By Doug McClure


We see a trailer bedroom in a state of permanent disarray, dim, and filled to the point of bursting with mountains of clothes, magazines, makeup. A rat-maze of pathways snakes through the room... materialism run amok. A sliver of daylight pierces the restrained atmosphere through a crack under a shade giving the room a warm glow. We discern a bed, like an island, impossibly stranded among the waves of possessions. There, twenty-one year old SABRINA O'BANNION lies asleep. She is a slight girl, attractive in a practical way. Her strength of beauty is her fresh, innocent appearance which approaches angelic at times. Several books lay scattered at her bedside. She sleeps as one with no concerns, though, as we now see, she is drooling on the pillow. With the couth of a hibernating bear, she swipes the slobber from her face and rolls over, quickly regaining her angelic poise. TELEVISION NOISE filters in from the living room where MARY ECKART, 43, is readying herself for work. Small in stature and tightly built, she bears the chiseled creases and gray pallor of a two-pack-a-day smoker and the tan of a woman for whom 'melanoma' might as well be the name of a friend's daughter. Their banter is less in anger than it is routine. It is mid September. MARY (O.S.) Get up! Get your fat little ass outta bed! SABRINA (to herself) Shut up. MARY (O.S.) What? What did you say? SABRINA Shut you're friggin' mouth, mom. MARY (O.S.) Did you curse at me?

2. SABRINA No, but I'm gonna start. God. Leave me alone. Mary enters the bedroom dressed in jeans and a bra. She begins rummaging through mounds of clothing looking for a top. MARY I hate your damn cursing! SABRINA Mom, "friggin'" is not cursing... and, what...? Why do you get a dispensation? MARY Wa's that? Is that a dirty word, smart ass? Mary pauses from her quest and turns her gaze to Sleeping Beauty. MARY (CONT'D) This is my house. Get your butt outta bed. SABRINA I'm tired. Mary begins searching again. MARY I'm going to work. SABRINA Shit. Sabrina's expresses her annoyance by rolling onto her back. MARY Don't you curse in my house, damn it. SABRINA OK. MARY I gotta go to work, so get... SABRINA ...my ass up. I know. MARY Shut that vulgar mouth.

3. SABRINA I'm up. I'm up. Hey! long drag day. MARY I can't afford to sleep. As as lotto don't cooperate I gotta my sorry butt to work every Moms don't get to be tired.

SABRINA Mom, you slept through my 4th grade year. MARY Shut the hell up. When Ia's growin' up... SABRINA I know. You lived in a dumpster until you were eleven. I've heard it. MARY Your son's in front of the TV. He's had a few goldfish crackers and a chocolate sippy. She glances at the clock. MARY (CONT'D) Oh, crap. I'm gonna be late. What are you gonna do today? Huh? You got a plan? Mary doubles her efforts to find a shirt showing no respect for order or organization. SABRINA What kind? MARY What kind? (beat) What kinda plan? Sabrina sits up and wipes the sleep from her eyes. SABRINA Goldfish. What kind of goldfish? Cheese or those herb kind? MARY Herb.

4. SABRINA I like the cheese kind. Why can't you get the cheese kind? MARY Reilly likes the other kind, so suck it up, OK? What are you gonna do today? Sabrina looks blank, not having the vaguest plan. SABRINA I'm gonna...look for a job... MARY OK. So...? SABRINA I'm gonna look for a job. I just told you. MARY Where? You have a plan? Sabrina sits on the side of the bed and shakes out her 'Breck Girl' hair. SABRINA I don't know how I'm supposed to look for a job. What am I supposed to do with Reilly? Take him with me? MARY Well, unless you plan to deflate him and stick him in the closet, I guess you gotta. SABRINA I'm serious. Mary finds a possible option and holds it up. It is wrinkled and unattractive. Sabrina lays back down crossways on the bed. MARY You gotta get up off your butt and go do something instead of bitchin' around here all day. And get out of that damn bed. But she makes no effort to sit up.

5. SABRINA I'm supposed to drag him into the friggin' Dairy Queen or someplace and ask for a job? MARY Yeah. SABRINA There's a plan. MARY You sit on your ass all day here. You ain't paid a cent for all the bitchin' you do. I'm trying to hold this together but you ain't done nothing. Nothing. God damn. I get so sick of your bitchin'. You know, Danny thinks I oughta toss your ass outta here... I don't know. What am I supposed to do? What? You'd lay your butt in bed all day if I'd let ya. Reilly is sitting on his soon to be fat ass in front of... Sabrina succumbs to her mother's offensive. SABRINA OK, I'm up. I'm up. God, stop. And do you have to bring up Danny. Ugh, call the Orkin man. MARY Hey, you don't gotta eat the sausage, so stop your bitchin'. He's good to me. SABRINA Oh, God! Mom, do you have to say stuff like that. I'm gonna wretch. Sabrina tosses Mary a shirt. SABRINA (CONT'D) Here, try this. It's a cute, sexy top but too 'young' for Mary. MARY Ooo... I like this. Shit, I'd look pretty good in this. SABRINA Go ahead and wear it.

6. Mary considers it for a moment. MARY I can't wear this to a nursing home. I'd make those old guys too horny. SABRINA Toss 'em a little and maybe one of them'ed leave you a million dollars. Those old guys would take whatever. Mary drops it on the bed. MARY I'm going to work. Act like the kid's mom for God's sake. SABRINA Mom... MARY What? SABRINA I need some money. Mary pauses and gives her 'the look'. SABRINA (CONT'D) I don't have gas. You want me to get a job, I need gas. MARY What about the fifteen bucks I gave you yesterday? SABRINA God, mom, you don't listen. I told you I owed Trish for Saturday night. MARY You told me you were square with her. SABRINA Yeah, for Friday, not Saturday. MARY You told me you didn't owe her nothin. SABRINA That was two weeks ago. God. Mary hesitates, and then goes for her purse.

7. MARY Here's five. A CAR HORN blares beckoning Mary. She grabs the original ugly, wrinkled top and quickly puts it on. SABRINA Mom, five dollars of gas isn't gonna get me to Shitsville. I'll probably have to go to Charleston. They're supposed to be hiring at the I.G.A. MARY Honey, all I got is my lunch money... Sabrina peers into Mary's purse. SABRINA Here, give me the twenty for gas and if you give me the five I'll buy Reilly a happy meal. Mary hesitates again. She looks at her daughter directly. MARY OK. You get that boy a happy meal. I'll give you my last twenty-five. I'll take the chips with me. Mary grabs a half eaten bag of chips from a pile. SABRINA Thanks. I'll look for a job, I promise. MARY Good girl. I love you. I gotta go. SABRINA I love you too. Sabrina tosses the money carelessly on the bed. EXT. ESTABLISHING - DAY It is a bleak day in an even bleaker trailer park. The weather is central Illinois blah. A disparate spread of unkempt trailers stretches seemingly forever. Nothing moves except for the stream of tiny vehicles on a distant interstate highway.

8. INT. THE O'BANNION TRAILER LIVING ROOM - DAY SABRINA sits on a ragged sofa, her feet propped up on an abused coffee table and a book open in her lap. She clutches a bag of herb goldfish and occasionally stuffs them in her mouth. The room exhibits all the charm and style that cheap 1980's decor can offer. The shades are down and the room has the warm, dark mood of a pub. In front of her REILLY O'BANNION, a precocious 3 1/2 year old boy sits watching mindless, male-marketed, action cartoon drivel. The NOISE OF EXPLOSIONS AND RAY GUNS is ceaseless. Suddenly she closes the book and tosses it on the table. The book and its title, "The Cherry Orchard", appear a contradiction here. The cartoon drones on and she watches intently for a moment. A horrendous explosion makes her flinch. SABRINA They just get their heads blown off? REILLY I's OK. They's bad guys. SABRINA Oh. She picks up a cell phone and calls, still stashing away the goldfish. SABRINA (CONT'D) Trish. Hey. Waz up? What are you doin'? Yeah. Hey, can you do me like this big favor? Yeah. Yeah. Like pretty soon. Yeah, I've already given him breakfast... I'll check his pants before I go. OK... What? Well, that sucks... so is this gonna be like inconvenient? Well, if you don't mind. Yeah, that'd be great. OK, see you in a few. She closes the phone and tosses it idly on the coffee table. SABRINA (CONT'D) Honey, mommies gonna have to go out for a little bit. Reilly is unmoved by this statement.

9. SABRINA (CONT'D) Hey, buddy...mommies gonna be... REILLY OK. She watches him from the back awhile, and then goes to him with complete lack of confidence. She kneels and makes an attempt at intimacy. SABRINA Buddy, can mommy get a kiss? He leans away without breaking his gaze. REILLY I gave the last one to maw-maw. (beat) I want go-fish. Sabrina pulls out. She rises and peers at the now empty goldfish bag in her hand. SABRINA Hmmm. EXT. THE O'BANNION TRAILER - DAY

Sabrina bounds down the trailer stairs to her car, a questionable looking older vehicle with a sheet of torn plastic partially duct-taped over the rear driver's side window. Her choice of attire belies someone more 'on-the-make' than job hunting. She reaches around and unlocks the door from the inside. She climbs halfway into the rear window and contorts her body to get the door to open from the inside. She pulls herself free and stands a moment at the open door peering in. She performs an O.C. ritual: straighten pants, straighten shirt, straighten hair, get in. We see the gas gauge reads 2/3 full. EXT. TANNING SALON - DAY Sabrina strolls down a college town street. It is in stark contrast to the drab palette of the trailer court. Trendy store fronts exude color and commercialism. Sabrina eats a fajita with one hand and holds a large Taco Bell cup in the other. She shows no hesitation as she sets

10. the cup on the window sill of a tanning salon and slips inside. INT. TANNING SALON - CONTINUOUS She proceeds to the counter where a FEMALE ATTENDANT waits upon her. An employee straightens up in the background. FEMALE ATTENDANT Hi. Back already? SABRINA Yeah. I need twenty minutes. She plunks the twenty dollar bill on the counter. EXT. TANNING SALON - DAY Sabrina emerges from the salon in no different state than when she went in. Ignoring the cup still perched on the sill she toddles off down the street. INT. WENDY'S RESTAURANT - DAY Sabrina studies an application as she sits in a booth. She glances around. She writes. INSERT APPLICATION Under the question asking when she would be available to work she writes: "no weekends or nights, maybe some afternoons. No mornings!" INT. MCDONALDS RESTAURANT - DAY She sits at a similar booth studying another application. She writes an answer. INSERT APPLICATION Under the questions regarding health history she marks affirmative to "mental instability" and "AIDS". INT. PAYLESS SHOE STORE - DAY She sits on one of those shoe fitting seats struggling to fill out an application with nowhere to write. INSERT APPLICATION Under references she writes the names of two current hiphop artists.

11. INT. PUBLIC AID OFFICE - DAY Sabrina stands at the head of a ragtag line of characters awaiting service. BUREAUCRAT The state of Illinois requires you make sufficient monthly progress toward acquiring gainful employment. How many job applications have you filed in the last 30 days? SABRINA Seventeen. The bureaucrat checks a box, initials the form and hands it to Sabrina. BUREAUCRAT Take it to window 4. Next. SABRINA You have a great tan. BUREAUCRAT (beat) Next. INT. PUBLIC AID OFFICE LOBBY - DAY Sabrina approaches the main entry door. A glass wall and a double-swing glass door confront her. She reaches the door simultaneously with an older man, ALEX BLINDERMAN, 43, who grabs the handle from the outside. SABRINA Oh... sorry. They proceed to do the classic 'you-first/no-you-first' routine. Finally, she pushes out past him. ALEX Sorry. As she continues on she senses he is watching her. She glances back to see, then hurries away. EXT. THE O'BANNION TRAILER - EVENING Sabrina drives up to her usual parking spot and climbs out. She slams the car door but it pops back open. She closes it gently then sticks her head and upper torso through the vacant rear window and works some mechanical magic to make it stay.

12. She extricates herself and hops up the step to the trailer. A sheriff's POLICEMAN comes around the far end of the trailer. A moment later a female SECOND OFFICER appears. SABRINA Hi. POLICEMAN Hello. Sabrina stares blankly for a moment, waiting for some forthcoming explanation but one does not come. SABRINA Is there a problem? Did I do something? POLICEMAN Do you live here? SABRINA Yeah. Sabrina waits with intent. SECOND OFFICER Are you Sabrina O'Bannion? SABRINA Yeah. What's going on? POLICEMAN Could we maybe speak inside? SABRINA Sure... no. What's going on? SECOND OFFICER Are you related to Mary Eckart? SABRINA She's my mom, yeah. Where's Reilly? POLICEMAN Reilly would be...? SABRINA My son. POLICEMAN Was he with your mother this afternoon?

13. SABRINA No. He's with Trish... his sitter. What's going on? SECOND OFFICER I'm sorry to tell you, there's been an accident involving your mother. She's been taken to Lincoln Memorial Health Center. SABRINA Oh, God! And Sabrina pushes past them as she breaks toward her car. SECOND OFFICER Sabrina, there's no reason to hurry... Sabrina's face breaks. EXT. THE O'BANNION TRAILER - DAY SUPERIMPOSE: THREE WEEKS LATER The trailer storm door bursts open and Sabrina cascades out. She goes through her car opening ceremony and gets in. She backs out but nearly t-bones an old, rusted van. SABRINA'S POV In the rear view mirror we see the driver of the van. She realizes it is the man she saw at Public Aid. He doesn't move. END POV She cranes her head around for a better look. He smiles then drives on. EXT. JTPA OFFICE - DAY Sabrina walks down the sidewalk now eating a cheese burger and sipping a large drink. She arrives at the JTPA office storefront and looks at the window. On it is written: "JTPA of Coles County" in large letters. She starts to put her cup on the window sill, but not having one, she decides to set it on a nearby bench. She enters. INT. JTPA OFFICE HALL - CONTINUOUS She enters into a hallway. An office door reads "Job Training and Partnership Act", "Welcome". She enters.

