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Gateway to Waiheke

Paul Monin
Matiatia Bay is the gateway to Waiheke Island. For centuries it has been the landing place for travellers in the Hauraki Gulf – from waka to yachts, excursion steamers and commuter ferries. This small bay, Waiheke’s best natural harbour, is now at the most important turning point in its modern history. The increasing density of traffic in the gulf as well as the continued growth in Waiheke’s popularity mean that Matiatia is becoming uncomfortably congested. The pressure for development is real, yet the bay’s historical significance must be respected. Waiheke residents, urban planners, the Auckland Council, shipping operators and other local industry all have a keen interest in what happens next at Matiatia. Understanding the past is crucial to the decisions being made today. Waiheke historian Paul Monin tells the story of Matiatia from occupation at the time of the first Maori settlement of Aotearoa to the present day. Here in a fertile bay in the magnificent setting of the Hauraki Gulf is a microcosm of New Zealand’s history. Charmingly written, Matiatia: Gateway to Waiheke explores the area’s archaeology, politics, ecology and society, illustrated with a rich selection of photographs and maps.

RRP$34.99 • 240 x 195 mm • 144 pages 50 b/w illustrations • ISBN 9781927131459 ISTC A02201200002150F • Published November 2012

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• • • • Superb local history – good research, stories of people and place Highly topical – Matiatia is under pressure for development Of interest to Waiheke residents and visitors, to iwi, to shipping companies, to local government A book for its time

Author information
Paul Monin’s history of the Hauraki Gulf area, Hauraki Contested (2001) won the J. M. Sherrard Major Award in New Zealand Regional and Local History in 2004. He has published articles in the New Zealand Journal of History and the Journal of New Zealand Literature, and contributed to the New Oxford History of New Zealand (Oxford University Press, 2009) and to Te Ara, The Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, in 2010.

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Contents Maps of the Hauraki Gulf. The Muritai at Matiatia wharf. View from Matiatia Bay across to Rangitoto. Photograph by W. Waiheke Island and Matiatia Bay Introduction 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Uncovering the History of the Land Into the Nineteenth Century The Partition and Sale of Maori Land Cruising to the Bay The Alison Years The Hulk on the Beach Subdivisions. F-33099-1/2. from top to bottom: Matiatia – key hole harbour 2012. Alexander Turnbull Library. courtesy of Archives New Zealand The Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua. digiadventure Photography. Walker. Wharves and Shipping Wars Matiatia in Wartime A Changing Society vi 1 6 17 27 36 44 59 66 81 87 102 118 124 130 131 10 An Increasingly Pressured Space 11 Where to Now? Endnotes List of Maps and Illustrations Index Illustrations. 1957. digiadventure Photography. . Photograph by Janine James. National Publicity Studios Collection. Photograph by Janine James.