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, Box 507 C hi c a g o , I L 6 0 6 1 9
A community based, 501(c)(3) organization

a nd g e t e v e n m or e i nfo a t: gcamail@ gcachi cago. com PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Happy New Year Neighbors
Traditionally, GCA doesn't hold a meeting in December. That's why you didn't see our newsletter last month. But before I talk about GCAs vision for 2013, I would like to first thank CHATHAM FOODS for catering our GCA Christ mas Party on December 1st. You can ask anyone of the 75 people w ho attended the party if the food served from Chatham Foods' new grill caf wa s a tasty tr eat. A big, party favorite was the "Philly Cheese Steak!" Though the chicken wings and "Hoagies" disappeared pretty fast too! GCA encourages everyone in our area to support their new grill caf. Lets make sure this community staple thrives! Speaking of stores, we have heard from a fairly reliable source that the Jewel on 87th street may be closing in Spring. As a com munity, what do w e have to say about that? The recent gang rape of a teenage girl l ast month at 83 rd & King Dr., along with the shooting/murder of a teen boy at 84th & King Dr. and another two, teen boys shot on January 12th near 82nd and King means we, as a community, have got to have "louder" and more demanding voices in 2013!

Members and guests at the GCA 2012 Christmas Party

O u r r e g u l a r m o n t h ly m e e t i n g

Saturday, JANUARY 26, 2013

11 :00 a. m. 1 : 0 0 p . m .
St. James Lutheran Church 8 0 0 0 S. M i c h i g a n
Now accepting GCA $30 ANNUAL MEMBER DUES per family for 2013. One vote per membership. If you choose to mail your dues, please add full contact info including phone number and email address.

Light Refreshments Served A A 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. G G E E N N D D A A

Meeting Open & Minutes Read Presidents Opening Remarks CONTD ON BACK PAGE 4. Treasurers Report: Arthur Turnbull Education Committee Report: C. Powell, Chair Property Tax WorkshopClaire Addams, Senior Chair GCA Open Mike-re: Mission(s) for 2013 community issues Alderman

