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5 JANUARY 19-20, 2013ISSUE 3

Welcome to Good Shepherd Chapel

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Sunday, we begin the li tu r gi c al season of Ord in ary Time. For m a n y Sundays in this lectionary cycle, our readings will be taken from the Gospel of Luke. Occasionally, however, we will read from John's Gospel. This is true of today's Gospel reading, which describes the beginning of Jesus' ministry and his first miracle. To situate today's reading within the context of John's Gospel, we note that John's report of this event follows Jesus' call of his first disciples. John tells us that Jesus and his disciples were invited to this wedding at Cana, as was Jesus' mother, Mary. There is no parallel report of this miracle at Cana in the Synoptic Gospels. In the Church's liturgical history, the wedding feast of Cana is closely associated with the baptism of the Lord and the adoration of the infant Jesus by the Wise Men. In this context, the sign Jesus performs at the wedding feast is celebrated as an epiphany or a manifestation of Jesus' divinity. Yet awareness of Jesus' impending passion and death is ever present in John's Gospel. Even in this report of Jesus' first sign, the language used anticipates Jesus' passion. When Jesus says to his mother that his hour has not yet come, he protests against her wishes in language that John will use again when reporting Jesus' Last Supper with his disciples. When introducing the story of Jesus washing his disciples' feet, John writes that Jesus knew that his hour had come. In John's Gospel, Jesus is very much in command and aware of all that is to happen to him. Here, as elsewhere in John's Gospel, Mary is not mentioned by name, but is referred to instead as the mother of Jesus. Mary is influential in Jesus' first sign. She will also be present at his Crucifixion, a witness to the final manifestation of his divinity. John's Gospel describes seven signs that indicate Jesus' identity to his disciples. John never speaks of these signs as miracles because their importance is not in the deed that Jesus performs but in what these deeds indicate about Jesus' identity. Here, as when John describes the other signs, the disciples are said to begin to believe, but no mention is made as to whether the other wedding guests are even aware of what has happened. Marriage and wedding feasts are metaphors used in Scripture to describe God's salvation and the Kingdom of God. Here at the beginning of Jesus' public ministry, John's Gospel seeks to establish that Jesus is going to re-interpret and fulfill Yahweh's promise to Israel. Jesus establishes the New Covenant. A hint about what this New Covenant will be like is made evident in the deed that Jesus performs. Asked to do something to address the awkward situation that the absence of wine at a wedding feast would create, Jesus' miracle produces vast quantities of winesix jars holding thirty gallons each are filled to overflowing with choice wine. This lavish response to a simple human need is a vision for us of the abundance of God's kingdom. It challenges us to respond generously when confronted with human need today. We respond as best we can, fully confident that God can transform our efforts, bringing the Kingdom of God to fulfillment among us. Retrieved from

Parish Staff
Pastor: Fr. Joseph Lea (267) 243-5861 NCOIC: SSG. Clarence Slaughter (706) 791-4308 Deacon: - Rev. Mr. David Kriegel - Rev. Mr. Kelley Culver PLC: Lola Rivera (706) 791-4829 RE Coordinator: Adriana Gramer RCIA: Kelley Culver (706) 855-9893 Music Director: Sonia Rivera MCCW: Kim Besel, (706) 855-9275 Knights of Columbus: Tim McCarthy

Youth Ministry: Laura Pizzi EME: Judy Kriegel, (706) 869-9781 Altar Servers: Alex Besel Lectors: Tom Dean, (706) 860-6946 Ushers/Greeters: Bill Holt Flowers Ministry: Fran Simpson Welcome Sunday: Gilda Fontimayor

Webmaster: Judy Culver Liturgical Schedule: Brian Musha Hospitality Team: Bulletin Editor: Lola Rivera

Monday & Wednesday: 11:30am Saturday: 5:00pm Sunday: 8:30am and 10:00am RECONCILIATION Saturday: 4:00pm-4:45pm Sunday: 7:45am-and 9:30am (also by appointment)


Saint Michaels Catholic Community is a group of Catholic Christians associated with the Armed Forces under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Archdioceses for the Military Services served by the pastoral leadership of our priest(s), deacon(s), and parish staff. The community is dedicated to exemplifying Christian community by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ through worship, service, and witness to the people of Fort Gordon and surrounding communities.

