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ROOM 12!


Welcome, 2013!
A note of thanks: Thank you all so much for your contributions towards my generous holiday gift card! It was certainly unexpected and it meant a lot to me. Special thanks to Sunita Merchia for organizing it. I will spend it on something fun in the new year. Thanks for all of your support at home and in the classroom. I have been so fortunate to have you and your children this school year!

Wishing you a! a wonderful new year!

With the start of a new year, I cant help but look forward to the many exciting upcoming events. These include more wonderful plays, science camp, and 5th grade graduation (middle school here we come!). That reminds me, make sure to check the Blog page for information on upcoming middle school meetings. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. There are great things happening within the next few months.


In the month of January we will read our second class book. Each student will receive a copy of The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler to read both in and out of class. This book centers around two children who run away... to live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art! This renown piece of work includes quite a few adventures and even a thread of mystery. For those of you who know Mrs. Hastings, you might be !

interested to know that during her year in NYC, she saw the very bed where our main characters slept! We will have class discussions, reading comprehension exams, and projects centered around this piece of literature. I greatly enjoy sharing insights and opinions about a book as a class and hope that every student enjoys this work and the activities surrounding it. PAGE 1

ROOM 12!


Holiday Crafts We had a wonderful time during our Holiday Craft rotations! Creating brightly decorated cookies, making or naments, and crafting beautiful snowakes were some of the highlights of this funlled afternoon. It is our hope that all of the fth graders headed off to their winter break on a good note and had a restful holiday. Math Math Math! Students are tackling algebraic equations in our current math unit. One of the fun activities used to understand the concept of variables was Menu Math. Students used variables such as f to stand for fries, s to stand for small drink, h to stand for hamburger, etc., and took orders. These orders had to be simplied for the cook, added up by the cashier, and conveyed by the customer. What fun! Please ask your child to explain more about this three-day activity. We have moved on to the Properties of Addition and Multiplication and students will be expected to name and utilize each one. Next up - algebraic patterns! Writing In the area of writing, we are conquering Persuasive. If your children can argue for hours, come up with evidence to support their views and can

even counter your arguments, they will be extremely successful with this writing genre. In the month of January we will locate and dissect magazine ads to uncover how they tr y to persuade us and whether we think they have been successful. Between television, billboards, and printed ads, we see that persuasion is truly all around us! We will engage in lively debates about whether the school year should be extended, if students should be allowed to have cell phones in the classroom, and more. The students are doing a wonderful job of tackling the persuasive format and coming up with strong arguments. Be on the alert - their powers of persuasion are really improving! Good work! The work load has stayed strong over the course of the year. There continues to be r e g u l a r g r a m m a r, m a t h , spelling, and vocabulary packets on a weekly basis. On top of this students are studying for social studies and science quizzes, as well as completing projects, preparing speeches, doing research, and composing pieces of writing. They have done a wonderful job keeping up with it all, as well as balancing their after-school activities. Hats off to these hard-working Gators!

January 7 - Back to school 12 - Marias birthday! 16 - Surya and Kashvis birthdays! 17 - Ians birthday! 18 - Geography Bee 21 - Martin Luther King Day (NO SCHOOL)/ Adityas birthday! 25 - Shrenas birthday! February 14 - Valentines Day IceCream Party 17 - Shumis birthday! 18 - 25 - Mid-Year Recess 23 - Maya and Stevens birthdays!

OUR VOLUNTEERS ARE PRICELESS! Our class would not run nearly as smoothly as it does without our parent volunteers. This month I would like to extend a special thank you to those parents who purchased cookies, frosting, prepped materials, and/or volunteered to help during our Holiday Craft Rotations.


ROOM 12!


to visit the Science Camp link at the top of this Enrichment has been a very fun-lled rotation website so that you and your child are prepared for thus far! Lately, we have been tackling the topic of this special trip! states and capitals. Students are memorizing the locations of each state, as well as the capital associated with each one. The most recent project involved creating a slideshow presentation to educate the class on various U.S. topics such as past presidents, regions, American inventors, and more. We are also continuing to prepare for our big trip to science camp in April. Students have learned vocabulary related to different types of animal and plant-life, studied mammals versus reptiles, the intricacies of bird adaptation, and watched videos about marine life. In addition, students have watched slideshows of past trips, heard about the yummy meals provided, observed the proper gear and clothing to be packed, and listened intently to the many adventures that lie ahead. Please be sure



Our next holiday is fast approaching - Valentines Day! During the last 30 minutes of class on February 14th we will partake in our traditional Ice Cream Social. Thanks to Room

12, 14, 15 and 8s Room Representatives, our students will enjoy a sundae bar that includes a scoop of ice cream, hot fudge, bananas, strawberries, nuts, cherries, sprinkles, and more! Students are encouraged to create or purchase valentines for their Room 12 classmates. The policy is that if they bring a card for one Room 12 classmate, they must bring one for all 33. If students would like to bring a card for a student in another homeroom, they are welcome to

do that, as well. Again, valentines are not required, but we want to spread a feeling of friendship and goodwill to all, so if a child would like to participate in this holiday tradition, he or she must be prepared to deliver a card to all Room 12 peers. A roster of all fth grade students will be provided for your convenience. Thank you for your help with this!


Our most recent read-aloud, The Westing Game, is coming to an end. We have all been on edge as the mystery of Samuel W. Westing and his game has been unraveled. The heirs are certainly not who they seem to be and everyone is a suspect. Talk to your child soon about the ending to this interesting tale!


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