going out now?” Sam asked almost sarcastically. “We are , ” David said and put his arm around my shoulder. “So you’ll know what you’ll can and can’t do right?” Sam asked. “Do what?” I asked innocently. “You can’t make out with each other in front of me , ” David groaned , which made mechuckle, “You can’t ever disrespect her and you can’t stop playing the Xbox360 with me. Got it?” Sam said. “Sure” I said amused and entered our house.

©2010 Skyler Shanice Jayne

About The AuthorSkye started writing at the age of 16. She started off writing on a website where 3 of her creative works have been featured by the website.She loves writing short stories and poems. She also sometimes refers to herself in third person.She is the author of many short stories. Her best works are "If We Ever MeetAgain", "Soul Mate", and "Ken's Story". She also writes many poems that areavailable on She hopes to continue entertaining you with herwriting.~Rise Like A Skyescraper~XoSkye Jayne

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