14. INT. JTPA OFFICE - CONTINUOUS She steps into the room. SABRINA'S POV We see a cramped waiting room. The chairs are filled with various adults, some with small children in their laps. An empty chair beckons from the side of the room. END POV As she starts for the chair she realizes the chair next to it is occupied by the man in the van. She hesitates slightly, then sits down next to Alex. He reads an old Sports Illustrated. ALEX Well, hi. SABRINA Hi. Sabrina occasionally gets pummeled by the large woman sitting next to her with an active two year old on her lap. Sabrina struggles against the inertia of the blows to avoid making physical contact with Alex. ALEX I'm the guy that... SABRINA Yeah, I know. ALEX ...was in the van earlier. SABRINA Sorry. ALEX "A driver must yield when emerging from an alley, building, private road or driveway after coming to a complete stop" you know. SABRINA Sure... ALEX Chapter four, "Rules of the Road".

15. SABRINA I read it in driver's ed. You memorize it? ALEX I just remember stuff like that. SABRINA Yeah, well, you also gotta "...yield to cross traffic when on the terminating highway of a "T" intersection with no traffic control signs or signals." ALEX Yeah! That's right. SABRINA I do too. ALEX You must have done well in school, huh? SABRINA Yeah. A's. It was pretty easy. I read a lot. ALEX You in college someplace? SABRINA No. ALEX Why not? SABRINA I dropped out. ALEX Wow. That was dumb. SABRINA Maybe. ALEX Maybe? SABRINA Yeah, I never went anyway. I don't think I missed a hella'va lot.

16. ALEX Well, you missed the part about getting a job, I guess, or you wouldn't be here. SABRINA I don't know what I missed. I wasn't there. But his point is well made. EXT. JTPA OFFICE - DAY Sabrina exits the office door to find Alex sitting on the bench, her cup still in its place. ALEX Well, how'd you do? SABRINA They offered me free windows if I apply for energy efficiency credits and I can get free shoes cause I qualify as an entry level worker. Alex tosses the cup into a nearby waste can. ALEX What is wrong with people? Hey, sit down here for a moment. She stands. SABRINA Well, I gotta... ALEX That's OK. Stand if you like. Can I give you some advice. Not like you want it or anything, I know, but... SABRINA OK, what? ALEX You don't need new windows. SABRINA No. Maybe. I don't know. ALEX No. You don't. What you need is income, right?

17. SABRINA OK. ALEX You go to places like this when you want to get free stuff. SABRINA Look, I gotta go. Thanks. ALEX I'll walk with you. SABRINA I really don't want to talk right now. ALEX Before you go, le'me just... SABRINA Leave me alone! ALEX OK. OK. She hurries to her car parked down the block. She goes through her car entering routine then sneaks a glance... Yes, he's still watching her. INT. CASEYS CONVENIENCE STORE - DAY Sabrina stands behind two women waiting to use the lottery ticket scanner. Sabrina cranes her head around to see the results of the first woman's ticket. INSERT LOTTERY SCANNER It clearly reads: "Not a Winner." The woman walks off. The second woman does the same. INSERT LOTTERY SCANNER It again reads: "Not a Winner." Sabrina takes her turn at the scanner. INSERT LOTTERY SCANNER It reads "LOSER" in bright flashing letters while the MACHINE BEEPS excitedly.

18. She looks closer. The scanner now clearly reads "Not a Winner" as before. EXT. THE O'BANNION TRAILER - DAY The trailer storm door bursts open as Sabrina flies out in a state of angst. SABRINA Shit! She looks around but does not see what she is looking for. It is disturbingly quiet and still. SABRINA (CONT'D) Shit! Reilly! EXT. ALEX'S TRAILER - DAY Her search leads her to a trailer three lots away. She suddenly comes face to face with Alex sitting on the dilapidated front steps. SABRINA Shit! Shit! Oh, my God! I'm sorry. I didn't know you lived here. Sorry about the 'shit'. ALEX Hey, it's all right. Just the other day I was eating Mexican and there was this green shit on my plate... Sabrina watches him doubtfully. SABRINA They always give you guacamole. ALEX Really? Sabrina regains her frantic manner. SABRINA I lost my son. Shit! Alex sits calmly. ALEX Is that his name? What? No. SABRINA It's Reilly.

19. ALEX Hmmm. You never know anymore. I heard a story about a woman who named her daughter "Shi-theed". Funny thing was that she spelled it S.H.I.T.H.E.A.D. Probably urban legend, though. SABRINA Yeah.... She moves off but is stopped by his voice. ALEX Do you realize there are five sex offenders living in this trailer park alone? SABRINA What? ALEX Not to mention the surrounding neighborhood which adds 3 more. That's eight. Look it up. It's on the state police web site. SABRINA I don't have a computer. He leans back on the steps, blocking any passage up them. From inside Sabrina notices the faint sounds of CARTOON GUN FIRE. SABRINA (CONT'D) Is my son in there? ALEX Sure is. She breaks toward the stairs but Alex remains aloof and unmoved. Sabrina studies him. SABRINA I could have you arrested. ALEX I could have you arrested. SABRINA Reilly! Reilly! Come out here, baby!

20. ALEX Relax. He's havin' a great time. Found some old toys... SABRINA Reilly! It's mommy! ALEX Come on. He's as happy as a three year old can be... I mean as happy as a three year old 'who's still in a diaper' can be. I just found him toddling down the road here. No clothes on. Just a diaper. He really ought to be potty trained. SABRINA Look, he got out the front door. I was doing dishes... ALEX Right. SABRINA Just let me have my son. ALEX Now, this may seem mystical and weird, but I assure you it's really just a trick, a matter of deductive reasoning. My guess is that you were not, "doing the dishes," as you previously testified, but, in fact, you were sleeping. SABRINA What difference does it make? ALEX The kid's been here two hours. SABRINA OK. ALEX That's it? OK? SABRINA If you're disappointed in me, sign the petition in the manager's office.

21. ALEX Department of Child and Family Services might be interested in signing that. SABRINA Let me have my son. Now! (beat) You a perv? Alex stands and assumes a non-threatening stance. ALEX I haven't touched your son. That's not who I am. Nothin' weird here. OK? Don't get alarmed. SABRINA You're holding my son hostage. I'm alarmed. ALEX I can have you arrested, you know, for neglect. SABRINA Yeah, we did this already. And I could have you arrested for kidnapping. ALEX Come on...a half naked 3 year old cruising this pervert's paradise with no parent in sight? Then, nobody comes looking for him for two hours? Whose gonna take your side? She studies him carefully. ALEX (CONT'D) By the way, he said he was hungry so I fed him... bratwurst and a pib. SABRINA Why do I keep running into you? ALEX Luck? SABRINA I don't think. What is it you want?

22. ALEX Just talk. I just moved in. I'm lonely. SABRINA Join the 'Y'. ALEX I don't like to swim. SABRINA Go to a gay bar. ALEX I don't like to get wet, either. Sabrina takes a confrontational pose. SABRINA If you're trying to hit on me, fuck off! Alex laughs genuinely at her absurd suggestion. ALEX Don't worry. Seriously, I'm just looking for someone to talk to. SABRINA You're not gonna give me some tract to read, are you? ALEX No. Come on; let's go get your son. But I can't promise you he'll leave without a fight. You may have to pry the bratwurst from his grimy little hand. Alex turns up the steps and Sabrina follows. INT. ALEX'S TRAILER - DAY The interior of Alex's trailer is sparsely decorated. Reilly sits on the floor, enraptured with a couple of action figures and a toy dump truck. The TV drones in the background. Sabrina goes immediately to him. SABRINA Hey, sweetie, mommy's come to get you. Are you having a good time?

23. REILLY Look, mommy... it's bat-worse. He opens his mouth to show her that he is eating a newly discovered treat. SABRINA Great, buddy. Did you have a good time with Mr... uh...person...guy here? Alex gazes into the refrigerator. ALEX Alex. You want a drink... beer or some brats or something? REILLY Yeah, Mr. Personguy was fun. He gived me bat-worse an played trucks an men. SABRINA Well, great. Honey, we're gonna go on home now. REILLY No! I like bat-worse! ALEX I didn't mean to start him on an addiction or anything. Up or down on that beer? SABRINA Up...er, down. No. Can I take it with me? ALEX Absolutely not! This isn't public aid. I'm not giving away something for nothing. SABRINA We'll just go. REILLY I wanna play trucks. Alex moves into the living room with the beer.

24. ALEX Oh, ease up. Reilly's happy. You're getting a free beer. What more could a young mom want? Sabrina studies Reilly happily distracted on the floor. SABRINA Well, OK. Alex presents the bottles on the kitchen table and beckons her to sit. He pops open the bottles but does not offer her a glass. Like two old chess masters they square off at the table. SABRINA (CONT'D) You're not, like, with the police or D.C.F.S. or something, are you? ALEX I'm an honest, decent, government dependent like yourself. There is a prickly silence. ALEX (CONT'D) I'm real sorry about you losing your mother. I lost my mom a while back. It's pretty rough. Was it sudden? Sabrina swigs her beer and looks at Alex. ALEX (CONT'D) You don't want to talk about that. Sorry. SABRINA No. No, it's OK. Uh... yeah, it was sudden. Like real sudden. One day it just sort of showed up out of nowhere... like Hamlet's father or something. ALEX You've read Hamlet, have you? SABRINA I'm not friggin' stupid. Have you? ALEX Yeah, once. Long time ago.

25. SABRINA Then you get what I'm saying about how random it is. One morning she's friggin' yellin' at me, and that afternoon, she's.... ALEX What happened? SABRINA Took the train to work one morning. Forgot to get out of the car first. God, I miss her. (beat) So, what's your deal? ALEX Deal? SABRINA Like family? Wife or kids or... something. ALEX What can I say? I'm just the strong, independent, 'don't gotta rely on others' type. SABRINA You're not, like, one of those lonely-perv, weird-ass, horny, stalker dudes that stand too close to you, and like, you know, with the freaky belt buckle and the mullet and everyone's gettin' out the hand sanitizer when you're around 'cause you, like, gotta a weird fetish thing goin' on are you? ALEX My God, I hope not. What? Nope. SABRINA Separated? ALEX Nope. SABRINA Divorced? ALEX

26. SABRINA A widower? ALEX No. SABRINA In a relationship but afraid to commit? ALEX (shaking his head) Unh-ah. SABRINA Gay? ALEX No. SABRINA So, what? It's an ambi-gender... 'can't-go-in-the-locker-room' kinda thing? ALEX No. Just never, you know... made the right connection... SABRINA Is it some psycho-religious thing? ALEX No. No. SABRINA So it comes down to just being an insensitive bastard with a bad personality. No! No. out. ALEX I'm alright. You'll find

Sabrina relaxes back in her chair, sips her beer and studies him. Alex steps to the refrigerator. ALEX (CONT'D) So, how you doin' now that your mom's gone? SABRINA I'm doin' OK. It just kinda knocks your plans all to hell.

27. ALEX Yeah, like what? Alex searches the refrigerator for a snack. SABRINA What? ALEX Your plans. SABRINA Plans? ALEX Your plans. SABRINA My plans? ALEX Yeah. SABRINA Well... She ponders. INT. TED'S PLACE - NIGHT Ted's Place is a college town sports bar complete with pool table. Customers watch a Bear's game on several large TVs. Sabrina is playing pool with two men, JAKE and PEEP, both 21. She laughs and makes physical contact with the two men as they play slop. She bumps Peep as he shoots. PEEP Hey! You little skank. SABRINA I'm s'posed to win, butt-head. PEEP Hell... SABRINA My shot. She pushes him out of her way.

28. JAKE Dude, let her go. It ain't gonna make no difference. You're gonna end up buying anyway, dumb-ass. He whacks Sabrina in the rump with the butt of his cue as she shoots. SABRINA Hey! SABRINA'S POV Entering at the bar door is Alex. He sees her and raises his hand in recognition. He approaches. END POV SABRINA (CONT'D) Shit, he's a stalker. PEEP Who? SABRINA (to Peep) This guy. He's all kinda 'Christopher Walken'. Don't leave me. Alex arrives. ALEX Well, it's kismet. SABRINA Yeah, kismet. JAKE Kiss-met ass. He laughs at his lame attempt at humor. ALEX Kismet is an Arabic word... SABRINA I know what kismet is. She address the two younger men. SABRINA (CONT'D) It means 'fate'. Alex, this is Jake and Peep, friends from high school.


29. PEEP We dropped out together. Hey. And he shakes Alex's hand. JAKE Sup? He does the same. ALEX You're a pool player, huh? SABRINA Oh, yeah, when the local butt heads'll let me. ALEX Yeah. I used to play some. SABRINA I take that as a challenge. JAKE Hey, Bitchy, we're gonna watch the game. Get us when you're done. She glares, but Jake pulls Peep to a bar seat to watch. ALEX What'd they call you? SABRINA Bitchy. They called me that in high school... from my initials. It's dumb, really. Hey, I want to wup your ass here. He picks up a cue left by one of the other men, holds it up and checks it for true. SABRINA (CONT'D) Oh shit, come on. It's a cue. You want to go first? ALEX What are you playing? SABRINA We're just messing around. He studies the table.