GCA Newsletter Sponsored by VICKY NAIL SPA, 11 E. 83rd Street


Reported to the GCA Safety & Security Committee: We cant know whats happening in our
area unless you call us at 773.635.6500 - after you call the police. Afraid? We can pass on your crime info for you! GCA MEMBERS and AREA RESIDENTS: Our group has decided to test a new format for relaying crime incident information. Only members and residents on email will receive the FULL crime reports from local residents and the Chicago Police Reports in the beats stated. In our distributed newsletter, you will now see a summarized report so GCA can feature more info. SUMMARIZED REPORT FROM RESIDENTS or NEWSPAPERS86th and 87th S. Vernon Block: On
Wednesday, Oct. 31 , according to a neighbor who lives in the area, around 8 pm, there were about 10 to 12 males, age 13 to 18 years old ganging up on two (2) males about 15 to 17 years old. I observed them yelling and taunting the two males and surrounding them as this crowd approached from 87th &Vernon. At one point they had them on the ground and I could hear moans. The two guys who now had no shirt or jacket on, got up and this crowd mob was following them down Vernon to 86th street where the it escalated again. Then the mob chased after them. They eluded the crowd for about 10 minutes. But then someone spotted them and chased them towards 86th and King Drive. This resident called 911 and so did a neighbor across the street. However, the police never showed up. 86th & S. Michigan Block: A 90 year-old woman was robbed as she th walked north on 86 and Michigan. Someone came up behind her and grabbed her purse. This incident occurred on Monday, th Nov. 5 around 2:30 pm. No other details shared with GCA. 76th & S. Calumet Block: Two guys walked up and ordered th the person out of their car and drove off. The jack incident happened on, Sunday Nov. 11 around 10:30 pm. No other details were given. SECURITY TIP: When coming home late at night, if at all possible, call in advance as you pull up in front of the home to have someone in the house looking out the window. The person at home should have a cell, cordless or land phone in their hand in case the car driver should get accosted. This way, the person in the house can give a description of the perps and any criminal vehicle(s) associated with the offense. Remember, these folks usually work in pairs or a threesome. 8500 S. Rhodes: Chicago Tribune Breaking News By Adam Sege, Tribune reporter 7:46 a.m. CST, Nov. 26, 2012. In what appeared to be the last shooting on Sunday, a man was shot in the left calf about 10:05 pm in the 8500 block of South Rhodes Avenue in the Chatham neighborhood on the South Side, Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Hector Alfaro said. He was taken to Advocate Trinity Hospital, where his condition was stabilized. The man, whose age was not immediately releasedmay have been accidentally shot by a friend, police said. Alleys between Blocks of 8400 S. King Dr. & Vernon, 8400 S. King Dr. & Calumet and 8400 Prairie & Indiana: At approx. 1:45 pm on Wednesday, Dec. 12th, a resident saw a teenage boy attempting to break in garages: first in the alley between 8400 S. King Dr. and Vernon; then the teen try to break into garages at 8400 S. King Dr. and Calumet; and finally, he moved on to 8400 S. Prairie and Indiana. This neighbor said the teen boy walked from garage to garage trying the doors. The resident did call 911 three (3) times to report this and gave a description of his attire and an update on his location.the resident said she lost sight of him, due to the one-way streets. I drove around and, from a distance, I believe I saw him walk up to a house midway up the block on 85th and Michigan. He was wearing gray pants and a black waist-length down jacket with a hood. My last call to 911 was around 2:13 pm. I never saw the police anywhere in the area during this entire time. CHATHAM VILLAGE 600 East 83rd St. Block: A resident from this area th reports that, during the week before Dec. 19 , a woman came to her door claiming to be from ADT. This neighbor said that the so-called sales rep was working under the guise to warn Chatham residents that there had been a lot of robberies in the area. The fake rep imposter claimed that ADT was offering a special promotion. Then the resident said that this woman tried to get into her unit. The imposter was wearing a hat with an ADT logo. However, the resident explained that the imposter's so-called badge was turn over so it couldn't reveal her photo or name. After the resident refused to allow the imposter into her home, this fake ADT rep noticed that the resident was watching her and did not proceed to approach any other residents in the area of Chatham Village where this neighbor lived. But the so-called representative did move on to the Champlain block. The resident decided to call ADT because she felt this woman was very suspicious. Once she talked to ADT, the resident said that there w a s no such promotion going on in our area. Call 911 and ADT ASAP if any person like the abov e th approaches you. 8200 S. St. Lawrence Block: On Wednesday, Dec 19 , a resident reported a garage break-in. The resident said, I think they used a garage floor jack to buckle the door. The resident didn't indicate if anything was stolen. However this resident submitted a photo: it actually showed how they used a crowbar or jack to go under the door until they bent it up. If you can afford it, get an alarm installed on your garage independent of your home. Most burglars dont th figure you will do that! 84th S. Prairie Block: A resident on this block said the following: "Thursday, Dec. 20 , approx. 6:00 pm, my son was walking from the bus stop located on 84th and King Drive, when he noticed that 6 teenage boys were standing in the alley (Southwest of Calumet street). While proceeding to Prairie Street, the boys crossed over and started following him. Fortunately, my husband was waiting for my son and noticed the boys as well. When my husband walked towards my son, the boys ran. We have lived in this area for 15 years and know the teens that live on this block. The teen boys were not from this area. Thankfully, my husband and son were not hurt. Have a cell phone with you at all times! Put 911 on your speed dial. Should you see another situation like thisafter you have called the policecall other neighbors on your th block so they can be alerted to call the police too ASAP! More resident calls often will make 911 respond better84 S. King Dr. Block-another neighbor responded as a result of this crime alert: When walking my dogs a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the St. Clotilde security was nowhere around at the 84th & King bus stop. I used to notice them out from King Dr. back to the school during morning arrival time (haven't been by there lately in the morning), but not this day in the evening.

GCA REMINDER: "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have left." SPECIAL DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. CELEBRATIONS at the DUSABLE MUSEUM!

Celebrate with the DuSable Museum for their annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration on Monday, January 21st! The the m e for this years celebration is, Nothing Without a Demand, commemorating the legacy of many of the iconic men and women that help to shape and advance Civil and Human Rights throughout America. This daylong affair is filled with live performances, dance, films, and art to inspire, entertain, and educate all audiences. This historic day begins with the LIVE SCREENING of the inauguration of PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA for his second term as President of the United States of America. Our inauguration broadcast begins at 11:30 a.m. Al s o , w a l k i n g t h r o u g h t h e m u s e u m s g all e r i e s w i l l b e historic personalities, as part of our new educational outreach initiative Walking with Heroes: Notable African American figures like Ida B. Wells, Elijah J. McCoy, Jean Baptise Pointe DuSables wife Kittihawa, and more come to live! A great way to teach history to kids!

