From: craig shibley [mailto:shibley@charter.

net] Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 To: Russell, Gerard F Subject: Follow-up: Brad Miner Story: No. Brookfield EMS

Mr. Russell: I’m following-up with a story idea related to our previous correspondence from a year ago. The article written by Brad Miner back in January ’12 addressed the financial challenges facing small, private nonprofit EMS services like the one in No. Brookfield and in Barre. In fact, a related graphic to the story shows Barre as one of many private, nonprofit entities in the region. Here’ the story Mr. Russell: How could a private, nonprofit’s service revenue (ambulance receipts) be legally collected by the town’s Police Department and how could said charitable organization not report this revenue to the IRS? To make matters even more intriguing, Mr. Russell, there’s this management letter from ’06 submitted by Melanson Heath & Co. which your staff has somehow not been able to acquire and/or make public but is not only very newsworthy but also quite germane to this matter: As a member of the T&G’s “investigative watchdog” team, I’d strongly encourage you to review these public documents, too: • • • • • • •

There’s plenty of facts which should give any reporter much pause and raise many questions especially in the wake of an exhaustive forensic audit that has seen several town officials, including Accountant Dan Haynes, “disappear”. Miner is now gone, too, but his replacement is no better. A coincidence? I hope you pursue this story and I look forward to reading what you uncover in the weeks ahead. Regards, Craig

RE: Follow-up: Brad Miner Story: No. Brookfield EMS Russell, Gerard F Tue 1/15/2013
Thank you Craig. We will take a look at what you have supplied.

R.I.P Mr. Miner. A Look Back:

The Double-Dipper theatre presented by Barre Inc.

Ah yes. The phone call – by Miner. On the Company’s dime he called me an asshole. The intimate moment still gives me goose bumps. Btw, Mr. Miner did you ever locate Marcia Langelier after all her address is not only public record but it’s never changed since your days of living on Jackson Lane right here in Wonderland – a CH 61 parcel I do believe.

Gotta give it up to Wonderland’s new and improved public servants. Collecting all that money that Marcia Langelier could not. I, for one, would love to see a published list of all those tightwads but no doubt such public records would be off-limits pursuant to the Investgatory Exemption. Right?

Reporter Miner is/was Facebook friends w/Senator Stephen Brewer. Though not illegal it certainly raises questions of ethics and journalistic objectivity. And why would the irascible One post on RuralRocks? This Barre Inc. scribe questioned my credibility. . . Tic-toc.

Miner’s “source”. Digging deep no doubt. Only years of loyalty develop such deep sources. The source said the report on the actions of one person and one office, cited in the report which looked back over six years of records, were so compelling as to warrant further investigation by the district attorney. I, for one, can’t wait to expose this “source”. One office. Funny how the Town Accountant is gone. . . Just sayin’. Such attribution is bogus. Equally odd how You have this “source” but are unable to identify two Shadow figures attending Board of Selectmen executive session about the investigation. Selective deep throat?? And what of David Tuttle’s Finance Committee recommending the forensic audit? I thought it was the Department of Revenue?? Langelier’s address found! Phone disconnected. How convenient. What ever happened to knocking on a door? Didn’t want the exclusive interview that badly I guess. Wonder why??

Good luck and good riddance . Though you do correspond every now and then. Fluff - with some peanut butter. It’s still tough to swallow. Until we meet again . . .

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