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Hector Cabay Torres

6to Informática

You are carrying a parcel.SIMPLE PRESENT Subject+verb to be in present+complement (+)he is thin (-) he isn´t thin (?)is he thin? Examples: He drinks a lot of wáter She listen music He run in the house My sister have a baby They sleep in the floor NOTE: *In negative and interrogative. It is growing colder. It) SIMPLE PRESENT WITH OTHER VERB Subject+verb in present (If is third person. She. He is drinking coffee. We are living in Halifax. They) or DOES – DOESN´T (He. You. Hector Cabay Torres 6to Informática . They are running a race. add the auxiliary verb DO – DON´T (I. add S) +complement (+)he eats pizza (-) he doesn’t eat pizza (?)does he eat pizza? Examples: Affirmative Negative Question I play soccer He loves pizza She watches TV It goes to the park We work hard I do not play soccer He does not love pizza She does not watch TV It does not go to the park We do not work hard I don’t play soccer Do I play soccer? He doesn´t love pizza Does he love pizza? She doesn´t watch TV Does she watch TV? It doesn´t go to the park Does it go to the park? We don´t work hard Do we work hard? PRESENT CONTINUOUS Subject+verb to be+verb ING+complement (+)he is writing a letter (-) he isn´t writing a letter (?)is he writing a letter? Examples: I am learning English. We.

Your boss has never resigned.PAST SIMPLE Subject+verb in past+complement (+)I went to the cinema yesterday Examples: They broke a window We bought some drinks She fall asleep He kicked the ball I turned on the lights PAST CONTINUOUS Subject+was/were+ing+complement (+) she was eating my dinner at 7 o´clock last night (-) she wasn´t eating my dinner at 7 o´clock last night (?) was she eating my dinner at 7 o´clock last night? Examples: I was listening to music at 10 o’clock last day He was playing with his sister at 12 o’clock last night She was taking a bath at 11 o’clock last day They were singing an english song at 4 o’clock last afternoon We were eating some cookies at 9 o’clock last night PRESENT PERFECT Subject+have(I WE YOU THEY) /has(SHE HE IT)+past participle+complement (+)I have lived here for ten years (-)I haven´t lived here for ten years (?)have you lived here for ten years? Examples: I haven’t fried your sausages. Israel hasn’t invested in Iraq. The baby hasn’t cried tonight. Hector Cabay Torres 6to Informática . You haven’t underlined the text.

She has been watching too much television lately. Have you been exercising lately? Mary has been feeling a little depressed.PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS Subject+have/has+been+ing+complement (+)he has been talking for an hour (-)he has not been talking for an hour (?)Has been he talking for an hour? Examples: Recently. Hector Cabay Torres 6to Informática . Lisa has not been practicing her English. I have been feeling really tired.