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241 When RH Bill Becomes a Law Suppose that in fact, RH Bill was unanimously approved at the House of Represent atives when Members voted today on Third and Final Reading. Consider further tha t when transmitted to the Senate, it was likewise approved through a counterpart Senate bill and that in a subsequent bicameral conference, this 15th Congress w ould in fact have approved the bill for P'Noy s final signature and approval. Ergo , we have a new law. What would the days be after today when the law would have been firmly erected t o govern the lives of families, married couples, parents, women, children, adult s? What will schools, churches, hospitals do? What will be the evolving new mora l order? What kind of sociological phenomenon will evolve among the population t hat will be affected with the new law? Will not an unfolding scheme and scene be invasive of our psyche? Whose economic holiday will it all be? Will drugstores be the first beneficiary? Will new clinics open to accommodate post-abortion cas es? Will doctors have more patients that they ever thought there will be? Truly, contraceptive pills will flood the market to the extent that perhaps, you ng girls can buy them at the nearest sari-sari store in much the same way that y oung boys can buy every kind of condom from every nearby outlet that perhaps, ev en cigarette vendors may have to sell condoms as they sell candies and cigarette s in the streets. Pharmaceuticals will produce millions of contraceptive pills p er day as they would sell like hot potato. Industries into the sale of silicone or rubber as a raw material will experience a boom. Beauty parlors might even ha ve to sell condoms, pills as well if not in fact have services for IUDS, whateve r. The intellectual culture in all educational settings, be them in the campuses of elementary schools, high schools, colleges or universities will dramatically ad opt to certain changes brought about by what the law can permit or allow, more t han what it cannot permit or disallow. There will be changing attitudes and beli efs that will indicate themselves in changed behavioral patterns from as early a s children in their Grade III or Grade IV levels. They shall be exposed to a kin d of compulsory sex education. By making condoms or pills very much available from every outlet, students in hi gh school will have little to worry about getting into teen-age or pre-marital s ex since the law has opened the door wide open for so-called freedom of choice . Th is simply means that children have the right over their bodies and this literall y enough, includes that right to have an abortion in case they somehow get pregn ant and they know their parents would not approve of it. Young boys feel safe an d therefore think they can engage in teen-age sex with anyone in the opposite se x comforted with the thought that in using condoms, they don t have to get the gir ls impregnated. What then will be the resulting moral norm in so far as their young lives are co ncerned? What about other young couples, women who also would like to have a pie ce of the action? With pills, even married women can comfortably make love with men other than their husbands, can t they? Or so with men with some packs of condo m in their pockets? Who would fear sex with anyone when the law would have opene d wide so-called freedom of choice ? The RH bill has successfully blurred the tradi tional notion on when pregnancy begins. It has successfully blurred the traditio nal notion on when human life begins. How can the law pretend to think that the fetus in the mother s womb may not yet be a human being? Even the field of medical science has been invaded by pseudo-theories of pregnan

parents. RP is the citadel of Christiani ty. children. Even the thin moral fabric of our existence has been torn with a kind of attitude that the law will want to popularize. are we still afforded with strong moral moorings so that we don t have to go astray? A whole compendium of literature has already been documented proving how this co ntemporary social orientation has destroyed the homes. but if this law be erected. Then and there wi ll the framers. the embryo is a human being! God: Self Control (Tit. USA did not transform itself i nto a better union. why risk a future? Without risk of bei ng wrong. families. futuristic wise. women. apologists. beneficiaries.2:12) Satan: Birth Control (RH Bill) . did it? Nor did Europe? Now. Are we here to let this happen to our own national domain? The first five years after the law is erected. supposed-to-be. will tel l just how bad we have gone with the RH bill enacted into law. yout h. So for a few pounds of money. lobbyists. From our parishe s to the Papacy. patrons of the bill will r ealize that in the next generation of children their very own have just become t he victims. Even the rubric of our traditional social orientation has been or conception. what would it leave us to? A new world war has just been launched and our nation is under attack. marriages.

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