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DESCRIPTION: A book in philosophy that explores various

fragments of the ultimate reality, in the most profound of ways…

This book deals with assorted philosophical problems concerning
reality, such as:

- What is the ultimate reality?

- What is life?
- What is death?
- Have we been dead before we were born?
- Could we be born after we die?
- Are humans, in essence, immortal?
- What is INTELLECTUAL REVOLUTION and why it is
necessary to end the present day injustice?
- Is materialism more correct than idealism?
- Determinism or free will?
- What is art?
- What is science?
- Is space real? Is time real? Do they actually exist?
- What is eternity?
- How could something become socially accepted and popular?
- Should we reject religions and superstitions?
- Who rules this world and what are their ulterior motives, their
hidden agenda? Why should we stop them?
- Etc.

KEYWORDS: reality, philosophy, metaphysics, ontology,

epistemology, ethics, logic, mathematics, science, art, geometry,
algebra, philosophy of mind, philosophy of sex, political philosophy,
philosophy of power, intellectual revolution, Overman, ideal society,
white plague, eternity, space and time, materialism, idealism,
determinism, free will, existence, abstract existence, non-existence,
life, death, immortality, justice and injustice, civilization, intellect,
society, indoctrination, brainwashing, media and manipulation,
universe, the truth, ultimate reality, etc.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

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* in Serbian

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Dragan Glavasic

~Fragments of the Ultimate Reality~
~Intellectual Revolution Decree~


Dragan Glavasic
Odin & Thor * 2008 * Belgrade

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Dragan Glavasic
~ Fragments of the Ultimate Reality ~
~ Intellectual Revolution Decree ~

First published by Odin & Thor in 2008

Belgrade, Serbia * *
Phones: (381-64) 121-4412 * (381-61) 155-4205

ISBN 978-86-904797-7-1

Printed by Odin & Thor e-Press

Formats: hardcover A5 (14.8cm x 21cm), eBook in PDF on CD and the Internet
Edition: 3000 (hardcopy), unlimited (eBook)
Written, Published and Printed in Serbia
[Alongside with Russia, perhaps, the only remaining free country in the world!]
Made in Yugoslavia

This book was being written in the period from 30 June 2007 to 6 April 2008. The
hardcopy (paper format with hardback) was printed on the 5th of May in 2008,
when it appeared, for the first time, on sale with the cover price of $12.50 while
electronic copy of the book (eBook) could be found on the Internet, free of charge.

Copyright © 2008 by Dragan Glavasic

All rights reserved.

Dragan Glavasic

to Igor (on his 3rd birthday)

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Nothing is as it seems. This is the world of lies. A virtual (or a fake)

reality that underneath is, actually, a horrifying nightmare!
Supposedly a person is successful or has a specific position or a
given job because he is good at what he does. But the truth is that
the person often got it because of nepotism, connections, corruption,
money and/or political correctness [and in case of females if she is
pretty, young and willing to grant sexual favors]. Someone’s
abilities or talents have nothing to do with it. A person could be best
qualified and most talented for a job but he won’t get it if another
person had better connections or more money or is more politically
correct (even if simpleminded or retarded).

Dragan Glavasic


Preface 9

Philosophy of Science 13
Materialism vs. Idealism 20
Life 24
Intellectual Revolution I 33
Overman 34
Philosophy of Mind 39
Determinism or Free Will 44
Immortality Argument 47
A New Filed of Mathematics 50
What is Art? 70
Philosophy of Sex 78
Religions and Superstitions 92
Present Day Propaganda 97
The Innately Inferior and Parasitic Races 109
How to Solve the Problem of White Plague 113
The Society 117
Philosophy of Power 134
Reasons for Activism (Philosophy of Revolution) 148
Ideal Society 165
Space and Time 172
Ascertaining Eternity 177
Metaphysics: (Exploration of) the Ultimate Reality 179
Intellectual Revolution II 186
The Criteria 187
Intellectual Revolution III 193

The Final Message 194

About the Author 195
Index 198

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Intellectual revolution must lead the way…

Dragan Glavasic


There is nothing more significant, profound or overwhelming than

reality. It is the alpha and omega of all our cognitive enquiries, the
beginning and end of everything! Reality is one and all. It is the
main subject of philosophy, which makes this branch of science the
most important, as the mother of all sciences and the key to a greater
understanding: the final wisdom…

Reality is our eternal home, our forever sanctuary; while this uni-
verse is our perpetual playground and/or the infinite battleground…
So it would be pertinent to get to know them as much as possible.
As a way to see what or who we are, where we are and why we are
here… Especially if a grave injustice is being perpetrated against
us—within the confines of a perverted society—and if a tremendous
evil is undermining the very foundations of everything: the ulterior
reason for the very existence of reality, itself…

Philosophers are the most significant members of a proper society.

They are profound thinkers and valiant explorers whose domain is
reality. They are essential physicians, guardians and creators:
whose patients, subjects and projects are civilizations!

If an unfortunate creature (for instance the scorpion) gets confused

enough or is placed in a hopeless situation it could be induced to act
unnaturally, to violate the self-preservation principle, to commit sui-
cide… Similarly, if members of our race are forced, fooled, bribed or
insidiously manipulated—through relentless abuse of power, insidi-
ous repression or by constant repetition of the most heinous propa-
ganda—they could be “persuaded” to labor as to destroy our own
race and culture, to decimate our advanced civilization or, alterna-

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

tively, to be idle and unmoved while others are working on our

genocide, thus to remain emotionless while the genuine slaughter is
being planed for our precious children.
Such deviant assault, of unprecedented proportions, is maintained
through the complete control and total monopoly of all crucial
segments of our society: politics, judicial system, mass media, enter-
tainment, “education”, deviant wealth (distribution), banking, big
business, economy, etc. That way, they effectively create, control
and manipulate public opinion thus affect overall attitudes and
behavior… At the same time, all opposing ideas are either ignored,
discredited, ridiculed or attacked through degenerate media and
macabre “education” or forbidden and severely sanctioned by the
immoral laws. Further on, corruption, brainwashing as well as greed
and self-interest are perfidiously misused to silence the opposition
and ultimately to force us to willingly self-destruct!
The only way such morbid decadence could be stopped, once and
for all, is if we openly commence talking about our ghastly predic-
ament, the unsurpassed injustice that has overwhelmed us, this
hideous genocide that is ahead of us, the most frightening nightmare
that is awaiting our own progeny, this horrifying doomsday that
looms above our heads, this ultimate catastrophe, this insult against
pure reason, against reality!

If lunatics and perverts remain in power: most likely, I will be

marginalized and/or imprisoned while my books and ideas are bound
to be discredited, belittled, burned or ignored… Only if intellectual
revolution occurs and the smartest of men come to power: will my
thoughts receive due attention, thus be acknowledged for what they
are truly worth, hence, my name positioned to its rightful place
within the annals of philosophy!


Dragan Glavasic

~ Fragments of the Ultimate Reality ~
~ Intellectual Revolution Decree ~

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Dragan Glavasic


Understanding reality is the fundamental task for intellect and the

prime reason for its very existence. In other words, intellect is a
remarkable phenomenon; a monumental segment of reality and its
essential purpose is to try to make some sense. This could be consid-
ered as its prime objective and the ultimate goal. Possibly even the
underlining reason for everything to exist!
One rudimentary way of making reality more clear is to distin-
guish hence define precisely various concepts, objects, processes, or
anything that we as intelligent beings perceive to exist and/or ap-
proximate it is worth being labeled as a distinct entity. By naming
and describing things or events we make some order and improve our
overall understanding.
Furthermore, it could be stated that the more significant object or
event is the more important is to be distinguished and defined accu-
rately. The ulterior significance of the object or the happening could
be determined by the impact it has on our very existence, the quantity
of its presence and by the amount of its usage or occurrence. Hence,
if someone tries to describe something that only a few people will
ever come across or use and which exists in such a way that it does
not affect our being in any noticeable way: then such entity is insig-
nificant for the majority of people, even for those few that occasion-
ally come in contact with it, and that means that definition of such a
thing would not constitute any key improvement in our overall pic-
ture hence would not be an important contribution to intellect’s noble
task of making sense of reality.

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

On the other hand, there are significant concepts that are frequent-
ly used and that play a vital role in our lives or at least to majority of
the people; hence, they constitute important subjects or some of the
crucial aspects of this reality and any improvement in our perception
or ulterior understanding of their true nature is of grand value be-
cause it improves our overall understanding of reality and contributes
tremendously toward the fulfillment of our prime objective.
In other words, some things are very important and they have to
be accurately defined. For instance, water is a fundamental sub-
stance for all life and its definition is of great significance… Equally
so, concepts such as existence, change, eternity, reality, space, time,
science, life, death, matter, consciousness, morality, etc are of the
highest possible importance for humans and any advancement in our
understanding of their true nature will ultimately benefit our lives
and the quality of our existence. Not only that we would fulfill our
prime objective, as intelligent beings, by defining them correctly or
by improving our understanding of those concepts or by determining
whether they are real or not: but in addition our better understanding
of those concepts would result in our lives being more satisfactory
and fulfilling.
Having said all of that, my task will turn to explain the all impor-
tant concept of science. In our (modern) society the greatest impact
is made by science. It is the single most significant discovery that
made Europe great, and distinguished us from the rest on this planet,
no doubt due to the remarkable cognitive endeavors of our noble
ancestors as those who contemplated and developed this rational
approach for exploring reality. Hence, my intention at this very
moment will be to make it more precise as to what science really is.
In order to do so, I’ll first define one very much relevant and note-
worthy concept.
Scientific principle is the fundamental method of discovering
reality by which all information and all claims must be proven before
they could be accepted or believed in. Also it means that nothing
could be taken for granted or due to someone’s authority. All facts
must be examined and only those that survive this scrutiny will be
accepted as the truth. However, they will be considered as being true
Dragan Glavasic

only for as long as there are some proofs and/or evidence to support
the claim. But as soon as there are some proofs and/or evidence on
the contrary: then the claim must be reexamined, rejected, modified
as to comply with this new body of evidence or replaced with a more
appropriate assertion.
Science is the rational way of exploring reality that is based on the
scientific principle and this way, it has definitely become the best
method for discovering the truth. Especially, if compared to irration-
al or cognitive chaos, religions or mysticism—that have been exten-
sively practiced in other parts of the world [and which also had
preceded the invention of science in Europe]: where various, often
bizarre, claims were made such that those statements could never be
questioned, checked out or improved. But by placing scientific
principle for its guiding rule and its ultimate creed, science has set
itself apart as the most potent and most remarkable method of dis-
covering reality. European cultural, intellectual, technological,
economic and military superiority is also the undeniable proof of
such claim, because it was made possible through (our superior
intellectual powers which have resulted in) science, as the most
potent weapon for discovering the truth.
Realizing what science is, I’ll turn my attention to defining vari-
ous fields of science because at this moment there seems to be a
discrepancy, grand confusion and a tremendous mistake of what
constitutes various branches of science. In other words, instead of
dividing science into physics, chemistry, biology, physiology, etc—
as currently is the case—my approach will be rather different.
Science could be (or rather should be) divided into: philosophy,
mathematics, physics; because, all three of them are based on the
scientific principle. Such that philosophy deals with reality, mathe-
matics studies the abstract domain (of some rudimentary ideas and
concepts), while physics explores the universe (or matter and the
changes that it undergoes). In addition, we could say that philosophy
has the greatest freedom in its method while mathematics is the
strictest of all sciences. Also some additional observation could
disclose that physics has the most potent impact on our everyday
lives while philosophy has the utmost significance for all intelligent
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

entities since it deals with the most crucial aspects of our being and
the most rudimentary questions that we, as cognitive beings, could
come across, such as: existence, becoming, disappearing, life, death,
meaning, truth, change, eternity, (ultimate) reality, etc whose better
understanding is crucial for our profound quality of existence! Which
means that, in any normal society, philosophy should have the pivot-
al place as the most important, most profound and most remarkable
cognitive activity.
In addition, philosophy as the most significant intellectual endeav-
or could be divided into various fields or subgroups: metaphysics,
ontology, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of science, aesthetics,
philosophy of mind, political philosophy, etc. [Where metaphysics is
a major branch of philosophy that deals with the ultimate reality;
ontology is concerned with existence and the way something exists;
epistemology deals with what we know and how we know it; ethics
examines human assertions and/or behavior in respect to what is
(morally) right or wrong…]
Mathematics as the most ordered science could be divided into
geometry, probability (and statistics), ultrafilters (including set theo-
ry), logic. Geometry could be defined as the field of mathematics
that deals with the abstract concept of space. If we specify numbers
as distances or units of length [instead of as sets] then various alge-
bras, arithmetic, calculus, differential equations, topology, group
theory, etc would constitute diverse branches of geometry just as are
Euclidian, hyperbolic, elliptic, projective geometry, absolute geome-
try, three point geometry, etc.
Finally, physics as the most ordinary or everyday science could be
divided into: mechanics, dynamics, acoustics, optics, electricity and
magnetism, atomic and nuclear physics, geography, astronomy,
cosmology, thermodynamics, chemistry, biology, psychology, soci-
ology, history, archeology, medical science, law, political science,
computer science, engineering, architecture, etc. All of these are
under hospices of physics (or applied physics) since all of them deal
with matter and the changes that happen in matter and that is the
rudimentary definition of physics so they are all branches of physics.
Chemistry, for instance, only deals with those aspects of matter that
Dragan Glavasic

we perceive as atoms and/or molecules; hence, it studies their charac-

teristics, interactions and various processes associated with atoms
and molecules, in so far as chemical reactions go. [While atomic
physics deals with atoms in a rather different way, thus observes
them from a different perspective and is concerned with their other
aspects.] Furthermore, organic chemistry deals only with those
molecules that are based on carbon atoms. In addition, biology is a
branch of physics that deals with live organisms.
It should also be mentioned that various branches of physics
(science) intermingle and share fields of interests [like organic chem-
istry and biology or atomic physics and chemistry or biology and
medicine, psychology and sociology, geography and astronomy,
astronomy and cosmology, philosophy of politics and political sci-
ence, etc] due to the fact that they all deal with matter and changes
which matter undergoes (actually with reality) thus is not always
possible to draw sharp borders among various fields. 1 For example,
logic could be perceived as a subdivision of philosophy as well.
Finally, it should be stated that some branches of science (physics)
are better developed and they have substantial understanding of their
fields of interest. For instance, optics is a very strong branch of
physics for it has mastered the field of its interest and there is very
little unknown hence its claims are on sound ground. On the other
hand, psychology deals with human brain (or mind) and since that is
not very known territory or easily accessible—psychology, at this
moment, is not an exact science but rather constitutes a soft science:
the one that has not substantially mastered the field of its research.
However, in due time, it could be expected that accumulated data and
significant discoveries would result in transforming this soft science
into hard one. [Elementary particles is yet another poorly understood
branch of physics since it deals with one, at this moment, very hard

It will be demonstrated, late on, that within this interdisciplinary field, a new kind
of mathematics (presented in chapter nine) could be placed; as science that uses
strictly mathematical methods and approaches in exploring reality and material
world. But unlike applied mathematics, this new branch of mathematics closely
resembles and deems to emulate pure mathematics.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

to reach region of reality. To aid our efforts in understanding this

“remote” domain, we have devised various instruments (electronic
microscopes, accelerators, etc): but they all require some form of
unofficial interpretations, because there is a leap of faith in associ-
ating a faint line on some photographic plate with a trace of some
supposed elementary particles. In other words, we need to be cau-
tious for it is not clear just how much we should trust any assertion
that was made under those extreme, poorly understood, circum-
stances. Or at least some of their claims might be rather questionable
and that warrants prudent caution.]
Cosmology is yet another of the little know fields of science that,
by its nature, ought to be a part of physics but since it is dealing with
aspects of Cosmos that are completely outside our scope of influence
and beyond our abilities to perceive them in any way: it might be
more proper to place cosmology under hospices of philosophy. After
all, many sciences have started as an interest in philosophy [perhaps,
due to the fact that it has the highest degree of freedom in its method]
before they were eventually transformed into a full-fledged branch of
physics. Therefore, that’s why some like to claim that philosophy is
the mother of all sciences or the fundamental science.
Finally, it should be mentioned that, to some extent, science could
also be divided into pure and applied. Pure are all those branches
that deal with more cognitive, abstract and/or remote regions of
knowledge or reality: those that could not be easily associated with
common life. For instance, physics of elementary particles, meta-
physics, cosmology and most of mathematics might be considered to
be examples of pure science. Applied sciences are all those branches
that have close or obvious connections with everyday life thus that,
more or less, directly affect our quality of existence. For instance
calculus, statistics, differential equations, ethics, philosophy of poli-
tics, medicine, chemistry, engineering, architecture, history, law,
biology, psychology, sociology, economy, computer science, geogra-
phy, etc. On the other hand, it must be stated that all of science, to
some extent, has some connection with common reality—since
everything is a part of and within reality, is essentially interconnected
with, and/or to a degree affects, everything else—which makes this
Dragan Glavasic

entire distinction, on pure and applied science, rather questionable or

arbitrary or perhaps entirely unnecessary.
Before I conclude this short essay I’ll emphasize a possibility of
misuse of science or rather the appearance of “fake science” which
is, frequently, present in schools and could be often seen on the
media such that it is employed to promote and impose blatant lies,
for the purpose of manipulating and/or fooling the people. That
occurrence, actually, has nothing to do with real science but is entire-
ly a part of perfidious propaganda hence the abuse of media, enter-
tainment industry and “education”—insidiously presented as “sci-
ence”—for the sole purpose of indoctrinating general masses more
easily. [In addition, it needs not be emphasized that science, as
everything else, could be abused and employed not to benefit us but
to harm us, in same way.]
Having stated the previous, I have fulfilled my intention in at-
tempting to make some additional sense of reality by defining one of
its most significant concepts: science. By doing so, I have drastically
changed or altered currently prevalent notions of what science is thus
demonstrated that it is confusing and fundamentally wrong to label
only physics as science while ignoring the other two major branches.
Furthermore, I hope to have shown that current division of science
into physics, chemistry, biology, sociology, etc is inappropriate and
misleading therefore that the way out of this cognitive bewilderment
is to see science for what it really is with all its true divisions. That
way, it could be stated, I have made a contribution to science for I
have defined it more clearly thus have straightened this most potent
and remarkable of all possible methods for discovering reality, this
most astonishing and powerful intellectual activity.

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon


There are several approaches to structured understanding of reality.

Two of them—those of materialism and of idealism—are rudimenta-
ry and also most credible because they create two most ordered (and
plausible) forms of reality. Since it makes sense to presume that
reality is ordered then such implies that those two approaches have
the best chances of being correct. Nevertheless, they are also op-
posing to each other which additionally means that they both cannot
be true or that, at most, only one of them could be correct.
Materialism could be defined as a belief that reality is made of
matter. The sole reality is matter (and everything is a manifestation
of it or its activity). Matter is the building block of everything.
Every change (event or activity) has a material background or cause.
Such that matter, and its activity, is eternal. Or alternatively it could
be stated that only matter in motion exists. It has always existed and
it will always exist… There is no first cause or a prime mover.
There could be some other variations on the idea but the essence
of materialism is matter. Everything that exists is matter or a product
of matter. For instance, mind if it exists is the product of matter.
Immaterial entities (such as mind, self, consciousness, god, demon,
ghost, spirit, soul, etc) do not really exist. They are abstract concepts
that were thought (created) by matter (brain) but which are not real
and as such are not a part of reality; or at most are a product of mat-
ter in motion and if they exist, it is only due to the workings of mat-
ter, and as such they exist abstractly and only for as long as matter
induces them. [Thoughts, ideas, emotions and feelings are products
of a brain and exist as the creations of a brain; hence, would not be
possible without a function brain and they exist for only as long as

Dragan Glavasic

the brain induces them. Idea or a thought of a flying dragon exists

inside the brain, but flying dragon is not a real concept for it exists
only abstractly within a mind as a thought, and not as a material
creature made of flash and blood.]
Mind and consciousness would not be possible and would not
exist if there is no matter that produces them within a functional
brain. In this less rigid approach to materialism, mind exists as an
abstract entity but has no causal abilities and is, in fact, completely
dependant of the brain (matter), which induces it and brings it into
abstract existence. [Far stricter would be to say that only and exclu-
sively matter in motion exists! Such that all immaterial objects or
abstract entities are non-existent.]
This however does not imply that Cosmos or reality do not have
some purpose or awareness: as many promoters of materialism seem
to have believed. Quite to the contrary, it is rather possible to incur-
porate the ideas of some higher purpose or direction and that of
overall intelligence or awareness as being parts of matter or the
universe and reality.
Materialism makes a great deal of sense if we take under consider-
ation empirical data. By applying the perceived outside information
we could conclude that reality is indeed best defined through materi-
alism 2 …
Idealism is the opposite approach to materialism. It is the theory
that everything (universe or reality) is the product of a mind.
Meaning that reality is dependant for its existence on a mind and its
activities. Without the mind (and its activities) there would be no
reality or indeed anything else. All reality is a creation of a mind:
matter does not exist! More correctly stated, matter does not exist of
itself and for itself, but is a cognitive (or abstract) creation of a mind,
without whom it would not be at all. Only abstract entities exist.
They exist abstractly and only if the mind thinks of them. Mind is
the only truly and really existent entity; such that it is also the creator

Somewhat related concept—though less valid—is that of atomism. Keeping in
mind that those early atomists Leucippus, Democritus, Epicurus, Lucretius were
also the founders of materialism.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

of everything. [The only question is whether there is just one mind

or more than one. To which there is no answer. Previous could also
imply that there might be one or more than one reality, in regard to
how many minds there are. Or alternatively there is only one reality
such that it might be a product of all minds, or by the absolute mind
which could be defined as the sum of all minds. [Materialism would
also permit absolute mind as the sum of all brains (or some other
cognitive structures, like computers, if they are intelligent), especial-
ly if they are able to communicate and collaborate.]]
Physical world is not real and does not really exist. Or alterna-
tively stated: the external world is not physical. Reality could be
explained though concepts of: mind, self, soul, ego, spirit, facts of
truth, ideas, thoughts, emotions, etc. Everything else depends on
them for their existences, but they depend on nothing for their exis-
tences. Only mind, mind type activities and their idea-type contents
actually exist. [Or as Plato would say it: the absolute reality is the
everlasting domain of ideal (best possible), independently existent,
unchanging and timeless forms (actually: ideas) and the absolute
subjects of the ultimate truth; such that perceived reality is only a bad
copy or inadequate approximation of what is actually real.]
However, from epistemological standpoint that could imply that
nothing could be known except the mind and its mental content. In
the extreme sense: all a person could ever know is what is in his
mind and nothing else. Alternatively, it could also imply that all
knowledge is derived from the mind. No empirical date is possible
or in any way reliable. Nothing could be known about the external
world, not even if there is one. [For, according to idealism, it is quite
possible that my mind is all that exists thus creates everything else.]
Knowledge about everything has to be derived from within one’s
mind (since our senses are useless). And such is a dead end, the
unavoidable demise of philosophy: which ought to discredit idealism
altogether! Because, in a more pragmatic sense, such approach
might be counterproductive in dealing with the rigors of everyday
living thus is not beneficial in our attempts to make sense of reality
and to improve our standard of living. Not only that it would force
us to live in a state of denial and under a reign of dormant lethargy,
Dragan Glavasic

but also would undermine our prime objective of being the eyes and
brains of this universe, of becoming the essential cognitive parts
within the absolute mind of the ultimate reality.

Even though idealism creates most elegant design of reality, still it is

not very practical; while materialism depicts the most functional and
also more probable one. In other words, according to our senses and
overall perceptions and understandings of reality 3 : materialism is
credible and most likely to be the accurate description of what is
really out there… And under no circumstances should human immor-
tality be exclusively associated with the notion of idealism, as it will
be demonstrated presently.
But first, let’s examine the very foundations of the ultimate

Made possible through the Fundamental Assumption.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon


All living creatures are actually the veterans of an endless war for
the survival… Individual entities must die and entire species could be
extinct, but evolution assures that, in the end, life would triumph!
Because evolution is a process that deals with a huge number of
entities (within colossal “space and time”): assuring that
possibilities are enormous…

Earth was formed from a cosmic cloud of dust and gasses about 4.6
billion years ago. Dense, more heavy materials sank to its center (the
iron core) while lighter materials remained near the surface and made
its crust. The early atmosphere was poisonous to the contemporary
life forms and it contained insignificant amounts of oxygen.

Survival of a living thing depends not only on his ability to fit with
the rest but also with an element of chance or pure luck. One turtle
might be better fit than the other but while the better fit, at the mo-
ment it was hatched, runs into a hungry bird; the other less fit has a
free run towards the sea… Or as well, a simple less advanced crea-
ture could easily destroy a more advanced one: like a parasite, a
bacteria or a virus that could infest and kill a mammal… Which
might be a fatal flow, a deadly mistake in the grand design… But
then again it might be just a glitch, a small setback…
Since life started on this planet, it continually existed in spite of
all periodic catastrophes that beseeched our world: meaning that life
is not so fragile, once it appears and starts thriving in the proper
conditions. Ability to adjust to new situations and take advantages of

Dragan Glavasic

new opportunities galvanizes evolution and assures survival of the

fittest: the continual presence of life itself, in spite of all adversities!

Life is a natural occurrence, an innate state; something that appears

whenever the conditions, for its emergence, are right. Life is neither
a miracle nor a mystery: but rather it is easily understandable, one
fundamentally normal or a natural thing, an innate process, indeed.
Something that happens regularly or from time to time throughout
this vast universe. It is really as natural as anything else.

Life or various forms of it, on our planet, are the result or a

consequence of four billion years of continual evolution: a relentless
struggle, war, competition, eating, devouring, butchering, and
eradicating others… Which implies that struggle, war and
competition are rudimentary modes of interaction powering and
galvanizing evolution and life itself… To defeat or eliminate the
competition usually means a success in life and a triumph in the
ultimate game of survival. Because the battle for survival is actually
the triumph of life! Existence could be short, bruits and painful to a
single creature: but it will assure that life survives and blossoms.

[If we take an audio or a video tape or a piece of written paper and

copy it over and over, always making a new copy from the last one—
the end result would be worse than the initial recording or text; but
evolution enables improvement through reproduction and many
times copied DNA would be a better version of its predecessors.
Because evolution deals with a large number of entities hence it
relentlessly disregards junk or those not fit while overwhelmingly
embraces those already fit and especially advances, those better fit
within the whole. And in spite of some periodic glitches or setbacks,
the sheer quantity of units assures that the overall march of evolution
(life) is marked with constant progress.]

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Life is a phenomenon, a sate of special existence; such that entities

defined as being alive are—as far as we know it—based on DNA
molecules and have some rather unique properties, like: ability to
defend themselves [for instance: cats that use teeth and claws to fight
the enemies, or deer which use antlers to fend off predators, or plants
that apply chemicals to discourage insects], to heal or maintain
themselves [such as to repair damage that environment or other life
forms do to them], to reproduce, to interact with environment, to get
born, to grow and die, to eat or perform metabolism [to take sub-
stance from the environment or from other live entities, to process it
as to sustain themselves], to move [obviously as animals do or incon-
spicuously as plants do (where plants move by grooving, by seeding
and expending over a vast territory]... Some forms of life also could
perceive environment and the highest forms, in addition, have ability
to reason [to remember or accurately reconstruct the past, to under-
stand the present and to predict the future] which are all substantial
advantages in the great game of survival. The most primitive life
forms (and some higher as well)—e.g. polyps, insects, some fish and
plants—use massive reproduction as their main strategy for the
survival, where they flood environment with their fertilized seeds or
offspring hoping that such large quantities would assure their sur-
vival (hence that predators would not be able to eat all of them, or at
least that predators would not be able to eat as much of them as they
could reproduce); in a way, implying that they are usually destined to
become a food source for other forms of life. Higher life forms use
senses—a more accurate perception of the world—to better their
chances for survival, which reduces the need for extensive repro-
duction, while the highest forms use intellect—the most powerful
tool in ascertaining reality—as their main survival advantage, which
completely eliminates the need to mass reproduction. For instance,
wolves have only several cubs and humans have even less in their
lifetime, while turtles or ants or bees or mosquitoes have thousands
(such that most of them would be eaten even before reaching maturi-
ty or before their lives ought to end naturally).
As far as we could detect reality, all life forms that we know of,
are made of matter (and are, in fact, closely associated with DNA
Dragan Glavasic

structure), though it might be possible that perhaps other forms of

life might exists if and only if other forms of substance [other than
matter] actually exist [that should not be, in any way, connected to or
defined through DNA molecule]. Only we don’t know of any such
form at this moment, and as such it might not be a very plausible
option. Most certainly it is not proven and should not be advisable to
discus such an unlikely or a highly theoretical possibility, at this time
or until there is some proof of its existence. Unless we state clearly
that it is not a scientific enquiry but rather an exploration within
science-fiction. On the other hand, it might be possible, even likely,
that in this universe there might be some life forms not based on
organic matter or carbon molecules or rather DNA. In that category
we should also include artificial life and/or artificial intelligence or
any life form based on silicon (chip). 4
Therefore, all we could say for certain is that life, on our planet or
in this universe, is made of matter or that life is a part of matter. Not
just any form of matter but those with the above mentioned unique
characteristics. [Keeping in mind, an unlikely possibility, that if we
ever discover or prove the existence of other forms of substances
that, in such a case and only then, we should consider also a possi-
bility that other forms of life might exist as well.]
Newton’s laws (like the law of gravity as well as some other
credible laws) of physics apply to all material objects, including life
forms. Aside from those physical laws, the rudimentary laws of
nature that govern entire universe (and all in it) thus also all life
forms are: the self-preservation principle and the fundamental rule.
[The self-preservation principle states that entity must do whatever it
takes as to maintain itself. This principle also applies to all that is a

Artificial life and/or silicon based life (intelligence) might be the only semi-alien
life forms that we might come up with in the near future. Only they would most
likely be our children and if they overtake us and substitute us then perhaps it was
a part of the grand cosmic design: where we would spawn a new breed of life that
would be superior to carbon based organic matter thus destined to transmogrify in
our successors. That way evolution starts with carbon life forms, creates intellect
which in turns starts a completely new form of life such that evolution takes over,
carries on with these new superior forms, to develop and improve them further.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

part of such entity or to all that entity is an integral part of. Meaning
that, for instance, a person must do all in his powers to maintain
himself (including his vital body parts: e.g. brain, heart, lungs) but
also his children, his family members, his race, etc. As a matter of
fact, all that is part of his realm… [So the lion defends his pride and
his cubs with his life if necessary! And patriotic men defend their
countries or civilization or even better their sacred realm with their
lives, if needed!] It is because of this rule that suicide is wrong: it
violates the self-preservation principle. In other words, suicide is not
wrong because someone said it is wrong or it is written in some book
[be it some religious holly book or a secular book of law] that it is
wrong: it is wrong because we all know it is wrong, because it is
written in our genes. The decree condemning suicide is carved in the
most significant “book” of them all: this universe and reality itself, in
the form of the self-preservation principle! To take one’s own life is
to violate this fundamental rule of nature and that is the ultimate
transgression, the unforgettable sin!
Similarly to that, the fundamental rule is a tendency in nature such
that all live entities have a proclivity to consume or overtake other
entities while avoiding being consumed or overtaken themselves. In
other words, eat and don’t be eaten or conquer while not been con-
quered. [To an extent the fundamental rule is an extension of the
self-preservation principle.] In a sense both those rules apply to non-
living entities as well, but they are especially apparent among the
living things. [For instance the sun would pull the planets as to
engulf them, but the planets would revolve around the sun as to resist
its gravitational attraction; just as the fox would chase the rabbit in
order to eat it while the rabbit would run away as not to be eaten. In
a more profound sense, those two innate principles are a manifes-
tations of what really is out there: a more profound understanding of
reality.] Which implies that living entities are a part of, or a subset
of, non-living entities, have come out of them; have reached one
higher level of excellence. Such that intelligent entities have come
up the furthest on the evolutionary scale and represent something
really special. In other words, life is a qualitative move up compared
to inanimate nature, while intellect is the highest level of existence.]
Dragan Glavasic

This further implies that all manmade laws [religious or secular]

ought to be in compliance to nature’s laws and must not force hu-
mans as to violate the codes of nature in order to obey judicial laws,
the laws of society: for any such society, which forces men to dis-
obey nature, is deviant and therefore doomed, is on its way to ex-
Previously stated ought to suggest that even though it makes sense
for us to help other members of our Realm, still it makes no sense
and is rather deviant for us to help others, those outside of our realm
[for instance, other races or anything that represent our competition
(for the same resources) or otherwise might be a treat to us in any
way, shape or form.] The golden rule ought NOT to be, as Christians
would say: “Don’t do to other that what you would not like them do
to you.” Instead the golden rule must be: always know who we are,
as to help each other; and equally so always know who our ene-
mies or competitors are, as to relentlessly destroy them!
Also it should be mentioned that natural selection or the survival
of the fittest is the rule of nature that applies to living (and might be,
to some theoretical extent, valid for the inanimate objects as well).
[For example, in a highly speculative sense, if there is Cosmos made
of many universes then natural selection might determine which of
those universes would survive and which would perish.] The work-
ing of those natural forces seems to lead universe toward the creation
of life, which stems out of the inanimate mater, then induces the
refinement of those live entities until intelligence appears. Finally,
those forces encourage further refinement of intellect until the high-
est forms of reason appear. That way the universe (or reality itself)
becomes self-conscious, aware of its own existence, able to perceive
itself, to comprehend reality.

