*06:10:13 p. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: hello! *06:10:39 p. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: Unfortunately I don't speak any spanish yet.

What about your russian level? *06:11:00 p. m.+ david rodriguez: hehe i say the same thing ;( *06:11:20 p. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: Great. Then our levels are the same, so we can teach one another. *06:11:37 p. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: Let's start with simple greetings =) *06:11:40 p. m.+ david rodriguez: yes sure, so you will need a book wait *06:11:45 p. m.+ *** david rodriguez sent 74177802-Elementary-Spanish-Grammar-AR5 BUENO.pdf *** *06:12:11 p. m.+ *** david rodriguez sent 109860765-Uso-de-la-gramatica-espanola-elemental-1 BUENO.pdf *** *06:13:42 p. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: =) It's a little bit hard to me to find a well-proven book of russian for english speakers. Anyway, you can google it easily. *06:14:13 p. m.+ david rodriguez: nah it's ok *06:14:20 p. m.+ david rodriguez: im not english speaker *06:14:25 p. m.+ david rodriguez: i'm spanish speaker *06:17:14 p. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: sure you are, but you obviously understand english )

Let's start with very simle sentence: Привет! Меня зовут Григорий. sounds like: "Privet! Menya zovut Grigoriy." - if I remember properely, google translate service can pronounce it. And translation is "Hi! My name is Grigoriy." but the grammar is not quite the same as in english. Literally, it is more like "Hi! I am named Grigoriy." меня зовут <name> = they call me <name> *06:18:28 p. m.+ david rodriguez: wait letme get a note book *06:19:31 p. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: ok *06:25:04 p. m.+ david rodriguez: ok i did *06:25:26 p. m. | Edited 06:25:30 p. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: so, you can now intruduce yourself in russian *06:25:45 p. m.+ david rodriguez: letme activate my cirilic letters xD

m.) *06:38:39 p. m. m. меня эавут давит давиченко *06:34:19 p. at least at the beginning *06:27:35 p.+ david rodriguez: at russian letters' *06:30:15 p. m. m. m. i correct you with "Привет! Меня зовут Давид Родригез".+ david rodriguez: Привет *06:30:02 p.+ david rodriguez: (whew) *06:36:53 p.+ Grigory Bezyuk: it's better to retype it so you can remember it better *06:30:14 p. m. m. m. m.+ david rodriguez: O_o *06:28:07 p.+ Grigory Bezyuk: close enough ) I think that your actual name is Давид (note the last letter).+ david rodriguez: привет.+ david rodriguez: .+ Grigory Bezyuk: Try to say your name.+ david rodriguez: aahh sorry i wanted look a little russian with davichenko xD *06:38:01 p. m. m. "Я .+ Grigory Bezyuk: yep *06:33:36 p. *06:38:00 p. m.+ david rodriguez: omg this thing copy full mesage man .инж *06:41:03 p.+ david rodriguez: привет *06:27:44 p.+ Grigory Bezyuk: you can possibly find it better to use phonetic keyboard layout for russian letters. and not sure about what did you wanted to say with давиченко =) Also э and з are different letters: э sounds like english article "a". What's your occupation? *06:40:38 p. m. m.*06:25:50 p. sometimes replacing it with "-" symbol. while з is very simiar to 'z'. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: Let's try another one.+ david rodriguez: lol it's too hard to find the words *06:27:59 p.инженер? . m. m. by just replacing my name with yours *06:28:42 p. In russian we mostly skip the "to be" verb. m.+ david rodriguez: i need practice that *06:28:34 p.+ david rodriguez: ahh ok *06:29:38 p. m. So.+ Grigory Bezyuk: great! *06:27:57 p.+ Grigory Bezyuk: :D *06:26:40 p.+ david rodriguez: я . m.( *06:29:54 p.+ Grigory Bezyuk: ты .+ david rodriguez: ?} *06:30:18 p. m. m.программист" means "I am programmer".

