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Coyote News Briefs

Jones County Invitational founders honored
by Karlee Barnes Forty-five years ago, two men took it upon themselves to organize an invitational tournament that would grow to become the oldest running invitational in the state. In 1969, then head coach Jerald Applebee and assistant coach Harold Thune, with the help of superintendent Maurice Haugland, organized the first ever Murdo Invitational Basketball Tournament to take the place of the Three Rivers Conference tournament. On Saturday, January 12, during the 45th annual tournament, Thune and Applebee received great honors as the Murdo City Auditorium has been renamed to the Harold Thune Auditorium and the playing court is now called the Jerald Applebee Court. Of the dedication, Thune said, “It is really a surprise, I am very honored. I am glad that Mr. Applebee is honored along with me.” “It is very humbling,” said Applebee. He agreed that the dedication was a surprise, and said that he never thought that he would have the floor dedicated to him. Senator John Thune attended the dedication, along with his three brothers and his sister, and was beaming with pride for his father. “His life and ours revolved around school and athletics here, so it is very special,” Sen. Thune said of his family. Thune and Applebee are men of exemplary character who continue




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Number 3 Volume 107 January 17, 2013

The Jones County School District is offering free in-town rides to any of our home activities (sporting events, music concerts etc.) for senior citizens living in Murdo. For more information or to request a ride, call the high school at 669-2258 no later than 3 p.m. on the day of the event.

Trading Pages Library

The Trading Pages library at the Murdo Coyote is open Monday through Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Thursday as open. There are many new books available. Stop in and check one out. Anyone willing to help keep the library organized is asked to call Ella Fuhrer at 669-2636.

Jerald Applebee
to support Jones County athletics and education. When asked, Applebee didn’t think that the tournament would have ever made it 45 years. “It has surpassed my expectations, and I hope it can go on for another 45 years,” Applebee said of the tournament. Thune said, “It has always been good that the community has supported the tournament very well. I am very appreciative of that.” Applebee and Thune both mentioned that the tournament gives area teams and spectators alike a mid-winter break from the normal basketball season. “Some years, the tournament here was as good as the state tournaments,” said Thune. Dakota Radio Group announcer and Jones County High School alumni Darren Boyle has been broadcasting the tournament for 12 years, and said, “This tournament is an absolute riot for me to do! It is one of the most electric atmospheres in basketball that you can do during the season,” Boyle said through his 20 years of sports broadcasting, Thune and Applebee are always mentioned when talking about the history of South Dakota basketball. “If there was anyone in town that the gym and court needed to be named after, it was these two.” Boyle said. Applebee and Thune were honored during half time of the second game on Saturday night. They received plaques and both addressed the crowd and spoke of their gratitude for the honor. During his speech, Thune said that he was in Murdo during the building of the auditorium that is now named for him. He said, “It was really mankind at his best. It is very rewarding to see it maintained and upgraded as time goes on. What a great asset to the community.” He also said, “There just has to be something magnetic about Murdo. It is a great place to live and it’s a great place to be from.” Both men played an instrumental roll in not only Jones County athletics, but also Jones County education for many years. Applebee arrived in Murdo in the fall of 1962 and taught American History and Government. Through his years with the school district, he served as the boys basketball, football and track coach. He was the principal of Murdo High School during the 1970-1971 school year, and held the Athletic Director position from 1984 until his retirement in 1994. Thune started his distinguished athletic career in Murdo when he led the Coyotes to the state tournament in 1937. He walked away from a second place win with a tournament high 35 points, was named to the All-Tournament team, and was also named Captain of the Team. In addition, he was named Associated Press Outstanding Player of the Year. He went on to attend the University of Minnesota, where he continued his basketball career and was selected as team MVP during his junior year. He returned to Murdo in 1963 to teach World History and World Geography, International Relations and Physical Education. He was the assistant football and boys basketball coach under Applebee from 1963-1969, as well as the head girls’ basketball coach. Thune also served as the Athletic Director until his retirement in 1984. He was inducted into the South Dakota Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010, and will be inducted into the South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame on April 13, 2013.

EMT training February 1

The Jones County Ambulance is looking to expand their EMT members and would like to have anyone who might be interested in becoming an EMT to let them know. They have set a date for February 1, 2013 for the first EMT training. Watch the Coyote Briefs in the future for more information regarding the training. Anyone with an interest or anyone with questions that the ambulance crew could answer are asked to call and leave a message at 669-3125 or to call Tammy Van Dam at 530-7553.

Honorees… Long time friends and fellow honorees Jerald Applebee (left) and Harold Thune pose following the dedication ceremony. The Murdo City Auditorium has been named the Harold Thune Auditorium and the playing court has been named the Jerald Applebee Court. Photos by Karlee Barnes

Southern Plains Conference Girls Basketball Tournament
January 17-19, 2013 White River site
White River Thursday, Jan. 17, 6:30 p.m. Kadoka Area Friday 6:30 p.m. Friday 8:00 p.m.

South Central RC&D

South Central RC&D will be holding a meeting on January 17, 2013, at 1:30 p.m. at the Jones County Seniors for Service Building located at 115 Main St., Murdo. The public is welcome to attend.

Open AA meetings Al-Anon

Thursdays 8:00 p.m. at the East Commons. Call 530-0371 or 280-7642. For Al–Anon meetings call 669-2596 for time and place.

Loser Game 1

Winner Game 1

Harold Thune

Loser Game 2

Jones County Thursday, Jan. 20, 8:00 p.m. Stanley County

Winner Game 2

Burke site
Loser Game 1 Lyman Winner Game 1 Thursday, Jan. 17, 6:30 p.m. Colome Friday 6:30 p.m. Friday 8:00 p.m.

children, back from left to right: Bob, Tim and John. Front row: Karen, Harold and Rich.

Thune family… Harold Thune was joined by all five of his

Loser Game 2

South Central Thursday, Jan. 20, 8:00 p.m.

Winner Game 2

Applebee family… Joining Jerald Applebee at the dedication ceremony include, left to right: Son-in-law Jeff, daughter Jeri Lynn, grandson Bradley, and granddaughter Karren.

