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by Name: Turki Suliman AL-Romihi PIN: 426035354

Supervised by Assoc.Prof.Dr.Tomas Ucol Ganiron, Jr

Dealing with Conflict

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Definition About conflict Beginnings of conflict Conflict indicators Conflict is destructive Conflict is constructive Summary of Key Points Conclusion

Definition :
Conflict is a reality of life. Be it with students, parents, administrators, or colleagues, it is unavoidable. Improving our understanding of conflict can help us deal with it more effectively. The three most useful tools to resolve conflict are intellect, maturity, and confidence. The three most destructive tools to deal with conflict are unsubstantiated information, emotion, and defensiveness.

About conflict :
Conflict is inevitable.
Conflict develops because we are dealing with people's lives. Although inevitable, conflict can be minimized, diverted and/or resolved.

Beginnings of conflict:
Poor communication
Seeking power Dissatisfaction with management style Weak leadership Change in leadership Lack of openness

Conflict indicators :
Public statements Airing disagreements through media Conflicts in value system Desire for power Lack of candor on budget problems or other sensitive issues Lack of clear goals

Conflict is destructive when it:

Takes attention away from other important activities Undermines morale or self-concept Polarizes people and groups, reducing cooperation Increases or sharpens difference Leads to irresponsible and harmful behavior, such as fighting, name-calling

Conflict is constructive when it:

Results in clarification of important problems and issues Results in solutions to problems Involves people in resolving issues important to them Causes authentic communication Helps release emotion, anxiety, and stress Builds cooperation among people through learning more about each other Joining in resolving the conflict Helps individuals develop understanding and skills

True conflict involves strong emotions

Understanding others helps to minimize conflicts

Problem solving is generally the best way to

manage conflict

Conclusion :
There are no magical solutions when you are dealing with conflict. However, having the skills and a good understanding of the nature of conflict will help you to deal with it confidently. As professionals our role is to bring the best knowledge and strategies to issues to address them in a productive, respectful and positive matter.

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