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Monthly Meeting Please know that our next meeting will be on Tuesday January 15th, 2013 in Bldg. 13 at 1830. Social and the meeting starts at 1900 hours. Contact the Grand Knight Tim McCarthy if you have any questions at: Knights of Columbus Website St. Michaels Knights of Columbus just inaugurated their own website where active and prospective members can find relevant information and upcoming activities and events. This website also provides a section Prayer Request that can be used to request prayers for a parishioner in need. You may visit the new website at Trip to Atlanta to Support Life! The Knights of Columbus sponsored by St. Michaels Parish will travel to Atlanta on January 22nd 2013 to support the United States Bishops annual Respect Life Program and Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities. We are reserved a 15 passenger van to go to attend this event. This is a one-day event. Please contact Tim McCarthy as soon as possible if you are interested in attending this wonderful cause. Seats are limited and there are just a few seats left. Help us to stop abortion and promote life.

Military Council of Catholic Women (MCCW)

MCCW at Fort Gordon offers FAITH STUDY on Monday mornings from 9:30 11:00am followed by daily Mass for those who can attend. This year we are studying Catholicism by Fr. Robert Barron. Margaret Lepak is our facilitator. Childcare is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you receive St. Michaels weekly happenings?

If the answer is NO, please contact the PLC today and request to be included in our parish emailing list

Altar Servers Training!!!

There will be an Altar Servers training session on Saturday February 2nd from Noon 1pm at Good Shepherd Chapel. All current and new servers must attend. For more information, please contact the Altar Servers Coordinator, Alex Besel at (706) 855-9275 Thank you.

Rehearsal Information
Choir Practice is on Wednesdays at 7:45pm at our chapel. Singers and musicians are welcomed! Contact Sonia Rivera at (706) 627-0637 or send her an email at

Would you like to Donate Flowers for a Special Intention?

You can donate flowers for a special intention, such as, in memory of the death of a loved one, or in celebration of your wedding anniversary, or birthday. Please, contact the Flowers Ministry Coordinator Fran Simpson for more information @

Ushers Needed
We are in need of several ushers for each of our Mass services (Sat. 5:pm, Sun. 8:30am and 10am). This is a great opportunity to serve your parish. Please contact the Ushers Coordinator Bill Holt if you are interested or need more information.

Families Wanted
Our Parish is looking for families who would like to bring up the gifts at each mass. Please contact Lola Rivera

Confirmation 2013 Update! By Parish Life Coordinator

Auxiliary Bishop Richard Higgins just announced that he will visit our parish on February 16 to celebrate the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation. Three catechists are working hard to prepare the nine confirmandi who received and accepted the call from God to be confirmed. Please, pray for each of the confirmandi and their teachers as they prepare for this important moment in their lives. We are very excited to hear the good news, and we look forward to this great event. We will share more details with you soon.

Altar Servers Needed

Our Parish is looking for adult or children who would like to serve as altar servers at the 5pm Mass. Please contact Lola Rivera.

Patron of Throat Illnesses COMING UP!!

Many Catholics might remember Saint Blaise's feast day because of the Blessing of the Throats that took place on this day. Two candles are blessed, held slightly open, and pressed against the throat as the blessing is said. St. Blaises feast day is on February 3rd. Father Joseph will give a special Blessing of the Throats on Feb 4-5 during all masses. Mark your calendar!

NO Daily Mass, MCCW Faith Study and Book Club this Monday due to the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration. Sorry for the inconvenience.






Catherine Capozzoli, 90th B-day! Emy Miller, Jan 15 Loren Simpson, Jan 16 Tilly Mendieta, Jan 17

Sign up today


Samantha Roden
Interviewed by: Trinity Torgerson Samantha Roden is 13 years old and goes to Columbia Middle School where she serves on the student council. She was born in Virginia and has also lived in Florida and Germany. She has two siblingsone older sister and one younger brotherand no pets. She loves cooking and martial arts. She has a blue belt in tae kwon do and would like to start taking karate. She is also thinking of starting guitar lessons. Samantha likes to be involved in the church and being a part of our church group.


