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Dzog-Pa Chen-Po
Long-Chen Nying-Thig Ngn-Dro

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"""! """""!

La Ma Khyen
O Lama!
Repeat three times, invoking with strong devotion, and recite
the following:
Nying Ded Pai Ge Sar Zhed Pa Ne
From the blossoming lotus of faith at the centre of my heart,
," """" "!
Khyab Chig Drin Chen La Ma Yar La Zheng
Sole protector, gracious Lama, arise.
Le Dang Nyn Mong Drag P Zir Wa Yi
From the torment of harsh karma and defilements.
Kal Wa Ngn Pa Dag La Khyob Pai Chir
For my protection against miserable circumstances,


Chi Wo De Chen Khor Loi Gyen Du Zhug
Dwell as the ornament of the Chakra of Great Bliss on the
crown of my head,
Dren Dang She Zhin Kn Kyang Zheng Su Sol
Let there arise (in me) all recollection and mindfulness.


""" " !
Da Re Nyal Wa Yi Dag Dd Dro Dang
At this time, hell, hungry ghosts, animals,
" " !
Tshe Ring Lha Dang La Lo Log Ta Jen
Long-lived gods, barbarous people, people with wrong views,
Sang Gye Ma Chn Zhing Dang Kug Pa Te
A world in which no Buddha has appeared, and stupid


" "t""" "" !
Mi Khom Gyed Le Thar Wai Dal Wa Thob
I have gained freedom by being liberated from these
eight kinds of bondage.
Mir Gyur Wang Po Tshang Dang Yul U Kye
Being born as a human being, possessing all the
faculties, born in the central land,
"""""" `"` !
Le Tha Ma Log Ten La Ded Pa Te
Not reverting to wrong-living, having faith in Buddha's
Rang Nyid Jor Wa Nga Tshang Sang Gye Jn
I possess the five personal endowments. The Buddha
has appeared,
Ch Sung Ten Pa Ne Dang De La Zhug
He expounded the Dharma, it is remaining, and I have
entered it,


1"`"""-! 1"`"""-!
She Nyen Dam Pe Zin Dang Zhen Jor Nga She Nyen Dam Pe Zin Dang Zhen Jor Nga
I have been accepted by a holy teacher: the five
circumstantial endowments.
I have been accepted by a holy teacher: the five
circumstantial endowments.
""""""! """"""!
Tham Jed Rang La Tshang Bai Ne Thob Kyang Tham Jed Rang La Tshang Bai Ne Thob Kyang
I have gained the opportunity of possessing all these
I have gained the opportunity of possessing all these
:""""`""! :""""`""!
Kyen Mang Nge Pa Med Pai Tshe Pang Ne Kyen Mang Nge Pa Med Pai Tshe Pang Ne
But many uncertain circumstances will waste this life, But many uncertain circumstances will waste this life,
"` " ! "` " !
Jig Ten Pha Rol Nyid Du Sn Par Gyur Jig Ten Pha Rol Nyid Du Sn Par Gyur
And I shall reach the next world (take rebirth). And I shall reach the next world (take rebirth).
"`"" " ! "`"" " !
Lo Na Ch La Gyur Jig Gu Ru Khyen Lo Na Ch La Gyur Jig Gu Ru Khyen
O Guru, turn my mind towards the Dharma. O Guru, turn my mind towards the Dharma.
"" """ " ! "" """ " !
Lam Gol Men Par Ma Tong Kn Khyen Je Lam Gol Men Par Ma Tong Kn Khyen Je
All-knowing Lords, let me not deviate into any wrong and
inferior path.
All-knowing Lords, let me not deviate into any wrong and
inferior path.


` "" " """ ! ` "" " """ !
Nyi Su Med Do Drin Jen La Ma Khyen Nyi Su Med Do Drin Jen La Ma Khyen
Gracious Lama, who is not different from them, please pay Gracious Lama, who is not different from them, please pay
heed to me. heed to me.


"" ""! "" ""!
Da Re Dal Ten Dn Yd Ma Je Na Da Re Dal Ten Dn Yd Ma Je Na
At this time if I do not take advantage of this fortunate life, At this time if I do not take advantage of this fortunate life,
"""""! """""!
Chi Ne Thar Pa Drub Pai Ten Mi Nyed Chi Ne Thar Pa Drub Pai Ten Mi Nyed
Afterwards I will not regain the basis for achieving liberation. Afterwards I will not regain the basis for achieving liberation.
"""""! """""!
De Droi Ten La Sd Nam Zed Gyur Ne De Droi Ten La Sd Nam Zed Gyur Ne
If I exhaust my merits in this life of the happy beings, If I exhaust my merits in this life of the happy beings,
1"""! 1"""!
Shi Wai Og Tu Ngen Song Ngen Dror Khyam Shi Wai Og Tu Ngen Song Ngen Dror Khyam
After death I will wander in the lower realms as an inferior After death I will wander in the lower realms as an inferior
being. being.


Ge Dig Mi She Ch Kyi Dra Mi Th
I will not know what is virtue and what is evil, and will not
hear the sound of Dharma.
Ge Wai She Dang Mi Jal Tshang Re Che
I will not meet a virtuous friend, and this is a great disaster.
" """ " ""!
Sem Jen Tsam Gyi Drang Dang Rim Pa La
If you think about the different numbers of sentient beings.
"""" " "" " """!
Sam Na Mi L Thob Pa Sid Tha Tsam
(You can see that) to obtain human life is just barely
Mi Yang Ch Med Dig La Jd Thong Na
Also we can see human beings doing evil, unreligious acts.
Ch Zhin Jd Pa Nyin Moi Kor Ma Tsam
Those who act according to religion are (as numerous) as
stars (seen) during the day.


"`"" " !
Lo Na Ch La Gyur Jig Gu Ru Khyen
O Guru, turn my mind towards the Dharma.
"" """ " !
Lam Gol Men Par Ma Tong Kn Khyen Je
All-knowing Lords, let me not deviate into any wrong and
inferior path.
` "" " """ !
Nyi Su Med Do Drin Jen La Ma Khyen
Gracious Lama, who is not different from them, please pay
heed to me.


Gal Te Mi L Rin Chen Ling Chin Yang
Even if I obtain the jewel-island of the human body,
L Ten Zang La Jur Po Che Yi Sem
A good birth with an evil mind


Thar Pa Drub Pai Ten Du Mi Rung Zhing
Is not a proper basis for earning liberation.
" -"!
Khyed Par Dd Kyi Zin Dang Dug Nga Thrug
Especially to be caught by harmful influences, and the
arousing of the five poisons,
Le Ngen Thog Tu Bab Dang Le L Yeng
Disaster brought by bad Karma, and distraction by laziness,
Zhen Khol Tren Yog Jig Kyob Ch Tor J
Being enslaved by others, Dharma practice for mere
protection from danger, pretending to practice Dharma,
Mong Sog Thral Jung Kyen Gyi Mi Kham Gyed
Being foolish: the eight kinds of bondage from
"adventitious circumstances."
Dag La Ch Kyi Gal Dar Lhag Pai Tshe
When these obstructions of Dharma occur to me,


"`"" " !
Lo Na Ch La Gyur Jig Gu Ru Khyen
O Guru, turn my mind towards the Dharma.
"" """ " !
Lam Gol Men Par Ma Tong Kn Khyen Je
All-knowing Lords, let me not deviate into any wrong and
inferior path.
` "" " """ !
Nyi Su Med Do Drin Jen La Ma Khyen
Gracious Lama, who is not different from them, please pay
heed to me.