Championship Round Saturday @ 1:00 p.m. in Colome


After an extensive five hours of searching. Sheriff and Deputy calls: Jan.D.. The two passengers were severely injured and were transported to St. January 14 where they took part in the vendor’s fair. crackers. so was a very busy night. Deputy Sylva and Sheriff Weber responded to a semi in the median on I-90. or trying to stay away from it. Following church Sunday. former Jones County resident Esther Ellwanger Witt. 86. Bobbi Knispel is doing her student teaching in Rosebud and loving it. brothers Rudy (Laverne) Ellwanger. Carol Cressy. She leaves four sons and their families. dips. carried. The Court Whist Card Club met with Ellouise Ellwanger on our nice Wednesday afternoon last week. January 8. She was one of the helpers at the winter potato fund raiser.” The group then took down the Christmas tree and the other decorations and put away for another year. All vehicles were pulled out. 5 Sheriff Weber responded to several vehicles in the ditches and the median on I-90. and sister Hilda Hudson. Following church Sunday. • Daily Specials plus our awesome menu Orders to go are available and must be called in by 11:30 a. Murdo and White River Fire Dept. approved. Lea Glaze and many of the swing choir members also staffed the bake sale table. Meade. Nelva and Janet Louder visited Bill and Ellen Valburg Sunday afternoon and then enjoyed supper with them. assisted by Margie Boyle. seconded by Lila Mae. Ft. and they went on to Rapid City. Unable to locate. While enroute the patient became combative and left the ambulance when it stopped in Mellette Co.” other names were also mentioned. Pastor Rick and Jane Hazen. eastbound. Circuit Administrator. westbound. They were on their way to the winter home in Arizona. mm189. extension 9. 2013 • Page 2 by Jody Lebeda • 669-2526 • jody1945@gmail. lots of it due to our nasty weather. Esther passed away December 23 with a memorial service held December 28 with interment beside her husband. Kadoka and Midland Coaches Jerald Applebee and Harold Thune Periodicals Postage Paid at Murdo. which was held January 2. the search was called off.m. now near Clearfield. LEGAL DEADLINE: Fridays at 4:00 p. Courtesy photo Good luck to the Lady Coyotes in the Southern Plains Conference Tournament! now accepts credit cards. then 5131. Doug. Judge John Brown.. The semis were towed out of the ditch. Sheena Larsen and Pam Bryan come to see her and get things she needs. Jones County against Philip. Thank you for recognizing us as having a part in it. Ray and Janice Pike. of Pocatello. She tells me that hubby Roger is in the rehab unit at Ft.m. Vivian. checked out and was found not to be intoxicated. (CT) ADVERTISING DEADLINE: Tuesdays at 10:00 a. Ten vehicles were pulled out. SD 57559-0465 Phone: (605) 669-2271 FAX: (605) 669-2744 E-mail: mcoyote@gwtc. Unable to weigh trucks due to no scale available. All of Harold’s family were at the presentation. Draper. Had a call from Melva Vik. The Modern Woodmen sponsored a winter fair and potato bake and bake sale at the senior center on Saturday. Jan. brothers Art and Fred. It may or may not contain every call received by the department. Ambulance. they visited at the home of Chad and Heather Whitney and boys. Box 465 Murdo. Guess who is turning 60 on January 18th?! Love Stephanie. The driver was located. Larry Cox of Oahe. It was found not to be an assault. Judy Feddersen. Inc. Sheriff Weber responded to a report of a vehicle that had backed in to another vehicle in Draper in a private driveway. Our sympathy to the family. Eldon and Esther Magnuson had dinner in Murdo. served a very good lunch of sandwiches. Sheriff Weber responded to a report of a possible intoxicated driver northbound on Hwy 83. paid. At the assisted living. Alice Horsley visited Janet and Scott Dowling. at that time it was known as “Pleasant Hills Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church.00 + Tax In-State … $39. Margie and Janet. Idaho. Deputy Sylva and Sheriff Weber responded to and assisted with the attempt to locate the subject the Jones Co. Going home with the prizes were Elaine Meyers. Then I'm sure many of them went to Murdo to the tournament as the big boys were playing there.00 . Inc. etc. The subject was loaded in to Jones Co. Monday afternoon. westbound. & Brooklyn from his head.. Deputy Sylva responded to the report of three vehicles in the median or ditches on I-90. Jan. where she is starting her second semester at Frontier School of the Bible. A motion was made by Margie. Deputy Sylva responded to the report of three vehicles that were in the ditch on I-90 between mm 207 and mm 209. Linda.. jewelry. Pampered Chef. mm 191 and mm 193. Clerk of Courts. Murdo Coyote • January 17. mm 180. Nearly everyone is either entertaining the flu bug. Local News Celebrating retirement… Carol Cressy celebrated her retirement from her deputy clerk of courts position on Friday January 4. the young fellas played ball at the Draper hall. between mm 204 and 189 due to icy roads. Vehicles were towed out. (CT) SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Local … $34. Roll call. “The Prairie Home Community. hospice. where the Jones County school board and city council did a presentation to Harold Thune and Jerald Applebee. N. & Lost Souls Tavern will begin serving lunches on January 21 • Opening at 11:00 a. Deputy Sylva responded to the report of a one vehicle rollover on I-90. The semi was blocking both lanes. and was attempted to be transported to the Rosebud Hospital. Secretary Margie read the minutes of the last meeting. to make our annual donations to Oahe. (CT) Items received after that time will be held over until the next week’s issue.. Meade. Deputy Sylva and Sheriff Weber responded to two more vehicles in the median on I-90. It's been a long time since we've been together. 2 All calls for vehicles off the road were caused by icy roads. chips. Janet presented a bill for the Christmas gift she bought for our adoptee. Call 605-669-2271 and pay your subscription or ad with your credit card. I'm sure he would enjoy hearing from friends and relatives. along with Dick and Kris Bradley and Karen Authier. Jones County is to be commended for providing a great facility and a wholesome atmosphere for our youth with a constant commitment to upgrading and improving the facility. a frozen oreo dessert and coffee were served by Velma and Lila Mae. Ray and Janice Pike spent Sunday afternoon visiting Bob and Susie Rankin. Jackie Fosheim attended the ball games on Saturday. She works on a ranch near the school in the afternoons checking cattle and helping out with chores. Flying Farmer friends from Fullerton. and was eventually shortened to PHL. Lila Mae motioned. westbound. Jan. Anyone whom I haven’t called can always give me a call if you have news to add to the paper. Levi Moody is the assistant Dean of Students and Teresa Moody is Lashae’s roommate. enjoyed Sunday dinner together at a local cafe. Rosa Lee. Mellette Co. Deputy Sylva responded to the report of three more vehicles in the ditch or median on I-90 at mm 208. carried. Bill (Isabel) Ellwanger. aren’t we glad! It got its name from the community in the northwest part of Draper Township. Murdo Coyote – Murdo. Edna doesn’t get to Murdo very often anymore but still likes to keep in touch with all her friends. Deputy Sylva. Rose Comp. Sheriff Weber responded to the report of a subject that had fallen in front of the Pilot Truckstop and was bleeding Linda and Larry Labrier spent New Years with Keith and Judy Moody.. Although several have been taking in the invitational tournament.m. Watkins and many other neat items. 57741 or call 605347-2511. mm 193 and mm 191. mm 209.00 + tax Out-of-State … $39.O. These were different reports from all the others. including rice bags. Meeting We are back to winter! A fast moving blizzard put things back in the winter mode where it is supposed to be this time of year. Mary’s Hospital by the Jones Co. approved. SD 57559-0465 USPS No. It was fairly well attended and the potatoes were scrumptious. She spent Christmas with Pam and Chester and family. Vehicle was towed away. and the BIA attempted to locate the subject. Amb.m. and Ellouise. and mm 209. but hard to name all. The Murdo Coyote Prairie Home Ladies meeting The Prairie Home Ladies met at the church Tuesday. Ellouise. Kiel. seconded by Linda. Deputy. so she has some family to keep her from getting too homesick. raising money for the swing choir Edna McKenzie said she had a great holiday this year. made a traffic stop on a vehicle that was traveling 116 mph. Jones County Sheriff’s Report The Sheriff ’s report is printed as received by Jones County Sheriff ’s Office. Lila Mae Christian. Ellouise Ellwanger received the news of the passing of her sisterin-law. The deer had been hit by a vehicle and was put down. stopped at Bill and Ellen Valburg’s January 4 and spent the night.Jones County News East Side News by Janet Louder • 669-2696 Don and Ardie Zimbleman. renaming the Murdo auditorium to the Harold Thune Auditorium and the gym to Jerald Applebee Court. 8 Sheriff Weber responded to a report of a wounded deer along SD Hwy 248. Lila Mae Christian and Bev Nies. Wyo. Many local vendors displayed their wares. payment of dues and an idea for a craft for the year was answered by Velma. westbound. Reporter/Photographer/Sales Lonna Jackson Typesetter/Office Local subscriptions include the towns and rural routes of Murdo. Lila Mae. Meade Medical Center. Jackie Fosheim and Helen McMillan gave Karla Mannhalter a ride to Kadoka where she met her sister from Martin. Deputy Sylva responded to the report of possible over weight trucks traveling northbound on Hwy. 113 Commanche Rd. for Velma to buy material to make school kits for the fall in gathering. She was preceded in death by parents Fred and Freida. Following church Sunday. topped off with a strawberry dessert. mm 209. the championship game was played on Monday. It is true that both of us spent countless hours in the gym working with many of the young people of the community. she is kept busy with exercise and cards and other group activities. purses. Okaton. His address is Roger Vik. Ambulance was transporting to the Rosebud Hospital. Presho. Don Volmer. Deputy. cheese. Dorothy and Darin Louder spent time in Kadoka with Dwight Wednesday Don Ravellette. Pictured from left to right: Heather Covey. just getting over it.: 368300 Deadlines for articles and letters is Thursdays at 5:00 p. To have a chance to build into the lives of our youth is a rare opportunity. Publisher Karlee Barnes. The SD Highway Patrol. Helen and Jackie went to lunch at one of Kadoka’s finest and had a wonderful meal. SD 57559 Postmaster: Send address changes to: Murdo Coyote P. Belvidere. Then. S. After. A vehicle had broke down and someone had stopped to help. Deputy Sylva and Sheriff Weber responded to the report of two semis in the ditch on I-90. To the good people of Murdo & the surrounding area: Thank you for the honoring of us in regard to the Murdo City Auditorium. Jan. 1908. formerly of Murdo. Nelva and Janet Louder had dinner together at a local cafe. Not much news this week.. The subject checked out okay.4 Sheriff Weber responded to the Super 8 in Murdo to the report of a suspicious subject. Missouri Fast & Easy!! Shores and post-prom party. Jan. Traffic was diverted around area until the semi was pulled out and removed off of the roadway. Gen Liffengren met brother-inlaw Art Jansen for lunch and a good visit while in Rapid City recently. Ted. Margaret and Greg Rankin. Several different versions are out there so please do all you can to avoid it and if you do get it stay home and stay warm. Chair Velma opened the meeting with prayer. Rosa Lee Styles. Funds raised from the potato bake and bake sale went to the Jones County Swing Choir. A storm came just in time to complicate the Jones County basketball tournament. Velma had a quiz on “Who’s Who in the New Testament?” Janet read an article about the first organizational meeting of PHL. mm 188. Treasurer Rosa Lee gave the year end treasurer’s report. Lashae Labrier has been home for the Christmas break and returned to La Grange. Clarice Roghair and Georganna (Iversen) Addison went to the Ranchers workshop in White River on Tuesday. White River.3 Deputy Sylva responded to the report of a car in the median on I-90. The vehicles were pulled out. you guessed it – more visiting.D. assisted by Jackson Co. It was a privilege to do so. The subject called his girlfriend the next morning and told her that he was alright. mm194.m.O. SD Published Every Thursday P. 83. Box 465 Murdo. Ft. and walked away. mm 209 on the shoulder of the highway. Megan. Vehicle was pulled out. After. 7 Sheriff Weber responded the report of a possible domestic assault that was happening on I-90.

