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Design by L Williams 27/8/2012 Update 8th Sept

Applications, Smart Bandage, fabrics

 E-Ribbon Feb 2012 10mm wide, shift registers LEDS  RO goal in Feb 2012 said make 1mm wide

Multiple memory bits in series 101010…

The parallel inputs can be switches, sensors, PWM signal, touch sensors e.g. finger

0.8V 4mA for bright LED 0.9uA when static Speed 50 to 600MHz depending on power supply More data here

Track printing 0.1mm wide

SWG 21 22

MM 0.813 0.711

0.15mm thick 2 layers as ground needed

Add grains to paint, must be self aligning in 3D jigsaw, and correct orientation. PCB substrate with indents

Currently also done with printed magnetic paint and magnetising bit