30. SABRINA (CONT'D) You hit the white one. ALEX OK. Five in the corner. And he proceeds to miss a fairly easy shot. SABRINA You don't have to call it. We just play for beers here. She steps up and proceeds to run the table during the scene. ALEX Well, I'm glad I bumped into you, anyway. SABRINA A person of lesser intelligence might think you were following them, but, hell, I know you're just some pathetic old guy who likes to take in small boys off the street. ALEX I have only noble intentions. Reilly is really a bright little boy. Course, so's his mommy. SABRINA I have a good memory. I read a lot. It's no biggie. She sinks a ball and Alex notices it. ALEX Your two buddies there don't seem to share your intellectual fervor. SABRINA Oh, them? They're kinda dumb-shits, but I like them. They're fun. She sinks another. ALEX So, how those plans comin'? SABRINA Huh?

31. ALEX You figured out what you're gonna do with your mom gone? SABRINA You don't seem to have any plan. ALEX Yeah, well... She shoots. It drops. She comes up. SABRINA So, how'd you know about my mom? ALEX It's a trailer court. You think my cat could spit up a hair ball out there without everyone knowing? SABRINA You got a cat? ALEX No. So, your dad? He gonna help you out? And she sinks another. SABRINA Yeah, right. He's a freakin' cartoon character. ALEX Yeah? She stops studying the table and gives her attention to Alex. SABRINA He's like Fred Flintstone or something... this sort of abstract picture in my head... unknowable, unreachable... ALEX You never met him? SABRINA Shit, no. Mom kind of pretended he didn't exist. I always thought of myself as the virgin birth... which is kind of appropriate since my mom's name was Mary.

32. ALEX So, like what? She never went after him? SABRINA She tried, kinda half-assed, early on, but... she found other guys to... you know... She puts her attention back into the game. SABRINA (CONT'D) Her name mighta been Mary but she sure as hell wasn't sinless... kinda the Immaculate Deception. ALEX So, who was he? SABRINA His name was Ron O'Bannion... pretty gay soundin', but apparently he could get it up. Lucky me... I got his name, you know, so it'd be easier to collect child support. She shoots. It drops. ALEX Why don't you look for him? He owes you. SABRINA Shit, why? It's too late to do anything about it. It's easier if he's just a fairy tale. ALEX Yeah, well, my father was real and I spent my childhood wishing he was a fairy tale... which is also kind of appropriate since his name was Geppetto. SABRINA You're shitin' me! She sinks a ball. ALEX Yeah. SABRINA You owe me a beer.

33. She smiles. INT. TED'S PLACE - NIGHT They sit at a booth, a beer open in front of each. ALEX So, Reilly's dad? What about him? SABRINA Dustin Wimple. Shit, can you imagine? It was a sorry day I had to name my son 'Wimple', but... ALEX Child support... SABRINA Hell, yes. ALEX So's he around? SABRINA Oh, yeah. ALEX Yeah? SABRINA Around, but.... He and the local D.A. have this agreement... the state's payin' his room and board so long as he won't beat up anymore women in bars. ALEX Hmmm. So, you got anything comin' in? SABRINA Well, I got my WIC card. And I can get a hundred and fifty a month from public aid... ALEX How much is your rent? SABRINA That's a problem. I need work, I know. It's just a little weird because I never really had to work before.

34. ALEX You're what? Twenty? Twenty-five? You never worked? SABRINA Twenty-one. And you're like what, sixty? So why aren't you? ALEX I'm forty-four for God's sake! I asked you first. SABRINA I asked you second? ALEX I don't care, I asked you first. Sixty... oh my God... SABRINA Fine. I'm not saying until you say. ALEX I don't believe this. Because I... don't. I'm on disability. SABRINA Yeah, like I'm believin' that! Everyone in prison is innocent and everyone in a trailer park is disabled. His phone beeps indicating a text message. He grabs it and reads the screen INSERT PHONE We see the text: "I'll call police if you don't leave me alone!" The sender's name "SHAY" appears at the top. He doesn't miss a beat. ALEX Look, my ass isn't in the grinder like your's. SABRINA I don't know. I just can't make myself. I never had to. Everything's always been so freakin' easy. ALEX You're strugglin' financially. You oughta work.

35. SABRINA You're strugglin' socially. You oughta get laid. He thinks. EXT. TED'S PLACE - NIGHT They exit the bar. Sabrina steps to her car parked nearby in a space with an obvious 'No Parking' sign in front of it. ALEX Hey, I got somethin' I want you to see. He goes to the rusty van and returns carrying a book with no dust jacket. ALEX (CONT'D) You like to read and this'll help you get goin'. SABRINA Whoa. I'm not doing nothin'. ALEX It's about gettin' a job. They're not easy to find right now. You should read it. SABRINA Uh, hold it. I'm being handed a late breaking bulletin: No! ALEX Reilly deserves better than that. SABRINA What? ALEX You're guilty of neglect. SABRINA Get off my butt. ALEX You gotta work. SABRINA God, would you leave me alone? Alex takes a cell phone from his pocket.

36. ALEX I'm serious. You gotta get it together. I have no problem callin' Child and Family Services. She looks about, stymied. SABRINA Shit, you're an ass. What is it? I'll look at it. ALEX Good! You read it tonight, and tomorrow we'll start running. SABRINA Running? ALEX The book suggests it. SABRINA Running! Who the hell are you? You never said anything about running! You mean like blobs of sweat, pain in my side, barf on the sidewalk, running? ALEX Physical exertion produces endorphins. SABRINA What?! ALEX Endorphins. They're a chemical in your brain... SABRINA I know what endorphins are. I'm disturbed by the "exertion" thing. Alex begins dialing the cell phone. ALEX (on phone) Yeah, I'd like to report a case of neglect... She grabs the phone violently from his hand. SABRINA Shit! What is this? What is it to you if I work?

37. ALEX Nothin'. But, something inside me just can't sit by while a kid gets screwed. He takes the phone back and dials. She grabs it again. SABRINA You're like some freak from human services hell. Fine, I'll read the damn book if that'll get you off my rear. ALEX Good. Like nine AM? SABRINA For what? ALEX To run. SABRINA Oh, shit. You're serious? ALEX Yeah. He holds up the phone. SABRINA Why so freakin' early? ALEX Nine is late for the employed. SABRINA What am I doing? EXT. ALEX'S TRAILER - DAY Alex, in an old style gray sweat suit, sits on the front steps of his trailer. It's a warmer, bluer day. As Sabrina breaks the plane of the trailer corner, she catches Alex reading a note with piece of duct tape protruding off the top advertising its earlier attachment to his door. He folds the note. ALEX Is this where I'm supposed to say something lame like, "Better late than never"?

38. SABRINA What'cha got there? He pockets the paper. ALEX Oh, nothin'. I thought we said nine AM. SABRINA What time is it? ALEX Eleven twenty. SABRINA So, I was doing the dishes. He can't help but laugh as they take off down the lane. INT. ALEX'S TRAILER - NIGHT Reilly snoozes, looking like a bundle of dirty laundry, curled up in the TV chair. Sabrina and Alex study something on the table. SABRINA Oort. ALEX What? SABRINA Oort. ALEX Barn. SABRINA Barn? ALEX Yeah. SABRINA Fine. Screw it up. ALEX Oort? SABRINA Yeah.

39. ALEX Barn. "Comet's home"... SABRINA Oort Cloud. ALEX What the hell is that? SABRINA It's where comets originate in the solar system. ALEX Really? Spell. SABRINA O.O.R.T. ALEX That doesn't fit with whiskey. SABRINA That's because it's Scotch, dumb ass. Whiskey doesn't even fit there. It has an 'E' in it. Give me that. She snatches the folded newspaper away from Alex. He grabs an abused box of Lucky Charms from the cabinet and watches her go to work. ALEX Man! SABRINA What? ALEX When I first met you, I had no idea you were this total, encyclopedia toting geek. SABRINA Yeah, well we've been running for two weeks now and you still clean the street with me. For an old guy you sure push it. ALEX I used to play some soccer years ago. That'll get you into shape. Sabrina comes up for air.

40. SABRINA You never struck me like a jock. Jocks hit on you and smell like Lysol. ALEX Really? I never noticed. SABRINA That's because you're an insensitive bastard... ALEX ...with a bad personality. I forgot. She submerges again. He looks at the cereal. ALEX (CONT'D) If you could invent a filter that would separate out the marshmallows you'd make a fortune. She finishes the puzzle and tosses the pencil to the table. SABRINA Done. ALEX Now, tell me again why you aren't working. You are one smart kid... woman. SABRINA You know... I don't know. Everyone else started working in high school, bagging groceries or fries or something. ALEX Your mom worked. SABRINA Not when I was little. But, she didn't have guys livin' with us then. She started working... she started bringing alien life forms home... Danny and before him Len, and there was Alfonzo... now there was a science fair project that evolved testes... damn. ALEX Well, you survived.

41. SABRINA Can I tell you something? ALEX Sure. SABRINA I grew up here, in the trailer. Great times... wearin' cigarette smoke and old sweat everyday to school. So, I'm like in second grade, right? And I figure out: they're treatin' me different. ALEX Like what? SABRINA We were supposed to bring like a dollar or something for a field trip. So, my teacher calls me over and goes, "Don't worry about it." She's gonna pay it. Hell, I just kept the dollar my mom sent. ALEX Yeah? SABRINA After that, they'd always let me get by with all sorts of crap 'cause I was 'at risk'... Like if the school didn't pull me back from the edge, I'd vote Republican or something. ALEX You get labeled. SABRINA Like Mr. Bales, the PE teacher, one day he actually called me, "Trailer Court Kid" in class. "Hey, 'Trailer Court Kid' doan got no PE shorts? Doan worry." That's what a junior high kid needs. What a freak. ALEX Hm. Sucks. SABRINA It does. Condescension's the only thing thicker than the cigarette smoke around here.

42. EXT. THE O'BANNION TRAILER - MORNING Sabrina stands at the bottom of the trailer steps talking to TRISH, a tall, gaunt trailer court victim of 30. Trish holds Reilly in her arms in the doorway as Sabrina calls back to her. SABRINA Thanks. I know I owe you, but I'm a little behind right not. My check should be in real soon. I'll make it up to you. OK? TRISH Sure. No biggie... but, my water's turned off, so, the sooner... you know... Sabrina runs down the lane to Alex's trailer. The van is gone but she leaps up the stairs anyway. She bangs a few times on the door but gets no response. SABRINA Hey! Alex! You in there?! She cups her hands and peers in the window, then opens the door and calls inside. SABRINA (CONT'D) Hey, Alex, you in there?! She steps into the trailer. SABRINA (CONT'D) Hey, asshole? She spots mail on a side table. picking it up and examining it. on a nearby table, the note she duct tape still hanging off the She opens it. INSERT NOTE Scrawled on it: "I don't want to see you! Just leave me alone. PLEASE!" And signed "Shay". Sabrina replaces it and stands thinking. EXT. TANNING SALON - DAY Sabrina approaches her usual haunt with a cheeseburger and biggie cup clenched in her fists. She sets the cup in place She shows no hesitation in A couple of bills... then, had seen in Alex's hand, top.

43. on the sill and turns to push her way in... But something catches her eye. She turns back to the street. SABRINA'S POV She is staring at a late model Cadillac Escalade blooming forth in full sport package waiting for a red light. At the wheel, sits Alex. A younger adult, FRANKLIN SPECTOR, 23, rides shotgun. Alex delivers a highly animated monologue as he drives. END POV Sabrina's face morphs from curious to nonplussed. She extrapolates the car's possible destination. She hightails it to the corner as the car turns down the side street. The car is only feet away, so Sabrina quickly melts in with some students waiting at the crosswalk. The car accelerates and she breaks into a sprint to keep up. Passersby scamper out of her way. She pulls up as the car comes to the next corner light. Alex glances over. She leaps behind a couple walking in a half embrace. The car moves forward... Sabrina takes off. The car halts as a late pedestrian runs across, Sabrina leaps back behind the couple, grabbing them as a terrorist uses a human shield. People watch curiously. The car approaches a campus building and Sabrina dives behind some shrubbery as the car turns into a faculty parking lot. Students gather to watch her lurking behind the bush stalking her prey. The two hop out, Alex still in full reportage while the other ostensibly listens to his passionate expose. Sabrina stares with the focus of a lioness. The crowd grows. The two stroll to the building and Sabrina makes her move across the street. But, Alex turns to lock his car with the remote. She aborts. She scrambles back to the safety of a mail box. A student attempts to mail a bill, but Sabrina won't budge. Franklin holds the door for Alex, and they disappear into the interior darkness of academic elitism.

44. Sabrina bounds across the street and smashes her way through some undergrads approaching the entrance. She's in! Which way?! That's Alex's voice! From where? Above! Up the stairwell! One flight, two. There's only one option... through that door! She barrels into the hallway, but there they are! They turn toward the source of the commotion and see... nothing, as Sabrina dives back into the stairwell and plasters herself against the wall. She takes a slower approach. There they are, standing by an open lab door. Will he ever shut up? Finally, the younger man enters and Alex continues a short stroll down the hall to a neighboring office. Sabrina boils. EXT. EASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY - ESTABLISHING - DAY The tilt of the 8:00 AM sun warms the quad as hundreds of undergrads stroll en masse up and down the sidewalks. Campus buildings stand guard over the tranquil scene. INT. THE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY - MORNING Alex strolls down the hallway in full professorial splendor. He holds standard academic paraphernalia: manila folders and test blue-books under one arm while coddling a cup of coffee in the other. A COLLEGUE turns the far corner and approaches him. COLLEGUE Morning Alex. ALEX Morty, how ya doing this morning? COLLEGUE Hey, one of your GA's needed to get in your office earlier. I opened up. Didn't think you'd mind. ALEX No... sadly, nothing illegal or immoral there to hide. Maybe they've finally gotten some of those stats run. He comes face to face with his name on his office door..."Dr. Alex Blinderman". He enters.

