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THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHO-ANALYSIS and Bulletin of the INTERNATIONAL PSYCHO-ANALYTICAL ASSOCIATION Eaitor W. HOFFER London withthe assistance of MARIORIE BRIERLEY W. CLIFFORD M. SCOTT Reading ‘London ROBERT P, KNIGHT . P. OBERNDORF Stockbridge ‘New York In collaboration with eee ree ARUN Ae ge Sionius WRKEDy, puucpio ENED ENCE ttc HOSEN. CiaseetE Stee EARL MUELLER DRAUNSCHWEIO, TEAN G. 8 CUSHING, Baltimore SACHA NACHT, Poris FAN Brusca aon HERMAN NORBERG, New York BWAURIceDUGKUTiCZ, nace RICOIA'wERRarT Chace NW SNSSRe eae EXRIOUE PICHON RIVIERE, Buenas Rov'n Gainken, cheno SANDOR RADO, Now York EIS ot NER ge ADELED ROCHE So) Pul GEORGE SPRAGUE, Philadelphia BEVAN Bete LEEOW, tendon RicHAkD FSEREA, Deal BONALD A: MACEARLANE, San Franco LERED WINTERSTEIN, Fema Re WULPR, Pela VOLUME XXXIV 1953 REPRINTED 1972 FOR ‘Wim. DAWSON & SONS Ltd., FOLKESTONE. ‘THE INSTITUTE OF PSYCHOANALYSIS. riginaly printed ia Great Bee st he Whsteare Pre, London & Tonbie Reprinted in Begim by Jos. Adam, ruse CONTENTS OF VOLUME XXXIV ORIGINAL PAPERS Pace. HILDA C. ABRAHAM: ‘Twin Relationship and Womb Fantasies in a Case of Hysteria, 219 EDMUND BERGLER: Can the Writer “Resign” from his Calling? =. 0 LEO BERMAN: Perception and Object Relation in a Patient with Transvestite Tendencies 25 CHARLES BRENNER: An Addendum to Freud’s Theory of Anxiety 18 WILLIAM H. DESMONDE: Psycho-Analysis and Legal Origins 32 GEORGE DEVEREUX: Why Ocdipus Killed Laius |. 132 LAWRENCE J. FRIEDMAN: Defensive Aspects of Orality 304 GEORGE FRUMKES: Impairment of the Sense of Reality as Manifested in Psychoneurosis and Everyday Lite. 123 ANGEL GARMA: The Internalized Mother as Harmful Food in Peptic Uleer Patients... 102 ALEXANDER GRINSTEIN: The Boy and the Dike || 265 MARK KANZER: The Metapsychology of the Hypnotic Dream 28 M. KATAN: Schreber's Prepsyehotic Phase... 3 JUDITH S. KESTERBERG: Notes on Ego Development . 111 JACQUES LACAN: Some Reflections on the Ego... II DANIEL LAGACHE: Some Aspects of Transference 1 eam f pres in Ee sev abie Te hurl eosin. «Be MELITTA SPERLING: Psychodynamics and Treatment of Petit Mal ia Children 248