A 10 year old Ford truck has 100,000 miles on the engine when the transmission fails on the

truck.There are two replacements available- one transmission will last for 20 years, or 50,000 miles, and theother transmission will last for 8 years, or 75,000 miles. Given the current average yearly mileage onthis truck, which transmission would last the longest? Ans: 8 yrs lifespan If 100000 miles can run for 10 years then in 1 yr the number of miles is 100000/10=10000 first trans is good for 50000miles or 50000/10 = 5 yrs second trans is go for 75000 miles or 75000/10 = 7.5 yrs the second is a better choice for time and miles. A physical education class has three times as many girls as boys. During a class basketball game,the girls average 18 points each, and the class as a whole averages 17 points per person. How manypoints does each boy score on average? Ans:14 Suppose # of boys = 1 Then # of girls = 3 Total # of kids = 4 Class average is 17 points therefore total class points = 4*17=68 Now girls average = 18 Total girls score = 3*18 = 54 Therefore boy’s average is 68-54=14 Arnold is about to go on a 500-mile car trip. His mechanic recommends that he buy a specialhighway engine oil that will save him 50 cents in gas for every 25 miles of the trip. This new oil,however, will cost $20. Is it worthwhile for Arnold to buy the oil if he has a coupon for $4 dollars off theprice? Ans: NO Arnold will only save $10 by using oil If Arnold saves 50 cents for 25 miles then he saves $10 for 500 miles (there are 20 such 25miles in 500 miles) If he buys the oil for $20 and saves only $10 then he ends up losing $10. Three individuals form a partnership and agree to divide the profits equally. X invests $9,000, Yinvests $7,000, Z invests $4,000. If the profits are $4,800, how much less does X receive than if theprofits were divided in proportion to the amount invested? Ans:$560 X invests $9000, Y invests $7000, Z invests $4000 So in parts they invest 9/20, 7/20, 4/20 parts each If $4800 were to be divided in terms of their share then x would get X= 9/20 * 4800 = 2160 But 4800 is divided equally so 4800/3 = 1600 X gets 1600 instead of 2160 so he is at loss of 2160-1600=560 In printing an article of 48,000 words, a printer decides to use two sizes of type. Using the largertype, a printed page contains 1,800 words. Using smaller type, a page contains 2,400 words. The articleis allotted 21 full pages in a magazine. How many pages must be in smaller type? Ans:17 Let x = larger type And y = smaller type

(i) And 1800x+2400y = 48000 Or 18x+24y=480…(ii) From equation (i) x=21-y Substitute in equation (ii) 18(21-y)+24y=480 378 -18y +24y = 480 6y = 102 Y=17 .So x+y=21 (since 21 should be total number of pages)….

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