45. INT. ALEX'S OFFICE - DAY A white board stands sentinel to one side. On it, inscribed with grandeur in list form, reads: 1. INVENTORY Interests 2. ASSESS Strengths 3. DEFINE Expectations 4. INITIATE Search. Sabrina's silhouette looms like Gibraltar's rock dead center in the room. SABRINA What... the... fuck? ALEX Well... hi. SABRINA What the fuck? He deposits the coffee and paper work on his desk. ALEX Is there an answer for that or are you merely posing an existential conjecture about life? Her stare eviscerates him. ALEX (CONT'D) Existential is a philosophical term for... SABRINA I know what existential means. ALEX So, I guess you're expecting an answer to your "What the fuck?" query. SABRINA The only thing I'm expecting an answer to is how you're gonna carry yourself like any kind of man after I kick your balls from here to Afghanistan. ALEX OK. You're angry. I understand that. SABRINA You don't understand a thing except how to lie and how to humiliate someone!

46. ALEX Hm. I understand you feel tricked and embarrassed as well. But, don't be reactionary until you get my story. SABRINA Shit! ALEX And, let's lower our voice. She opens the office door, screaming full voice: SABRINA I won't get an abortion! He leaps to the door and slams it shut then boils a moment. ALEX Don't force me to have you removed. SABRINA Yeah? Well I'm gonna call the D.C.F.S. on you! The Department of Crap Spewing Fuckheads. ALEX That would be D.C.S.F. in that case. He moves past her to his desk and she whirls on him, grabbing a small rubberized model of a human brain from a shelf in the process. She lets loose with a perfect fast ball, bopping him squarely in the forehead. It bounces up and recoils off a hanging lamp above his desk, then does a perfect swan dive into his coffee. ALEX (CONT'D) Something highly improbable like that only happens at times like these. Why is that, do you suppose? This occurrence mollifies her. ALEX (CONT'D) Hey, sit down here. I think I can help you over this little shock by explaining myself. I don't want to mess with you. SABRINA Oh...

47. ALEX My intentions are honorable, though my methods might not have been. I'll try to be as transparent as you would like. Sabrina's doubt fills the room. She sits. SABRINA I'm angry. I have a bad temper. My mom used to tell me to quit my bitchin'. OK, mom. I'll give you about thirty seconds to say something that will keep me from removing your prostate with a letter opener right here on this desk. ALEX Start the clock. Look, everything I told you is absolutely true... to a degree... OK. See... hm... all right. Here you go. I'm a professor of sociology here at Eastern Illinois University and author of "The Career Within You". He indicates several copies of the book on in a bookcase. Sabrina imitates the wretched sound of a basketball buzzer ending a period of play. SABRINA Eeeeeehhhhhh. Sorry, your time is up. And she moves with spring-wound aggression toward the desk. ALEX No! No! Wait, the good stuff is coming, I promise. SABRINA You're word isn't carryin' a lot of weight right now. ALEX Look, the university... they pay me to sit around and think about people like you... I mean, from a sociological point of view. SABRINA I'm honored.

48. ALEX Sabrina O'Bannion. Why? Why her? Why is she living in a trailer on the outskirts of nowhere with essentially nothing while there goes Greta Goodbody with her Corvette and designer husband? SABRINA Cause I live there... and I can think of nothing more distasteful than the skanky Ms Goodbody and her crap-ass little husband. Her type makes me go menopausal. ALEX The sociological implications of poverty are fascinating, especially those in your scenario... several generations of poverty unable to drag themselves upward in our otherwise upwardly mobile society. SABRINA Well, at least I've got my own scenario... ALEX I've always thought that if those in poverty had a reason to approach the problem with confidence and a clearly laid and well prepared plan of action, anyone would be able to rise above their nascent beginnings. SABRINA Why am I feeling like one of those Rysis monkeys you see in documentaries. Feed me toxins and stick a tube in my head. ALEX OK. I did treat you as something of an experiment. I won't deny that. Look, I'm writing a research paper, "The Politics of Poverty: Promoting Potential in America's Poor." SABRINA Hey, what's a little alliteration among friends, right?

49. ALEX The best academic titles always use figures of speech. SABRINA The title sucks, Alex. ALEX Anyway, I moved in out there for research purposes... undercover, you know... so I could observe my subjects without changing their behavior. SABRINA Your subjects? Hail. ALEX It was just a chance meeting at the JTPA. They provide me with case studies and statistics. I didn't start out looking for you. You just happened along. The perfect lab subject... without the formaldehyde. It was too tempting. But, as I said earlier, I will now try to be as transparent as I can. SABRINA Fine. Well, thank you for your transparency. I guess I won't emasculate you with your personalized Cross Pen set. But, for future reference, keep the hell away from me! ALEX Absolutely not. SABRINA What? ALEX Absolutely not. I have no intentions of giving you up that easily. We've started the process. Let's finish it. SABRINA Look, I know how to get a restraining order. In trailer park culture it's the first survival skill we're taught.

50. ALEX But that's the point! Sabrina, you're an amazingly insightful young woman... and far more articulate than most of the graduate students I work with every day. SABRINA Yeah? Let me say some of the words I know... ALEX Now, wait a minute. If to what I have to say, have to go back there, park, I mean. I insist to work with you. you'll listen you won't to the trailer you allow us

SABRINA Us? Let me guess, you and that glass of skim milk I saw you with yesterday. ALEX Franklin, my graduate assistant... yes, us. I think we can help. My guess is that you're a sociopath. SABRINA Do I get tax credits for that or something? ALEX Seriously. I know it doesn't sound good, but, someone with your potential... and struggling.... Something's not right here. SABRINA I don't need your freakin' help. ALEX Sabrina, you do. SABRINA Oh, fuck off. I'll make it. ALEX By doing what? Not working, certainly. SABRINA I do what I have to.

51. ALEX Yeah. Taking advantage? Screwin' over everyone you meet? SABRINA That's fuckin' unfair... ALEX Sabrina. You're a multi-generational poverty victim. SABRINA Well, Mr. Doctoral Thesis sure nailed that one to the door. ALEX You need help. SABRINA Leave me alone. ALEX OK, I'll put it this way: YOU don't need help, but you're losing your son. She stops dead. SABRINA If you called Child and Family Services, So help me, I'm gonna... ALEX No. No. This has nothing to do with them. You think you can B.S. everyone... but he knows what's what. SABRINA He's fine. And he's happy. ALEX He's becoming that 'trailer court kid' that you resented... SABRINA He's gonna be just... fine. ALEX Yeah. You really think Reilly hasn't figured out his life is worth a hundred and fifty dollar check every month from Public Aid? She regards him.

52. SABRINA You think you're some holy shit 'grownup' that we should all model our life after. I'd like to know what you go home to every night? A bowl of Special K and a chat room full of lonely peds? ALEX Don't try to stick me on the microscope slide. I've got my life pieced together. You're struggling. You need to let us work with you. SABRINA I'm outta here. ALEX Wait. Sabrina. We want to use you as our primary subject. It's a once-ina-lifetime opportunity. SABRINA Yeah? For who, exactly? ALEX Well... Look. I couldn't hire a more perfect candidate. The light turns on... SABRINA OK. OK. Sure... for a hundred a week. ALEX Now wait, I've got funding, but the parameters of the grant won't allow... SABRINA You get paid for your time... ALEX True. SABRINA Well, what am I worth? He looks at her. INT. EIU LAB - DAY Franklin sits at a desk awaiting Sabrina's arrival. The knock arrives.

53. FRANKLIN Come on in. The door glides open revealing a not-so-enthused Sabrina standing outside. FRANKLIN (CONT'D) Hey! Hi. Come on in. I'm Dr. Blinderman's G.A. SABRINA Hi. FRANKLIN He said you'd be here at 1:30. SABRINA He told me 2:30. FRANKLIN Oh. The log said 1:30. SABRINA I'm here at 2:30. FRANKLIN Well, that's OK. I'm stuck here till five anyway. You can call me Franklin. SABRINA Isn't that your name? FRANKLIN Yeah. SABRINA Then why did I need permission? FRANKLIN Well, I mean there's no need for formality here. Doctor Blinderman's pretty laid back. SABRINA You were expecting me to call you... She checks his ID badge. SABRINA (CONT'D) Mr. Spector? FRANKLIN No... no. I's just... you know...

54. SABRINA Yeah, I do. FRANKLIN Let's just get to the material, anyway. SABRINA I parked in the lot downstairs. They're not gonna like wig out or something? I can't afford a ticket. FRANKLIN No, no. You're supposed to park down in the green lot, but since you're a test subject I've been given the power to absolve your parking sins. SABRINA Maybe you can sprinkle some holy water on it or something while you're at it. FRANKLIN Yeah. Just toss your coat anywhere. SABRINA I'll just wear it. FRANKLIN Sure. Whatever. So, you're Alex's friend. SABRINA He's payin' me a hundred bucks outta his own pocket to be here. FRANKLIN Right. I'm not sure just what he told you about this... SABRINA Effing little... FRANKLIN Well, I'm a graduate student in sociology... SABRINA I'm a slut from the local trailer park.

55. FRANKLIN Least you got a healthy self-image. (beat) Well, to get started, I'm sorry, but I gotta ask some... kinda personal questions. You OK with that? Franklin shuffles up some papers and a pen while Sabrina rumbles around in her seat. SABRINA Sure. FRANKLIN Let's see...age, twenty-one? Is that right? SABRINA Yep. FRANKLIN Height? SABRINA About this tall. Sabrina casually measures off her head with a limiting hand. FRANKLIN How tall is that? SABRINA Four feet? FRANKLIN When you're standing. SABRINA Then it'd be about like this. Sabrina's hand floats up several more inches. FRANKLIN Have you been measured recently? SABRINA Sure. They do it at the doctor's office every time. FRANKLIN How tall are you? SABRINA I don't know. They never tell me.

56. FRANKLIN Right. Weight? SABRINA No, not very long. FRANKLIN I mean your weight. SABRINA I know. FRANKLIN How much do you weigh? SABRINA A hundred and five. FRANKLIN Do you smoke? SABRINA I live in a trailer park. FRANKLIN So... that would be... yes? He looks to Sabrina for reinforcement, but doesn't get it. FRANKLIN (CONT'D) Drink alcohol? SABRINA I live in a trailer park. FRANKLIN OK. Have you ever suffered from any of the following ailments...? SABRINA Yes. FRANKLIN What? SABRINA If it's anything from Alzheimer's to Zellweger Syndrome I'm on record somewhere as having it. FRANKLIN You're joking, right?

57. SABRINA Look, I'm in good health. Just mark it all negative. FRANKLIN Well, for now... Are you sexually active? SABRINA Are you? FRANKLIN I'm sorry, but I gotta ask. SABRINA My son's hoping I've been. FRANKLIN Right. Should I assume you receive public aid? SABRINA Should I assume you're a virgin? Franklin responds. FRANKLIN What? SABRINA Have you had intercourse? FRANKLIN What? SABRINA 'Intercourse'. It's not a class you take between semesters. FRANKLIN I understand the reference. SABRINA OK, so? FRANKLIN Why would you even ask that? SABRINA You asked me first. FRANKLIN Right. Maybe this is a bad day or something.

58. SABRINA Come on. We've all done it. FRANKLIN OK... Yeah, I've got a girlfriend, if that's what you're asking. Is that OK? SABRINA Yeah. Yeah. That's OK. INT. ALEX'S OFFICE - DAY Sabrina confronts Alex. ALEX What? You've only been at this one day. SABRINA Yeah, well, it's Friday. I need an advance. ALEX Why? SABRINA My water's gonna be shut off if I don't pay it before four. ALEX OK, look, I happen to have a little extra cash on me... for tonight, ah... SABRINA Ooo. A date. What's she like? Alex looks in his wallet. ALEX I could give you forty, or so. That enough to keep you goin'? SABRINA Fifty'd be better... ALEX All right, but you only get fifty next week, then. SABRINA OK. So... ?

59. He hands her some cash. ALEX So... what? SABRINA You got a date tonight? ALEX No. SABRINA With Shay? Alex tightens. ALEX No. Not with Shay. Where the hell did that come from? SABRINA I just like to know about the liars I do business with. ALEX I don't even know anyone named Shay. SABRINA Oh. INT. MALL - NIGHT The mall simmers with mall-crawlers. Sabrina, Jake, Peep, and another girl cruise through. They carry various bags of items as they cross the large, open atrium. She glances over toward a mall theater complex and something catches her eye. She pulls up behind a sign for coverage and watches as the other three move on. PEEP What're you doin'? I gotta pee, bad. SABRINA Go on. Go. I'll find you at the food court. The three move off. Franklin and a rather attractive woman, SHAY,(20) emerge from the theater. The two pause and chat briefly. Sabrina closes in as Franklin and Shay move off. She follows.

