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DHnnHas REcrLxnoNs


PeloEN Snrvn

for Tibetan Buddhist Studies and Meditation)

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#*I klv n



ti' :l






!s'5'4as'e{'1!1s'<A' g{'n<s'<l
Shej'a Tham chi: Zig pei Chen Yang pal

i m1s'1<'rA' 5ql+i'e'sql "{'$'f Geleg Dru6 pei Thug je Chenl 'Dro Kiin
ssa'ws'!q'alva.r( \'<A' {ss' a<a'<1
Sam ye Thrin le Dzd pei Tob Nga wal

aE at'alqlq'fl

'd{A'q{s'ol'1s' gT'adntl

'Jam 'gdn I, a mei ZhabLa Gii ch'ag Ts'all


I)H r\Rra.q R uc tL',rt"to;'l

Reverentry r bow

tor and teacher! ", cognizable things your wide All eyes perceive; with great compassion, you bring
about the happiness of all living beings through your power to accomplish spiritual works inconceivable to us.


our prorec-



AqN'afl'5('NalN'{U5' Kyes'ono
RsFUce eNo

nNn Sruxyn



g1 4l' a51' *,a s' ru1 g N' 5A{' ^t' Sang gye Ch'6 D'ang Ts'og Kyi Ch'og nam Lal



J'ang ch'ub B'ar D'u Dag ni Kyab Su Ch'il

{5f i<r'Aq'{1s'<!s'<h'<{5'qas'Dsl
Dag G'i Jin Sog Gyi pei Sd nam Kyfl

a{'"1' qq'3


Dro La Phen Ch'ir Sang gye 'D-rub par Shogl

(Recite three times)




[)ttrullt..r Rt.('t



Rppucr eNp Boourcnra

In the Buddha, Dharma and the Sangha I take refuge until enlightenment is reached. Through the merit of giving and others virtuous deeds, may I attain Buddhahood for the sake of all beings.
(Recite three tittes)



6t &t'<Q' Tsnnr Zst

Foun BoutloLrss MeorranoN

SafN'r{' Jnvpn"/ LovrNc K:NnNsss

as' e q' 4 aN' 6 5' { i' q' I<'


<a' g' 5('


{'<' g.^'

3 ol

Sem chen Tham chb De wa D'ang

o" *eibyu

D'a ng


pu. Gyur Chigl

!<'R' N"r^cre/


qflnr'3' {' Q^'3ot Q' \<' 5"r'{ tI'q{q' 5(' {1

Dug ngal D'ang Dug pgal Gyi Gyu D'ang Dral war Gyur Chigl


Gnwe"/ Jov

q1'<ear A5'<rA' <\'s' 1<'ii'45ru'< <' g 3ol "'

Dug r.rgal Md pei De wa D'ang Mi 'Dral war Gyur Chigl


Te*c-Nyorvr/ Eeunrnary

) \<' a1s' fl (' 5(' lol'qff ' <5<' {a s'ol

qlqs'{ <'9.{'


Nye ring Ch'ag dang D'ang Dral wei Tang 4yom La ru"


Gyur Chigl


Dn'rnnla RrcrLxLtt,l:r

Foun BouxoLrss MeorrRrroxs



May all beings have happiness the cause of happiness.



May all be free from suffering the cause of suffering.



May all never be separated from the happiness of no suffering.


May all remain in equanimity

free from partiality, attachment and aversion.



{s'<r'g'aE'a'THopa Gvarso Mn/ AN ocpnN uNnsRstRNotnc

{s <'g'aEA'a55'(q'1{'{s'aBolt (q'lq'fr
qs +<' {{'ir'55''-r' {s'aA'a 61 i.'oP

5l'{* R"{'{'<51 {N'iEl

pa D'angl

Thd pa Gya tso'i ch'd y6n K-iin N. Khyill Ydn ten Me tog Ts'ul thrim Dugpii Trinl

o\5'} h'qw r"r' \ar''"r' 5('I

She rab Drijn md Dd pa Pii Chiii Ts'ol Ting dzin

Di tsi'i Zhal zeD'am

o{5'IS.s'qq'<A'\ru ?i'fl'a!q'3< 1 Tq'qN'}( o3'q^'t5t'io"'u'Ql

Td Y'ang Nyen pei Sil nyen Dra 'Jin chingl Kun Ne Nying tse Nam chd Pob pa Yil



6q' q'5q'

oi.'o' e,l {\ql'

qN' 1q.l'

a1F(' {3 ols'

Dug D'ang Gyal ts'en B'a d'en Dreng wa Yil Dag Ln Zhal mb Khang Tseg Rab Gyen Nel





