Rediscovering the lost city of Incas

Trekking to the ruins of Machu Pichhu
The Inspiration
After having bitten by the travel bug early in my life, I travelled extensively around India and abroad *. I wish to see the architectural and the natural wonders that the world has to offer. Ever since I visited the tomb of Tutankhamun, in the valley of King at Luxor, Egypt, I always wanted to experience how discoverers felt on the first sight of their discovery. I wanted to experience firsthand the arduous task these great men undertook to reach their destination. The Inca trail provides me with the perfect opportunity, to walk in the footsteps of Mr. Hiram Bingham, to the site of Machu Pichhu.

About Machu Pichhu
Machu Picchu stands as a testimonial of the architectural excellence of Inca Civilization. It stands at 2430 M above sea level in the midst of a tropical mountain forest. This UNESCO World heritage Site has also been listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Other than its beautiful setting, it is famous for the mortar-less construction techniques used which has stood the test of time and frequent earthquake in the region.

The Inca Trail
The Inca Trail to Machu Pichhu, also known as „Camino Inka‟ is a trail used and constructed by Incas to travel between towns. Located in the Andes mountain range, the trail passes along various types of Andean environment like cloud forest and Alpine tundra. Along the route are located, various settlements, tunnels and Incan ruins which make a trek a memorable experience. Due the recent hike in travellers, the Peruvian government has placed a strict limit of 500 people per day, on the number of people entering the trail, making advance reservation necessary.

The Costs Involved
S. No. 1. 2. 3. Expenses Return Air Fare Lima hostel Accommodation Cusco Hostel Accommodation Bus Travel The Trek Food & other expenses Visa Costs Details BOM-Atlanta-Lima Delta Airlines (DL-603/150) 1 day on Arrival & 1 day before Return (₹650 per day ) 2-day on Arrival for acclimation and 1day before return (₹600 per day) Lima to Cusco & return as per Cruz Del Sur travels 4-day trek with Lodging & Boarding with Sightseeing 60.00*2 520 Price ($) Price (₹) 90000 1300 1800

4. 5. 6. 7.

6648 29000 13000

1650 Total Cost : 143398 1

* For more details, Refer .ppt File.

I plan to sleep early to get started on time on the Inca trail. Peru. days acclimatising to the high altitude (2650 M) before undertaking the trek.The itinerary Duration: 10 days. As a preparation of long trek on the next day. Day 3: Cusco. D. It is suggested to spend two. this part is also has one of the beautiful landscapes. Peru. Expected time of journey: Early Dec/ Mid Jan ’12. However. Day 5: HUAYLLABAMBA – PACAYMAYU (The challenge day) The trek requires one to wake early at 6am. I intend to stroll through the narrow lanes of San Blas. where the Inca trail starts. Day 4: PISCACUCHO (Km. Among breath taking views of Pacaymayo. settle to camp at Wayllabamba. Check in hostel to spend the night. Finally. I intend to move to hostel and spend day at rest. Accommodation: Camping with L. Maximum altitude: 4200 M Minimum Altitude: 3000 M 2 Photo Source: Internet . The day‟s walk is filled with stairs and elevates to 4200M. Peru While continuing to acclimatising to the high altitude. recovering from jet lag. Accommodation: Camping with B. walking through local villages and enjoying Andean landscape. It is said one get to enjoy the Enjoy the lush green landscape while walking along the Cusichaca River. I intend to catch the evening bus to Cusco. Day 2: Cusco. the group will setup camp for the day. Peru On arriving in Cusco. I will need to start moving after breakfast. L. D. I plan to visit more local sites like Archaeological Museum of Cusco & Iglesia de la Campania church. Peru On landing in Lima. The path will get steep and frequent breaks will be required. Maximum altitude: 3000 M Minimum Altitude: 2650 M Distance travelled: 12 km Approximate time of walk: 5 to 6 hours. Day 1: Lima. The descend by a winding valley offers opportunity for viewing the diverse fauna of the region. I plan to spend the day visiting local sites like Plaza De Armas.82) (The Easy day) The trekking fees include transfer to the Piscacucho. Also.

Accommodation: Hostel Maximum altitude: 2700 M Minimum Altitude: 2400 M Distance: 6 km approximate walking time: 3 to 4 hours Day 8: CUSCO-LIMA I intend to take the bus back to Lima. Day 9: LIMA I intend to start my day early and cover the colonial attraction that Lima has to offer. Casa de Today wake up really early at 4 am and start moving after breakfast. preferable on a late night flight. After hiking for 1. a pre-Inca mud brick temple. flower-filled parks and beaches. Also. Starting the day with visiting Huaca Pucllana ruins. the day ends with visiting the mystical Wiñaywayna “forever young” ruins with wild orchids strewn all over the place. one of the seven wonder of the world. The travelogue suggests this day to the longest and the most beautiful.7 hours Day 6: PACAYMAYU – WIÑAYWAYNA (The unforgettable day) Again. Accommodation: Camping Maximum Altitude: 3900 M Minimum Altitude: 2700 M Distance travelled: 16 km approximate hiking time: 7 to 8 hours. Torre Talge Palace and Church of San franciso.Distance travelled: 13 km Approximate time of walk: 6 . I will fly back to India. Rest of the day will be spent either paragliding or visiting shopping areas. Day 10: LIMA Today. one gets to visit Runkurakay. gardens. the travellers reach Itni Punku or Sun gate. Return by bus to Aguas Calientes. Wake up early at 6am and start moving after breakfast. Sayacmarka & Puyupatamarka ruins. due to presence of many Inca building along the way. After taking some photographs. the point where you can see Machu Pichhu. The day would be spent travelling. Day 7: WIÑAYWAYNA – MACHUPICCHU (The D . These include Casa Osambela. Peru. On arrival.5 hours. and take the train back to city. In the evening. Prepare camp near the place and sleep. I intend to spend the day in Miraflores. Supposedly this day. Sleep in hostel at the city. I intend to spend the entire day exploring the city. 3 Photo Source: Internet . we go down to Machu Pichhu. transfer to hostel and sleep for the day.

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