Sunday February 24 at 11:30am in Bldg 13. Join Us!! Food is provided. Parents are welcome Sunday Youth Group is the core program of Catholic Youth Ministry and a year of learning about our faith, enjoying fellowship among the youth of our parish, and just having good times. CYM is about being closer to Jesus so that we make a difference in our own life and make a difference in the world. CYM is your ticket to all the great programs and activities of CYM. Most important is that you get here to Youth NOT stay away. Please contact the Youth Ministry Coordinator Laura Pizzi if you have any questions at

24 February 2013 @ 10 AM
Youth are encouraged to do the readings, serve as ushers, sing in the choir, and present the gifts during Mass. Please contact the Youth Ministry Coordinator if you are interested in participating. We have choir practice on Wednesday at 7:45pm in our chapel. Contact us if you have any questions at

Visit us at Book Club Discussion

on Mondays 6:30pm-7:30pm
This discussion is facilitated by Father Joseph Lea and Deacon Kelley Culver
IMPORTANT FOR PARENTS: If you need to provide any of your childs required documents for confirmation, please ensure you submit them by Feb 9th to Thank you.

Sign up today in the activity room or at Note: Books and food will be provided.

Send us an email if you are celebrating your wedding anniversary next month at

St. Valentine's Day Dinner and Dance

The annual MCCW and Knights of Columbus St. Valentine's Day Dinner and Dance is coming up on Saturday, February 9th at 6:30pm. The event will be held at the St. Josephs Hall in Augusta. Sign up today in the activity room.

Operation Rice Bowl News By Parish Life Coordinator

St. Michaels will support the program Operation Rice Bowl (ORB) sponsored by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) during Lent again this year. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, we will distribute the ORB boxes for you to fill with your donations. We will collect the boxes on March 30-31, 2013 during our Mass. Thanks for your generosity. Your support will help families around the world through CRSs development Projects.

Volunteer Today!
We are recruiting new volunteers for the different ministries that we have in our parish. Contact the Parish Life Coordinator if you are interested in serving our community. There are many open opportunities some of them are listed in page 5. Please, contact the PLC at 7 0 6 - 7 9 1 - 4 8 2 9 o r for more information.


St. Marys Boy Scout Troop 8 is ready to serve you a fantastic Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday, February 2, 2013. The menu includes spaghetti, meatballs, salad, bread, dessert, and drinks. Dinner will be served at the Aquinas High School dining hall. Food will be served from 5:00 - 7:30 pm. Tickets are $8/adult, $6 for seniors, $5/child, and $25 maximum per family. We hope you can join us for a tasty dinner and show your support for our scout activities. For information about donating or to reserve your seat for the dinner so we will have a headcount, please email or call(706) 736-3366.

Welcome Sunday
We will celebrate Welcome Sunday on 24 Feb February at 10am to welcome the new families and single soldiers. Join us for a breakfast after the 10am Mass in the activity room. You may contact the Welcome Sunday Coordinator Gilda Fontimayor for more information at welcomesunday@

Scouts Troop 8 News!

Have a canoe, kayak or row boat gathering dust? Help the boy scouts enjoy the great outdoors by donating (tax deductible) a canoe to the boys of Troop 8. Any condition would still be appreciated. To make a donation contact Dave Besel @ 706-855-9275 or Chad Sweeney @ 706-736-3366, or email us at

PLCs Office Hours

The Parish Life Coordinator is available to assist you with registrations, Sacramental inquires, PO requests, and any other need the following days and times: Monday thru Wednesday, 8am-4pm and Saturday and Sunday during Mass schedule. After hours assistance by appointment at (706)791-4829 or (443) 223-1125

Pastoral Visitations
There is simply no place more appropriate than the home for pastors to interact with their parishioners in a personal manner. And this holds true whether such interaction is for the purpose of leading a person to Christ, reclaiming a lost soul, or offering support and guidance. For this reason, our Pastor, Father Joseph would like to start Pastoral Visitations to give parishioners the opportunity of meeting and knowing him. He would like to visit parishioners homes twice a week, so if you are interested in receiving the special visit of our Pastor, please contact the PLC Lola Rivera to schedule a Pastoral visitation @ (706) 791-4829, or Father Joseph is looking forward to visit

Private confessions at St. Michaels are available for you before Mass on Saturdays 4pm and Sundays at 8am in the confessional box located in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, but also face-to-face and by appointment at your convenience. Confessions are available in Spanish when Father Joseph celebrates mass.

Arrangements for marriage preparation should be made at least six months in advance of the proposed date. If there has been a prior marriage that has not been annulled by the Catholic Church, more time may be required. Participation in a marriage preparation workshop/program is required. Initially, all requests of information should be directed to the Catholic Pastor at (267) 243-5861.

New to our Parish?

