The Public Library of the District of Columbia Board of Library Trustees Meeting Minutes William O.

Lockridge/Bellevue Neighborhood Library Wednesday, November 28, 2012 The regular meeting of the Board of Library Trustees was held at 6:00 pm, Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at the William O. Lockridge/Bellevue Neighborhood Library, 115 Atlantic St. SW, John W. Hill, Jr., President, presiding. Present: John W. Hill, Jr., President, Ginnie Cooper, Chief Librarian and Secretary – Treasurer, Valerie Mallet, Gregory McCarthy, Bonnie Cohen, Kelley Smith, Myrna Peralta, Brenda Richardson. Absent: Donald Richardson, Vice President and Richard Levy. Guests at the Board Table: Linnea Hegarty, Executive Director, DCPL Foundation and Susan Haight, President, Federation of Friends. The meeting was called to order at 6:04 pm. Mr. Hill stated that he was happy to see the William O. Lockridge/Bellevue Neighborhood Library for the first time since its opening. He said that every time he visits one of the libraries he is impressed with how much each one has been improved and he thanked the staff for all the hard work they put into the buildings each day. Adoption of the Agenda The motion to adopt the agenda was approved. Approval of Minutes The motion to approve the minutes of both the July 25, 2012 and September 19, 2012 Board Meetings was approved. Adoption of 2013 Board of Library Trustees Meeting Schedule The motion to adopt the 2013 Board of Library Trustees meeting schedule was approved. Public Comments Mr. Hill stated the practice of the DCPL Board of Library Trustees to entertain public comments at this time. He explained that people who signed their names to the sign-in sheet would have three minutes to address the Board. Two members of the public came forward to make comments. One requested that the library board meetings be advertised so that the public is aware of when they are occurring. Mr. Hill stated that the meetings were posted on the library’s website but that signage could be discussed. The other stated that he was excited about the new William O. Lockridge/Bellevue Library and as a local business owner looked forward to being able to work with the library in the future. President’s Report Mr. Hill thanked the community for their extensive input and assistance with the design and development of this and every other library. He thanked Ms. Cooper for her strong and clear leadership. He noted that Board Member James Lewis had reached the end of his term. He said that Mr. Lewis had Document #5.1 Board of Library Trustees Meeting January 16, 2013 1

been one of the most active and committed members for more than a decade and he thanked him for all of his time and service. As a parting gift, Mr. Hill presented him with an engraved glass book and he asked if Mr. Lewis would like to speak. Mr. Lewis said that he decided ten years ago to offer his service to the library. He said that it had been a labor of love and he was very proud to never have missed a meeting. He will be continuing his role as an advocate of the library on the board of the DC Public Library Foundation. Mr. Hill then welcomed the two new Board Members, Valerie Mallet and Gregory McCarthy. Both Ms. Mallet and Mr. McCarthy are long time library supporters. Ms. Mallet stated that she was very happy to join the Board of Library Trustees and that she is thrilled to see the community investment in the library. Mr. McCarthy said that he feels that the library is an essential part of the educational system in our community. He is excited to be able to contribute in any way to this institution. Mr. Hill then introduced a resolution stating that the Board of Library Trustees recommends and urges the Mayor and the Council of the District of Columbia to fully fund the major renovation of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. Ms. Cooper, Ms. Cohen, and Ms Richardson all expressed their support of this resolution. Mr. McCarthy asked several questions about the history behind the resolution, how the Board came to support the renovation, how the Board planned to move forward with funding, and when the Board anticipated to secure funding and start with the renovations. After discussion the resolution was passed. Chief Librarian’s Report Ms. Cooper discussed the resolution signed by Councilmember Evans that suggested that all library locations extend their hours to M-Th 9:30AM-9:00PM, F-S 9:30AM-5:30PM, Sun 1:00PM-5:00PM. She expressed that the Library will only be moving forward with this as long as funding has been secured for adequate staffing. She then introduced Mr. Floyd Council Sr. and Ms. Debra Shumate who have both been hired as Assistant Directors of Public Services. They work with Jennifer Giltrop, Director of Public Services to manage the Public Services staff at all library locations. She highlighted the Chief Librarian’s Report specifically mentioning the significant use of DCPL’s ecollection during Hurricane Sandy. Ms. Cooper then introduced Maria Perry, the Branch Manager from the William O. Lockridge/Bellevue Library who introduced her staff and highlighted the library’s features and programming. Finance Committee Report Eric Coard, Senior Executive Business Management Consultant, Tammie Robinson, Agency Fiscal Officer, and Jeff Bonvechio, Director of Capital Construction presented the Finance Committee Report. Ms. Robinson covered the budget for Fiscal Year 2013 and reported on the closing of Fiscal Year 2012 stating that DC Public Library spent 97.5% of its local budget in FY2012. Mr. Coard discussed the funds that DCPL is hoping to secure in future budget years in the proposed budget including capital requests to finance the remaining libraries that have not been rebuilt or undergone renovations and an increase in Document #5.1 Board of Library Trustees Meeting January 16, 2013 2

the collections budget. Mr. Bonvechio discussed the approved funds from the FY13-18 Capital Budget Request. Capital Construction Report Mr. Bonvechio moved from the Finance Committee Report into the Capital Construction Report. He discussed the team’s reviews of recently opened buildings including the William O. Lockridge/Bellevue Library and their efforts to ensure that any issues in the buildings were solved before the warranties expired. He also talked about the progress in the demolition of Northeast Library’s interior as well as the design progress for West End Library, Woodridge Library, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library’s First Floor Digital Commons. He explained that the next libraries that the team will be looking to work on will be Capitol View Library, Cleveland Park Library, and Chevy Chase Library. Library Performance Report Jennifer Giltrop, Director of Public Services presented the Year End Library Performance Report for FY2012. Highlights from the report included a 13% increase in Library Program Attendance from FY2011, and a 9.93% increase in overall Circulation from FY2011 with the highest increase in circulation being our Digital Library which saw a 144% increase in FY2012. A request was made that the statistical report includes circulation comparison numbers from the previous year for each library location. There was some discussion among the Board Members about how they would like Public Services to explore how to capture more outcome based statistics and stories and Ms. Giltrop agreed that there have been discussions about this and will be looked into for future reports. Online Resources Report Eva Poole, Chief of Staff shared a Power Point presentation with the Board discussing the variety of resources the library has to offer and the increasing popularity of these resources with customers. She highlighted which allows students to connect to a live tutor for homework help via the Internet. Summer Reading Report Ms. Poole continued her presentation with her Summer Reading Report. She shared the importance of summer reading programs for children and how the library plays a significant role in helping students avoid summer learning loss. Library Foundation Report Linnea Hegarty, Executive Director of the DC Public Library Foundation talked about current events surrounding the Foundation. Linnea said that the Foundation has been successful in recruiting two new board members including Board of Library Trustees member Bonnie Cohen and Former Mayor Anthony Williams. Additionally, she advertised the upcoming Foundation event at Georgetown Library featuring Author Kitty Kelly as well as the new Ex Libris Society, a Foundation high-level donor group. Federation of Friends’ Report Susan Haight, President of the Federation of Friends talked about the Friends groups activities. Many groups are preparing for year-end book sales and are also having winter themed discussion groups. They are also planning programs and workshops for the next calendar year. They are hoping to do a city-wide membership drive during National Library Week in April. New Business There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:05PM. Document #5.1 Board of Library Trustees Meeting January 16, 2013 3

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