We checked into Graham’s Best Western. I have lived in Texas for the past 17 years (a job transfer requirement. He ought to be good to them! But He owes us nothing just because we may have been good to others! And even if we sought only to please Him. Stam As I once left a restaurant.m. Kyle Manke (22). (CT) Messiah Lutheran Church 308 Cedar. but they all get to the top. He does not need us. bright red and plump. which included Scentsy.” “One religion is as good as another.right. and took a walk about town to stretch out car-cramped legs. Wyatt Walker (12). lest any man should boast”.2:19. January 22 10:30 a.. the Truth and the Life.m. Baked goodies were also available for buying and taking home.. This is why Ephesians 2:8-10 declares that salvation is “not of yourselves”. They shopped at the vendor’s tables. But such rewards are “rewards of grace”. We found a mix of old. Sherry from Hair. Thursday 9:30 a.m.” “All religions are essentially the same.C. the only Way.m.4:5. the Truth and the Life: Jesus Christ. my Grandparents Ruth (Wenzel) and Ralph Forman were born on dairy farms in eastern South Dakota – South Shore / Watertown area in 1915 and 1911. I replied: “Fine. people who select a doctor do so very carefully.but it was and is.m. Inc. not to gain acceptance with God. Emily Wickstrom. and it sounded like something Mary would do. • Bible Study: Tuesday 7 a. Nadine. where they enjoyed baked potatoes with all the trimmings and their choice of pie or apple crisp. Paul’s Lutheran Church Murdo Coyote Super 8 Motel 669–2437 Dakota Prairie Bank 669–2401 • Member F. This is not a dispensational matter. Jr. Mom and I ordered an enchilada and took our seat on the patio enjoying the nice evening. still dairy farm in northeastern parts of South Dakota. Before we finished. how wonderful is that?! When I got back to Graham’s.m.Coyotes finish in second place at J. Second St. And because of what Jesus has done we are declared righteous. We stayed in Murdo for the night having arrived in town about 4 p. but rather out of love and gratitude to Him who gave Himself for us.5:1). We pray: Thank You. “For God so loved the world that He gave His One and only Son. • Father Gary Oreshoski Saturday Mass: 6 p. but this is the low conception of God held by many religious. Worth) there are two seasons of death when it comes to plants: freezing in the winter and too darn hot (and dry) in the summer. United Methodist Women: 1st Wednesday at 2 p.. It was such a kind gesture to a stranger – the woman who gave them to me said she too loved tomatoes and couldn’t imagine not being able to get them. All Pro Towing. Mom lives in Gillette. So when I travel north. God offers salvation to ALL people but only through Jesus Christ. By the way – When we stayed at my aunt’s farm she had home grow tomatoes too. Right away I noticed the tomato Letter to the editor plants in the front of the patio at the Drive Inn. I can’t grow petunias in Texas. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY For more information call 1-800-696-7187 Domestic Violence. • Pastor Ray Greenseth Sunday Worship: 9 a. this would not make Him our debtor.D. Pampered Chef. I saw the chopped tomatoes on it. Wow. then. Martin 502 E. But the “Gospel in a nutshell” says.m.m. Paparazzi Jewelry.D. I sent Mary a thank you note but I want Page 3 to state publicly how much her act of sharing and kindness had meant. See you then! Why I love South Dakota By June Wells. Thirty-One.m. she said. Draper United Methodist Church Pastor Rick Hazen Sunday Worship: 11 a. Sexual Assault.m. Modern Woodmen.m. I was THRILLED! I texted my husband back in Texas a photo of the beauties. S. not a choice) and this August made a trip with my mother to visit some of our relatives that live. “the Lord has been good to me”. He was jealous but happy for me. Door prize donors include: Moore Building Center. That is why it is so important to get the Good News about Jesus Christ out to everyone. S. Rural Advocate for Missouri Shores Domestic Violence Center. 2013 to take part in the winter fair. St. S. St. We pray that humanity may come to know and believe in Jesus Christ. for He has already “made us accepted in the Beloved” (Eph. it is a promise that God has always held out to His people (Dan. And we must also be faithful witnesses in our own backyards. Jody Lebeda also helped with maintenance and clean-up after the event. Matt. • Sunday School: 10 a.C.C. Gittings from the Jones County carpentry class. the cashier and part owner asked how “the pastor” was feeling. There is nothing we can do to enrich Him. I told the manager.m. • Sunday School: 9:45 a. the myth that ultimately all people will be saved regardless of what they believe or what religion they follow. How lucky I was to be a recipient of kindness y’all take for granted. I also always get as much of two other things I can’t get in Texas – rhubarb and HOME GROWN tomatoes.” John 14:6 “We all go to the same place. Wyoming – she picked me up at the airport in Rapid City and we headed east.4:7. I always enjoy petunias when I come north. The profits for the jazz choir will be put towards a spring trip for a concert performance and/or clinic. Roghair Angus.m. Wed. for showing me the road back to God. drifting snow that blocked roads and sent vehicles into the ditch. It points to the goodness of the people who live in your town. We are saved.funny thing about them some people think that they are true yet. First Fidelity Bank. the lady from behind the counter brought me out a brown paper bag with five (5!) beautiful lush brilliant bright red home grown tomatoes for me to take. while Rose Comp and Bobbi Knispel were in kitchen command. Where I live in north central Texas (west of Ft. Murdo.” We have all heard these statements. So we thank God daily for the salvation that He offers to all believers. Draper and Presho . the only way to the Father and eternal life. We will be closed Monday. Messiah/St. From there.. These commonly heard views above summarize what is known by Pastor Ray Greenseth. rescued from our sins and made God's children and heirs of first fidelity bank Member FDIC Catholic Church of St. but unsaved people. After our walk. and “not of works.m. a former Nebraskan I want to share a highlight of a trip I made to South Dakota this summer. Amen.12:3. and Sharon Hullinger. well. They entertain the strange notion that if they put a few dollars into the Church. Two minutes with the bible Who’s Been Good To Whom? by Pastor Cornelius R. Graham’s Best Western 669–2441 First National Bank 669–2414 • Member F. Wild Things. I’m sure she and many others reading this story don’t think it was much . customers proceeded to the south part of the senior citizen’s center. I loved all the wonderful smelling petunias on Main Street. • Midweek: Wednesday 3:15 p. Murdo United Methodist Church Pastor Rick Hazen • Corner of E. Sunday Worship: 9:30 a. I’ve been good to Him too!” Imagine! How He needed her! It is sad.” “Many roads go up the mountain. the tomatoes weren’t ripe. We ate her tomatoes at her house and then ate the one’s Mary gave us when we stayed in motels – they were the best bedtime snack ever. I can but they last for about four weeks before the heat kills them.D.m. Michele McNeely served as registrar and Jody Lebeda as cashier. new and some abandoned places on our walk and pleasantly saw a very nicely kept downtown area. 2013 • First Jones County winter fair deemed a success by Dee LeRoye In spite of whirling. They were beautiful. I pointed them out and told mom excitedly. Dating Violence. I hadn’t had a home grown tomato in two years!! It was wonderful. • Pastor Alvin Gwin • 669–2600 Sunday Worship: 11 a.D. Invitational Murdo Coyote Murdo Coyote • January 17.m. 2nd and Jefferson Ave. a surprising number of folks turned out on Murdo’s Main Street last Saturday. God ought to bless them — or the still more foolish notion that if they are good to others.I. Wyatt Hespe (3).” John 3:16 There is the universal salvation. Josh Daum (11) and Gus Volmer (5). Mary. (I had to throw the y’all in – it is one Texas trait I like!) Thank you.m. Emily is also available for presentations to any group. still very nice.. the story and asked if she knew the name of the lady that had given me the tomatoes. The Lord has been very good to me. January 12. Day.. it is true that His children will be rewarded for faithfulness to Him. Midwest Co–op 669–2601 Community Bible Church 410 Washington.m. Ashley Geigle with Pampered Chef.” With this she began to tell how good the Lord had been to her.. PHONE: 669–2271 FAX: 669–2744 mcoyote@gwtc. Yet.8. (CT) • Sunday School: 10:30 a. She had come to America from Greece and had raised a family and prospered here until now. seek above all else to be faithful in our service to Him. I’m sure Mary learned kindness growing up – and it is ingrained in her and others like her. Pioneer Country Mart and Farmers Union Oil at Murdo. Profits from the food sales and silent auction items were donated to the jazz choir. I went to the counter for a napkin and commented how wonderful the home grown tomatoes were and how I had missed the wonderful summer treat after having been sentenced to living where I cannot grow them. • Father Gary Oreshoski Sunday Mass: 8:30 a. IThes. Ray’s Hot and Cold Packs. First National BankFDIC Member as “universalism”. with her family. Mom and I went to the Murdo Drive Inn for supper. • Pastor Ray Greenseth Sunday Worship: 11 a. Paul Lutheran Churches “Christ is the Only Way” eternal life through the death and resurrection of His Son. How lucky you are to live where you live. as well as a belt and feathered headband from Georganna with Wild Things. It was good to see the folks of Murdo taking good care and showing pride in their hometown. Corky’s.I. The taste was heavenly. I returned to the patio and enjoyed the wonderful enchilada. They moved to and raised their family in Edgemont. Murdo. Watkins and Lemongrass Spa. No. S. January 21 in honor of Martin Luther King.C. Sherry from Hair. No one comes to the Father except though Me. and 7 p. “I think they are home grown!” One delicious bite confirmed it.D. She said it was Mary Cazan. and after a moment’s hesitation. she owned and operated a good-sized restaurant. to 2:00 p. IITim. Courthouse in the jury room Tuesday. Member FDIC Pray included jewelry from Kayla with Paparazzi. Another winter fair is already being planned for 2014. Let us who know Him. “So”. We had stayed there before when we were on our way to family reunions but I hadn’t been there for over a decade.m. Some were in town for the annual basketball invitational tournament. is at the J. “but then. • ALL WELCOME! Okaton Evangelical Free Church Okaton I–90 Exit 183 • Pastor Gary McCubbin • 605–837–2233 (Kadoka) Sunday Worship: 9 a. Participants signing in at the door numbered more than 60. and some. So here’s my story illustrating why I love the people of South Dakota. forgiven by God.D. 25:21. Linda Kerns from the Buffalo Restaurant donated nacho cheese sauce and foil wraps for the potatoes. Inc. I eat as much as I can get. I also noticed there were no ripe tomatoes. I have long missed being able to grow flowers and a nice garden since moving here.m. others came to buy from the vendors and most contributed to preparing or just enjoying the potato feed sponsored by and benefiting the Jones County High School Jazz Choir. Night Bible Study: 7 p. that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. heavenly Father. Murdo. which was a kit donated by Corky’s and assembled by Wyatt Hespe with Mr. S. Items for the silent auction Seniors accept award… Jones County Coyote seniors accept their second place award together at the conclusion of the 45th Annual Jones County Invitational Basketball Tournament. we cannot gain His favor by “being good to Him”. ICor.1:6). From left to right: Philip Mathews (4). I explained I usually got home grown tomatoes when I traveled north but this year my trip back to Nebraska was early and with the drought.m. Anthony’s Catholic Church Draper.m. that is. My family roots are in South Dakota. • Bible Study: Wednesday 9 a. in your state. When the enchilada arrived. The top-selling auction item was a child’s wooden rocker. Thank you to the folks of Murdo for making Murdo a highlight on my trip to South Dakota this summer.D. IPet. Rhubarb won’t survive at all here and the tomatoes have to have cool nights to grow and taste worth a darn. Various businesses and individuals around town donated door prizes and silent auction items. and Fellowship Time • Sunday School: 10:30 a. Photo by Karlee Barnes “I Am the Way. Food items were donated by jazz choir members and families.