Please take a minute and fill out our registration form. You can find these forms in the counter located in the social room. You may give the form to the Parish Life Coordinator, or to the chaplain assistant on duty. You can also download the form from our website if this is more convenient for you, and send it to Welcome!

In order to receive Baptism, parent(s) must be registered and attending Mass. Dates and times of Baptism can ONLY be set after registering for Pre-Baptism class, and talking with a Priest. Baptism and preparation for Baptism must be arranged 30 days in advance. Contact the PLC if you need assistance.

Adoration on Wednesday
Join us for adoration this coming Wednesday at 6:30pm. We meet every week to spend and dedicate an hour in Eucharistic Adoration. This is a great way to increase your faith and help you with your prayer life.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

The RCIA program is the process through which interested adults and older children are gradually introduced to the Roman Catholic doctrine and way of life. Contact Kelley Culver if you need assistance at .

Pastoral Counseling
Anyone wishing to see the Catholic Pastor for religious counseling issues may contact our Pastor. All requests of information should be directed
to Father Joseph at (267) 243-5861.

Anointing of the Sick

If you are in need of this sacrament, or if you are going to be hospitalized, please contact Father Joseph (267) 243-5861

Wedding Anniversary & Marriage Vow Renewal

Send us an email if you are celebrating your wedding anniversary next month. We also encourage you to let us know if you would like to renew your marriage vows at Mass, at least two weeks in advance. Requests can be submitted at: Writing Checks: When writing checks for our weekend collections, please make sure you write the check to CTOF (Chapel Tithes and Offering Fund) Also remember , if you write a check $250 or above, you may ask for a receipt from the chaplain assistant.

Parish Council Meeting

St. Michaels Parish Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday February 5th, 2013. The meeting will be at Good Shepherd Chapel (GSC), social room at 5:30 pm.

Change of Address or Moving?

Please advise the Parish Life Coordinator when you have any change of address or telephone number, or if you are moving away.

Mass Intentions

Pastoral Council

If you would like to offer a Mass for the repose of the soul of a loved one, or any other intention, you are encouraged to use one of our Mass cards from the bulletin board located in the hallway next to the Sacristy. You can also send it to the PLC via email at

Do not receive Christ in the Blessed Sacrament so that you may use him
as you judge best, but give yourself to him and let him receive you in this Sacrament, so that he himself, God your saviour, may do to you and through you whatever he wills.. ~Saint Cajetan

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Recruiting New Volunteers There are many ways to help your community within the parish. Demonstrate Gods love by volunteering some of
your time. The following are some of the many volunteer opportunities for you. Contact the Parish Life Coordinator if you have questions or need further information.

VOLUNTEERS COORDINATOR (volunteer position)

St. Michaels Parish at Fort Gordon is looking for a dedicated, hardworking person, sensitive to the ways God calls and equips people for mission in daily life, to help the members of our congregation grow in both spirituality and in participation. Positive communication skills, including both quality listening skills and comfort with cold-calling, are a necessity! Ability to maintain open and often communication with parish volunteers. Duties will include, but are not limited to: - Establish and maintain relationships with congregation members and community organizations to assist the congregation in accomplishing its missional responsibilities. - Create and maintain databases of congregational member information such as skills and interests. Such databases may include some or all software such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Publisher. - Establish and oversee recruitment procedures to meet specific group needs for activities and functions of volunteers. - Evaluate the work of volunteers to ensure that work is of appropriate quality and that resources are used effectively. - Assist in the assimilation process of new members. Work with the Parish Life Coordinator to acknowledge, recognize, and support volunteers as well as recommend new directions for ministry. - Help connect members with existing ministries and programs within the congregation. - Report questions, comments, or concerns regularly to the Parish Life Coordinator. - Other duties as assigned by the Pastor and/or Parish Life Coordinator or as deemed necessary. Interested? Questions? Contact the PLC at

Care Ministry Coordinator

We are looking for a volunteer to coordinate the Care Ministry. This ministry assists parishioners who are sick at home or hospital. The ministry coordinator is responsible for coordinating visits in consultation with the senior pastor and PLC. The coordinator will be willing to visit parishioners who request this assistance, share the Word of God and prayer with them, and offer Holy Communion at the time of visit. If this is your call, or you need further information, please contact us at Volunteer Coordinator Needed Volunteers are the back bone of our parish, and most important, they help us to spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are looking for a person who would like to be St. Michaels Volunteer Coordinator. Please, contact the PLC and ask her for a copy of the job description to learn about its requirements and responsibilities. Adult Altar Servers Wanted We are looking for adult altar servers to assist at Mass, especially at Saturday 5pm and Sunday 8:30am masses. Please, contact Alex Besel if you are interested in becoming an altar server. This is a great opportunity to serve our Lord.