Life occurs naturally whenever the conditions are ripe. As it hap-

pened on our planet long time ago. Some four billion years in our
past, when Earth was covered with a substantial amount of water
containing different atoms and molecules. Hot lava spewed from
numerous volcanoes, minerals and gasses sipped into the Precam-
brian ocean, creating a primordial organic soup, with the right
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

temperature for chemical reactions to occur. It was constantly zap-

ped with cosmic radiation as well as with electricity in forms of
naturally occurring lightening, which were catalysts for various
interactions. That being the case different chemical reactions created
different molecules some of which were unstable and they broke
down easily but some were more stable and they persisted longer.
[Meaning that natural selection might apply within the field of
chemistry as well.] In such volatile environment it was only a ques-
tion of time when a chemical compound would form that we recog-
nize as DNA.
DNA molecule is a special type, a unique entity, capable to re-
plicate, make crude copies of itself. At that very moment the forces
of natural selection [definitely] took over and those molecules that
were better in copying themselves, remained, while the others simply
disappeared. [Actually, the first DNA molecules that were able to
copy faster than they were destroyed have managed to remain or
survive.] Better and more successful strains of DNA were intro-
duced through naturally occurring variations or occasional mutations.
Still those that better copied, and were more stable or longer lasting,
or were better suited for the environment: remained thus eventually
new traits were added to those very models. In time, they developed
outside membranes that protected the molecules from the harsh
environment and first primitive cells or organic forms of life ap-
peared. There is nothing unnatural, nothing mysterious in such,
nothing even unusual. It’s all natural and normal to happen in the
proper environment or when the conditions are inductive for the
appetence of life. In other words, life as we know it could not appear
on Pluto (being too cold and barren) or on Mercury (being too warm
and barren) but could on Earth because our world is abundant with
water, atmosphere, various minerals needed for life and is of proper
First couple billion of years, life was in the realm of single cell
organisms [microorganisms], bacteria that changed the Earth’s initial
atmosphere, comprised mostly of volcanic gasses (with almost no
oxygen) as to contain present day mixture, abundance with oxygen.
[By doing so they have, in a way, unknowingly and unintentionally
Dragan Glavasic

sacrificed themselves for us; since oxygen is poisonous to those

anaerobic bacteria [like tetanus, which still persists in oxygen free
environments], just as that initial atmosphere would be poisonous to
us.] Soon enough oxygen consuming microorganisms took over the
torch of progress, as the first major revolution in the design of life.
Then the second major event in the evolution of life occurred: a
distinction between animals and plants was developed, as some
microorganisms used chlorophyll to collect sun’s energy through
photosynthesis, while others found ways as to hunt down and eat
other life forms. Then the third breakthrough came when some of
those cells joined together as to create a loose union, a division of
labor—like polyps or jellyfish—where some cells did some tasks
while others performed different chores… Natural selection worked
further thus more complex, more capable or advanced, higher forms
of life appeared, 5 until eventually even man arrived as the apex of
evolution, the highest conscious being on this planet, as the most
potent analytic entity [but which has some catastrophic character
flaws build within, such that evolution (or intellect itself) might have
to refine it and substitute men with Overman (as the superior form of
intellect, or perhaps, poetically speaking, the closest thing to deity
this universe would ever encounter)]…
The laws of nature (physics) seem to be structured as to bring
about life and intellect from lifeless forms. Still life might be a rare
state of being, in which case most of this universe is a barren, lifeless
form with only occasional and far away islands of life… Perhaps
most of those instances of life are primitive forms, microorganisms
(or some equivalents of such), where intelligent life is extremely rare
and separated by vast distances from other forms of intelligence.
Perhaps there is a deeper sense in this, since only that way, intellect
could be prevented from self-annihilating, in mutual conflicts and
struggles to death which might be inevitable if higher life forms are
found close by or ever come in contact. After all, struggle and com-
petition are rudimentary factors of life, as well as of existence.

Some additional advances in the design of life were the appearance of: gender,
blood, spine, lungs, body temperature, placenta, nervous system, etc.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Nothing could sustain from them for they are natural. If we ever
come in contact with other intelligent forms then most likely either
they would enslave and/or destroy us or we would do that to them or
we might mutually destroy each other, but to coexist peacefully is the
least likely possibility: and could very well be a biological impossi-
bility. All those deviant pacifists, which indiscriminately avoid
competition and war, are destined to be wiped out. Because even
though in some instances it might not be good to compete and/or to
struggle or wage conflict, still in other instance not to do so would
mean certain annihilation for the pacifist. And it takes reason to
discern what is to do and when. Meaning that among members of
the same race, family or a close related group: it makes sense to
collaborate and reduce conflicts as much as possible; but to apply
that same behavioral pattern toward the outside competitors or ene-
mies [as deviant Christian dogma preaches] would be a direct viola-
tion of evolution thus a certain way into extinction, as a sure sign of
being utterly unfit thus not ready to take part in the world were only
the fittest survive!
Meaning that if we are to survive and prosper: we need to obey
the laws of nature, thus to unite and organize, to know who we are
and help each other; but just as well to know who our enemies are
and to relentlessly eliminate, completely eradicate, utterly wipe them
out, as well as our competition thus to never give them greater rights
and/or privileges than what we have, in fact, never give them any
rights at all, but the right to die!

Dragan Glavasic

There is only one religion and one country for us: it is our race.

When evil overwhelms the terrain of consciousness and extreme

injustice becomes the rule of the land: there is just one thing left for
us to do… When crooks, parasites, thieves and perverts turn every-
thing upside down and call immoral those who are moral, imprison
the good, punish those unlike them: there is just one thing for us to
do… When society spends a great deal of resources to aid and pro-
tect mentally insane, genetic defects, our worst enemies, biggest
criminals and most deviant creeps; while, at the same time, openly
discriminating against us, ignoring and persecuting the smart, honest
and normal: there is just one thing left for us to do…

When every conceivable perversion [from “equal rights” to feminism

to homosexuality to “cultural relativism”] has been forced on us and
we were fooled to stop having children… When white plague is a
way for achieving our pending genocide… When we are to become
minorities in our own countries within a short time span [a couple of
generations at most], when others have far greater rights than what
we have: there is just one liable, just one proper thing for us to do!
There has to be an uprising of draconian proportions that would
relentlessly deal with the injustice, all the sickness and perversion, all
the parasites, lunatics, degenerates, perverts and thieves…

Our response has to be swift and unforgiving…

Our fury has to be the ferocity of the enraged gods!

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon


Democracy is the rule of the mediocre mob, an incoherent reign of

the mundane. However, genuine democracy has existed only in the
ancient Greece… Present day democracies are fake ones: they are
really hidden tyrannies, masked dictatorships of the extremely rich
who use media, “education”, entertainment, finances and brutal
force as to oppress, brainwash and exploit the subdued and terribly
indoctrinated masses. Worst of all, they excessively apply negative
selection as to reward and make successful those, among us, who are
the most despicable, while at the same time to punish those most
moral… Meaning that some form of dictatorship is unavoidable.
However, feudal, communist and capitalist dictatorships are
extremely deplorable ones! The only form of dictatorship that is
appropriate and/or acceptable is that of the smartest men, the higher
man, who in turn would bring about—through positive or natural
selection—the one and only: Overman!

Human flaws are numerous and for our society decapitating… Self-
interest, greed, pathologic longing for fame and fortune, suscepti-
bility to corruption, nepotism, herd mentality, gullibility, vanity,
inborn stupidity (augmented through devastating propaganda and
decrepit education) are some of the main inborn traits used by the
ruling elite [the rich and the powerful] as to oppress and exploit the
population hence along the way to keep entire society tied down, as
to be drowning in the mud of inaptness and backwardness… And if
any of that fails they also have some more powerful means of persua-
sion, tools of brutal repression: monetary methods of controlling the
populace, as well as morbid media, ghastly entertainment, warped
“education”, immoral politicians, military force, simpleminded
police and corrupt judicial system to keep the subdued people servile,

Dragan Glavasic

unquestioning, utterly obedient to the evil system and permanently in


Humans have inborn character flaws. They are susceptible to cor-

ruption and worst of all: it seems that some of the lowest humans (the
dumbest and least moral: those who are most unscrupulous criminals,
thieves, crooks and liars) are also most successful. Just look at the
richest capitalists, businessmen, politicians, athletes or entertainers:
they are truly the most despicable and most repugnant sediments,
rather dumb, excessively immoral and most corrupt creatures that
would do just about anything for money!
It could be a glitch in “the design of” reality or a fatal mistake
within universe in which case we cannot do much about it and this
universe is predestined to fall short, thus would not amount to much:
would never achieve any profound level of self-awareness, would
never reach some higher meaning or purpose in its own existence!
On the other hand, it could as well be the case that those terrible
character flaws could be overcome through evolution: by the arrival
of Nietzsche’s Overman! As the ultimate being which manages to
realize that Realm is the most sacred entity in existence thus would
structure his society as to utterly and relentlessly champion his
Realm! Because, it takes one small realization to make it all happen:
by championing Realm and crating society as close to Plato’s ideal
state as is possible, all member of that society would live better,
work together, and achieve much more than if they all blindly follow
their personal self-interests and pull in their own directions. And
when that realization becomes genetically inherited and/or socially
acceptable, is induced by the system than it will signify the arrival of
Overman. But to give birth to Overman, all bad seeds must be re-
lentlessly wiped out, by the higher men… And if this form of dicta-
torship, this kind of selective breading is not achievable or if the
higher men never manage to come to power then there is a second
chance, there are always computers…

Last few centuries have witnessed some remarkable scientific dis-

coveries that had—for bad or good—tremendous impact on our
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

everyday lives: steam engine, telephone, assembly line, radio and

television, antibiotics and designer drugs, rockets and space explo-
ration, nuclear energy, electricity, computers to name but a few…
Still among them, computers are something really special.
Considering the fact that humans have innate character flaws, it is
not very likely that we, as such, could survive much longer… Mean-
ing that either we would perish or evolve into something else, some-
thing more advanced, something superior in every respect, something
quite godlike: let’s say Overman!
If nature (through natural selection) or some enlightened men find
a way to weed out those susceptible to corruption, as well as the
dumb, the genetically inferior and the diseased: all that is rotten or is
a dead weight then perhaps Overman could naturally arise from us,
from our very stock! But if such is not possible or likely to occur
then as a remote possibility artificial intelligence might save the day
and manage to take over, as Overman or as the next generation of
life. In that case, evolution on this planet went through stages. In the
beginning was only the crude DNA. Then the microorganisms ar-
rived. Then the first big revolution occurred when multi cell organ-
isms appeared, followed in due time with intellect… Finally, artifi-
cial intelligence (or silicon based life) takes over—free from our
catastrophic character flaws—free to live indefinitely, able and
willing to conquer the universe; guided by master morality and its
programmed will to power, having its own Realm [comprised of
Overman, ideal society, computers, intelligence, (artificial) life,
cyber world, and reality] to champion and attend.
Question is what are the actual limitations of computers, of silicon
chip technology, whether such design could achieve the status of
Overman, at all, or if such claim is to remain in the realm of science-
fiction. Also another valid question is that of our abilities to make
such advanced machines. Do we have the mental capacity to attain
that kind of technological sophistication? A related question would
be: even if we could do it, should we do it; and whether some men
would do it, considering that it would very well mean the end of us…
But knowing our innate and catastrophic character flaws, the answer
is simple: if it could be done and if we are able to do it, it will be
Dragan Glavasic

done, even if it means the death of us all… Our innate character

flaws have assured continual presence of traitors within our mists:
those despicable citizens that are ready and willing to sacrifice their
own kind for some small personal gratifications.
Perhaps, nature is indeed destined to eventually create Overman;
and if it does not happen on this planet: still there are so many stars
with planets, out there, and sooner or latter on one of them it is
bound to happen. Where Overman could be either a carbon based or
a silicon based life form or possibly a hybrid of the two. Assuming,
of course that if Overmen are the next generation of computers or
robots—rather than the next generation of “humans”—there are no
structural or innate limitations that prevent artificial intellect from
taking over. But regardless on what Overman would be made of
(carbon or silicon or a mix of the two or something else): if it hap-
pens—it would signify, perhaps, the final stage in the evolution and
this brand new being could freely and joyfully start its remarkable
conquest of the universe! They (the glorious Overmen) will be the
smartest, most moral and most relentless beings ever! They will be
sophisticated, advanced, united and highly organized. They will
venture into deep space not to seek friends and help whoever or serve
others: but to destroy or take over and exploit—as nature demands
from them; as nature, indeed, demands from all those fit to exist!

There is nothing more morbid, despicable or condemning than

seeing humans who chose not to have their own progeny and instead
of their own children they subserviently serve and obediently take
care of cats and dogs or even worse of our competitor’s repugnant
offspring. That is a sin above all others, a pure sign and a definite
proof that humanity is, indeed, a dreadful disease on the surface of
this planet that needs to be wiped out, cleansed for good!

We are destined either to perish or to evolve into Overman or

alternatively bring up our cognitive progeny, the computers, to take
over (as Overman)… Whatever the case, we just cannot afford and
should not allow those simpletons, mediocrities, inbreeds, perverts,
subhumans, parasites and animal lovers—currently in power—to
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

persist in exploiting, brainwashing and terrorizing us any longer: in

pushing us toward the abyss!

Dragan Glavasic


Main function of intellect is to perceive reality and to make as much

sense of it as possible. [Nature has pledged this by assuring that
those beings which better perceive and understand reality also have
better chances for survival and prosperity.] Since mind is closely
related to intelligence and plays a key role in ascertaining reality:
mind becomes one of the crucial concepts for the comprehension of
reality. Both as a tool that makes sense of reality and as an object
that needs to be itself contemplated. In order to better understand
reality we should first realize what mind is.

Reality is all that exists (as it actually exists). This includes all enti-
ties as well as all happenings or occurrences. In a broader sense,
reality could be understood as all that exists, has existed or will exist.

There are two essential and most credible approaches in compre-

hending reality. The first one is that of idealism and the second one
is of materialism. Both are extremely significant for they have the
best chances of understanding the big picture. Such that in one of
them matter plays the key role while in the other that distinction is
taken over by idea or perhaps more accurately stated by the mind.
Additionally we could realize that in materialistic approach the
concept of brain makes great deal of sense and the concept of mind is
credible only in so far as it is the product of a functional brain. In
other words, mind could be nothing else than the working of the
brain. The brain functions and its functioning is actually what we
call mind. That way, mind is only a name, a label, or a byproduct of
a functional brain and is not some mysterious entity that enables
consciousness. In the same way as any time we turn on the light
bulb: a byproduct of heat and magnetism is induced as well.

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

On the other hand, from an idealistic perspective, mind is the

significant concept and brain (if it exists abstractly or at all) is the
cognitive creation of a functional mind. Mind exists and is one of
the most significant entities [if not one and only true entity]; but the
existence of brain is dubious or fundamentally insignificant.
Finally it could be argued that what materialists call brain, the
idealists might call mind and vice versa. Or perhaps a more accurate
statement would be that there seems to be a significant entity within
reality, such that materialists call it the brain while idealists call it the
mind; but under final analysis it is one entity that has been given two
distinct names and additionally assigned some different properties as
well. [MATERIALISM: Brain could exist even though it is not
functional. For example, it could be dead and kept in a jar. But
mind cannot! Mind only exists within a functional brain, because it
is actually a cognitive process within a functional brain. Mind is a
byproduct of a functional brain and could not exist away or inde-
pendently from the brain. IDEALISM: Mind exists and only it really
exists, thus creates everything else. Or if anything exists it is actu-
ally created by a mind; except the mind itself which exists first and
Still, no matter what approach we take, we could conclude that
such entity (brain and/or mind) exists and is a crucial aspect of reali-
ty. It is closely related or in some way associated with other rather
important concepts: consciousness, intelligence, self, the existence of
self. To this list we might be able to add one more concept: the con-
cept of “soul”. However, unlike those other ideas, soul is a more
questionable one. [In spite of the claims of both idealists and materi-
alists: consciousness, intelligence, self could indeed be creations of
both mind and brain thus should be a part of materialism as well;
soul, on the other hand, could be only part of idealism.]
The intrinsic significance and ontological status of consciousness,
intellect and self should not be questioned, since they are rather
obvious aspects of any intelligent being. Just as we could say “I
think therefore I exist” we could also apply reason to conclude that it
additionally implies the existences of consciousness, as well as intel-
ligence, and that of self: because, if we are not conscious and intelli-
Dragan Glavasic

gent we could not make such claim. In addition, if an intelligent and

couscous entity exists and is able to perceive that it exists then as a
corollary it goes that it possesses the self: as a specific condition or
an entity that specifies what or who it really is that exists, such that it
exists uniquely as something that could not be mixed up with some-
thing else that also might exist at the same time but in a different
space. 6 Such that all three entities are creations of a functional brain.
Being unique for they were created by a unique brain. [Just as the
mind is created by a specific brain and is unique for it is created by a
unique or distinct brain.]
In order to be able to explain such uniqueness some people have
resorted to the notion of soul as (immortal) entity that uniquely dis-
tinguishes a being. On the other hand, perhaps SELF is all that is
required to make such unique distinction of what defines uniqueness
of an intelligent and conscious entity. In other words, a human pos-
sesses self and as such it can only exist at a given time, uniquely.
That means that at any given time, throughout this universe, there
could be only one self (or soul) which represents ME; or any other
person, for that matter. There could be and most likely there are
many other individuals but each one of them, at a give time interval,
exists (or lives) uniquely, and there could be no other identical
individuals existent at that same time but at different space. Further-
more, it should be possible for the self to exist more than once, thus a
person should be able to have more than one life and in fact to live
infinitely many lives, only not at the same time but at different times.
Such is a logical approach as well, since it does not make sense
for one and the same thing to be at two different locations at a given
moment. Something cannot be here and there at the same time! That
is not possible in our universe or in our reality. [One and the same
object cannot be in Belgrade and in Moscow at the very same mo-
Words “time” and “space” are used due to language limitations, even thought
those concepts do not really exist in reality. In other words, they are abstract ideas,
there are no such things as time and space, but in everyday language those words
are frequently used and actually or often mean change and location. Time is a
change (or alternatively a moment) while space is a location. Such that change
(moment) and location are valid concepts that exist in reality.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

ment.] However, it does not prevent an entity to reappear from time

to time. A thing could be here and there at different times. Or stated
more accurately, a person could die and get born again, at another
time (and most likely at another place as well), thus live infinitely
many lives. [Implying that death is a remarkable traveling machine
by which a person crosses incredible distances, in the interval be-
tween his death and his rebirth. Such that memory is not preserved
but self, intelligence (ability to reason), consciousness and one’s
mind is!]
The previous argument, perhaps, could be made more elegantly
through the notion of soul, which makes sense in idealistic reality.
Thus the possible existence of soul might actually be a proof for the
validity of idealism. Especially since it creates an elegant version of
the big picture.
Event though there is more sense for us to prescribe to material-
ism, still, under final analysis: idealism might offer a more elegant
description of reality. Problem is that it would also allow all sorts of
irrationalities to become mainstream ideas which could undermine
our entire quest to perceive and comprehend reality, thus decimate
our advanced civilization in the process. And since materialism is
empirically more stable and credible than we better stay away from
idealism… It makes no sense to purposely create chaos in philoso-
phy: especially since our goal is to recognize order and make sense
of reality thus not to turn everything upside down and confuse our
understandings of reality as much as possible. [This way we have
also just proven that materialism has triumphed over idealism.]
Besides, if we entirely prescribe to materialism, the notion of soul
could be sufficiently—and far more credibly—substituted by the idea
of self, taking under account its essential or necessary uniqueness.
Because, each and every entity could be seen in two ways. A car, for
instance, could be seen as a unique entity that is different from all
other cars, such that no two cars are identical, no matter how much
they look alike; just as it could be seen as being just one of many
entities that belong to the family of cars. However, it would be
wrong to say that at the same time, there is a car in Belgrade and also
that there is that same car in Moscow; because even though they
Dragan Glavasic

might appear identical, they still would be different cars and not the
same one. Meaning that we could group similar entities in a broader
set of cars, or in a smaller subset of BMWs, (or even smaller subsets:
such as Z3 series, or Z3 series painted in metallic red), for instance,
such that each individuals car is unique in its existence.
Because it is, simply, not possible for anything to be at two differ-
ent, separate and far away locations at the very same moment. Even
though it would be logically possible for one and the same object to
disappear and appear once again. Let’s say that a car is dismantled
to the smallest of its components. Since it is no longer functional
entity it no longer exists, as the car. No one would dare to say that a
piled up heap of metal, plastic, glass, rubber, wires, rods, wheels,
tires, axels, gears, screws, nuts and bolts is the car. But just as the
car could have been disassembled so it could be reassembled, once
again, from those same parts, in the exactly same automobile as it
was before. Therefore, one and the same object or entity could in-
deed appear and disappear infinitely many times. Meaning, one and
the same entity could exist at different time intervals. That claim is
also very logical and in accordance to this reality.
That way, the most accurate would be to actually associate or
equate the abstract, somewhat confusing and perhaps false notion of
“soul” with the concept of “self”. Such that unlike soul—self is,
indeed, existent and is a significant part of this (materialistic) reality,
thus closely associate with the notions of intellect, consciousness and

Mind represents the cognitive processes within a functional brain.

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon


According to determinism, this universe and all that exists within it

[including human beings] are subject to existing laws thus behave
accordingly. If we could observe two separate but identical uni-
verses then they would remain identical in every respect no matter
what changes occur and regardless how much time passes.
On the other hand, free will is a notion that humans (or intelligent
beings) have a specific ability to independently, all by themselves,
determine what their action should be in a given circumstance. In the
above example, the two universes would not be identical if they
contain intelligent beings with free will for each individual would
behave according to his free will (his personal choosing, which can-
not be governed by any laws thus is completely independent from
anything) and that would result with different universes.

There are no empirical ways that we could find out if determinism or

free will is correct. [Since there are no other logical or possible
solutions, that implies: either determinism or free will is correct. One
of them must be correct; both cannot!] But if we take under consid-
eration that determinism makes sense in materialistic universe while
free will is custom made approach for idealism, and if we further
assess which one of them is more probable: whether materialism or
idealism, we might come with the answer through this indirect man-
Idealism is a remarkable approach and one very elegant way to
make sense of reality. It enables human immortality through the
concept of soul, which makes idealism very attractive and perhaps
popular among many humans [since we have inborn fear of dying

Dragan Glavasic

and are cognitively aware of our deaths being inevitable]. However,

idealism also contains a fatal flow: it allows almost anything to go,
any claim regardless how probable or improbable, and that makes it
anything but a functional approach. Most bizarre, macabre, simple-
minded, destructive or obscene beliefs, notions or concepts could be
imposed on us; regardless how shockingly idiotic or flagrantly in-
sane. For instance, superstitions, fortune telling, psychic abilities,
faith healing, alternative medicine, and all other nonsense that comes
from outside of Europe, especially from the Far East might gain a
sense of plausibility under idealism… And such represents a death-
blow to idealism! [In fact, if Plato had had a chance to observe Mon-
goloids and contemplate their utter stupidity, he would have most
likely abandoned his journey into idealism altogether.]
Materialism is the second major approach that makes a great deal
of sense if we take empirical data under consideration. We perceive
matter all around us and it makes sense to conclude that in such
reality determinism is a more viable option. In other words, reality
has more sense under materialistic approach, which implies that
determinism is more liable to be correct than free will. [Which addi-
tionally favors science and gives it a decisive edge over irrational
nonsense! Which is a significant contribution to our overall welfare,
all by itself. And since science has easily and decisively triumphed
over anything irrational 7 : it is also an additional proof for material-
Even though free will somehow pleases us and favors our sense of
heightened significance, still the notion of free will could easily be

Life quality and standard of living has improved enormously due to science and
science alone. While other races relied on religions and superstitions, thus dwelled
in slums; Europeans developed science and became the leaders of progress… Only
when our knowledge, resources and technology were given to other races did they
start leaving the slums of despair… This is actually a proof that science is superior
to anything irrational. After all, other races were food for lions, tigers, crocodiles,
pythons, leopards, etc and they were constantly bullied, harassed and terrorized by
rhinoceros, hippopotamus, scorpions, venomous snakes, termites, elephants,
buffalos, and other animals until white men gave them advanced and more potent
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

explained through the fact of circumstances that have great many

possibilities. In other words, computers and humans are often pre-
sented with enormously many choices and they chose in accordance
to given laws of nature—which might not be apparent or known to
us—but even as such, due to great many possible outcomes and most
of all subtle differences (that could not be easily noticed), frequently
those choices are not identical even though they are all chosen in
respect to determinism. Even in very much similar or seemingly
identical situations: humans and computers might take different
paths, which are due to those subtle differences and according to the
laws governing this universe, but which we might misinterpret as
examples of free will.
Implying that in the set containing a huge number of possibilities,
or within any large and complex system, determinism gives an im-
pression of random disorder, chaos or free will even though there is
no such a thing as chaos or free will! Reality is devoid of chaos and
of free will, or anything random indeed. That means that free will is
yet another mistake in the field of consciousness that has to be cor-
rected if we are to improve our understanding of the ultimate reality.
Free will would make a great deal of sense in reality based on ideal-
ism, but in reality (or the universe) based on materialism, it makes no
sense, whatsoever, and in fact determinism would be far more appro-
priate. Furthermore, since it makes sense for us to prescribe to mate-
rialism (instead of idealism) than, just the same, we ought to favor
determinism over free will.

Dragan Glavasic


Live entities have an innate proclivity or an overwhelming instinct to

stay alive, to avoid death. As a matter of fact, all that exist have a
natural tendency to remain existent… On the other hand, intelligent
beings also have a knowledge that sooner or later we must die:
which is in the direct disagreement with our inborn predisposition to
live, to fear death and our prime objective to circumvent our demise.
That way, these two rudimentary but inconsistent forces have
created a great deal of inner strife, a tremendous mental instability,
a volatile environment, an enormous conflict within human mind:
because, on one hand we are aware that death is eminent and on the
other hand there is this overwhelming desire to live, a primordial
order to stay alive… Unfortunately, up till now, only religions have
attempted to reduce or completely alleviate this cognitive chaos, this
awesome source of the ultimate confusion and horrifying contra-

Within unbounded Cosmos or inside infinite universe that contains

unlimited amount of substance or matter, which exists forever and
undergoes constant or periodic changes for all eternity and beyond: it
would not be logical 8 for intelligent life to appear only once and only
in one place. What’s more, within such awesome and mind boggling
structure as is Cosmos or our universe, it would be far more logical
to expect for each and every being—that is, was or will be—to peri-

Logical: that which is in compliance with logic. Logic: a set of specific
fundamental rules that seem to be built in within the essential structure of reality
and this universe.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

odically reappear then disappear and to continue that everlasting

process indefinitely.
In other words, all people that are currently alive, that have al-
ready lived or will yet live: will be born and will die countless num-
ber of times; hence, lead infinitely many identical, similar and totally
different lives. Each and every conscious human being will have
endless quantity of different lives and each one of those countless
number of different lives will be repeated infinitely many times.
That means that we are immortal beings: since an infinite number of
short lives is actually immortality (eternal existence within the only
functional framework of immortality: immortality that is made of
incalculable number of finite lives)!
Just stated is the only possible rational conclusion since in the
infinite universe, which contains incredible amount of matter that
exists forever and undergoes constant or periodic changes: it would
not be logical to expect that life would appear only once in one place
or that we would live just one short life then disappear forever thus
never again exist for all eternity. Because if our ontological status
before our birth is identical to our ontological condition after our
death then we were dead before we were born and if we were dead
once then we came to life, with death we only return to that previous
state, in which we were already and from where we entered life,
hence in eternal and infinite universe that contains endless quantity
of matter: we don’t have any other option but eternally to carry on
that colossal cycle of endless births and deaths, leading countless
number of different lives, each one of them infinitely many times.
This form of existence is also the only pragmatic type of immor-
tality 9 therefore the very best thing that could happen to us, which

No rational human being could spend eternity cooped up in one specific place
without going insane from utter boredom and despair, regardless how nice or
desirable that place might appear to be. On the other hand, notions that—through
reincarnation—humans could become primitive creatures (like: mindless slugs or
bugs) in the next life or somehow enter some form of comatose bliss is too
ridiculous to be taken seriously. This effectively eliminates all currently dominant
religions of the world. In addition, religions ought not to be taken seriously since
Dragan Glavasic

demonstrates that reason alongside science has finally managed to

uncover—a deeper and more profound truth beyond mundane ap-
pearance—that the ultimate reality is much more favorable toward
life and intellectual entities than what we could have ever imagined
through irrational means, such as superstitions or religions.

Similar to that, there is an additional argument: in colossal reality

which is best defined through fundamental characteristics of eternal
existence and change, it makes more sense to expect for us to live
endless number of lives thus that way to be immortal; instead of
anticipating that we would never get born or to have just one short
life or a limited number of finite lives!

The previous two arguments have demonstrated that from a material-

listic position, as from an idealistic standpoint, just as from a general
philosophical approach: there are rational reasons for us to claim to
be immortal. As a matter of fact, it is far more justifiable for us to
ascertain the notion of being immortal than of being mortal!

Death is nothing else than man’s amazing voyage toward yet another
birth, another life!

each and every religion is a primitive nonsense, based on irrationality and a blind
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon


Up till now, there were only three main branches of mathematics.

They were geometry, probability and set theory (or ultrafilters)… But
there might be a fourth branch called scimatics.

Scientific mathematic or scimatics is a brand new kind of mathemat-

ics: designed to explore reality and/or our world and/or some imagi-
nary situations. The essence of this new field of mathematics is that it
applies mathematical methods on simplified, highly defined and/or
organized systems taken from the real world or reality or that are
imagined. Such that they ought to be self-sustainable. To elaborate
this point, two cases will be presented: one dealing with various
types of clocks and the other dealing with a railroad. Only they will
be done rather loosely and in a sense they would be closer to philoso-
phy than to mathematics… To make it closer to mathematics, a more
thorough mathematical method should be applies in stating the
definitions, theorems and their proofs. Something that I’m not
entirely willing to undertake at this moment. Perhaps, in the future, I
or somebody else could accomplish it. However, at this moment my
key concern is to showcase this new branch of mathematics and to
demonstrate its potentials as to how it could be utilized to explore
In a sense, this is a cross between mathematics, physics and
philosophy. My approach (or this specific paper) makes it somewhat
closer to philosophy but other approaches could make it closer to
mathematics and/or physics. Keeping in mind that there are count-
less other possibilities, as far as different segments of reality or
fantasy (possible or theoretical reality) could be explored though

Dragan Glavasic

scimatics. For instance, we could examine, a new or a theoretical

world (a possible planet) that is self-sustaining and contains various,
to us rather strange, life forms; or we could explore various ecosys-
tems on Earth; or simply study an aquarium [as a close structure
containing specified fish, plants, and given resources] using this new
mathematical branch; etc. The potential uses for scimatics seem to
be countless.
In other words, to emphasize the point that mathematics could be
easily created to apply to our everyday experiences or life in general:
here is a brand new form of mathematics that is created from the
relationships that occur and could be drown from observing watches:
digital, analog, hourglass, sundial; or the railroad, as it could be seen
in the second example.
My goal was, just, to start this new field of mathematics and not to
bother excessively into developing it or connecting it with other
branches of mathematics. In addition, the proofs for the theorems
were done more in a philosophical manner and more strict mathe-
matical approach could be, no doubt, implemented by other mathe-
maticians. Also, it could be the case that some of the theorems
and/or their proofs do not meet rigorous mathematical demand but I
am convinced that other mathematicians could achieve the level
required and in fact could think of many more theorems and defi-
nitions… In fact, I could have made far more theorems but did not
want to make this paper too long since it would defeat the purpose of
introducing this new branch of mathematics to as many readers (be
they mathematicians or not) as possible.
Furthermore the axioms used here could be changed and/or ex-
tended as to enable different (perhaps more warranted) approaches in
this brand new field of mathematics. In fact this field of real mathe-
matics could be applied to other aspects of life: traffic, movie pro-
jection, picture taking, hotel management, piano and/or other instru-
ment playing, football or other games, language, eating and metabo-
lism, bus routes or schedule, etc. Any closed, self-sustaining care-
fully defined system—taken from reality or fantasy world—could be
treated as a segment of this new mathematics.

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon




1. There are two partial sets of positive whole numbers (in-

cluding zero).
2. The first set goes from 00 to 23.
3. The second set goes from 00 to 59.
4. All numbers change in consecutive order and in the same
5. When the second set makes one whole cycle changing from
00 all the way to 00 it causes the next number in the first set.
6. Position 00:00 is the beginning and the end of the cycles.
7. All changes are uniform, unstoppable and always in one
direction (forward).
8. There are an infinite number of whole cycles.


1. Hours are the numbers from the first set.

2. Minutes are the numbers from the second set.
3. Identical symmetry is when the number from the first set
equals the number from the second set. wx:wx
4. Inverse symmetry is when digits in the first number set equal
in reversed order the digits of the second number set. xy:yx
5. Total symmetry are digits that comply both to identical
symmetry and to inverse symmetry at the same time. zz:zz
6. Position is one of the unique possibilities for number combi-
nation in one cycle.
Dragan Glavasic

7. Grand cycle is the infinite number of individual cycles.

8. The position of “00:00” is called midnight.
9. The position of “12:00” is called noon.
10. Day is another word for the whole cycle of 24 hours and 00
11. A month is any consecutive period of 30 days.
12. A year is any consecutive period of 12 months.
13. Any hour together with 30 minutes is called half an hour.


1. There are exactly 60x24 positions in one cycle.

2. The number of identical symmetries cannot be smaller than 1
and cannot be bigger than 24.
3. Within one cycle of the minutes, there is one and only one
possible identical symmetry.
4. For each number from the set of hours there is one and only
one equal number from the set of minutes. [Corollary: All
numbers from the set of hours have their equals from the set
of minutes.]
5. There are some numbers from the set of minutes that do not
have en equal number in the set of hours.
6. For each cycle of the minutes, there is at most one possible
inverse symmetry.
7. There are hours that do not have an inverse symmetry.
8. Within each cycle there are more cases of identical sym-
metry than the cases of inverse symmetry.
9. There are infinite number of positions within the grand cycle.
10. Within one cycle each position appears only once.
11. Each position repeats infinitely many times within the grand
12. There is one and only one grand cycle.
13. The position of 00:00 also represents an imaginary position
of 24:00. Or 00 is the same as 24.
14. A year has 360 days.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

15. A year has 360x24 hours.

16. A year has 360x24x60 minutes.
17. There is the same amount of hours (minutes) from midnight
to noon as there are from noon to midnight.
18. There are three total symmetries.

Proofs of the Theorems:

1. The number of positions in one cycle is the product of the

possibilities in each number group. Since there are exactly
24 possibilities in the first group and there are exactly 60
possibilities in the second group: the number of positions in
one cycle is 24x60.
2. For each number in the first group there is one and only one
identical number in the second group. For some numbers in
the second group there are numbers in the first group that are
not equal to. Since there are 24 different numbers in the first
group that also implies that there are 24 different sets of
identical symmetry. Since 1<24 and 24=24 that concludes
the proof.
3. Since numbers of hours go from 00 to 23 and at each mo-
ment there is only one of those numbers active: within each
hour there is only one number from the minute set that is
4. Since the cardinality of whole numbers from the hour set is
24 and it is smaller than the cardinality of whole numbers of
the minute set, and since they both start with the same
number: it means that for each and every number in the hour
set there is an equal number in the minute set and it also
implies that there are numbers in the minute set that do not
have an equal in the hour set. [Corollary follows from the
5. Same as in #4.
6. Since the first digit within the numbers of hours goes from 0
to 2 and the second digit within the numbers of hours gores
Dragan Glavasic

from 0 to 9 and while the first digit in the minutes goes from
0 to 5 and the second digit in the set of minutes goes from 0
to 9: the number of possible positions for inverse symmetry
within each hour is at most one. Such that each hour number
that ends with a digit bigger than 5 does not have a case of
inverse symmetry.
7. Same as in #6.
8. Since there are identical symmetries for each and every hour
and since there are inverse symmetries only for some hours:
that means that there are more identical symmetries than
there are inverse symmetries.
9. Since there is an infinite number of individual cycles and
each individual cycle has a finite number of positions that
means that in the grand cycle there is an infinite number of
10. The proof follows from the definition of position.
11. Each position is present once in each cycle and since there
are infinitely many cycles in the grand cycle than each posi-
tion repeats infinitely many times.
12. Since there are infinitely many cycles by the axiom and by
the definition they are called the grand cycle that means that
there is one and only one grand cycle.
13. The proof follows directly from the axiom #6 and the defini-
tion of “day”.
14. There are 30 days in a month and there are 12 months in a
year: therefore there are 30x12 or 360 days in a year.
15. There are 24 hours in a day, 30 days in a month, 12 months
in a year: therefore there are 24x30x12 or 8640 hours in a
16. There are 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 30 days
in a month and there are 12 months in a year: therefore there
are 60x24x30x12 or 518400 minutes in a year.
17. If 00:00 is the same as 24:00 and if arithmetic half of 24:00
is exactly 12:00, then there are 12 hours and no minutes from
midnight to noon just as there are from noon to midnight.

