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Blessing Offerings and Making Praises

prayers to be recited once offerings have been arranged

, <-;-#, -, ,
ram yang kam om ah hung
tam ch tong nyit nam khee ngang
Within everything being empty like space,
drum lee rin chen nt nang du
From 'dhrum' a jewel container and in it
om lee shi nang cht pi tsok
From 'om' hosts of outer and inner offerings
so s hla m rol war jur
Each one being offered by a goddess.
-2#-A;-0-m-0P-K-0-A-=-!-,k-/-7-m->9-T-+o-;- J-@,
om ben dzar ar gam pa dam pou p du p a lo k gen d
ne wi d shap ta tra ti tsa y so ha
, 2!.-0<-:?-0-,3?-&.-=,
tt par pa tam ch la
To all those worthy of being praised,
shing dul kn ji drang nyet chi
With bodies as innumerable as all the dust motes in the field
l tt pa yee nam kn tu
I continually bow and
chok tu det pee shak tsal tt
With supreme faith pay homage and sing praises.
As you recite 'ram yang kam om ah hung' you can bless the offerings by sprinkling them with water.