Evangelization Coordinator We are looking for volunteers to coordinate the Evangelization ministry. Please, contact Lola Rivera if you are interested in coordinating this ministry, or if you need more information at

26 Jan 2013


E. Greenwood B. Musha F. Simpson B. Besel E. Nikoi T. Phair

C. Greenwood M. Lockard L. Simpson B. Larson M. Colon R. Colon A. David J. David

J. Garcia R. Agostini R. Capozzoli R. Ruiz J. Redmond T. Miller A. Hadloc J. Varner

27 Jan 2013


Welcome Sunday


Please, contact your coordinator with at least 48 hours in advance if you are unable to serve at the mass that you are schedule. Lectors: Tom Dean (706) 860-6946 or Extraordinary Ministers: Judy Kriegel (706) 869-9781 or Ushers: Bill Holt (706) 951-3625 or You may contact the Liturgy Schedule Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns about schedule at Brian Musha @ Thank you for your cooperation.


There will be a designated offering on February 16-17, 2012 for AMS Seminarians Funds. Please know that this offering was requested by our Parish Council and approved by the Chaplaincy Program Budget Advisory Committee (CPBAC) Fort Gordon. Please, consider to be generous for this cause. Thank you. St. Michaels Financial Advisor, Aldo Calvi.

Immaculate Conception Catholic School Open House

Immaculate Conception Catholic School will have an Open House on Tuesday, January 29 (9am-11am and 5pm-7pm). Parents interested in enrolling their child for the 2013/2014 school year should plan to attend. You will have the opportunity to visit classrooms, meet teachers, and take a tour of our campus. Our school offers a Catholic Education to students in grades PreK (3) through 8th grade. Visit our website for additional information or call (706) 722-9964.

Movie Review
A Haunted House
Stations of the Cross
Stations of the Cross will be every Friday during Lent at 6pm followed by soup. Check our weekly bulletin for more information about upcoming activities. By Kurt Jensen Catholic News Service

Ministries Sponsoring Stations of the Cross

The following Ministries will sponsor our Stations of the Cross during Lent. February 15 (LEMEs) February 22 (Ushers) March 1 (MCCW) March 8 (RE) March 15 (Youth) March 22 (Knights of Columbus) Parishioners are welcome to bring their soups any Friday during Stations of the Cross.

February 13th, 2013

NEW YORK (CNS) -- By turns pornographic and scatological, "A Haunted House" (Open Road) leaves no body function, sexual act, racial stereotype or form of human degradation unportrayed. Intended by director Michael Tiddes and screenwriters Rick Alvarez and Marlon Wayans (who stars) as a scattershot parody of "found footage" horror films -- mostly focused on the "Paranormal Activity" series, with a couple of others tossed in -- the movie instead joylessly splashes around in a sewer's worth of perverse images. There's also a foulmouthed, sexually promiscuous priest (Cedric the Entertainer) on hand to perform a grotesque form of exorcism. Wayans plays Malcolm Johnson, who has girlfriend Kisha (Essence Atkins) move into his new house only to find that she has brought an evil spirit with her. Years ago, it seems, she'd made a deal with Satan in order to acquire a pair of designer shoes. When the film isn't trying to extract laughs with the stereotype of black people being terrified of haunted houses and a heavy use of racial slurs aimed both at black characters and at Rosa (Marlene Forte), a Mexican maid, it has the spirit interfering in every possible way with Malcolm and Kisha's love life. Before he brings in the vicious caricature of a clergyman, Malcolm employs a lascivious gay man, Chip the Psychic (Nick Swardson), and a coarse racist, Dan the Security Man (David Koechner). Tiresome toilet humor is thus interspersed with the supposed hilarity to be reaped from homosexual acts and bigotry. The film contains blasphemous humor, a slanderous portrayal of Catholic clergy, explicit sexual activity, some of it aberrant, upper female and rear male nudity, drug use, vulgar sexual banter, frequent racial slurs and pervasive profane, rough and crude language. The Catholic News Service classification is O -morally offensive. The Motion Picture Association of America rating is R -- restricted. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

Services (GSC)
8:45am (only ashes) 11:30am (Mass and ashes) 5:30pm (Mass and ashes)

Lenten Recipes
Lent is time of fasting. Many of us see Lent as time to fast, but also time to share with our love ones the prayers and psalms for this season. One more year, we ask our parishioners to share their Lenten recipes with the parish. Please submit them at

Interested in participating? We need over 25 adult and young volunteer actors and assistants. Please contact Kim Besel at ***Rehearsal schedule is coming soon! IMPORTANT: Rehearsals are mandatory.