60. As they reach the entrance of a bookstore, Shay breaks away and crosses to a clothing outlet opposite. Franklin enters. INT. BOOK STORE - NIGHT Sabrina positions herself so he will stumble on her. She grabs a book. FRANKLIN Well, hi. SABRINA Hey. You read. FRANKLIN Yeah. It's a prerequisite for grad school. What you got there? She glances at the book. SABRINA Oh... Seeing the cover: "Very Barry!" With a picture of Barry Manilow. FRANKLIN You into Barry Manilow? SABRINA Ah, not really. I'as just looking... His eyes light upon the swollen bag she carries. SABRINA (CONT'D) I'm with some friends. I'm just carryin' it for someone. He smiles, almost laughs. SABRINA (CONT'D) What? FRANKLIN Nothin'. You're just funny. SABRINA I am. They're in the bathroom. FRANKLIN Yeah. You know, it's OK if it's your's. I don't care.

61. SABRINA I'm not lyin'. FRANKLIN OK. OK. You know, I'm not gonna nark on you to Alex. SABRINA Thanks. Just what plane does he function on? Is he always such a lying-shit pile of protoplasm? FRANKLIN Oh, he's OK. He's just... no, he's OK. SABRINA That remains to be seen. FRANKLIN He just goes all O.C.D. sometimes. He gets all fixated on one thing and he can't let go. SABRINA Like the stalking thing where he wouldn't back off. FRANKLIN Like that. He's absolutely obsessed that you be the principle subject of this thing. Not that there's anything wrong with that, you know, but... he gets all fixated on it and that's the way it's gotta be. SABRINA Nice to know I fulfill all his fantasies about a welfare queen. FRANKLIN I don't think he looks at it that way. SABRINA Every time I see him it turns into a bad episode of Jackass. FRANKLIN Yeah? SABRINA And I already got enough male-frauds in my life.

62. FRANKLIN Like who? SABRINA Let's see. Len, who mom let live with us two months after he ripped my bra grabbin' for some white meat. Danny... Shoved my mom outta a moving car one night, drunk off his ass, oh, but "she deserved it". Then there's Reilly's dad. Knocked me up and slept with my aunt the same week. Very cool... Now, the professor from the land of bullshit. FRANKLIN Not all men are like that... Shay appears from nowhere and grabs Franklin's arm. SHAY Hey. What's goin' on? FRANKLIN Hey. Hi. This is Sabrina. Just ran into each other. She's one of the study participants. SHAY God, can't I escape? I don't wanta hear about any of that lab crap tonight. (to Sabrina) Nothin' personal. SABRINA Hell, I don't care. I think it's shit-on-a-bun anyway. SHAY Someone who agrees Everyone acts like work... "let's ask and waste taxpayer (to Franklin) And your boss is a Sabrina finds this amusing. SABRINA Excellent. I like her. I think we need to hang out. with me. Good. it's some noble a lot of questions money". peckerless pinhead.

63. SHAY All right, I'm there. We just dump Chuckie here. He can just spend the night kissing up to that great hemorrhoid on the university's butt. SABRINA This rocks. Where'd you get her? FRANKLIN Just a lucky break. SABRINA She's a party. God, I didn't get your name. SHAY Shay. SABRINA Shay. Sabrina masks her surprise. SHAY Yeah. Sabrina, right? SABRINA Yeah. SHAY Gimme your number. We'll hang out sometime. SABRINA Yeah. Sure, that'd be cool. The girls flip open their phones to trade numbers. FRANKLIN Ah, maybe you guys could just call me and I can get the other's number. SABRINA Why? SHAY What difference does it make? FRANKLIN I just... you know, think that'd be the best way to... do it. Him manor squelches their enthusiasm.

64. SHAY Yeah, fine. I'll call you sometime. That cool? SABRINA Yeah, that's cool. FRANKLIN Yeah. Well... We were just gonna cruise the mall. SABRINA Yeah. I gotta find my friends. FRANKLIN I guess I'll see you on Monday. SABRINA Oh, Monday. Yeah... FRANKLIN 1:30? SABRINA Is it? FRANKLIN It is. I double checked this time. SABRINA Well, I'll see you at 1:30. FRANKLIN Yeah. She starts to retreat. FRANKLIN (CONT'D) But, I'm stuck there till five, so... SABRINA Yeah. Monday. Later. SHAY Later. FRANKLIN Bye. Sabrina moves off. INT. EIU LAB - DAY Sabrina sits, writing, at a cubicle. She finishes.

65. Franklin approaches. FRANKLIN Got it done? SABRINA Yeah, I guess. Bunch-a-crap, but... FRANKLIN Yeah. Probably, but that's part of it. We're trying to ascertain the usefulness of some of these surveys. Gotta have data to do that. He takes it to another table and begins tallying results. SABRINA How's Shay? FRANKLIN Great. Had a lot of fun the other night. She thought you were great, by the way. SABRINA Yeah? FRANKLIN She was serious about hanging out, you know. SABRINA Yeah, so was I. She, like, a student here, or something? FRANKLIN Well, not here. She's a different major. You might've picked up that she thinks sociology is... you heard her... SABRINA ...shit with free refills. FRANKLIN Yeah, pretty much. SABRINA She has no use for Alex. He comes up from the page.

66. FRANKLIN Don't even go there. No, she doesn't get along with him. SABRINA Who does? FRANKLIN Oh, he's alright. But, Shay's got all that family stuff... SABRINA They're related? FRANKLIN She's his daughter. That didn't come up the other night? SABRINA No! Daughter? Fuck me blind! I can't believe this! You mean like 'daughter'? Like 'screwed her mother' daughter? FRANKLIN Oh, yeah, she's been his daughter most of her life. SABRINA What an asshole! Does he ever tell the truth? My God! FRANKLIN Yeah, well, she's not really happy about the arrangement. She'd like to see him impaled with a very blunt object. SABRINA God. This is... that's so... she hates him. What's HER reason? FRANKLIN Well, he's cut her off. Won't help her with school. Just family things... SABRINA Is he married? ALEX No. Was, long ago, I guess. Didn't last long... Shay kinda got screwed in the mom department. She was a real whack job, I hear...

67. SABRINA Well, shit, I'm gonna take her out to eat Mexican. FRANKLIN She doesn't really like Mexican, and where you gettin' the money for that? Shouldn't you be budgeting, like we talked about? SABRINA Screw that. This is the best news since Michael Jackson tanked. FRANKLIN I wouldn't bring her up around Alex. He's real sensitive. Not if you want to get paid...although he's pretty obsessed with your cooperation right now. Probably be best just to play stupid. SABRINA I can do that. INT. ALEX'S OFFICE - DAY He conducts an assessment survey and marks appropriate answers. She is standing and staring at a photo on the wall. ALEX OK, let's talk about career interests. SABRINA Who's the weird ass with the beard impersonating you? ALEX Oh, that's me and a couple of colleagues in Toronto last year. It was kind of a world class sociological event. SABRINA Ooo. Envy drips from me like saliva from a mating bloodhound. ALEX Yeah. It's not for everyone. Anyway, back to this... SABRINA It didn't help. You still looked like an asshole.

68. ALEX OK. Back to the career interests survey... SABRINA I'm not gonna work at some fast food shit hole. ALEX No one says you have to work in food service. These next questions deal with your likes and dislikes... SABRINA I like clothes... um, Capn' Crunch cereal... and I like guys that dress gangsta and talk trash. There's somethin' hot about guys like that, and... ALEX OK. Well, if the Crips aren't hiring maybe we should talk about other options. Whoa... but, I gotta get to class right now. We managed to waste another session. Uh, Wednesday, same time? How 'bout? SABRINA Yeah... hey, I got nailed the other day by the parking people. Is there some way to... She produces the ticket. He grabs it. ALEX Yeah, here let me have it. Gotta keep my little 'lab rat' happy. He scans the problem. ALEX (CONT'D) It'd be better if you park down in the green lot... Crap. You parked in a handicapped space... SABRINA It was the only friggin place open. ALEX Two hundred and fifty bucks, damn... I can usually fix 'em, but... You gotta park in the green lot until I can get you a temp sticker.

69. SABRINA I can't afford a temp sticker. ALEX I'll pay for it. What's another seventy-five bucks? (beat) Wait... this is from last month. SABRINA I haven't got the cash. They said they weren't gonna let me park on campus anymore. ALEX Well... once it gets in their database that you owe... two hundred and fifty bucks! Gee... SABRINA If I can't park here, hell... ALEX Here. I'll take it and try. Maybe if I tell 'em you were temporarily handicapped... maybe I can get it reduced. SABRINA Thanks. I'll pay you back. ALEX Yeah. He grabs some materials from his desk and starts out. ALEX (CONT'D) Just park in the green lot, OK? He leaves. INT. ALEX'S BEDROOM - NIGHT Alex snores his way through another night. A cell phone rings. He flails about to find the phone. ALEX Yeah. Yeah. Hello. What? Sabrina? (pause) Why? What happened? (pause) What? Oh, damn... He looks to a side table clock. It reads 3:11 AM.

70. ALEX (CONT'D) OK. Yeah... Yeah. Give me a couple minutes. I'll be there. (pause) Yeah, yeah, yeah... but you're OK, right? (pause) Were you driving? Good. (pause) What? (pause) No, they can post their own damn bond! Now, what station you at? (pause) What the hell are you doing in Kentucky? He closes the phone and tries to awaken himself further. ALEX (CONT'D) My God... INT. EIU LAB - DAY

Franklin sits in a chair near Sabrina, writing on a clip board in his lap. Sabrina lounges in a comfy looking chair. NOISE echoes throughout the room, sounding like a major construction project going on nearby. FRANKLIN Tell me more about that. SABRINA I don't know. I never thought much about money... I mean, like where the money came from. No kid cares where it comes from, it's just there, right? A THUD is heard on the wall. Both glance over toward its source. FRANKLIN So, in your earliest memories your mom didn't work? The THUD repeats itself, but is ignored by the two. SABRINA No... I don't think, but there's like so many government programs for mom's with little kids. Why would she have to?

71. FRANKLIN Right. Tell me more about your relationship with her, early on. Three loud BANGS are heard nearby, followed by a MUTED GRINDING noise. The two can't help but look. SABRINA Well, like what? You mean was she banging guys on the sofa every night? FRANKLIN Well... was she? Muted VOICES are heard. SABRINA Well, if she was... CRASH! They both react a little to the sound, but don't miss a beat. SABRINA (CONT'D) ...it wasn't keeping me up. More VOICES are heard. SABRINA (CONT'D) Course, when you're real little it doesn't really mean anything to you... The sound of TWISTING METAL is heard, followed by a major CRASH. INT. ALEX'S OFFICE - DAY

Franklin and Sabrina stand in the hallway looking into Alex's office. SABRINA'S POV We see the office in complete destruction mode. Alex sits helplessly at his desk while Reilly sits dead center on the floor playing with a pile of Alex's once cherished personal possessions. ALEX This isn't working. INT. ALEX'S OFFICE - TWO DAYS LATER - DAY Sabrina sits sideways in a chair. Alex tries to elicit information from her.

72. ALEX Now, come on. It's forced choice. Sales, or service? SABRINA Shit, sales cause I get to talk to people, I s'pose. A RAP is heard on the door. ALEX Yeah, come on in. The door cracks to allow Franklin's head to precede his body. FRANKLIN Bad time? ALEX No, no. We're done, for the most part. Franklin enters with Reilly in tow. ALEX (CONT'D) How'd you survive? REILLY Mommy. We played ball an' jumped on a big machine. FRANKLIN Took him to the field house. SABRINA Good. Did you have fun with Franklin? REILLY Was a big machine for running on it. FRANKLIN Treadmill. He'll sleep well. ALEX Same time tomorrow? Does that work all right? SABRINA Uh, well, actually I'm moving. ALEX What does that mean?

73. SABRINA We're moving. Tomorrow. ALEX Yeah. What does that mean? SABRINA I won't be here tomorrow. ALEX Well, what? Friday? SABRINA I'm moving in with my Uncle Jack. Mom's cousin, actually. Alex's suspicion is piqued. ALEX OK... so... is that gonna get in the way of this? SABRINA He lives in Hillsboro, so... ALEX Shit. (Seeing Reilly) Excuse me... Hillsboro is over two hours away. SABRINA Yeah. So, I guess I won't be back... FRANKLIN You're not gonna be able to finish this? SABRINA I don't know how. ALEX Why are you doing this to me? SABRINA Hell, it's not 'to you'. I don't have rent. We gotta go somewhere. ALEX Why didn't you say anything? We've seen you every day for three weeks and you didn't say a damn thing. (Seeing Reilly) Sorry.

74. SABRINA It's not your problem. ALEX Come on! I can't replace you right now. What am I supposed to do, huh? SABRINA What am I supposed to do? ALEX We could've made arrangements... somehow. FRANKLIN Long term planning strategies are not typical of anti-social personality behavior. Alex gives him a look. FRANKLIN (CONT'D) Well, it isn't. ALEX OK. What do we do? INT. THE O'BANNION TRAILER - NIGHT Alex, Reilly and Sabrina stand just inside the front door. ALEX OK. You all set? The rent's paid up. I put ninety dollars of food in the refrigerator. You got gas in the car. Anything else? SABRINA We're good. ALEX You don't need new drapery or anything? SABRINA We're good. REILLY Is he mad? SABRINA He's not, honey.