Kyo She Chung Zhing Dang Pai Nor Dang Tral
Having little revulsion, lacking the jewel of faith,
Dd Sed Zhag Pe Jing Dang Kn Jd Tsub
Being bound by the lasso of desire and craving, crude


" ` "" """""" !
Mi Ge Dig La Mi Dzem Le Tha Log
Not refraining from sinful acts, living by wrongful means,
` "`""1 " "` !
Dom Pa Nyam Shing Dam Tshig Ral Wa Te
The precepts damaged, the vows torn apart:
"" " ""t!
Ri Ched Lo Yi Mi Khom Nam Pa Gyed
The eight kinds of mental bondage.
Dag La Ch Kyi Gal Dar Lhag Pai Tshe
When these obstructions of Dharma occur to me,
"`"" " !
Lo Na Ch La Gyur Jig Gu Ru Khyen
O Guru, turn my mind towards the Dharma.
"" """ " !
Lam Gol Men Par Ma Tong Kn Khyen Je
All-knowing Lords, let me not deviate into any wrong and
inferior path.


` "" " """ ! ` "" " """ !
Nyi Su Med Do Drin Jen La Ma Khyen Nyi Su Med Do Drin Jen La Ma Khyen
Gracious Lama, who is not different from them, please pay Gracious Lama, who is not different from them, please pay
heed to me. heed to me.


`" "" ! `" "" !
Da Ta Ned Dang Dug Ngal Gyi Ma Zir Da Ta Ned Dang Dug Ngal Gyi Ma Zir
At present I am not tormented by suffering and illness. At present I am not tormented by suffering and illness.
""" """"! """ """"!
Tren Khol La Sog Zhen Wang Ma Gyur Pe Tren Khol La Sog Zhen Wang Ma Gyur Pe
I have not come under the control of others, such as being I have not come under the control of others, such as being
a slave. a slave.
"""! """!
Rang Wang Thob Pai Ten Trel Drig D Dir Rang Wang Thob Pai Ten Trel Drig D Dir
So while I have this opportunity of independence, So while I have this opportunity of independence,
`""""""! `""""""!
Nyom Le Ngang Du Dal Jor Chd Sn Na Nyom Le Ngang Du Dal Jor Chd Sn Na
If I waste the fortunate human life by idleness, If I waste the fortunate human life by idleness,


Khor Dang Long Jd Nye Du Trel Wa Ta
No question of retinue, wealth, or relations,
Ta Ji Je Par Zung Bai L Di Yang
But this very body which I cherished
Mal Gyi Nang Ne Chog Tong Par Kyal
Will be removed from bed and taken to a deserted place.
Va Dang Cha Gd Khyi Yi Dred Pai D
To be eaten by foxes, vultures, and dogs. At that time
Bar Doi Yul Na Jig Pa Shin Tu Che
In the Bardo I will feel terrible fear:
"`"" " !
Lo Na Ch La Gyur Jig Gu Ru Khyen
O Guru, turn my mind towards the Dharma.


"" """ " !
Lam Gol Men Par Ma Tong Kn Khyen Je
All-knowing Lords, let me not deviate into any wrong and
inferior path.
` "" " """ !
Nyi Su Med Do Drin Jen La Ma Khyen
Gracious Lama, who is not different from them, please pay
heed to me.


Ge Dig Le Kyi Nam Min Chi Zhin Trang
The result of evil and virtuous Karmas will follow after me.


"" ` " !
Khyed Par Nyal Bai Jig Ten Nyid Sn Na
Especially if I am born in the realm of Hell,


Jag Seg Sa Zhir Tshn Gyi Go L Dral
On a ground of burning iron my body and head will be
cut by instruments.
Sog Le Shog Dang Tho Lum Bar We Tshir
Split by saws and crushed by burning hammers.
Go Med Jag Khyim Thum Par O Dd Bd
I will cry for help, suffocating in a doorless (burning)
iron house.
Bar Wai Sal Shing Gi Bug Thro Chur Tshd
Pierced by burning spears and boiled in molten iron.
Kn Ne Tsha Wai Me Seg Gyed Tshen Jig
I will burn in extremely hot fire: the eight (hot hells).
Gang Ri Tug Poi Dab Dang Chu Khyag Kyi
Amid snow mountains and freezing cold water,


Jong Rong Ya Ngai Ne Su Bu Yug Treb
In a place of terrible distress and fear, I will be blasted by
Drang Reg Lung Gi Tab Pai Lang Tsho Ni
Beaten by very cold winds, my flesh will have
" "!
Chu Bur Jen Dang Lhag Par Dol Wa Jen
Blisters, glaring wounds.
` "t" !
Me Ngag Gyun Mi Ched Par Dn Pa Yang
I will bewail without ceasing: and
Tshor Wai Dug Ngal Nag Par Ka Wa Yi
By these feelings of unbearable suffering,
Zung Kyi Rab Tang Chi Khai Ned Pa Zhin
Like a sick and dying man whose strength is exhausted,


Shug Ring Dn Jing So Tham Pag Pa Ge
I will experience gasping, clenching of teeth, and the
cracking of the skin,
1 " """ t!
Sha-U Thn Ne Lhag Par Ge Te Gyed
Flesh emerging from the wounds, broad cracks of the skin,
the eight (cold hells).
De Zhin Pu Drii Thang La Kang Pa Shog
Likewise I shall experience being cut on a field of razors,
Ral Drii Tshal Du L La Jed Tub Ched
My body cut in pieces in a forest of swords;
"""""" !
Ro Nyag Dam Tshd Thal Tshen Rab Med Long
Trapped in disgusting mud; suffering in an expanse of
unfordable hot ashes:
" ` !
Nar Wai Nye Khor Wa Dang Gyur Wa Jen
The Sub-Hells and the changing Hells.


Go Dang Ka Wa Thab Dang Thag Pa Sog
Trapped in doors, pillars, doves, ropes, etc.
Tag Tu Kol Zhing Jd Pai Nyi Tshe Wa
Always used an exploited: the scattered Hells.
"" t"" t!
Nam Drang Jo Gyed Gang Le Jung Wai Gyu
When the cause of these eighteen Hells,
Zhe Dang Drag Poi Kn Long Kye Pai Tshe
Powerful angry thoughts, arises,
"`"" " !
Lo Na Ch La Gyur Jig Gu Ru Khyen
O Guru, turn my mind towards the Dharma.
"" """ " !
Lam Gol Men Par Ma Tong Kn Khyen Je
All-knowing Lords, let me not deviate into any wrong and
inferior path.


` "" " """ !
Nyi Su Med Do Drin Jen La Ma Khyen
Gracious Lama, who is not different from them, please pay
heed to me.


De Zhin Phong La Nyam Mi Ga Wai Yul
In a poor and unpleasant land
Za Tung Long Jd Ming Yang Mi Drag Par
Where the names of wealth, food, and drink have never
been known,
"` "" " "" "!
Ze Kom Lo Dar Mi Nyed Yi Dag L
Food and drink cannot be found for months and years.
The bodies of Hungry Ghosts


Rid Jing Dang Pai Tob Nyam Nam Pa Sum
Are very feeble, and they are too exhausted to stand up:
the three types of Hungry Ghosts.
"" t " ` !
Gang Le Jung Wai Gyu Ni Ser Na Yin
The cause of their arising is miserliness.


