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ZXSDR R8860—Outdoor Dual-Mode RRU with High Transmitting Power

News Summary Exclusive Interview ZXSDR R8860, a new generation outdoor dual-mode radio remote unit of SDR series UMTS products, is one member of ZTE UMTS distribution base station family. It can work with ZTE series base band unit and Macro Node B to form a distributed base station. Products ZXSDR R8860 has high output power and can be applied in hot spots, blind spots, landscape areas, suburban areas, Solutions highways, and coastal areas, widely applied in different scenarios.

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Highlights Multi-carrier Support, Smooth Expansion: ZXSDR R8860 supports smooth expansion, WCDMA from 1 carrier to 4 carriers or GSM 1TRX to 6 TRX with software upgrade only, which can completely satisfy future network capacity requirement. Within 20MHz bandwidth, WCDMA and GSM can be supported simultaneously in one R8860 enables operator deploys 2G/3G hybrid network easily and paves the way to the future. Small size, Light weight, Flexible deployment: ZXSDR R8860 is only 22.5Kg in weight, and easy for deployment. It can be installed on the tower, pole, wall, etc, fully improving construction speed. High Efficiency Power Amplifier, Low Power Consumption: ZXSDR R8860 adopts the high efficiency Doherty + DPD PA independently designed by ZTE. The efficiency arrives 40%, 3 times greater than the conventional type, and greatly reduces the power consumption. Flexible Power Supply: ZXSDR R8860 supports -48V DC power supply, supports local and remote power supply. Also adopts safety design with under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection and power reverse protection. Security Design: ZXSDR R8860 is designed for outdoor installation. Security is considered in the design of ZXSDR R8860. Special key is needed to open cabinet and cabinet can be fixed installed by lock and chain.

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