75. ALEX No more surprises, right? REILLY Is he mad at us? SABRINA No, sweetie. ALEX Reilly, I'm not mad at you or your mommy. REILLY Are you a adzhole? ALEX Well... SABRINA Honey, not right now. ALEX OK. So, you're set. You're gonna be all right, right? SABRINA Yeah. No problem. Look, thanks for helpin' out. ALEX It's late. I'm tired. I'm going home. The lights flicker, then go out. ALEX (CONT'D) (In total darkness) Let's talk about the power bill. INT. ALEX'S HOUSE - NIGHT Alex stands looking at the refugees in his living room. SABRINA They're rippin' me off! I swear I paid it yesterday! ALEX Yeah. OK, search around, you'll find towels somewhere. The bathroom's your's to use. I got my own. The tub faucet leaks if you don't turn it off hard. Anything else? (MORE)

76. ALEX (CONT'D) Uh... tomorrow's Friday. I don't have class till eleven, so please let me sleep till nine or so. That's all I'm askin'. OK? SABRINA Hey, appreciate it. I'll pay you back. ALEX Just... let's get the research wrapped up this next week, huh? That's all I need. Then... whatever. Alex walks toward the private space of the house. As he reaches the hallway a mild crash is heard. He cringes and starts to turn, but thinks better of it. INT. ALEX'S DREAM/ALEX'S BEDROOM - DAY Alex steps down into a hot tub. As he sits the steam drifts by his face. We can feel the warmth of the liquid as he relaxes... Ahhh. He opens his eyes in bed. The wet warmth is coming from someplace... He glances down to locate its source and we see Reilly curled up against his leg. Wetness marks the sheet. He glances to the clock. 6:05 AM. INT. ALEX'S HOUSE - DAY Reilly plays with some toys while a mess of soda cans, snack food and assorted toys surround him. Alex sits at a dining table, waiting. A wall clock reads 2:55. His phone rings and he grabs for it. ALEX Yeah. Sabrina? OK, what's up? Franklin still got you there? (beat) Yeah... where? Well, what's wrong with it? Did you have someone look at it? (beat) Uh... OK... well, like what? Fifty bucks? OK, have 'em tow it. (beat) No. It's OK. Stop by here and I'll give you the cash. You gotta get Reilly home. I'll wait for you.

77. He hangs up. INT. ALEX'S HOUSE - DAY

The same scene except the mess is greater. The clock reads 4:12. The doorbell rings. ALEX My God. About time. He opens the front door to find a tow truck DRIVER alone on the front steps. ALEX (CONT'D) Yeah? DRIVER I'm s'posed to pick up some cash here? ALEX Yeah. Uh, where's the girl with the car? Alex pulls out cash from his wallet. DRIVER She stayed with the vehicle. ALEX Hell. Didn't she say anything about picking up her son? DRIVER I don't know nothin' 'bout that. She just told me to get the cash. ALEX OK, where you taking it? DRIVER Brigham's. He points to the logo on his coveralls. ALEX Fine. What's wrong with it. DRIVER Dunno... fuel pump, maybe. It'll take 'em a little bit to find out after I haul it in.

78. ALEX Look, she's not gonna be able to pay for repairs. DRIVER Be impounded, I s'pose. Cost her more that way. ALEX Well, have 'em call me with an estimate, will you? I'll cover it. I'll give 'em my credit card number. He hands him the cash. ALEX (CONT'D) God knows she won't take care of it. INT. ALEX'S HOUSE - NIGHT The same scene yet the pile now includes a tray, glass, and remnants of pizza. The clock tells its tale... 7:35 PM. Alex's phone rings. ALEX Yeah. Hello. (beat) How long ago did she pick it up? What? (beat) Well, how much was the total? He jots it down. ALEX (CONT'D) Three fifty-three eighty. Crap. OK. What did it turn out was the problem? (beat) Yeah, the guy thought it might be the fuel pump. Fine. I gave you my card info, didn't I? Fine. Put it on there. (beat) No, I already paid for the tow. (beat) Yeah, fifty bucks--cash. I gave it to the driver. (beat) What? Oh, hell.

79. INT. ALEX'S HOUSE - NIGHT Alex sits. Reilly sleeps on the sofa. The mess remains. The clock reads 9:44 PM. INT. EIU LAB - DAY Franklin sits at a lab desk while Alex faces him. FRANKLIN I have no idea. Ask her. ALEX I'm afraid to. Somehow it'll end up costing me a lot of money. FRANKLIN I'm sorry. ALEX I'm not getting anything from her. This project's stalled on the runway. She's keeping me at arms length. (beat) How is her hand still in my pocket? I don't know how she's doing this. FRANKLIN Well, she's not that integral to the study. ALEX Oh, yes she is. At this point she is. I got too much invested right now. (beat) Did you know you gotta pay bond money in cash...? They don't take checks or debit cards or anything. Oh, and if you park in a handicapped space the fine doubles if you don't pay it the first month. I didn't know that. I also found out this month that a leaking tub faucet can add fortyseven dollars to your water bill. FRANKLIN Well, I guess you're gonna have to sit her down and explain... ALEX It's not that easy, somehow. She was supposed to pick Reilly up at two(MORE)

80. ALEX (CONT'D) thirty yesterday. Guess what time she got there... FRANKLIN I don't know... six? ALEX Eleven-forty. Total tab for yesterday's fiasco, four hundred forty bucks. Oh, then she conned the tow truck driver out of the fifty bucks I paid him; had him charge it to my credit card; and went out to eat with her friends. (beat) My God! Do you think she got my credit card number? FRANKLIN Well... He pulls out his cell phone and starts to call. ALEX I gotta call Visa. You know, sometimes I just want to slap the 'trailer court' outta her. He calls. EXT. ALEX'S HOUSE - ESTABLISHING - NIGHT The mid-November first snow settles silently on the yard. Softness pervades, except for the jagged, bare tree branches reaching out canopy-like over the scene. INT. ALEX'S HOUSE - NIGHT Sabrina is centered at a rectangular dining table while the bookends holding her in place are Alex and Franklin at either end. Silence. Fork clatter. Pause. A knife scrape. A glass connects with table top. On it goes. On. On. Pause... ALEX This is nice. SABRINA Mmmm. More space, more sounds, more silence.

81. ALEX Was it snowing? I love the first snow... FRANKLIN Yeah, it's nice. SABRINA Uh huh. More silence as they eat. ALEX How do you like the meat? SABRINA It's OK. ALEX It's veal. SABRINA Short lived cows condemned to die in dark, cramped pens, unable to move or lie down while living out their brief, solitary, pathetic lives. Tasty. ALEX Hmmm. SABRINA And so appropriate. ALEX The project... how's it going you think? SABRINA Me? Uh... like about everything else, I guess. ALEX Well, you feel like you're... making some improvements? SABRINA I'm the 'trailer court' kid again. Great. ALEX No. No. It's not about where you live. It's about self improvement...

82. SABRINA I see, Mr. Ranch-house. I forgot about the three weeks you braved the trailer experience. ALEX Well, maybe this was a mistake. You know, I'm laying out a hundred bucks a week and we're gettin' nowhere. You haven't cooperated once in the last three weeks. SABRINA What? ALEX We should be finishing up by now and we're just getting started. I'm gonna have to extend this project... SABRINA I'm doin' everything you ask. ALEX Oh, man, am I blind. Damn, am I stupid! You're forcing this into extra innings aren't you? SABRINA What? ALEX So long as you don't cooperate, the watering hole doesn't dry up. SABRINA What? I'm trying. You just expect me to be somethin' I'm not. ALEX I do not. I just want the process to work for you. SABRINA You're so damn condescending... ALEX I am not. You're just selling yourself short. You could take a seat in any graduate lecture hall at the university and compete hands down.

83. SABRINA Why do you arrogantly assume I want to sit in some lecture hall with all the Barbie-ass graduate students you seem to admire? ALEX Shit! I'm not comparing you to anyone! I'm just talking about potential! SABRINA Fine, if I have all this friggin' potential then let me live. I'm making it. ALEX Making it! Hell, by taking advantage of the system! And every day you squeeze more money outta me. SABRINA I've never asked you for anything! You offered to help! ALEX Oh, please. You're scamming this research project. You're screwing the taxpayers by taking public aid! That's hardly 'making it'. SABRINA Look, asshole... ALEX And give me back my credit card number! SABRINA How the hell would I have that? ALEX I talked to Visa yesterday. I know I didn't charge anything at Victoria's Secret! He looks at Franklin. ALEX (CONT'D) I didn't! SABRINA Fuck! What are you talking about? Don't lay your weird-ass hang-ups on me!

84. ALEX You've screwed this project over ever since you came on board. SABRINA You want to talk about screwing the system, Mr. Holy-Shit, you're screwing the taxpayers by writing this bullshit research at twenty thousand friggin' dollars a semester! ALEX OK! That's it! SABRINA You wanta help so much, why don't you just throw the money on the ground at the trailer court and leave us alone! ALEX God! What a bitch you turned out to be! Stop bitching! This is for your own damn good! SABRINA Fuck! What? If you're so hot to help someone, why don't you start with your own daughter. Alex recoils. He gets up and leaves the table. ALEX Just, get outta here. Just... leave me alone. FRANKLIN Hey. OK. Sabrina, you and I oughta take a ride, huh? SABRINA Yeah. OK. INT. FRANKLIN'S CAR - NIGHT They cruise through the nighttime. FRANKLIN Well, I think that could'a gone better. SABRINA I gotta bad temper. I shoot my mouth off sometimes.

85. FRANKLIN He's not gonna break. The truth just isn't always that easy to confront. SABRINA Shit. I don't even know what the hell I'm talkin' about. FRANKLIN Everything's really a mess between 'em right now. He's been trying to see her and she just wants him to get the hell away. SABRINA What's the problem? FRANKLIN Well, same old story, I guess. Just bein' human... stubborn... short sighted... SABRINA Yeah? FRANKLIN He'd always promised her he'd pay for her college, you know, as she was growin' up. She'as countin' on it. But her senior year they had a huge fight and Mr. Obsessive won't give in till she apologizes. And, she's not gonna, which I don't blame her, considering... Anyway, she's way in debt. SABRINA What'd they fight about? FRANKLIN Can't go there. That's not for me to share. SABRINA How'd you hook up? That's like a little weird. FRANKLIN No. No. Actually, she came to the lab lookin' for him one day. We met. I've been thinkin' of tellin' him, but, things like tonight kinda make it hard.

86. SABRINA You're stuck in the middle. FRANKLIN Oh, yeah. It pisses her off if I don't agree with her or try to defend him, so I just shut up, which pisses her off more. SABRINA How can you defend him? He thinks a moment. FRANKLIN Come on. I'll take you to her place. You two can serve him up and I'll get to watch the Bears game. SABRINA Wish I had just shut up. I feel like crap. FRANKLIN Well, there's one positive in all this. SABRINA Yeah? FRANKLIN It's the first time I've seen you feel any guilt. She thinks about it. INT. SHAY'S APARTMENT - NIGHT It's late. Both girls have been drinking. The SOUND OF A FOOTBALL GAME from some other place wafts through the room. SHAY God, you're so lucky to have a mom like that. SABRINA Yeah. I guess I love her more than I do. (beat) You know what I mean. I mean, like...

87. SHAY Yeah. Yeah. I do. I don't remember enough about my mom to care much. I guess she was psycho... SABRINA Shit, she had to be to sleep with your dad. SHAY True. I don't know if he ever even meant to marry her. He knocked her up in college. SABRINA Do you ever want to find her? God, she could be livin' upstairs. Do you have like pictures or anything? SHAY No. My stupid dad burned all that stuff. He said once that I look like her, God, but that was like... I was like seven or something. SABRINA So you don't wonder? SHAY She played the flute and I guess she was real good. Played in some ska band, went to Europe, ran off with her page turner. SABRINA God, Google her. Maybe she's freakin' rich. SHAY You know, I don't want to. She deserted me. I just don't want to give her the... attention... like I need her, 'cause I don't. I decided that back when I got pregnant. (beat) Did he tell you about that? SABRINA No. SHAY Three years ago. God, it seems longer. That's when it all went to hell. I (MORE)

88. SHAY (CONT'D) wish it could be like it was before. But, it never will... SABRINA Yeah? Shay's eyes flood. SHAY You know what it's like... bein' pregnant... God, my brain was messed, I didn't know what was up or down... hormones and crap, I guess. SABRINA Oh, my God. I know... Shay cries. SHAY I loved the baby... you know... you're a senior in high school, you think you know... it's not gonna happen. And it does. And you're all crazy from everyone tellin' you what to do. What's best for everybody... what's right... SABRINA In trailer park culture you don't get a lot of the guilt thing. You just get a lot of used baby clothes. Shay chuckles through her tears. SHAY God, but the more people pushed, the more I wanted to protect him... it was a little boy... it wasn't his fault... She weeps. SABRINA So, how'd your dad do with it? SHAY What an asshole. He's always held out that he'd help me with school. Shit... I was seven months. He promised. He did. God. A sigh heaves from her slight frame.

89. SHAY (CONT'D) When you do something you don't want to do but everyone's tellin' you it's right... I didn't want to... I blame him for it. I still do. SABRINA God, that sucks. SHAY After, I just hated him. Why? I'm so angry... at him... at myself... We had this big fight... She is inconsolable. Sabrina hugs her. SHAY (CONT'D) Maybe I'm just a big baby or... SABRINA No. No. Shit, no. I understand. Sabrina's anger stokes up. INT. THE O'BANNION TRAILER - NIGHT Sabrina sits. NOISE is heard at the door. The trailer door opens and Trish and Reilly fumble in. TRISH Oh, mommy's home. Reilly looks sullen. SABRINA Oh. Hey, Trish. (to Reilly) Can I getta kiss? Reilly dutifully gives her a peck, plops down in front of the TV and sulks. SABRINA (CONT'D) What's the matter, baby? He turns on the TV. SABRINA (CONT'D) (to Trish) Something happen? TRISH No. I don't know. Nothin' I can think of.