Feb 12 at 6pm @ Bicentennial Chapel

Lenten Communal Penance

If you havent gone to confession in a while, Lent is the perfect time to reconcile yourself with God and the Church. Our parish has a communal penance service on March 13th, 2012 at 7pm with prayers and scriptures readings, followed by the opportunity for individual confession (a necessity for absolution of mortal sins).

Holy Week Around the World!!

Are you originally from another country? Have you visited foreign countries during Holy Week? We want to hear how other countries celebrate Holy Week, their Catholic traditions and customs. Please share your memories and experience with us. Send your photos and stories to the Parish Life Coordina-tor at by Sunday 3pm. We are looking forward to know how the rest of the world celebrates Holy Week!

ST MICHAELS FOR LIFE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rachels Vineyard Ministry
If you have feelings of grief, anxiety, guilt, depression, emotional or spiritual problems due to a past abortion know that you are not alone. The Rachels Vineyard Ministry is here to help with professional counseling, Post Abortion Healing Retreats and emotional support. This ministry provides retreats several times/ year. For additional information in upcoming retreats to our area, please contact Stephanie May 912-2014059 Complete confidentiality will be honored at all times.

Pro-Life Mass & Rosary

For your information, there is a Mass the first Saturday of each month at Saint Mary on the Hill, 9:15 am followed by a Pro-Life Rosary at Preferred Health Center right after (approximately 10:15am). This activity is NOT organized by our parish, but you are invited to participate to support the Right to Life.

Abortion Alternatives
Birthright of Augusta (706) 733-LOVE Augusta Care Pregnancy Center (706) 724-3733
Retrieved from

Page 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RELIGIOUS EDUCATION

ADULTS PROGRAMS Coffee and Theology
Coffee and Theology is a religious education for adults that meet on Sundays at 11:30am at the RSO Bld. 29601. Contact Tom Dean (706) 860-6946 if you have any question.

Bible Study
St. Michaels Bible Study is on Tuesdays at 7:30pm in the activity room. We are studying a Bible Study on the Books of Hebrews. Contact Tom Dean.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host by the Divine Power of God -thrust into hell, Satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Catechists Needed
We are recruiting catechists for the new CCD year. If you are interested in teaching religious education, please contact us. Experience is not required. We will provide you with the training and teaching resources that you need. We need teachers and substitute teachers for grades PreK through High School. Contact Adriana Gramer (978) 866-3806 or

CCD Registration
CCD registration is open throughout the year. Please know that in order to receive the Holy Sacrament of First Communion or Confirmation, children need to attend Religious Education as required. Contact the RE Coordinator Adriana Gramer if you have questions.

This Sunday

Religious Education Coordinator Office Hours

The Religious Education Coordinator is available to meet with parents for enrolling their children at the Good Shepherd Chapel, the following days: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 12pm. After hours assistance only by appointment at or (978) 866-3806.

Weekend Masses Saturday 17:00 Sunday 08:30 & 10:00 Daily Mass Mon & Wed 11:30 Mon-Friday DDEAMC 11:45 Reconciliation Saturday 16:00 Sunday 07:45 Rosary Saturday 16:30 Sunday 08:00 Communion (Sick/ Homebound): Father Joseph Lea Weddings Contact PLC Baptisms Contact PLC Liturgy Deacon Dave Kriegel Adoration Wednesday 18:30 Religious Education (RE) Sunday 11:30 Children (REC) RCIA (RSO)


Please remember in your prayers all those who are deployed, their families and friends during their deployments. If your loved one is one of them, or you know any deployed military personnel send us his or her name, so we can include it in our daily prayers. Send your prayer request to CW3 James Omer Cote SFC Nathan Varner SrA James Varner CPT Bontea


Please pray for our expectant mothers and their babies. If you are a member of St. Michaels Parish and expecting a baby, or have a friend or relative who is a expecting a baby, please send us her name to add it to our list @ Nelmy Amaya Lola Rivera Michelle Adams Kimberly Quezaire Tazmine Valentin


Please pray for our sick and their families. If you know of any parishioner who is sick or is hospitalized, please send us the name to add it to our list @

Lewkas Virata Irene Almasy

Bea Nikoi Angela Blancos

Georgia Foster John Bacon

Kay Pridy Josephine Easley

Bulletin Announcements
Please know that all weekend announcements should be sent Saturday by 5pm to Announcements received after the deadline might not be announced.