Nying gei Chu kye Thig le Da Gye lal Ten par Zhugpei Chti je Chd Gyi Chingl


q5q'{{'{q1< <h'Es Q'a65'<!5'3<'1

5 ol'


< <'

a5q <A' ar5'!s' 1{or' <5<' <s1 a{'<A'5'a'


Nge par ' pei Y) Kyi Sol Tab pel Dro wei La ma Tag

T'u Nye Gyur Chigl



q ol'

5' ari "r' Q*'3


Sakya Panchen Tag Tu Nye Gyur Chigl

o'tq'l'*('I1'fl'ar'\( I a5ru'fr5'5s'!'5la'ru'fr<s'it'3<'l

Kye wa Kiin Tu Yang d'ag

l a ma D'angl 'Dral Mb chri Kyi Pal La Long Chd chingl


D'ang Lam

qs1 ( R'aa<'i'{'on.' g^' {q'i"l ^o'i1s'Dzog Nel Dor je ch'ang g'i cJphang Nyur Thob Shogl Gyi Yiin ten Rab

( l0)

I)tt.,uttvt..r Rt'r'r



AN OcseN or UNoeRsreNorNc

I offer to you my body, transformed into a celestial

mansion -- adorned by an ocean of understanding, wreathed about by the flowers of virtue and an incense-cloud of moral habits. In it shines the lamp of wisdom and there too, lies a lake of faith's perfume; the food of meditative bliss I offer you, with . sweet music of songs of praise; a canopy fashioned from my compassion for others; a banner that consists of discernement and an ensign of courage held high.

I offer to you, King of Dharma, who dwells

always in the lotus of my heart; from the deep certitude of my mind I pray you will always be pleased with me, O Teacher of All Living Beings, Sakya Panchen, may you always be pleased.

May I, in every lifetime, not be parted from perfect teachers, but always enjoy the wealth of the holy doctrine. Fully perfecting the spiritual virtues of the stages and paths to enlightenment, may I quickly win liberation on the stage of Vajradhara.



,i{i :iil

q<N'<qq'1^lol'45{Nl ZHnsrEN

SoL Des/ LoNG-LIFE PRavsns

aj< <' 2'ak' d' ar qq4' ae 4' g'& E' qE' q(^' o' 3 q 4l
His Holiness the Dalai lama





<q' 5('


q'd.l' orN'

ag(' {a' lqNl

q5q' g.{'Bql

G'ang ri Ra we Kor wei Zhing kham'Dirl Phen D'ang De wa Ma Lti 'Jung wei Nel

5{('<?q'aRq'+'a 3q. re zig w'ang Ten 'zin Gya ts'o yilzhab pd si thei B'ar D'u Ten Gyur Chigl chen
o g < <' a fl1' 2q


t'fi I qqN'{5'i5'ar!a'{{'5'
{'e'B Aa'i'aa<' I q 4t

His Holiness the Salqa

(1'5q('3 ala[B \4lN'aFq'3'1$

I aI'Iq'51a'adTR1 8q'^('el{'o]r"rl
Sam phel W'ang

Nga w'anfGyu trul Lha rig Khiin Gyi Dungl 'Dro Kiin Ga DzE Theg ch'en 'Do Ngag Laml

qq'{ia'\..ror'5'aq'<'{A'a!q'rus'oq1 {Ald{'aQa'5o.'\'g*'{A'qo", oEq'ol{ql

Phen dei Pal

D'u 'Bar wei Thrin Le Chenl

g'i Gyal poi Zhab ten Soll


l)lt,,rnnt..r RLCr IXI rrll'r

LoNc-LmE PReyrRs

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Until worldly existence itself comes to an end, may AvalokiteSvara, source of all benefit and joy in this land that snowy mountain encircle, remain in the
form of His Holiness Tenzin Gyats'o.
His Holiness the Salcya Trizin

Lord of Speech, descendant of the Celestial Khcin lineage of magical emanations, who pleases all beings by the transcendental activities through the great vehicle of Sutra and Mantra that blazes with
the glory of bliss and benefit, may you, the Precious Wish-fulfilling Jewel long remain.

