Weather extremes on Inauguration Day

Coldest Mar. 4 Warmest Mar. 4 Warmest Jan. 20 Coldest Jan. 21 Most snow

The forecast for Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day is for a typical moderately cold day in Washington, D.C., but not all inaugurations have had ordinary weather. Most rain







At noon, it was 16 F (–8 C) with a bitter cold wind

Ulysses S. Grant

It was a balmy 55 F (13 C) at noon on Wilson’s big day

Woodrow Wilson

Almost 70 years later, again, it was a mild 55 F (13 C) at noon

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan It was a frosty 7 F (–14 C) at noon on Reagan’s second swearing-in

Nearly 10 in. (25 cm) of snow and blistering winds greeted Taft

William Taft

1.77 in. (4.5 cm) of rain dampened FDR’s second inaugural

Franklin D. Roosevelt

NOTE: Inauguration Day was March 4 until 1937, when it was changed to Jan. 20; in 1985, public inaugural ceremony was held Jan. 21 since Jan. 20 was a Sunday Source: U.S. National Weather Service © 2013 MCT