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ROBERT ARNS S. 1 (#6507 rsa@rnslaw. I, com) JONAT}IANE. DAVIS z (#l 91346,jed@amsl com) aw. S]EVEN R- WEINMA}IN J (#19 956, srw@arnslaw. 0 com) TI{E ARNSLAW F'IRM 4 515Folsom Street,3rd Floor CA SanFrancisco, 94IAs ) Tel: (415) 495-7800 495-7888 Fax: (415) ESQ. JONAT}IANM, JAFFE, (# 267 n, jmj@jaffe-l com) aw. A LAW JONATHAN JAX'F'E Avenue 3055Hillegass Cy'^94705 Berkeley, Telephone 10) 725- 4293 : (5 for Attorneys Plaintiffs

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SUSAN ANGEL FRALEY, PAUL WANG, ANd MAINZER, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated, Plaintiffs,

i" cASENo. J.]. u ti I" s 6 n s


17llv s .
and INC, 1g ll FACEBOOK, a corporation, DOES1-100,


I 2


Plaintiffs ANGEL FRALEY, PATIL WANG and SUSANMAINZER ("Plaintiffs") on behalf

and all others similarly situated,and make the following allegations infonrration on themselves pertaining Plaintiffs,which arebased personal on knowledge: belief,exceptasto allegations to I. INTRODUCTION 2. Inc. Plaintiffsbring this classactioncomplaintagainstFacebook, (hereafter, "FACEBOOK")


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iikenessesand identitiesof Plaintiffs to advertise appropriatingthe names,photographs, services or brands for a commercial purpose without Plaintiffs' consent,for unfair and decepti practices,and in violation of FACEBOOK's agreement with Plaintiffs, accepted business and staodards, statelaw. 3. fi withoutPlaintiffs' consent suchactions FACEBOOKintentionallyandknowingly conducted

profit in a scheme advertise sell productsor services brands, or or to substantial II. JIruSDICTION AND YENUE 4. jurisdiction over FACEBOOKbecause a substantial (a) portion of This Court has personal

to and wrongdoingallegedin this complainttook placein this state, O) FACEBOOKis authorized here, has sufficient minimum contactswith this state,and/orothenviseintentionallyavai business and and services itself of the marketsin this statethroughthe promotion,marketing saleof products undertaditional notionso this state,to renderthe exerciseof jwisdiction by this Courtpermissible justice. fair play andsubstantial 5. section395 Venue is proper in this County under the Califomia Codeof Civil Procedure

jurisdiction, this & Codesection17203because Courtis a courtof competent Business Professions

place businessin theCityof Palo and of FACEBOOK's headquarters principal is because Alto,
of SantaClara"Stateof Califomia.

6. Plaintiff Angel Fraley is a citizen and residento Individual PlaintifflClass Reoresentatives.

Ms. Fraleyhasbeen, still is, a registered of Washingon King County. in and member Seattle,
January 25,2011.At all relevantti site (hereafter, web "FACEBOOK") sincebefore memberwho, on oneor nore occasions herein,Ms. Fraleywas a Facebook dwing the classperiod,i Page2 FOR COMPLAINT DAMAGES CLASS ACTION

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her city of residence, accessed Facebook a registered to as member "Post",employthe"Like" employ a partner application, or in various locations within the state of \\'ashington,utilize FACEBOOK "Check-in" feature to post her geographical News F location to her Facebook Sometimelater, FACEBOOK causedher name, photograph,likenessor identity to appearin to SponsoredStory as an endorsementfor a paid advertisement, and causedthat advertisement shownto one or more "FacebookFriends"within the stateof Washington, Californi1 andthe rest the United States. 7. Plaintiff SusanMainzer is a citizen and residentof Los Angeles,Califomia in Los

membersincebefore lanuny 25 County. Ms. Mainzer has been,and still is, a registeredFacebook 2011. At all relevant times herein, Ms. Mainzer was a Facebook member that, on one or mo occasions during the class period. in her city of residence, accessed a regi as memberto "Post", employ the "Like" function, employ a parher application, in various or within Califomia, utilize the Facebook"Check-in" featureto post her geographical locationto later,FACEBOOK caused name,photograph, Facebook News Feed,Sometime her or likeness to appear in a Sponsored Story as an endorsementfor a paid advertisement,and caused advertisement be shownto oneor more "Facebook Friends"within andoutsideof Califomia. to 8. Plaintiff Paul Wang is a citizen and residentof Oakland, Califomia in AlamedaCounty.Mr

