The traditional idea of working for the same company for life in one particular place is changing.

Today people work for different companies, in different jobs and in different ways. Unfortunately, this also leads to job insecurity and uncertainty about the future. Do you agree or disagree? Today people’s attitudes about work and occupations are changing more steadily than those in the past. In fact, nowadays people are more tend to trying new jobs and workplaces more frequently. In this essay I am going to discuss whether this changes can cause problems for security and certainty of future life. Personally, I agree with this statement and can suppose my opinion with following arguments. First of all, becoming professional in current field requires enough experiment and skills gained for years. From this point of view, it is more reliable to work for the same company or organisation during many years, as it gives you chance to get into the structure of workfield and thus to assimilate a profession profoundly. In addition, during this time the workers are more likely to show all their skills and aptitudes. On the other hand, working with well-adapted colleagues and administration is more convenient since it takes enough time to get accquantiance with new people and adapt them in the new company. One of the most important advantages of steady job is that the prominent and successful workers have a chance to raise in position and increase in salary due to expanding responsibilities and duties. I disagree with this statement to a little extent. Because trying new workfield or job can cause to finding out hidden skills and motivation of new things always gets people to be energetic and work hard, since it is one of important values that employers appreciate. Nevertheless, it can’t give guarantee of getting ahead. (Taking these arguments into consideration ) For the reasons mentioned above,I agree with the notion that working for current company or job for many years is more reliable to make one’s best in career.

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