Jig La Jig Za Sd Pai Jig Pa Che
In great fear of dying by being eaten by one another,
Kol Zhing Jd Pe Nyam Thag Lang Dor Mong
Exhausted by servitude and ignorant of what is good and
bad to do.
Pha Tha Med Pai Dug Ngal Gyi Zer Wai
Being tormented by endless sufferings,


Sa Bn Ti Mug Mn Par Khyam Pa Dag
Of which the seed is the darkness of ignorance in which
I am wandering.
"`"" " !
Lo Na Ch La Gyur Jig Gu Ru Khyen
O Guru, turn my mind towards the Dharma.
"" """ " !
Lam Gol Men Par Ma Tong Kn Khyen Je
All-knowing Lords, let me not deviate into any wrong and
inferior path.
` "" " """ !
Nyi Su Med Do Drin Jen La Ma Khyen
Gracious Lama, who is not different from them, please pay
heed to me.


Ch Lam Zhug Kyang Nye Jd Mi Dom Zhing
I have entered the path of Dharma but do not restrain my
wrong conduct.


" ` """" """!
Theg Chen Gor Zhug Zhen Phen Sem Dang Tral
I have entered the door of the Mahayana, but lack the
thought of the benefit of others.
Wang Zhi Thob Kyang Kyed Dzog Mi Gom Pai
I have received the Four Empowerments but am not
practicing the Developing and Perfecting Stages.
"" " """"""" "
Lam Gol Di Le La Me Drol Tu Sol
O Lama, protect me from this errant path.
" "" !
Ta Wa Ma Tog Tho Joi Jd Pa Jen
Though the view is not realized, one acts in a crazy manner;
Gom Pa Yeng Kyang Go Yul d Gog Thag
Though meditation wavers, clinging to hearsay;
Jd Pa Nor Kyang Rang Kyn Mi Sem Pai
Though one's conduct is wrong, ignoring one's faults;


Ch Dred Di Le La Me Dral Du Sol
O Lama, protect me from indifference to Dharma.
Nang Par Chi Yang Ne G Nor La Sed
Even if death comes tomorrow, hankering after house,
clothes, and wealth.
Na Tshd Yol Yang Nge Jung Kyo She Tral
Even though youth has long since passed away,
lacking renunciation and revulsion,
" " "!
Th Pa Chung Yang Yn Ten Jen Du Lom
Although little Dharma has been studied, boasting about
one's scholarship,
" """"""" "!
Ma Rig Di Le La Me Dral Du Sol
O Lama, protect me from this ignorance.
: "` " ""!
Kyen Khor Chor Yang Du Dzi Ne Kor Sem
Although they lead me into (harmful) circumstances,
wishing for entertainments and pilgrimages,


t1 "!
Wen Par Ten Kyang Rang Gyd Shing Tar Reng
Although staying in solitary places, the ordinary mind
remain rigid like a tree.
Dul War Ma Yang Chag Dang Ma Zhig Pai
Talking about displing but not eradicating desire and hatred,
Ch Gyed Di Le La Me Dral Du Sol
O Lama, protect me from these eight (worldly) Dharmas.
` " """"" "!
Nyid Thug Di Le Nyur Du Sed Du Sol
Let me awaken quickly from this thick sleep.
""" """" "!!
Thrim Mn Di Le Nyur Du Yung Du Sol
Swiftly pull me out of this dark prison.

Thus invoke strongly the compassion of the Guru.



Kn Chog Sum Ng De Sheg Tsa Wa Sum
The actual Three Jewels, the Tree-root sugatas,
Tsa Lung Thig Lei Rang Zhin Jang Chub Sem
The Bodhichitta, the nature of the veins, inner air,
and essence
Ngo Wo Rang Zhin Thug Jei Kyil Khor La
The Mandala of the nature, expression, and compassion,
Jang Chub Nying Poi War Du Kyab Su Chi
To these I go for refuge, until the attainment of the

(Repeat 3 times)



Ho! Na Tshog Nang Wa Chu Dai Dzn Ri Kyi
Ho! Deluded by various appearances like the reflection of
the moon in water,
" t""
Khor Wa Lu Gu Gyd Du Khyam Pai Dro
Sentient beings are wandering through the samsaric
chain of lives.
Rang Rig d Sal Ying Su Ngal Soi Chir
In order for them to be relaxed in the luminescent
sphere of self-awareness, the four Boundless States.
Tshed Med Zhi Yi Ngang Ne Sem Kyed Do
I shall develope the Bodhichitta by the practice of
the four Boundless States.
"" "
(Repeat 3 times)



" `"""
Ah! Dag Nyid Tha Mal Ji Wo Ru
Ah! In one's ordinary form, on the crown of one's head,
Ped Kar Da Wai Den Gyi
In the centre of a white lotus and moon-seat:
Hung Le La Ma Do Je Sem
A (Hung) which turns into Guru Vajrasattva,
Kar Sal Long Jd Dzog Pai Ku
Radiantly white, the Sambhogakaya;
Do Je Dril Dzin Nyem Ma Thril
Holding the Vajra and Bell and embracing his Consort.


Khyd La Kyab Sol Dig Pa Jong
I implore your protection: purify my defilements.
Gyd Sem Drag P Thol Lo Shag
I confess with strong repentance.
Chin Ched Sog La Bab Kyang Dom
In future, even at the cost of my life I shall abstain.
Khyd Thug Da Wa Gye Pai Teng
On a full moon-disc in your heart
"""" "`
Hung Yig Tha Mar Ngag Kyi Kor
A letter (Hung) surrounded by mantras;
"" "t`""
De Pa Ngag Kyi Gyd Kul We
By invoking with the recitation of mantras,


" " """"
Yab Yum De Rol Jor Tsham Ne
From the point of union of the blissfully delighting Consorts
Dd Tsi Jang Chub Sem Kyi Drin
A cloud of the nectar of Bodhichitta
" "
Ga Bur Dul Tar Dzag Pa Yi
Descends like camphor dust. By this,
Dag Dang Kham Sum Sem Jen Gyi
Of myself and the sentient beings of the three realms,
""` " "`"t
Le Dang Nyn Mong Dug Ngal Gyu
The Karma and vices, the cause of suffering,
Ned Dn Dig Drib Nye Tung Drib
Illness, harmful spirits, defilements, transgression of
vows, and contamination,


"" """ "
Ma L Jang War Dzed Du Sol
To purify without remainder, I implore you.


"""" " "
Om Badzar Sat-to Sa-ma-ya Ma-nu Pa-la-ya
" " "
Badzar Sat-to Te-no-pa Ti-thra Dri-dho Me-bha-va
""" " " "
Su-to-kha-yo Me-bha-va Su-po-kha-yo Me-bha-va
" " "
Anu Rak-to Me-bha-va
"" ' "
Sar-va Sid-dhi Me-tra Ya-tsa
"" "
Sar-va Kar-ma Su-tsa-me


Tsit-tam Shri-yam Ku-ru Hung Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho
Bha-ga-ven Sar-va Ta-tha-ga-ta
"" " ` "
Badzar Ma-me Mun-tsa Badzi Bha-va
Ma-ha Sa-ma-ya Sat-to Ah

(Recite hundred syllable mantra many times.)


Gn Po Dag Ni Mi She Mong Pa Yi
O Protector, because of lack of knowledge and


Dam Tshig Le Ni Gal Zhing Nyam
The Samaya vows are broken and have decayed.
""" ",""
La Ma Gn B Kyab Dzd Jig
O Lama Protector, give me refuge.
Tso Wo Do Je Dzin Pa Te
O Lord Vajradhara,
Thug Je Chen Poi Dag Nyid Jen
Possessor of great compassion,
Dro Wai Tso La Dag Kyab Chi
Lord of beings, to you I go for refuge.