90. SABRINA Baby, you OK? Huh? He stares at the TV. REILLY I doan wanna watch TV. SABRINA It's pretty late. TRISH Yeah. I gotta get back to my own kids. Uh... She waits. SABRINA Oh, yeah. Uh, can I pay you tomorrow? TRISH Damn it! I need the money. I gotta pay the water bill. SABRINA Shit. Well, I jus' don't have it. TRISH Oh, hell. Don't shit me. SABRINA I don't. I ... Trish kicks the door and stomps to the kitchen. She yanks open a drawer. A small amount of cash pokes out. Trish turns and gives her a look. TRISH We stopped here earlier to change his pants. I should'a just taken it. SABRINA That's my rent. TRISH You know, I don't give a shit. Trish grabs it and starts to count. Sabrina lunges forward and grabs at it but Trish shoves her to the side. SABRINA Put my money back!

91. She tries to grab it again and a brief tussle ends with Sabrina on the floor. Reilly cries in harmony with the tension. She arises, opens a drawer and grabs at a knife. But Trish shoves the drawer closed on her hand and won't let it emerge with the weapon. Sabrina hits at her with her free arm. SABRINA (CONT'D) Fuck you! Fuck you! TRISH God damn! You owe me. Trish finally succeeds in knocking her to the floor again, unarmed. SABRINA Take it. Trish counts it quickly. Reilly sobs. TRISH You still owe me eight fuckin' dollars. Trish starts to leave. Reilly runs to her, still crying, and hangs on. REILLY I wanna go with you. TRISH Honey, I'm sorry but you ain't comin' with me. REILLY I wanna go with you! He weeps in fear and frustration. TRISH Baby, I'm real sorry, but you can't. Reilly weeps and stomps. Trish pulls away and leaves. Sabrina approaches him, but he screams and runs to the sofa. INT. EIU LAB - DAY Franklin sits behind his desk. Sabrina lays in an adolescent manner, sideways with her feet hanging out the side of the office chair.

92. It's a warm, late November day. FRANKLIN OK. I don't care about the rest of this crap today. It can wait. And he tosses Sabrina's file off to the side. FRANKLIN (CONT'D) You want to get some lunch? We're allowed to buy food for test subjects if they're here at meal time. Gotta eat in the Union, though. SABRINA I'd suck a monkey for a burrito right now. FRANKLIN Hey, I can give the taxpayers a break. Let's go Mexican. I'll buy. Sabrina considers this a moment. SABRINA No. I got money. FRANKLIN OK. She hops up and he opens the door for her. SABRINA Thanks. Off they go. INT. MEXICAN RESTAURANT - DAY They sit in a booth dipping chips in salsa and laughing. FRANKLIN ... and the guy still has no idea what the hell is happening? He just wants to fill the machines and get the hell outta there, you know, and Alex is just P.O.ed beyond belief. He keeps shovin' this survey at him. God, I thought I was gonna puppy-up on the floor. It was hysterical. SABRINA Oh, my God...

93. FRANKLIN You know, I hope he doesn't eat here. SABRINA I wouldn't worry about it. The man's guacamole impaired. Why? FRANKLIN Well... nothin'. I'm stavin'. SABRINA You mean, like, we're not supposed to be doin' this, or somethin'? FRANKLIN Well, fraternizing with the participants could skew the stats, I s'pose. SABRINA Shit. Why am I always the enemy to him? The waiter arrives. FRANKLIN You ready? SABRINA Yeah. I'll have the Burrito Croqueta, but with chicken, not beef. And no beans, just rice. And I don't want any salad. OK? The waiter nods and writes. FRANKLIN Yeah, I'll try... hm... SABRINA Oh, God, you gotta try the fajita. It's like, outrageous. FRANKLIN Yeah, OK. Let me have the Fajita. And just give me whatever it comes with. The waiter withdraws. FRANKLIN (CONT'D) You know this place.

94. SABRINA Shit. I eat here two or three times a week. Franklin smiles, almost laughs. SABRINA (CONT'D) What? I know. I'm not s'posed to have the cash to eat out. FRANKLIN I didn't say anything. SABRINA Come on. The three pillars of true fulfillment are sleep, sex, and salsa. FRANKLIN I think it was Hume who said that, wasn't it? SABRINA Alex Hume, born May something, 1711. FRANKLIN Damn. Is that right? SABRINA I think. I remember stupid stuff like that from school. FRANKLIN You're lucky. SABRINA Why? He's not gonna pay my electric. FRANKLIN How you doin' in that department? SABRINA Well, I had a little money saved up, but Trish's water was turned off so I gave her some money. FRANKLIN How much you short? SABRINA For the electric?

95. FRANKLIN No. All together. We talked about budgeting. What are you gonna need monthly for necessities: water, power, rent... SABRINA Mexican. FRANKLIN OK, Mexican. Whatever. How much? SABRINA Damn near eight hundred bucks. FRANKLIN And how short you gonna be this month? SABRINA Damn near eight hundred bucks. FRANKLIN OK, look. After lunch we're gonna stop by C.I.P.H. He pronounces it "syf". SABRINA Syf? I don't know that one. FRANKLIN It's new. Central Illinois Project... Hope, I think. Something like that. We'll see if we can get you some help this month. SABRINA That'd be great. FRANKLIN And, you won't be needing help next month, will you? SABRINA No... FRANKLIN ... cause you're gonna be... working... SABRINA Working, yeah...

96. EXT. THE O'BANNION TRAILER - DAY Franklin and Sabrina sit on the rickety steps to the trailer. Both wear coats, but Sabrina still huddles against Franklin, ostensibly for warmth. SABRINA Well, thanks. I appreciate the help. FRANKLIN That's what they do. By the way, I don't think I'm gonna tell Alex about this yet... SABRINA God. I've been avoiding him. I still feel like a dumb-shit for the other night. FRANKLIN He's over it. He better be, 'cause you've gotta see him tomorrow. SABRINA Crap. Why? FRANKLIN He's gotta another inventory he's working to validate. SABRINA Uh... can't you do it? FRANKLIN Mr. O.C.D's got it in his head he's gotta administer it. (beat) Well, this party's gotta end. I'm s'posed to be in the lab by three. SABRINA OK. It was real nice of you to take me to C.I.P.H. You think they'll help? FRANKLIN They have before. Drop your bills by there tomorrow and bring your paperwork. Probably be next week before anything happens. SABRINA You think? Shit, I told my landlord I'd have it to him Thursday.

97. FRANKLIN Well, it's not gonna happen. Just hold him off. SABRINA Damn. He was bitchin' bullets the other day. He creeps me out anyway. He looks like Hillary Clinton. FRANKLIN You want me to talk to him? SABRINA No! No, that wouldn't be good. I been gettin' by 'cause when he comes to collect, I put out pictures of mom and make my eyes all teary. If he thinks a guy is helpin' me out he'll want rent every month. FRANKLIN Isn't that the point? SABRINA I just don't have it. FRANKLIN Let me check with C.I.P.H. tomorrow. I'll see if they'll push it through. SABRINA Thanks. Hey, I just want to tell you... I been thinkin'. I'm gonna make some changes. I am. FRANKLIN That'd be great. You'll be glad, I think. He pats her knee and gets up. SABRINA God, you've been nice. As she rises she kisses him on the cheek. He registers a quantum of pleasure at this turn. SABRINA (CONT'D) Thanks. FRANKLIN Hey, no big deal. He starts toward his car as she watches him go.

98. INT. ALEX'S OFFICE - DAY Alex, ensconced behind his desk, and Franklin, sit in the office. Franklin studies the new survey. A KNOCK is heard. ALEX Yeah, come on in. Sabrina breaks the plane of the door. ALEX (CONT'D) Well, the schedule says 10:00 and the clock says 10:00 and here you stand. Franklin smiles at this. SABRINA Yeah, well most of me is still in bed. I just sent the bitchy part. ALEX Great. You mind if Franklin hangs in here? He wanted to get familiar with the form I'm using. SABRINA Oh, well, it'll hurt, but I s'pose. ALEX Good. You know, we're gonna be filling out some job aps early next week. Crunch time... SABRINA I'll try to control my myself. (to Franklin) Did you getta chance to check on... FRANKLIN Oh, yeah. I can fill you in later. SABRINA Yeah? Good news or bad? ALEX What 'thing' are we talking about? FRANKLIN Later. (MORE)

99. FRANKLIN (CONT'D) (to Alex) Nothin'. Nothin'. Just something we were talkin' about yesterday. Alex looks back and forth between them. ALEX Something's goin' on. FRANKLIN It's no big deal, really. ALEX That just makes me more curious. SABRINA Shit. Do you hafta stick your nose in everywhere? ALEX Well, when it's my project, my paper, my office. Yeah. FRANKLIN It's nothin' big. ALEX Then just tell me. FRANKLIN Maybe we should talk about it later. ALEX What? SABRINA God, lay off. ALEX Franklin, this is my business. SABRINA Can we just get down to the freakin' questions. ALEX Franklin... FRANKLIN I took her to C.I.P.H. yesterday. That's all. Alex stiffens.

100. ALEX Damn it! That's interfering with the procedure. Franklin looks down. FRANKLIN Yeah, I know. ALEX The subject has to act out of self recognition. If we cue them then what the hell do we have? FRANKLIN Alex, I'm sorry. I knew it when it came outta my mouth it was a bad idea. But she needed... ALEX I don't give a damn what she needs. SABRINA Get the textbook outta your ass. ALEX You're not part of this discussion, OK? SABRINA I was the one bitchin' about needin' help. You're not bein' put out on the street. FRANKLIN Sabrina. It's OK. I shouldn't have taken you there, or helped. I was feelin'... ALEX Damn! There. That's the problem, right there. What about objectivity? SABRINA Oh, this is the stupidest dumb-ass thing I've ever heard. How 'bout helpin'? ALEX If we get emotionally involved the data is not reliable.

101. SABRINA That's 'cause you fuckin' don't have any feelings! Franklin tries to intercede, but the dam has busted. FRANKLIN OK! OK! OK! This isn't the time... ALEX At least I have some moral framework. SABRINA We know you're not a virgin, so don't start. At least he's helpin' me. I got rent due... ALEX Why don't you just sleep with some guy and get... What the behavior Franklin night on SABRINA fuck difference does my have to do with you? So, and I are banging every friggin' sofa! So what?

Turning on Franklin. ALEX What?! FRANKLIN Oh, shit! No! There's... ALEX So that's who you're seein'! FRANKLIN Alex, stop, there's nothin' goin' on... ALEX You can just get your gear and get outta here. You don't need to work for this program... SABRINA I can't believe the asshole you are! ALEX You hear me! I don't need this...

102. FRANKLIN Wait. OK. Nothin' is happenin' between us... ALEX You're way outta line! Sleepin' with the participants... What about ethics? SABRINA Fuck your ethics! ALEX And you can just shut up! Just shut up! I'm tryin' to drag your pathetic ass outta poverty... SABRINA First of all, it's not me he's seein'. He's bangin' your daughter, Shay. Yeah. And who appointed you high priest of my life... ALEX Is that true? FRANKLIN Well, yeah... ALEX How can you show your face in here... SABRINA Oh, come on. She doesn't need your approval... ALEX She's my daughter, I don't care how old she is. SABRINA Shit! Mr. Morality... you banged her mom. ALEX Shut up! SABRINA But, she had the guts to keep the baby. Huh? ALEX Shut up! It was best for her.

103. SABRINA Oh, yeah. What kinda ass are you? You're pourin' money into me and this dumb-shit research. She can't squeeze a penny outta your tight ass. ALEX That's her choice. SABRINA What? You can reproduce, but she can't. Who are you? ALEX Shut the hell up! SABRINA You won't take any responsibility, will you? God, what a piece of work you are. ALEX Responsibility? I forgot, you're the expert on life and responsible behavior... Why don't you just offer yourself on ebay and get it over with. SABRINA Damn! I've suffered through men like you all my life. You wave your little pecker around till somebody gets knocked up but don't have the balls to hang around and clean up the shitty diapers. Tell me I don't know what I'm talkin' about. Fuck you. I was dumped in that bucket when I was born. ALEX I cared enough about Shay to see her life didn't end up like your's. SABRINA Like mine? What the hell do you mean by that? ALEX Alone. Struggling to make it... livin' like trailer trash, trying to hold a life together with a baby and no...

104. SABRINA Trailer trash... ? Alex pauses. ALEX Yeah. That's right. Trailer trash. Now listen... SABRINA No. No, you've done it now. You listen. Why do you think I live the way I do? Huh? 'Cause some lowlife coward named Ronald Shithead O'Bannion fucked me into existence, turned his little ass and ran like a democrat in Chicago. But my mom had the guts to pay the price for me. She stayed behind and pinched her nose through the baby shit and vomit. Why? 'Cause in the real world everything costs and she was willing to pay her own way. You look at me and see the worst of humankind. Well, at least when I find some jerk who'll help with the water bill, I got the guts to pay for it. Yeah, it may be a pathetic way to live, but, look at you. Academic self-serving bastard who stoops to help us downtrodden trailer folk. You can call me anything you want, but you're the one who takes and offers nothin' to anyone. Shay's mom owed you free sex, right? Franklin owes you his loyalty. I owe you for your great beneficence. Shay owes you an apology. Truth is, you don't care about anyone but your own arrogant butt. If you did you'd get on your hands and knees and beg the one good thing your life has produced to forgive you. All she wanted was to take responsibility for herself... pay for what she'd bought. You sicken me. I knew from the start you were an insensitive bastard... ALEX ...with a bad personality. SABRINA Damn right!

