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Chapter 1: Phileas Fogg Finds a New Butler Phileas Fogg, a ____ (1)year-old wealthy man with dark

hair and serious face lives with his butler at __________(2) in London, England. He is a regular at the ______________(3) where he spends most of his time. Fogg is very particular about punctuality and also he wants things done. He fires his butler _____________ (4) for bringing his shaving water at eighty-four degrees, instead of ____________(5) degrees. ________________ (6) wants to become Fogg’s new butler as he wants to have a solid routineand he knows Fogg is a man who like things done in a certain way. Passepartout is also a man who likes a solid routine. Fogg leaves Passepartout to settle down while he goes off to the _______________ (7) at the same time as he does every day. Passepartout begins to learn about the daily schedule of every detail in Fogg’s house.

Chapter 2: Phileas Fogg Says Something He Might Regret At the Reform Club, while playing cards with his friends, _______________ (1), an engineer, _________________(2), a landowner, _________________(3) and ________________(4), two newspaper owners, and ________________(5), a Bank of England employee, Fogg has a lively discussion about a bank robbery that has taken place at the _______________________(6). The robber got away with fifty-five thousand pounds. Fogg and his friends wonder on the whereabouts of the bank robber when Fogg suddenly declares that it is possible to travel around the world in eighty days. ____________(7) challenges Fogg’s opinion by wagering _____________(8) against Fogg going around the world within eighty days. Fogg counters Andrew’s bet with _____________(9), confident that he would be able to travel around the world in eighty days. Everyone at the table then becomes witnesses for the bet between Stuart and Fogg as the two of them sign a piece of paper to seal the wager. Fogg must be back at the Reform Club at 8.45 p.p. on Saturday, _________________(10).

Chapter 3: Phileas Fogg Shocks His New Butler Fogg leaves the Reform Club at ___________(1). Upon arrival at his home, Fogg immediately instructs Passepartout to get ready to leave for _______(2) in ten miutes. He also informs Passepartout that they are going on a trip around the world in eighty days. By _________(3), Passepartout has packed two _____________(4) with two shirts and three pairs of socks each. Fogg also brings along travel guides for the railways and the boats, together with ____________(5) cash. They take a ____(6) to the railway station and then board the train to _______(7) at twenty minutes to nine.

Sir Francis thinks that Fogg is a strange person and mad for trying to travel around the world in 80 days. he goes into a temple. Phileas books train tickets to _______________(5). At the Suez Canal. Fix thinks that the robber will get down in India and go to Asia. Fix goes to the police station but is upset because the warrant from ____________(6) has not arrived. Chapter 5: Phileas Fogg Travels Across the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean Phileas does not sightsee. After leaving Burhampoor. Fix befriends Passepartout and tries to get more information about Phileas and his trip. Then. Phileas sees Stephenson and gets his passport stamped but Fix wants the _________(7) to hold Phileas. a ___________(1) in the British army in India. Passepartout goes back and tells Phileas about what happened to him. the train stops at a village surrounded by a . Passepartout runs out quickly. Chapter 6: Phileas Fogg Rides on Elephant Fogg and Passepartout share a cabin on the train with Sir Francis Cromarty. Fix listens ti their conversation and plans to catch _____________(8). Then he sends a ___________(9) to Scotland Yard in London asking them to send him a __________(10) for Phileas’s arrest. The Mongolia comes at the exact time. angry men hit him and pull off his shoes. Phileas gives Passepartout some things to do and he gets his passport stamped. He loses the new socks and shirts that he bought for his boss. Fix is sure that Phileas is the robber and goes on board the Mongolia.m. tells Fix that the _____________(3) is always on time. Detective Fix asks Stephenson about the Mongolia. It will refuel again in Aden before going to __________(5). Then they take the ____________(1) and arrive at the ______________(2) on 9 October at 11 a. a diplomat. Phileas is angry with Passepartout. The steamer will dock at the Suez Canal for four hours to get fresh supplies of ______(4). Stephenson allows Phileas to go as his passport is _________(8). Then. Passepartout explores Bombay after buying shirts and _____(7).Chapter 4: Introducing Detective Fix They travel through Europe in four days. Stephenson. He passes his time eating and ________(1) cards. Passepartout watches the scenery and meets Fix on ______(2). Passepartout goes to buy himself some shoes when the train stops at _________________(3) for coal and supplies. Fix is trying to find the robber who looks like a gentleman.The journey to India is smooth and they arrive two days earlier than usual. Fix gets some information about Phileas from Passepartout. Fix tells Passepartout that Phileas must go personally to the passport office to get his passport stamped. Passepartout asks Fix where the _________(6) office is. Fogg has met Sir Francis on-board the Mongolia where they played ________(2) together. There. Mr. The steamer stops at _________(3) and Phileas goes to shore to get his passport _____________(4).

. for £2000 hires ____(10) as the guide for their journey to Allahabad. They are just 50 miles from ____________(6). Sir Francis and Fogg sit in the seats called _________(11) on the elephant with Passepartout between them as the elephant sets off from the village. Despite the setback.forest of ______(4) trees. Fogg is confident that they would still arrive on time in ___________(7). All the passengers are asked to get off the train as the railway line has not been completed. To Passepartout’s amazement. Fogg manages to buy an elephant. ___________(9). Passepartout suggest that they ride on an ____________(8).