`" " "" " `"""""
"" "" 1""
Ku Sung Thug Tsa Wa Dang Yen Lag Gi Dam Tshig
Nyam Pa Tham Jed Thol Lo Shag So
I confess all impairments of the Samaya of Body, Speech,
and Mind, root and branches.
"" "
Dig Pa Dang Drib Pa Nye Tung Dri Mai Tshog
Tham Jed Jang Zhing Dag Par Dzed Du Sol
Please cleanse and purify all the stains of wrongdoings
and corruptions,

Je Jd Pe Do Je Sem Pa Gye Zhin Dzum Pa Dang Je Pe
By praying thus, Vajrasattva, happy, with smiling countenance
Rig Kyi Bu Khyd Kyi Dig Drib Nye Tung Tham Jed Dag
Pa Yin No
gives pardon saying, "Oh son of good family, all your wrong-doings,


"""! """"":""!
Zhe Nang Wa Jin Zhing d Du Zhu Ne Rang La Thim
Pai Kyen Le
defilements, and corruption are cleansed." He melts into radiant
clarity and dissolves into oneself.
Rang Nyid Kyang Do Je Sem Pa
By this means, One becomes oneself Vajrasattva,
Nang Tong Me Long Nang Gi Zug Nyen Ta Bur Gyur Pai
apparent but empty like the reflection in a mirror.
Thug Sog Hung Gi Tha Mar Yi Ger Dru Zhi Po Sal Wa Le
By visualizing the heart-letter Hung surrounded by four letters,
d Zer Thr Kham Sum Nd Jd Dang Je Pa Dor Sem
rays are emitted and all beings and realms of the
Rig Ngai Ten Dang Ten Pai Rang Zhin Du Sang Gye Par Sam
three worlds attain enlightenment as the Buddhas and Pure Lands
of the Five Classes of Vajrasattva.


Om Badzar Sat-to Hung

Recite as many as one can, and remain in meditation.


" " "!
Om Badzar Bhu Mi Ah Hung
Zhi Yong Su Dag Pa Wang Chen Ser Gyi Sa Zhi
The ground is a completely pure and very strong golden
Om Badzar Re-khe Ah Hung


Chi Jag Ri Khor Yug Gi Kor Wai Su Hung
The outer periphery of which is completely surrounded by a
wall of iron mountains, in the center of which is a "Hung",
t"! 1"""!
Ri-i Gyal Po Ri Rab Shar L Phag Po
(from which arises) Mt. Meru, the king of mountains. To the
east is Lphagpo; to the south is Dzambuling;
""! "!
Lho Dzam Bu Ling Nub Ba Lang Jd
to the south is Dzambuling; to the west is Balangjd;
"`! """""!
Jang Dra Mi Nyen L Dang L Phag
to the north is Draminyen. Flanking Lphagpo in the east
are L and Lphag;
Nga Yab Dang Nga Yab Zhen
flanking Dzambuling in the south are Ngayab and


-""" !
Yo Den Dang Lam Chog Dro
flanking Balangjd in the west are Yoden and Lamchogdro;
Dra Mi Nyen Dang Dra Mi Nyen Gyi Da
flanking Draminyen in the north are Draminyen and
! ""1!
Rin Po Che-i Ri Wo Pag Sam Gyi Shing
(Here is) the precious mountain; the wish-granting tree;
! """!
Dd Jo-i Ba Ma M Pai Lo Tog
the wish-granting cow; the spontaneously bountiful harvest;
"! !
Khor Lo Rin Po Che Nor Bu Rin Po Che
the precious wheel; the precious wish-granting jewel;
"! "!
Tsn Mo Rin Po Che Ln Po Rin Po Che
the precious queen; the precious minister;


! "!
Lang Po Rin Po Che Ta Chog Rin Po Che
the precious elephant; the precious and most excellent horse;
"! "!
Mag Pn Rin Po Che Ter Chen Po-i Bum Pa
the precious general and the vessel of great treasure;
` "! "! "!
Geg Pa Ma Threng Wa Ma Lu Ma
(Here is) the goddesses of beauty, garlands, song;
"! " "! ` ""!
Gar Ma Me Tog Ma Dug P Ma
the goddesses of dance, flowers, incense;
`"""! "! `"!
Nang Sal Ma Dri Chab Ma Nyi Ma
the goddesses of light and scented waters; the sun;
! "!
Da Wa Rin Po Che-i Dug
the moon; the precious parasol; and


" """"t" t""!!
Chog Le Nam Par Gyal Wai Gyal Tshen
the victory banner which is completely triumphant in
every direction.
Lha Dang Mi-i Pal Jor Phn Sum Tshog Pa Ma
(Here are) all the wealth and endowments of gods and men.
" ` t
Tshang Wa Med Pa Di Nyid Tsa Wa Dang Gyd Par
With nothing whatsoever withheld, this offering is made to
" "-""""" "
Je Pai Pal Den La Ma Dam Pa Nam Dang Yi-Dam
all the glorious root and lineage Gurus and
Kyil Khor Gyi Lha Tshog Sang Gye Dang Jang Chub
the assembly of Yidams and Mandalas and to all the
Sem Pai Tshog Dang Je Pa Nam La Bul War Gyi-O
gathering of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.


Thug Je Dro Wai Dn Du Zhe Su Sol
Please accept this out of your loving kindness for the
benefit of sentient beings!
Zhe Ne Jin Gyi Lab Tu Sol
Having accepted it, please grant your blessings.


Sa Zhi P Chu Jug Shing Me Tog Dram
This foundation of earth, strewn with flowers and purified
with scented water,
Ri Rab Ling Zhi Nyi De Gyen Pa Di
adorned by Mt. Meru, the four continents, the sun and moon,
Sang Gye Zhing Du Mig Te Phul Wa Yi
visualized as a pure realm, is offered to the assembly of


Dro Kn Nam Dag Zhing La Jd Par Shog
May all beings be reborn in that perfectly pure realm!

""" "" """ "!
Dam Gu Ru Rat-na Man-da-la Pu-dza Me-gha
Sa-mu-dra Sa-pha-ra-na Sa-ma-ye Ah Hung




Om Ah Hung
Om Ah Hung
Tong Sum Jig Ten Che Wa Thrag Gyai Zhing
A billion universes of three thousand-fold worlds
`"" """
Rin Chen Na Dn Lha Mi-i Jor Pe Tam
Filled with the seven kinds of precious jewels
and the wealth of gods and men,
Dag L Long Jd Je Pa Yong Bul Gyi
With my body and possessions I offer it:
Ch Kyi Khor L Gyur Wai Sid Thob Shog
May I attain the realm of the universal king of Dharma.
Og Min De Chen Tug Po Kd Pai Zhing
The unexcelled blissful, beautifully arrayed Buddha-Land,


"-- "- "
Nge Pa Nga Den Rig Ngai Tshom Bu Jen
With the assemblies of the Five Classes of Buddhas,
who possess the Five Certainties.
Dd Yn Chd Pai Trin Phung Sam Ye Pa
And unimaginable clouds of offerings of sensory objects,
Phul We Long Kui Zhing La Jd Par Shog
By offering it may I enjoy the Buddha-field of the
`" "" " `
Nang Sid Nam Dag Zhn Nu Bum Pai Ku
Utterly pure phenomenal appearances, the Youthful
Thug Je Ma Gag Ch Nyid Rol Pe Gyen
Adorned by unceasing compassion, the display of