DuSable Museum
740 East 56th Place Monday, January 21st 10:00 am 6:00 pm


PARENTS & TEENS: Reminder About Completing Financial Aid Forms for College Financial Aid
If youre the parent of a high school senior and looking to get some college financial aid, it is time to fill out FAFSA the Free Application for Federal Student Aid you cant get financial aid money : for college if you dont fill out this standardized government form. And putting it off will actually cost you money, since most financial aid is given out on a first come-first served basis. The FAFSA requires information about your income and tax situation from 2012 but you definitely dont want to wait until your tax return is finished. You can estimate closely, based on last years income and deductions, and then amend the FAFSA form if anything changes significantly in April. The ea sie st way to handle this project is to go to and click on Start a New Application. You dont have to do it all in one sitting, so you can save the information and create your own private, password-protected file. And heres a word of warning: These forms are very specific. Be sure to use your childs full name as it is on his or her birth certificate or Social Security card, and be sure to complete the parental information section accurately, as well.


AGGRAVATED: 7500 block of S. WabashVehicular Hijacking/Street, Sun. Feb 5 @ 12:10 a.m.; 7500 block of S. th CalumetStreet, Tues. Feb. 7 @ 3:42 p.m.; 0 block of W. 79 St.CTA Train, Sat. Feb 25 @ 9:30 a.m.; ARMED AND Read more... GUN / STREET: 8000 block of S. Langley, Wed., Feb 1 @ 7 p.m.; 500 block of E. 88 Pl., Tue. Feb. 28 @ 6:50 p.m.; 8500 for-college-tuition-assistance/#ixzz2I3xZAYGu Publication 521. 2. Educator Expenses This is for 1. Job-Related Wed. Feb. Expensessee IRS OTHER DANGEROUS WEAPON/SIDEWALK: 7500 block of S. block of S. Cottage, Moving 29 @ 8:30 a.m.; ARMED elementary Feb 20 @ 3:10 a.m.; STRONGARM NO WEAPON SIDEWALK/STREET: 7900 See IRS S. Indiana, Sun.more State, Mon., and secondary educators including principles and aides. $250 deduction. block of Topic 458 for Feb. 5 @ 1:10Higher Education ExpensesFeb. 9 @ 6:25 p.m.;and fees for yourself, a spouse or dependent, see info. 3. p.m.; 7900 block of S. King Dr., Thur. If you paid tuition

IRS Publication 970. 4. Residential Energy Property Creditmake your house green and see IRS Form 5695 for info. 5. Retirement Tax CreditGet a credit of up to $2000. See IRS Form 8880. 6. Improvements on home for medical purposesSee IRS Publication 502. 7. State Taxes on Personal PropertyExample: this deduction would apply to you if brought a new car or boat. See IRS Topic 503. 8. Child & Dependent Care CreditSee IRS Topic 602. 9. Non-cash ContributionsFor info See IRS Publication 526. 10. Work-Related Expenseswork related education expenses count too. See IRS Publication 529. 3


2013 has to be the year for definitive actions taking place by the powers-to-be that work for us! So GCA needs your recommendations and ideas! Dont talk about it at home anymore-come to a GCA meeting and be heard-starting nowthis month! GCA plans to make 2013 the year of the "Doing," not the "Dithering;" the year for "Demonstrations" not just the "Discussions;" the year for "Winning, not for "Whining; and finally the year for "Planning" not for "Preyed-on!" P.S. And Three Things GCA Wants You to Know About the Citys New Electric Company: 1. If you do nothing, you will be
automatically enrolled in the City's Program and save about 22.3%. 2. ComEd will still continue sending your monthly bills, responding to outages, and delivering your electricity. 3. No one from the City's program will ever come to your door or call you to ask you to switch to a new supplierever! Roosevelt K. Vonil, GCA President

New 2013 Parking Meter Rate Increases

On-street metered parking areas will increase to $2 an hour in most of the city. $4 an hour near Downtown & $6.50 an hour Downtown area.

IMPORTANT: Deleterious Impact Ordinance Amendments Makes it Easier for Communities to Take Action Against NUISANCE BUSINESSES
In January, Alderman Deborah Graham (29th Ward) sponsored an ordinance to strengthen community actions against nuisance businesses and it passed the Committee on License & Consumer Protection. This ordinance makes an amendment to the existing ordinance. This new amendment eliminates the overburdened community petition process for those affected by a business accused of being a nuisance. Now it will easier for our community residents to take action against problem businesses. It also reduces the number of illegal felonies, narcotics, or weapons violations a business can have in a 12-month period from five to three. The amendments are also designed to prevent false allegations and offer problem businesses an opportunity to submit an operational plan to correct their problems. CALL GCA AT 773.635.6500 TO HELP US IDENTIFY A PROGRAM CEDA HOME ENERGY ASSISTANCENUISANCE BUSINESS. HAVE DETAILS.


