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ChemStations ChemCAD Pro v5.1.

3 AllModules *ENGLISH* 2001 Installation Info: Copy the files from the License dir into ChemCAD directory, overwriting the file s when required (see also ReadMe.txt).

Note: We are aware of the new update to v5.1.6, but that is a recent minor update wh ich is not yet available on CD. Hence we bring you the latest version of ChemCAD on CD: v5.1.3 (including manuals and examples). This professional suite of Chem CAD include all products: ChemCAD, CCBatch, CCTherm, CCReac, CCDColm, CCPolymer and PhysProps.

Release info: Chemstations, a leading supplier of process simulation software, has been develo ping and delivering powerful, PC-based solutions to the process industries since 1988. Currently over 1,000 companies worldwide use Chemstations' technologies t o improve their productivity and increase profitability. Chemstations software i s the shortest distance from the thought process to the chemical process. What can you do with CHEMCAD? Increase Productivity by Performing Everyday Chemical Engineering Calculations Maximize Profitability by Designing More Efficient New Processes and Equipment Reduce Costs and Capital Expeditures by Optimizing/De-Bottlenecking Existing Pro cesses and Equipment Comply with Regulatory Agencies by Assessing the Environmental Impact of New or Existing Processes Leverage Corporate Information by Maintaining a Central Database of Proprietary and Laboratory Data

Release notes for version 5.1.3: Interface improvements: "Coach", or special assistance facility for new users, has been completed. This feature can be extremely useful in helping and training new users or even for answering input questions for experienced users. "Disable user interaction" option has been added to Run -> Convergence. When thi s option used, *no* warning or error message box will be issued before, during , or after the simulation run, even if errors occur or warnings are applicabl e. In some situations, users are being warned about certain selections t hey have made, even if such warnings could be ignored. However, this requires the user's intervention to ignore the warning and continue with the simulatio

and spe cial kinetics.norpar. that is. special solvers.n. Unit Ops. It contains information on 247 crudes. The Main Graphics palette will now reflect which licenses are licensed by the user. http://www. cetane index. and refractive index. With "Disable user inteaction" option on. aniline point. Component Databank and Thermodynamics enhancements: A list of all user added components can now be printed. It is the user's responsibility to ensure the simulation behaves prope rly. CHEMCAD now printout the maximum flowra te that will pass under the existing . which have not been licensed. when critical flow is reached. all warnings are ignored automati cally. pressure. Mass transfer calculations have been speeded up. The difference between CC-POLYMER and CC-ReACS will be the dynamic reactors. In other words. Error messages now identify which Unit Op ID they were generated by. as a dynamic product. These are: cloud point. which come with the package. and /or flowrate boxes. CC-Polymer: The Polymer reactor is now operational. General enhancements in CHEMCAD: In PIPE. Option for displaying stream ID boxes along with the temperature. It does not change the flowr ate in the flowsheet because this might be user specified or it might through the flowsheet out of mass balance. Crude Oil Database and Oil Refining enhancements: Crude Oil Database has been integrated in CHEMCAD. The eight-paramete r UNIQUAC equation has been added to the thermodynamics library. for Nor-Par's SCADA2CC onli ne simulation driven with production data. It will be sold like CC-ReACS. freeze poi nt. will be grayed out on the palette. The nine-parameter NRTL equation has been added to the ther modynamics library. All pure component regression results are rep orted in the user selected engineering units. among others. This special option is needed. and smoke point. Six new refinery properties are now reported. The K-Value Wizard has been i mproved in the areas of aromatics and electrolyte selections.