`" " ""
Ku Dang Thig Lei Dzin Pa Nam Dag Zhing
Utterly pure from grasping at forms and discs - this
Pure Land,
Phul We Ch Kui Zhing La Jd Par Shog
By offering, may we enjoy the Buddha-field of the


Phat L Je Dzin Bor Be Lha Dd Chom
Phat By throwing out the cherishing of the body, the
demon of the gods is destroyed.
Sem Tshang Pai Go Ne Jing La Thn
The consciousness comes out into space through
the cranial aperture;


" ""
Chi Dag Gi Dd Jom Thr Mar Gyur
The demon of death is destroyed, and one becomes
Ye Nyn Mong Dd Jom Dri Gug Gi
With curved knife, destroyer of the demon of
defilement, held in the right hand,
Zug Phung Poi Dd Jom Thd Pa Treg
Destroy the demon of the body by cutting off
the skull.
""""A ""
Yn Le Jed Tshul Gyi Bhen-dha Thog
The left hand, in a working manner, holds the skull.
Ku Sum Gyi Mi Ma Goi Gyed Pur Zhag
And places it on the tripod-stove made of human
heads (symbolizing) the Trikaya.


Nang Tong Sum Gang Wai Bam Ro De
In it the corpse filling the three thousand fold
Ah Thung Dang Ham Yig Gi Dd Tsir Zhu
Melted into nectar by short A and Ham ( )
Tru Sum Gyi N Pe Jang Pel Gyur
By the power of the three letters, it is purified,
increased, and transformed.


Om Ah Hung After repeating many times:

Phat Yar Chd Yul Drn Gyi Thug Dam Kang
Phat The wishes of the upper guests of offering are fulfilled.


Tshog Dzog Ne Chog Thn Ng Drub Thob
the accumulations are perfected and the common
and uncommon attainments are achieved.
Mar Khor Wai Drn Nye Len Chag Jang
The lower guests of samsara are satisfied and their
debts are paid.
Khyed Par Nd Jed Geg Rig Tshim
Especially, the harmful and obstructive spirits are
Nang Dn Dang Bar Ched Ying Su Zhi
Illness, evil spirits, and obstacles are pacified into
empty space.
: ""
Kyen Ngen Dang Dag Dzin Dul Du Lag
Harmful circumstances and clinging to self are
blasted to atoms.


Thar Chd Ja Dang Chd Chd Yul Kn
Finally all the offering, offerer, and object of
Shi Dzog Pa Chen Por Ma J Ah
Dissolves into the unmodified Dzog Pa Chen Po-Ah.


" "
Ma Ho
Ma Ho
Rang Nang Lhn Drub Dag Pa Rab Jam Zhing
One's own perceptions spontaneously arises as the
totally Pure Land,


Kd Pa Rab Dzog Zang Dog Pal Rii B
Fully arrayed Glorious Copper Colored Mountain.
In the center
Rang Nyid Zhi L Do Je Nal Jor Ma
Visualize oneself as the holy Vajra Yogini
"" "` """" "
Zhal Jig Chag Nyi Mar Sal Dri Thd Dzin
With one head and two hands; transparently red;
holding a curved knife and a (human) skull;
Zhab Nyi Dor Tab Jen Sum Nam Khar Zig
Her two legs are in the "advancing posture" and
her three eyes glance upwardly into the sky.
Ji Bor Ped-ma Bum Dal Nyi Dai Teng
On the moon and sun within the blossoming hundred
thousand-petalled lotus seat on the crown of her head.


,""" ""
Kyab Ne Kn D Tsa Wai La Ma Dang
From one's Root Lama, the union of the Refuges,
Yer Med Tsho Kye Do Je Trul Pai Ku
Inseparable: Tulku Tsho Kye Dor Je (is seated).
"""-" 1"
Kar Mar Dang Den Zhn Nui Tshug Jen
His complexion is white with pinkish hue, and
youthful appearance.
Phd Kha Ch G Za Ber Dung Ma Sol
He is attired in a gown, monk's shawl, and brocade
Zhal Jig Chag Nyi Gyal Po Rol Pai Tab
With one head, two hands, he sits in the kingly
playful posture.


Chag Ye Do Je Yn Pe Thd Bum Nam
In his right hand he hold a Vajra and in the left the
life-vase in a skull.
"- "` "" "
Bu La Dab Den Ped-mai Nyen Zhu Sol
He wears the hat Pad-Ma'i Nyen-Zhu on his head.
" ` "" "
Chen Khung Yn Na De Tong Yum Chog Ma
In the cleft of his left arm, the supreme bliss-and-
emptiness Consort
Be Pai Tshul Gyi Kha Tam Tse Sum Nam
He holds, hidden in the form of the sacred trident.
Ja Zer Thig Lei d Phung Long Na Zhug
He sits in the midst of radiant masses of rainbow,
rays, and discs of light.


Chi Khor d Ngai Dra Dze Pai Long
In the outer circles of the exquisite lattice of five-
colored lights
Trul Pai Je Bang Nyi Shu Tsa Nga Dang
(Are seated) the twenty-five manifestations, the king
and subjects;
t ""
Gyal Bd Pen Drub Rig Dzin Yi Dam Lha
The Spiritual Scholars and Sages, and Knowledge
Holders of India and Tibet, and the Tutelary Deities,
Kha Dro Ch Kyong Dam Jen Trin Tar Tib
Dakinis, Dharma-Protectors, and Vow-Holders are
all gathered together like a cloud;
Sal Tong Nyam Ne Chen Poi Ngang Du Sal
Visualize them in the state of the Great Equanimity
of Clarity and Emptiness.



Hung O Gyen Yul Gyi Nub Jang Tsham
Hung In the northwest border of the country of Uddiyana,
Ped-ma Ge Sar Dong Po La
(Born) on the pistil of a lotus;
Ya Tshen Chog Gi Ng Drub Nye
Endowed with the most marvelous attainment;
Ped-ma Jung Ne Zhe Su Drag
Renowned as the Lotus-Born;
" " "`
Khor Du Kha Dro Mang P Kor
Surrounded by a retinue of many Dakinis,


Khyed Kyi Je Su Dag Drub Kyi
Following you I practice:
Jin Gyi Lab Chir Sheg Su Sol
Please come and bless me with your grace.
Gu Ru Ped-ma Sid-dhi Hung
(Oh Guru Padma, bestow blessing.)


Hri Dag L Zhing Gi Dul Nyed Du
Hri One's body, as many as the atoms in the world,
Nam Par Thrul Be Chag Tshal Lo
By emanating I pay homage to you.


Ng Sham Yid Trul Ting Dzin Th
The material offerings are well set out, and the
mental offerings by meditative power;
Nang Sid Chd Pai Chag Gyar Bul
I offer you phenomenal existence as the form of
the offering.
` " "" """"
Go Sum Mi Gei Le Nam Kn
All my demeritorious Karma committed through
the three Entrances,
d Sal Ch Kui Ngang Du Shag
I confess in the state of the Luminescent Dharmakaya.
Den Pa Nyi Kyi D Yi
Within the sphere of the Two Truths,


Ge Tshog Kn La Je Yi Rang
The entire accumulation of merits I rejoice in.
Theg Sum Ch Khor Kor War Kul
I request you to set in motion the Dharmachakra
of the Three Vehicles.
" "` "
Ji Sid Khor Wa Ma Tong Bar
Until the emptying of Samsara,
Nya Ngen Mi Da Zhug Sol Deb
I pray you not to go into Nirvana.
D Sum Sag Pai Ge Tsa Kn
All the merits accumulated in the three periods
of time.
Jang Chub Chen Poi Gyu Ru Ngo
I dedicate to the cause of the Great enlightenment.



