From: craig shibley [mailto:shibley@charter.

net] Sent: Monday, January 30, 2012 10:00 AM To: Russell, Gerard F Cc: Gaultney, Bruce Subject: Brad Miner Story: No. Brookfield EMS Mr. Russell: As you are aware I’ve expressed concerns in the past about a veteran reporter in your office. Brad Miner has displayed a penchant for either not reporting newsworthy events or reporting grossly inaccurate/misleading information. The latest just so happens to be splashed on today’s front page: It is patently obvious Mr. Miner do <sic> no fact-checking before submitting this article. And who was the editor that approved it? Here are the facts Mr. Russell: IF the No. Brookfield EMS is having financial problems THEN it’s not due to a lack of receipts. I’m calling upon the T&G to issue an immediate retraction of this fallacious article and do a follow-up story with the FACTS – having those public officials explain their lies. If this is not done, Mr. Russell, then you are part of the problem – which would be a travesty. I await your reply. Regards, Craig Shibley Barre, MA

RE: Brad Miner Story: No. Brookfield EMS Russell, Gerard F Tue 1/31/2012 2:25 PM ''

Dear Mr. Shibley, The EMS story was essentially a snapshot of current outstanding bills, not an annual audit of the ambulance service. Brad did not get into gross receipts for the North Brookfield Ambulance Service reported to the IRS for 2010. The $100,000 that Brad referenced was raised as an issue by Selectman Jason Petraitis and was confirmed as uncollected, and unavailable for operations. North Brookfield EMS sees “several thousand” a month coming in receipts from billing and the thrust of the story was that Medicare, Medicaid and Mass Health reimbursement rates, the untimely delay of private insurance payments which never approach what’s billed, together threaten the financial viability of small town volunteer services. Sincerely, Gerard F. Russell Regional editor 508-793-9399

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