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

18. Total symmetry is possible only if all digits in hours and

minutes are identical (xx:xx). Since the numbers in hours go
from 00 to 23, the first digit has only three options. All other
sets of digits in hours and in minutes contain those numbers,
and since the first digit has no other options: it means that
there are exactly three total symmetries. In other words,
00:00, 11:11, 22:22 are the only possible total symmetries.
[Additionally it could be argued that the next number in the
line 3 could not produce total symmetry (i.e. 33:33) since
there are only 24 hours in the cycle. In the same way, all
other higher numbers could not produce total symmetry
which means that there are only three such symmetries.]

[Up till now, some effort was used to state and somewhat prove the
theorems… From this point on, as to speed up the process, the em-
phasis will be placed mostly on the axioms and the definitions.
Keeping in mind that some mistakes were possible but if there were
some: they ought to be corrected.]



1. There is a circle divided into 12 equal parts called hours.

2. The circle is also divided into 60 equal segments called
3. There are two lines: a short called hour line and a longer
called minute line, such that hour line shows hours while
minute line depicts minutes.
4. Hours are written from 1 to 12. Positions of 00:00, 12:00
and 24:00 are identical geometric positions while 00:00 and
24:00 are also identical arithmetic positions.

Dragan Glavasic

5. The changes that lines undergo are consecutive and always

go in the same direction (known as clockwise).
6. When the minute line makes one whole cycle changing
from 00 all the way to 60 it causes the hour line to move
one position up to the next number in line. [Or each hour
has 60 minutes.]
7. Stated position 12 or abstract position 00:00 is the begin-
ning and the end of the cycles.
8. The whole cycle consists of two complete cycles.
9. The whole cycles starts with 12:00 meaning 00:00 and ends
with the second passing of 12:00 meaning 24:00.
10. There are infinitely many whole cycles.


1. The complete cycle starts with 00:00 and ends with 12:00.
2. The whole cycle is called a day.
3. 360 days is called a year.
4. 12:00 is noon.
5. 00:00 is midnight.



1. There are two distinct regions.

2. One region is up and the other is down.
3. It could be changed which region will be up and which
4. There is sand (or water) that slowly, evenly and uniformly
trickles from the upper region into the lower.

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

5. The “time” needed for the send to completely leave one

region and fill up the other is 12 hours.
6. Hourglass could be turned over which will start another
7. There are infinitely many whole cycles.


1. The region that sand leaves is called the upper.

2. The region in which sand trickles is called the lower.
3. The border point between two regions is called the bottle
4. The turning over of the hourglass is called recharging.
5. Symmetry is the case when the amount of sand inside the
two regions is identical.
6. A day is the whole cycle when send completely leaves one
region and than after recharging entirely returns to that very
7. Extreme is the situation or the position where all the sand is
in one segment (upper or lower) of the hourglass.
8. Lower extreme is when the sand is in the lower segment of
the hourglass.
9. Upper extreme is when the sand is in the upper segment of
the hourglass.
10. A month consists of 30 days.
11. A year contains 12 months.


1. The whole cycle lasts 24 hours.


Dragan Glavasic

1. Since the whole cycle is a process where send completely

leaves one segment then completely leaves the other seg-
ment in continuation and since it lasts 12 hours for each
segment than the whole cycle lasts 12+12.



1. There is the solar system consisting of the sun, the earth and
the moon.
2. The earth revolves around its axes for the period defined as
the whole cycle, which lasts 24 hours.
3. The earth rotates around the sun for the period of one year
or exactly 360 days.
4. The moon rotates around the earth within the period of 30
5. All changes occur consecutively and uniformly.
6. There are infinitely many whole cycles.


1. The whole cycle is called a day.

2. A month is the rotation of the moon around the earth.
3. Eclipse occurs when the moon is on the straight line be-
tween the earth and the sun.
4. Alignment occurs when the sun is on the straight line with
the moon and the earth.


Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

1. Eclipse is an alignment.

Proof. Whenever the tree celestial bodies are on the same line it is
called an alignment. It could happen in two distinct ways. The
moon being between the earth and the sun or the earth being between
the moon and the sun. [The sun could never be in the position be-
tween the earth and the moon.] By definition, when the moon is
between the sun and the earth it is called the eclipse.

Corollary: There are exactly two kinds of alignments and one kind
of eclipse.

Proof: Follows from the theorem.

Lemma: There are more alignments than there are eclipses.

Proof: Follows from the corollary.



1. There is an infinite set of whole numbers. Or there is an

infinite number line of whole numbers.
2. Numbers depicting year could range from -∞ to +∞, those
depicting months range from 0 to 12, those depicting days
from 0 to 30, while those depicting hours range from 00 to
23 [since 24=00], those depicting minutes and seconds
range from 00 to 59 [since 60=00].
3. Each group is unique in its existence.

Dragan Glavasic

1. Group is an ordered set of numbers representing: years,

months, days, hours, minutes, seconds.
2. Identical symmetry is the position when the numbers de-
picting year, month, day, hour, minute, seconds are identi-
3. Inverse symmetry is the position where the number of year
is identical to the number of seconds while the number of
months is identical to the number of minutes, and while the
number of days equals the number of hours.
4. Negative symmetry are two groups that have identical
numbers in each sector but where one of them has a nega-
tive year. For instance, x:p:z:p:y:s ~ -x:p:z:p:y:s.
5. The group 00:00:00:00:00:00 is the reference point in


1. If there are two or more identical groups then they are one
and the same group.
2. There is one and only one reference point in history.
3. There are exactly 360 days in a year.
4. There are 8640 hours in a year.
5. There are 518400 minutes in a year.
6. There are 31104000 seconds in a year.


1. Follows from the axiom.

2. Reference point in history is a unique group and as such
there is only one such group. Any other group with the
same numbers (or the same position) will equal it.

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

The Railmatics


1. There are two points known as towns. Town A and town B.

2. Between those two points there is a railroad.
3. The railroad has only one track with the junction, in the
4. There are only two trains: a passenger train which has a
priority status and a freight train which is the subordinate
5. Both trains are same length and each train consists of one
locomotive in front, five wagons in the middle and a caboose
at the end.
6. The railroad splits into two parallel tracks, the junction, in
the middle point between those two towns, so the trains
could safely pass by each other, or overtake each other. The
length of the junction is mathematical zero. [In other words
insignificant, and should be only treated as the safe region
for overtaking the train going in the same direction or for
passing the train going in the opposite directions.]
7. The trains could safely pass each other, going in the opposite
directions, only if they arrive at their beginning of the paral-
lel tracks at the same instant.
8. There is also a tunnel on the middle distance between the
town A and the parallel tracks. [The length of the tunnel is
insignificant and ought to be treated as the length of the train
or alternatively as the mathematical zero.
9. There is a bridge on the middle distance between the town B
and the parallel tracks. [The length of the bridge is insignifi-
cant and should be treated as the length of the train or alter-
natively as the mathematical zero.]
Dragan Glavasic

10. The trains travel with a given (same) speed or they could be
at rest or one of them would travel with a given speed while
the other is at rest. [In other words, for each of the trains
there is just two possibilities: it travels with the speed or it is
at rest!]
11. Trains could never collide when in town or in junction.


1. Collision is when the two trains are out of the towns and are
not in the junction and when they either come in contact or
they take the same position at the very same moment.
2. Velocity is the speed of trains going in the same direction.
3. Open railroad is the single track railroad. Meaning the rail-
road not in the towns or in the junction.
4. Extended open railroad is the railroad outside of the towns.
Meaning the open railroad and the parallel tracks inside the

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon


1. When both trains start from the different towns without stop-
ping, they will not collide.

Proof: If both trains start at the same time and travel with the same
speed and without stopping then they will reach the middle point and
parallel tracks at the same time. Since they could not collide while in
junction they could not collide since they would leave the junction in
the opposite directions and arrive to their towns.

2. When one of the trains starts from a town and journeys with-
out stopping, while the other train starts from the other town
at the moment the first train reaches a bridge or a tunnel: then
the two trains would collide.

Proof: Since both trains go with the same speed and without stop-
ping and since one of the trains has already started, it would arrive to
the middle point sooner than the second train. Since they could only
safely pass each other at the junction, and since it leaves the junction
before the second comes to it: this implies that they could not safely
pass each other in the opposite directions. Meaning they would

3. When both trains start from the same town with the same
velocity, at different intervals, and they don’t stop then they
could not collide.

Proof: If second train is to catch up (come in contact) with the first

train, it must travel faster than the first train, since the first train did
not stop. But since both trains could travel only with the same speed
(by the axiom), it means that such is not possible and they could not

4. If both trains start from the opposite towns. Then when one
of them reaches the tunnel the other one will reach the bridge.
Dragan Glavasic

Proof: Since both trains travel with constant speed and since the
distance from one town to the bridge is the same than from the other
town to the tunnel then they must reach both destinations at the same

5. If both trains go without stopping, in the same direction, such

that the passenger train starts first and the freight train starts
when the passenger train reaches the midpoint then the two
trains could not collide.

Proof: If the two trains would collide such that first train starts first
and the second train starts when the first one reaches the middle
point then the second train would have to travel more than twice the
speed of the first train. But such is in direct contradiction with the
premise of the axiom 10. Meaning the two could not and would not

Corollary: If both trains go in the same direction, such that the

freight train starts first and the passenger train starts when the freight
train reaches the midpoint then the two trains could not collide.

Proof: Follows from the previous proof.

Lemma: If both trains go in the same direction and the second train
starts when the first train reaches bridge or tunnel of the opposite
town then they would not collide.

Proof: Since in the previous theorem and corollary they did not
collide than it is even less likely they could collide under these new
circumstances. Therefore the lemma is true.

6. If both trains remain stationary in either of the town they

could not collide.

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Proof: There are only two possibilities, in the above theorem: the
trains could be at the same town or at different towns. If they are at
the same town and do not move they could not collide since in towns
collusions are not possible (by the axiom 11) and since they do not
venture on the open railroad, they could not collide. If they at differ-
ent towns they are not in touch and therefore could not collide.

Corollary: If both trains are on the open railroad [meaning not in

town and not in the junction], the collusion is possible if specific
conditions are met.

Proof: Since collusion is only possible on the open railroad and

never in towns or in junction. No collusion could ever happen in
towns or in junction (by the axiom) thus all collusions will occur
only and exclusively on open railroads. Meaning if the conditions
are ripe the collusion will occur on the open railroad and such is also
the proof of the corollary.

7. If without stopping, one of the trains starts the moment the

other train reaches a tunnel and if they both travel in the
opposite directions they are bound to collide.

Proof: If the first train starts from town A and when it reaches the
tunnel it has already passed the parallel tracks meaning, that the
second train which starts at that very moment (with the same speed)
will have to come in contact with the first train, for it has no safe
parallel tracks to pass each other. On the other hand, if the first train
starts from town B and when it comes to its tunnel, the second train
starts with the same constant speed in the opposite direction, mean-
ing that the first train is much closer to the midpoint and will reach it
sooner than the second train. Since none of the trains will stop, their
collusion is eminent. This proves the theorem.

8. If both trains start from the parallel tracks and go in the same
direction they would collide.

Dragan Glavasic

Proof: If the trains start in the same direction they will immediately
come in contact as soon as they leave the parallel tracks and that
implies that they will indeed collide.

9. If both trains start from the parallel tracks and go in the oppo-
site direction they would not collide.

Proof: From the previous theorem we know that if they go in the

same direction they would collide meaning that if they go in the
opposite direction, they could not collide; since they are safe at the
parallel tracks and since once they leave them at the opposite ends
they could not at the same time be at same end as well.

10. When both trains are at the parallel tracks and one of them
starts toward the town A then the second one goes toward the
town A, when the first one reaches the tunnel, they would not

Proof: If the first train starts first and comes to the tunnel than the
second train starts toward the town, since they travel with the same
velocity and do not stop than the second train could never catch it.

11. When a train goes from A to B, such that its locomotive

leaves A, first and its caboose leaves it last, still it is possible
for the train to arrive in B such that caboose gets there first.

Proof: To prove this theorem, it is sufficient to demonstrate that

there is just one possibility for it to occur. For instance, if the train
leaves point A and when it arrives at the junction, its caboose is
separated. Then the rest of the train leaves the caboose at the junc-
tion, returns back by the other track and enters the junction from
behind. This way the caboose would be at the front and if the train
goes straight to town B, the caboose would get there first. Such that
this example also proves the theorem. [NOTE: This is a problematic
theorem and most likely should be removed since by splitting the

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

train we open a great many new possibilities, some of which might

disprove some of the previous theorems.]

12. It is possible for both trains to get from one town to another at
the same time.

Proof: If both trains start from different towns at the same moment
and travel with the same constant speed, without stopping, all the
way, they would arrive to the junction at the same time and if they
use the junction to pass each other without stopping then they should
arrive to their destination at the same time.

13. When both trains start at the same time in the opposite direc-
tions: the freight train could never arrive first to its destina-

Proof: They both will come to the junction at the same time, they
could either continue by the parallel tracks or one of them could stop
to let the other one pass by. Since the passenger train has a priority,
the only train which could might stop would be the freight train thus
either the two would arrive at the same time to their respective desti-
nations or the passenger train would arrive first.

Lemma: When both trains start at the same time in the opposite
directions: the passenger train might arrive first to its destination.

Proof: Follows from the previous proof.

And so on…

There are many possibilities left… New axioms, theorems, defini-

tions and much more thorough proofs… And of course, that implies
that there are also many new kinds of this mathematics… My main
goal was to demonstrate but a few possibilities…

Dragan Glavasic

NOTE: It is very important to emphasize the fact that while writing

this paper, it was quite possible to have made some unintentional
mistakes. However, if there are some mistakes: they ought to be
corrected… Furthermore, in no way does a possible and/or actual
presence of some mistakes could jeopardize or undermine this new
mathematics… As a matter of fact, any possible mistake could and
should be corrected as to further strengthen this new branch of

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon


One way to see art is as a craft while artists are just craftsmen who
are good with pencil, paint, words, notes, chisel, carving knife,
computer… Consequently, their creations are beautiful poems,
novels, plays, paintings, sculptures, engravings, concertos,
symphonies, etc. Such is also a prevalent way of understanding the
nature of the concepts, though it is never defined that way. But there
is another, perhaps a more profound or correct way to perceive art
and artists…

First of all let’s make a distinction. There is a great deal of assumed

art and there are many so called artists that have nothing to do with
real art but with propaganda. In other words, applying substantial
amount of money: media and advertising could be utilized to profess
something as art and to declare someone as a great artist even though
they are anything but art or artist. [Just as, by excessively using
media and entertainment, a lazy clerk could be turned into the “great-
est physicist” ever.] Enough money and carefully orchestrated media
campaigns could persuade gullible population to believe in almost
anything. For instance that the most reprehensible or stupid non-
sense is art [like some ghastly ridiculous wooden coffins from Africa
that remotely resemble cars, rockets, hypos, crocodiles, palms, huts]
or that some grotesque simpletons are artists [like the pathetic Afri-
can who made those repulsive coffins]. In other words, that ludi-
crous negro and his morbidly absurd coffins are not even craft, hence
could be labeled as junk but never as an artist and art! [On the other
hand, if the insane groups remain in power, indefinitely, they might

Dragan Glavasic

place those very coffins in the most prestigious museums while

credulous schoolchildren might learn of the African coffin maker as
the greatest artist… After all, our children already learn how that
Jewish clerk is by far the smartest.]
Any such an attempt is really an abuse of media and a deviant
ploy to brainwash the credulous population as to hide reality, to
present theme with fake or virtual reality… Something that genuine
art and true artists must fight against! However, since actual artists
are extremely rare occurrence then true philosophers (or perhaps
intellectuals) and all decent men should do their best to defeat the
promoters of evil. Keeping in mind that majority of the population
are inert, timid sheep that go along with almost anything or anyone in

The difference between art and craft is a profound one. Craft is

simply some skill. [In the case of paintings, drawings and sculpture
it is mostly manual dexterity.] It is an empty skill that all by itself
should be pleasing but it does not have any deeper meaning or sig-
nificance. It is a series of lines or a grouping of words or notes
which could appear or sound agreeable enough but that lack one
significant component which separates them from genuine art.
True art should possess aesthetic aspect of being pleasing toward
the recipient (or at least some of them) and a profound dimension: of
actually having something of significance to communicate. It has to
contain some deeper truth, something that would to a degree or
perhaps tremendously improve our understanding of reality, thus
enable us to better comprehend our place in it and how best to fulfill
our prime objective for being here [assuming that there is one (which
I believe there is)]. A lesser form of genuine art would simply at-
tempt to educate masses by repeating a significant information that
majority needs to adhere and know. A higher form of art would state
some original and extremely significant information in a pleasant
In other words, true art and real artists have something to say and
they use aesthetically pleasing or interesting methods to communi-
cate their ideas to the audience. Making their ideas pleasurable and
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

interesting so that others could more easily understand or absorb

them. That way art makes philosophy more appealing and more
easily presentable to the general masses. Of course, some art forms
are better suited for such communication and some are less suitable
but all true art and each and every real artist have to say something
important, some significant truth, and they have to do it in a nice
way, that could be also (but not necessarily) an original approach.
Keeping in mind that art is often, and rightfully so, the creation and
the maintenance of the tradition. In fact, it is one of the main lines of
defense for our civilization, our ways of life, our traditions. In other
words, both craft and great art should also guard the tradition and
that way protect our civilization.
That means that there are not many real artist or genuine art and
the majority of what is currently labeled as art (or artists) are nothing
of the sort. They are, at best, craft and craftsmen, but art and artist
they are not! Still there is nothing wrong with nice craft or good
craftsmen who did their part in preserving our cultural heritage. It is
a significant task and important job that is, all by itself, a remarkable
contribution to the preservation and the enhancement of our culture
and civilization. And for doing so they ought to be respected and
admired. Many painters and composers are of that sort. Mozart,
Beethoven, Albinoni, Vivaldi, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Handel, Zelenka,
Mussorgsky, Rembrandt, Rubens, Constable are some of the great
craftsmen and keepers of our tradition. So are many poets and writ-
ers: Homer, Byron, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Keats, Orwell, Doyle, Voltaire,
Shelley, Shaw, Pope, Tolkien, Shakespeare, etc. [Where Arthur
Conan Doyle should be commended for the promotion of science and
logic (instead of irrationalities, superstitions, mysticism, as was and
still is the prevailing tendency in many stories, done by great many
well paid contemporary craftsmen) in his books of Sherlock Holmes.
While Orwell perhaps ought to be credited for secretly pointing out
that the West is one horrible totalitarian dictatorship which relies on
technology to control, brainwash, oppress, exploit, abuse, and terror-
ize the people.]
However, genuine artists are rare occurrence. For authentic artists
have to be philosophers first. Plato and Nietzsche are two best know
Dragan Glavasic

artists—and possibly, so far, the only artists—for they were extraor-

dinary philosophers first and foremost! To them we might add
names of Lucretius and Kierkegaard: as lesser artists for they were
better craftsmen than philosophers; since Kierkegaard did not have
anything really great or original to say, while Lucretius just repeated
what Leucippus, Democritus and Epicurus said centuries before him.
But they said it skillfully and in a very nice linguistic manner. While
Pythagoras, Aristotle, Hume, Kant, Descartes, Socrates, Leucippus,
Epicurus, Democritus, Anaxagoras, Locke, Hobbs, Marx, Newton,
Schopenhauer, Hegel are some of the philosophers from our ancient
or more recent past.
On the other hand, to maintain the continuity of the words and
expressions used and since art is a rare occurrence, we could keep
calling craftsmen as artists but only if we remember that in that
context: art really means craft and artist is just a synonym or another
name for craftsman. Or we could decide to, from now on, rewrite all
books and rename ex-artists as great craftsmen, thus label those
couple of great philosophers as the only true artists.
Whatever the case is, it should be done soon: because as is the
situation now, such confusion on what art and artists are is not benef-
icial, is actually counterproductive and ought not be tolerated any
longer. Since those two words represent significant concepts that are
used and/or invoked frequently by great many individuals. Makes no
sense to let them remain undefined and confusing.

Artist is a philosopher who is capable to perceive a significant truth

and to communicate it in an aesthetically pleasing way. Art is a
profound truth stated in a nice, original or interesting way. Or
alternatively stated: art is a craft augmented through philosophy
(some big and profound truth, that is).

There are two ways to define art. Art could be seen as a craft, which
is currently the prevalent understanding of the concept of art [even
though it is never stated as such]. In that sense art is a synonym for
craft and in that case there are many artists, in form of: painters,
sculptors, writers, performers (singers, musicians, actors)… In fact,
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

any girl that does frequent pirouettes might be considered an artist

just as any housewife that likes to make faces in pizza dough might
call herself an artist… Which would substantially devalue the signifi-
cance of being an artist… The second approach to perceive art is as a
form of philosophy [perhaps, the highest form of philosophy]. In
that case there would be just a few artists, since the dawn of con-
sciousness, and those would be philosophers that created some sto-
ries, poems, plays, music, paintings, or sculptures which had some
deeper truth, some important messages imbedded into the body of
their creations. This way, no spinning girl, housewife, performer, or
all those who are currently labeled as artists would actually qualify
for such a distinction. As a matter of fact, they ought to be demoted
to the level of simple or common craftsmen, entertainers or possibly
Even though the first approach to art is more prevalent one, still it
is also less appropriate one. Meaning that our understanding of art,
currently in use, is inadequate and perhaps should be altered into the
second definition of art. Only question is how pertinent would be
that move if there are only two known artists since the dawn of
time… In case, there are more artists—let’s say well over a dozen—
then such would be more decisive to change our definition of art…
But for only a couple of real artists, perhaps it would not be appropri-
ate to make all those changes; since, we could always say that Plato
and Nietzsche were great philosophers who wrote great art as well.
Or we could say that the two were indeed something special, superb
thinkers, head and shoulders above everybody else…
Finally, we need to realize that since the dawn of time there were
only a score [some twenty or so] real philosophers. [There have been
many intellectuals 10 but not that many philosophers.] In which case

intellectuals: well educated and innately intelligent men, working in jobs that
exclusively require mental capacities. As a matter of fact, they are highly educated
individuals dealing with science [philosophy, physics, mathematics], genuine art
(including performance), research and education. Actually, a minute number of
them might even be scientists [philosophers, physicists, mathematicians], genuine
artists, researchers… [For them to be real scientists they would have to achieve
something extraordinary thus significantly contribute to our understanding of the
Dragan Glavasic

it makes sense, among them, to have just a few or real artists… After
all, it could very well be the case that philosophers (including artists)
are a rare occurrence. They are unique and they appear seldom but
when they do: it is a real celestial blessing and the most remarkable
happening, the most significant event that has occurred in that very
sector of the universe (or reality)! Implying that in a decent society
they ought to be revered and listened to, thus, never ignored, perse-
cuted, imprisoned, ridiculed or starved to death.

Who will be promoted as a great philosopher and/or as an artist, in a

given society, depends on one simple fact: who is in power in that
particular society and what is their ulterior agenda? If it is a just and
proper society then they would promote and hail truly the best phi-
losophers and artists. Those that are genuinely beneficial to our
realm. Meaning they are good to us and all that we are part of (in-
cluding, this universe and reality). Those who are actually champi-
oning, protecting and promoting the overall tendencies of this Cos-
mos. As the relentless warriors of the ultimate reality.
On the other hand, if it is evil and deviant society—as is the case
right now—then any proper philosopher (or artists) would be ig-
nored, ridiculed, harassed, prosecuted, imprisoned and/or starved to
death. While at the same time, those that are harming our realm, no
matter how dumb or pathetic or morbid they actually are: will be
promoted, rewarded and hailed as something great, thus turned into
the successful, the famous, the smart, the powerful, the influential,
and above all the very rich.
Keeping also in mind, that in a decent and just society: all citizens
would benefit and entire society would thrive; such that they would
remain prosperous and advanced for as long as they manage to main-
tain their way of life, as long as they allow the emergence and the

ultimate reality. Meaning that real scientists, artists and researches are extremely
rare occurrence.]
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

cultivation of genuine philosophers. Conversely, in an evil or unjust

society: just a tiny minority would live extremely well [or perhaps
more accurately stated: much better than the rest] while the majority
would be exploited, abused, indoctrinated, oppressed, terrorized,
harassed; such that this backward and deviant structure would not
progress very much and might become very unstable or could even
disintegrate under its own weight.

Cultural theft is the case when another culture (or another race) takes
over our tradition; as is the case with classical music. Not only that
our cultural heritage is under siege, is being belittled by being pushed
aside and instead of it some of the most reprehensible, despicable
and most horrid nimoid nuisance [such as blues, jazz, reggae, rap
(which are often performed by the most idiotic and most ghastly
simpletons and criminals, made into filthy rich and influential pop
stars); or so called “martial arts”, actually mongoloid folk daces that
are supposedly good for fighting] is being blatantly favored; but in
addition, most acclaimed performers and conductors of classical
music are either Jews or mongoloids. And that is, pure and simple,
an extreme form of evil: one insidious decadence! It is the blatant
theft and destruction of our cultural inheritance.
Allowing them to select and interpret our cultural heritage we are
permitting them to reclaim it and treat it as their own. [In Serbia,
another perversion is also occurring: gypsies are often presented as
the main performers of Serbian folk music, which is one macabre
nonsense, an evil way to decimate our national identity, for those
Asians are using their deplorable ways to interpret European tradi-
tional songs and dances. 11 Just as negroes in USA are becoming

Just as, in the West, negroes have massively infiltrated and terribly defiled entire
entertainment industry. In fact, huge resources and sums of money were utilized,
for over a century, to make negro “folk music” [starting with jazz and blues] the
most popular and dominant form of entertainment worldwide.
Dragan Glavasic

some of the main performers of Anglo-Saxon music, hence, are

fusing it with repulsive afro beats… And that is fundamentally and
undeniably a form of cultural genocide!]
Keeping in mind that in order to destroy some people, to eradicate
their race and culture: it helps, first and foremost, to take over, deni-
grate, demolish or utterly destroy their tradition, to eliminate their
cultural distinctiveness. That way their unique identity is under-
mined, perfidiously weakened, thus, they would be that closer to a
complete and brutal annihilation.

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon


The main innate characteristics of normal men are: intelligence,

wisdom, ingenuity, aggressiveness, morality, dominance, sadism,
decisiveness, ambition, persistence, dept of thought, perseverance,
competence, relentlessness, loyalty, integrity, strength, toughness…
The main inborn traits of normal females are: feeblemindedness,
submission, docility, immorality, meekness, subservience,
masochism, indecision, shallow minds, indecisiveness, lack of
ambition, being unreliable, easily influenced and controlled, need for
nurturing others, self-sacrifice, disloyalty, weakness and frailness…
That way, females are inferior to men. They lack in character some
of the crucial traits, such that it would make them far below average
men. To give them any rights and privileges—or the same role in
society as men innately have—is sin against nature and deviation
that would spell our destruction! No normal men could do that: only
alien intruders or most vile degenerates, that utterly hate our race
and civilization, would impose such perversion on us in order to
destroy us! Female are nothing more and nothing less than our
external reproductive organs, our servile mates: our subservients
and mothers of our precious offspring… Society or various perverts
within society that try hard to “emancipate” females and make
something else of them (like politicians, lawyers, judges, managers,
doctors, bus or truck drivers, scientists, artists, construction or road
workers, pilots, car mechanics, bricklayers, policemen, soldiers,
etc)—instead of being just wives and mothers, as nature has intended
for them—are violating billions of years of evolution and are
tempering with our very survival!

Dragan Glavasic

Females by their nature tend to (or have an innate inclination toward)

being slaves, sluts, masochists (which instinctively crave humili-
ation) and are highly immoral, unless there is a powerful man [father
or husband] to keep them in line! Nature’s plan was, obviously, to
assure and foster our reproduction. The problem is that present-day
society is amazingly deviant, henceforth, those inclinations of fe-
males are readily misused or abused by being coupled with current
perversions: so that they do not spell our procreation or prosperity
and survival but our doom in the form of our gruesome genocide!
Granting females any rights or privileges is not only counterprod-
uctive but also excessively deviant violation of the essential laws of
nature: most notably the self-preservation principle, which plainly
forbids us to willingly self-destruct.

The most primitive life forms—like microorganisms, insects, some

plants and fish—base their survival strategy on massive
reproduction, and they are designed to have as many offspring as
possible, so that after being killed and/or eaten there would still
remain enough of them to carry on. Among those primitive
creatures, entities we could loosely associate with female gender—
which might not be entirely correct—play the key role as the
essential units for mass reproduction… Higher forms of life rely on
various other methods—including senses, intellect and/or heightened
awareness—for their survival… But regardless on the method: the
essential goal is the fulfillment of the reproduction for the species
and ultimately for the emergence, development and refinement of
intellect as the decisive goal for the universe (reality), attempting to
achieve (and maintain) self-awareness…

If we take insects, under consideration, we could see that they are

simple life forms without any deeper or profound sense of reality.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

They are primitive creatures programmed to do just two things: to eat

and to reproduce! Or perhaps more correctly would be to state that
they are programmed to do just one thing to reproduce since it could
be argued that they eat in order to reproduce. [However, in a broader
sense, they are nothing more than food, a plentiful source of proteins
for numerous life forms.] Being so simple and primitive that to label
distinction between male and female gender, among such forms of
life, is not entirely accurate. They are walking, eating and massively
reproducing units that should not be called male or female, in any
sense, because this distinction ought to be reserved for the higher life
forms (i.e. mammals, reptiles). [In other words, to associate human
males and females with those of insects is wrong, utterly misleading
and presumptuous!] Such that social insects—like ants, termites,
bees, etc—are more like various organisms consisting of loose and
separate, but also interconnected, parts than being colonies of inde-
pendent entities. Members of a colony are very much like cells
within a functional organism. Only in their case, the colony is not
closed but an open organism (the one that has no precisely defined
borders)… In any case, there ought to be a clear distinction between
higher life forms (those with substantially developed (central) nerv-
ous system: like mammals), moderate life forms (those with some-
what developed (central) nervous system: like birds, lizards and fish)
and the primitive life forms (those with underdeveloped or utterly
lacking (central) nervous system: like insects, various invertebrates,
plants, microorganisms, bacteria, etc.).