somewhere between english 'it'. m. that there are no articles at all in russian.+ Grigory Bezyuk: программист . m..+ david rodriguez: mmm.мой отец.+ david rodriguez: excepcions? . m. ok *06:52:11 p. let's move on. m. This is my mom.. *06:41:14 p. This is my dad. do you have any cases in spanish? *06:55:08 p.+ Grigory Bezyuk: And one more. and usually used together with '-' symbol in simple sentences..+ david rodriguez: cases? mmm..это всегда хорошо! It's always good to have foreign friends! *06:49:54 p. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: так что мы почти коллеги so we are almost colleagues *06:42:31 p.+ Grigory Bezyuk: ok. m.это почти инжинер. m. m. programmer is almost an engineer *06:42:15 p.+ david rodriguez: :) *06:53:39 p. 'this'. m. m. Это ужасно! This is terrible! *06:48:26 p.это <smth else> this small word is sort of equality sign.+ david rodriguez: ok wait *06:52:08 p. a little bit tricky: Иностранные друзья .Also note. But it can also have it's own meaning.+ david rodriguez: да *06:41:19 p.+ Grigory Bezyuk: =) *06:41:45 p. Это . and 'that': Это круто! That's cool! Это отстой! That sucks! Это .+ david rodriguez: yea but i'm engineer civil :) *06:42:16 p. i dont know what do you talk about. m. The very imporant part of russian language are cases..моя мама. We call it "падежи": case = падеж.+ Grigory Bezyuk: note the small word 'это': <smth> . m.+ david rodriguez: yea *06:46:34 p. m. m. *06:55:17 p.. cases = падежи.

m.+ david rodriguez: how are you going? *07:03:51 p.this time dative. m. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: Let's revisit our first sentence: Меня зовут *name here* and stare a little bit at this word: "меня" It means direction to you as an object of an action. *07:06:06 p. m. Compare: Я люблю = I love .+ Grigory Bezyuk: "мне" is another case . m.+ david rodriguez: yep *07:04:02 p. dativo.+ david rodriguez: ahhh yea i think yes :) *06:56:31 p. I name . m. m.+ david rodriguez: we have *06:56:47 p. as I know *07:06:15 p. m. m.+ david rodriguez: :) *06:57:42 p. I am called Я and Меня are the cases of the same word 'I' *07:01:26 p.+ Grigory Bezyuk: There are 6 basic cases.+ david rodriguez: nominativo. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: We can also say smth like: Мне дали денег = "They gave me money" or Меня дали деньгам = "I was given to money" or "Я дал денег" = "I gave money" *07:04:24 p. acusativo.com/en/beginners/why-russians-need-cases/ *06:56:30 p.+ Grigory Bezyuk: namely.+ david rodriguez: yea . m. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: It is the case of a noun that shows what role the noun plays in a sentence regardless of the word order. genitivo *06:57:05 p. m. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: great! so you will not be very confused *06:57:21 p.*06:55:48 p. *07:00:33 p.+ Grigory Bezyuk: 2 more than in spanish.( *06:57:25 p. "меня" is accusative form (винительный падеж) *07:02:11 p. m.+ david rodriguez: i understand that happends in spanish too but continue please :) *07:02:30 p. m. you can read a little bit here about cases: http://everydayrussianlanguage. m.+ Grigory Bezyuk: =) everything looks crazy at the first sight. Меня любят = I am loved Я зову = I call. m. m. дательный *07:05:47 p. Меня зовут = I am named.+ david rodriguez: yea *07:01:31 p.+ david rodriguez: hope so man! because russian looks crazy for me .

+ Grigory Bezyuk: well. m.+ david rodriguez: ok wait .+ Grigory Bezyuk: Now. m.*07:06:55 p. m.+ david rodriguez: ok *07:08:15 p.P *07:07:51 p. m. let's try some spanish? *07:08:21 p. but the meaning is more important *07:08:04 p. m.+ david rodriguez: well in spanish i think they are 3 not for becuase davite and acusative works in the same form . forms and meanings are not the same question ) there are some intersections of forms in russian too.

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