16 17 18 19 20 2t 22 23 24 25 26 27

member Wanghasbeen,and still is, a registered Facebook sincebeforeJanuary 25,2011.At timesherein, relevant Mr. Wangwasa Facebook member on oneor moreoccasions that, during
accessed a registered classperiod,in his stateof residence, as member "Post",em to locations fhe "Like" function,employ a parhrerapplication,or in variorrs within Califomia,utilize locationto his Facebook Facebook "Check-in" featureto post his geographical NewsFeed.Someti

photograph, or caused name, his likeness identity appear a Sponsored later,FACEBOOK to in Story
that advertisement be shownto one or and an endorsement a paid advertisement, caused for to Friends"within andoutsideof California. "Facebook 9. DefendantFacebook, Inc. is a Califomia corporationthat maintains its headquarters

principal place of businessin Palo Alto, Califomia. FACEBOOK conductsbusiness the Califomia the nationandthe world. FACEBOOKoperates 3 Page


Defendant Does I through 100. Plaintiffs are unaware the true names capacities of and of

a J

1 through 100,inclusive,andthereforesuesuchdefendants fictitious names.Plaintiffswill by the complaintto show the true nzrmes capacifies the fictitiouslynameddefendants and of whenthey asceriained. Plaintiffs are infomredand believe, andon that basisallege,that Does1 through100 joint employers,co-conspirators, agents, employeesandlorrepresentatives the named of Plaintiff is inforrred and believes, and on that basisalleges,thatthe fictitiouslynameddefendants liable to plaintiffand the classmembers, eachof them,forthe conduct damages and and herein, alleged W. F'ACTUALALLEGATIONS


6 7 8 9 10 ll 12 13 l4 l5 16 t7 t8 t9 20 ZI 22 23 24 25 26 27

11. Defendant FACEBOOK owns aud operates si the world's largestsocial networking facebook,com. FACEBOOKrequiresIntemet users of its site to register(who then
"members') in order to post contentto the site, establishsocialnetworkrelationships within ttre and view most of the contentproducedby other Facebook members, Membersreceivean presence Facebook wherethey canexchange on highly personal messages tbroughtext, images, and video, and display equally personalphotos, to an explicitly identified group of friends, family

acquaintances, aswell asthose outside thisgroup. of Facebook become integral of theli part has an 600 of approximately million peoplearoundthe world andhas become de facto method the
communication among friends for a significant portion of thesemembers. Facebook has over I in million members the United States. Over 14million of these minors. are I2. personsmust registera profile. FACEBOOKrequires To becomea memberof Facebook,

members submittheir true names, to email addresses, birth dates, gender orderto register. and in 13. A membergets a "Profile" page.This Profile pagedisplays News Feedsfrom other F

page displays inforrnation called "Wall." members. partof theProfile that The this is the
14. in Membersare connected othermembers relationships to called"Friends."A Friendis

to whom you have given explicit perrnission post contentto your "Wall," to seeinformation to you, andto sendyou messages.

may post infonnation-text images, weblinks, and video information-using 15. A member
part of the member's variety of methods. This informationbecomes "News Feed,"which can be as by otherpersons with whom the member a relationship aFriend. has Page4

I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1l t2 13 T4 15


FACEBOOK sells hiehly targetedadvertisingservices that place ads on members'Walls

FACEBOOK eqjoyssubstantial otherpages. profits from this. 17. FACEBOOK offers membersa variety of featuresthat are enabled default.F by

to requiresmembers proactivelydisablethosefeatures members not want to employthem. do if include"Places,""Check-in" and"Like." Many otherfeatures feafures cannot disabled. be

is 18. Posting themainmethod interacting Facebook is a feature is always of with and that by A member Posts adding text images, links,andvideoinformation hisor herNews web to Feed. 19. allowsa member announce Friends or hergeographical location within "Check-in" to to his

featue Places. This informationis alsofed into the member'sNewsFeed. The locations are establishments. linked to business "Check-in" is enabled default. by 20. (that bothinsideandoutsideof Facebook "Like" is a button which can appearon webpages

on third party sites).Whenmembers click on Like buttons,theymakeconnections the "Liked" i to appear the members'NewsFeeds. in Connections 21. On or aroundAugust 18, 2010,FACEBOOKreleasedthe featurePlaces. "Places"is a

that allows membersto seewherehis or her friends are and share or her actual,physicalI his poststhis informationto the member'sNews Feed. Using Places On or arcund January 25, 2011, FACEBOOK launcheda new advertisingservice