Catholic Radio
You can listen live Catholic programs that will be featured on Saint Paul Radio by going to their website:

Pulpit Announcements
Please know that all weekend announcements should be sent by Friday noon to

Attendance: 393 Offering: $1,954.58

January 2013
Sun Mon Tue
1 New Yearss Mass at 8:30am and 10am

2 Daily Mass, 11:30am Adoration, 6:30pm Choir Rehearsal , 9 Daily Mass, 11:30am Adoration, 6:30pm Choir Rehearsal , 7:45pm 16 Daily Mass, 11:30am Adoration, 6:30pm Choir Rehearsal , 7:45pm 23 Daily Mass, 11:30am Adoration, 6:30pm Choir Rehearsal , 7:45pm 30 Daily Mass, 11:30am Adoration, 6:30pm Choir Rehearsal , 7:45pm 3




6 Three Kings Day CCD 11:30am Coffee and Theology & RCIA 11:30am

7 MCCW Faith Study @ 9:30 am Daily Mass, 11:30am Book Club, 6:30pm 14 MCCW Faith Study @ 9:30 am Daily Mass, 11:30am Book Club, 6:30pm 21 Martin L. King Jr NO MCCW Faith Study NO Daily Mass NO Book Club 28 Daily Mass, 11:30am Book Club, 6:30pm

8 History of Church, 11:30am Council Meeting 5:30pm 15 History of Church, 1130am KofC Meeting,6:30pm


11 MCCW Monthly Meeting, 6pm

12 Ministry Retreat, 9:30 -3pm

13 CCD 11:30am Coffee and Theology & RCIA 11:30am CYM Meeting, 11:30am 20 Youth Mass, 10am NO CCD Coffee and Theology & RCIA, 11:30am 27 CCD 11:30am Coffee and Theology & RCIA 11:30am




22 History of Church, 11:30am Study of the Gospels 7:30pm 29 History of Church, 11:30am Study of the Gospels 7:30pm





February 2013
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 MCCW Monthly Meeting, 6pm.

2 Altar Servers Training, 12pm Blessings of the Throat during Mass 9 Valentines Dinner and Dance, 6:30pm

3 St. Blaises Day Blessing of the Throat during Mass CCD 11:30am Coffee and Theology & RCIA 11:30am 10 CCD 11:30am Coffee and Theology & RCIA 11:30am

4 MCCW Faith Study @ 9:30 am Daily Mass, 11:30am Book Club, 6:30pm

5 History of Church, 11:30am Council Meeting 5:30pm

6 Daily Mass, 11:30am Adoration, 6:30pm Choir Rehearsal , 7:45pm

11 MCCW Faith Study @ 9:30 am Daily Mass, 11:30am Book Club, 6:30pm

12 History of Church, 1130am Fat Tuesday, 6pm KofC Meeting,6:30pm Study of the Gospels 7:30pm 19 History of Church, 11:30am Study of the Gospels 26 History of Church, 11:30am Study of the Gospels 7:30pm

13 Ash Wednesday Services: 8:45am, 11:30am and 5:30pm Adoration, 6:30pm Choir Rehearsal , 7:45pm


15 Stations of the Cross, 6pm

16 Confirmation, 4pm Only Mass today. 5pm Mass is cancelled.

17 CCD 11:30am Coffee and Theology & RCIA 11:30am 24 Youth Mass Welcome Sunday, 10 CCD 11:30am Coffee and Theology & RCIA 11:30am CYM Meeting 11:30am

18 MCCW Faith Study @ 9:30 am Daily Mass, 11:30am 25 MCCW Faith Study @ 9:30 am Daily Mass, 11:30am Book Club, 6:30pm

20 Daily Mass, 11:30am Adoration, 6:30pm Choir Rehearsal , 27 Daily Mass, 11:30am Adoration, 6:30pm Choir Rehearsal , 7:45pm


22 Stations of the Cross, 6pm