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 Provide students a platform from which they can critically discuss and learn about the myriad of bioengineering research areas staying current with an ever changing biomedical landscape.  Provide opportunities to give back to the community through education outreach focused in science and mathematics.  Encourage students to foster a sense of pride and accomplishment in their major as well as their institution.

The Critical Thinker
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Research Spotlight: Printing a Cure?
By: Kayla Gainey My name is Kayla Gainey, and I am a senior Bioengineering major with a Bioelectrical concentration. I joined the Engineering World Health Creative Inquiry, led by Dr. Dean and Dr. DesJardins, in May of 2012. I took over a project that aims to design a low-cost glucometer for use in developing countries. This novel system operates with test strips that can be printed from standard ink jet printers. Most developing countries depend on outside sources for donated supplies because medical supplies are not produced in the country. This is a problem for treatment of diabetes because each glucometer is only compatible with one type of test strip. Since they are rarely donated in matching pairs, developing countries do not have options for treating patients with diabetes. Our system would fit into the current infrastructure in and allow for on site production. The research began with the meter itself. It uses photodiodes, green LEDs, and a Logarithmic amplifier to calculate an absorbance reading. This value can be used to calculate glucose concentration based on a standard curve. Before the reading can be taken, a suitable strip is needed. So far, we have investigated a variety of paper types, enzyme concentrations, and strip shapes. We have concluded that coffee filter paper has the proper properties, but it needs a contact paper backing for stability. We decided on a thin rectangle strip shape with one side as a control and an experimental side. Glucose oxidase was the enzyme used to quantify the

Research Spotlight Studying Abroad with BioE? Upcoming Deadlines

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amount of glucose by a color changing reaction, and was not printed on the control side. This provides a baseline reading that ensures the absorbance is based solely on the glucose concentration rather than the color of blood or paper. Further research into enzyme concentrations and printing methods is needed, but the design is well grounded. We hope to take a trip to Tanzania this summer, where we have a partnership with a few hospitals, to further investigate their needs and possibly test our glucometer.


BMES Annual 2 Meeting: Atlanta Semester in Singapore

Service with the BioMeds
Fall 2012 started the second year of increasingly popular BioMEDS mentoring program. This year, we have twenty-two people involved in the mentor program, organized into eight mentor groups. CBS, the Graduate Biomedical Engineering Society has collaborated with us this year, mentoring both sophomores and seniors. We hope this added level of mentorship helps freshmen assist juniors with deciding what they have an idea of what to expect want to do after graduation. The mentor groups are expected to meet once in their undergraduate years a month and “check-in” via phone or and beyond. The seniors are provided with a mentor to help email twice a month. We also host them with job, graduate school, mentoring get-togethers where we talk about classes, goals, and academic opor medical school applicaportunities. If you are interested in tions. The graduate students learn valuable lessons in men- being involved with the program, please contact Harleigh Warner torship, leadership, and time ( We are esmanagement. We also have pecially looking for more sophomores! included Junior/Graduate student mentorship groups to