Leading steals: both Rachel Buxcel and Becky Bryan had 3. The Coyotes started the second half strong and put it to the Cowboys and just ran out of gas towards the end of the game and couldn’t come back on the Cowboys. enough money to pay for most of his college. Leading rebounder: Wyatt Walker 7. December 28. His favorite thing about being a senior is that all the underclassman listen to him. Emiley Nies (4). Leading Rebounder: Becky Bryan (7).4 11.” Kyle’s biggest achievement so far is the reputation he has built up and that he has made himself a hard worker. she explained. When the Ladies came out of the locker room. Rudy and Kendal said. has three siblings Cara. in 10 years. government is his top choice.4 4. Some of Kyle’s favorites include the color blue.02 .9 43. The Academic Team Award program provides high school students with the opportunity to prove they can be overwhelmingly successful in both academics as well as in athletic and fine arts activities. Leading steals: Rachel Buxcel (4). A day after Christmas break. Kyle will miss playing football the most when he graduates. All Varsity athletic teams and fine arts groups that participate in Association sponsored activities December Students of the Month Sponsored by Jones County PTO waits for the results of the attempt. The Saturday before school started they played against Rapid City Christian in Murdo. a pretty tough team that didn’t give up the whole time. the girls played Kimball/White Lake. Leading scorer: Madison Mathews (17). Friday. Kalli Hespe (4). When not in school. Tyra Hatheway and Ramona Vasquez get the feel of being above the court with Clerk of Courts Judy Feddersen. Football team and All-State Chorus. explains how the jury system works to the second graders. senior Emiley Nies (13) and sophomore winning 52-44. regular games by Gus Volmer The Jones County Coyotes had a few games over their Christmas break. Based on a duplicated count. Leading Scorers: Madison Mathews (16). Gus Volmer. The Coyotes started out playing the Colome Cowboys for the second time this season. basketball and track. when he knows he could have done better. If Kyle could meet a famous person. The thing Kyle values most is family. The resulting jury was made up of almost all females except for Eli Kustar who made everyone smile. The girls got into a little foul trouble at the beginning and two of them fouled out. “I’m impressed with the kids’ memory and I really enjoyed the kids. Leading scorer: Madison Mathews (19).6 28. This goes right along with the golden rule that she told the kids is very The intimidator… Madison Mathews stands over her opponent as they battle for the ball in the Colome game. Leading Rebounders: Becky Bryan and Garline Boni. and try. The Coyotes didn’t play good defense and let the Scotties jump out ahead early in the game and lead the whole first half.03 . If Kyle could be anything. The home Coyotes played good defense in the second half and limited the Comets to few points.” Mallory. Once the case was “closed. serves as a public relations vehicle and provides a forum for opinions submitted in signed letters. provides school information. be honest.613 more are involved in fine arts activities. New orders and renewals are both welcome. Pierre but even though they didn’t play very well. The second graders had a great day visiting the court house. He plans to make January 17. Leading scorer: Gus Volmer 16.5 9. Brooklyn Larsen. January 4. Thanksgiving is a favorite because he gets to see all of his family and friends along with getting to eat great food. and his favorite books are the Hunger Games Trilogy. If he had three wishes. Becky Bryan (13).1 15. 2013 • Date 01-01 01-02 01-03 01-04 01-05 01-06 01-07 High 25. Students recalled their Character Counts in that being a true character involves how you act when no one is watching and that honesty is the best policy.” Matthew Birkeland and Dawson Moreland played lawyers. The 1872 brand of clothing can most often be found in his wardrobe. 2013 Issue 8 Jones County High School Murdo. Keith Urban takes top honors as his favorite artist and he likes the song “Only You Can Love Me This Way.” To Kyle. “I think of my teammates out on the field as family: we bled. The Coyotes hosted Rapid City Christian on January 5. Kyle has participated in football. Although the girls played hard. She works with the client after they have pleaded guilty to make sure the court is fair and helps the clients make changes in their lives so they don’t go to prison and can get off probation. the SDHSAA ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT TEAM AWARD program is designed to recognize varsity athletic teams and fine arts groups for their academic excellence. The following activities from Jones County received the award: Girls Cross Country team. and Dylan Fuoss was the defendant accused of speeding. Football Cheerleaders. Murdo Coyote • January 17. Leading rebounder: Gus Volmer 6.2 30. All varsity athletic teams and fine arts groups that achieve a combined grade point average of 3. The Coyotes won the game 64-33. he would choose Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings because he is a boss. Adviser: Margie Peters Ladies continue playing hard during Case closed: second graders learn Christmas break against three teams about the court system on field trip The next day. but after Coach Neil got after them to hustle they came back with a lot of intensity. 55-28. The biggest lesson Kyle has ever learned from his dad is to work your hardest at whatever your job is and to build yourself a good reputation because others will recognize it.8 17. Kyle’s biggest fear is basketball practice. they came out with a win.1 14.4 30.02 01-08 01-09 01-10 01-11 01-12 01-13 01-14 42. Learning more… Clerk of Courts. Paige Venard. The boys took it to the Comets early in the game and didn’t look back. accomplishing something is most important because popularity and being organized will get you only so far in the real world. Leading Rebounder: Garline Boni (9). With a few days of hard and intense practicing. Rudy Edwards became “Judge Rudy. He’s also annoyed by small really annoying things. The Coyotes started the game out strong and went on a big run against the Chiefs.7 Jones County Weather Low 8.2 53. The South Dakota High School Activities Association believes that high school students learn in two distinct ways: inside the classroom and outside the classroom—on the stage and/or athletic field. He imagines himself.789 students participate in interscholastic athletics and over 28.7 Prec. Judy Feddersen. Leading Scorer was Gus Volmer with 14 points. Kyle has no regrets because he says he will make mistakes in life but will learn from them and not regret them. Matthew and Ramona remembered the motto LeAnn said is key for clients to follow which includes three points: show up.2 29. son of Bud and Shelly Manke. living on his dad’s ranch and running it. Even though the Coyotes won. but they still played like they were going to be the toughest team yet.It's back to the farm if the future goes as Manke plans his future education in agriculture By Ryan Kirscher Kyle James Manke. he would be air because everyone would rely on him and he would be there forever. Josh Daum 12th Kaylen Larsen 11th Cody Hight 10th Dana Trethaway 9th Zach Hespe 8th Molly Dowling 7th . He said. The second half was another good half for the Coyotes. as reported in the 20112012 SDHSAA Participation Survey. Steals leader: Gus Volmer 4 steals 5 assists. the Comets didn’t push over easy and the Coyotes had to work for their victory. Emiley Nies.0 or higher are eligible to receive the SDHSAA ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT TEAM AWARD. By Emiley Nies Over Christmas break the Lady Coyotes were busy with three games. Volleyball team. and Cody. Leading scorer: Julie Joseph (11). Judy Feddersen. They played in the Holiday Classic at Kimball and the second day in Murdo. Madison Mathews and Garline Boni all had 4 rebounds. the Coyotes hosted the Philip Scotties and it was a challenge for the Coyotes. Nicki Kell. and just to be the nicest person I can be. “LeAnn talks to people about what they did. This program is also meant to motivate students towards academic excellence and to promote academic encouragement from teammates. Before Christmas break the girls played in Ft.3 25.” His advice to underclassmen is “to try your hardest your freshman year and not goof around like I did. The children learned about how a court case is conducted. Her job as a Court Service Office for the 6th Judicial Court. Becky Bryan (4). For school subjects. Calli Glaze (4).0 17. The Coyotes kept it tough and ended the first half ahead of the Chiefs 40-14.7 24. over 29. they walked off the court with a loss 33-44. By Nicki Kell How does our government work? Second grade students from the elementary visited the courthouse where the Clerk of Courts. Katy.24 . important: to treat others how you would like to be treated. This academic program creates a positive environment for school teams to have its members excel in the classroom. He plans to attend SDSU and graduate from the Agriculture Business field. Leading Scorer: Madison Mathews (14). In the second half they were up the whole time and never backed down. Leading scorers: Philip Mathews 11 and Wyatt Hespe 7. they still had their intensity level up. Trying for a shot… Wyatt Hespe crouches as Wyatt Walker are eligible for this recognition program.1 -1. Becky Bryan. The Juniors have started their annual magazine sale and ask that you keep your renewals for them. Leading rebounder: Gus Volmer and Wyatt Hespe 6.1 16. The Lady Coyotes started off slow in the first quarter. The first game in the Holiday Classic against South Central on December 27 started off a little slow. walleye and the movie 8 Seconds. Jadyn Jensen. sweat and gave our hearts for one another. At half time the score was 20-20. is to help and teach those who are in trouble. The Chiefs couldn’t hang with the experienced Coyotes and got another jump on the contending Chiefs. Mathews (5).8 49. They knew it was going to be an easy win. The Coyotes took a big jump going on a huge run to start the game. Leading rebounder: Wyatt Hespe 9.” they were led into the other rooms in the courthouse. The Coyotes won the game 74-37 to finish the Holiday Classic and to win the consolation prize. Magazines for sale! High academic achievements earn athletic and fine arts awards Provided by SDHSAA Initiated during the 1996-97 school year. The Coyotes got a good pep talk at halftime and came out in the second half strong and put it to the Scotties. Ryan Kirscher. gave them a funfilled tour.3 1. Contact a Junior if they don't get to you first.” Kyle’s favorite memories of his high school career are sports. Leading steals: Rachel Buxcel (5). In his spare time Kyle likes to hunt and fish. December 27 the Coyotes went to Kimball for the first day of the two day Classic. Leading steals: Becky Bryan (5). The second half was mostly about the Coyotes. 0 0 0 .7 25. Leading scorer: Wyatt Hespe 14. Leading rebounder: Garline Boni (15). Rachel Buxcel. Kyle likes to watch That 70’s Show on tv. I wish I would have worked harder my last three years. both with 7. Feddersen next took the students through the court procedure of swearing in the defendant and going through the questioning process that would be done during a court session. SD 57559 COYOTE CALL Coyote Call teaches journalism principles. Madison Mathews (4). He admires his dad the most because he has taught Kyle that working hard at anything will take you places. The girls got many fast breaks and ended up with a win. but in the second quarter. The Coyotes lost the game 59-69 to end the first game of the classic. Most assists: Gus Volmer 10. What makes Kyle really angry is doing something just okay. Janna Glaze.9 44. Most assists: Philip Mathews 2. own a souped-up pickup. The Coyotes were leading the Comets going into the second half.” Most steals: Philip Mathews 3. one of them being LeAnn Birkeland’s.’’ He loves to play football most of all the sports. The least important thing to Kyle is fame because “money and power will take you further in life than fame will. Birkeland said.9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Staff: Becky Bryan. the hard work the team puts into them and the results that showed. Kyle would wish “to win the lottery.5 Page 4 25. Leading stealers: Madison Vacation doesn’t mean rest as team plays Holiday Classic. The Coyotes come out of the break winning their last 3 of 4 games.9 17. The Coyotes didn’t perform well and didn’t play the tough defense they’re capable of and let the game slip away in the first half.2 32.3 21. The Coyotes started the second day of the Classic with high spirits and facing Iroquois. the girls played RCC Lady Comets. the girls stayed home to play the Colome Cowgirls. they got out of their funk and started playing like they usually do. Judge and helpers… Peyton Rankin. The Scotties couldn’t handle the Coyotes in the second half and the Coyotes took the lead and kept tacking little by little and beat the Scotties 62-50. but just couldn’t keep the Lady Kiotes off the boards. Most steals: Gus Volmer 7. They came out with a win 45-38.

