(Prepare a short essay of 600 words on yourself in the space provided below. You may wish to talk about your background, significant events, accomplishments, experience at your workplace, extracurricular activities, relationships with friends and family, career plans and how the Post Graduate Programme in Management from IIMB fits into your dreams and ambitions. Please make sure that your essay forms a coherent whole.)

Knowledge is power. This maxim has been the driving force behind me and has stood cornerstone to my endeavours, throughout my academic and professional life. Some of my accomplishments like securing the second rank in my state in twelfth standard and being among the top 0.1% in the country in Mathematics during my tenth standard have been made possible due to my hardworking nature and love for learning. The pursuit of knowledge has firmly grounded my feet on earth and instigates me to constantly look out for new challenges. My engineering degree has equipped me with the necessary analytical skills to approach problems in a scientific manner. College also taught the importance of smart work and I ventured into new avenues like quizzing. I also took up responsibilities such as organising events and canvassing for my college’s symposiums .My keen interest in current affairs led me into writing articles for my college magazine and I was an active member of the Magazine Editorial team. I made sure that my project ideas always had a useful bearing on society .For example, I designed a prototype of an intelligent home which would ensure a comfortable and energy saving lifestyle. These were massive learning experiences in which I learnt the importance of teamwork and planning of time and resources. Also, they made me realise the necessity to make an idea, however novel it is, saleable so that it reaches the end user. It is a great pride that I am part of a Navratna company like BHEL, which lights up three in four houses in the country. During my training period, I was exposed to the legacy of my company and its corporate structure and policies. It showed the importance of sound business management for the wellbeing of a nation. As BHEL is an engineering and manufacturing enterprise, I got to know about the interdependence of the various departments and their synchronised functioning to ensure a high quality product. Being in the Engineering department, I had a bird’s eye view of a project from concept to commissioning and could get a big picture of the product life cycle. My workplace has shown me the joy of working in a team and also inculcated a systematic approach in me. One of my motivations to do a post-graduation in management is my late grandfather, who was an entrepreneur engaged in trading of rice. The slow death of Indian agriculture and the constant spate of farmer suicides have made me to introspect and I feel I should venture into my ancestral profession of food processing, once I have the required technical know-how and financial resources. By this way, I can

CAT 2010 Regn. No. SR6800127 Name S.SANTHAPRAKASH
contribute in a small way to honour the motherly profession of agriculture in a predominantly agrarian country like ours. It is that this juncture, I realise the need to improve my management and people skills. It will broaden my outlook and enable me to assume a responsible position, where I can be involved in key decision making and convert those decisions into results on the ground. IIM Bangalore with its rich heritage, distinguished faculty, world-class infrastructure, an excellent peer group and an up-to-date curriculum will provide me with a conducive environment for honing my business acumen. Also, IIM Bangalore with its holistic approach to education will enable me to transform into a well rounded individual , who can have a challenging and satisfying career and also can work for the betterment of the society.