Among the main laws of nature is the rudimentary law of self-preser-

vation and closely related to it is the law of procreation. In other
words, live entities have the instincts to survive personally and also
to survive as specie, only this second impulse is manifested through
the inherent urge to reproduce, to multiply, to procreate, to undergo
sexual intercourse then to nurture and protect their own offspring.
The very primitive life forms could reproduce in various ways—by
splitting a cell or by swapping genes, exchanging cell fluids (DNA
data); or by cloning (if a primitive organism becomes cut, various
parts could recuperate into fully functioning entities)—but the ad-
Dragan Glavasic

vanced life forms do it through sex. In any case the main idea is
simple reproduction and the continuation of the race. Besides, sexual
reproduction obviously has tremendous advantages for it is one of
the prevalent forms of reproduction (at least in higher life forms):
most likely since by sexual intercourse the offspring have some
distinct advantages in dealing with environment (i.e. diseases and
parasites, as well as climatic or environmental changes) and due to
the amazing fact that through sex, faulty or defective genes could be
fixed or replaced with good ones. That way the specie has a poten-
tial to improve and gets better with each new generation. What’s
more, due to periodic mutation or random variations, specie could
adjust to new environmental conditions or advance toward a higher
form, perhaps according to nature’s grand plan.
Any kind of disobedience or perversion that would in any way
hinder the innate drive to procreation would not be tolerated. First of
all, any specific organism which dares to deviate from nature’s way
would be wiped out and if that perversion is wide spread in a given
population then the entire population (or entire specie) would be
mercilessly eradicated. As it seems nothing and no one should dare
to disobey the ultimate laws of nature! This basically implies that
sex is not entertainment or a way to alleviate boredom for idiotic
teenagers or lazy housewives and perverted businesswomen; and
must never be treated as such: but a rudimentary mechanism for
procreation. It is nature’s way—therefore the very best way—to
reproduce and fulfill nature’s decree which is imposed on all live
entities. The decree [to procreate and multiply] that must be obe-
yed and respected in full and as given. [Because if there is a god, it
would be NATURE!] 12
Keeping in mind that little knowledge is far more dangerous than
no knowledge... Animals instinctively know with whom they are to
reproduce. The lions won’t try to mate with buffalos but would eat
them! Monkeys don’t try to mate with other races or gorillas: just
humans (white people) are forced by the decrepit law and induced

But if there should be a god then it ought to be Overman, as the ultimate
manifestation and the final destination of nature [according to Nietzsche]!
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

through warped “education”, media and “entertainment” to fornicate

with subhumans! Only in a decadent society: the superior intellect is
encouraged and/or forced (through laws and entertainment) to copu-
late with inferior life forms thus forbidden to complain about it or to
resist the filthy decadence. [Because, why would they legislate laws
that makes it illegal for white men to call other races inferior: if they
are indeed inferior! And they are definitely inferior! Could it be that
someone is forcing genocide against us and wants us to be quiet
about it? Could it be that those in question are extremely rich para-
sites: the Jews, the Arabs, various other nimoids as well as some of
the wealthy perverts?]
Under no circumstances should we permit deviant or perverted
entities to impose notions such as having sex for the sake of sex or as
entertainment only or indeed any other way of sexual intercourse
which is not inducing the procreation of our race. [Degradation of
females ought to be permitted, for both males and females crave the
domination and humiliation of the weaker gender; but under no
circumstances should it be warped as to spell our genocide. The
humiliation of women is men’s birth given right, in so far as it leads
toward our procreation, but no one and nothing has the right to per-
form genocide on us! We ought to degrade women, and enjoy in
doing it, just as we should do all in our powers to prevent our geno-
cide.] In that sense some religious notions were perhaps correct for
discouraging sex and/or declaring it as something dirty. Most likely,
it was done purposely in order to contain it and keep it were it be-
longs for the purpose of procreation only. However, religions might
have been too restrictive and unnecessary rigid: there is nothing
wrong with sex if it leads toward our reproduction and if it is not
abused for the purpose of our annihilation.
In order to entice higher life forms [those with developed nervous
system and brain] nature has induced pleasurable feelings that mostly
or exclusively males could experience. Females in most of those
advanced species have powerful urges to mate, to submit, to be taken
over, degraded and humiliated, but they could never or just seldom
experience orgasm (and if they do, it is something quite mild and
very much different from what males experience). In any case fem-
Dragan Glavasic

ale orgasms, if experienced at all, are less potent and generally spea-
king insignificant or unnecessary. The idea was for males to release
semen and impregnate females through reaching climax and thus
there is no need for any female to achieve any form of orgasm. Men
must have orgasms in order to impregnate females, while females
don’t have to and, in fact, usually don’t! Many females never experi-
ence orgasm and/or just pretend to climax. Because all that females
need to have is an overwhelming urge to submit and procreate.
Keeping in mind that one male could impregnate many females
while, for females, all it takes is one man to get them all pregnant.
Meaning that for the sake of procreation it is highly irrational and
terribly wrong to restrict a man to one and only one female. Whoever
thought of such destructive restriction was either too dumb or did not
wish us well.
Sex is a violent act, a form of productive or necessary violence
perpetrated by innately aggressive, dominant and sadistically in-
clined men toward naturally weaker, submissive, less intelligent,
subservient, inferior, docile females. Such being a functional form of
reality. In the grand scheme of life, men had to be smart, aggressive
and dominant in order to enable the race to survive and in order to
claim and conquer females; while female had to be masochistic by
nature in order to submit, be exploited and in order to be able to give
birth [which is one rather dreadfully painful event, thus to be able to
sacrifice themselves for the offspring and/or their entire family].
Because only utter masochists could allow a new organism to grow
inside of them, to drain them of nutrients, and to continue to suck
them out once it gets born… In any case, sadistic grown up men and
masochistic females (of all ages) are nature’s design: thus a winning
strategy that ought not to be questioned or altered in any way or
form, if we are to survive and prosper.
Such that among higher life forms, females tend to be innately
confused gender. For, on one side, they are programmed to resist
and, on another, to surrender; to be egoistic (look for themselves) and
altruistic (sacrifice for their families): to want something and not to
want something. E.g. female tigress is programmed to keep her
territory and to fight the intruders but at the same time to submit to a
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

powerful male [whose territory actually overlaps several different

females and their territories]. So, at first, she resists only to surren-
der, in the end, to his excessive power and his persistent attacks.
Such that, in nature, the tiger would not be punished or imprisoned
for the rape but in fact would be rewarded for violating the female by
having his offspring, his genes multiplied… Female lionesses have
an instinct to defend their cubs but at the same time to surrender to
new males, who in turn would kill her cubs as to start their own litter.
Just the same human females are programmed to want powerful
males and to avoid them at the same time: they are programmed to be
sluts and to feel ashamed because of it… However, no such confu-
sion is present among males: their goal is to get as many females as
they possibly can and to feel good because of it… Only problem is
when perverted society decides to give females equal or greater
rights than males. By doing so they have created utter havoc for
when sexually aroused females would willingly consent to sex and/or
provoke males into sex only to feel sorry afterwards thus use the evil
society and its decadent laws to persecute males for doing what
nature irrefutably demands of them: to violate and/or impregnate
females. Furthermore, the current deviant society is especially an-
tagonistic toward males and punishes them for being utterly normal
(e.g. for wanting or finding much younger females most desirable).
[As a matter of fact, according to the current laws and macabre
media: it is quite normal for men to find old, used up, broads sexual-
ly appealing and amazingly enough, at the same time, to consider
young, virgin females as something rather unattractive! Which is the
most bizarre, most perverted, utterly morbid, the sickest and the
craziest thing ever!] In this insane society: MEN ARE PUNISHED
JUST FOR BEING MEN, just for being normal!
Besides, by having females be masochistic, while males sadistic:
nature has assured that men and females fit perfectly together, just
like a key and a lock; or in this case even more accurate metaphor
would be a key that handless several locks. One master key that
opens all the locks inside a house, thus making it a functional and
self-sufficient unit for which society exists only to serve it and enable

Dragan Glavasic

it to obey the ultimate laws of nature. Above all: the self-preserva-

tion principle!
It is quite normal for a man to be with much younger female or
even with a several females and such was common, socially accepta-
ble, occurrence only a few decades ago. In fact, not so long ago,
men had their own families and young girlfriends on the side as well.
Men had the ability to rule and discipline their own children and
females, for the benefit of the entire family and community or socie-
ty at large… Come to think of it, such is still permitted to males of
other races… However, the perfidious assault against white men, our
entire race and civilization could be best realized if we notice how
society has transformed in the last two generations as to castrate
white men, take our fundamental rights and remove power from our
hold. Thus artificially inducing the ghastly problem of white plague
[excessively low birthrate for white people]: such that white races is
rapidly approaching the abyss and is on the verge of extinction!

TABLE: past, present and the probable future


(or what used to be only a (or what is and what (or what could be unless
few generations ago) should never be) we prevent it)
- white men have all - white men having - white men have no
the rights, property, equal or lesser rights rights, no property
privileges and power and power than and no power
women and/or other whatsoever
- a man with much - a man and a female - a man with a
younger females of the same age (much) older female
- a man with several - a man alone or with - a “man” with
females just one female another “male” or
with an animal
- society favoring - society - society favoring
white men discriminating women, children, and
against white men animals (including
other races)

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

- white people have - white people don’t - white people forced

large families (many have children or have to live with other
children) a small number of races and/or to adopt
progeny (some even and/or raise non-
raise cats and dogs white offspring
instead of their own
- white race has - white race has - white race
demographic demographic undergoes genetic
expansion stagnation or gradual genocide (is to be
decline; while other brutally wiped out)
races have
- family unit is - family unit is - family unit is non-
relatively healthy and broken down and existent and/or non-
stable unstable functional
- the crucial - the crucial - the crucial
segments of society segments of society segments of society
[businesses, finances, are being misused to are excessively
economy, politics, belittle and degrade abused to oppress,
laws, media, art, our race and culture, harass, terrorize,
entertainment, as well as to castrate exploit and destroy
science (including and humiliate white white males and our
philosophy), males entire civilization
education] are used
to benefit our race
and culture
- our children are - our children are - our children are
educated and thought brainwashed and small in numbers, as
to respect their thought to hate white they are being
parents, elders and men, our race and overwhelmed and
forefathers; to civilization terrorized by the sea
champion our of alien scum
culture, race and
Dragan Glavasic

- our genocide does - our genocide has - our genocide is in

not seem possible started progress and the end
is near

Even further, men have the birth given right to conquer and claim
females, to use them, abuse them, degrade and humiliate them if they
please. That is all normal and natural and, most importantly, it leads
toward procreation. The ghastly problem of white plague would
have never occurred if our society had remained normal: if those sick
creeps in power did not transmogrify this world into horrifying night-
mare for white men. Society to be just and proper must recognize
such innate propensity of males and permit men for being what they
intrinsically are. Under no circumstances, should society deviate
from nature and punish men for being men or for being white [i.e. for
being white men]. Because, nature knows best! Besides, females are
born as masochists: as it is normal for men to take them over and
dominate them or abuse and degrade them, just the same, it is innate
for females to submit and to accept their predicament. Only in a
deviant society females are led to think or behave differently, in-
duced to presume the role of men; as real men are severely punished,
imprisoned, castrated and artificially forced to act as a weaker
In order to further fine-tune the grand design, it has been rather
obvious for ions that men gain strength and power with age while
females are most desirable while still very young: being most inno-
cent, still virgin, unspoiled and sweet at that early age. That way,
nature enabled females to mature much sooner than males. While
females, on average, mature between the ages of 8 and 12; males
mature after they reach the age of 30, in most cases. For great many
millennia—since the dawn of mankind—and until very recently,
older men would get young females. My grandfathers did that and so
could have yours… Such practice assured procreation and the sur-
vival of the specie within the confines of a proper society. No man
could be impotent if procreating with a pretty young virgin; just as
no normal man could find sexual arousal looking at an old broad that
had thousands of men before him… Only deviant society would try
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

in any way to castrate males, to turn females into males, to give right
to females and children, to promote or favor other races, to protect
various perverts [homosexuals, feminists, transvestites, hermaphro-
dites, etc.] as a way to push us into submission and oblivion…
The proof for the previous statements could be found in the fact
that due to the excessively deviant present day society: white race, as
the leading intellectual power, on this planet, will be wiped out in a
few generations, if nothing is done to prevent such atrocity. [White
race is the youngest race (32,000 years old) compared to mongoloids
(70,000) and negroes (120,000): yet at the beginning of the 20th cen-
tury—before our genocide officially started—we were as numerous
as other races. 13 ] One heinous genocide is being perpetrated by
implementing deviant and unnatural laws within one utterly sick and
excessively perverted society, society which is violating billions of
years of cosmic evolution, which is forcing men (and females) to go
against their nature and behave in a ghastly deviant, one totally
decadent, a horribly destructive way! Punishment for which would
be eminent execution of not only our race but possibly even further,
perhaps even the higher forms of life (or all life) on this doomed
Terrible injustice is being perpetrated against white men! We are
punished just because we are white and we are men! We are being
constantly harassed by appalling authorities, abused through mania-
cal laws, and humiliated through decadent media. Film industry, all
over the world, is trying hard to degrade us, and our entire civiliza-
tion, as much as possible, hence to indoctrinate our children along
the way… We are exploited by the system and belittled by utterly
warped “education”; forced to reside along and keep our children
with the subhumans… We are discriminated against and induced to
disobey the essential laws of nature in order to obey the decrepit and
Which is a proof of two things: (1) the superiority of white race since it took us
32,000 years to reach the population that other races needed 70,000 or even
120,000 years to reach and if our knowledge, technology and resources were kept
for ourselves and if other races (at that time, only the Jews) did not sabotage us and
induce white plague on us: we would be the most numerous race on this planet by
now! (2) the genocide is being perpetrated against us!
Dragan Glavasic

utterly deviant laws, utterly warped “morals” of this morbid society.

Society which is perpetrating genocide against our own race, thus
blatantly wiping out billions of years of cosmic evolution… There-
fore, which is not only hideously belligerent toward us but is also
ghastly antagonistic toward this glorious universe and almighty
reality as well!
However, nothing is over yet… There is still a chance for us to
wake up and recuperate, to regain control on this planet and bring
everything to order as nature has designed and immaculately
planed… Keeping in mind that nature’s way is usually—if not
always—the best way… The question of our survival is really the
difference between two worlds: the world of joy and happiness on
one side and the world of pain and suffering on the other. 14 Where
the world of pain is, unfortunately, our current society and where the
world of joy remains to be achieved, but which in many respects
resembles our various societies since the dawn of time, before our
world was perfidiously taken over by a bunch of wealthy creeps and
utterly deplorable lunatics, thieves, subhumans, weirdoes and per-
verts… Only we need to remember one crucial thing: to take their
money is to take their power!

What is normal and fundamentally decent is: for older, innately

aggressive and powerful man to have several much younger females;
for men to conquer and dominate, to rule and humiliate women…
Since the dawn of time, it was moral and legal or fundamentally
proper conduct and if we are to survive and prosper, it must resume
being such! How sick or abnormal a man has to be in order to say
and/or actually prefer to be disrespected, exploited, discriminated,
abused, impoverished, castrated and dethroned while living alone or
with one older woman or with another “man” or with a dog or
whatever; instead of having all the rights, respect and total power
while having a large healthy family, as being surrounded by several
young and very pretty girls… How deviant and decadent society has

Dragan Glavasic Keepers of the Flame; the World of Joy and Happiness
(Belgrade: Odin & Thor, 2006), pp. 137-144.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

to be in order to force men to go against our nature and live in such

a horrifying nightmare. The final nightmare that would be the death
of us all…

We are not inherently self-destructive (since nothing in this reality is

designed that way)… Men are not, by nature, masochistic… Thus the
only logical explanation why our society has turned from being of
white men, ruled and run by white men, for the benefit of only white
men into the opposite: is if some other races have infiltrated our
society and terribly misused economy (business), finances, politics,
laws, “education”, entertainment and media to harm us and perfi-
diously induce our genocide! Especially if the case might be that
while their religions teach their followers to hate and destroy infidels
(meaning us), while “our” religion and/or main ideologies teach us to
love our enemies (meaning them), to be tolerant, to turn the other
cheek, to grant others greater rights than what we have, and ultimate-
ly to willingly self-destruct…
That way, evil and insidious aliens together with corrupt creeps,
rich lunatics and various perverts could work on manipulating our
entire population: indoctrinating women, brainwashing our children,
castrating white men, performing our genocide and destroying our
culture and civilization in the process!

Manmade “laws” that force men to horribly disobey reality, to devi-

ate from nature, and look the other way and/or to remain quiet, while
our end is near: are not laws and must not be obeyed!

Dragan Glavasic

Men have the right to claim and humiliate females and obligation to
impregnate as many of them as possible. Men have the rudimentary
right to much younger females because if men are with much young-
er females there would be no reason, whatsoever, for impotence
caused by decrepit ugly spouses; or low birthrates currently associ-
ated with our race! Especially since by nature, females mature much
faster than males… Men must never be restricted to one and only one
female or prevented from having a female because of her supposedly
young age… Those three basic rules make the pertinent foundation
for an apt family which in turns makes the proper basis for a healthy
society: society where our survival and prosperity are assured!

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon


Claims that acupuncture (or putting great many needles in someone’s

aching body) could cure an illness or claims that by placing needles
into a voodoo doll a person could be harmed: are so idiotic and bi-
zarre that only the most primitive and utterly morbid societies would
contemplate or permit such nonsense.

Superstitions (including religions) are products of inferior or lesser

intellect. They are mindless activities and/or practices. Religions
are superstitions that usually deal with more significant aspects of
existence: mainly acceptable and forbidden behavior, death or a
possible life after death! However as all superstitions, they deal with
it in an irrational way… Most primitive humans or rather subhumans
have not yet created superstitions, those slightly above have… A
more advanced human societies allow a limited amount of
superstitions (manifested mostly as religions) alongside science…
The most advanced humans and most developed societies have only
science and they scorn superstitions as a deadly pollution and
products of lesser minds, a sign of a primitive society, an invention of
inferior beings!

Religions are irrational attempts to make sense of reality and also a

desperate endeavor, of primitive and/or inadequate minds, to alle-
viate our inborn fears of the inevitable. Superstitions [such as for-
tune telling (crystal ball gazing, tarot, numerology, astrology, palm
reading, etc), faith healers, alternative medicine (acupuncture, Chi-
nese “medicine”, etc) and so on] are irrational and/or criminal at-
tempts to explain some less significant fragments of reality or to

Dragan Glavasic

insidiously rob the credulous. Superstition could be practiced by the

simpleminded and/or by criminals whose main goal is to cheat the
uneducated, stupid and/or gullible. Both religions and superstitions
belong to primitive and/or backward “cultures” (or societies that do
not care for its citizens but let them be robbed and fooled by the
dumb or the liars).
Any claim that religions or superstitions could explain some
aspects of reality is a deceit or a prevarication. If anything ought to
explain reality, it has to be science… For instance, our innate fear of
dying could be eased or completely eliminated through philosophy
(i.e. The Immortality Argument). Makes no sense for us to heed the
words of some primitive people—some ghastly shamans or disgust-
ing gurus—who don’t even know the elementary structure of our
world (e.g. the concept of galaxy or that Earth rotates around the Sun
or that air is comprised of the gas molecules or that bacteria and
viruses cause illness) or some contemporary thieves whose main
concern is to take someone’s money… Cave dwellers or those from
dark ages ought not tell us what is the truth, including the fundamen-
tal knowledge that could to a great extent affect our everyday exis-
tence. Just the same thieves and liars must not take advantage of us
by supposedly telling us the intricate structure of reality, such as
what will happen, what we are to do or how to alleviate a potential
illness, a life threatening disease.
It makes immeasurably more sense to consult a medical doctor
than some superstitious quacks; just as it is far more pertinent to read
greatest philosophers than any religious book or to allow some perfi-
dious crooks to manipulate us. Plato and Nietzsche make more sense
than any religious text or any thief… Irrational approach might have
had some purpose long time ago when our understanding of this
world was rather limited and our abilities to make sense of reality
were inadequate. But ever since science has reached higher levels, it
makes no sense to believe in some deities or any religious approa-
ches as a way to explain reality. Nor is appropriate for a country to
permit criminals to take advantage of the mediocre and the credu-
lous. A decent government must protect its citizens and not allow
the deviant, simpleminded or insidious to take advantage of the
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

majority and to mentally denigrate it even further. The simpletons

and crooks are intellectually feeble and criminally malicious or just
wrong and their attempts to fool and/or exploit the masses ought to
be illegal…
For someone who has lived long time ago, it might have made
sense to explain the world or to see it in accordance to some religious
dogma… But it makes no sense nowadays. A modern man finds it
hard to accept religious nonsense and its explanations of our world…
How could anyone decent take seriously the stories from Bible or
any other religious book? Who could read the adventures of Jesus,
Noah or Moses and claim that they really happened. [Even if, long
time ago, there was actually a major flood when the Mediterranean
Sea created the Black Sea: still it is not the biblical flood which
drowned all of Earth; or even if some Jew, a religious nut, by the
name of Jesus, was actually crucified: it does not imply that he was
the son of god; or even if Jews were runaway slaves that came to
Asia from Africa, escaping their Egyptian masters: it does not mean
that the story of god helping Moses is a true one…] So how could
those religious books be any authority at all (to any intelligent hu-
man)? Some stupid people and members of other races could still
become rather fanatical about various religions: but it is due to their
lack of intelligence, their second-rate education, their reduced capaci-
ties to reason and as a matter of fact is a proof that other races are
intellectually backward or rather inferior.

On the other hand, we ought to recognize that our ancestors used to

create specific religions and that their world was governed by those
religious believes—such as Nordic mythologies, Celtic mythology or
Greco-Roman mythology—and as such we ought to look at those as
some valuable relics from the past and keep them as our important
mementos, as monuments to our glorious forefathers. They represent
our genuine cultural heritage! Not something that should govern our
present lives but as something that was a significant part of our past:
as something that our magnificent ancestor thought of and lived by.
Having said that, it means that while Odin, Thor, Wodan, Perun,
Svantovid, Rod, Svarog, Dagda, Zeus, Poseidon, Jupiter, Neptune,
Dragan Glavasic

etc were our indigenous gods and their consequent religions were
glorious segments of our intrinsic heritage; let it be known that
Christianity is not a genuine part of our tradition as indeed are not
any other living religions… In fact, all current religions are irrational
nonsense, morbid mumbo-jumbo of idiotic creatures, and alien pol-
lution that ought to be scorned, rejected and pulverized!
Christianity was initially contemplated by Jews in Asia and has
gradually spread throughout Europe from the 1st to the 12th century
[starting with Roman Empire then among Germanic tribes and finally
through Slavs], only to became Europe’s main religion. It teaches
the subdued followers to love their enemies, to turn the other cheek
and to throw bread at those that hit them with stones; to be kind,
utterly tolerant and forgiving, to love everything and everybody…
Such masochistic dogma is utterly deviant, totally unnatural and
especially dangerous if confronted by Islam and/or some other bellig-
erent religions that preach death to their enemies or unbelievers, or
by Judaism whose main concern seems to be how best to exploit,
abuse, cheat, rob and leech out all others.
That way, Christianity is the worst calamity that has beseeched us,
since it has set us vulnerable and helpless: made us susceptible to
parasitic infection of gigantic proportions… So either we outright
find strength to reject Christianity and all religions hence decide to
relentlessly eradicate all our enemies and completely cleanse our
planet or we ought to prepare for our own genocide since those
parasites will destroy us! Either we pulverize them or they will
eliminate us: it is nature’s way!

Science is based on scientific principle which means that every

statement, claim, law or theory must be proven. They have to be
based on some observations, examples, facts, empirical data or logic.
It is not sufficient or appropriate just to say something and declare it
as true; as amazingly enough, superstitions do…

On the other hand, superstitions (religions) are irrational and

unintelligent “methods” to just say something and at the same time
proclaim it as the truth! For instance, some might claim that if the
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

sun, the moon and/or various planets are in a specific constellation it

could mean specific destiny to some individuals… Or similarly, some
might say that someone has discovered some important knowledge or
has received some important information from a god, which tells the
people what to do and how to behave if they are to reincarnate or
live forever in some totally nice place… Meaning that such claims
are not proven—or could not be proven—and have to be taken on
faith, on someone’s words [even if that someone was a delusional

The difference between science and superstitions is momentous and

profound, is the difference between a fact and a rumor, is a
difference between proving something as opposite to just saying
something… The distinction between science and superstitions is the
distinction between affluence and backwardness, between Space Age
and Dark Age, between the truth and a lie, between prosperity and
adversity, between us and them…

Our future is with science and not with superstitions (religions)!

Dragan Glavasic

[And the Essential Countermeasures]

Propaganda is a frequently repeated lie intended for the general

population. Only for it to be effective it has to be forced on the
public through media, entertainment and “education”. And
furthermore, there has to be a total monopoly on those means of
dissemination and transmission.

Propaganda is a lie that is repeated frequently. The idea behind prop-

aganda is that if repeated long enough it will be accepted as truth by
the credulous population. Propaganda is especially dangerous and
excessively devastating when evil groups and wrong people control
all centers of power. Unfortunately, currently we have just that sort
of predicament. They not only put profit over the people, but in
addition do almost everything conceivable to denigrate, indoctrinate,
abuse and exploit white men, to decimate our entire culture and
civilization: to perform genocide on us!
Some of the lies that are, currently, promoted through propaganda
are rather small or insignificant while others are big and devastating.
Nevertheless, when they are combined they are extremely dangerous
and actually reveal a sinister, utterly insidious force working on
achieving our annihilation. To list but a few of them:

- Male boldness is a defect, something we must be ashamed of.

- Homosexuality is a lifestyle and should be protected by the
law. Makes no difference what sexual persuasion someone
is. Homosexuality is just as legitimate as being straight.

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

- Others should have equal or even greater rights than what we

- Other races and cultures are equal or superior to white race,
our culture and civilization.
- Family unit is one rather insignificant or unnecessary struc-
ture within a society.
- Women are equal to or better than men in every respect. In
terms of intelligence, aggressiveness, ambition etc, they are
just as good or mach better than men.
- Children must have rights.
- Mentally retarded should be plentifully helped by the society.
- Animals ought to be protected by the law.
- Discrimination and harassment toward white men is legal and
needed. It is a form of “positive discrimination” or “affirma-
tive action”.
- The best of athletes are the most desirable humans. It is
much better to be physically fit or able than to be smart or
mentally capable.
- The only difference among races is a skin color. [Other dif-
ferences, such as: eyes, blood, hair, bones, nose, lips, hands,
muscles, brain, intellect, cognitive abilities, genes, etc are to
be ignored. Any mention of those other differences is to be
considered as “politically incorrect”.]
- Negro race is smart, hard working and sexually appealing.
- Mongoloid race is very smart, mysterious and rather advan-
ced. Mongoloid children are the best students.
- Chinese did everything first.
- Chinese “snake” ought to be translated as a Chinese “drag-
- Mongoloid folk dances, known as “martial arts” is a great
tool for street fighting. It is the “art” of brawling.
- Our children should learn mongoloid folk dances instead of
learning our own tradition… Many public or private schools,
have already organized courses for mongoloid folk dances
(a.k.a. “martial arts”).

Dragan Glavasic

- There are ancient Chinese philosophers such as Confucius

and Tao.
- Faith healing, acupuncture and other alternative (or tradition-
al) medicine are viable forms of healing.
- Fortune telling is a source of knowledge. In fact, all forms of
psychics are legitimate. Paranormal is real.
- Mysticism is superior to science.
- Pedophiles are sick people that find children (boys or girls)
sexually appealing.
- Polygamy [a man living with two or more females] is not a
normal form of family and it must be against the law.
- Humans came from Africa. We all come from a man or a
woman from Africa. We are all brothers and sisters.
- It is wrong, immoral and illegal for white men to be racist and
chauvinists [to hate other races and feminists]. [But it is not
wrong or illegal for other races to be so; or for feminists to
hate males.]
- Only white men could be racist. Other races cannot be racist.
- There is no history or ethics.
- It is politically correct for us not to have children and at the
same time to adopt or support other’s progeny, and to willing-
ly self-destruct!
- Adolph Hitler, Nazis and Nazism are the manifestations of
the ultimate evil!
- Communism was an evil empire!
- Albert Einstein is the greatest genius ever.
- The West is democratic and utterly free society! It’s the best
of all possible worlds.
- People should do anything for money. Everyone and every-
thing is for sale. Only question is how much money it will
take to buy a person. Everyone has a price.

Keeping in mind that there are thousands of other examples of what

current powers that be are imposing on the subdued and oppressed
public as truth. As something that is true and, as a matter or fact, that
is not to be questioned. Such that anyone who says anything oppo-
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

site must be immediately judged as wrong. Actually, to claim any-

thing opposite, a man must be not only wrong but a bad or evil per-
son that needs to be scorned or boycotted by others and severely
punished by the authorities.
Nonetheless, let me address some of the previously mentioned
issues, thus state the following:

Female boldness is an illness. Male boldness is the result of maturity

and of testosterone (male hormone), thus is a sign of masculinity and
fertility. Hence, it is not to be avoided but welcomed! Just as mature
lions have mane, adult gorillas have gray fur, mature deer have
antlers, grownup males have pubic and facial hair, gray hair and
some also show boldness… Only utterly sick—anti-men—society
would turn male boldness into an illness, something to be ashamed of
or present it as a dreadful condition.
Homosexuality is wrong for it is utterly unnatural and rather
deviant activity that could endanger one of the fundamental practices
within this universe: procreation. It is a destructive perversion that
openly goes against nature. That way it is form or deviancy or a
horrible disease that needs to be curtailed or outright stopped. If
homosexual-ity becomes prevalent it would not only endanger our
survival as specie (or race) but would, in addition, endanger family
as the found-ation of society. Because only family consisting of a
powerful man and subservient females with great many children is
innate and prop-er form or unit that would assure survival of society.
Because—no matter what those filthy deviants say—healthy family
is indeed the building block of any proper and prosperous society.
Other races and cultures are inferior to our race and our culture
because Glorians [white race and culture] have achieved immeasu-
rably more and by far exceeded anything that other races or cultures
have done so far. Every significant discovery in science—even
sciences, themselves—every important contribution to our life quali-
ty has been discovered or achieved by white men and white men
alone! From the philosophical concepts of democracy, materialism,
idealism, fee will, ethics, metaphysics, ontology, epistemology,
logic, aesthetics, etc; to mathematical ideas of probability, number
Dragan Glavasic

theory, limits, spheres, rectangles, calculus, geometry, topology; to

just as important technological discoveries of electricity, computers,
trains, cars, busses and trucks, airplanes, space ships, tunnels, brid-
ges, skyscrapers, designer drugs, antibiotics, vaccines, x-rays, ultra-
sound, telephone, radio and television, submarines, sea liners,
washing machines, microwave ovens, stoves, refrigerators, sewer,
pluming, central heating; or some other cognitive developments like
music theory and harmony, etc. Everything was discovered by
To use propaganda and brainwashing, to abuse laws as to discrim-
inate and eradicate such a superior race is the cardinal sin against this
very reality. Because universe did not evolve for billions of years so
that a bunch of perverts and rich simpletons would halt its progress
thus also undermine its prime objective for creating higher forms of
intellect as to become a cognitive entity in order to become self-
aware and to better perceive the ultimate reality.
Family is the building block of any society. A healthy and stable
family [naturally consisting of one aggressive and dominant man,
several females and great many children] is the building block of a
stable and prosperous society. That is the best way to mass produce
beneficial members of a functional society.
Men are by nature designed to be intelligent, powerful, aggres-
sive, dominant, and to claim as many females as they can. They
ought to have every conceivable right and total power or control over
their females, children and property. That is normal or natural way.
Anything opposite to this natural design is a form of perversion and
is likely to undermine not only families but also entire society. Men
are also designed to be the defenders of our Realm, protectors of our
society, guardians of our way of life. Any attempt to place women
into the role of men is actually a deviant ploy to destroy our very
society, our way of living, our Realm: and such is a cardinal sin.
Women are in many respects totally opposite to men. They are
weak, simpleminded, masochistic, submissive, subservient, etc.
They are easily willed, manipulated and any society, any country,
any race, any Realm which is defended by the weaker of the genders
is destined for annihilation… Therefore women ought to stick with
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

what nature has designed them for, what nature has intended for
them: to nurture and take care of the children and to serve their one
and only lord and master: the husband.
Children do not have sufficient mental capacity or enough life
experience to make proper decisions. Furthermore, they are easily
manipulated and indoctrinated, especially by an evil society with
tremendous resources. Therefore, it is essential for parents to have
total control and power over children. Any time parents are pre-
vented to perform their proper duty: society suffers. Because, proper
family would produce good and beneficial members of society that
could contribute to the proper government and its overall welfare:
such that everyone would ultimately benefit.
Mentally retarded are genetic junk, defects, that have to be re-
jected or if possibly eliminated even before they get born. Under no
circumstances should society favor retards over smart or mentally
gifted, or in any way give to those genetically feebleminded any
privileges as to enable them to survive and reproduce. For it is in
direct violation of the rudimentary tendency of this Cosmos, to create
life and promote intellect as to create higher forms of reason. Fur-
thermore, it implies that athletes must never be favored or in any way
more valued than intellectuals. Any society that prefers physical
abilities over mental abilities or favors athletes and/or retards over
smart men: is a sick union. Because, to make possible for a bunch of
simpleminded athletes to be extremely rich, popular, to have unlim-
ited access to mass media, to make them utterly influential and po-
werful thus present them as the most desirable mates is a road to our
systematic deterioration and abrupt destruction.
Animals must not be given any rights whatsoever! Just as athletes
must not be placed to be more significant than intellectuals. As a
matter of fact, in an advanced society, athletes must not have any
significance at all. Sport should be for recreation of masses and not
for the promotion or for the rewarding of other races and/or various
simpletons… Thus people should not be turned into servants of cats,
dogs, snakes, rodents; or worshipers of those physically capable (be
they human, subhuman or animals)… Especially is utterly wrong for
humans not to have children and instead to take care of animals.
Dragan Glavasic

Just because mongoloids spend a great deal of time studying and

working in groups as to cheat the school system and get better grades
than white children: it does not make them smart but rather cheat-
ers. 15 Achievements of white men, in fields of science and techno-
logy have made such abundantly clear. No amount of propaganda
could erase the fact that white men did everything first. Because no
matter what media and “education” tell us: a Chinese that has jumped
off a high cliff did not invent flying; just as a mongoloid corpse at
the bottom of the sea did not invent a submarine!
To claim that all life started in ocean makes sense; but to say that
humans came from Africa is insignificant and might be wrong.
However, even if humans originate in Africa, they are as much our
ancestors as are invertebrates that lived in the initial ocean. Due to
numerous and enormous genetic alterations that have occurred, in
our genes, since that primitive creature roamed the planes of Africa,
there is no way that we could look at it as our ancestor, just as we
could not look at (ancient) reptiles or snakes as our ancestors. Or
that we should not kill a deadly snake just because it was supposedly

For instance, a group of mongoloid college students could take same courses and
divide among themselves who will read which books then summarize them, take
all important data and share it with others. That way each student reads just one
book… While white students have to read many books, mongoloids read just one
and get the same or even better grades than white students: which is form of
cheating the system that college authorities are aware of and are openly allowing
because it only discriminates against white students… Mongoloids are getting
better grades and are ranked higher than white students even though they are doing
it by cheating and in the process have far lesser knowledge than white children!
On the other hand, if white child tries to cheat on the exam he would be expelled
from school, while mongoloids are allowed to cheat throughout the schooling
without any repercussion. And they are favored to take good jobs even though
they are not qualified for them or are not as qualified as white students who read
every single book and have never resorted to cheating (thus are bound to have
greater knowledge)! In some estimates an average mongoloid cheater reads and
understands only a fifth of the material required for getting a specific diploma.
Which means that it would be very dangerous getting them some jobs: like in
health care, architecture or engineering; and rather unfair getting them any jobs
whatsoever… Yet, because of better grades and because of their race (i.e.
affirmative action) they have a priority.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

our long lost kin. Besides, even if we presume that some ancient
creatures from Africa were our long lost predecessors, still that does
not imply that present day Africans are our kin in any way, shape or
form. Because it is just as valid to observe that negroes have perhaps
as much in common with monkeys and gorillas as they do with us.
The crucial fact is that there are three distinct racial groups (Cauca-
sians, mongoloids, negroes): they compete for the same resources
and for the survival. It is utterly wrong, terribly immoral, and against
the will of this universe to favor other races and help them, in any
way, shape or form, eradiate white race (especially since they are
mentally inferior to us)! What is in the compliance to the ultimate
will of this universe: is for the superior race to eradicate all others, as
a way to eliminate its competition. THAT’S NATURE’S WAY!
Therefore the only proper ideology and the only justifiable course of
It is very much normal for men to find much younger females or
girls sexually attractive. However, it is extremely perverted for men
to find boys sexually appealing, for it is nothing else than homosexu-
ality which could corrupt a young person and transform him into a
homosexual too. It is also very much perverted and utterly wrong for
women to find young boys or girls sexually desirable… The only
proper paring is for older male to be with younger or much younger
females. Especially since, by nature, females mature much sooner
than boys [females usually mature between the ages of eight and
twelve, while males mature after the age of thirty]: to create society
in which boys and girls of the same age are to be coupled together—
for instance in schools—thus legally and/or morally to permit only
intercourse of those with similar age: is not a functional form of
society. If and when they get married: young men are not mature
enough to assert their authority and such family unit is bound to
suffer, is not stable or is not a healthy family thus is not a beneficial
unit of the society. After all, since the dawn of time and until very
recently it was proper and desirable for older men to get younger
females. Even our grandfathers could do, what is forbidden to us
now. Only we need to remember that, currently, the corridors of

Dragan Glavasic

power are filled to the rim with slime and most dreadful subhuman
Also let it be known: martial arts are nothing more than mongol-
oid folk dances. They are utter nonsense that have very little to do
with skilled combat or fighting. Observe any real fight and none of
the fighters ever uses such “skills” for those dance moves are rather
useless in any actual combat. However it is utterly wrong to teach
our children mongoloid traditional dances instead of teaching them
our own cultural heritage. Especially it is inappropriate to use our
school buildings for that gruesome purpose!
To promote anything mongoloid [such as martial arts, their meth-
ods of “fortune telling”, acupuncture, their supposed “medicine”, or
Chinese “dragon”] is an attack on our very civilization, especially
since none of those are what they claim to be. After all, putting
acupuncture needles into someone’s body has nothing to do with his
possible cure; just as Chinese snake has nothing in common with
dragon. However, to mislabel Chinese snake as European dragon is
actually an attempt to equate the two societies, to imply how similar
we are, which could only benefit the lesser or inferior society and
harm the more advanced one.
The only “contributions” to this world that other races have perpe-
trated are: tattoos, body piercing, bungee jumping, tobacco and smo-
king, mind altering plants (or illicit drugs), superstitions, “fortune
telling”, hunger, pestilence, diseases, and parasites. That is the
extent of their input to our world, aside from persistently draining
our resources, damaging our gene pool and stifling our societies
along the way. Which actually is a proof that other races are para-
sitic. That implies that there are, indeed, some parasitic races: and
they are all non-white. Just look at Ethiopia: there are many negroes
there that live on the aid or handouts which they plentifully get from
white people. So instead of taking care of our poor citizens: our
governments and/or “humanitarian” organizations take resources
from us and give it to our competitors. In spite the fact that while
our demographic figures are going down, nimoids [negroes and
mongoloids] have demographic explosion!