105. ALEX Yeah, well, I'm also your father. Silence. ALEX (CONT'D) Did you hear what... SABRINA Shit. ALEX Yeah. I slept with your mom back as an undergrad. OK? SABRINA You're full-a-shit. My father's name is Ron O'Bannion. That's the one thing mom knew about him. Alex pulls open a drawer, grabs a folder of old mementos, and tosses a photo in front of her. ALEX Yeah? I lied to your mom. I met her at a party. Ron was just a guy. We played soccer together. I was drunk. I used his name, so, in case... well... shit I was engaged to Shay's mom and... INSERT ARTICLE We see a news article headlined: "Lawson Boys Take Soccer Title" with a team photo. Alex stands near Ron O'Bannion. She stares. ALEX (CONT'D) There it is. OK? There it is. I'm a lying, irresponsible bastard. But, I've been tryin' for months to help you... For a moment there is nothing. She stands, struggling with this. Her pent up anger drives her to helpless indecision. ALEX (CONT'D) Look... SABRINA Shit on you! I can't...ahhh...shit! This...I...shit on you!

106. Finally, tears dripping, she storms from the office pushing past the shocked Franklin. ALEX I understand if... SABRINA (O.S.) Shit on you! FRANKLIN (to himself) You ARE an asshole. EXT. EIU CAMPUS - DAY Franklin pursues Sabrina down an empty sidewalk. He comes abreast of her. FRANKLIN Hey. You OK? She stops and stares at him, tears streaming. FRANKLIN (CONT'D) Look, I just wanta make sure you're... ah... I'm not gonna pry into your business, I'm just, you know, worried that... I don't know, I just, well... OK. She throws herself into him and sobs. He looks around, unsure of his response. Finally, he strokes her hair. FRANKLIN (CONT'D) Hey... you're gonna be alright. This's gotta be a surreal moment for you. SABRINA Could you just stay around, like, just hang with me for a while? FRANKLIN Yeah, ah, yeah. Sure. He scans the area. SABRINA Shit. I'm not coming on to you. You're dating my... my sister... oh, shit. FRANKLIN Hey, you know what you need?

107. INT. MEXICAN RESTAURANT - DAY An untouched bowl of chips and salsa sit idly on the table. SABRINA I'm not hungry... I can't eat. Sorry. FRANKLIN Whatever... don't worry about it. Shay appears from nowhere and stands at the end of the booth. SHAY Hi. Listen to this. Right after you called, dad texts me sayin' he's sorry. What's that? He's apologizing? He's either lost it completely or had a visitation or something. FRANKLIN Or something. SHAY Yeah. She parks it next to Franklin on the booth seat. SHAY (CONT'D) What's goin' on? She notices Sabrina's demeanor. SHAY (CONT'D) Hey, what's the matter? Sabrina stares deeply into her eyes. SHAY (CONT'D) What? Engulfed in tears, Sabrina runs from the restaurant. EXT. THE TRAILER PARK, ESTABLISHING - DAY A cold, windy day hangs over the trailer court. INT. THE O'BANNION TRAILER - BEDROOM - DAY Sabrina lays much as she did at the beginning, her angelic demeanor replaced by sorrow. Eyes wide open, she lays still, listening to the TV NOISE from the living room. A door KNOCK is heard. She freezes. Another is heard, and then another. She drags herself up.

108. INT. THE O'BANNION TRAILER LIVING ROOM - DAY Reilly sits as always in front of the TV. Sabrina cracks the shades to check the source of the knocking. She has no choice but to answer. As the door opens we see Alex, Shay, and Franklin on the steps. They enter. ALEX I don't know if there is anything to say. I just felt like I needed to come over here. SABRINA Like the coward you are you brought reinforcements, I see. ALEX Yeah. Hey, Franklin, Shay... they knew none of this. This is all news to them too. Sabrina sits on the ragged sofa. Reilly hardly notices the interruption. SABRINA Well, as long as you get what you want. I wouldn't want to ignore your needs. Oh, by the way, let me introduce your grandson. ALEX Hey, Reilly. Shay sees Reilly. REILLY Hey, I want bat-worse. You have batworse? ALEX Sure, Reilly. I'll get you all the bat-worse you want. SABRINA (to Shay) Ah, shit. I guess we're sorta related... SHAY Yeah. They hesitate, then fumble into a hug.

109. SABRINA (to Alex) I'd offer you a place to sit down, but there is a statistically better chance of you dying of heart failure if you're standing. I read that somewhere. If you guys wanta sit...? FRANKLIN Thanks. Franklin sits on the arm of the sofa, but Shay moves to Reilly and crouches. SHAY Hey, Reilly. REILLY You like bat-worse? SHAY I've never had bat-worse, but maybe we can have some sometime. Do you know who I am? REILLY Alex's mommy? She is charmed by him. SHAY No... I'm your aunt. You know what an aunt is? I'm your mommy's sister. ALEX (to Sabrina) Look, I was a total ass hoo... SABRINA Shut up. She watches Shay. ALEX ...what? Shay kneels by Reilly, lost in a world she's missed. ALEX (CONT'D) Well, I just wanted to tell you I'm truly, truly sorry. I'm sick over this whole business.

110. SABRINA I'm glad cause you deserve a Drano enema. So, what was all the damn role playing about? You move in here for the charm? ALEX I saw in the paper where your mom died. I told you then that I was truly sorry, and I am. She never knew who I was. I grew that stupid beard so she wouldn't... He is as self-effacing as he is capable of being. ALEX (CONT'D) You know... she charged Ron in a paternity suit... God, was he shocked when that bus stopped at his door... I just clenched my teeth, and... yeah... SABRINA You never even ack... ALEX Fear. Fear, I guess. Somethin' just... kept me from... I was afraid of responsibility, I suppose... SABRINA This whole thing makes me sick. ALEX Yeah... SABRINA I just want you to go. Please. I don't have any need of you in my life. I'm gonna barf if I have to talk about it. ALEX Well, I'm not gonna ask anything of you. I just hope... SABRINA Don't count on it. ALEX I understand...

111. SABRINA I went twenty-one years dreaming about a cartoon dad. I'd rather go twenty more with Homer Simpson than find out he's an insufferable ass like you. Just leave. REILLY I wanna go with Lix. SABRINA Oh, no. Not today. And Reilly begins to cry. Shay lifts him into her arms. ALEX Look, you need some time. Why don't I take him with me for a while? REILLY I want to go with Lix. SABRINA No. Shit. Could you make this any harder? REILLY I want bat-worse. ALEX Let him come with me. I'm his... um... grandpa... SABRINA What? Responsibility? Oooo. Someone get a pinata and some ice cream. ALEX I understand your bitterness, but he has a chance to know his grandpa... SABRINA You hid from me my entire life like some virus waiting for my defenses to weaken. Then, when all the guilt's been sucked out, you come prancin' outta your hole! You're the worst kind of life form I can think of... REILLY Mommy's mad...

112. SHAY No. No. Your mommy's not mad. She's, eh, we're just talking grown-up talk. REILLY I wan have bat-worse an' play cars. ALEX OK, little buddy. (to Sabrina) Look, I'm offering some free day care. I don't want to take over your life, or get in your way, or even have a relationship. SABRINA That's damn sure. ALEX I don't deserve that. But Reilly deserves... well, you know... Sabrina looks at Reilly. REILLY Can we play cars? SHAY Dad's offered to let me stay at the house. I'm broke, so... what choice do I have? I'll help watch him. SABRINA Yeah. Yeah. Ah... Yeah, I guess. Alex steps to her. Franklin moves to Shay and Reilly. ALEX (privately) Listen. I really want... SABRINA But, I don't. I don't want a damn thing. ALEX I've apologized to one daughter today. I think I'm ready to... SABRINA Shit! Don't! There's nothing here.

113. ALEX Then, let me help. You need rent. Food. Clothes for Reilly. SABRINA Your generosity is not overwhelming. Anything you want to do, you do for Reilly, not me. She moves to the door and opens it for them to leave. FRANKLIN Alex, you came here with something. ALEX Just don't say anything. I want to give you something. SABRINA God. Not some creepy family heirloom. If it's an urn with someone's ashes I'm gonna shit in my pants. He reaches in his pocket. ALEX No, no. Just take it. He produces an envelope. We see it says "Sabrina" on it. ALEX (CONT'D) Just look at it at your convenience. Not now... just... sometime, some year. That's all I ask. SABRINA No. But Franklin catches her eye. She takes it. SABRINA (CONT'D) Later. She crams it in her pocket and opens the door. REILLY I wanna go with Lix an' play. SABRINA You can, honey. Shay, Franklin, do you mind bringing him home later. FRANKLIN No, not at all.

114. Alex descends the trailer steps as Sabrina puts a coat around Reilly. Shay carries him out, but Franklin hangs back. FRANKLIN (CONT'D) Listen, I really... SABRINA Don't... It's time to make some changes. I know... I gotta face this myself. FRANKLIN Look, I told you I had news from C.I.P.H. They're not gonna be able to help for at least a couple of weeks. It just isn't gonna happen any faster. So... He hands her cash. SABRINA Oh, crap. I'm not doin' that. FRANKLIN Yes, you are. SABRINA No. Really. FRANKLIN You're gonna make some changes. I wanna help. OK? See you later. He tosses it on a nearby table and goes. INT. THE O'BANNION TRAILER LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Sabrina sits alone at the breakfast table, lost in the fog of thought. The money and letter, untouched, call to her from the table. Finally, she rouses herself, picks up the items and stares at them. INT. ALEX'S HOUSE - NIGHT Alex sits alone. The DOORBELL rings. He sits. It RINGS again. He rises and attends to it. On the front porch stand Shay, Franklin and Reilly. ALEX What? She wasn't there?

115. They enter. FRANKLIN Nope. Gone. Reilly runs in and occupies himself with some toys still laying out. ALEX Well... typical. I'm here broken in two and she's on the Party Bus. FRANKLIN She's 'gone'. ALEX What? SHAY Curtains are down, no clothes... she's gone. He produces the envelope Alex gave Sabrina, now addressed to him. FRANKLIN This was on the door. ALEX What about...? He nods toward Reilly and they all watch him a moment, happily involved with some blocks. SHAY You're grandpa, I guess. ALEX I am... REILLY Grampa Lix, look! ALEX What'dya have there? Reilly proudly displays the stack of blocks he's achieved. ALEX (CONT'D) Wow! That's a big skyscraper. Isn't it?

116. REILLY I's a big scraper. Shay, you build with me? SHAY Sure. Sure, we can. Just a sec. (to Franklin) Better tell him. Alex feels the envelope. ALEX Well, she took the money. FRANKLIN You gave her money? ALEX Yeah. Fifteen hundred dollars. FRANKLIN Yeah. Shit. I gave her eight hundred. ALEX What? Why? That was dumb. FRANKLIN I know. It was foolish. Her landlord was there, inspecting the place. Apparently she paid her rent four days ago. ALEX She 'BS'ed you. FRANKLIN Well, she is who she is. She said she was gonna make some changes. Least she wasn't lying. REILLY I wan bat-worse. Alex looks at Reilly. ALEX Yeah. Come here, Reilly... Grandpa's buddy. Reilly runs to grandpa, who picks him up in his arms. ALEX (CONT'D) You want to stay with grandpa for a while?

117. REILLY Here with grandpa Lix? ALEX Yeah. Here. With grandpa Lix and Aunt Shay. REILLY Can we have bat-worse? ALEX Tell you what. We'll eat bat-worse three times a day, if that's what you want. REILLY Yeah! Alex hugs him like he'll never let go. INT. ALEX'S GUEST ROOM - NIGHT Alex stands over the sleeping Reilly. The boy exudes the warm expression of innocence only a young child, or Sabrina, can muster. Shay sleeps quietly in a second bed. Alex watches him a long time. Finally, his hand slips into his pocket and he withdraws the letter. He sits on the bed to read it. We hear Sabrina's voice. SABRINA (V.O.) Dear Alex...Dad...Alex, whoever you are. I couldn't read your letter. I just stared at my name at the top a long time. Then, I burned it. It's a mirror I just can't look in. I know I would just see your reflection staring back. It would only serve to remind me of the cords that bind us together... cords I will never be able to slip. I guess I'm not ready to make peace with that. You are my dad, but I can't be your daughter. It's a tune with too many notes missing and I just don't think I can learn it. I'm sorry. (beat) As the voice continues we see Sabrina. She is walking alone down a distant street eating fast food and carrying a large cup.

118. SABRINA (CONT'D) Thank you for the money. And, please tell Franklin I appreciate all his kindness. The money is going to get me by for a while... a new start. After that, well... She looks up at a store front. It is a tanning salon.

SABRINA (CONT'D) Once I called you an insensitive bastard. It's genetic, I suppose. But, now, at least, I know how I got this way. I'm just the shadow cast by a long forgotten, selfish act. That's one way to make it into this world. But, you're right, Reilly deserves better. Right now he is three, and in eighteen years he will be me. He won't remember his mother then. Just tell him I'm the cartoon mom that you can think about but never know. Sometimes, not knowing is best. She sets her cup on the window sill. SABRINA (CONT'D) And tell Shay, "hi" from her sister. I think she might be the one good thing your life produces. But, only time will tell. So, until then, I'll say goodbye from your other daughter, the trailer court kid, Sabrina O'Bannion. She enters and the door closes behind her. FADE OUT

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