so getting vaccinated now can provide important protection from the flu. 1:00 pm CST. 9:30 am CST. The mat of residue that a good wheat crop produces may be most valuable in the heat of the summer. She strongly reminded me of my own grandma who doted on me and liked to do nice things for me. There have also been nine deaths reported. until then. When I stopped in. •10 percent character. Burke Civic Center. I was always invited to try them which I gladly did. and the “low residue” rotation less than 30 Bu/A. but she didn’t mind being teased herself about little things. and such. grandkids. That speaks well for both field peas and wheat in a crop rotation. not only for the flour and the many products generated from it. SDSU Extension 4H Youth Leadership Field Specialist. To apply for South Dakota State 4-H Scholarship(s). She said I needed to carry it in the new pickup I’d just purchased. the chickens were apt to be plucked. Burke. “Useful endeavor” was. but this • Syd Iwan • 4-H scholarship deadline is April 1 Youth who have at least five years of active membership in South Dakota 4-H and are current high school seniors or are enrolled in post secondary education are encouraged to apply for South Dakota 4-H Scholarships. Children are another high risk group. washed and ready to cook up for canning. I’m not even sure when she and I first got acquainted. Annual flu vaccination is recommended for everyone. I’m not big on fruit cake. The “low residue” rotation consists of two “high residue” crops. I’ll be glad one day to resume our friendship. 1:00 pm CST. sewing or doing some other kind of work. this 2” could produce an additional 34 Bu/A of corn and 12 Bu/A of wheat. South Dakota farmers planted the lowest number of spring wheat acres since 1885. “These scholarships are specifically for SD 4-H members and the process makes it easy to apply for as many as you would like. Usually she gave me something she had made like potholders or the like. In that short amount of time. and. Old age was becoming a burden. we’ve stayed friends ever since. pastor or someone who can comment on the applicant’s goals and skills. Oddly enough.5–2% organic matter can only hold 35–45 lbs of water. Winona always remembered me at Christmas. You just never know when you might need a quilt. It was tied with red yarn. partly because they were nice things. I think it was when her grandson. but some are at higher risk for complications – pregnant women. Research also indicates that 100 lbs of dry soil containing 4-5% organic matter can hold 165–195 lbs of water. and. Winona loved farm-raised eggs since she said they tasted so much better than those available in stores. other than the 2009 pandemic. but it was over thirty years ago and probably close to forty. as a result. The Wheat is a Staple Crop • Bob Fanning (605) 842-1267 • amazing thing is that the previous two crops were the same. 2. when it helps to shade the soil. Particularly winter wheat has also shown to be highly beneficial to at least two populations of wildlife. corn and wheat. One of the last things she gave me was a nifty quilt. “The flu virus is likely to be with us for several weeks. It was a grand quilt. She was either baking. and the dramatic improvements in corn genetics and subsequent yield improvements. where the “high residue” rotation produced right at 60 Bu/A. although I’ll miss my friend until we meet again upstairs. Rapid City. For high school says a state health official. but maybe I will gather the multitude of ingredients needed to construct it and call it an Easter fruitcake in memory of my friend. I know I’ll never make it without it bringing Mrs. I imagine she’s already looking around for useful things to do up there in heaven. is presented with the Pete Kerns award by Clayton Evans •Stay home if you're sick. and reducing evaporation. 2013. Winner. Winona will continue to live in my mind and heart. On several occasions. nose or Pete Kerns Award… Nic Waln. In short. •40 percent 4-H project involvement including Citizenship/ Community Service and Some friends or relatives were almost always there and had probably just been served a meal or were going to be. When I stopped in at Winona’s. Once again. “We do encourage people to get vaccinated early in the season but it’s still not too late to get immunized. 1:00 pm MST. 1:00 pm MST. come to think of it. 2013 • Page 5 one was different. if not months. SD 1/31/2013 – PAT. particularly land under no-till management. The “high residue” rotation produces better wheat yields than the “low residue” rotation. The wisdom of planting corn into wheat residue certainly showed in the summer of 2012. I know she was ready to go. wheat and other small grains are “king” when it comes to generating residue and organic matter. Normally. SD 2/20/2013 – PAT. county 4-H Youth Program Advisor. Wall Community Center. 4. Non-confidential. positively impacting the price of corn. with one inch margins. one-page letter of recommendation from ONE of the following: 4-H club leader. I didn’t make it this year. to prevent the spread of the flu: •Wash your hands often with soap and water or use alcoholbased hand gel . 3. Although farmers often curse the residue generated by a bountiful wheat crop from the previous year when planting a spring crop. so to speak. using a 12 point font. and. She didn’t talk a lot. offering significant benefits to any crop rotation. Lon Kightlinger. Résumé of one or two typewritten pages (8-1/2”x11”).” said Dr. When I stopped in and there were cookies or other treats sitting on the table. For a complete listing. When I arrived. Waln was also named to Learn more at http://flu. SD 1/28/2013 – PAT. ducks and pheasants. I would stop back to pick up my cages. and it is still riding around with me in my red Ranger. I delivered eggs to her on a regular basis which meant we got to visit some every week or two. She moved right along. There are seven different scholarship opportunities and the deadline for all applications is April 1. I recall many times when I delivered some old hens or other surplus chickens to her. winter wheat fields remain relatively undisturbed throughout the nesting season the following year. A presenter recently said farmers should raise field peas because the best way to raise a good corn crop is to raise a good wheat crop to plant into. rank in class and ACT/SAT scores. people over 50 years and people with chronic medical conditions. Sometimes she would later give me a jar of canned chicken that made up nicely into soup or other tasty fare. Her living room was a gallery of those she held dear. but a smile was always close to the surface. an official copy of his/her high school transcript with the current cumulative grade point average (GPA). I was called on to take pictures at some family reunion or event that Winona wanted recorded photographically. Hot Springs. using a 12 point font. she was the kind of person you would like to have as your grandmother. 1/16/2013 – Ranchers Workshop. it was unusual for her to be alone. with the other year being field peas. applicants need to submit the following four four items: SDSU Regional Extension Center. Photos by Karlee Barnes Extension News In 2012. and •10 percent financial need. As a result. Family was important. Students also have the option of submitting one page of photos with captions showing 4-H leadership work/accomplishments. a college and/or technical institute transcript with the current cumulative GPA. Kansas State University research estimates that residue left on the field vs. The department offers free flu vaccine for kids from six months to 18 years. Pennington County Extension Center. 1:00 pm MST. it was a rare occurrence for her to be sitting idle. She was rather fun to tease because it made her chuckle. Wall. Winona was a very sweet and kind lady. No matter how and when we met. and I’ve made it several times. accounting for significant cases and hospitalizations each year and helping spread flu in the community. kids. 5. All recipients must complete and return the 4-H Scholarship Acceptance Form to receive the scholarship(s). Mueller Civic Center. it can pay. senior from White River High mouth. visit iGrow. All applicants Murdo Coyote Murdo Coyote • January 17. South Dakota has reported 469 laboratory-confirmed cases of flu and 135 flu-related hospitalizations. The “high residue” rotation consists of two years of “high residue” crops. but the big difference shows up in dry years.” Kightlinger noted that this year’s flu activity is occurring earlier and at higher levels than recent years. It was actually good. Muriel Huber Memorial Cheer Award… The cheerleaders from Jones County High School took home the first ever Muriel Huber Memorial Cheer Award. The 4-H scholarship awards are based on fulfillment of scholarship-specific criteria and the following: •40 percent scholastic achieve- ment. Wheat and other small grains is the ultimate “high residue” crop. whereas 100 lbs of dry soil containing 1. and her bags were packed. Neither did she mess about doing things slowly. corn and then field peas. Health Department urges vaccination as flu activity increases to widespread People who’ve delayed getting vaccinated for flu may want to proceed now that flu virus activity is widespread in South Dakota. and Slade Badger (son of Krista Kerns). SD 2/19/2013 – PAT. and I treasured them. I asked for the recipe which was soon written down for me. both broadleaves. corn and wheat. I would call and tell her I was coming which prompted her to put water on to boil for scalding. •Don’t touch your eyes. and I met many of her kin including some brothers and the All Tournament First team. Consider maintaining or including wheat in your crop rotation. State Epidemiologist for the Department of Health. Anyone who has heard Dwayne Beck talk in the past several years has certainly heard about the amazing difference in wheat yields in two very similar crop rotations at the Dakota Lakes Research Farm. it was partly done in red since that was the color of the pickup. Winner Regional Extension Center. C happily to mind. One such treat at Christmas time was a fruit cake. She didn’t often tease back. Health-care workers and household contacts of high-risk populations such as those with young infants should also be vaccinated. SD Calendar . Cover letter of one typewritten page (8-1/2”x11”). all over the age of 75. it is a no-bake cake that is glued together with marshmallows and other tasty goodies. •Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. It makes a huge batch that will not only last through Christmas but probably into March as well since part of it can be frozen for later use. Her place was where the family gathered. but for the inherent benefits it provides. employer. Winner. it’s not surprising that corn is surpassing wheat in planted acres. To learn more contact your local SDSU Extension 4-H Youth Program Advisor. In addition to vaccination. It was made with squares of blue denim from old blue jeans on one side and white. Well. To find out what to include in your cover letter and resume please refer to the 2013 South Dakota State 4-H Scholarship Policy document in the 4-H Resource library on iGrow. For current college students. It’s a comfort to have along. When one considers the demand for corn by the ethanol industry. and two “low residue” crops. soybeans and field peas. school administrator or teacher. Wheat is still an important crop however. keeping it cooler than bare ground. worked for us for a few years shortly after he got out of high school. After I visited the bank and grocery store and took care of any other business I had. SD 2/12/2013 – PAT. Wheat is better at generating this mat of residue than many other crops.Lookin’ Around I lost a good friend last week when Winona Carson tired of this life after 94 years and went on ahead of me to heaven. she grabbed her axe and had those birds beheaded and ready for plucking before I left the driveway.” said Audrey Rider. with one inch margins. To date. pink and red flannel on the other. a mat of residue is considered one of the keys to successful no-till farming. Scott. cooking. Winona Bell Carson (1918-2013) Jones County Invitational Tournament award winners will be notified via USPS mail regarding their final status after selection of recipients. School. A committee will review all applications and announce recipients in early May. like 2002 and 2006. Under the right conditions. Because they are seeded in the fall. but mostly because she’d made them. removing it can save as much as 2” of water. “Loafing about” was not in her vocabulary.