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

In addition, the crime rate in South Africa started to catapult as

soon as negroes came to power… South Africa has more robberies,
thefts, assaults, kidnappings, murders, and other forms of illegal
activities, in just one week, than what entire Europe has in a year.
The chaos and crime spree in Chine’s countryside and the crime rate
in USA cities that have huge nimoid population is immeasurably
higher than any region that is exclusively white: which means that
those races are inferior to white race and are not genetically ready to
form a functional society. Chinese have to perform thousands of
executions, each year, to keep the crime rates down; since only the
threat of public executions could keep those savages and criminal
opportunists under control.
Racism is love of one’s own race and hate of other ones. Thus it
is normal for all races to be racist: it’s a nature’s way. Racism is,
also, an innate way for the superior race to defend itself against infe-
rior races thus to prevent them from undermining its purpose in
overall reality. To prevent superior race from eliminating the compe-
tition or danger that other races impose is a horrendous sin and must
be declared illegal. [In case there is no superior race or specie, racism
is an innate phenomena that assures struggle and competition among
races and species so that only the best fit would survive while all
others will be annihilated as to make room for the winners. That way
racism is a natural tendency that is assuring prosperity and progress.
Implying that any manmade laws that forbid or punish white men for
being racist (or chauvinistic) are nor only discriminatory but are also
fundamentally wrong and highly immoral. Men have the right to
hate homosexuals, feminists and other races just as they have the
right to breathe air and drink water. It is our absolute, birth given
right that we possess just because we are here, because we were
born, just because we are.]
Einstein is not the smartest man but a Jew, a clerk working in a
Swiss patent office, whom Jewish controlled media has turned into a
celebrity and a “genius”. He has been mentioned in thousands of
movies as the smartest person ever… Yet his works in physics are
very problematic and, in fact, when they get carefully scrutinized:
they would most likely crumble as being wrong or outright frauds.
Dragan Glavasic

After all, his “famous” equation E=mc² is the most meaningless and
most useless equation ever! It is so dumb that they had to invent a
story to go along with it: how, supposedly, no one is smart enough to
comprehend what it really means; or that there are only three individ-
uals smart enough to understand it! But what is there to understand,
aside from being a fraud! An outright lie! A prevarication on the
grand scale…
Finally, philosophy is a quest for wisdom that is based on logic
and/or cognitive proof. It is not possible to say something and to call
it a philosophy. For something to be philosophy, it has to state an
idea (a significant thought) then to justify it through logic and/or
reason and/or example and/or empirical data. Since Confucius, Tao
and other non-white “thinkers” never really used logic 16 , or justified
their ideas in any way: it can only mean that there were never any
ancient or modern non-white philosophers. Philosophy is the sole
invention and the exclusive domain of white men [those dead as well
as those alive]. From the ancient time up to the modern epoch:
philosophy, as the highest cognitive activity, has been a private
reserve for white race, and white men in particular! No amount of
propaganda or brainwashing could alter that simple and undeniable
fact. And that is the truth which will defeat their horrid lies!
Nazis have made many mistakes and they were wrong in many
instances: but still, in spite of all their faults and mistakes, under
finial analysis, they were much better than any present day western
politician! Besides, if Nazism has triumphed, I don’t think that white
race and our civilization would be on the brink of annihilation as is
the case right now... Which could only imply one thing: they can’t be
as bad as the current powers that be claim… On the other hand,
could it be that most of media, entertainment and politics are con-
trolled by the Jews? Those same Jews that Nazis accused of being
the cause of all corruption, rot and decay in society. Since Jews have
remained while the corruption, rot and decay of our society have
intensifies: it could only mean one thing: Nazis were right!

Nor they even knew what logic is!
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Propaganda is a lie that is frequently repeated and forced on the

population through absolute monopoly of mass media, entertainment
and “education”. Propaganda is often followed and/or coupled with
deviant laws that work in collaboration with propaganda on
silencing, indoctrinating, controlling and manipulating the people.

Propaganda 17 could be defeated only by the truth. If any part of

mass media breaks free and starts transmitting the truth: propaganda
would folder and disintegrate for it works only if there is a total
monopoly on the means of informing, entertaining and educating the

After all, only a few hundred Europeans have conquered the New
World (South, Central and North America)… Actually the entire
world… So much for the equality of races and cultures: when a
handful of white men destroyed the primitives and their supposedly
advanced civilizations, all over the world, it undeniably
demonstrated our innate superiority! Superiority that has been
undermined and endangered by a bunch of concealed parasites and
macabre degenerates—holding the seats of power—within our

Propaganda should not be confused by or in any way associated with promo-
tions, commercials and/or advertising, for those are legitimate ways of promoting
something or someone. Assuming, of course, what those promotions, commercials
or advertisements say is actually true. For otherwise, they are just propaganda.
Dragan Glavasic


Inferior races are those not able achieve any significant social
development or cultural level. Parasitic races are those that do not
contribute to the welfare of society thus due to the deviant system:
exploit and drain wealth from the superior race.

For great many years, France has been plagued with the invasion of
non-white races. No matter how much money or effort the French
bizarre authorities invested to better the lives of the savages: the
brutes remained cancer of their society. The French build them nice
houses in beautiful neighborhoods, gave them jobs, health care and
social security: which none of those nimoids had in their own coun-
tries (the initial regions of their origin)… But nothing and no amount
of resources could make those brutes behave as civilized beings.
The negroes, mongoloids and Arabs kept on rioting almost regu-
larly each and every year. So even the horribly brainwashed French-
men, had an urge to put them under control before it became too late.
So they elected Nicolas Sarkozy, as the president, hoping—after
hearing his tough rhetoric—that he would do something meaningful
to control the savages… Only thing is, the duped population did not
realize that all politicians—or at least those in power or with a rea-
sonable chance to get in power—are controlled by the extremely rich
[some of whom are non-white (e.g. Jews, Arabs, mongoloids, Mus-
lims) or by the dumb, highly immoral and totally filthy sediments].
Such that all of them are utterly dangerous toward our race and
civilization. The fact is that non-white creatures use wealth, in part,

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

to castrate white men, undermine white race, our culture and civili-
zation; while the wealth controlled by the white people is used,
exclusively, to make the proprietors even wealthier! In other words,
other races (through their belligerent religions) have a secret agenda
to destroy us, while at the same time our race is brainwashed (thro-
ugh Christian dogma) to be pacifistic and tolerant, even to help and
love our worst enemies.
In other words, no matter who becomes French president or for
that matter any president in Western Europe or North America: they
will be more or less bad toward our race, culture and civilization!
Since, the same problem is present all over Europe and North Ame-
rica. Any region that has a large infestation of non-white races
experiences a rampant deterioration, which promotes the decline of
Western Civilization. USA and Canada have turned into nightmare
societies that systematically favor non-white races and openly dis-
criminate against white race, especially against white men! No nor-
mal human being should desire to reside in such horribly infested
regions of the world. Negroes, mongoloids, and other non-white
races have overwhelmed those countries. Who, if at all normal,
would want for his own children to reside in environment besieged
by subhuman junk? Why would any decent human being desire to
be exploited and abused, and worst of all, as the inferior races live
next door to him?
Non-white races are genetically inferior and most of them have
never managed to develop any significant social and/or cultural
structure. Some are even unable to reside in a society as civilized
members but are prone to rioting, crime, disorder and chaos! Just
look at South Africa, where negroes are the majority and as soon as
they got the power from white people: the country turned into sub-
human society: with the crime spree which is unheard of in any
civilized nation. Which could, and in fact should, be accredited to
the fact that negroes are inferior race, genetically unable to live in an
organized society. [After all, human society requires a specific level
of intelligence just as the ideal society would most likely require
even higher degree of human consciousness and more profound
intellect: the level of Overman, that is.]
Dragan Glavasic

Behavioral patterns of negroes, gypsies, Hispanics, mongoloids

and Arabs: show that they are parasites, dangerous to any society
where they appear in large numbers. Even in small numbers they
could present a clear and eminent danger: since, those that rule our
countries are not good for us, they could easily turn the situation,
rather fast, from bad to worse.
Perhaps the most overwhelming proof of the inferior race are the
old “societies” of South America. Mayas, Incas and Aztecs were
most bizarre, utterly brutal, totally primitive societies that existed
only for one purpose: to perform ritual sacrifice! Thousands were
killed each and every year. They went in wars just to generate
enough captors as to perform continual rituals of mass sacrifices.
Their societies—if we could call them as such—did not exist to
enable economy or to better the lives of their citizens… They existed
for one and only one purpose: to perform unbelievably numerous and
most cruel or incredibly vicious sacrifices! Everything they did was
for the purpose of achieving more sacrifices. They even played
games where the entire loosing team would be killed in the most
brutal way!
To have a new king, they had to mercilessly and in cold blood
murder other royals. During their own reign, the kings mutilated
their own bodies as well as their own wives. The priests would
constantly decapitate or take out beating hears from great many
victims. Thousands of citizens (be they males, females or children)
were sacrificed each year and sometimes each and every month.
But the big question is: how could our media try to present those
extreme primitives and most deplorable savages as human or ad-
vanced people, noble beings that evil Europeans decimated for no
good reason… Only media that is controlled by insidious Jews
and/or perfidious Arabs could produce programs with such malicious
and utterly macabre propaganda. [Remember that film: “1492: The
Conquest of Paradise!” What paradise are they talking about? How
could anyone normal call those despicable subhumans and their
horrifying nightmare societies as paradise?] The thing is, when a
few hundred Europeans killed all those ghastly creatures—effective-
ly wiping out their “civilization” in a blink of an eye—it was the
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

noblest deed that has ever been perpetrated! Those utterly savage
primitives should have been killed in the cruelest of ways as to atone
for their unspeakable atrocities.

Dragan Glavasic



According to deranged mass media, decrepit schools and abnormal

judicial system: it is wrong for a man to find young girls attractive
but at the same time it is not wrong to regard older broads sexually
appealing… Furthermore, it is not considered inappropriate or in
any way forbidden for the members of the same gender or the
members of different races or species to engage in sexual
interactions… As a matter of fact white men are punished for no
other reason but for being white men… Which could mean only one
thing: this world is insane beyond description! Our worst enemies as
well as utter lunatics and perverts have taken all corridors of power
and are perpetrating our concealed genocide! Poetically stated:
lunatic have taken over the ship and the captain is, by far, the
craziest of them all.

Many evils have been committed against our race and civilization…
One of the most heinous is the systematically imposed low demogra-
phic figure. The low birthrates for white people are so drastic com-
pared to other races and so devastating that such abnormality ought
to be labeled as the white plague.
Several ideas and/or factors have contributed to such anomaly, but
the most notable are: wrong and extremely devastating or utterly
insane ideology, cultural relativism, homosexuality and various other
perversions, feminism or giving rights to women, as well as to
children, nimoids and/or animals. By doing so vicious malcontents
have created social conditions that are extremely destructive and

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

society which is dysfunctional: as is any society which does not

reproduce but is purposely and willingly going into extinction!
Reproduction is the fundamental right and rudimentary obligation of
a family and the main purpose for having a country, for having life
on this planet, such that, in addition, family must represent the basic,
most essential, unit of any decent society…
However, through feminism, homosexuality, equal or greater
rights for anything [animals, other races, parasites, retards, perverts,
etc]: the very matrix of our society is undermined and we are pushed
toward the abyss of horrifying non-existence. In fact, the insane
creeps in power have been persistently and systematically doing all
which is dangerous or destructive for our very survival. Not to
mention that our prosperity is out of question if our survival is uncer-
tain or seriously threatened.
If those horrendous lunatics, currently in power, really want to
serve us and save us from almost certain extinction then they should
do something proper right now. For instance, many citizens are
fooled not to have children and/or to have domestic pets instead of
their own progeny. Or even worse, some are duped to support and/or
foster nimoid children… Or incredibly enough: there are even de-
ranged masochists that find desirable to have interracial children,
which is not only extremely degrading to white people [for mating
with subhumans is the ultimate form of humiliation] but in addition
is the apex of decadence, the total abomination: the genetic pollution
of the higher specie… In addition, gambling and smoking are bad,
dangerous, socially destructive habits that should be scorned… So if
our politicians really want to do something good they could, for start,
make such deviant practices illegal. Or at least levy anyone who
does not have children but, instead, has a cat or a dog (or that gam-
bles or smokes) with enormous taxes which could be used to feed
white children. That way any lunatic who prefers to take care of
animals instead of his own offspring should pay dearly for that per-
version. Also any woman above certain age that is single ought to be
levied excessively! And since only white race is endangered, only
white people have to be financially helped, induced by the law, to
bring about white and only white children. It ought to be a carrot and
Dragan Glavasic

a stick approach: on one side, huge benefits for having white children
(a lots of them) and on the other, severe penalties for not having
Furthermore, let’s recall that a century ago there was no problem
of white plague. Therefore, we need to take a serious look back, take
a few retrograde steps and make certain that our children have appro-
priate mates to start their families. Horrible inventions were all those
sick ideas and decadent practices (feminism, homosexuality, “equal
rights”, etc), as well as that bizarre notion of love and also struc-
turing society where children search, by themselves, for their mates.
First of all, they are obviously not capable to do such in a proper
way. Many of them never get married. There are so many lonely
people and those that get married often divorce within a few years.
In part due to a deviant society and in part due to wrong paring. In
any case, the way of our grandparents was a better one and we
should recognize or admit our mistakes, thus return to what used to
work adequately for millennia…
All those measures combined plus some others not mentioned
here: should turn around our descent into oblivion, set us on a higher
road to prosperity once again… There are many other steps that
could and should be taken but the few mentioned here are plenty to
consider for society that is ruled and lead by the insane, the wicked
and the perverted, by the worst creeps imaginable: some of whom are
extremely wealthy (aside from being also nimoids) and some of
whom are corrupt politicians (also including many nimoids). Which
implies that the only proper way to solve the problem of white
plague is to initiate INTELLECTUAL REVOLUTION which in turn
would drastically restructure and/or purge our society—relentlessly
incarcerate or eradicate all our enemies—and perform a more just
redistribution of wealth, positions and resources!

It would be hard to imagine or, indeed, to find any impotent man if

he has to copulate with beautiful young girls… But it goes to reason
that only a pervert or an utter masochist could consider old,
overused, broads as sexually desirable!

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Only those that excessively hate white men, that want to annihilate
our entire race, could induce such deviant, utterly unnatural world
as is ours at the moment! Therefore, this planet is a ship of fools
heading for the abyss…

Dragan Glavasic


Parasites are primitive organisms that live by harming other usually

more advanced organisms, which in spite of being superior in many
respects, for some reason, are unable to detect and eradicate the
parasites. Parasites could be inside the host organism or outside
and their key aspect is that they exploit the host, thus are not doing
anything beneficial for it… Just as animals and plants have
parasites so the human society has parasites as well. Implying that
society could be, also, sick and/or dying.

Ideology is the crucial foundation on which a given society is based.

It is the set of essential ideas, believes and/or practices that define the
union. All other significant attributes of society [constitution, laws,
attitudes, public opinion, politics, education, media, entertainment,
social interactions, overall structure…] are based on the founding
ideology. It is by far the most important cognitive structure that
actually spells out the difference between a good or prosperous so-
ciety and the bad or doomed one. In fact, what religion is for the
primitive societies that is ideology to a modern one.
Ideology is frequently defined by politicians or religious zealots
but it should be defined by the wisest and most aggressive of men:
the leading philosophers. Since they are most capable to rise to the
occasion henceforth to set the proper ideology that would enable the
country and/or the civilization to survive and prosper far into the

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

People are sheep. They are brainless mass, indeed, that is predis-
posed to be ruled… Only it is rather unfortunate when they succumb
to and are ruthlessly exploited by an evil government, while—just as
would cattle—remaining utterly passive throughout the ordeal. Ma-
jority of people go along with whoever is in power, and regardless
what is happening to them, seemingly unaware of the potential con-
sequences. Only if their livelihood is seriously threatened and/or
they are at the brink of starvation or annihilation: masses could be
moved into action. Mostly in some extreme circumstances the peo-
ple could be cajoled to overthrow the government (those in power)!
That is the psychology of the cattle and the mundane masses. That is
how those in power could easily exploit and abuse the people that
they are supposedly serving. And that is why Nietzsche was right to
ask for the arrival of Overman. Because mediocre population is
indeed pathetic; to move them one needs a total control of media and
only those in power control media, which implies that general public
will be exploited and abused as long as the evil people maintain the
seats of power.
Most politicians come to power by promising whatever, without
any intentions of fulfilling those promises. What they think, say or
do is seldom the same… In fact, one of their main tactics is to say
anything—or what most people would like to hear or what the
masses are manipulated to want to hear—just to be elected… The
key to political success is to get enough money for its promotion
during the election, then to fool enough simpletons to get their votes.
It is rather common for a politician to become the president by re-
ceiving only a fourth of the votes of all capable to vote. Nonetheless,
he becomes the president of all, even though only a tiny percentage
has voted for him. Which shows just how bizarre concept democ-
racy is and how correct were ancient philosophers for condemning it
as a bad form of government. [Keeping in mind that present day
democracies are much worse than what ancient democracies were.
After all, back then, only adult white men, that were free and re-
spected members of community could vote; compared to contempo-
Dragan Glavasic

rary democracies where the voice of such white men are drowned in
the simpleminded ocean of women, children, retards, nimoids, per-
verts, homosexuals, feminists, transvestites, hermaphrodites, etc.]
However, the situation is actually far worse. The politicians [in
the West] are actually expendable property, puppets controlled by
those extremely rich and by big corporations. It is the big money
that rules this planet and is placing (replacing) politicians within the
corridors of “power”. Big money is the main corporate in all the evil
that has beseeched us; for it is comprised of the most evil, immoral,
and brain dead individuals. While, at the same time, a great deal of
those extremely rich are not white 18 . As a matter of fact, many are
Jews and increasing numbers are Arabs, Mongoloids, Muslims, etc.

For billions of years this universe has evolved toward the creation of
life and the emergence of intellect thus has worked hard to refine
intellect as to enable itself of becoming a conscious and cognitive
entity… White race has achieved far more than all other races com-
bined. Our abilities to logically perceive the universe and understand
reality has set us apart... In spite of all current propaganda and media
brainwashing: it is obvious that, as far as intellect goes, white race is
immeasurably superior to all other races! There are no ways that
other races could in any way compare to white race. Our knowledge,
discoveries, technology have placed us ahead of all other intellectu-
ally inferior races.
Making deviant laws as to silence the truth or forcefully brain-
washing citizens (through media, entertainment and “education”) on
how, supposedly, such is not the case is an example of the ultimate
evil that has been perpetrated against us, against white men, our own

As far as our countries are concerned, the rich were only white people up to the
18th and 19th centuries when Jews started gradually infiltrating that domain of
wealth and power; gradually transforming our society in present day nightmare.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

children, our advanced culture and civilization, against this very

universe and its innate propensity!

Humans have a tendency to create society. We are social animals:

with inborn inclination to live together in groups. Implying that we
ought to cooperate and avoid struggle within our union: if we are to
prosper. In addition people have an innate predisposition for a herd
mentality [to behave as a group, to emulate each other and act as
one]. Finally the fundamental aspect of human nature is self-interest
where each and every individual strives to benefit himself (and/or
those close to him). These instincts, however, could be rather detri-
mental toward society if they are used inappropriately, against our
combined or better interests. However, the most important elements
of any society are its ideology and its leadership. Those fundamental
ideas and principles on which it is based and individuals and/or
groups that lead it. Both are crucially important and would ulti-
mately determine or affect, the most, the destiny of such a common-
wealth. Because if society is ruled by the wisest of men, they are
bound to create and/or implement the best ideology: which in turn
would improve their overall chances for survival and prosperity.
If society is based on a healthy set of ideas, if it is just and it
favors the most intelligent citizens: it will prosper. Especially if it
manages to chose the smartest, most capable, most patriotic and most
moral individuals for the leadership positions. Men who would, no
doubt and deservingly so, personally benefit a great deal from being
the leaders but that would in turn contribute tremendously to the
survival and prosperity of the society and the citizens as well.
The proper society would champion intellect, logic and reason
thus would furiously discourage and eventually eliminate supersti-
tion, religions and all irrational [such as fortune tellers (astrologers,
numerologists), faith healers, psychics, paranormal, alternative medi-
cines (including acupuncture and other Chinese nonsense), etc]. By
doing so it would prosper and defeat any possible competition in
those lesser cultures. Because among societies [and among different
races] there is the competition and the survival of the fittest, just as
Darwin described it for the species.
Dragan Glavasic

The essential question to ask is how was possible for our, intellectu-
ally most advanced, society to deviate so much as to arrive on the
brink of destruction. And the answer is rather simple. Long time
ago, many centuries, in fact, we have allowed intruders [other races]
to infiltrate our domain. Most deadly of them were Jews. Like
viruses and parasites they have persisted mostly dormant inside our
tissue. They were isolated, closely nit community within our civili-
zation. They even used their language that none of us knew as a way
to secretly scheme perfidious deeds. Gradually and over a long time
span they used any opportunity to harm us. Through loan sharking—
which was a forbidden business to all Christians, but which was a
common practice at the time of ancient Rome—they have substan-
tially increased their wealth thus have realized that they could use it
to corrupt and pay off various individuals in our society.
The process was slow and it took them several centuries to finally
have it made. It happened in the nineteenth and the twentieth centu-
ries. Exactly the time when our societies started going down [not
economically and technologically but rather socially: when we sta-
rted giving others greater rights and privileges 19 ]. We were the most
advanced societies: scientifically and intellectually, culturally and
socially. We were wealthy and this entire world was ours for taking.
Other races and cultures were far bellow us, struggling to survive,
overwhelmed with disease, hunger, pestilence and poverty. In fact,
all other races were nothing more than food for crocodiles, lions,
tigers, pythons, leopards, bears, sharks, panthers, etc. But only two
centuries later the situation has drastically changed: white race has
stopped having children, our lands are terribly invaded by other
races, while our money, resources, knowledge and technology are
openly, for no good or apparent reason, given to non-white countries!
So how did it happen?
And the simplest, most accurate, answer is the Jews! Just as the
Nazis have figured it out, almost a century ago… It should be also

Recall various “movements” for the emancipation of negroes and/or women, that
were initiated in USA during the 19th century.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

added that other more or less significant elements have contributed to

our horrifying downfall, but in the end it will all trickle down to
Jews. Sure, various “intellectuals” have done their part by creating
ideas which were inductive toward our downfall, but we could be
certain that Jews have financed and were behind those that promoted
such problematic thinkers and their dubious ideas; through a process
known as negative selection. 20
For example, as far as USA is concerned the best thing for it
would be to get rid of all negroes and other non-white races. Be-
cause those non-white races are fundamentally primitive and much
below cognitive abilities of Glorians 21 , not only as far as reason goes
but also to create or form and to function in a society, as their benefi-
cial members. [After all, these are facts: white race was far more
advanced, intellectually and technologically even in the earliest
prehistory… Ancient Greece and Rome were superior to all other
cultures and races on this planet at that time. Finally, from the an-
cient period to the present: white race is far ahead of all other races
and has reached space age while other races still dwelled in the dark
age.] Most of all, they are far below intellectual abilities of white
people, thus present cancer that would ultimately decimate any soci-
ety. If fact, during the twentieth century such a notion was contem-
plated: to send all negroes back to Africa. But the idea was not
pushed or helped in any way by Jewish controlled media and their
financial institutions (banks). On the other hand, other more destruc-
tive ideas: such as the laws to forcefully integrate negroes and other
non-white races in white society got a great deal of attention in form
of political support and was pushed trough media thus was assisted
financially. Affirmative action [legally sanctioned discrimination
toward white men] was such a deadly ploy that it could be rivaled
only through our pending genocide!

Negative selection is the preferential treatment and/or promotion of anything or
everything which is harming or hampering the innate proclivity of this universe as
to foster intellect, thus to further refine it.
Glorians: members of white race; white people. White race and culture.
Dragan Glavasic

Nowadays, USA is one horribly polluted country where white

people are openly besieged, harassed, discriminated, humiliated and
abused even though still the majority; but with a tendency of be-
coming a minority within two generations. Where laws, “education”,
finances, and media are utilized to castrated white men and to eradi-
cate our race, destroy our culture and civilization! Which shows that
ideology and leadership are indeed, the key components of any soci-
ety. Since with proper ideology and proper leadership those deplora-
ble practices and heinous tendencies could be overturned within a
short time span and our world could once again return in the right
direction, resume its ascent toward Overmen and ideal society! All it
takes is a revolution, intellectual revolution to be more precise:
where the smartest white men would take over the power from the
extremely rich creeps [many of whom are Jews, Arabs, Mongoloids
and other non-whites].

TABLE: Distinctions between good and bad societies.


- run by the wisest of men - run by the most immoral and/or
perverted, by homosexuals,
malcontents, feminists,
simpletons, criminals and/or
nimoid races
- uses media, entertainment, - uses media, entertainment,
education and laws to educate “education” and laws to
and organize the population brainwash, manipulate and
control the population
- everybody does what he is best - connections, bribery,
fit for; jobs and positions are corruption, nepotism, affirmative
determined by individual abilities action and “political correctness”
and innate talents are used for getting jobs and to
determine the positions in society
- assures that society is just and - serves the rich thus helps them
that no citizen is exploited or to exploit and abuse the poor, the
taken advantage of neglected masses
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

- champions intellect - ignores and/or scorns intellect;

- uses sports for recreation only glorifies sports and physical
- serves, defends and benefits - hates and castrates white men;
white men; champions our indoctrinates our children to hate
children and teaches them to love their fathers and forefathers
and respect their fathers, to be
proud of their ancestors
- discriminates against feminists, - serves, protects and benefits
homosexuals and non-white homosexuals, feminists and non-
races white races
- protects and promotes our - denigrates and destroys our
culture and civilization culture and civilization
- respects our ancestors - disrespects our ancestors
- glorifies our tradition and - denigrates our tradition and
heritage heritage while promoting and
favoring other “cultures”
- promotes genuine science - promotes superstition, religions,
irrational, mysticism, psychics,
paranormal, occult, etc.
- supports family - destroys family
- allows and encourages men to - forbids men from polygamy
have more than one female, and severely punishes any
especially much younger ones relationship with much younger
- encourages families with lots of - teaches white people not to
healthy children have children and instead to
adopt or help nimoid children
- rewards the talented and the - ignores or prosecutes the wisest
wise; promotes good ideas; hails of men; promotes bad ideas; hails
best minds as the greatest simpletons and perverts as
philosophers; prosecutes perverts intellectuals and/or celebrities
- makes sure that all our citizens - discriminates against white
are taken care of [have people while protecting and
healthcare, social security, free taking care of perverts, feminists,
education, etc] homosexuals, non-white races,
Dragan Glavasic

simpletons, animals, parasites,


Parasites ought to be eradicated, wiped out completely and


What I teach you has a name and the name is revolution:


One way to assess society is to determine who or rather which

groups, in it, are richest or doing well, are favored, protected, sup-
ported, aided, and/or have most children. In other words, if in a
given society, a specific group has more privileges than other groups;
or if in a given society most members from a specific group are
granted excessive amount of privileges which other groups don’t
have then it goes to reason that such group is indeed chosen group
within the society. So let’s examine who is favored in two countries,
USA and Serbia (at the beginning of the 21st century). Where one
country is self-proclaimed leader of democracy and the epiphany of
freedoms in the world, while the other one is in transition thus is
trying to reach the USA standards of “excellence”.
Keeping in mind that other western countries would more or less
resemble the findings associated with USA, while Eastern Europe
might be similar to Serbia.

Groups that do well in Serbia are: ex-communist elite and their

spoiled offspring, politicians, high-level criminals [those that are in
government or are connected to government or have some close
relationships with politicians], traitors, best entertainers (singers,
actors, athletes), homosexuals, gypsies, Chinese, Albanians, etc.
Members of ex-communist elite and their children are doing well
since they have taken most of money, resources and wealth from the
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

country. They have been in the position to privatize, for themselves,

all that was publicly owned, so some of them are among the richest
people in the world. Politicians are doing well since in the country
that has a low standard of living they have huge salaries and in addi-
tion a chance to steal or illegally get huge sums of money. Plus they
have many connections and various perks what come with such a
significant position in society. High-level criminals are those that
have close connections to various politicians and as such are pro-
tected by them to steal while being immune from prosecution of the
corrupt law.
Traitors are those that in some way harm the interest of Serbian
people or in fact interests of any genuine Europeans. Most of them
could be found in numerous non-government organizations. Howev-
er, current government is also a hub of traitors. They receive huge
sums of money to undermine our economy, give away our territories,
in fact to decimate our entire country and to further denigrate Serbs
(and/or Europeans).
Many of the best known entertainers have a great deal of money
even though they are not very smart, have no talents whatsoever, thus
do or promote something that is damaging for our culture and civili-
zation. In short, they live good or extremely good, even though they
are detrimental to our society.
Homosexuals have protection of the law and use their personal
connections to push each other into much better positions than what
other people have. On average this society has been very good to
them for they could make much better living than the majority of
Gypsies are one of the most protected and preferred racial groups
in Serbia. They receive huge benefits and privileges. In fact they
often receive far more from Serbia than what majority of Serbs
receive. All gypsies have free health care (even though many of
them don’t work, since most of them prefer not to work but to steal
and cheat instead) while many Serbs are without social security and
health care. Gypsies are often paid to attend schools while many
Serbs have to pay for education or are forced to be uneducated. They
can do things that no Serb would be permitted to do. For instance,
Dragan Glavasic

they could get Chinese or Turkish products and sell them on the
street even though Serbs are not permitted to sell anything on streets
(not even books: new or used). [For instance, there is one gypsy
family that openly sells on the corner, near the parliament, since
1989. By doing so they blatantly block shop window of a nearby
store and the entrance to another building… Nineteen years, no
matter who was in power: Communists, Socialists, Radicals, or
Democrats those gypsies are free to sell on the street. All Serbs are
required, by the law, to be connected by a terminal to a tax office and
pay PDV tax. But those gypsies are not, including many other
gypsies all over the town and throughout Serbia in fact. Some are
even permitted to openly perform blatantly illegal activities, such as
to sell dangerous toys in front of children hospitals.]
Gypsies could freely block a street as to bag for money, actually
often harass the residents who even though work all day, usually
have much less money than those lazy nimoids. Not to mention that
they regularly collect huge sums of money from the government for
social security or childcare, since even though in Serbia there is a
deficiency of children [as is the case with white people allover the
world], gypsies have demographic explosion [as indeed do all other
non-white races]. Which could also be an indicator that they have it
made. After all, the crucial evolutionary sign of success is often
proliferation of the specie or race.
Since late 1990 Serbia has been inundated with Chinese, who
bring cheep and low quality junk to sell in Serbia thus they often
make huge sums of money, while destroying our economy and our
standard of living. They are permitted by the laws and protected by
our politicians to do so.
Albanians have, for decades, taken all social benefits from Serbia
while they did not pay any taxes or in any way contributed to overall
welfare of this country.
In other words, in Serbia: thieves, politicians, homosexuals,
gypsies, Chinese, Albanians on average live much better than Serbs.
While only (or mostly) Serbs are paying taxes. Which is the vilest
and most absence perversion imaginable. And the main corporate for
that insanity are the politicians and increasingly so those very rich; as
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

well as the West which is pushing such decadence on Serbia (and

throughout Eastern Europe).

In USA, those that have it made or that on average live much better
than the majority are: extremely rich, Jews, Arabs, best entertainers
(singers, actors, athletes), politicians, feminists, homosexuals, men-
tally retarded, negroes, mongoloids, Hispanics and animals (especi-
ally household pets). They have one thing in common: they work
very little or none at all but have a decent or extremely nice living.
They are not very talented in whatever they do, yet they live much
better than what they deserve. They are frequently immune from
prosecution and/or receive lesser punishment than what an average
white person would get in the similar circumstances. Some of them
leach out social services even though they do nothing to put anything
back in.

Overall, all nimoids (non-whites) receive huge assistance from gov-

ernments both in Serbia and in USA, even though in both countries
only white people are actively contributing to those services. Which
could imply that white race is terribly exploited! In addition to that
incredibly injustice, it could be also noticed that in both countries
non-white races have many children while white people have very
low demographic figures: which should also be a proof that some-
thing is, indeed, terribly wrong with our countries. Proliferation of
the race is one of the main signs of the success (or failure) that nature
has applied for evaluation since the emergence of life on this planet.
However, under finial analysis, it could be stated that the main
corporate for the sad situation that white people are placed into, both
in Serbia and in USA, are: politicians in Serbia; as well as extremely
rich, big corporations, banks, politicians, media, ghastly “entertain-
ment industry” and deviant “education” in the West.

In a decent society, things would be quite different. White people

and only white people would have all the privileges and the smartest
of men would be the most valued and most rewarded members of

Dragan Glavasic

society. Intellectuals would be the one and only elite while all other
Glorians would be privileged.

TABLE: Who is preferred or what groups are doing well…

Serbia USA In a just or any

(or Eastern Europe) (or the West) proper society!
- ex-communist elite - extremely rich - the smartest of men
and their offspring - Jews - intellectuals
- politicians - Arabs - men
- high-level criminals - best entertainers - white people
[those that are in (singers, actors, (especially our
government or are athletes) children)
connected to - politicians
government or have - feminists
some close - homosexuals
relationships with - mentally retarded
politicians] - negroes
- traitors - mongoloids
- best entertainers - Hispanics
(singers, actors, - animals (especially
athletes) household pets)
- homosexuals
- gypsies
- Chinese
- Albanians

The United States of America is the most polluted, utterly bizarre,

totally insane and most despicable country in the world… Where
they not only force the people to live alongside the savage animals
and most disgusting perverts—but where they, openly and legally,
give to those animals and perverts far greater rights and privileges
than to the people!
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Parasitic races are those that are intellectually inferior compared to

the superior race. Still due to a macabre set of circumstances, they
are tolerated and in many ways favored or protected by a deviant
society. Thus the parasites are free to leach out and irreversibly
damage not only the superior race but the society as a whole, and
also to undermine cosmic progress in that sector of the universe.
Most morbid and maniacal propaganda is excessively utilized to
brainwash and fool the superior race—actually its subdued mem-
bers—as not to see what is really happening. So not to strike back
and cleanse the society from the worthless parasites that have horri-
bly defiled it.

