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The structure of the City goals for 2013 focus on four enduring objectives followed by actionable key initiatives

deriving from one or more of the objectives. Community Character Long-term Vitality Organizational Effectiveness Fiscal Stability Community Character Preserve the communitys beach, park, public space, and forest assets by having thoughtful policies, public dialogue, and active partnerships with community groups and strategic partners. Preserve and maintain village character in Carmel through clear land use policies, appropriate zoning regulations, detailed design guidelines, and equitable and consistent code compliance. Promote community cleanliness to protect, conserve and enhance the unique natural beauty and resources of the Village. Long-term Vitality Effectively manage revenue sources to support services to the community. Focus on enhancing quality of life for residents Focus on enhancing and marketing the community as a destination for overnight visitors, boutique conferences, and ecotourism. Maintain a leadership role in the region on issues that are vital to the community. Organizational Effectiveness Direct organizational performance through a structure that is responsive to meeting internal operational needs and objectives and the delivery of high-quality customer service. Focus on accountability, efficiency and quality customer service through the individual performance of employees; connecting their work to the business and strategy of the organization and creating a performance process that will ensure and promote the goals of the organization. Fiscal Stability Pay attention to the financial trade-offs involved in analyzing business decisions whether strategic, operational, or financial. Promote efficiency through an organizational culture that identifies and implements process improvements and strives to develop more efficient methods of providing service and utilizing taxpayer dollars. Routinely compare costs and effects to assess the extent to which a service delivery decision can be regarded as providing value for money. This informs decisionmakers who have to determine where to allocate limited taxpayer resources.

Adopted 2013 goals

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The following key initiatives derive from the four organizational objectives above. These initiatives have a beginning and an end and are designed to be completed or substantial progress made during 2013. Key Initiatives in next twelve months Update parking management plans and studies to enable the City to consider parking policies in 2013 and potential modifications in 2014. Review implementation of Shoreline Management Plan and Forest Management Plan and update as necessary, including attention to rights-of-way and trail connectivity. Maintain a leadership role in developing a long-term solution to the regions water supply while continuing to pursue a replacement and replenishment regional water supply and developing additional local water conservation and non-potable water supply alternatives. Obtain estimates and develop a plan to address the extent to which the Citys pension assets are insufficient to cover the costs of the benefits. Complete contract update for the effective operation of the Sunset Cultural Center. Update and begin implementation of Information Technology strategic plan including updating obsolete technology and encouraging interactive government projects. Allocate Measure D funds in the spirit in which the voters passed the initiative and document for the public. Begin the development of a comprehensive facilities use plan and inventory.

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