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Fauquier County Citizens for Family Farms

For Immediate Release January 16, 2013 Contact: Kevin McVicker Shirley & Banister Public Affairs (703) 739-5920/(800) 536-5920

Boneta Bill Supporters Begin Boycott of Farm Bureau Virginians Standing up for Property Rights
Paris, VA Property rights activist, constitutional lawyer and an organizer of the August 2012 Pitchfork Protest in Warrenton, Virginia, Mark Fitzgibbons issued the following statement today: Small farmers are leaving Farm Bureau in response to its Virginia divisions opposition to H.B. 1430, the Boneta Bill, introduced and championed by Delegate Scott Lingamfelter of Woodbridge, Virginia. The Boneta Bill is named after Martha Boneta, the Paris, Virginia farmer who gained national attention in 2012 with the Pitchfork Protest on her behalf. She was charged and threatened with fines up to $5,000 per violation by Fauquier County for hosting a birthday party for eight 10-year-old girls without a permit, and selling her produce, homemade pies, farm crafts and wool products even though she had a business license. The bill amends Virginias Right to Farm Act (VRFA) by clarifying its protections of traditional farming commerce, expressly protecting constitutional rights on farm land, and providing remedies for violations of the VRFA. It is the height of political arrogance for Virginia Farm Bureau to oppose the bill for the reason that they did not bless it before it was introduced. Virginia Farm Bureau wrote the VRFA that failed to protect the commerce of small farmers, which pays Farm Bureaus insurance premiums, and failed to include remedies for violations. Farm Bureaus legislative failures have abandoned Martha Boneta and all small farmers, leading to economic hardship for small family farms. This notion that special interests must control the introduction of legislation offends all Americans. But the hypocrisy of Farm Bureaus opposing the constitutional, property and long-held commercial rights of small farmers ranks among the most politically -- and now, economically -- tone-deaf actions by any big business. Small farmers posting comments at Richmond Sunlight, Virginia Farm Bureaus social media site, blogs, etc. have already stated their intention to leave Farm Bureau. Insurance companies may swoop in to pick up small farmers as new customers, and small farmers will look for new leadership for their legislative needs. 75 percent of Virginians voted for the eminent domain amendment in November despite opposition from the real estate industry, and the Boneta Bills bipartisan popularity of H.B. 1430 may exceed even that. Farm Bureau has become another special interest beholden to big business and out of touch with small farmers, and constitutional and property rights of the little guy, said Mr. Fitzgibbons.

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