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Annie Rodriguez Neubauer/Bianco World Studies CP Block 2/3 12/3/12 Totalitarianism Totalitarianism is maintained with various methods. Totalitarianism is when there is a dictator who rules an entire empire. In history there have been totalitarians like Hitler and Stalin. In Orwell’s book 1984 The Party is a totalitarian government as well. The governments of Hitler, Stalin and The Party maintain their power by using violence, brainwashing the people, and limiting the people’s freedom. These methods are effective because they scare people into submission to do whatever the government wants. A totalitarian’s method of keeping his position in power is by using violence. Hitler forced the people to be striped of their clothes as prisoners and they weren’t allowed to do anything to them. “Cutting a small path was dangerous and could be punished by severe beating or death” (Growth: violence in Germany). The prisoners were not even allowed to cut a peace from their clothes to put on their feet when they were cold and if they did and got caught they would be brutally punished or even killed. The prisoners would be afraid to rebel, especially is they knew that by just ripping a piece of cloth could get you killed. Hitler didn’t care about the clothes, he wanted to torture them, make them feel helpless so after a while they get used to it

Winston receives a message that news is to be rectified because it contains information about the past that . In 1984 Julia and Winston got caught by the thought police. In the movie. They also make her feel weak and inferior. “Europa Europa”. Another example from Orwell’s book is where the Party uses brainwashing to uphold their power. but the thought police hurt them physically and mentally. “One of the men smashed his fist into Julia’s solar plexus doubling her up like a packet ruler. In the Soviet Union Stalin brainwashes the citizens from the time of their infancy. They want her to feel helpless and defeated to let her know that she and Winston were always below The Party and always had been. the teacher asked the children to pray to God for candy and nothing happened but when she told them to pray to Stalin the people from the floor above them started throwing candy to the students. They will grow worshiping Stalin. They wanted Julia to suffer because they knocked the air out of her but not just to make her feel the agony of not being able to breath. (Europa Europa). Another example is the Party in a fictional book by Orwell. Winston and Julia would have just been captured and taken to prison immediately. Brainwashing is also a way of preserving power. It is also effective because if they believe he is almighty they will do absolutely everything he tells them to do. and they didn’t just take them away but instead they beat them before taking them. Violence is an effective way to conserve power since the people fear of the abuse and are willing to do what they are told to avoid the punishments.Rodriguez 2 and feel they don’t deserve better and will submit to whatever he says. Children are being educated into believing that Stalin is more powerful than God. Stalin uses this brainwashing in children because they are at an early age and will grow believing what they are being told. The only god the children will grow up believing in would be Stalin. It is also useful since it caused fear in the prisoners and fear wouldn’t allow them to defy his orders. and it is effective as well.” (Book 2 Chapter 10).

This type of brainwashing is far more effective than just brainwashing the people by telling them what to believe in but to change the past and any proof that comes with it. Giving an unfair trial shows how the student’s freedoms were just simply taken away. Totalitarianism is well conserved with brainwashing because it manipulates the people minds by changing their morals. Orwell writes about The Party limiting freedom. If they erase any trace of evidence the people will eventually forget or even if they do remember. to set an example of what was to come if someone tried to defy his authority. when Hitler was in power he made an unfair trial. and making them less intelligent. They don’t fully approve of party members having relations. People stop questioning and the government knows that making them believe what they want will make them less likely to rebel. “The defendants were not given a chance to defend themselves. for a group of students that had been making fliers that criticized Hitler and his ideas. The party changed the past. “The message he had received referred to articles or news items which for one reason or another it was thought necessary to alter. or as the official phase had it. Totalitarian governments also limit the people’s freedoms to keep them in control and sustain their power. nobody will believe them because they would have no substantial evidence. “All marriages between Part members had to be approved by a committee” (Book 1 Chapter 6). The Party didn’t want the members to be committed to someone else that wasn’t Big Brother. This is an effective way of preserving power because taking . They controlled it to make the people believe anything they wanted to. In Germany. They didn’t get to call witnesses or speak to the court” (The White Rose).Rodriguez 3 shouldn’t exist anymore. Winston was a party member and his job was to erase information or files of the past that had not existed. to make propaganda out of the student’s public humiliation. Hitler just wanted to mock the idea of a trial. to rectify” (Book 1 Chapter 4).

totalitarian governments should be stopped before they get enough power to the point where there will only be the last man who won’t be able to take the government down by himself. the people don’t try to turn their anger on the government. brainwashing. Violence. Totalitarian government are created by the greedy nobody gets anything except the dictator. Orwell wrote the book 1984 to make the message clear that once a totalitarian government comes to power and isn’t stopped early on it will become harder to stop it. Totalitarianism is an important topic because people need to know what horrible things they could be capable of doing. and limiting freedoms have all been effective by terrorizing the people to do what the totalitarian government orders them to do.Rodriguez 4 people’s freedom to marry will later make them feel anger and The Party has made them believe that Goldstein is the cause of every problem. . Limiting freedom is a successful way of maintaining power for a totalitarian government because they can be treated unfairly and stripped from their rights. Hitler. Stalin and The Party are some examples of leaders of a totalitarian government. Taking away the people’s freedom of desire keeps them loyal to the government because is if the government gives the people something to blame everything on. this way the party won’t feel threatened if a person is filled with rage because they have someone to blame.

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