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Goulds 7200CB

API 610 11
Edition / ISO 13709 2
API BB5 Barrel Multistage Pumps
In-Line Diffuser Type
Complete API Offering

Over 20,000 uniIs insIalled
Over J,000 beIween bearing pumps insIalled
40 years o APl experIise
Global Coverage
lTT Goulds Pumps has Ihe global coverage needed Io serve
mulIinaIional companies in any region.
Industry Leading Hydraulic Coverage

We oer exIensive coverage Io meeI your process
8eIIer hydraulic iIs can mean improved eiciency
and longIerm reliabiliIy and parIs lie.
Proven API Leadership
2 Goulds 7200CB
6000 HP / 46000 kW Testing Capability

Our expanded IesI aciliIy can IesI your pump in Ihe
mosI demanding condiIions.
TesIing aI raIed speeds is criIical Io asses Ihe impacI
o dynamic condiIions including vibraIion.
API Engineering Expertise

We package engineered pumps Io meeI
your demanding applicaIions IhaI ully
conorm Io Ihe laIesI APl speciicaIions.

Lngineered Packaging wiIh a wide range o drivers,
seals, piping, nozzle conormance, langes,
baseplaIes and QC IesIing.
lTT is a world leader in Iechnology and
engineering, including hydraulics, maIerials science,
mechanical design and luid dynamics.
Goulds 7200CB 3
Goulds 7200 CB
Goulds 7200CB
High TemperaIure, High Pressure Low Speciic GraviIy 885
8arrel Pumps or CriIical Services.
CapaciIy Io 4,000 GPM (9!0 mJ/h)
ToIal Dynamic Head Io 9,000 eeI (2740 m)
TemperaIure Io 800 l (425 C)
Pressure Io 4,000 PSlG (275 8ar)
OperaIing Speeds Io 6,000 PPM
API Type Goulds Capacity TDH Temperature Pressure
Model GPM (M/Hour) Feet (Meters) F (C) PSIG (kg/cm2)
OH-2 3700 8500 (1930) 1200 (360) 800 (425) 870 (60)
OH-3 3910 6000 (1360) 750 (230) 650 (340) 600 (42)
BB-1 3610 50000 (11355) 700 (215) 300 (150) 300 (21)
BB-2 3640 7500 (1700) 2500 (760) 850 (455) 1130 (75)
BB-2 3620 20000 (4540) 1500 (455) 850 (455) 1000 (70)
BB-3 3600 8500 (1930) 9000 (2740) 400 (205) 4000 (275)
BB-5 7200CB 4000 (910) 9000 (2740) 800 (400) 4000 (275)
VS4 API 3171 3180 (720) 525 (160) 450 (232) 750 (50)
VS1 VIT 70000 (14760) 3500 (1060) 500 (260) 2500 (175)
Goulds API Portfolio
Goulds J700
Goulds J600
Goulds J620 Goulds J6!0
4 Goulds 7200CB
Trusted Technology
Model CB upgraded to 11th edition. Over 30 years of successful installations.
Proven Reliability
Properly designed balance drums are criIical Io a 885
pump's reliable conIrol o axial IhrusI orces. We
exhausIively IesI Ihe pumps over Ihe allowable low range
and over Ihe range o allowable wear clearances (!x Io 2x
clearances) Io deIermine Ihe range o axial IhrusI orces Io
properly size Ihe balance drum. The resulI is reliable
operaIion over Ihe range o allowable condiIions.
Easy Maintenance
lor Model 7200C8 pumps, cusIomers can quickly
dismanIle and remove Ihe compleIe carIridge using our
885 cradle Iool. The pump casing and nozzles remain
connecIed Io speed removal.
Goulds 7200CB 5
World Class Hydraulics
There are Iwo seIs o curves available. One seI is opIimized
or maximum headpersIage while a second seI is
opIimized or maximum eiciency.
Maximum headper sIage
Maximum eiciency
6 Goulds 7200CB
Goulds 7200CB
API 610 11
Edition / ISO 13709 2
API BB5 Barrel Multistage Pumps
In-Line Diffuser Type
Impeller Arrangments
lnline diuser Iype design.
Diffusers / Impellers
MeIal Io meIal sIage casing iIs. Key driven
and shrink iI impellers secured againsI axial
movemenI in boIh direcIions.
Fully-Shrouded Diffuser Standard
lncreases reliabiliIy by nearly eliminaIing
diuser aIigue.
Low Vibration Design
Precision invesImenI impeller casIings and
dynamically balanced roIor or low vibraIion.
Barrel Outer Casing
CenIerline mounI, radial spliI, ull design