Je Tsn Gu Ru Rin Po Che
Revered Lord, Guru Rinpoche,
Khyed Ni Sang Gye Tham Jed Kyi
You are of all Buddhas
Thug Je Jin Lab D Pai Pal
The glory of the unity of Compassion and Blessings:
Sem Jen Yong Kyi Gn Jig Pu
The only protector of all sentient beings.
L Dang Long Jd Lo Nying Trang
My body, my possessions, and my mind and heart,
T Pa Med Par Khyed La Bul
I offer to you without hesitation.


Di Ne Jang Chub Ma Thob Bar
From now until I attain Enlightenment,
Kyid Dug Leg Nye Tho Men Kn
All happiness and suffering, good and bad, high
and low, through all these,
Je Tsn Chen Po Ped Jung Khyen
Great Revered Lord Padma Jung-Ne, please heed me.
" """
Dag La Re Sa Zhen Na Med
I have no others to depend upon.
Da Tai D Ngen Nyig Mai Dro
Sentient beings of the present dark age
Mi Zd Dug Ngal Dam Du Jing
Are sinking in the Swamp of endless misery.


Di Le Kyob Shig Ma Ha Gu Ru
O Great Guru, protect us from this.
Wang Zhi Kur Jig Jin Lab Jen
Blessed One, transmit the fourfold initiation;
"` " "
Tog Pa Por Jig Thug Je Jen
Compassionate One, elevate our understanding;
Drib Nyi Jong Shig N Thu Jen
Powerful One, purify the two defilements.

"" "
Om Ah Hung Badzar Guru Pedma Siddhi Hung
(Repeat many times)



" "
Ma Ho
Ma Ho!
Gyal Ched Chog Lung Tral Wai Zhing Kham Ne
In the Pure Land free from partiality,
Dang Poi Sang Gye Ch Ku Kn Tu Zang
The primordial Dharmakaya Buddha Samantabhadra;
Long Ku Chu Dai Rol Tsal Do Je Sem
The Sambhogakaya, like the display of the moon in
water, Vajrasattva;
`"`" " "
Trul Kur Tshen Dzog Ga Rab Do Je La
Having the perfected signs of the Nirmanakaya, Pramodavajra,


Sol Wa Deb So Jin Lab Wang Kur Tsol
I pray to you to bestow the blessing and empowerment
upon us.
Jam Pal She Nyen Theg Gui Khor L Gyur
Universal king of the Nine Yanas, Manjusrimitra;
Shri Sin-ha Dn Dam Ch Kyi Dzd
Treasure of the ultimate doctrine, Srisinha;
" ""
Jna-na Su-tra Pen Chen Bi Ma Lar
Jnanasutra and great scholar Vimalamitra,
Sol Wa Deb So Drol Jed Lam Na Tn
To you I pray:show us the way to liberation.
" t
Dzam Bu Ling Gi Gyen Jig Ped-ma Jung
The sole ornament of the Jambu continent,


Nge Par Thug Kyi Se Chog Je Bang Drog
The true, excellent heart-sons, the Lord, the subjects, and
the friend,
Thug Ter Gya Tshoi Da Drol Long Chen Zhab
Revealer of the symbols of ocean-like Mind-Treasures,
Long-Chen Rab-Jam,
Kha Droi Ying Dzd Ka Bab Jig Med Ling
Entrusted with the treasure of the sphere of the Dakinis,
Jig-Med Ling-Pa,
Sol Wa Deb So Tre Bu Thob Drol Tsol
I pray to you, bestow the accomplishment and liberation.
Khe Shing Drub Nye Kn Zang Zhen Phen Pal
Scholar and siddha, Kun-Zang Zhen-Phen Pal,


" t" "!
Chag Na Ped-mo Gyal Wai Nyu Gu Dang
Lotus-holder Gyal-Wa'i Nyu-Ku,
Jam Pai Yang Ng Khen Chen Ped-mai Tshen
The very Manjusri, great Khen-Po named Padma,
Sol Wa Deb So Ne Lug Rang Zhal Tn
To you I pray: show me the self-identity of the nature.
Khyed Par Zab Mo d Sal Nyi Thig Gi
Especially, of the profound luminescent Nying-Thig
Shing Ta Chen Po Do Ngag Ling Pai Zhab
The great chariot, Do-Ngag Ling-Pa,
"`"" """!
Ka Drin Nyam Med Tsa Wai La Ma La
Root-Lama of unequalled graciousness,


Sol Wa Deb So Dn Nyi Lhn Drub Dzd
To you I pray, enable us spontaneously to achieve the
two-fold purpose.

Sid Le Nge Par Jung Wai Zhen Log Gi
By the revulsion which makes one renounce samsara,
Do Jei La Ma Dn Den Mig Zhin Ten
May I serve the Vajra Guru purposefully as one values
one's eyes:
Ji Sung Ka Drub Zab Moi Nyam Len La
By my deep practice of carrying out his word, whatever
he orders,
Tem Kyang Med Pai Drub Tshug Zhe R Kyi
With intense effort without relaxation,


Thug Gyd Gong Pai Jin Lab Pho War Shog
May the blessings of his realized mind be transmitted.
Nang Sid Khor De Ye Ne Og Min Zhing
All phenomenal existence, samsara and nirvana, are
from the beginning "the pure land of the most exalted".
"" "` "` "
Lha Ngag Ch Kur Dag Dzog Min Pai Tre
The result of purification, perfection, and ripening as
divinities, mantras and Dharmakaya,
Pang Lang Ja Tsol Med Pai Dzog Pa Che
Dzog-Pa Chen-Po, free from efforts of discrimination.
She Nyam Yid Jd Le De Rig Pai Dang
The depth of Awareness, gone beyond conceptions and
mental experience:
Ch Nyid Ngn Sum Jen Par Thong War Shog
My I directly see the naked Dharmata.


"" " " -"
Tshen Mai Tog Pa Nam Drol Ja Zer Bub
In rainbow-radiant space, utterly freed from characteristic
`" " `""` "
Ku Dang Thig Lei Nyam Nang Gong Du Phel
(May I) develop the experience of the vision of Forms
and Discs,
Rig Tsal Long Kui Zhing Kham Tshed La Pheb
Attain the perfection of the Sambhogakaya Pure Land,
the manifestation of Awareness;
Ch Zed Lo De Chen Por Sang Gye Te
Become enlightened in the great mind-transcending
dissolution of phenomena, (and)
" "`" 1
Zhen Nu Bum Kur Ten Sid Zin Par Shog
May I ever remain in the state of the Youthful Vase-Body.



1 " `"" "
Shin Tu Nal Jor Nyam Og Ma Chd De
If I could not understand the supreme yoga by experience,
Rag L Dang Mai Ying Su Ma Drol Na
And the gross body could not free itself into the subtle
Nam Zhig Tshe Yi Du Jed Tung Wai Tshe
Then, when the life-functions are terminated,
"" "`1
Chi Wa d Sal Ka Dag Ch Kur Shar
(May) death arise as the radiant primordially pure
Bar Doi Nang Cha Long Jd Dzog Kur Drol
The visions of the Bardo be liberated as the perfect


Threg Chd Thd Gal Lam Gyi Tsal Dzog Ne
The power of the path of Khreg-Chod and Thod-Gal
be perfected,
Ma Pang Bu Jug Ta Bur Drol War Shog
And may I attain liberation like a child coming into his
mother's lap.