Ideal society would be the one based on the Plato’s idea that best
individuals for a specific job or position would have the job or posi-
tion. But since that is not entirely (or 100%) possibly, then goal of a
decent society would be to get as close to that ideal as possible; thus
to have overall ambition and strategy as to find best people for spe-
cific jobs and/or positions. The more successful they are in achie-
ving this objective, of fulfilling the ideal, of finding such individuals,
the better and more advanced they would be as society.
Assuming of course that such concept is possible in the first place;
since this planet has known only systems were nepotism ruled. In
some of them nepotism was skillfully hidden and, as is the case in
USA, further augmented through affirmative action: where the best
fit or the best men for a specific job would not get it because white
men are being systematically discriminated against by the evil
system… [On the other hand there is always the first time. After all,
for two billion years life was only in the form of microorganisms and
the emergence of multiple cell or a more complex organisms was a
big turning point. Or just the same, for a long time, slavery was the
Dragan Glavasic

only political system until feudalism came into being and was the
dominant system until capitalism arrived.]
Which might imply that since there was always nepotism it might
be the only possible system. Perhaps Plato’s idea was just an illu-
sion, a dream of an ideal state. But then again if it was not a dream
than if there are two countries and one of them manages to structure
itself more closely to Plato’s ideal state: than, if all other factors were
identical, that country would overtake and eventually triumph in the
struggle with the inferior country which is based on corruption and
nepotism. [Just as in the primordial ocean, clams were the apex of
evolution and rained supreme, for eons, until the first crustaceans
appeared. 22 ] Because, if both countries are made of the same
number of intellectually similar people, with identical or similar
resources: it goes to reason than the country which gives jobs and
positions in respect to individual abilities instead of nepotism and
corruption, which is better organized would eventually triumph since
it would more efficiently utilize its resources.
After all a person might become the president just because his
father (or some other relative) was a powerful character with strong
connections. Only this new leader might be anything but smart or
powerful, himself, and, as a matter or fact, might contribute more to
benefit the enemies than for the welfare of his own people… As if
often the case.

Nothing is as it seems. This is the world of lies. A virtual (or a fake)

reality that underneath is, actually, a horrifying nightmare! Sup-
posedly a person is successful or has a specific position or a given
job because he is good at what he does. But the truth is that the

On the theory of repeating patterns. Implying that just as nepotism was ruling
social order for a long time, it could be possible for a new system to arrive just as
clams were overtaken by crustaceans. In other words, similar pattern in nature
already exists: which makes the idea more feasible.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

person often got it because of nepotism, connections, corruption,

money and/or political correctness [and in case of females if she is
pretty, young and willing to grant sexual favors]. Someone’s abili-
ties or talents have nothing to do with it. A person could be best
qualified and most talented for a job but he won’t get it if another
person had better connections or more money or is more politically
correct (even if simpleminded or retarded).
They say that courts deal with justice and that guilty or innocent
are those whom judges declare as such, according to justice and the
law. But the truth is that the judicial system works for those with
money and excessive wealth. Person would be declared guilty or
innocent in respect to his wealth, connections and political correct-
ness. Rich negroes could get away with most gruesome multiple
murders. Muslims could get away and even be paid for mass murder
or genocide of the Serbs. While Serbs and other whites could, readi-
ly, be persecuted for self-defense or for a verbal statement or for no
reason at all…
It is not that important who the person is, what his knowledge and
talents are; rather it is whom he knows or is related to, how much
money he has and how politically correct he is (or how pretty, young
and willing she is). Someone could be the most intelligent and the
best for a given job or position but he won’t get it if another person
has better connections, more money, or is more politically correct
(and in case of females, is she is pretty, young and sexually promis-
cuous)… While, all along, the public is systematically persuaded that
success in life is determined, exclusively, by someone’s abilities,
qualities, and their hard work… Meaning that our world is a deviant
one—an insidious state—designed to benefit the liars, thieves and
crooks, parasites, perverts and degenerates: who have much more
than what they need while the others have much less than what they
The system is structured as to enable the rich to remain wealthy
and to keep the poor oppressed. Better yet, to assist those wealthy to
remain wealth or to become even wealthier, to aid well off as to stay
well off and to keep the poor, down. Or more correctly stated: to
denigrate and impoverish some white men and to keep all poor white
Dragan Glavasic

men, indefinitely deprived; while at the same time to help the poor
nimoids become well off or excessively wealthy. Implying that the
current system is utterly deviant and so evil that it has to be drasti-
cally changed, totally transmogrified, regardless of the consequences.

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon


In ascertaining prehistory, it goes to reason, to presume, that those

strongest, braves, and most aggressive had power… Also it could be
argued that to be good leaders, of their tribes, the men had to be
smart as well, otherwise the tribe might suffer, disintegrate, get
extinct…Wealth was insignificant or non-existing factor, at first, for
nobody was wealthy: life was a constant struggle for survival and
nobody had more than what they needed… Eventually, as societies
improved and the quantity of resources increased, some (the leaders
and those close to them) grabbed more for themselves thus became
wealthy as well… And that’s how wealth and power got together!

Nowadays, those extremely wealthy, actually, have all the power.

There are examples, in history, of those that were most powerful but
were not rich (like communist leaders in Eastern Europe), or those
that were both rich and powerful (like European Kings). Some might
try to argue that currently very rich have wealth but not power since
politicians supposedly hold the seats of power. But that would be
wrong, because, politicians (in the West) are subordinates or servants
to the rich. They are idiotic puppets on strings controlled by the
affluent. The extremely wealthy could place politicians in power or
remove them at will. Thus it is the extremely rich that actually hold
all the power and, at the same time, they are not subject to elections
or any public approval. Majority of the people don’t even know who
they are or what they actually stand for, what is their agenda, what
are their ulterior motives…
One percent of the population, in USA, has over ninety percent of
the wealth and it is them not wanting any change: for they have it
made. This world is their oyster… Or they are, actually, so dumb as
to believe in it… Hence, they use their servants (perfidious politi-

Dragan Glavasic

cians, decadent media personnel, perverted entertainers, fake intel-

lectuals, idiotic writers, corrupt businessmen, subservient judges and
poor policemen, etc) to maintain the status quo, to promote the
notion on how ideal state, supposedly, is not possible, is a utopia, is
just an impossible dream… But ideal state is not utopia and it could
happen if the people, the oppressed and subdued masses, manage to
wipe out the rich parasites and neutralize their macabre servants.

Individuals in power, have total monopoly on all means of control

(such as: mass media, entertainment, education, finances, politics,
laws, police, military, judicial system, etc.) and they decide what
ideology will be implemented… Depending on whether the leaders
are good or bad: the society which they lead could be proper or
improper. Such that good society is lead by the wisest and most
moral men; while bad society is led by the mediocre minds and/or
the most immoral individuals.

Society is made of people, such that majority comprise individuals

which could be best described as mundane or mediocre. Their be-
havior is that of mindless drones that are easily manipulated, led and
controlled by those in power. In other words, masses are sheep.
Perhaps there are some psychological predispositions that would
make a person more susceptible to become a leader as opposed to
those predisposed to be the followers or cattle. But in most circum-
stances, within current societies, it is the outcome of various irrele-
vant factors that would ultimately determined who would become the
leader or a member of the elite and who would join the ranks of the
oppressed and exploited. In a perverted or an insidious state, most
often, it has to do with someone’s birth.
In other words, when communists came to power in Yugoslavia,
after the Second World War, they overturned the existing “elite”
which has, for great many generations, kept the power and wealth
within some families. That way communists have corrected grave
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

injustice, that has kept some people down, even though they were
talented or good at something, just because they were from unfortu-
nate families; while a handful had it made, even though they might
have been below the average or were simpleminded, just because
they came from wealthy families.
However, after the initial jostling for the positions, those that have
grabbed leading jobs in society did their best to transfer good fortune
to their children, which in turn gave it to their children… Only the
third generation of communist elite, no longer wanted Communism:
because it was a more just society and there was no big difference
between those that were at the top and those that were at the bottom.
Thus they used media, entertainment and secret police to bring down
the socialist state, with them positioned to take the full advantage of
the transition. So currently Serbia is a capitalist country, where those
that were in the right place, stole everything they possibly could,
which actually belonged to all of us; while the majority became
relatively poor or very poor indeed. National wealth that was evenly
spread among citizens was, suddenly, grabbed by few while the
majority became destitute.
In other capitalist countries (i.e. USA, Australia, UK, France,
Germany, Holland, etc) the situation is more or less the same: those
that have gained power, keep it and just transfer all the privileges and
benefits to their next generations. Meaning that poor white families
are liable to remain poor, regardless just how talented some of those
people might be or just how suitable for a given job they are. The
high-quality positions or desirable jobs will go to those with better
connections or to minorities regardless of anything [due to affirma-
tive actions or preferential treatments which they get by the law, just
because they are non-white and/or females]… Poor white people
could get only bad jobs even though their talents should qualify them
for much better positions: implying that such is one extremely evil
and terribly unjust society! And that is the crux of the incredible
injustice that has beseeched and inundated this maniacal, utterly
morbid world.

Dragan Glavasic

The concept of power is that there could always be a small group that
would possess power thus have an ability to manipulate, rule, and
control the majority. Perhaps such is an innate structure that is
fundamentally normal and that’s how it ought to be. The main
question is what kind of people are those that would lead. If they are
good or moral then their society would prosper. Meaning that all
citizens, the leaders and the followers would have best possible lives;
the wealth would be evenly spread among the citizens. There should
be small difference in wealth among individuals—as to recognize
and reward personal involvements—and it would be determined
according to their contributions and/or worth 23 … On the other hand,
if bad or immoral individuals take the leading positions then their
society would stifle, crumble and deteriorate. Those that have power
would benefit a lot but others would suffer: would be terribly ex-
ploited and abused. That society is unjust and deviant. And if it
enters any conflict with a just society, it will be defeated, annihilated:
because in a just society, everyone does job for which he is best
suited, meaning that leaders are those that are best fit to be the
leaders. They would not permit bad societies to corrupt or brainwash
people [through a network of spies and by devastating propaganda
hidden inside “entertainment”] or take best minds [by offering bigger
salaries] [as communists allowed the West to do freely]. Such socie-
ty is better, more advanced and technologically superior than unjust
society and in competition between the two of them: just society will
So, it is normal for the leaders to control the populace. Only good
leaders try to influence and educate the masses, elevate them to a
higher lever of consciousness and provide them with a higher stan-
dard of living; while bad leaders try to manipulate or indoctrinate the
masses, reduce them to the level of simpleminded, hideously brain-
washed, utterly servile workforce. Good leaders take care of the
people and do what it takes to benefit their society, while bad leaders
take care of themselves and those of their kind [the ruling class] thus
would sacrifice the people, their race, culture and civilization rather

Such that no one could be a billion times better or worthier than someone else.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

easily [as is currently happening in the West: white race is to experi-

ence genocide, as our countries are being invaded and taken over by
other races, while our resources, knowledge and technology are
openly given to nimoids allover the world].
In other words, good leaders are moral and they create just society
which educates citizens to be moral; while bad leaders are immoral
and they brainwash citizens to become self-destructive, mindless
idiots, subservient and docile. Or stated more clearly, good leaders
create good society, which is based on a healthy ideology; while bad
leaders induce bad society, which is based on a deviant dogma.

The difference between a good and a bad society is really the

difference on who the leaders are and what ideology they have
imposed… Good leaders employ proper, life affirming ideology and
thus create just society: which is predisposed for survival and
prosperity. Bad leaders enforce deviant [anti-intellectual] ideology
which results in unjust society: society that is subject for
deterioration and destruction! Only if there are no good societies
around, then bad or fundamentally evil societies could survive a long
time. But if there is one decent or just society: it will defeat, wipe
out, eradicate all others!

Democracy was not a good system even when it was invented in

ancient Athens. For it supposed the collective rule of the common
folk (including: the dumb, immoral, perverted, insidious, greedy and
mundane). Actually the free men that had some property and were of
certain age. Such form of government is inferior to the rule of the
wisest of men (or a small percentage of such men). Because all men
comprise a huge conglomerate that contain those smart and those not
so smart and even those dumb: therefore, their decisions—or the
arithmetic average—would not reach the level of excellence that only
the wisest of men could. Implying that democracy was a false idea
that resulted in a bad system, especially if the dumb or mediocre
Dragan Glavasic

could be to some extent controlled, bribed, manipulated or influenced

by the insidious or decadent.
Nonetheless, regardless how bad or inadequate the early form of
democracy was: present day democracy is far worse! Because the
modern democracy is supposedly the rule of the mundane masses
which are comprised not only of men (be they smart, stupid or
anything in between) but also of women, non-white races, mentally
deficient, extremely perverted, and very young males that are not
mature enough: which as a group tend to be anything but smart. So
really intelligent men are insignificant percentage of the entire voting
body and their voices are drowned in the cacophony of degenerates
and simpletons.
Worst of all, present day democracy is just a big farce. Not only
that wise men do not have any say, whatsoever, but entire public is
perfidiously manipulated through media, entertainment, “education”,
and horribly controlled by the laws such that none of them, actually,
decides about anything. Those that are in charge of big money,
banking, colossal corporations: they also rule media, entertainment,
“education” and make laws: thus it is they who determine what it
will be. They decide which politicians will be elected and for how
long they will serve them, the ruling class: the rich and powerful!
People are insignificant and powerless. What’s more: they are totally
unaware of what is happening. They are sheep that are to be ex-
ploited, used, abused, and in some instances, if necessary, rewarded
or punished.
Politicians, in the West, are expendable: they can be easily elected
or removed from their positions by those that have huge sums of
money and control all the means of power [most of all: wealth, re-
sources; but also: media, entertainment, “education”, politics and
laws]. Politicians are their servants that work for them thus are
permitted to gain (or are placed at) the seats of supposed power and
to remain on them for as long as their true masters permit them.
While people (the voters) are insignificant factor in all of this. The
choices of politicians given—by those extremely rich—to the masses
are usually between bad and worse, or sometimes between worse and

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

the worst. 24 That is perhaps why less than fifty percent of those
eligible to vote actually bother to do so. But those that do go voting,
in fact, vote for candidates that wealthy decide to win; thus give
some form of credibility and legitimacy to this elaborate farce. For it
is a sad fact that politicians whom media backs up or who collect
most money for the election often win in the end. Only, let’s make it
clear: the money most often or always comes from the rich. But the
saddest fact is that the mediocre minds (so called “intellectuals”) are
used by the affluent to promote the lie of democracy as the rule of
the people, for the people and by the people…
Population is terribly indoctrinated, horribly brainwashed as to
believe something or to perceive reality in a specific way, thus to
outright reject any decent candidate: any white man who wants to
champion our own interests. Therefore, even if there is such a man
and he, somehow, has enough money thus floods media with his
commercials [and they, incredibly enough, allow him to do so, per-
mit him to publicly showcase his message]: still the brainwashed
majority (of whom many would be non-white) would not vote for
him. Meaning that democracy is not only flawed system but also
currently it is rigged as not to permit white race to have any chances
for survival and prosperity.

The problems with present day world is that it is run by the unholy
conglomerate of the extremely rich, big corporations, various per-
verts [e.g. feminists, homosexuals] and nimoids [members of non-
white races] such that they are violating the rudimentary tendencies
of this universe.
Not only that they are placing profit over the people… Not only
that they are championing everything which is abnormal and deviant
(such as affirmative action, feminism, homosexuality, physically

In 2008, USA presidential choices were bad (McCain) and extremely bad or the
worst possible (a feminist pervert or a negro degenerate)…
Dragan Glavasic

and/or mentally disabled, athletes, cultural relativism, etc)… Not

only that they are determined to eradicate our race and civilization
thus to substitute us with other inferior races and their rather ghastly
“cultures”: but they are also attempting to wipe out the most intelli-
gent race on this planet and by doing so they are endangering billions
of years of cosmic evolution!
Implying that they are not only bad leaders but they are essentially
evil and in blatant violation of the fundamental laws of this universe:
punishment for which is total and unconditional annihilation. Mean-
ing that our world is heading for a draconian cataclysm, that this
sector of the universe is approaching a drastic catharsis! [Because
those filthy lunatics, in power, are already extremely dangerous and
heinously destructive thus will sooner or later do something horribly
irrational and utterly unnatural that would disrupt the natural balance,
hence, this universe, rest assured, is bound to retaliate in the most
severe of ways…]

It is rather absurd irony that, currently, those who are extremely

wealthy use, essentially, stolen money—funds which they get by
exploiting and robbing the masses—to pay off poor people to labor
as their macabre workforce, their docile servants, the mindless
drones: police, media personnel, teachers and other “foot soldiers” in
their ghastly army of doom, as a way to maintain and protect the
system which is benefiting only those extremely rich. Because only
those extremely affluent have it made and they have for generations
lived comfortably… All others subsist in constant hardship or with a
fear that what they have might be lost in a blink of an eye… [For
example, in USA, some families might loose their homes if one
member becomes seriously ill!]
However, each and every person has self-interest to take care of
and since masses are easily willed, controlled or manipulated: they
are kept in a dreadful state, thus unable to realize that it would be far

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

more in their self-interest to overthrow current sediments from power

instead of blindly serving them.
In other words, the ocean of poor policemen, nurses, low-ranked
soldiers, teachers, bank clerks, postmen, construction workers, road
builders, bus drivers, car mechanics, librarians, cooks, small farmers,
forest rangers, etc; above the average assistants and managers, pro-
fessors, police inspectors, FBI agents, military officers, insurance
and real-estate salesmen, etc; well to do pilots, physicians, lawyers,
etc; wealthy politicians, media personnel, celebrities and entertainers
(actors, singers, athletes), big stock holders, etc; and the small pol-
luted pond of extremely wealthy parasites: they all work to keep the
system intact, which benefits only those wealthy and extremely
wealthy… All others live in poverty and/or uncertainty. Their lives
are hard, stressful, and a constant struggle—while the affluent have it
made, knowing that such faith awaits their children as well...

When a small percentage within a country has taken all good posi-
tions and grabbed most of the wealth and resources; thus when the
majority in that country is terribly oppressed, viciously exploited and
forced to collaborate then the time is ripe for the overthrow of the
evil system. Only the majority of people are cattle and utterly inert.
They will remain unaware of what is happening and will do nothing
unless they are starving to death or their very livelihood is terribly
threatened and unless there is a charismatic leader to animate them…
Which is not likely to happen… But, in spite of everything, there is,
currently, a small number of the sane and the valiant individuals that
are pushed at the fringes of existence and/or imprisoned (on trumped
up charges): who must get together and do their best to overthrow the
sick parasites from power!

Those who are the richest are also the most powerful, are at the very
top of human food chain: it is they who control and rule this planet.
Their desires, believes, actions, tendencies or interests will trickle
down on the masses through the chain reaction of lesser and lesser
subordinates... When the top is overwhelmed by the parasites,
degenerates, perverts, creeps, lunatics then the masses are bound to
Dragan Glavasic

act insanely. Conversely, when the smartest and most honorable

men take the seats of power: the masses would behave morally… The
Germans were remarkable during the Nazi rule, just as they were
decadent before or since that time… The same people go from being
ghastly to being brilliant to being extremely deviant, in the span of
twenty years: depending only to who is in power…

This world is divided into those that have and those that do not have.
The rich possess all the privileges, power, rights, advantages: just
because they are affluent… Their children are destined to have nice
or best possible life: everything will come easy to them, all doors
will be open and whatever they do will be successful. They will find
everything would be possible… The system is created to keep those
that are rich: wealthy; and to keep poor white men: deprived! Other
races and genders are given various opportunities to break out of the
poverty trap, to get rich or to become successful (through affirmative
action and other forms of discrimination against Glorians): but poor
white men are destined to remain poor… The only way a destitute
white person could become rich is if he does crime and runs a risk of
spending the rest of his life in prison… Compared to the affluent that
could easily get away with murders and various other crimes: since
the system is designed to serve them and help them remain the
“elite” destined to oppress and exploit the huddled masses…

When a rich negro primitive viciously kills a white couple and is

freed by the legal system [just because he is a negro and very rich];
while at the same time, white people are severely punished [up to
twenty years in prison] for writing racial graffiti… When white men
pay money to negro pimps in order to have sex with white girls…
When, in Germany, it is one of the worst crimes to say that “Jewish
holocaust” did not happen; while Muslims could openly speak and
scheme allover Europe on how to eradicate non-Muslims, how to
start their religious war against us, how to take over our countries:
then it is a definite sample of terrible injustice, double standards and
unspeakable decadence which has overwhelmed our world. When
various Noble Prizes are given only to those that are most decadent,
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

simpleminded, destructive or “politically correct” than it should be

obvious that our world is take over, is controlled by the utterly sick
and the morbidly deviant…
The only solution to this madness is for these words to be heard
by as many individuals as possible, so that enough of the decent,
righteous beings would head the advice: as to unite, organize and
rise! As to initiate the grand waking up sequence! Such that some of
them are cajoled, by this extreme and unparalleled injustice, to com-
mence the struggle for our overall liberation from the ultimate evil
that has condescended on us… Therefore, we must, first of all, open-
ly speak out concerning our macabre predicament, the incredible
injustice, the genocide which is being perfidiously perpetrated on us
by those evil creatures in power. Second, at least some of us must
unite and organize as to initiate the relentless resistance to the terror
and exploitation that is brutally forced on us.

Realization of what is the actual reality of our world is the necessary

step, required precondition, in finding the cure for this ailment that
threatens to derail billions of years of cosmic evolution…

Evil currently controlling our world is deep rooted. Christianity has

decimated our innate abilities to recognize our enemies and to deal
with them in the right way, to defend ourselves. It has undermined
the very foundation of our ancient civilization… Jews have infiltra-
ted our domain for many centuries and have been corrupting every-
thing, poisoning our ideology as well as our outlooks on everyday
life. People are terribly brainwashed to willingly self-destruct!
Meaning that through elections there is no way for us to regain the
control of this planet. The Nazis coming to power by democratic
means was a fluke—which might have been possible in Germany at
that time, but—that is not likely to repeat itself: especially since
Jewish controlled media took over the world after the Second World
War. People are so much brainwashed to willingly self-destruct and
Dragan Glavasic

in addition, our countries are so much polluted that sane white men
present only a tiny fraction of those eligible to vote… Currently,
entire media and entertainment industry are in the hands of Jews,
Arabs and various degenerates (lunatics, perverts, homosexuals and
feminists, for instance) and they are systematically indoctrinating
masses. So democracy and elections are out of question, a dead end
The only way the current evil could be dislodged is if there is a
major cataclysmic event: like a gigantic meteor hitting our planet!
But that happens extremely rare and the next impact might be thou-
sands or millions of years away; and, in fact, so dangerous it might
wipe out everybody, every human: simpleminded, brainwashed or
sane. Perhaps a series of horrendous earthquakes, hurricanes, cata-
strophic floods, heat waves or cold spells, a drastic climatic change,
incredible volcano eruptions or powerful storms; maybe weather
patterns might suddenly change, there would be another world war or
a nuclear exchange, a new virus or a deadly pandemic could break;
stock markets, allover the world, would crash; possibly a combi-
nation of several those factors hitting in a closer proximity might
induce severe volatility, a semblance of chaos from which a new
dawn, a new order, should appear: when only the wisest would
survive and carry on the torch of intellect… Or perhaps in Russia
some normal men could gain the control, which, in fact, might have
already happened… Or whatever… Only, it is far more likely than
what we might think.
Those evil sediments are doing something extremely decadent,
totally deviant and nature is bound to respond in some way… Natural
balance is being interrupted… They are not only inducing us to
willingly self-destruct, forcing us to prepare our own children for
hardship, exploitation and annihilation but in addition those evil
dweebs are perpetrating the most grotesque and most morbid sin
against our entire universe and reality as well: they are defiling
billions of years of cosmic evolution!
The fact is: even if they are doing something good or beneficial
for us and this universe, as well, even then the things are liable to go
out of their control, to turn against them: but they are violating the
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

ultimate propensity of this Cosmos and as such the things are certain
to turn against them, to spiral out of their control, in a way that
would be in our favor and in the grand service to this universe! All
we have to do is to nudge them, a bit, in the right direction… Like
making these thoughts known to millions… Like all those people, in
unison, shouting out that they are not going to take it any longer: thus
are demanding a change for better!

Those horrible, inferior beings (Jews and Chinese, in particular) use

white men’s knowledge and technology to devour this planet, to
disrupt the weather patterns and life preserving systems: thus nature
is bound to retaliate in the most violent of ways, by stabilizing the
systems through furious protuberances and all out disturbances!

Ideal state must guarantee justice! It has to assure that each individ-
ual does what he is best fit for, that the wealth is evenly spread out,
so that those at the bottom and those at the top are not far apart 25 ,
that each citizen has elementary rights and privileges; that each and
every citizen must have health care, social security and free
education. Ideal state should respect and reward best or most
beneficial individ-uals, especially those most intelligent; such that
the smartest of men must be utterly worshiped!
Our world would be a much better place if the wealth is evenly
distributed, if those rich parasites did not grab all for themselves and
their ghastly progeny… Only intellectual revolution, the arrival of

As a matter of fact, it could be argued that no one ought to have three times more
of what those citizens at the bottom have. Hence, the richest members of society
should have three times what the poorest members have. Evenly distributed wealth
makes society just and most desirable… Keeping in mind that the richest ought to
be those that are the smartest and most beneficial members of society. And as such
they are to be respected and hailed as the highest elite… In a healthy society this
recognition, alone, would be considered a greater reward than any monetary gain:
as the greatest prize ever!
Dragan Glavasic

Overmen and the creation of ideal state could assure justice and
prolonged prosperity for one and all!

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon


The Philosophy of Revolution
[A Case of Serbia and the World as Well]

Ideal state is a moral and just country based on Plato’s principle

[where each person does what he is best fit for and is most capable
of performing] or at least that genuinely tries hard to get as close as
possible to Plato’s principle. Perverted state is an immoral and
unjust creation, where each position and job in society is occupied
due to excessive corruption, “political correctness” and nepotism.
Insidious state is fundamentally a perverted state that pretends to be,
and falsely presents itself as, an ideal state. 26

Revolution [a rapid and radical change of the ideology: the country

and its system] happens—as, indeed, anything of any importance
happens—when there is a power source which supports it or pro-
motes such to occur! Just as well, a writer becomes famous if there
is the power source (usually his own country and/or some rich peo-
ple) that promote the writer and his writings, regardless just how
good they actually are. Meaning that it could just as well be the case
that a superb writer (someone who has a great deal of significant
knowledge) could remain relatively or completely unknown if noth-
ing and no one, with power, backs him up… After all, the American
Revolution and the Communist Revolution would have never hap-
pened if there were no powerful entities that financed, promoted and
supported them… Still, it goes to reason that some injustices are so
atrocious that a popular uprising could occur perhaps spontaneously,
just as some philosophers and their writings might be so potent that
In this case, ideal state is the same as ideal society; just as is perverted state same
as perverted society and insidious state is the same as insidious society.
Dragan Glavasic

even if all media, governments and other power structures or influ-

ential sources completely ignore them and/or try to belittle them:
they still could not be contained or silenced indefinitely! [Perhaps,
since the truth could not be quelled that easily.]

The leading communists and their close relatives or best friends,

overnight, became the biggest capitalists! While we experience the
most horrendous terror, exploitation, oppression, brainwashing,
repression, and concealed genocide: at the same time, outrageous
lunatics and the worst of all parasites live comfortably and are
frantically lining their pockets… Subdued population is fooled to
believe that the only reason they are not successful is due to the fact
that they are innately stupid, not resourceful enough, thus are bound
to remain within poverty. Worst of all, this is all happening in the
country (actually within the world) where success in life depends
exclusively on the amount of money, connections or political
correctness that a person possesses! Those that have enough money
to bribe and pay off or that have strong connections or that are
considered politically correct (i.e. members of a minority) could do a
lot, the system works for them. They find all doors opened and
everything goes their way… While the others discover all doors to be
not only closed but locked and everything goes slowly or not at all.

Masochism is an indigenous trait for females, which enables them to

enjoy in their predicament, suffering, domination, submission,
exploitation, degradation, and humiliation. Still, even though it is
innate for females and children to be masochistic, that is not the case
with normal men, nor with normal countries. Just the same, it could
not be claimed that it is appropriate for masochists to have key
positions in our society. Because they are self-destructive thus to us
rather dangerous and ought to be assigned to the bottom of the
social hierarchy and not to the top! In other words, normal women
are masochists, while only extremely deviant countries or perverted
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

“adult males” behave masochistically… On the other hand, our

society is deviant since it is masochistic, because it gives to other
races greater rights than what we have; because it enables the aliens
to abuse, harass, and exploit us, in our own countries, while we are
still the majority!

The cardinal mistake within the theory of Communism is that ac-

cording to them: the workers [those that are, normally, at or below
the average intelligence] ought to have the greatest power and to lead
the society. However, each decent country should be ruled by the
wisest of men, just as human body is governed by the brain: society
must be ruled only by the smartest of men, the intellectuals 27 .
It is neither logical nor natural for a higher organism to be gov-
erned by its intestines, muscles, skeleton, respiratory system or
genitals: henceforth is only appropriate and useful for a human being
to be controlled by his brain. 28 That way, only society ruled by
intellectuals—let’s say a small percentage [for instance, 5%] of the
wisest of men—meets the elementary requirements for its prosperity
and its further survival… Which means that any society is doomed,
where supposedly clerks, farmers, workers, perverts, intruders, maso-
chists, women, lunatics, and children decide on their destiny or are
making some crucial decisions which affect all of us. Not to mention
that in modern democracies: population really does not decide about
anything. All decisions are made by the rulers while the people are
fooled to believe as if they have some power because they sup-
posedly “elect” the politicians. However, it is just a big farce, one of
many deceptions, because the subdued and horribly indoctrinated
masses are always given the choice between bad and extremely bad,
hence, the majority never even bothers to vote! [There are only two
possible exceptions: Nazi Germany and perhaps present day Rus-

intellectuals: well educated and innately intelligent men, working in jobs that
exclusively require mental capacities. As a matter of fact, they are highly educated
scientists [philosophers, physicists, mathematicians], genuine artists, researchers,
or educators. For a more complete definition see What is Art.
Based on the Theory of the Repeating Patterns.
Dragan Glavasic

sia… All other regimes are utterly deviant. However, the problem
with the Nazis was that they were mainly good for the Germans,
while other Europeans were left in the cold or even sacrificed for the
benefit of the Third Reich.]
Plato and Aristotle were right, democracy is the rule of the crass
and the dumb, where each man tries to personally benefit, such that
self-interest is hampering any decision making that is beneficial
solely for the society. Actually, in modern democracies—mainly, in
the West, that is; but more and more in Eastern Europe as well—the
true rulers are only those that have enormous wealth. They, as a
matter of fact, decide who will win the elections and in which direc-
tion the society would move. The population is only figuring out as
passive cattle (intended solely for labor and exploitation), silent
voters that exist just to cast their pointless ballots, as to provide
legitimacy for supposedly bringing the politicians into the seats of
power. Nonetheless, the absolute truth is that, in current societies,
politicians are placed in power by the rich and they could just as
easily remove the politicians from power, hence, retain them “in
power” only for as long as they serve the interests of the rich. People
are oppressed sheep that capitalists are readily exploiting, cheating,
abusing, indoctrinating, dominating, and controlling through politi-
cians, media, entertainment industry, “education”, police and judicial
system, economic means, etc. All along, keeping in mind that there
is no big difference between those parties in power and those in the
opposition: they are all the same. They work for one and the same
system and unless there is a radical and fundamental change of that
system: nothing good would come out of it, regardless who wins the
elections. The system is deviant and that is the essence of the prob-
lem. It must be changed! But in order for us to change that deviant
system into something appropriate: a new and saner ideology is
needed, meaning the contemplation of an enlightened philosophy!
[Which is a proof that philosophers are, indeed, the most significant
members of any decent society. Only in extremely morbid countries
we could find athletes, entertainers, politicians, businessmen and
creatures like them to be far more respected, admired, rich, influ-
ential and powerful than philosophers. While, all along, in those
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

decadent societies, it is also rather common that genuine philoso-

phers are kept in anonymity and/or imprisoned, while some dumb
sediments are falsely presented as the leading philosophers or as the
greatest intellectuals.]
The main purpose of a deplorable society is to manipulate and
control the masses, so that the people would not wake up thus realize
that they live much worse than the extremely rich. But, no one could
ever be billion or trillion times more hardworking, smarter, capable,
or in any way better than someone else: hence, nobody ought to be
that much richer than another person. As a matter of fact, the big
truth is that many of those poor are much smarter and to society
potentially more beneficial (if they only could reach their full poten-
tial) than any idle rich (that gained all possible privileges by their
birth, received necessary conditions to have easy and successful
lives). Which is a form of unnatural decadence and the ultimate sin
against reality… Because, one Plato means more to us than all rich
bustards, of this world, put together, hence, if we would create soci-
ety according to Plato’s ideas, and not for the benefit of the affluent:
all of us would live better and our society would improve and pros-
per tremendously. [By the way, even if some people become suc-
cessful and move up the social ladder, it does not mean that they
would have children that should remain on the top. But that is ex-
actly guaranteed by the current decadent system… However, it is
seldom the case that from a great man comes an equally great proge-
ny… None of the leading philosophers, from our past, were related to
each other… Not one great philosopher had a child or a grandchild or
any offspring capable to overtake him intellectually. Perhaps it could
happen but it didn’t and most likely won’t!]

If decadent media, simpleminded police and corrupt judges start

prosecuting, imprisoning and punishing the rich crooks instead of
genuine intellectuals: our society would become a much better place!

Dragan Glavasic

Children and grandchildren of the first communists [those that came

to power in 1945]—with a tremendous assistance from abroad [CIA,
MI5, etc]—are responsible for the breakup of Yugoslavia and the
downfall of socialism [communism] thus its replacement with the
inhuman capitalism. Which could shed some light on what kind of
people were attracted to communism, in the first place, hence, who
were its promoters and main figures. Because, in a healthy society,
families are also healthy; such that in a healthy family, children and
grandchildren are bound to become useful members of the society,
will follow the guidelines of a sane ideology, will obey innate
tendencies and boundaries of a just society, whose very foundations
should have been erected by their moral predecessors.