We will be sending out the “NAP Yields” form which lists your acres and a spot for you to record your production. Kinsley joined the meeting to discuss general questions about her new position as the part time Emergency Manager. After a few more questions. The House of Representatives has 70 legislators. and Retirement Laws. Back in December. as the Interstate and highway traffic take up a large amount of the sheriff and deputy’s and my cell phone number is 208-8333. Brunskill wasn’t sure if it was or not. regardless of the amount. Weber suggested hiring another deputy to help with these issues as well as other day to day law enforcement duties. DATES TO REMEMBER/ DEADLINES: January 21: Office closed for Martin Luther King Day March 15: 2013 NAP Sales closing date July 15: 2012 ACRE Production July 15: 2012 NAP Production July 15: Final 2013 Acreage Reporting Date BankWest Christmas Dollars support area economy Area merchants. but report the production now while the records are handy and newly calculated.35 raise. decreasing infant mortality. He also said he would like to see two Highway Patrol Troopers in Jones County. To be eligible for NAP assistance. The commissioners questioned if it was a state law to complete the training. Filing early will help ensure that your loan is processed and approved as early as possible so that planting decisions can be made. This is greatly appreciated and encouraged. In the State of the Judiciary Address Chief Justice Gilbertson stated the need to expand Substance Abuse Courts (success rate currently stands at 81 percent) rather than imprisonment (cost per inmate is $25. The loans provide greater buying power and those purchases stay in our communities. controlling corrections spending and focusing prison space on violent and career criminals. The Senate Committees that I serve on are Agriculture and Natural Resources. a rancher from Howes. with no over time pay.000 in low-interest loans to area shoppers. Representative Schaefer and I are working an a schedule for the legislative update cracker barrel meetings for District 26B. “The program is good for our local businesses and it’s good for our local shoppers. Please continue to share your thoughts. Next Weber spoke to the commissioners about Deputy Rich Sylva’s salary. and in our work settings and at the same time protect rights under the 2nd Amendment. This Session we will have proposals to allow certain school staff have guns at schools. The commissioners then signed vouchers and the meeting was adjourned. The office will contact you for the data you will need to provide us. The impact of possible federal cuts to South Dakota will have to be considered in this debate. One of the issues we will wrestle with this year is. A majority of this was grazing payments which were bought with a $250 application fee. I personally believe Congress needs to develop a comprehensive set of policies and laws that will reduce gun violence in schools. The most effective means of reaching me is by calling my cell 730-1990. Governor Daugaard recommended three initiatives. Speaker of the House is Brian Gosch. Murdo. Royer then told the commissioners that the county still had quite a bit of gravel to move. what should be the level of our reserves? The study by the nonprofit Center on Budget and Policy Priorities recommended states have reserves equal to 15 percent or more of their yearly expenditures if they want to spend them during economic downturns. weekends and holidays. Bruce Royer. He also told the commissioners that most counties have one man for every 80 miles. student safety needs to be re-examined. Governor Daugaard's State-of-the-State message showed that the state is in good fiscal shape. and that they were at least two full years behind. and the Speaker Pro Tempore is Dean Wink. Those present and joining throughout the meeting included: Helen Louder. He said that $10. This is a national as well as a local issue. public places. Senator Larry Lucas Producers must annually provide (if not appraised) the quantity of all harvested production of the crop in which the producer held an interest during the crop year. The Gun Free Schools Law was passed with a zero tolerance to protect students and staff from gun violence. The deadline for reporting this production is not until July will replace former commissioner Sam Seymour. Previously. Now they are down to a three man crew and Royer would like to add another person to his crew for efficiency. which was approved. Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) provides financial assistance to producers of non-insurable crops when low yields. Interpreters in our Court System due to 6. I invite you to attend these committee meetings.000 in NAP due to the drought. The legislation includes strengthening supervision and holding offenders more accountable. expanding the economy. Next the commissioners appointed Iwan to represent Jones County on the Central South Dakota Enhancement Board. Royer was present to voice his opinion and said he would like to see a raise to keep up with the cost of living. when Governor Dennis Daugaard gave the annual State-of-the-State address. Governor Daugaard has said he prefers a more limited use of reserves. hold offenders more accountable. Farmers and ranchers that intend to apply to the Farm Service Agency for loan assistance for the upcoming crop year are encouraged to file their applications as early as possible. As the vice chair of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. and Jones county has one man for every 125 miles. loss of inventory. Leave a message so that I can return your call. 2012 NAP PRODUCTION DUE JULY 15 REPORT OF PAYMENTS TO PRODUCERS Murdo Coyote • January 17. The same changes apply to producers who normally receive IRS Form 1099-MISC. Steve Iwan. however. Selby.26. Failure to apply early can result in a delay in processing loans due to the volume of applications that must be processed in date order. He mentioned that they previously had a five man crew that handled making and moving gravel.66. Greetings! The 88th legislative session opened on January 8 with the legislators taking their oath followed by Governor Daugaard’s State of the State Address. Individuals on 24/7 pay their own monitoring expenses as a condition to stay out of jail and they must have a job. Contact your local FSA Farm Loan Manager or Officer for more details and assistance in applying.lucas@state. Kadoka. Shortly after.000 of Homeland Security funding was allocated to the update. 2013 NAP SALES CLOSING DATE IS MARCH 15 The last day to purchase NAP insurance for 2013 is March 15. Good stewardship was the key focus of the address which highlighted the continuation of what is working: keeping the state’s budget structurally balanced. “The interest rate is lower than traditional loans and it’s significantly lower than what you would pay on a credit card. inviting South Dakota people to come back home and take a job in SD (536 did). The Education Committee meets Monday.” BankWest Christmas Dollars were redeemable at 398 businesses in 13 different communities. For 2012 grazing only. tame grass acres by $7. as well as installing culverts. January 8.2 percent of general fund spending due to the 10 percent budget cuts done in 2011 along with a better than average growth in state revenues. we meet on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:45 in Room 464. the forms were issued to show all program payments received from FSA. He addressed the need for services for veterans due to homelessness and suicide. The next topic of discussion focused on raises for the county workers. John Brunskill. crops must be non-insurable crops and agricultural commodities for which the catastrophic risk protection level of crop insurance is not available. We will put these in the newspapers and on the radio stations to inform the public. Anker made a motion for a $0. Weber then joined the meeting and informed the commissioners of the recent intercom system update in the Jones County Elementary School. Form CCC 1099-G will be mailed from Kansas City. and control corrections spending. Those communities included: Pierre. Kinsley told the commissioners that she was anxious to start the job. Additionally. and Friday at 7:45 in Room 413. John Weber.000. 2) Feel free to call the office if you ever have questions on any of our programs 605-669-2404 Ext. but he doesn’t want to limit future governors and legislators from a different approach. The Christmas Dollars were redeemable at nearly 400 participating businesses throughout central South Dakota and bank officials say interest in this year’s program was about average from previous years. creating value-added ag. 1) Public Safety Improvement Act – Its purpose is to improve public safety. FARM LOAN YEAR END REVIEWS Rep. Area superintendents that I have visited with are more in favor of having a security resource person work in our school and communities as an outreach to students as well as being available for any emergency.8 percent of our citizens speaking a language other than English and the decline of attorneys in the rural areas were also mentioned. Producers who receive payments from more than one county will receive one 1099-G form if the total of all payments from all counties is $600 or more. holiday shoppers and BankWest branches once again partnered to boost the regional economy through the BankWest Christmas Dollars program.000. Draper. 3) Streamline the process for military spouses to transfer their professional licenses to South Dakota. Jones County has paid out more than $650. It was mentioned that the current coroners in the county had no interest in completing the training. 2. The 2013 Legislative Session started Tuesday. Wednesday. open government. Philip. Winner and Mitchell. Our reserves have grown to 11. but continually grows. If you find errors or omissions on this form. Anker told Kinsley to make sure to stay in compliance with state regulations. southeast of Sioux Falls.000 per year – have 450 women occupants and 3. It’s truly a win-win situation and it’s just one way that BankWest reinvests in the communities it serves. producers whose total reportable payments from the Farm Service Agency are less than $600 will not receive IRS Form 1099-G. It is very likely that Congress will be unable to make decisions surrounding the national debt dilemma before we pass our state's budget.83. With 45 percent of our budget impacted by federal dollars there will be a lot of “what if” budget questions to ask. Send your classified or display ads via email! coyoteads @gwtc. Arming school staff. . is not supported by law enforcement and other experts.Murdo Coyote J C FSA News A summary of all earned payments and/or refunds during the previous calendar year will be mailed to producers during the last week of January. The Department of Social Services will receive most of this new money (3 million) to increase the time that court ordered offenders are in treatment for alcohol and/or drugs. 2013 • Page 6 • David Klingberg • Beginning this year. He reminded the commissioners that Sylva works nights. My state email address is sen. Fort Pierre. he offered increases for drug courts and more intensive drug and alcohol treatment programs. but he and Sylva don’t have enough time to get a handle on it. Transportation. please contact the local FSA office as soon as possible to correct the error. Monte Anker. Gregory. and alfalfa grass acres by $11. I am available to meet with individuals when you are in Pierre or in your town or community where you live. Some of you have told me that you are praying for me as I serve. The commissioners opened the meeting by discussing a new requirement that coroners for the county will have to complete 16 hours of training. Brost said the number of participating businesses fluctuates from year to year. Weber also told the commissioners that the town as well as the county has serious drug issues. averaging 40 hours per week. The commissioners went into executive session to discuss personnel issues. BankWest VP Marketing Kristin Brost said this year’s program provided more than $366. Gettysburg. 2013. Missouri. Onida.” Brost said. a lawyer from Rapid City. Weber said he didn’t know how the income difference got to be such a large gap and he suggested the commissioners find a way to even out the salaries. and ensuring quality and sustainability of reforms. With the senseless acts of murder happening. 31 are new. James Schaefer 2013 Legislature Updates Proposal for a new state park at Blood Run. and Sylva’s income was only approximately $25. or prevented planting occurs due to natural disasters. Governor Daugaard outlined more specifics of the increased spending in his State-of-the-State message. more alcohol and drug offenders will be in 24/7 monitoring programs. January 8. the payments are based on multiplying native grass acres by $3. This is a recommendation from the Governor's Commissioners listen to law enforcement concerns by Karlee Barnes The county commissioners saw changes for the new year as newly elected Steve Iwan joined Helen Louder and Monte Anker at his first meeting on Tuesday. Borrowers are urged to provide this information timely so that their files can be maintained.600 male occupants). For the 2013 Session. Angie Kinsley and Karlee Barnes. He said that the average gross income for county workers was about $30. when Governor Daugaard presented his FY 14 proposed budget. State Affairs. Iwan Criminal Justice Workgroup that met during this past summer. cutting unnecessary laws. One issue on the minds of legislators is the recent shooting massacre at the elementary school in Connecticut. FSA CHANGES WAY PRODUCERS RECEIVE IRS FORMS Producers that have a farm loan with FSA are reminded they must provide data for their YearEnd Analysis (YEA) to their loan officer each year.