the bioengineering department has done a great job of creating programs specifically tailored to the BioE curriculum. so whatever you are interested in learning about. Dejardins Pamplona. Traditional study abroad programs may not offer classes for engineers. Spots fill up quickly. The purpose of this meeting is twofold. you can be sure someone's talking about it! THE CRITICAL THINKER . Rhodes 111 If you already have a resume or are currently working on brushing your resume up. the BioMeds will be holding a Bojangles fundraising event. Singapore Nanyang Technological University International Internship in Bioengineering (BioE469). but make sure to schedule your day around the talks you want to see. 7 PM . Make sure you tell your friends and come support our organization! Studying Abroad with BioE Have you ever considered studying abroad for a semester or summer? Not only is studying abroad an incredible experience. the conference itself is overwhelming if you are not prepared.PAGE 2 Upcoming Events           Resume Workshop Conducted by Dr. I attended the BMES conference for the first time this year as a sophomore. Dejardins Tokyo. however. Spain Pamplona Learning Spanish Institute International Perspectives in Bioethics Spanish Culture/International Studies Dr. it functions both to facilitate the dissemination of current and cutting edge research and to provide attendees with opportunities to network and connect with other prominent members of the field. It’s a great way to prepare for the Career Fair in February. Duckworth Jan. it’s also one of the best ways to distinguish yourself as a bioengineer to potential employers by showing them that you have an understanding of cultural and social diversity. Every year. 8-10 weeks Dr. Japan 8-10 week research program Dr. There are hundreds of speakers and presenters. I got to learn about so many different aspects of current bioengineering research. holds a national conference that took place in Atlanta this year. The poster presentation area is very informative. This event is a great way to network and learn more about the current opportunities within the field. Career Panel April 2013 Clemson bioengineering alumni and other industry professionals will be here to answer your questions. email the organizing professor. Fundraising Bojangles In the spring. from preliminary studies to clinical trials. 16th. or BMES. this workshop is a must. Although I highly recommend going at least once. Alexis/ Dr. Here’s a quick recap of what’s offered—if you’re interested in any of the programs. so it pays to plan ahead! Read the recap of student's experience in Singapore on the next page. Nagatomi BMES Annual Meeting: Atlanta Poster presentations at this year’s BMES conference. and it was an amazing experience. the Biomedical Engineering Society. and make sure you’re ready to market yourself as a bioengineer.

Spotless streets are lined with corporate offices. The small city-state in Southeast Asia is a center for globalization. During the day there was also plenty to explore around the city including Chinatown. Tucker Quirk. In addition to their research. and synthesis of biodegradable elastomers for drug delivery applications. Even Skjervold. which is perched nicely on the 57th floor. Nepal. of all experiences abroad. and students jumped at the chance to experience the atypical at a world class institution. Cheryl Jennings. all while making friends and contacts. Frank Alexis for his effort and encouragement. while others worked in an 8week research internship. although English is commonplace. place an interesting sentence or quote from the story here. Hong Kong.VOLUME 3. and an assortment of restaurants . They each worked on biomaterials related projects including periorbital drug delivery. “In short. students worked with an international community of scientists and professionals. Living in Singapore. a senior bioengineering undergraduate. the many hawker food centers. Scott Cole. Casey Shumberger. ISSUE 1 PAGE 3 A Semester in Singapore From early January through the end of July 2012. I will never forget the experiences and perspectives gained traveling through Thailand.000 miles to study and conduct research at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. investment banking skyscrapers. Students studied abroad throughout the spring semester. “By attending an entirely foreign school and being part of an international exchange program consisting of predominantly Europeans. Quirk summed up. Kathy Parker. Kevin Lybrand. experienced new cultures. and would like to share it with the rest of Clemson’s Bioengineering community.” said Quirk. the Philippines. visited numerous countries. it was an experience of a lifetime for all of the students involved. sixteen Clemson University bioengineering students traveled nearly 10. a true “melting pot. Indonesia. Independent travel was also encouraged.” that embraces diversity.” A special thanks to Dr. Students who studied abroad in the spring completed a variety of core bioengineering requirements while enjoying Singapore life and visiting a collective nine other countries. The nightlife at Clark Quays and Boat Quays as well as Sentosa Island was pricy but always a ton of fun. evident in both attitude and architecture. modern technology firms. The nine students that attended NTU in the summer engaged in research in the advanced Materials Science and Engineering labs. “It was an entirely different world offering numerous opportunities” said Tucker Quirk.” . it was easy to make friends and explore. Singapore’s culture and way of life is similarly diverse. Vietnam. “To catch the reader's attention. the students also participated in Mandarin Chinese and Malay cooking classes. and on a nice hot day the Marina bay sands. Singapore’s beautiful downtown is unlike any city in the United States. and Bria Dawson had an amazing and unique semester in Singapore. Kali Luffy. and India. incorporation of gold nanorods in polymer films. worldclass malls.

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