Those who were nobodies before the Second World War and were
terribly exploited and repressed by the pre-war vicious capitalists
suddenly came to power and climbed to the apex of society. They
had the leading positions in our country, which they eventually
transferred to their own children… Since 1945, socialism was con-
trolling Yugoslavia and it was relatively a just society: where every-
one had substantial social benefits and free health care, apartments,
education, and a guaranteed job; while the difference between those
at the top and those at the bottom was small… However, the second
(and especially the third) generation of those initial men of power, in
the manifestation of their pathological greed, wanted to have it all, to
claim public property [that which, by the constitution, belong to all
of us, that all of us have created through our combined labor] thus to
transcend it into their private property. So they quietly undermined
socialism, with the foreign help, then they did it more openly, before
they could freely, and in front of our very eyes, decimate socialism in
order to replace it with brutal capitalism, which only could benefit
those at the very top; while all others had to suffer and repent so that
a small group of extremely rich crooks could live the life of joy and
comfort! As a matter of fact, it is clear now, the so called transition
from communism (or socialism) to capitalism was actually a form of
unsurpassed evil, for it was the greatest of all robberies, a deviant
ploy and the malevolence beyond comprehension.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Such might be a sign that Communism as a theory is not pragmat-

ic, is not possible in the real world, hence, could only be a theoretic
concept. On the other hand, it could also imply that Communism
was undermined by the dubious and uneducated people that were
brought to power after World War Two, hence, whose sons and
grandchildren were given—by that same inadequate and dysfunc-
tional system—to do as they please, to destroy the very system which
gave social justice and security to almost everyone, or the majority,
for certain. That way, children and grandchildren of the initial com-
munists were the leading force in devastating that same communism
because they were in the privileged positions, had a sufficient head
start, to claim public property for themselves and that way to become
the leading capitalists. [Those that were hailing Josip Broz Tito the
most, while he was still alive, have brought up children and grand-
children that, after Tito’s death, were speaking only bad of him, in
order to create the conditions as to illegally confiscate the immense
public property.]
Still it ought to be mentioned that Nazi Germany was also one
extraordinary socialist country, which took even greater care of its
people (actually only true Germans) thus which would—if Slavs and
Anglo-Saxons did not annihilate it [and worst of all they did it for the
sole benefit of the others (meaning, the Jews)]—most likely, or most
certainly, achieve far more and would exist longer than Communism.
Which could mean that within socialism: National Socialism is better
and sounder option than Communism. [Compared to communism,
whose some of the main characteristics were: lack of discipline,
nepotism, low social awareness and development, slave morality,
laziness, corruption, social justice, “political correctness”; Nazism
was, among other things, defined through: discipline, hardworking,
dedication, high social awareness and development, master morality,
having a superior evolutionary goal, social cohesion, social justice,
political correctness. While, the rudimentary traits of capitalism are:
exploitation, decadence and immorality, all out perversion and degra-
dation, corruption, brutal humiliation, harassment, manipulation,
indoctrination, hidden lawlessness, social injustice, masked nepo-
tism, abuse, terror toward the horribly subdued and incredibly servile
Dragan Glavasic

majority, “political correctness” gone mad. See the table.] Which

could, at the same time, be the absolute proof that the wrong side [of
the savage capitalists and stupid communists] had won the Second
World War. Because, as is the case right now: the Serbs (actually all
White People) are being gradually wiped out through a concealed
genocide and, in a few generations, Serbia is to become the country
overrun and overtaken by gypsies [as a mater or fact, it could be
argued that among the corridors of power: it was already decided to
transmogrify the territory of Serbia into a Muslim or a gypsy coun-
try], just as the USA has a strong possibility to turn into a negro or
some other non-white slum, while Europe could go either Muslim
and/or Chinese. Because, Glorians 29 are systematically robbed—
through huge taxes and various fees—so that we could not afford
having our own children; so, in fact, to enable lazy nimoids to have
as many broods as possible! Because, the system was designed to
punish us for having children and to reward them [to discourage us
and to encourage them] for having children! Which is, by far, the
biggest perversion ever and the most macabre sickness, the most
grotesque treachery of all times: the most morbid evil that has ever
beseeched us! While, the rich and their servants (“our” politicians)
are the main guilty parties for inducing that perversion, for our grue-
some genocide and the injustice that has overcome us! They are the
responsible and they are to be blamed for this horror of horrors, this
sin over all sins, for this incredible decadence that is beyond belief.
People, as such, left to themselves, cannot do much. Only in
cases when a large number of them or a majority had their lively-
hoods or very lives threatened: when they go hungry and are forced
to suffer a lot, when they don’t have even the elementary human
rights or any chance for a decent living—only then the people could,
spontaneously, come out on the streets! But as long as they have
some crumbs to survive on, it is not likely that the majority would
demand some drastic changes [which actually helps the wicked rulers
to maintain their power]; such that only the most capable and tal-
ented or a highly organized group could achieve that deed, if it is

Glorians: white people; white race and culture.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

ready to undertake substantial risks involved in bringing down the

ghastly system.

We, who don’t have much and whose destiny, presently, is not
promising, whose children are sentenced to follow our thorny path:
we could either remain quiet and suffer or stand up to be counted, to
initiate intellectual revolution, for the benefit and wellbeing of all
that is dear to us: our Realm. We can’t lose much but could gain a
lot… And for our children, we have to persist and succeed!

Those that prosper in Serbia are: politicians, criminals, crooks, ath-

letes, entertainers, ex-communists (that have got their positions,
within society, after the Second World War thus have transferred
them to their offspring). In this country, since recently, also prosper:
feminists, homosexuals, the simpletons, Jews, Chinese, Negroes,
Arabs, Albanians, and gypsies (thanks to Jew Soros and numerous
non-governmental organizations; and nimoids’ supposed “political

Country in which intruders (other races) have greater rights than the
majority [for instance, Serbia where gypsies are given flats, social
services and health care, are even paid to attend schools [while the
Serbs have to pay the schools in order for our children to attend
them], receive assistance and aid to start their own businesses, etc;
or USA where nimoids 30 have far greater privileges than White
People: where Glorians are exploited and abused to pay enormous
taxes, so they could not financially afford having many children;
while Negroes could remain idle and rapidly reproduce… Country in
which the majority has no rights, is systematically exploited,

nimoids: members of non-white races [i.e. Japanese, Chinese, Turks, negroes,
Arabs, gypsies, Philippines, Koreans, Indians (and American native Indians),
Mexicans, Brazilians and other south-Americans, etc]! All those not white.
Dragan Glavasic

molested and terrorized by the minority (which has all conceivable

rights and privileges): is not a country but a deplorable cesspool,
that has to be flushed, demolished by the oppressed majority (for it is
an unnatural creation) in order to be rebuild from the scratch, only
that time under the guidelines of real justice!

If you are one of great many Serbs [Europeans or White People] that
are, currently, left in the dark… If you don’t have a position in soci-
ety and are not rich: then you should be certain that nothing good
would come your way. You could expect only bad things. You
might become poorer and even worse, your children, grandchildren
and who knows what generation will remain within the boundaries of
poverty, thus the only possibility for their success in life would imply
for them to carry out risky undertaking of crime. [Unlike those with
connections and with money, for whom crime is a profitable and a
low risk endeavor, because the system works for them and they could
always find a way to stay away from jail [recall that negro from
California who killed a white man and a white woman only to be
acquitted, just because he is: rich and a negro]. Some of the biggest
crooks are businessmen and politicians and they seldom end up in
prison.] Because the system is created to enable rich to remain rich
and to keep poor Serbs [White People] subdued, oppressed and in
total poverty!
No political party will help us because they are all the same, cre-
ated and maintained by those in power, in order to keep the status
quo: to help the rich remain rich. 31 Crooks that have confiscated
public property are now successful and respected members of soci-
ety, the elite, the jet set, the rich for whom this deviant system works.

Situation is similar in the United States. There are two political parties that are
more or less identical. All they do is create an illusion of political plurality or
democracy. The system does not permit any third party, especially if it would be a
decent political option. The Democrats and the Republicans are just two sides of
the same coin, which serves only the evil system and helps the rich to remain rich
while keeping poor white men down… Unfortunately, it is also the case that
Eastern Europe is transferring itself fast toward the horrifying model of USA
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Poor policemen and teachers, middle class judges and college pro-
fessors, rather wealthy celebrities and media executives, very rich
athletes and politicians, hence extremely rich capitalistic thieves:
work together to maintain the system!
Communism was destroyed by those at the very top, because they
have realized that they are in the position to benefit the most from the
transition to capitalism. Communist leaders, for their personal gain,
started counterrevolution thus have pushed our country away from
socialism into the realm of a brutal capitalistic exploitation. Only a
small percentage of the people had substantially benefited and they
were, mostly, those that were in the position to take care of their
children and all their future progenies. But that way, the majority of
people was sentenced to suffer and to live life full of stress and in
poverty; because in order for a minority to have much more than
what they deserve, it is necessary for the majority to receive much
less than what they need. Hence, the minority has enormous wealth
and enough money for deviant excesses and various perversions,
while the majority could not afford a dentist, and some could not
even buy bread to eat every day, thus live in utter misery.
Also, it ought to be emphasized the hideous state of judicial sys-
tem and the utter lack of justice. In a word, it doesn’t matter what
the truth is, who is right and who is wrong or who is the guilty party
and who is innocent. It makes no difference whether a person did
something or not. The key components in making the judgment are:
who has more money, who has better connections, whose lawyer
knows the judge better, and who is politically correct or incorrect.
Because those that have money and/or connections and/or are politi-
cally correct will triumph, regardless what the truth or real justice is!

When injustice becomes the norm and the law—

resistance is our moral obligation!

If you had enough of the malevolence which has condescended on us

only because some small percentage of the rich creeps live extremely
well… If you don’t want somebody’s children to have splendid lives
ahead of them, not because they are something special, because they
Dragan Glavasic

are smart or capable, but because they were born rich; while our own
children and our grandchildren and all further generations are sen-
tenced to the life of pain and misery, regardless just how smart, hard-
working, or resourceful they will be: just because you are poor now,
because you were not thieves and have not taken public property or
were in the “right” positions when communism turned into capital-
ism… If you are some of those so called “losers” then the only way
out of this nightmare, for you and your children, is to join us in this
epic struggle against those ghastly forces of wickedness, in this
remarkable uprising against corrupt malcontents; as a mean for us to
assure one much nicer future, for us and our offspring!
Only rest assured that the sediments in power will use all, at their
disposal, to prevent us. They will abuse media and spread false
rumors—through undercover police and their cronies (informers)—
as to keep the subdued and terribly oppress population down, to keep
them pathetic, docile and morbidly uninvolved… They will arrest us
and do us great harm, they’ll accuse each and every one of us of
anything and call us every bad name they could come up with. They
will threaten us and those that we love, they might even terrorize us
and kill us… But what is the other option for us to take: to kneel
down and let them molest us and our precious children as well…
Either that or to stand up as to create one proper and just society!
Because, while many don’t have enough to eat, the biggest of all
crooks and their nasty progeny don’t know what to do with (our)
money. Should we let the scum and criminals laugh in our faces and
look down on our own children?
But the question is just how could anyone decent turn his head
and pretend as if he sees nothing at all, or to look at his own children
and tell them that he did not even try to save them from the macabre
evil that others planed for them, only because their parents were not
thieves, were in fact honest and poor… Remember, the more of us
join this uprising the greater chances will be for our success. But
even if we fail, we could still look at our children and tell them that
we have at least attempted or did all we could—were ready to forfeit
our lives, if necessary—to give them a better future, to create one
nicer and more just society!
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

And if we succeed, that would be the ultimate reason for you to

join this struggle. We could not wait indefinitely, each year it might
be worse and worse; as a matter of fact, we are bound to suffer more
and more, while the criminals and perverts would live lives of plenty.
Keeping in mind that our children might have even harder time than
what we have now…
A call to ACTIVISM has a small chance for success. Only in rare
instances, the inert masses could be animated and moved into ac-
tion… Nevertheless, even though our prospects are rather trivial, it is
still much better to try than to masochistically wait, remain dormant,
silenced and forced to endure terrible injustice…
On the other hand, who knows… Who is to tell that suddenly all
those poor and subdued servants of the rich and of this utterly evil
system [talking about: policemen, teachers, healthcare workers,
soldiers, judges, farmers, clerks, miners and drivers…] won’t open
their eyes and join our side, for their own benefit and that of their
children… And then, rest assured, those degenerate rich bustards will
be sorry they were ever born… Because—contrary to that insane
Christian dogma—revenge and retribution are good and just. We
should repay them back tenfold for all injustice perpetrated against
us and our progeny!

Unite and organize!

Let’s try to wake up the pathetic and subdued population…
All Serbs, all Slavs, all white men: all together till victory!

What I teach you has a name:

it is called revolution…
Intellectual revolution is what I teach you!

If we don’t help ourselves,

if we don’t unite and organize:
no one would do it for us.

We want republic of plenty for everyone, in accordance to Plato’s

ideals; and we don’t need the state in which prevails: immorality,
Dragan Glavasic

injustice, “political correctness”, nepotism, bribery and corruption, in

which the rich are getting richer and the poor must remain deprived
indefinitely, must be unsuccessful in whatever they do, while insidi-
ously told that they are down just because they are not smart, ambi-
tious, resourceful and capable.

Not one political party, not one media, nobody and nothing would
help us if we don’t unite and organize in order to help ourselves!

TABLE: Some of the main characteristics of Nazism, Socialism (or

Communism) and Capitalism:


(Yugoslavia) (Nazi Germany) (the Untied States)
- lack of discipline - discipline - exploitation
- nepotism - hardworking - decadence and
- low social - dedication immorality
awareness and - high social - all out perversion
development awareness and and degradation
- slave morality development - corruption
- laziness - master morality - brutal humiliation
- corruption - having a higher - harassment
- social justice evolutionary goal - manipulation
- “political - social cohesion - indoctrination
correctness” - social justice - hidden lawlessness
- political - social injustice
correctness - masked nepotism
- abuse
- terror against the
horribly subdued and
incredibly servile
- “political
correctness” gone
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

The comparison of modern societies on the examples of socialist Yugoslavia, Nazi
Germany and capitalist USA.

If by their intrinsic nature, human beings are susceptible to corrup-

tion, bribery, nepotism, and are inclined to forgo the benefits of the
group in favor of personal interests: then humans are indeed a lower
breed, a disease—just as Nietzsche suggested—on the surface of this
planet, that needs to be replaced, eradicated as to make room for
Overmen. Because, no individual could compete with a society.
Society is much larger and more capable thus, ultimately, in a pro-
gressive and just society all people would achieve more and live
better than any lone individual. Because the potential of a collabo-
rating and well organized group is far greater than the potential of
one single person and is also greater than the potential of another
group of people that exist in constant conflict with each other. Not to
mention the fact that if there is no society those same individuals are
liable to continually struggle against each other instead of collabo-
rating. For initially, in dark prehistory before society was invented,
life was very likely short, painful, violent and brutish.
One person could make a house for himself and use his labor to
find enough food to survive and that is about the extent of his lone
abilities… But an advanced and well organized society could achieve
much more. It could provide houses or some shelter for its citizens,
give them roads and sanitation, education, jobs as well as healthcare,
social security, law and order… In a good society, members use their
particular talents to contribute for the benefit of the group… No
single man could build a hospital… No one could do or know how to
do hundreds of different jobs. It’s impossible… Only in society such
division of labor is achievable… Being social animals it comes
naturally to us to unite and form society as a mean to benefit our-
selves, to attain better and more rewarding lives…

Dragan Glavasic

Second big discovery would be the realization that societies also

compete among themselves and, if all other factors are irrelevant or
identical, those that are closer to Plato’s ideal state would ultimately
triumph! Just as if there are two football teams that each have simi-
lar contingency of humans to choose from: and if one of the teams
finds the best men to play on that team while the other finds the
worst people to play each of the roles in the team—than it is rather
obvious that the first team would win in the game of football just as
the ideal society would triumph against the other forms of society
(insidious one or perverted one).
The transformation toward ideal state is inevitable to occur in this
universe, it is an innate thing: a definite survival advantage… Per-
haps, it is not happen often, just as perhaps not all life would evolve
into higher forms or intellect. Perhaps, most life in this universe are
microorganisms that get wiped out before they even had a chance to
evolve into other higher forms. Perhaps, some of those rare planets,
where intellect appeared, manage to evolve into ideal state, while
majority of those other planets, with intellect, folder and are wiped
out, by nature, as inadequate forms, as flawed products, as cosmic
Perhaps, humans are too destined to be wiped out, as being terri-
bly flawed, as having catastrophic glitch, inborn fallacy, a decapita-
ting flaw built into them, in their very genes, as seeds of destruct-
tion… Perhaps they could never bring to power higher men, who in
turn would create Overmen, by replacing negative selection with
positive selection: as to assure that natural forces could take over and
create Overmen. Perhaps, our destiny is sealed, is to join the ranks
of the extinct, the majority of doomed planets that harbor life only
for it to be at one point or another, halted and wiped out or perma-
nently kept on the lover levels of evolution. Perhaps, that is our
destiny as well. Perhaps, the present day leaders would succeed in
eradication white race—as the supreme intellectual force on this
planet—then even further deteriorate society, by faltering and de-
stroying science and reason in favor of religions and superstitions,
thus push society in permanent downward spiral such that it would
linger in peril and gradually or rapidly deteriorate… Perhaps, this
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

planet was not meant to be one of the few to achieve the ultimate
higher consciousness.
That all could be true, and as far as things go right now, it appears
to be most likely scenario… But nevertheless, we have to try to turn
the things around before it gets too bad. As a matter of fact, we need
to attempt the impossible even if it is already too late! And to change
things, to alter the course of our destiny: what is needed is for the
right idea to appear, the idea of INTELLECTUAL REVOLUTION,
as a mean to bring forward the higher men in power; who will imple-
ment social order where positive selection would assure the arrival of
Overmen—as one advanced form of intellectual being, as the highest
state of consciousness, the one that is set free from the terrible flaws
which have inundated humans and could be innately found among
the people now—and the creation of the ideal state!
Because, Overmen are higher beings, who are well aware that to
put the interests of one being (or his family) ahead of their society
would endanger all of them and would lead into deterioration of their
civilization. So they would find ways as to foster natural and/or
positive selection, as to further enhance intellect and create/maintain
society destined for survival and prosperity. Thus that would also
assure the best possible lives for each of their members.

In present day society only bad people prosper… The worst

individuals, the biggest crooks, liars, thieves, most immoral
sediments and most ruthless creeps or most detrimental members of
society are also most likely to succeed and benefit from this insidious
society… However, in the ideal society, all citizens would achieve
their maximum, live the best possible lives, while the most respected
would be those that are really the smartest!

Dragan Glavasic


For the sake of an argument, let’s say there are two football teams.
They both have 100 similar or identical athletes to choose from. So
the first team appoints the smartest and the most experienced person
to be the coach, who then carefully finds the best players for the
various positions in the team. So while the first team has an expert
(who is well versed in football strategy) for the key position; the
other team’s coach is the youngest and least knowledgeable person
in the group, who consequently chooses the worst players for his
team. So in the first group, the person that plays best with his left leg
and is the fastest plays left wing, and the one who is best with the
right leg plays right wing; the one who is the tallest and/or jumps the
highest and is good at hitting the ball with his head plays the striker
(central attacker); the one who is good with his hands and has fast
reflexes is the goalkeeper… While in the other group: the left wing is
played with the slowest person who isn’t even lefty, while the right
wing is played by the slowest person on the team who just happens to
be a lefty and the goalkeeper is an invalid without arms and legs
while the striker is a blind person… Then if the two teams compete
against each other: it would be safe to suspect that the first group
would win; because, the better people, for specific positions, are
given exactly those positions.

The ideal state is based on Plato’s principle. It should be achieved

by any mean possible—be it peaceful or by force: because it is the
most just, normal, and proper form of human union—though it is not
likely that those parasites and perverts, currently in power, would
willingly give up their positions and extensive privileges in life.
Thus they would have to be removed and that implies some kind of

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Once the needed steps are taken to transform society from per-
verted to an ideal: then it would be the crucial task of the new lead-
ers, the intellectual elite [lets say, some 5-10% of the smartest men]
to figure out how to structure their society in the smallest of details.
It is not logical to expect from any single individual—from the au-
thor of this text or from Plato—to figure out or lay down the plan on
how to design such society, in every detail. Such is neither logical
nor possible, since no one could know, in advance, all the informa-
tion on that potential society. Therefore, it would not be pertinent to
expect from anyone to present, in advance, ways as how that state
would function, or how exactly it would look like. Job of a philoso-
pher is to give the general directions, the broad guidelines, then those
that construct such society would have to figure out how to structure
their commonwealth as best to achieve and maintain such a goal.
Because, it is not sufficient, for us, to create the system if we are
unable to maintain it for the posterity. [Recall that Communism
crumbled in just few generations… In fact, was destroyed by the
grandchildren of the initial revolutionaries, because they were in the
position to most profit by returning to capitalism… Assumption is
that if higher quality individuals get to power, in the first place, and
do their best to structure safeguards in the system which would
assure that only the best individuals would work specific jobs or be
placed at specific positions in society: that society would last indefi-
nitely, or at least much longer than Communism. Especially if there
is always a possibility or a threat of a renewed uprising and also if
the citizens’ consciousness is raised to a higher level: to Overmen’s
state: to the realization that in ideal society, everyone would prosper
while in perverted society only the smallest number (the very rich)
would benefit while others would suffer… Furthermore, it could be
argued that as a more advanced society it might be inevitable and
more advanced or proper form of commonwealth: just as capitalism
was compared to feudalism or just as feudalism was compared to
In other words, when Marx, Plato or Nietzsche thought on their
ideal states, it was not up to them to figure the smallest details on
how their societies would function, but rather, it was their job to
Dragan Glavasic

construct the general ideas while the details were to be left for those
that are working on implementing the big ideas. For instance, Marx
thought on having Communism, where workers would triumph in the
struggle with the capitalists, but it was up to the Bolsheviks (pro-
letariat) to figure out how to design their society as best to fulfill
Marx’s ideas, his ideals. So philosophers are giving general direc-
tion in which society ought to move while the revolutionaries and
those that follow need to figure out how to get in power and how to
run the new structure, the new country. [Only, some ideas might not
be that good (like Communism) and might have catastrophic design
flaws, built in, thus nothing and no one could make them work or
they might be with a short longevity…]
In our case, the ideal state is designed on the Plato’s principle so
that the best people for specific positions will be assigned just those
jobs and places in society. Such that the smartest men (the greatest
philosophers) are the most powerful and influential: the leaders.
[Unlike, Communism that places workers (who are not the smartest
members of society, but rather its workforce—including the unedu-
cated or innately gullible labor—thus often below the average intelli-
gence).] It is not likely that any society could completely achieve
such goal (of creating the ideal state): meaning that in any commu-
nity it is likely that some people working at a various jobs or occu-
pying specific positions are not really the best individuals for those
jobs or positions. But the idea is that society should be structured as
to be as close to Plato’s principle as possible. It must have various
mechanisms in place to assure proper order, for everyone’s sake.
And the closer it gets the better it will be. Thus people ought to
reach one higher level of consciousness, a heightened state of mind
and the highest level of morality thus to realize that if everyone
works what he is best fit for, all of them would benefit; and in addi-
tion to beware of corruption and nepotism as the biggest treats to
their combined welfare and well being… And to be just, the society
must provide, for free, some essential services (such as education,
healthcare, social security, etc), give every man equal rights, privi-
leges and opportunities thus keep relatively small difference between
those on the top and those on the bottom. A good and just common-
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

wealth must take care of its citizens: for it exists to serve the citizens,
just as they must be ready to protect it at all time and no matter what.
If there are two societies, where one is ideal [where each person
does what he is best to do] while the other society is perverted
[where each person has the position in society according to corrupt-
tion, connections, nepotism and “political correctness”] then, if all
other factors are the same or irrelevant, in the competition among the
two countries: the ideal would triumph. Their schools would have
better teachers and they would better educate children. They would
choose those best to be scientist to work as scientist and in turn they
would design better tools, weapons, achieve more advanced technol-
ogy, etc. In addition, ideal state would have the best leaders that are
determined to benefit their society and to relentlessly wipe out their
competition or enemies… In short, in the rivalry between an ideal
and a perverted state: the ideal one would triumph!
Furthermore, if there are two or more ideal societies, then those
that get closer to the ideal status [of achieving 100% efficiency rate]
would exist longer and prosper more than society which is less
efficient. Because if one society has achieved 90% efficiency—
meaning that of 100 citizens, 90 of them are best for the positions
they occupy (especially if those proper positions are the significant
or leading positions in society) while the other country achieves only
40% efficiency rate then it is obvious that more efficient society
would triumph over less efficient one [assuming all other factors are
the same or irrelevant].
It is also the case that a society would survive and prosper for as
long as it succeeds in maintaining its ideal structure and a relatively
high efficiency rate. Keeping in mind that it is very important that
the best or smartest people are given the position of the leaders. 32
Because it is more significant to make certain that the right people
are at the leading positions than to make certain that lower echelons
of society are occupied by proper individuals. Country could have
all the right people at the bottom, but if wrong people are at the top,
it could deteriorate fast; on the other hand, if the bad people are at the

The philosopher king [as Plato would say].
Dragan Glavasic

bottom, the right leaders could sort them out easily thus return to the
desired state… The rest of the society would improve or start deterio-
rating: in respect to what is happening at the very top. Simply, it
makes sense to conclude that if the right people are at the top, the
lower echelons of society would improve as well: the right people at
the positions of power could easily stop and eliminate corruption and
nepotism that might appear at the bottom levels of the society.
[However, if the corruptions and nepotism has started at the top of
society, the lower echelons could only overthrow the leaders through
popular uprising! The threat of which should keep the leaders in
line; but there needs to be a caution of not allowing parasites and
perverts to take over society by exploiting dissatisfaction of the
masses! In other words, the society needs to be aware that insidious
sediments might try to overthrow good rulers, only, it is much more
likely that the insidious would get to power through being elected to
the leading positions in society! They tend to be rather sly and ready
to do anything to get in power… Finally, if no society could maintain
itself as ideal, for more than a few generations then it might imply
two things: either no ideal society is possible, it is indeed just a pipe
dream, a utopia; or popular uprising is needed, on regular basis,
perhaps indefinitely or until the consciousness of people is raised to a
new level, until Overmen arrives…]
How the country would structure itself to achieve a high per-
centage of the efficiency, depends on the citizens and most of all on
those who lead it. The smarter they are, the better they organize, the
more safeguard methods they put in place, the better they would be
and the more prosperous and long lasting they would become.



It is, indeed, important—just as Marx and Nietzsche figured it out—

citizens need to evolve or to reach a higher state of mind, a higher
level of consciousness, in order for society to function properly.
[After all, it seems to be a natural trait. Just look at the most primi-
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

tive and intellectually most backward or insufficient races (negroes

and aborigines, for instance): they have never created a civilization
or they even seem to be genetically unable to function as constructive
members of any organized and civilized society. For instance, in
USA, nimoid races are parasites, erosion, weed, poison, rust, cancer:
utterly useless and terribly destructive elements!] Because, once
men (especially those at the leading positions) realize that all of us
would live much better if we design society according to Plato’s
principle thus are ready to assure that a proper system is imple-
mented as well as the accompanied structure of checks and balances
is in place as to assure that really the very best people work their jobs
or hold various position in society: all of us would benefit. Especial-
ly, if we adhere Nietzsche as well thus relentlessly eliminate all
parasites and deadweight! For that is the way to overall prosperity
and longevity…
If citizens do not have such realization, if they are only concerned
with their personal wellbeing, then it is possible that some (especially
those at higher echelons of society) would apply nepotism or use
connections and corruption which would deteriorate society, endan-
ger everyone’s prosperity and the longevity of society itself. If every
person pulls for himself: their society is disorganized and could not
prosper much or might be on the way out. The realization that entire
system would be destroyed if people put their personal goals and
aspirations ahead of the interests and benefits of the entire group (the
society and the citizens as the group): is a key realization that would
ultimately mean the difference between an ideal and a perverted
society! It is also the distinction between an advanced race as com-
pared to parasitic races, between humans and subhumans, between
Overman and the mundane!
Nothing could last forever and the ideal state would eventually
deteriorate and crumble, but then it is up to the people to start revolu-
tion, once again, and return to the ideal state. And there has to be a
constant treat of uprising as to keep those in power aware that if ideal
society deteriorates, and wrong people occupy various positions
within it, then the absolute right and moral obligation of the citizens

Dragan Glavasic

is to revolt and overthrow such government as to initiate a more just

and more proper state: the ideal society.
In addition, let it be clear that ideal state is possible and achieva-
ble. It is also maintainable structure but it is something that present
day rulers and those that benefit the most from current (extremely
perverted) society don’t want, prefer to deny, since they are bound to
lose their enormous privileges, the positions of incredible wealth and
unbelievable power. So they use lies and indoctrination to manipu-
late and oppress general population as if we live in the best of all
possible worlds 33 or how supposedly ideal society is not possible, is
the so called utopia!
Only if the genuine intellectual elite realizes that ideal state is not
utopia, that such is possible and that those most intelligent ought to
be the leaders and not the servants of the rich parasites: then things
are bound to move in the proper direction! Fake intellectuals, who
are currently promoted as the leading minds, so called “intelli-
gentsia”: have to be pushed away [alongside their decrepit masters]
as to make room for a new society! So wake up, INTELLECTUAL
REVOLUTION is our road to salvation: our ascent toward Overmen
and our glorious journey into the realm of ideal state!

As that big liar and inbreed member of the ruling elite, Winston Churchill, once
said: “Democracy is not perfect but it is the best system that we have!”
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon


None of us has ever seen, felt or in any way detected space or time.
There are no proofs of any kind that space and time really exist.
Therefore, it is huge mistake taking those notions for granted and not
scrutinizing their ontological status… However, even though it is
rather easy to conclude that time is a cognitive mistake, that such
concept does not really exist and/or could be in some way associated
with the existing concept of change; the idea of space appears as a
more challenging one…

Void, or nothing at all, is not entirely a plausible concept. It is not

quite reasonable or logical to imply that nothing can exist. Some-
thing can exist and be a part of reality, but to say that nothing exists
or is a part of reality—of itself, by itself and for itself—is a fallacy.
Atomists accepted the notion of void thus defined it as an empty
space or vacuum, which did not contain any matter or anything at all.
They even called it not-being or nothing, as opposite to being or
something. To them void possesses neither characteristics nor quali-
ties of any kind, no potential, not even existence in any way. It is
simply nothing. But, that is the problem: nothing cannot exist… It is
not logical! Something can exist, that is logical; but noting cannot!
It is a contradiction in itself: it violates the main premise, its very
definition… Nothing implies non-existence just as something implies
existence. This is one of those logical statements that seems to be
built into the very foundation of this universe, of this reality.
Their argument that such concept, as empty space, must exist in
order for material objects to move, comes short: because a vessel
containing water is not empty, yet fish or different objects can freely
move through it. In fact, such medium as water (or air) is needed for
fish (or birds) to exist and move, for they could neither exist nor

Dragan Glavasic

move in a vacuum: this proves that empty space is not a requirement

or a necessity for the moments of existing or physical bodies, and in
fact, might even be a hindrance of a sort. Movement could be achi-
eved by rearranging or shuffling around the existing matter or as an
interaction of various components of matter. Or simply stated, the
movements are possible due to even more rudimentary concept: the
idea of change, such that change is a real concept [the one that exists
of itself, by itself and for itself].
Their second argument for the existence of void—due to the
compression or absorption—is also inadequate since that could be
explained quite simply by stating that entities which exist can be
altered in some way due to the process known as change. In fact,
there are two possibilities: an object could itself change (including its
volume or appearance) or changes—either from within or from
outside—could affect it in some way. A sponge can absorb water by
expelling air and replacing it with liquid or by expending its volume
or by altering some of its properties. But in no way it could mean
that water has filled some mysterious empty space. Only that a
change has occurred where some matter has been modified: some
atoms or substance was replaced with other atoms or other substance
[visible or invisible, known or unknown to us] or that some proper-
ties (e.g. volume or size) of the object have been altered.
After all, not long ago, many people did not know that galaxies,
quasars, supernovas, DNA, air or atoms existed [not to mention
subatomic particles]; and in fact many savages from jungles still
don’t know any of that…
In other words, various philosophical concepts as existence and
change; or physical concepts like matter, substance, movements or
atoms do exist; however, that does not imply in any way that imagi-
nary or abstract concepts like void, empty space and time exist in any
real sense, in any way, shape or form, unless as strictly theoretical
concepts inside our minds [but only and exclusively as imaginary
objects, products of our mental activities]. So our brains do exist and
they function by creating ideas, feelings, emotions and/or mental
images: which, as such are real, but which are nothing more than
products of our functional minds. [The mental image of a dragon is
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

not a real dragon but just a though of a dragon!] They could be our
mental interpretations of outside or real objects or they could be im-
aginary entities that exist only in our minds. Space and time are of
the second type: entities which exist only in our heads, as abstract
ideas, as the result of our mental activities. Implying that space and
time are not real but imaginary! They do not exist as real objects, as
independent entities inside reality but are thoughts produced in our
heads and as such they are strictly imaginary concepts. That means
that they have just abstract existence, as opposite to real existence of
those entities that are integral parts of reality and that exist of them-
Just stated implies that the brain and its activities are real. As
such they genuinely exist. The thought of a dragon is a real process
that exists in our brain but only as a thought and not as an actual
dragon. The dragon does not exist in reality and is only an abstract
idea present as a thought in our minds. In short, brains and their
activities (or thoughts) do exist but actual dragons do not!
It would be far more proper and logical to state that in science—
physics as well as in philosophy—two colossal, rather incredibly
significant mistakes were made. The non-existing or abstract con-
cepts of time and space are somehow and to some extent mixed up
with existing concepts of change and existence. That was a huge
blunder with tremendous repercussions, and it has taken deep roots
inside our culture. Even the everyday language has been influenced
and inundated thus has incorporated the notions of time and space.
In fact, most people assume they exist without any doubt, without
ever having a need to question those notions or their credibility…
Still, there were some thinkers, from our past, that did examine
the validity of those believes. For instance, Descartes’ vortex theory
—which was embraced both by Cartesians and occasionalists—
claims that empty space or vacuum does not exist. Because, ac-
cording to them all space has to be occupied by something. So they
invented the notion of subtle matter or ether that should fill this gap,
this notion of “empty space” thus making it non-empty.
By doing so they have perhaps inadvertently, themselves, made
two crucial mistakes: they have given some credibility to the notion
Dragan Glavasic

of space (be it empty or especially full) and also created one ques-
tionable form of substance. So their approach was that space exists
only it could not be empty… However, both problems could be
easily solved by saying that space does not exist! Substance exists!
Some of it [some forms of matter] we could perceive or detect in
some way while some of it is—at this moment, at least—undetecta-
ble to us. To make it more clear, our senses and various technologi-
cal equipment could detect some forms of matter but perhaps there
are some forms which we could not detect at this moment. For
instance, various entities are too minute for us to perceive or to be
aware of their existence, but nonetheless it does not make them non-
existent, hence they do exist even though we don’t know of them. In
addition, it could be argued that some forms of substance are not
matter, at all, but are something else of which we know nothing,
currently, since our senses are biologically designed or fine-tuned to
detect and be aware only of substance we call matter. [Besides, it
would be rather pretentious, on our part, to claim that at the moment
we know everything. Most likely, there will always be something for
us to find out, yet to discover or detect: perhaps, those other forms of
substance.] This way, substance is a broader category or a universal
set containing a smaller subset known as matter. Or it could be
argued that substance is matter but that there are some elements of it
that are so minute, so amazingly tiny, that they are simply undetecta-
ble to us and are likely to remain so, for a long time or even indefi-
In any case, the notion is that space and time do not exist as real
entities but are only artificial concepts, abstract ideas made up by
human minds. They are also substantial mistakes since various
philosophers (scientists) have concluded that such abstract entities do
exist in reality as independent, self-sufficient phenomena or entities:
those that exist of themselves, by themselves and for themselves…
Which is a major fallacy! That is false! Meaning that space and
time do not really exist! They do not exist, except as abstract ideas,
only present in our minds, and only while we think of them, for as
long as we think of them.