Make a natureinspired craft! Encounter birds of prey from the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation. Go on guided bird hikes native to IL. For more info, CALL: 312.742.7529Northerly Island is located at Citys old Meigs Field.

Polar Adventure Days at Northerly Island

Have fun while enjoying the wonders of nature at the 8th Annual Polar Adventure Days Saturday, Feb. 16th. See Siberian Huskies, wolves, and other wild life animals. Enjoy music from the Old Town School of Music. Sip hot cocoa on your nature walk.

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Crime Vicinity Blocks: TRENDING BURGLARY: More garage break-ins are occurring again. Get a
separate wireless alarm for your garage if you can afford it. DOMESTIC BATTERY IS UP: If you know of someone, or see a female neighbor, or even an elderly person you suspect is being abused, please call CONNECTIONS FOR ABUSED WOMEN AND THEIR CHILDREN at 773.278.4566. All calls or services at CAWC are free & confidential. CTA: El and Bus stop incidents way up! LARCENY/THEFT: increasing in incidents at local stores! ROBBERIES are up and not just in evening hours. VANDALISM: More incidents and who knows why this is suddenly occurring?
AGGRAVATED ASSAULT ARMED /AGGRAVATED HAND-GUN/OTHER DANGEROUS WEAPON7900 block of S. State, Sidewalk, Tue. Nov 6 @ 10 p.m.; 8300 block of St. Lawrence, School/Public Grounds, Thur. Nov 15 @ 7:45 a.m.; 8500 block of S. Rhodes, Residence, Sun. Nov 25 @ 10:05 p.m.; 8300 block of St. Lawrence, School/Public Grounds, Tue. Nov 27 @ 1 p.m,; 8500 block of S. Cottage Grove, Small Retail Store, Sun. Dec 2 @ 5 p.m. AGGRAVATED KNIFE/ CUTTING INSTRUMENT: 7600 block of S. King Dr., Residence Porch/Hallway, Sat. Nov 3 @ 3:36 a.m.; 8700 block of S. King Dr., Alley, Wed. Nov 21 @ 3:40 a.m. AGGRAVATED/OTHER: 400 block of E. 81st St., Agg. PO/Hands/Serious Injury/ Street, Sun. Dec 23 @ 11:20 p.m. BURGLARYFORCIBLE/UNLAWFUL ENTRY/APT: Most break-ins occur in the th th th blocks of E. 75 Street, E. 78 street, E. 80 street and the 7700 block of S. Prairie and 7800 block of S. State. FORCIBLE st nd /UNLAWFUL ENTRY / RESIDENCE OR GARAGE: The blocks of 81 & 82 and St. Lawrence had multiple garage breakth th ins. While 7600 block of S. Prairie, 100 block of E. 78 St, 7900 block of S. Indiana, 600 block of E. 80 St., 8600 block of S. th Rhodes & 400 block of E. 87 Pl. also had incidents. FORCIBLE /UNLAWFUL ENTRY/RESTAURANT OR BUSINESS: th th Restaurants on the 200 block of E. 75 St. and 400 block of E. 87 St. had break-ins. While a church on the 8200 block of th S. State and a small store on the 200 block of E. 87 also got burglarized. HOME INVASION: 7700 block of S. Michigan, Residence, Wed. Dec 5 @ 3:55 a.m. CRIMINAL SEXUAL ASSAULT/SEX OFFENSES CRIMINAL SEXUAL rd ABUSE: With the exception of the horrendous gang rape incident of a young teen girl on 83 and King Drive (referred to as an Aggravated/ Handgun at a Residence on the 400 block of E. 83rd St., Fri. Dec 21 @ 8 p.m.), most incidents happened during this time period inside residences. This could either be forced attacks from dates, friends or family members and not th just intruders. CTA CRIMES79 street el stop is getting notorious and its not just in the