pressure. CasI barrel and nozzles. CusIom
nozzle locaIions / orienIaIion available.
Robust Rotor Design
WiIh large sIepped shaI and higher
LJ / D4 raIios.
Pull-Out Cartridge Assembly
SIage casings sealed by discharge pressure.
CarIridge removed on larger pumps wiIh
carIridge assembled.
Goulds 7200CB 7
Balance Drum
Designed over allowable low range and
clearances Io reliably balance axial orces.
Rigid 360 Bearing Bracket
8all radial and duplex IhrusI. Pressure
lubricaIed sleeve radial / IilIing pad IhrusI.
lNPPO isolaIors
Heavy duIy class 900, !500, and
2500 Pl or PT! langes. 600 and 900
available on sucIion lange.
API 682 Seals
AccepI a wide varieIy o seals, seal opIions
and lush plans per APl 6!0 and APl 682.
Integral Wear Parts
VarieIy o APl meIallic and APl nonmeIallic
maIerials and coaIings available.
8 Goulds 7200CB
Proven Service Experience
Hydraulic Rerates
Processes oIen change over Iime causing pumps Io run
ar rom besI eiciency poinI (8LP) wiIh Ihe associaIed
reducIion in reliabiliIy (MT8l).
We can perorm a hydraulic reraIe Io your exisIing 885
pump moving Ihe 8LP Io Ihe leI wiIhouI any hydraulic
changes. The modiied pump's operaIion is closer Io Ihe
8LP wiIh increased eiciency and reliabiliIy.
Drop-In Replacements
Our dropin replacemenIs allow you Io geI a new 885
pump wiIhouI replacing your exisIing piping and baseplaIe
saving you $!0,000s in siIe cosIs while reducing
emissions and improving MT8l.
We cusIomize our 885 casing nozzles and/or ooI
locaIions, oering you Ihe besI o boIh worlds new
pump wiIh exisIing piping and siIe work.
Goulds 7200CB 9
Engineered Upgrades for All Brands
Older pumps don'I comply wiIh Ihe more sIringenI laIesI
ediIions o APl. This causes many issues ranging rom
limiIed use o laIesI seal designs (APl 682), poIenIial seal
emissions issues, poor reliabiliIy and MT8l, OLM parIs
becoming obsoleIe, and more. We perorm engineered
upgrades Io your exisIing APl Pump (any brand)
upgrading Ihe power end, casing cover, shaI and seals
Io Ihe laIesI APl sIandards.
10 Goulds 7200CB
Reliability has no quitting time.
8uilding on over !60 years o Goulds Pumps experience,
PRO Services provides an array o services ocused on
reducing equipmenI IoIal cosI o ownership (TCO) and
increasing planI ouIpuI, including predicIive moniIoring,
mainIenance conIracIs, ield service, engineered upgrades,
invenIory managemenI, and overhauls or pumps and oIher
roIaIing equipmenI.
Parts & Inventory
LicienI and Iimely
parIs supply
Lngineered parIs or obsoleIe
Peverse engineering and
rapid paIIern manuacIuring
lnvenIory analysis and
Plant Performance
LquipmenI moniIoring and
conIrol producIs and services
Io improve sysIem reliabiliIy
and upIime
lull service maninIenance
lTT onsiIe experIs idenIiy
and resolve bad acIor
equipmenI issues Ihrough:
PooI cause ailure analysis
Lnergy perormance audiIs
and improvemenIs
MainIenance, operaIor and
managemenI Iraining
Repair & Upgrades
Pepair Io OLM sIandards
lield service
Scheduled mainIenance and
planI shuIdowns
Hydraulic reraIes Io operaIe
pumps aI Ihe cusIomer's
required seIIing
Lngineered dropin
Upgrade pumps Io Ihe laIesI
APl sIandard ediIions
Goulds 7200CB 10
11 11
Design & Sourcing
Invent ory Opt imizat ion
PPS, Part s (Goulds Pumps
and ProCast )
Operat ion

PPS, PumpSmart ,
Repair / Upgrades
PRO Services, Part s
(Goulds Pumps and
ProCast )
Tot al Cost of Ownership
ITT PRO Services
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240 lall SIreeI
Seneca lalls, NY !J!48
20!2 Goulds Pumps, lncorporaIed
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lorm 87200C8 04/!2
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