Sang Chen d Sal Theg Pa Chog Gi Tse
Summit of the excellent Yanas, great esoteric
Sang Gye Zhen Ne Mi Tshol Ch Kui Zhal
Not seeking Buddhahood from outside, the face of
the Dharmakaya


" " """ "
Ngn Gyur Dd Mai Sa La Ma Drol Na
Attained: if I could not achieve liberation in that
primordial state,
"` """t" "- """ "
Ma Gom Sang Gye Ch Ngai Lam Chog La
Then through the excellent path of Five Methods,
attaining Buddhahood without meditation,
Ten Ne Rang Zhin Trul Pai Zhing Nga Dang
In the natural Nirmanakaya Buddha-Field,

Khyed Par Ped-ma d Kyi Pho Trang Du
Especially in the radiant place of the Lotus,
t" " " t "
Rig Dzin Gya Tshoi Tso Chog O Gyen Je
By the supreme leader of the ocean-like Knowledge-
Holders, the glorious O-Gyen.


Sang Chen Ch Kyi Ga Tn Gyed Pai Sar
Where celebrations of the sacred esoteric doctrine are held
Se Kyi Thu Wor Kye Ne Wug Yung Te
(May I) be born as the eldest son and be elated.
Tha Ye Dro Wai Nye Tshor Dag Gyur Shog
And may I become the savior of endless beings.


Rig Dzin Gyal Wa Gya Tshoi Jin Lab Dang
By the blessing of ocean-like Knowledge-Holders
and Victors
Ch Ying Sam Mi Khyab Pai Den Pa Yi
and the truth of Dharma-space, unencompassable by


Dal Jor Ten La Dzog Min Jang Sum Gyi
The three-fold perfection, ripening, and purification
in this fortunate human life,
Ten Trel Ngn Gyur Sang Gye Thob Par Shog
May I actualize and attain Enlightenment.
Pray thus from the heart with sincerity.


Gu Rui Min Tsham Ne Om Yig Chu Shel Ta Bur
From the letter
(Om) like crystal in the center of the
forehead of the Guru (Rinpoche), rays are projected.
""" """
Tshar Wa Le d Zer Thr Rang Gi Ji Wo Ne Zhug
They penetrate the crown of one's head.


L Kyi Le Dang Tsi Drib Pa Dag
(They) cleanse the impurities of the actions of the body and
of the veins.
`""" ""!
Ku Do Jei Jin Lab Shug Bum Pai Wang Thob
And (one) obtains the blessings of the Vajra-Body;
and (one) receives the Vase Initiation;
Kyed Rim Gyi Nd Du Gyur
And (one) becomes the vessel of the visualization practice.
Nam Min Rig Dzin Gyi Sa Bn Theb
The seed is sown of "attainment of control over karmic effects".
Trul Kui Go Phang Thob Pai Kal Wa Gyen La Zhag
(One is ) empowered with the capacity for Nirmanakayahood.



Drin Pa Ne Ah Yig Ped-ma Ra Ga Tar Bar Wa Le
From the syllable " (Ah) shining like a ruby in the throat of
Guru Rinpoche, rays are projected.
" """"!
d Zer Thr Rang Ge Drin Pa Ne Zhug
(They) penetrate one's own throat,
Ngag Ge Le Dang Lung Ge Drib Pa Dag
Purifying the defilements of one's Air and actions of speech.
"""" ""!
Sung Do Jei Jin Lab Zhug Sang Wai Wang Thob
The blessings of Vajra Speech enter (one). (One) receives the
Secret Initiation
" `
De Jd Kyi Nd Du Gyur
And becomes the vessel of recitation.
Tshe Wang Rig Dzin Gyi Sa Bn Theb
The seed is sown of "attainment of control over life".


Long Jd Dzog Pai Go Phang Ge Kal Wa Gyd La Zhag
(One is) empowerment with the capacity for Sambhogakayahood.
Thug Kai Hung Yig Nam Khai Dog Jen Le d Zer Thr
From the sky-colored syllable (Hung) in the heart (of Guru
Rinpoche) rays are projected.
Rang Gi Nying Ga Ne Zhug
(They) penetrate one's own heart,
Yid Kyi Le Dang Thig Lei Drib Pa Dag
Purifying the defilements of mental actions and essence.
Thug Do Jei Jin Lab Zhug
The blessings of Vajra Mind enter (one).
She Rab Ye She Kyi Wang Thob
(One) receives the Wisdom Initiation.


De Tong Tsen-dra Lii Nd Tu Gyur
(One) becomes the vessel of bliss-emptiness heart-yoga.
Chag Gyai Rig Dzin Gyi Sa Bb Theb
The seed is sown of "attainment of Mudra".
Ch Kui Go Phang Thob Pai Kal Wa Gyd La Zhag
(One is) empowered with the capacity for Dharmakayahood.


Lar Yang Thug Kai Hung Le Hung Yig Nyi Pa
Again from the (Hung) in (Guru Rinpoche's) heart
Zhig Kar Da Phang Pa Zhin Du Ched
a second (Hung) shoots out like a meteor
Rang Sem Dang Tha Ded Med Par Dre
And mixes indistinguishably with one's own mind,


Kn Zhii Le Dang She Jai Drib Pa Jung
Purifying intellectual defilements and action of the "universal
Ye She Do Jei Jin Lab Zhug
The blessings of Vajra Wisdom enter (one).
Tshig Gi Tshn Pa Dn Dam Gi Wang Thob
(One) receives the Absolute Initiation Indicated by Words.
Ka Dag Dzog Pa Chen Poi Nd Du Gyur
(One) becomes the vessel of the primordially pure great perfection.
Lhn Drub Rig Dzin Gyi Sa Bn Theb
The seed is sown of the "attainment of spontaneous accomplishment".
Thar Thug Gi Tre Bu Ngo Wo Nyid Kui Kal Wa Gyed La Zhag
(One is) empowerment with the capacity for the final result,
the Self-Existing Body.


After receiving initiation through recitation and meditation:
Nam Zhig Tshe Yi D Je Tshe
When the end of my life comes.
`" "
Rang Nang Nga Yab Pal Rii Zhing
May my perfection becomes the Land of Nga-Yab Pal-Ri,
Zung Jug Trul Pai Zhing Kham Su
The manifested Pure Land, the inseparable unity, in which
Zhi L Do Je Nal Jor Ma
My body transforms into Vajra Yogini,
Sal Tsher d Kyi Gong Bu Ru
From the Revered Lord Padmasambhava
Gyur Ne Je Tsn Ped Jung Dang
Inseparable, may I attain Buddhahood.


Yer Med Chen Por Sang Gye Te
Inseparable, may I attain Buddhahood.
De Dang Tong Pai Cho Thrul Gyi
From the emanation of bliss and emptiness
Ye She Chen Poi Rol Pa Le
Of the display of Great Wisdom,
""" "" """" "
Kham Sum Sem Jen Ma L Pa
Of all the sentient beings in the three samsaric worlds
Dren Pai Ded Bn Dam Pa Ru
To be the enlightened guide,
Je Tsn Ped-ma Wug Yung Sol
Revered Padma, empower me.