evening anymore Daytime incidents are on the rise! Please tell your children and anyone else you know riding the el to be extremely cautious. BUS STOP INCIDENTS Robbery/Strongarm/Bus Stop: 8300 block of S. King Dr., Fri. Nov 16 @ 10:50 a.m.; th 8200 block of Cottage Grove; Tue. Nov 27 @ 5:50 pm.; 0 block of W. 79 St.; Tue. Dec 11 @ 4:25 p.m.; 8700 block of Cottage Grove; Theft/Pocket Picking/Bus, Wed. Dec 12 @ 5:30 p.m., 8000 block of Cottage Grove, Larceny Theft/Bus Stop, Fri. Dec 14 @ 5:50 a.m.; Pocket Picking/Bus: 7900 block of S. State, Mon. Dec 17 @ 1:30 p.m.; Criminal Trespass/ th Bus Stop 0 block of W. 79 St., Wed. Dec 19 @ 6:10 p.m. LARCENY/THEFT64 incidents happened between rd rd. November 23 to December 23 . Commercial spots like car wash, bank, medical/dental office, gas stations, drug stores, convenience stores and business office have been hitespecially public garages in our area. Four (4) incidents occurred at homes. MOTOR VEHICLE THEFTAUTOPARKING LOT/ GARAGE: 8700 S. Cottage block lot/garage was hit. AUTOSTREET: There were 23 incidents of cars being stolen from November to December . ROBBERY AGGRAVATED: 7500 block of S. Wabash, Street, Sun. Nov 18 @ 11:20 p.m.; 0 block of E. 87th St., Street, Sat. Nov 24 @ 12:40 p.m. ARMED HANDGUN: 8100 block of S. King Dr., Sidewalk, Thur. Nov 1 @ 7:35 p.m.; 0 block of E. 87th St., Restaurant, Fri. Nov 2 @ 5:47 a.m.; 8700 block of S. Cottage Grove, Sidewalk, Fri. Nov 2 @ 5:30 p.m.; 8000 block of S. rd Eberhart, Sat. Nov 10 @ 6:35 p.m.; 0 block of E. 83 Pl., Street, Tue. Nov 13 @ 12:50 a.m.; 8000 block of S. Cottage Grove, Residence Porch/Hallway, Thur. Nov 15 @ 10:15 p.m.; 7600 block of S. Indiana, Sidewalk, Mon. Nov 26 @ 3:15 th a.m.; 0 block of E. 79 St., Small Retail Store, Fri. Nov 30 @ 3:05 p.m.; 8800 block of S. Calumet, Sidewalk, Fri. Dec 7 @ th 2:54 p.m.; 8300 block of S. King Dr., Small Retail Store, Sun. Dec 9 @ 7:15 p.m.; 300 block of E. 75 St., Sidewalk, Tue. Dec 11 @ 2:23 a.m.; 8600 block of S. Cottage Grove, Parking Lot/Garage, Tue. Dec 11 @ 9:35 p.m.; 7800 block of S. Prairie, School/Public Grounds, Wed. Dec 19 @ 4:17 p.m. STRONGARM NO WEAPON: 7900 block of S. State St., Sidewalk, Sat. Nov 3 @ 9:30 p.m.; 7900 block of S. Wabash, Sidewalk, Fri. Nov 9 @ 1 p.m.; 8000 block of S. Cottage Grove, Sat. Nov 10 @ 11:10 a.m.; 7900 block of S. State St., Street, Mon. Nov 26 @ 8:30 a.m.; 8400 block of S. King Dr., Sidewalk, Tue. Nov 27 @ 4:45 p.m.; 7900 block of S. King Dr., Sidewalk, Sun. Dec 9 @ 8:15 p.m.; 7900 block of S. State, th Sidewalk, Wed. Dec 12 @ 9:30 p.m.; 300 block of E. 75 St., Sidewalk, Sun. Dec 16 @ 12:55 p.m.; 7500 block of S. King Dr., Sidewalk, Fri. Dec 21 @ 11:50 p.m. VEHICULAR HIJACKING: 7600 block of S. Calumet, Aggravated, Sun. Nov 11 @ 10:36 p.m.; 8400 block of S. Vernon, Street, Tue. Nov 13 @ 10 p.m.; 8300 block of S Cottage Grove, Sat. Dec 15 @ 2:20 p.m. VANDALISMincreasing! There were 10 incidents from mid-November through December. Dont forth rd get to lock gates: front and back! Incidents are occurring from 80 to 83 street on blocks of Calumet, Eberhart, Rhodes, nd rd th State and Wabash in yards, on vehicles and property. Other areas hit are E. 82 , E. 83 and E. 84 plus the 7700 block of S. Indiana.