Member ATTEST: John Brunskill. 523 East Capitol Avenue. Graduates of the Plumbing Technology program will have skills in: •Piping techniques and procedures •Plumbing and piping systems •Residential and commercial system installations •Blueprint reading and isometric interpretation Employment trends in both career fields show that jobs are available now and will be in the future as the need for trained technicians grows. HOURS: 7:00 a. She had at least 2-3 cups of coffee each morning.42. Visit WDT on the web at www. Should bidder be awarded a contract for construction of the project. coffee. 2013.$65.920. $14. – 5:00 p. COUNTY EQUIPMENT: Cat 621B Scraper. Copies of the Plans and Specifications may be obtained by bidders at the Office of the State Engineer. stomach ulcers have to be considered. All questions should be directed to Randy Bollinger. bidder further agrees: A. DEPUTY CORONER: Marilyn Seymour. and industry partnerships. The healthcare providers at your local clinic are aware of these considerations and can help sort out those patients that have GERD and those that need further attention. however. possible heart problem). Should the bidder disseminate the Plans and Specifications to an individual or entity for purposes of obtaining pricing information. The problem arises because of a leaky valve between the esophagus and the stomach. – 4:00 p. The growing number of sophisticated climate-control systems is also expected to increase demand for qualified HVAC technicians. An oath of office was signed by Steve Iwan. call (800) 544-8765 or (605) 7182565 or send an email to admissions@wdt. Herb Pitan. There were a host of tests and steps that needed to be instituted in this lady’s care. $50. $608. 10 & 17. ELECTION SCHOOL: $20. Loader-L90F: $60. staff.37 per mile. telephone bill. Road Drag-$40. checks. Murdo Coyote • January 17. coffee aspirin. and 90 percent remain in South Dakota. Aleve. – 12:00 noon. She said that she tried Maalox and tried omeprazole to no avail (Um. In consideration of the State of South Dakota providing such Plans and Specifications for the purpose of preparing a bid. cashier's check or draft in the amount of 5% of the base bid and all add alternates and drawn on a State or National Bank or a 10% bid bond issued by a surety authorized to do business in the State of South Dakota and made payable to the Department of Transportation of the State of South Dakota.D.00 MILEAGE: $. telephone number 605. First National Bank and First Fidelity Bank. $1. Pickup-$15.O. It was moved by Anker and seconded by Louder to enter into executive session to discuss personnel. Patrol. avoiding irritating fluids such as coffee and alcohol. This needed to be done four times a day before meals and at bedtime.04 per hour DEPUTY REGISTER OF DEEDS.500.” If this occurs in substantial amounts for a long period of time. $495. whichever occurs first. More than 96 percent of WDT’s most recent graduates are working. WDT is now accepting applications for the nine-month programs.50/ton at the discretion of the Road Superintendent. In addition.Legal Notices Notice of Vacancy The following office will become vacant due to the expiration of the present term of office of the elected office. Homeland Security grant funds used to install a public address system in the grade school.m.35. met with the Board to review values for lots and acreages in Murdo City. Office of the State Engineer at 605. shall be and are considered employees of Jones County. State’s Attorney. South Dakota 57501-3182 until 3:00 PM CT.08 per year STATES ATTORNEY: $32. Anyone requesting. She said that it was just terrible if she had a big meal and then several alcoholic drinks with it (Um. Member CENTRAL DAKOTA ENHANCEMENT BOARD: Steve Iwan LEGAL PAPER: Murdo Coyote COUNTY DEPOSITORIES: Dakota Prairie Bank. The person should take the sucralfate.00 per hour and labor. city finance officer. She was told to avoid over-eating with her evening meal and to avoid eating at all after her evening meal. CLAIMS APPROVED: Debra J. She was told that avoiding large overfilling evening meals was never going to be in her interest. $359. Inman’s Water Technologies. All information contained in the Plans and Specifications is confidential. or thirty (30) days after the bid opening for the project. high cholesterol and high pressure job. $. Be that as it may. I suggested that the sucralfate could be stopped after a month although it might be necessary for a longer period of time if symptoms were to return.37 per mile VETERAN’S SERVICE OFFICER: Gary Sletto.00 per call plus mileage WEED BOARD SUPERVISOR: Travis Hendricks. gallbladder problems. stomach acid can reflux back into the The heart-burn problem esophagus and cause a “burn. 2013. much faster than the average for all occupations. whichever occurs first. the need for another road employee. Deputy Sheriff’s wages. State Engineer Office of the State Engineer Published January 3.00 per hour plus labor. she might have gastroesophageal reflux (GERD). elected officials of Jones County. air conditioning. maybe an ulcer). Darrell Iversen. County Auditor Published January 17. she was scheduled for an exercise stress test to be sure that her heart was okay. Construction Trades. South Dakota for the purposes of SDCL 62-1-3.$150. let it dissolve in their mouth.00 per hour (includes pickup) and labor. Director of Equalization. Legal and Public Services. including both exhaust and fresh air make-up exchangers Students also will prepare for and take the universal HVAC certification exam so they are qualified to handle all types of refrigerant.55 per hour COUNTY BURIAL EXPENSES: $1. Draper. E. Register of Deeds. and Science and Technology. 773.660 in May 2010. Golden West Communications. Published January 10 & 17. She said that the pain in her chest was becoming enough of a problem that it was interfering with her function.00 per month WEED BOARD SPRAYER: William M.70. The meeting was called to order.50 per hour JANITOR: Dianne Stotts. SD. 2013 dues. The problem is that the esophagus is lined with the same type of tissue as a person’s mouth. as that term is defined by South Dakota statute. THEREFORE. Maximum of 6 hours machine time per private individual. $58. January 23. 1/2 time. Stomach ulcers can present in this same manner and with her history of a high pressure job.Angie Kinsley. OSE# T2209--10X. 523 East Capitol. Murdo Family Foods. When these steps are ineffective.580. With her high blood pressure. janitor supplies. Helen Louder. Sheriff.50/ton. fabricate. computer software maintenance. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $27.37 per mile DEPUTY AUDITOR & ROAD SECRETARY: Kerri Venard. The Plans and Specifications are the sole property of the State. It was moved and carried to adjourn. Demand for plumbers is expected to come from new building construction and stricter water efficiency standards for plumbing systems. State’s Attorney.2013 for labor and materials to construct Office and Restroom Renovations. heartburn is more or less a symptom for 40 percent of the adult population over the age 40.55 per hour 4-H OFFICE STAFF: Jill Venard. She wanted to know how long she had to continue the medications and the change in lifestyle.08 per year COMMISSIONERS: $420. troubleshoot. Anita Fuoss.22. and steamfitters is projected to grow 26 percent from 2010 to 2020.00. D. P. But she did acknowledge that “heartburn” had gone away. and it being determined that the County should cover said officials for Workman’s Compensations Insurance. Classes will begin in the fall 2013 semester that begins in August.00 per hour and labor. including Business and Computers. Chairman Monte Anker.m. possible gastric reflux). according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But for openers on the first clinic visit. REJECTED: Dakotabilities. that is to say Auditor. Murdo. Things that make the backup more likely include large meals. telephone bills. At that same time. and steamfitters was $46.3897. and gastric irritants such as alcohol. Loading gravel. It is kind of like dissolving a piece of chalk in your mouth but it is very effective when little bits of the pill dribble down the throat and stick to the irritated places on the esophagus to protect them. $21. Terri Volmer. $508.E. 7:00 a. $1. and administration focus their efforts on helping students gain the skills and experiences they need to succeed. GERD affects approximately 40 percent of the adult population over age 40. aspirin and arthritis pills such as Ibuprofen. SD Association of County Commissioners.00 per hour and labor. $206.73.37 per mile. Dware.04. South Dakota that the elected officials of Jones County. she was told that she needed to avoid alcohol.. 523 East Capitol Avenue.95. maybe not gastric reflux). G. 25 days after 30 years of continuous employment. CST on February 22. She grudgingly volunteered that taking the pills was probably an easier choice for her. The median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. she volunteered that greasy food seemed to make things worse because “they took so long to digest” (Um. Employment of plumbers. P. Joe Foss Building.00 per hour and labor. electricity. there was some element of disbelieve and complaints that her lifestyle was being unacceptably interfered with. reviewing.00 per month plus $. all of the above were suggested and she instituted some of the suggestions. Pierre. – 5:00 p.00 per year SHERIFF: $38. Trustee for three-year term Nominating petitions may be filed with Kim Schmidt. $32. This is a medication that acts very much like chewing gum that will stick to raw irritated ulcers in the esophagus.100. $595. “These programs will give students the skills they need to be successful in careers that are in-demand. She was slightly overweight but fortunately was not a smoker. $163. May carry 5 days into following year (more if approved by department head).80 per hour and $. It was moved by Iwan and seconded by Louder to appoint Anker as chairman for 2013. West Central Electric. regular pay plus overtime pay for actual hours worked on holidays in cases of emergency only. She wondered what was causing the pain and how she could manage it. She complained that she didn’t used to take any pills and now she was taking four of them and her lifestyle had been interfered with. Invitation To Bid Sealed bids will be received by the State Engineer on behalf of the South Dakota Department of Transportation at the Office of the State Engineer. South Dakota 57501-3182.00 per hour plus labor. In reviewing her history. Any copies of the Plans and Specifications made by the bidder will be destroyed immediately after the State provides notice that bidder will not be awarded a contract. she was told to pickup a prescription for a product called sucralfate (Carafate). REGISTER OF DEEDS/ASSESSOR: $31.00 per hour and labor. SD. The Department of Transportation reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any irregularities therein.22.00 must be accompanied by a certified check. She was told that the cholesterol and blood pressure pills would probably be permanent unless she got very serious about exercise and diet with better weight control than she had. heart disease has to be considered first because it can be fatal.m.00 per call plus mileage. 2013. $10.93. Byrd. bidder will fulfill the requirements of B and C above on or before the date of the bid opening. Graduates of the HVAC Technology program will be able to: •Design residential and light commercial central heating and air conditioning systems •Install.074. at the total approximate cost of $12. quarterly billing. ROAD & BRIDGE: Corky’s Auto Supply. $11. no earlier than the 25th of January. office rent. Helen Louder and Steve Iwan present. WDT faculty. Murdo.Angie Kinsley. These are things that can all be done at that first clinic visit. SD POLICY: HOLIDAYS: as set by SDCL 1-5-1 SICK LEAVE: Ten days per year.00 plus $. The Plans and Specifications are to be used only with respect to this project and are not to be used for any other proj- Proceedings of the Jones County Commissioners Regular Meeting January 8. at the total approximate cost of $85. The median annual wage of heating. West Central Electric.” She described having a pain in the lower portion of her chest. such as low-flow toilets and showerheads. S. She was scheduled for a gallbladder examination to be sure that she didn’t have gallstones and she was scheduled for an upper gastrointestinal tract examination to be sure that her stomach and esophagus did not have abnormalities that require surgical intervention. at the total approximate cost of $107.930. Sheriff. and refrigeration mechanics and installers was $42. Western Dakota Tech is the only technical institute that serves the western South Dakota region. supplies. Fortunately.84.30. $37. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $26.m. The Plans and Specifications will not be disseminated to any person or entity for purposes other than obtaining pricing information without the express written approval of the state. The most important thing that the healthcare provider needs to consider is the potential that the problem represents an impending heart attack. pipefitters. The Clinical View • Dr. that burn can become quite significant and cause marked irritation. internships. 2013 • Page 7 NOW. As you might imagine. 2013. per hour STARTING WAGES: $9. This is a remarkably common set of symptoms that unfortunately has a host of possible causes. vehicle replacement and renewing the joint powers agreement with the City. Petitions are available from the city finance officer. Discussed were: hourly costs on road machinery. all the examinations mentioned came back showing no abnormality except the irritation at the bottom of her esophagus as it enters the stomach. $12. Pierre. She described the pain as coming on when she would lay down to go to sleep at night and noted it got better if she sat up. accumulate up to 60 days VACATION: Ten days per year.3466. 2013.00 per month ROADMEN: $14.364. $12. Member Steve Iwan. Published January 17 & 24.m. She loved her night time bowl of ice cream. Valburg. and a communications tower and utility building creating a snow block as they are too close to the road. at the total approximate cost of $12. B. All gravel to be sold priced at $3. Murdo. Through hands-on learning. If bidder does not submit a bid.530 in May 2010. $21. She was told to get omeprazole 20 milligrams twice a day as an overthe-counter antacid. All motions are unanimous unless otherwise stated. R.m. But avoiding large evening meals. $150. Mower-$53. Any copies of the Plans and Specifications obtained directly from the State will be returned to the Office of the State Engineer immediately after the State provides notice that bidder will not be awarded a contract.” WDT President Mark Wilson said.00. Each bid in excess of $50. Heartland Waste. Copies are on file for viewing purposes at the Office of the State Engineer. 20 days after 20 years of continuous employment.275. Karlee Barnes joined the meeting. $210.164. CDST. continuing their education. Treasurer.80 per hour and $. SD Association of County Officials.04 per hour. TREASURER. Kristi Honeywell. and a host of other NSAID’s. Joe Foss Building. CST (at discretion of Road Superintendent during inclement weather) ROAD SUPERINTENDENT: Bruce Royer. and the top 10 percent earned more than $79. It is not made to be exposed to high concentrations of acid such as the stomach has.00 per hour and labor. garbage removal. janitor supplies.37 per mile MRC RAIL AUTHORITY BOARD MEMBER: Monte Anker MENTAL ILLNESS BOARD MEMBERS: to be appointed by the State of SD at a later date WEED BOARD MEMBERS: Darrell Daum. towit: Auditor. or serving in the military. Her cholesterol was checked and found to be quite high and her blood pressure was also somewhat high at 160/90 (Um. right in the midline.35. C. the potential that she might have gallstones is a consideration. The symptoms are highly variable from being disabling to being a minor discomfort. Road Superintendent Royer met with the Board to discuss road matters. and the top 10 percent earned more than $66. or copying Plans and Specifications for this project (such individual is hereinafter referred to as “bidder”) agrees that they are doing so for the sole purpose of submitting a bid on the project. 2013. Inc. of Transportation. and then as the fourth major consideration. Treasurer. lying down. PO Box 109. If that burn goes on long enough and severe enough. Hoffsten • The 56-year old lady executive was seen in the clinic for concern about “her heartburn. Manufacturing and Mechanical Trades. Sheriff Weber met with the Board. the bidder will require that individual or entity to adhere to the terms set forth herein. rental. Some changes were necessary to equalize land values. and using omeprazole 20 milligrams twice a day are all things that the lay public can do for themselves to treat the condition. 57559 or call 605-669-2258 for more information. dues.00 per month ELECTION BOARDS: $9. “Skilled employees are needed in these fields. With the story of greasy foods making the pain much worse. starting wage $9. Overtime: time and a half for hours actually worked over 40 hours. $640.m. fabricate and install forced air and hot water distribution systems •Install a wide range of oil and gas boilers and forced-air furnaces •Design. ulcers and many other conditions can all mimic heartburn and be a more serious problem.772.50 per hour COUNTY PLANNING BOARD: Board of County Commissioners TRI-COUNTY LANDFILL: Monte Anker. South Dakota.” Both programs have been designed with industry input so the courses will provide the skills students need. etc. Attn: Larry Ball.E. SD Dept. Position open until filled. Pierre. F. 1:00 p.61.464. South Dakota 57501-3182. $12. possible gall bladder disease). This means that the stomach contents can backup into the esophagus. The bidder. WDT to begin programs in HVAC and Plumbing Western Dakota Tech is addressing the needs of the workforce by starting new diploma programs in HVAC Technology and Plumbing Technology. $20.97. Golden West Communications. Lar-Jos. Dump Truck-$40.wdt. ect or purposes other than preparing a bid for this project. Naprosyn.01. When the valve between the stomach and the esophagus becomes “leaky”.00. Heart attack. CANVASSING BOARDS: $9.490.00 per hour WIC SECRETARY: Cheryl Iversen.915. 2013 The Board of Commissioners met for a regular meeting with Monte Anker. and County Commissioners. . Joe Foss Building. and repair residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning equipment •Design. Director of Equalization Terri Volmer’s building permit report for the month of December.m. $180. $22. rechecks on her blood pressure showed that it had dropped somewhat now to 145/85. $533. and H. DEPUTY SHERIFF: $26. The median annual wage of plumbers. Angie Kinsley met with the Board to discuss the county employee policy as she will be working as the 4-H assistant/emergency manager starting the 22nd of January. parts. Corky’s Auto Supply. further evaluation is warranted. it is the major cause of cancer of the esophagus.12. On a return visit after all of the above. 2012 – 1.04 per hour DEPUTY TREASURER: to be appointed at a later date. That valve becomes incompetent in 40 percent of the population.96. drank alcohol socially and diet Coca Cola all afternoon (Um. Semi-tractor and gravel trailer. Register of Deeds. electricity. bidder does not need to return or destroy Plans and Specifications until after completion of the project. reimbursement. $14. DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF EQUALIZATION: Joyce Hurst. WDT offers more than 20 programs in a variety of fields. Items discussed were: a tower lease agreement with West Central Electric provided free for emergency services in Jones County. Employment of HVAC mechanics and installers is expected to grow 34 percent from 2010 to 2020. internet.000. It was suggested that she start a blood pressure pill and a pill to get her cholesterol and County Commissioners. BE IT RESOLVED by the Commissioners of Jones County. Ibuprofen. All of the steps mentioned above to treat or avoid the condition are available to the lay public except for the sucralfate which is a prescription medication. Health Services.00 per year CORONER: James McNeely $58.$55. Jones County School District #37-3. assumes no liability for the misuse of the Plans and Specifications by such third party or such third party’s failure to comply with the provisions contained herein. As mentioned above. or thirty (30) days after the bid opening for the project. are not employees of the County. Notice of Position Open Jones County School District #37-3 The Jones County School District has the following position open for the remainder of the 2012-2013 school year: Special Ed Aide/DDN Monitor Send letter of application or resume to Jones County School District.08 per year. 15 days per year after 10 years of continuous employment. substantial amounts of coffee and diet coke along with worsening pain after alcoholic beverages. and install home and light commercial ventilation systems. Helen Louder EMERGENCY DISASTER SERVICE: 1/2 time. It was moved by Anker seconded by Iwan to approve administration for 2013 as follows: ADMINISTRATION FOR 2013 Jones County is an equal opportunity employer COUNTY OFFICE HOURS: 8:00 a. faster than the average for all occupations. APPOINTMENTS AND SALARIES: AUDITOR. and dribble down the throat. For information about WDT. Loader-644: $75. 2013 and no later than 5:00 p. WDT students graduate ready to make real and immediate contributions to their employers and their communities. It was moved by Anker and seconded by Louder to pass resolution #2013-01: Resolution #2013-01 WHEREAS.95 per hour.