13 )


(t {'

Ncown / DeotcmoN

<{5 qas'a\'&rs'3as'6\'lilN


i<'qs'?s'<h'51'tas'<a{'5\'EAll a6'as' a{'<' {nlq {' qql

Sd nam'Di Yf Tham chd'ZigpaNy)l Thob Ne Nye pei Dra nam Pham J'e Nel


q'"9 a'< 5. s' oltqlN'{'arNl \5'


Kye Ga Na Ch'i'i Ba long Thrug pa

Si pei Ts'o Le Dro wa Drol war Shogl


5s'iq Bq'aiq <'&rsl <51'E\'<{5 qas'a!a'qAr'1<'i<'<l

Dag G'i sd nam Tha ye G'ang Thob pal

Theg ch'og D'am cho Rin ch'en 'Ddn pa


oA'Rot'^Eot'ta <h'5s1

\q'Bq'\'a'45 sa'{5'Q*'3ot

D'e Ni Dro wei Theg ch'og D'am pei ch'ijl Rin ch'en Dri ma Md pei Nb Gyur chigl

qff'D'R'f('{ e1"i'1q('Iq'I('l 5s'q<'<5s'ra'{q'lnr'1'4'5<

Oir l<yl De D'ang Mu teg Ztrung I<Un D'angl Ch'ci Tar Chti pei Mun-trul D'u ma D'angl

lqq'q('a{'<A'? o^'oB's'*,as1 <51'\'{qs'D*'og5'qs'aias'3<'81

zhenYangDro wei Nye war

wa Naml Dag G'i Tob Kyf Tsd Ne 'Jom Gyur Chigl

\1'..r' qas's5'

Si pa Tham chb D'u Yang Khor wa Nal Sd nam Ye she D'ag Ni Mi zd Nyel

qa"rl \' qr('aF ^'o'ql <{5'q as' frr Qs' f l' i'e,' r5'

!q<r'5('qs' *o'8.'oPq' {os'5ol'5.'l {q f q' lq'3'irn5'a{5'Q^'3ot

Thab D,ang She rab

ring dzin Tob D'ag D'angl Ydn

ten i<ttn

cyi Mi


Dzd dyur Chigl




Rucr lxr



Through this virtue may I attain the state of the All Knowing One and thereby overcome all limitations. May I liberate beings from the ocean of Existence where the waves of birth, old-age, disease and death surge violently.
Whatever merits I have gained through READTNG, Lrs* TENING To AND MED|TATTNG this holy Dharma of the great vehicle, may all beings be worthy of pure and precious Dharma.

Through my power may all evil forces, doctrines of extreme views, various forms of falsified and seeming dharmas, and all other harms that befall sentient beings be completely eradicated.

May all beings, throughout all their lives in


worlds, attain inexhaustible merit and wisdom and thereby become the inexhaustible treasury of all the qualities of skillful means, wisdom, samadhis and

Santantangalant !


Dt't tl^npt

R r.c t Lirt'toN

The translation of the "heart "wisdom" Sutra was rendered by Lama into English from the Tibetan Pemawangdak and Jared "Sonam" Rhoton (1984) and the Sutra of Amitayus Tibetan year of the Snake' rendered by Lama Pema Wangdak and John Bellamy Taylor in the

Nors oN rHr TRnuslRnoNs:

has been



and longevity of all beings in this May the virtue of this humble effort contribute to the health, happiness, region and throughout the universe.

of the Tibetan Buddhist texts' Vikramasila Foundation offers the English tanslations and publications



Take heed of me all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions, the blessed king of Shakyas, and the exalted Avalokiteshvara! Just as previously blessed tathagatas, arhatas, and perlectly and fully enlightened Buddhas who are like the all-knowing horse and great elephant, those who have accomplished one's works and

who do the works of others, who have left the load, who have gained one's pu{poses, whose samsaric afflictions have been exhausted, who have perfect speech, perfectly liberated mind, and perfectly liberated wisdom, who for the sake of all beings, in order to benefit them, in order to liberate them, in order to free them from famine, in order to free them from illness, in order to accomplish the enlightened aspects of Dharma and in order to realize the unsurpassable, perfectly and

fully enlightened state, performed the restoration and purification; so l, too, who am called by this namei(your name)...for the sake of all beings, in order to benefit them, in order to liberate them, in order to free them from famine, in order to free them from illness, in order to accomplish the enlightened aspects of Dharma and in order to realize the unsurpassable, perfectly and fully enlightened state, will properly take the vow of the restoration and purification, beginning from this time until the sun arises tomorrow. (Recite 3 times.)

will neither take life, nor take away by stealth the wealth of others, engage in sexual acts, or say untruthful words. I will completely abandon alcohol, which causes many faults. I
From now on I

will not use high and wide

seats and mattresses; likewise, fumes, garlands, ornaments, dances and song, and the like.

I will

abandon untimely foods, per-

Just as the arhatas never take life and so on, likewise, I abandon taking life and so on. May I quickly attain the state of excellent enlightenment. May beings who are tortured by various sulferings be freed from the ocean of

worldly existence.

(Rccire iltree times.)

Vrrnnvrstle. FouruperloN, New YoRx & New Jenssv, USA