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& | -AND KILLED “te BN - | Operation Maggio... | O Operation Maaalo JEK oo eee n Dy Cimino, tt Was, er ts eh? Se &\ 9 On, are pointmen in. OPERATION MAGGIO, Operation Maggio JFK 19 Pages of Unseen In An inherited and yet unseen Cimino diary written by a member of the Guiliano family with five years of research in over 750 pages. Inside is over 10,000 hours of work to detail the reasoning behind the ‘conspiracy to kill JFK. Inside is explained the financing and motive behind the nations most spectacular assaination of one of our most loved presidents and the worlds greatest mystery, The Cimino Appointments Joe Columbo of the Columbo Crime Family appointed Frank Cimino as. Viee President and Board Member of the Italian American Civil Rights League Gunmen Named There were eight gunman You know the four. But research on two lesser known, ‘gunmen and new information ‘on two gunmen you never knew were there ‘The Beginnings of a Future Watergate Criminal Inside Read about E. Howard Hunts, first big job asthe coordinator of | JFK's assasination. Read the First 19 Pages Below ler Diary Entries! Page | of 2 Gulla Chronicle Go to our new web site, Operation Maggio JFK Read about the Sicilian that is as famous as Jack Dempsey, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Lucky Luciano and how he ‘came up with the master plan that changed ‘American history forever. Joe Di Maggio Monroe Funeral When Marilyn Monroe died, Harry Hall was the only person Joe Di Maggio invited to her funeral = at leas, tha’s what he claimed. 8/15/2012