03¢ safety bonus. SD 57559 Murdo. Each name and initial must be counted as one word. Our readers are informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis.00 added charge for bookkeeping and billing on all charges.61/hr or prevailing of $2200/mo plus room and board (whichever the highest). Call Lonna at 669-2040 or 669-2271.D. there is an angel in the country who has paid our electric bill. health ins. Some of the friends I don’t know real well and I’m so happy to have so many prayers and so many cards. 57006-0270. Door with shelves on one side and three drawers on the other side. For more information and to supplies and equipment are provided without cost to the worker. 2013. SD 57559 Phone: (605) 669-2201 • Fax: (605) 669-2450 Dennis and Kevin Moore Ravellette Publications Murdo Nutrition Program Menu January 21 Spaghetti w/ Meatsauce Broccoli/Cauliflower Mix Tossed Salad French Bread Apricots January 22 Baked Ham Sweet Potatoes Peas Dinner Roll Mandarin Orange Dessert January 23 Oven Fried Chicken Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Harvard Beets Bread Peaches January 24 Salisbury Steak in Gravy Boiled Potatoes & Gravy Spinach w/ Vinegar Bread Mandarin Oranges & Pineapple Tidbits January 25 Beef Stew w/ Vegetables Appleslaw Bread Pumpkin Bar Dan: 605-259-3134 Charlie: 605-452-3311 Family owned and operated – Our family serving your family Low–Income Housing 1 & 2 bedroom apartments Income–based rent Includes light.10¢ per word after initial 20.00.D.00 OBO. 2nd Street • PO Box 108 • Murdo. Generous benefit package. 605-5302672. Was only on pickup for two weeks.D. Make an offer.1024. S. To browse opportunities go to www. Call Joe for details. sprayers & planting equipment. Dean & Deb Faber Thank You Business & Professional Directory Rent This Space $4. Deadline is Tuesdays at 10 a. sex.m. Position responsibilities include finance office administration and management. The employer guarantees 3/4 of the workdays in the work contract. DISPLAY AD RATE: $5. Job Id #739. Pierre. PO Box 270. Residential Living Center 24–Hour Care Home–Like Atmosphere 203 W. McNeely 605-669-2553 Home RN.m. Call: 669-2271 Murdo Coyote • January 17. 22260 Lake Waggoner Road. EMPLOYMENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FINANCE OFFICER: The City of Miller is accepting applications for a City Finance Officer.: Position is open until filled. 62x100. Workers interested in the job should contact their nearest local State Workforce agency or send resumes to Pierre SDDLR Office. Hwy. Szana. NOTE: $2.00 SIGN-ON BONUS! EXP. 100x200. great culture and innovation. 33¢/34¢. Limited Offer. HELP WANTED: Temporary Work . Fits 2010- For Sale CHIFFEROBE WITH 19 INCH TV. credit. CARD OF THANKS: Poems. Salary DOE. S. 23. S. BUILDING MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST/Plumbing. haying. In stock ready to ship. The Longbranch is for SALE (serious inquires only). 800. I will put that money to help someone else. STEEL BUILDINGS APARTMENTS AVAILABLE Murdo Townhouses 2 Bedrooms Carpeted throughout. – Competitive wages.D. 116 W Missouri Ave.D. The employer.goldeneagleloghomes. • 605-895-2602 CALL US FOR ALL YOUR HOME REPAIRS AERIAL & AG SERVICE • Aerial & Ground Application • Chemical & Fertilizer Sales • GPS Equipped Valburg 605-669-2077 Tires & Service ATV & UTV Service Exit 191 ~ Murdo SD Venard Inc Need a printing job done? Call 859-2516 in Philip 605-669-2121 Clinic J. Mark your calendar and plan to attend. 605-280-7038. benefits. 57567.500 Sign on Bonus available for Service Technicians. HOVEN CO-OP SERVICE COMPANY in Hoven. corn and sunflower. Inc. We also require that employees operate combines during the harvesting season. Custom made.3 pm. Pierre. PRO/Rental Management 605-347-3077 1-800-244-2826 www. TBI. competitive salary.D.20 per column inch. S. or discrimination on race. Feb.cityofbrookings.O. 1-800-5781363 Ext.10¢ per word after initial 20. It is so nice to know a person can have so many friends and family. No damage. Presho. harrowing.488. www. Huge winter discounts for spring delivery. Haakon County is an EOE. Hildebrand Steel 1-877-867-1485. Etc. Call the Murdo Coyote to place your ad: 669-2271 $1500. $1. OTR & DRIVER OPPORTUNITY MISCELLANEOUS LOG HOMES FOR SALE RDO EQUIPMENT CO. Great shape $75. OTR Drivers. northwestern South & North Dakota. 4’-12’ width. dlangland@cityofbrookings. Martin & White River Your Full Service Lumber and Hardware Store 105 E. Call Jim 1-888-782-7040.S. Apply: HC Highway Department. STEEL BUILDINGS. Funeral Directors Concrete Redi–Mix Family Dentistry James C.prorentalmanagement..300N.64/hr. Make & save money with your own bandmill.D. building in eastern. call (605)948-2222. S. plus benefits. 120 West 2nd Street. Saturday. Miller.Coyote Classifieds CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING CLASSIFIED RATE: $5. is seeking a General Manager. to 4:30 p. Wanted 2012 Dodge Ram pickup. on February 1. DDS Murdo Health Center Wednesday & Thursday 9 a. Must have a commercial driver’s license or be able to obtain one within three months of hire date.Starting: 02/01/2013 and Ending: 11/26/2013 Operate tractors during planting. Onida.00 minimum for up to 20 words. Deadline for application submittal is 5:00 p. DAKOTA LOG HOME Builders representing Golden Eagle Log Homes.14-$19. 68x120. water and garbage pickup Murdo Housing & Redevelopment 605-669-2681 H ildebrand S teel & C oncrete Contact us for ALL types of concrete work! Murdo Jerry Hildebrand Cell: 605. or discrimination.m. (605) 869-2150 Cell: 605-222-0317 • Pierre. S. 57568-0433 Phone: (605) 895-9644 Cell: (605) 730-5634 Variety of Colors Free Estimates New Life Home. Must apply online. heat. 2013. SD 57362 or by calling 605-853-2705. tractors. EEO. like new condition. Call Nicole @ 605-895-9445.. Submit application/resume to City of Brookings.25 a week/ minimum 3 mos.m. 669-2131 Rent This Space $4. rdoequipment. NorwoodSawmills. S.darrenboylesales. VENDORS WANTED FOR THE Annual Presho Chamber’s Farm & Home Show. opportunities for growth. Permanent lids.00 minimum for up to 20 words. Call Patrick at 605-530-0051 or Karlee at 605-295-0047. 2013 • Page 8 NOW IS THE chance to buy a well established & successful business in the State Capitol of S. Visit: www. Box 433 Presho. CFNP dba Jones County Clinic 609 Garfield Ave. S. 605/859-2472. 50x80.456. While I’m thanking people. Scott Connell. Full-time. Free housing is provided to workers who cannot reasonably return to their permanent residence at the end of the workday. Thank you very Website: www.8 job openings . SD will pay the AEWR of $11.D.midco. S. Open until filled. FREE Info/DVD: www. Brookings. limitation. or any intention to make any such preference. ALL PRO TOWING 24-Hour Service Light to Heavy Duty Towing Repairs Domestic Cars & Trucks Phone: (605) 669-2075 Murdo. SAWMILLS FROM ONLY $3997. or national origin. Center float hole and drinking holes. New & Used Farm Equipment REA Seeds Darren Boyle Sales .25 a week/ minimum 3 mos. human resource management and other duties. profit sharing. INSULATED CONCRETE TIRE TANK LIDS for rubber tire tanks. Do infield repairs on equipment. $5. 605-2645650. advertised in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968. trucks. Transportation and subsistence expenses to the worksite will be provided or paid by the employer upon completion of 50% of the work contract or earlier. The work spraying. Good driving record. Cut lumber any Equal Housing Opportunity Ranchland Drug 259-3102 • Nightly Deliveries to Murdo • Senior Citizen’s Discount HEIMAN CONSTRUCTION and Seamless Gutters Allen Heiman – Owner Located in White River. Craig Connell. Scott and Janet Dowling from Draper. central. P. $16. Must have a CDL or appropriate driver’s license or be able to obtain one within 30 days of hire. Take advantage of tax deductions. 10 am .sd. 16.D. Applications and/or more information available at the City of Miller. color. $375 mo. Philip. if applicable. EQUIPMENT OPERATOR/ MAINTENANCE WORKER: Haakon County Highway Department. Call Russell Spaid 605-280-1067. SD 57501 and mention job order number: SD1585886 COMMUNICATIONS OPERATOR. Tributes.M41-tfc BLACK RANCHHAND LEGEND SERIES BUMPER. Each name and initial must be counted as one word. Salary/hourly DOE. perfect for a child’s bedroom.D.431. harvesting season of wheat. EOE.” This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is a violation of the law. E-mail: darrenboylesales@pie. PUBLISHER’S NOTICE: All real estate.2226 Office: 605-837-2621 Toll Free: 1-877-867-4185 Equal Housing Opportunity Daryl & Scott Isburg. on-site laundry facility and appliances furnished. GRAIN FARM HELP. 68x200.. General maintenance.D. Thanks everyone and God be with you. go to http://bhr. This thank you note goes out to so many family and friends who have been keeping in touch with us since August. For more information or application materials. training. We require 3 months experience. Benefits package offered.0291 Kadoka Rich Hildebrand Cell 605. Operating large farm equipment. which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference.