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BP Deepwater Horizon public commemt
Kenny Collins
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01/11/2013 11:28 PM

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As a victim of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster I oppose any settlement of any kind and urge you to reject all settlement offers. The only way to show the drillers you are serious is to prosecute and imprison the individuals who are criminally negligent. Their criminal negligence before and after the disaster exposed a great number of people, animals and wildlife to toxins including myself. The lies the public was told created an atmosphere of mistrust, and rightly so. I personally spoke to Bob West from Santa Rosa Island public safety, who told me he closed toxic beaches and was ordered to reopen them although he KNEW this was wrong. I went to those beaches and saw the contamination, which STILL EXISTS TO THIS DAY, first hand. The pristine beauty that once was Fort Pickens is now a toxic petrochemical dump. Weathering oil can be found there quickly and easily. The use of toxic dispersants, especially Corexit, blended the oil into the water and left it there, a travesty that should bar BP from US oil production forever. There is a great deal of evidence which also suggests that BP continues to hide the fact that they drilled an illegal third well, which was likely to have been the true source of the majority of the leaking oil. At the Macondo 252 site the presence of oil sheen now seems to be normal, and nobody believes we are being told the truth when we are told that their remotely operated vehicles can not locate the source of this oil. As a result of the constant lying and ongoing cover up by BP and Transocean, all investigations and ROV inspections should be carried out by third party teams, not these companies. Department of Justice, DO YOUR JOB AND JAIL THE CRIMINALS. Fines and an admission of guilt are inadequate compensation for the devastation of an entire ecosystem, the poisoning of it's inhabitants en masse, and lying about it and covering up the truth, exponentially increasing the toxic exposure rate. Jail! No settlements!!!!! Sincerely, Kenneth J. Collins 14 Pinecliff Rd Newton, NJ 07860 Sent from my iPhone

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Henri André Fourroux III New Orleans, LA 70122 504-214-1580 Judge Sarah Vance Section R 500 Poydras Street Room C255 New Orleans, LA 70130 FAX: 504-589-7744 Judge Sarah Vance, I write to express my dissatisfaction and outrage with the BP criminal plea agreement. It omits much and ignores future deaths and destruction of quality of life for millions of people along the Gulf Coast due to the lingering effects of poisons form oil and dispersants, chiefly COREXIT where dispersants failing to remove or neutralize the oil poisons but instead reducing their molecular size and leaving them in the environment for many many decades. Yes I am a victim. BP by its criminal negligence has stolen my right to decide where to live and to visit and has caused me emotional and psychological distress by that. I have asthma and the disaster released enormous amounts of poisons among which is benzene; I dare not visit Plaquemines Parish and its towns of Buras (my mother’s home along with Ostrica), Empire and further south to visit family and friends for reasonable fear of now worsening my asthma. Not only has BP committed criminal offense by the murder of 11 men, thousands of sickened clean-up workers and millions of people through future lost revenues and diminished quality of life, but the US government risks complicity through these little punitive plea deals that do nothing to consider BP now on extended parole since BP has lost trust and must earn back trust; BP cannot be trusted. All branches of US government must consider BP criminal as any convicted felon and create new boards to monitor BP to make sure BP changes its irresponsible reckless management. The EPA has refused to create a Citizens Advisory Council (such as exists in Alaska after the Exxon Valdez disaster) for the Gulf Coast states; the court must do its part to ensure new safeguards exist to make up for the failings in the branches of government considering BP is guilty of serious crimes against the people of the US. This plea agreement foists sole responsibility on low level employees of BP, doing nothing to take to task BPs executive management’s criminality in promulgating policies that ignore BP’s same executives of responsibilities that reside first with them. For example, BP executives simply copied without research or editing a risk assessment regarding harm to walruses and other artic sea life; BP executives did not make a valid assessment and thus showed a flagrant disregard for procedures to exploit oil leases from planning up to the actual disaster. Among many reports: As BP promised, the walruses are fine: Thursday, June 10, 2010, 7:30 AM Stephanie Grace, The Times-Picayune Here I quote, “Among the individual errors: Marine life specialists' phone numbers are wrong. An Internet link to a cleanup equipment supplier is broken. One national wildlife expert listed as a possible source of information actually died in 2005, four years before the document was filed. And "sensitive biological resources" listed as in a potential spill's path include cold-climate marine mammals like walruses, sea otters, sea lions and seals, none of which inhabit the warm-water Gulf of Mexico. Kind of makes you wonder whether that passage was lifted from a document covering some place like Alaska, where all those animals actually do live….” It is up to the court to stop BP now with a real justice that ensures that BP suffers true penalties that equal the pain BP has caused through its laziness and refusal to do its job at all levels of its organization. To not do so sacrifices a couple people for crimes that begin at BPs highest levels of management. If this means a trial then a trial is necessary for justice. January 14, 2013

Henri André Fourroux III

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