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Space and time are abstract ideas or non-existing concepts that

“exist” only in our minds as thoughts, but which could be to some
extent associated with the real phenomena, those of existence and
change, which are, as a matter of fact, the most significant
components of reality!

[More on this subject could be found in the book Prostor i Vreme

[Space and Time] by Dragan Glavasic, which was published by TAJD in 2005.
ISBN 86-904797-5-9]

Dragan Glavasic


Eternity is the concept of forever, continual duration, of a never

ending existence. Eternal is that which has the quality or the
essential characteristic of being within and of being a part of
eternity! So eternity is the noun while eternal is the pronoun of the
same philosophical idea, of the same fundamental quality: of endless
duration, of being everlasting.

While infinity is a mathematical concept, an abstract idea, that can be

transcended to material world as well, eternity is strictly a philo-
sophical notion that also has applications in the real world. The
thoughts behind infinity and eternity are intrinsically similar. Being
infinite usually applies to volume or a dimension such as distance in
mathematics or to some related aspects of this universe as well. Eter-
nal (or eternity) implies the continual duration which lasts forever,
never ending existence or constant existence or is a rudimentary trait
or a fundamental characteristic of not being a subject to extinction,
overwhelming alteration, demise, deterioration or disappearance.
That way, eternal or eternity is a kin to immortality; such that immor-
tality applies only to humans or intelligent beings; while eternal or
eternity could pertain to everything. In a sense, immortality is a
subgroup or a subset of eternity.
A more precisely stated, eternity is the forever existence. As a
characteristic of the key concept within reality (as the essence of
existence, that is): eternity has to be a philosophical concept. The
previous statement could also be justified due to the fact that eternity
(or eternal) defines various entities within reality. However, since it
could also be used to describe some objects within Cosmos or Cos-

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

mos itself, it can imply that eternity (like infinity and immortality) is
a real concept that is present in reality just as it is within this material
world of ours. That means that eternity, infinity, immortality are
present in reality as well as within Cosmos or the universe or the
material world. They are at the same time abstract ideas, cognitive
phenomena and genuine, real entities. They are abstract products of
our brains, pure thoughts inside our minds but also actual entities in
the real world as well: which exist of themselves, for themselves, by
themselves… There are things within reality and inside this world
that are infinite, immortal and eternal regardless whether we know it
or not, whether we perceive them, whether we are aware of them or
Since existence is the key concept of reality and since eternity is
the most significant characteristic of existence: it implies that the
concept of eternity is also very significant indeed. In other words, it
could be argued that reality is the ultimate concept of cardinal and
unsurpassed significance, the apex of intellectual activities, the focal
point of all underlining interests, the center of all cognitive activities!
Since existence is the most profound aspect of reality [where change
is the close second] and since eternity is the key feature of existence
[probably of change, as well]: it should imply that our understanding
of eternity is of momentous importance, of pivotal significance for
our comprehension of the ultimate reality. 34 Meaning that eternity is
one of the most important concepts in all of philosophy, as an entity
which is present in reality and the material world as well; since
existence is a crucial part of both and since it could be best described
as being eternal.

Alternatively, it might be stated that reality is made of or that it has three
fundamental characteristics: existence, change and eternity. In other words, we
could describe it in terms of existence, change, eternity… Or it could be implied
that reality is best defined in the terms of endless existence and (constant) change.
Dragan Glavasic

(Exploration of) the Ultimate Reality

Reality means the truth! It is one of the meanings for the word, but
not the only one... Concept of reality is the essence of metaphysics
and the most significant idea ever!

Reality is the grand sum of all that was, is or will be. Reality con-
sists of infinitely many components. It is eternal, unchanging and
always existing entity. While its components are existent and they
constantly or periodically interact and/or undergo changes, even
completely transmogrify. Such that individual components could
periodically appear or disappear from existence: and this cycle of
existence and non-existence for the fragments of reality could last
indefinitely and most likely is eternal.
In other words, individual components of reality could come into
existence. While they exist, they interact with other components and
change until they eventually no longer exist. But sooner or later they
will again return to existence and repeat the whole cycle infinitely
many times.
Everything that is within reality must go through those perpetual
cycles of periodic appearances, changes and interactions, then dis-
appearances… Everything inside reality must do that: except for
reality, itself, which just exists and it exists eternally and could not
change or disappear… Furthermore, it could not interact with other
realities since there is one and only one reality. [If by definition,
reality is all that was, is or will be: then, by logic, it could be only
one such entity. It would make no sense to have two or more differ-
ent realities. Because only one thing can be the grand sum of every-
thing. [Such implies that it is not possible or logical for different
individuals to have their own realities; unless there is just one person

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

and just one reality.] There could be some imaginary or fake or

“possible” realities but they are not real since there is just one and
only one actual reality! Reality is unique, one and only, eternal,
unchanging and always existing! It is what some confused individ-
uals might call a god: only while god is an imaginary, poorly de-
fined, or a non-existing concept, reality is very much real and very
much existent. Furthermore, we need to realize that religions or
deities are a refuge of week and insufficient minds.]

The prime objective for everything is to exist while changing along

the way. Everything has to exist and to change as well, thus to exist
while constantly (or periodically) changing within this monumental
structure; except for reality, of course, which only has to exist
eternally, thus, never to change in any way. 35

By definition, reality is all that has existed, is existing or will exist; thus it could
never be altered or changed in any way, shape or form. It simply is that what it is
and it could be nothing else. Reality is the one and only eternal and unchanging
entity in existence. Things and/or happenings that comprise reality exist and
change, appear and disappear, but reality only exists and never changes. Thus it is
truly a unique and rather remarkable concept!
Alternatively, we could define reality in a different way: to be only that what is;
thus excluding all that was or will be but such definition would not be complete or
functional and would leave out two significant fragments of what it was and what it
will be. That way reality could be reduced to material existence or Cosmos and, in
addition, that would eliminate history and future: so it would not be a functional
understanding of reality. [It might even open the road to great many abuses and
(socially) destructive believes. Certainly would undermine our prime objective of
making sense or reality and understanding it as much as possible.] Because to
better understand what is now, we need to know what it was and how it will
change or what it will become. This approach to define reality might even
undermine our self-preservation principle [which is the most powerful or most
dominant law of nature], because if we cannot predict the future we could not
adequately prepare for it. Meaning that this alone could discredit just mentioned
definition of the ultimate reality.
Besides, if only now exists than a big question could be: is there any change
(for the individual components of reality); therefore, reality could be reduced to
existence only: which might not entirely comply to our everyday perceptions of
reality [since we could perceive that individual things, within reality, alter and
Dragan Glavasic

What is this all about? What is life and what is death? What is the
meaning of life? Is death the end of everything? Why are we here?
What is reality? Why does anything or everything exist? And the
answer is: WHY NOT! It is one answer that supersedes all other less
relevant or irrelevant answers. In other words, the fundamental fact
is that something exists. Or that existence is existent. Or simply
stated EXISTENCE is the key component of reality. That’s the only
fundamental answer we need!
Reality is that something (or perhaps everything) exists! We
exist. And that is a fact. On the grand scale, it is not appropriate or
rather it is meaningless to ask “why” or “for what purpose”. That
which exists simply exists and that’s it. Any attempt to explain why
everything [reality] exists is bound to be false, because the simple
fact, the most fundamental one and the most rudimentary answer is
that whatever exists: exists (for as long as it exists) and such is the
ultimate reality!
We could attempt to see a smaller picture and to discern why
individual components of reality exist but the grand sum of every-
thing simply exists and that’s it. On a smaller scale, it could be
argued that the rudimentary purpose for humans is to exist and that
our fundamental purpose is to reason: to become the tools of per-
ception and the grand mind of reality, its consciousness; but reality
or the total sum of all that exists simply exists and that’s all. Ques-
tions that might be asked for individual entities might not apply to
reality itself…
Some of the above questions could be judged as meaningless
because they are inappropriate. There is no sense in asking them
since reality is what it is and it is made primarily of existence. An-
other significant component of reality is change [which applies only
to individual components of reality and never to reality itself]. Thus
existence and change are fundamental elements of reality. Reality is
on a metaphysical level made of two fundamental aspects: the first

change]. Hence, the only proper, and by far the best, approach is to define reality
as the sum of all that was, is or will be.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

(and perhaps more crucial one) being existence and the second one
being change! The most profound and important realization is just
that simple fact. There are many possible, more or less valid, varia-
tions on this approach. For instance, it could be argued that exis-
tence contains the quality of change or that change is embedded
within existence: thus that which exists is bound to continually or
periodically change. And such might even be perceived as a form of
existence. However, those approaches would require an exception:
its components exist and change.
If we ask ourselves why something exists or why everything ex-
ists: we could always counter with another equally potent answer:
WHY NOT! Because there is no reason, whatsoever, for non-exis-
tence to be more logical or proper than existence. And simple fact is
that something exists thus it is also a crucially important fact of
reality. Reality is that something or everything exists; just as con-
versely, it is not the fact that nothing is existent. The proof for the
above claim is that I am the one to think of it or perhaps that there
are entities that are reading this book or are contemplating this tho-
ught or any thought, indeed. In any case, something has to exist in
order to think of it. Whatever it is, it is a part of existence! It has to
be and could be nothing else. [This also proves the existence!] It is
not possible for the entity which is capable to reason such a thought
to be at the same time a part of non-existence. Things that do not
exist cannot think, at least not while they are non-existent! 36
A person can die, but if he is dead he cannot think or reason.
Thus while being alive, he is also existent and the fact that someone
is thinking of the idea also implies that such entity is alive, thus
existent. Another question is what happens to that entity after he
dies. Is he still existent or temporarily non-existent until he returns
to live, perhaps, through yet another birth?
If a person lives one short life and dies never to be born again then
before his birth and after his death he most likely is non-existent and
he existed only in that short segment of his life, in one insignificant

The argument (from logic) first thought by Rene Descartes.
Dragan Glavasic

fragment of the overall eternity. But if he was non-existent (or dead)

before he was born and if he becomes non-existent (or dead) after his
death: then there are no known or logical reasons why he couldn’t
yet again get born. Especially since this is apparently endless reality,
or an infinite universe [or many infinite universes] with boundless
quantities of matter or some other form of substance thus the
probability that in infinity, such occurrence as the birth of one small
person within this monumental structure we call reality or the uni-
verse or Cosmos, is to have only one life or even a finite number of
short lives is rather small, perhaps even insignificant.
It makes far more sense and to any living, conscious being it is far
more appealing, that we live infinitely many different lives, some
very similar to the one we live now. 37 Furthermore, it is also very
likely, even probable that we not only live infinitely many different
lives but also that each one of those different lives we repeat infi-
nitely many times. 38 Meaning that death is not the end of everything
for a specific conscious entity; but rather it is a remarkable traveling
device by which a person crosses “space and time” thus gets born at
another segment of this universe and at a different epoch, or from a
more metaphysical level, he returns into existence, reappears at
another segment of reality, reemerges at a different region and/or
epoch of the universe (at a different “space-time” coordinate, as
some confused pseudo scientists might say).
In any case, the temporary aspect of a finite entity, its fragmen-
tized existence within reality does not apply to reality itself. While a

This form of the argument is better suited if we assume that our universe is all
that there is. That Cosmos is logically equivalent concept to the idea of the
This variation of the argument makes more sense if we presume determinism and
also that universe undergoes an infinite cyclic process of constant rebirth and
destruction, such as is suggested by the theory of pulsating universe [that goes
through an endless cycle: begins with a big explosion then ends with a big crunch,
and that way ad infinitum]. In particular, this concept would make even more
sense if we presume that there is a monumental Cosmos in which our universe is
just one of infinitely many that exist at the same time such that they periodically
appear and disappear within colossal Cosmos, and for all eternities.]
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

person could die and get born and repeat that process infinitely many
times, with shorter or longer periods of both existence and non-
existence: reality only exists no matter what and it exists continually
without any interruption whatsoever. Even if matter or some other
form of substance periodically appears and disappears: reality always
exists since it is all that exists or that does not exist! So reality is
always on, always existent, everlasting, indestructible, totally un-
changing, and nothing else it could be.
Asserting once again, that even though we could ask and try to
answer why a specific entity within reality exists or how it exists—
those questions make no sense if applied to reality (the grand sum of
everything): for reality simply exists as it is and could be nothing
else… It is existing now, it has always existed and it will always
exist… Such that existence is the key, alpha and omega, the one and
only answer, the sum of all wisdoms!
For us is to realize such a big picture and also to comprehend that
some questions do not make sense. A person cannot nor should ask
“Is a rock moral or immoral?” 39 or “How big are dragon’s wings” or
“What is the topology of time?”40 and just the same no questions of
the nature “Why does everything exist?” could be uttered. They
simply make no sense and show a catastrophic flaw within that
particular metaphysics, a complete lack in the understanding of

Why would nonexistence be more proper state than existence? Why

would make more sense for nothing to exist than for something (or
everything) to exist. In the final analysis it doesn’t! IT MAKES NO
SENSE! The simple fact is that something (or everything) exists…
Existence and change are the fundamental aspects of reality and that
is the ultimate reality.
For rock is inanimate object thus non-living and unconscious, hence, could not
possibly possess capacity for moral judgment therefore such quality ought not be
assigned or associated with it.
Dragons are mythical or rather non-existent creatures thus are not actual beings
in reality and as such they could not have wings in reality… Just the same time is a
non-existent entity and as such it could not have any topological features in reality.
Dragan Glavasic

The prime objective is existence! That is a fact, a reality, and needs,

simply, to be accepted, as such… [Perhaps, change is also a rudimen-
tary aspect or might even be necessary in some way for a functional
reality. Reality could be a remarkable play, an awesome interaction
between existence and change (for its components).] For it is a con-
structive way to fulfill our prime objective—of existing, of being
conscious beings, the minds of reality—and as a matter of fact, the
change enables our crucial contribution to the overwhelming tenden-
cy of reality itself: to exist as a conscious, self-aware entity! Because,
under the final analysis: eternal EXISTENCE and never ending
CHANGE is the ultimate reality; just as, within a slightly smaller
picture, (indestructible or everlasting) matter (or some form of sub-
stance) in motion is the essence of Cosmos, itself. [Something that
reality has been aware of due to the workings of the mind. Because,
I thought of it and because I am an integral part of this universe, this
Cosmos: the one and only reality! Because, what I feel, what I per-
ceive or think: the universe, Cosmos and reality do as well… Be-
cause I am a part of them and nothing else I could be. I could appear
or disappear from time to time but I was always and always will be a
fragment of reality and not just any part but its consciousness, its
ability to reason, to perceive and understand, its attempt to make
sense: its mind.]

Reality is eternal and unchanging entity! It is made of infinitely

many individual components that exist, interact and undergo constant
changes. Since interaction is a form of change then all fragments of
reality, simply, exist and change. Only reality, itself, just exists and
never changes!

Always keeping in mind that we are an integral part of it all: being

the eyes, the sensory apparatus and the brain of this universe, being
the perception, the forever mind and consciousness of one and only
reality… Which makes us something rather important; possibly even
the crucial segment of everything…

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon


Intellectual revolution is our road to salvation, our extraordinary

ascent toward Overmen and the commencement of our epic journey
in the direction of the ideal society…

It is, by far, the most significant event in entire human history. The
turning point of philosophy! The beginning of a new beginning!
The decisive moment when humanity has finally left its childhood,
was well on its way to transcend into Overmen and to create the ideal

Intellectual revolution is the most remarkable event ever! It is our

ticket to survival and prosperity!



Dragan Glavasic


Part One: For Being Successful

[DEFINITION: In our world and at this moment, to be successful

usually means to be rich, powerful, influential, achieving, accepted,
prosperous, acclaimed or recognized, and/or famous.]

The success in life, in this deviant world, depends on several factors

that could be best described as insane and/or criminal. Whether a
person is successful or not depends on the following: nepotism, con-
nections, corruption and bribery, negative selection and “political
correctness”, as well as sexual promiscuity.
In other words, a person could have better, easier, richer and more
productive, successful or rewarding life if he (or she) has successful
relatives that would help their cousin to gain a better start in life and
enable him to profit more than others that are without such powerful
relatives… The previously stated also goes with other forms of con-
nections that are not blood related but are based on strong friendships
and/or the principle: I’ll do you a favor if you do me a favor (in-
cluding helping each other’s children, close relatives and/or good
friends). Those that have money but do not have the right connec-
tion, could still achieve more in life through wide spread corruption
and bribery. 41 So if someone wants his children to work a great job
or have a desired position in society, but lacks the proper connection
to make it possible, he could still achieve it through money.
Since this is one extremely abnormal world where negative selec-
tion and warped “political correctness” are massively used to assist

Corruption and bribery are cancer of society to which, no doubt, Jews have
contributed enormously! For it has always been their main strategy in achieving
their goals. As they say: “Everybody has its price!”
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

and favor everything which is in some way deviant, destructive or

dangerous for our society and the universal order. For instance:
mentally defective, genetic abnormalities, females and children, utter
perverts and degenerates (feminists, homosexuals, transvestites and
hermaphrodites), nimoids [non-white races], animals, as well as
various destructive or rather decadent believes and/or practices are
openly protected by the law, favored in every conceivable way and
helped to become acceptable or successful, often, at the expense of
white men!
Females, on the other hand, have the additional potential of suc-
ceeding in life by granting sexual favors. So if a pretty female works
at a good job or has a prominent career in business, state institution,
entertainment, politics, on media, as a writer, etc: most likely she has
achieved it through nepotism, connection, bribery, due to negative
selection or “political correctness” or otherwise because she was
quite willing to spread her legs and was rather generous to whoever
could help her advance in life. Or it was the combination of several
of the above mentioned factors.
For males, the only remaining way to succeed in life—if nepo-
tism, connections, bribery and “political correctness” are not op-
tions—is crime. White men who do not have successful relatives or
powerful close friends and who do not have money as to bribe those
in power or in specific positions: have just one avenue left. They
could do something illegal and run a high risk on being caught and
imprisoned! Unlike the rich crooks that could do illegal activities
easily and not be punished or get symbolic “punishments” or drastic-
cally reduced sentences: poor white men are bound to be severely
punished for any or no reason at all… They are destined to remain
deprived, in this ghastly sick world, regardless of their genuine abil-
ities and natural talents…
However, that is a sure sign of a deviant society since in decent
world—in ideal society—someone’s success in life, what he does
and how successful he gets should depend only on his intelligence or
how appropriate he is for a given position in society. In such ad-
vanced world, it would be inconceivable that someone could work as
a college professor, even though he is a rather mediocre intellect or a
Dragan Glavasic

mundane individual, who is selected for the position just because his
parent was a college professor or just because he is politically correct
[for instance, being a nimoid or a homosexual or a feminist or all
three], due to a negative selection…
In a proper world, intelligence and abilities to perform specific
tasks will be the decisive factors for determining what a person will
be, what would be his job or position in society and his overall status
or success in life. Thus the more intelligent someone is the more
successful he would get! Assuring that the society is run by the
smartest of men and each and every member of such ideal society
has taken its rightful place, thus that society, as a whole, is most
advanced and its citizens have the most rewarding, most productive
and the best possible lives!

Part Two: For Being Famous

Those that are in power, ultimately, determine who will be well

known, who will be successful and/or famous, as well as who will be
ignored, sanctioned, harassed, discriminated and/or punished… The
greatest philosophers in a decent society would be, in a deviant
world, treated as nobodies and/or the worst criminals! Just as the
most morbid perverts, in a decent society, would be taken out of the
lunatic asylums, if deviants took over, thus turned into the greatest
celebrities: best writers, entertainers, actors, singers, etc: into the
famous, rich, influential, powerful, successful and dominant members
of that grotesque world.

What is acceptable or popular at a given time depends mostly on who

is in power at that epoch. If degenerates and perverts have the sole
authority and control all centers of power (media, entertainment,
“education”, politics, judicial system, military, big money, banking
and finances, wealth distribution, publishing, etc), as is currently the
case: then only negative selection would rule, only the most decadent
or destructive ideas and individuals would be promoted, hailed and
made successful… While decent individuals, those that wish our
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

race, culture and civilization well, those that want us to obey the laws
of nature and defend intellect: will be ignored or harassed, attacked,
imprisoned and silenced, kept in anonymity, forced to subside at the
fringes of society, and/or will be starved to death…
Only if decent and/or most intelligent men come to power we
could expect a more just and more advanced society, in which the
smartest of men and the greatest of ideas would be promoted and
hailed as the apex of human activities, as they rightfully should!
Only then we could expect ideal society in which the best men, for a
specific position, would do what they are best fit for and where the
most powerful and most influential are those that are genuinely the

Lunatics, mundane simpletons and macabre perverts should not be

turned into the greatest, best sold and most read or acclaimed
writers, “philosophers”, and/or intellectuals… And if such is the
case it could imply just one thing: that is a trademark of one utterly
deviant society, in fact, that is one utterly sick world! Because, in a
proper civilization: lunatics and perverts should be in mental
hospitals and not on TV or constantly promoted and continually
present in mass media!

The perverted and the insane ought to be locked up and under no

circumstances are they to be permitted to overwhelm media, politics
and other power structures…

However, some philosophers [like Plato and Nietzsche] and their

thoughts are just too important and too awesome such that no one,
not even the worst of creeps, could ignore them or silence them
indefinitely… No matter who has held the seats of power (ancient
Greek mob, warped Christians, inbred kings, corrupt “democrats”,
insidious “liberals”, Nazis, simpleminded communists, total perverts,
etc) the outstanding minds and their supreme ideas were to a greater
or a smaller extent present within our intellectual spheres. In fact,
the worse insult those power structure could do is to try to margina-
lize them, intentionally misinterpret them, and hope that eventually
Dragan Glavasic

those powerful philosophers and their great concepts would be for-

gotten, would perish into oblivion (alongside with us)! For the
decline of great ideas and supreme thinkers would ultimately precede
our own downfall. [As far as the proof goes: just observe at the

Part Three: For Getting Recognized

At present, the criteria for getting rewards and public recognitions is

simple. A person and/or his works (in literature, “philosophy”, art,
science, entertainment, journalism, politics, in society, or whatever)
have to be “politically correct”; sometimes he has to have connec-
tions, money and luck as well. Because, within the sea of mediocrity
and complete nonsense many have similar “credentials” or chances
for getting prizes, therefore, the element of luck has to be counted as
The above stated implies that in this insane world of ours, only
those most decadent and most destructive to our society, those la-
boring against the grand universal order, only those that are the worst
enemies of our civilization, that are the most immoral and/or most
deviant, most perverted and utterly decadent are liable to compete for
the top prizes and public recognitions… Normal individuals—not to
mention the exceptional ones [those that have something truly mean-
ingful or constructive, something incredible or magnificent to offer
to our world]—are bound to be ignored and/or marginalized and/or
silenced and/or imprisoned! This world is of the lunatics, for the
lunatics and run by the worst lunatics of them all.

* *

Within a horribly deviant society: the potential for destructiveness

and the amount of evil [such as the violation of the grand cosmic

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

principles and their underlining proclivity] is ultimately the main

determining factor for success.

While in the ideal society: intelligence, morality, and the

contribution or the benefit to society, to our Realm, would be the
only criteria for being successful [for being in a leading position, for
being famous, influential, powerful, accepted, achieving, recognized,
acclaimed, prosperous, admired and/or hailed by the entire society].

Dragan Glavasic


Here and now! No time to lose… Spread the word out, unite and
organize! Intellectual revolution Î Overmen Î ideal society… Or,
intellectual revolution Î ideal society Î Overmen… Or alterna-
tively, intellectual revolution Î ideal society + Overmen… 42 What-
ever the case, intellectual revolution must precede, ought to come
first! While, Overmen and ideal society should be the remarkable
products of it!

Unite and organize!

By the commutative law in mathematics: x+y=y+x, or in this case, ideal society
+ Overmen = Overmen + ideal society. Or, ideal society and Overmen equal
Overmen and ideal society.
Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

When decadence, perversion and unsurpassed injustice permeate

this world, there is just one credible option left for us to do:
start revolution…
Intellectual revolution, that is!

Dragan Glavasic


Dragan Glavasic was born in Belgrade on 19th of January in 1958.

He studied mathematics and philosophy in USA, thus received his
B.S. [bachelor of science degree] at Davis & Elkins College and his
M.A. [master of arts degree] at Marshall University.
He is a member of a couple of mathematical and scientific frater-
nities, as well as of American Mathematical Society, is the president
and the founder of Azgard [the associations for the advancement and
protection of European culture and civilization].
Mr. Glavasic writes books and also articles for various magazines,
most notably Stvarnost [electronic journal in philosophy]. His most
significant books so far were: The Cosmic Tree (2003), Prostor i
Vreme [Space and Time] (2005), Keepers of the Flame (2006)… All
his texts are in English and/or Serbian. His writings are very much
present on the Internet [which is the ultimate medium of the future]. *

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

Dragan Glavasic

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon


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Dragan Glavasic
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Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon
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Dragan Glavasic
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masochism 78, 149 184
materialism 20-23, 39-40, 42, 44-
46, 100 O
mathematics 15-18, 50-69, 74, 177, Odin 94
193, 195 ontology 16, 100
matter 14-17, 20-21, 27-28, 39-41, Overman 31, 34-38, 81, 111, 118,
45, 47-48, 172-176, 183-185 123, 147, 162-164, 166, 169,
mass media 10, 19, 34, 70-71, 82, 171, 186, 193
84, 86, 88, 90, 97, 102-103, 106-
108, 111, 113, 117-119, 122-123,
128, 135-136, 139-142, 144-145, P
149, 151-152, 158-159, 161, 188- parasites/parasitic 33, 38, 81-82, 95,
190 105, 108-112, 114, 117, 121,
master morality 36, 154, 161 125, 130, 132, 135, 142, 146,
metaphysics 1, 16, 18, 100, 179-185 149, 166, 169-171
mind 16-17, 20-23, 27, 39-43, 47, people 13-14, 19, 35, 41, 48, 72, 77,
50, 78, 92, 105, 124, 135, 137, 81, 85-86, 93-94, 96-97, 99, 102,
140, 167, 170-171, 173-176, 178, 105, 107, 110-111, 113-115, 118-
180-181, 185, 190 120, 122-124, 126-131, 134-144,
molecule 16-17, 26-27, 29-30, 93 146, 148, 150-158, 162-165, 167,
monopoly 10, 97, 107-108, 135 169-171, 173-174
morality 14, 36, 78, 154, 161, 167, Perun 94
192 perversion 33, 76, 78-79, 81, 100-
motion 20-21, 185 101, 113-114, 128, 154-155, 158,
161, 194
perverted state 148, 168

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon
perverts 10, 33, 37, 78, 82, 88-90, 81-83, 85-86, 88-91, 94, 98-116,
101, 113-114, 119, 124-125, 130, 119, 121-125, 127-128, 130, 137-
132, 140, 142, 145, 150, 160, 141, 143, 150, 155-156, 164,
166, 169, 188-190 170-171, 174, 188, 190
Plato 22, 35, 45, 72-74, 93, 130- racism 106
131, 148, 151-152, 161, 163, railmatics 62-69
166-167, 169-170, 190 reality 1, 9-10, 13-23, 26-29, 35-36,
Plato’s principle 148, 166-167, 170 39-47, 49-51, 71, 75, 79, 83, 89-
phenomenon 13, 26, 106, 175-176, 90, 92-93, 101, 106, 119, 132,
178 144-145, 152, 172, 174-185
philosophers 9, 71-76, 93, 98, 107, Realm 28-30, 35-36, 75, 101, 156,
117-118, 124, 148, 150-152, 166- 158, 171, 192
167, 169, 175, 189-191 reason 9-10, 13, 26, 29, 32, 41-42,
philosophy 1, 2, 9-10, 13, 15-18, 22, 49, 91, 94, 102, 107, 111, 113,
39, 42, 50, 72-74, 78, 86, 93, 115, 117, 120-122, 125, 131-132,
106-107, 134, 148, 151, 174, 134, 148-149, 160, 164, 181-183,
178, 186, 191, 195 185, 188
philosophy of mind 16, 39-43 religion 15, 33, 45, 47-49, 82, 90,
philosophy of power 134-147 92-96, 110, 117, 120, 124, 164,
philosophy of science 13-19 180
philosophy of sex 78-91 repression 9, 34, 149
physical world 22 revolution 8, 19, 31, 33, 36, 115,
physics 15-19, 27, 31, 50, 74, 106, 123, 125, 146, 148-164, 166-167,
174 171, 186, 193, 194
political philosophy 16 rich (powerful) 34-35, 75-76, 82,
politics 10, 17-18, 86, 90, 107, 117, 90, 101-102, 109, 119, 123, 125-
135, 139, 188, 189-191 126, 128-129, 132-135, 139-143,
positive selection 163-164, 146, 148, 151-153, 155, 157-161,
Precambrian 30 166, 171, 187-189
prime objective 13-14, 23, 47, 71, Russia (Russians) 4, 145, 151
101, 180, 185
proof 14-15, 27, 37, 42, 45, 50-69, S
88, 94, 105-106, 111, 128, 151, science 1, 9, 13-19, 27, 36, 45, 49,
155, 172, 182, 191 72, 74, 86, 92-93, 95-96, 99-100,
propaganda 9, 19, 34, 70, 97-108, 102, 124, 164, 174, 191, 195
111, 119, 130, 137 scientific principle, the 14-15, 95
public opinion 10, 117 scimatics 50-69
self 9, 15, 20-22, 25, 28-31, 35, 39-
Q 43, 45, 50-51, 71-72, 74, 78-79,
84, 101, 119-120, 125, 131-132,
R 144, 148, 162, 169-170, 172-173,
race 9, 18, 28-29, 32-33, 45, 76-78, 175, 178-179, 181, 183, 185

Dragan Glavasic
self-destruct 10, 31, 79, 90, 99, 138, 33-34, 36, 40-44, 48, 52-53, 55,
144-145, 149 58, 64, 65, 67-68, 74-75, 84, 88-
self-interest 10, 34-35, 120, 141- 89, 93-95, 99, 101-102, 104, 107,
142, 151 110, 113,119, 121-123, 131, 133-
self-preservation principle, the 9, 134, 138, 142-144, 149, 155,
27-28, 79-80, 85, 180 157, 160, 168 172-176, 178, 182-
Serbia 76, 125-129, 136, 148, 155- 185, 189, 193, 195
156 truth 14-16, 22, 49, 71-74, 93, 95-
Serbs 126-127, 132, 155-157, 160, 97, 99, 107-108, 119, 132, 149,
195 151-152, 158, 179
set theory 16, 50
sex 78-91, 97-99, 104, 113, 115, U
132, 143, 187-188 ulterior motives 134
society 9-10, 14, 16, 29, 33-36, 75- ultimate reality 1, 3, 16, 23, 46, 49,
76, 78-79, 82, 84-93, 98-102, 75, 101, 178-185
104-105, 107, 109-111, 114-115, ultrafilters 2, 16, 50
117-133, 135-138, 146, 148-153, unite and organize 32, 144, 160-
156-150, 162-171, 186-193, 195 161, 193
space 1, 14, 16, 24, 36-37, 41, 96, universe 1, 9, 15, 21, 23, 25, 27-31,
100, 122, 172-176, 183, 195 35-37, 41-42, 44, 46-48, 75, 79,
subhumans 38, 82, 88-89, 92, 111, 89, 100-101, 104, 119-120, 122,
114, 171 130, 140-141, 145-146, 163, 172,
substance 14, 26, 27, 47, 173, 175, 177-178, 183, 185
183-185 USA 76, 105, 110, 119, 121-123,
superstitions 45, 49, 72, 92-96, 105, 125, 128-130, 134, 136, 140-141,
120, 124, 164 155-156, 158, 162, 170, 195
survival 24-26, 29, 39, 78-79, 87,
89, 91, 100, 104, 114, 120-121,
134, 138, 140, 150, 163-164, 186 V
system 10, 31, 34-35, 46, 50-51, 59, vacuum 172-174
80, 82, 88, 102-103, 109, 113, void 172-173
130-133, 135, 138, 140-143, 146,
148-152, 154-158, 160, 166, 170- W
171, 189 wealth (wealthy) 10, 82, 89, 109-
110, 115, 119-121, 126, 132-143,
T 146, 151, 158, 166, 171, 189
theorem 50-69 wealth distribution 10, 189
theory of repeating patterns, the 131 white plague 1, 33, 85, 87, 88, 113-
thought 10, 20-22, 78, 83, 86, 94, 116
107, 146, 167, 174, 176-178, white race 81, 85-88, 98, 100, 104-
182, 185, 190 105, 107, 109-110, 113-114, 119,
time 1, 10, 14, 17, 24-25, 27, 29-30, 21-129, 136, 138-140, 143, 155-
157, 164, 188

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon
wisdom 9, 78, 106, 184 X
world 1, 4, 6, 15, 22, 24, 26, 30, 32,
36, 50-51, 87-89, 93-94, 99, 105,
108, 110, 113, 116, 121, 123, Y
125-127, 129, 132, 134-136, 138, Yugoslavia 4, 135, 153, 161-162
140-144, 145-146, 148-149, 152-
156, 171, 177-178, 187-189, 190- Z
191, 194 Zeus 94

Dragan Glavasic

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Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon :
fragments of the ultimate reality :
intellectual revolution decree / by Dragan
Glavasic. – 1st ed. – Belgrade : Tajd : Odin
& Thor, 2008 (Belgrade : Odin & Thor
e-Press). – 206 str. : ilustr. ; 21 cm

Tiraž 2.000. – About the Author: str. 195. –

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ISBN 978-86-904797-7-1 (Tajd)

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COBISS.SR-ID 148559116

Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

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Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon

~ Fragments of the Ultimate Reality ~
~ Intellectual Revolution Decree ~
by Dragan Glavasic

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