Sol Wa Nying Ge Kyil Ne Deb
I pray to you from the center of my heart,
" ""
Kha Tsam Tshig Tsam Ma Yin No
Not just by mouthing words;
Jin Lab Thug Kyi Long Ne Tsol
Grant blessings from the vast expanse of your wisdom-mind,
"" "" "
Sam Dn Drub Par Dzed Du Sol
And please fulfill my aspirations.


La Mai Thug Ka Ne d Zer Mar Po Drd Dang Je Pa
Visualize that from the heart of the Guru a warm red light is
suddenly emitted,


Zhig Val Gyi Jang Wa Dag Nyid Do Je Nal Jor Mar
and just by its touching the heart of oneself as Vajra Yogini,
Sal Wai Nying Khar Reg Pa Tsam Gyi d Mar Gyi
(one) becomes a sphere of red light which
Gong Bu Zhig Tu Gyur Ne Gu Ru Rin Po Chei
dissolves into the heart of Guru Rinpoche
Thug Kar Thim Pe Yer Med Ro Jig Tu Gyur Par Gom
and is mixed inseparably as "one taste".

Contemplate in the absolute state free from expression, thought,
and conception.



"- "" !
Pal Den Tsa Wai La Ma Rin Po Che
Glorious Root-Lama, precious one,
Dag Gi Nying Gar Ped-mai Den Zhug La
Dwell on the lotus-seat on the crown of my head.
Ka Drin Chen Poi Go Ne Je Zung Te
Look upon me with the grace of your great compassion.
Ku Sung Thug Kyi Ng Drub Tsal Du Sol
Grant me the attainments of the Body, Speech, and Mind.
"-"" """!
Pal Den La Mai Nam Pa Thar Pa La
Of the activities of the glorious Root-Lama
` "" " , " !
Ked Jig Tsam Yang Log Ta Mi Kye Zhing
May I develop no wrong view even for a moment;


Ji Dzd Leg Par Thong Wai M G Kyi
By the devotion of observing whatever he does as good,
La Mai Jin Lab Sem La Jug Par Shog
May the blessing of the Lama enter my mind.
, ""!
Kye Wa Kn Tu Yang Dag La Ma Dang
Throughout the succession of my lives, from the perfect
Tral Med Ch Kyi Pal La Long Jd Ne
May I not be separated; and may I enjoy the glory of
the Dharmas,
""" " !
Sa Dang Lam Gyi Yn Ten Rab Dzog Te
Perfect all the qualities of the stages and paths,
Do Je Chang Ge Go Phang Nyur Thob Shog
And swiftly attain the stage of Vajradhara.



Ge Wa Di Yi Kye Or Kn
By these merits may all beings
Sd Nam Ye She Tshog Dzog Shing
Perfect the accumulation of virtues and primordial
Sd Nam Ye She Le Jung Wa
and that which originates from virtue and primordial
"`` "" 1 !
Dam Pa Ku Nyi Thob Par Shog
The two holy bodies, may they gain.
Dro Kn Ge Wa Ji Nyid Yn Pa Dang
Whatever virtue is possessed by beings


Je Dang Jed Gyur De Zhin Jed Pa Gang
And by whatever virtuous actions they have done,
will do, and likewise are doing,
Zang Po Ji Zhin De Drai Sa Dag La
The stages to perfection, as Samantabhadra did,
Kn Kyang Kn Ne Zang Por Reg Gyur Jig
May all beings by all means achieve
"" " " !
Jam Pal Pa W Ji Tar Khyen Pa Dang
Just as the Bodhisattva Manjusri attained his realization,
Kn Tu Zang Po De Yang De Zhin Te
And likewise Samantabhadra:
De Dag Kn Gi Je Su Dag Lob Jing
In order to train myself to follow them,


""" !
Ge Wa Di Dag Tham Jed Rab Tu Ngo
I dedicate all these merits.
D Sum Sheg Pai Gyal Wa Tham Jed Kyi
By all the Victors of the three times who have gone
"" "` !
Ngo Wa Gang La Chog Tu Ngag Pa Te
The dedication of merits has been greatly praised.
Dag Gi Ge Wai Tsa Wa De Kn Kyang
Therefore, those virtues of myself also
Zang Po Jd Chir Rab Tu Ngo War Gyi
I shall dedicate for the purpose of perfect action.



, " , """!
Gang Tu Kye Pai Kye Wa Tham Jed Tu
Throughout the succession of lives into which I shall
be born,
"" " -" 1 !
Tho Ri Yen Ten Dn Den Thob Par Shog
May I obtain the seven qualities of the upper realms
of existence;
, """ " !
Kye Ma Thag Tu Ch Dang Thred Gyur Jing
May I meet the Dharma immediately after taking birth.
Tshul Zhin Drub Pai Rang Wang Yd Par Shog
And have the freedom to practice accordingly;
""""` " !
Der Yang La Ma Dam Pa Nye Jed Jing
May I please th holy Lamas,


Nyin Dang Tshen Du Ch La Jd Par Shog
And practice Dharma day and night.
Ch Tog Ne Ni Nying Poi Dn Drub Te
By understanding the Dharma and practicing its
innermost essence,
Tshe De Sid Pai Gya Tsho Gyal War Shog
In that life may I cross the ocean of samsara.
Sid Par Dam Pai Ch Rab Tn Jed Jing
In samsara may I expound the excellent holy doctrine.
"", "" 1 !
Zhen Phen Drub La Kyo Ngal Med Par Shog
May I not become board and tired of accomplishing
the benefit of others.
Lab Chen Zhen Dn Chog Ri Med Pa Yi
By my own tremendous, impartial service to others.


""""" ""t"" 1 ! !!
Tham Jed Cham Jig Sang Gye Thob Par Shog
May everybody attain Buddhahood together.

`""""" `""
"""""","1 """"
""" """"""""t""""
"" """"
""t""t"t! !!
This compilation of the Preliminary Practice Prayer of
Dzog-pa Chen-po Long-chen Nying-thig is written by the great
Tantric yogi Jig-med Thrin-le Od-zer, who was trained by the
gracious kindness of many holy teachers including Rig-dzin
Jig-med Ling-pa, and who achieved confidence in the Law of
Tantra. By this merit, may followers see the Guru as the
Buddha. And thereby may the self-face of self-awareness,
Kun-tu Zang-po, become apparent to them, so that they
become the cause of ceaseless benefits for sentient beings
endless as the ocean.


Thup Ten Dze Pe Gyen Chik Long Chen Pa
The Doctrine of Longchen Rabjam, the unique ornament
adorning the Teachings of the Buddha,
She Drup Ten Pe Nga Dak Jig Med Ling
Of Jigme Lingpa, the master of teaching and practice,
""" "" `" "" !
Tshung Me La Me Ten Pa Sid The Par
And of the peerless Lama, until the end of samsara,
She Drup Th Sam Gom Pe Dzin Kyur Chik
May it be maintained by teaching and practice; hearing,
pondering and meditation.
Nang Trak Rik Sum Lha Ngak Ch K Ngang
Appearance, sound and thought being in the state of
divinities, mantras, and Dharmakaya,


Ku Tang Ye She Rol Par Jam Le Pe
Ever absorbed in the display of divine forms and
Supreme Awareness,
Zap Sang Nal Jor Chen P Nyam Len La
May I, inseparable from the profound and secret practice
of Great Yoga,
Yer Med Thuk Kyi Thik Ler Ro Chik Shok
Attain within the essence of mind the state of One-


` """!!
"""`"`""! !
"""``1 !