1 6 22. t7

Stories."It fums members'actionsinto an endorsed advertisement their Friends'pages on "Sponsored

Likes, Checks-in, usesan application integrates or that with Sponsored Stories 1 8 When a memberPosts,

t9 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

way, the posted and the content relatesto an advertiserin someprogrammatically-deterrrined as alongwith the member'sprofile imageandnameappears anendorsement a paid advertisement in the pages viewedby someor all of the Friendsof that member. 23. Storiesserviceis enabled all members. for Members unableto opt-outof The Sponsored are

service. 24. of FACEBOOK's terms of use are comprisedof the Statement Rights and Responsibiliti

Privacy Policy (,php (http:i/, difficulty-if at all-throughout the Facebook si found with tremendous and a variety of references (collectivelyreferredto as "Termsof Use" hereafter.) Page5 FOR COMPLAINT DAMAGES CLASS ACTION


can FACEBOOK's Terms of Use intentionallymisleada member believemernbers to

the useof their nameandprofile pictwe in advertisements:

3 4 5 6

You can use your privacy settingsto limit how your nameand profile picture may be associated with commercial,sponsored, related content(such as a brund you like) or served enhanced us. You give us permission useyour nameandprofile pichrrein or by to connectionwith that contenf subjectto the limits you place.

of Statement RightsandResponsibiliiies, Section10.1http://www, 26. Postsby a member,The Privacy Policy states, Regarding "You cancontol exactlywho can

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it at the tine you createit." (PrivacyPolicy, Section3 h@:// 27. prevent a in cannot In spiteof the abovemisleadingassertions the Termsof Use,a member

photograph, li Like, Check-inor other FACEBOOK applicationfrom takinga member'snarne, page, Story.From a buriedHelp Center for or identity and using it as an endorsement a Sponsored of connected any link within the Privacy Policy or Statement Rights and Responsibilities by the FACEBOOKpublishes following questionandanswer: or NewsFeedstories? While thereis CanI opt out of seeing beingfeaturedin sponsored seeingall or being featuredin any Sponsored no way to opt out of Stories,you can removespecific storiesby clicking the "X" displayedin the upperright side of a story optionwhenprompted. andchoosing appropriate the q=I9723 http://www.facebook. com/help/?fa Sponsored Stories to FACEBOOK,itself The Termsof Use are"challenging"for members understand.



1 8 28. 20 2l 22 23 24 25 26 27

1 9 acknowledges this:
Many websites'privacy policies are challengingfor peopleto understand because they are often written for regulatorsand privacy advocates, the majority of peoplewho not actuallyusethosewebsites. Our own privacy policy hasbeencriticizedas being"5830 words of legalese"and "longer than the U.S, constitution without the amendments." you're right. We agree that privacy policies can and should be more easily Okay, understood,. ... For "A PrivacyPolicy PostedRe-imagined UsersLike You", Facebook Governance Site (posted February 20ll) 25, governance ok. https :/iwww.facebo com/fbsite 29. to A memberis neverrequiredto activelyreador agree theTermsof Use. Page6 FOR ACTTON COMPLAINT DAMAGES CLASS



No consent soughtor receivedfor a member'sactionin "Liking," o'Checking to beused is in,"

an endorsement the advertiser, of Even if membershad readthe Termsof Use, they couldnot that their likenesses nameswould be later used in Sponsored and Storiesads sentto their Friends: SponsoredStories did not exist at the time the Class members first registered,

FACEBOOK neverproperly-if at all-notified members the drastic changes FACEBOOK' to of scheme. advertising

6 7 8 9 t0 11 t2 t3 t4 l5 t6


photograph, Wherea memberis a minor, no consentfor useof the member's nrme, likeness

identityis soughtor receivedfrom the minor's parentor legal guardian, 32. The memberis deprivedof paymentfor the useof his or her profile image,nameor any

informationusedin the endorsed advertisement. 33. The Termsof Use containthe following choiceof law clause: You will resolveany claim, cause actionor dispute("claim")you havewith us arising of out of or relating to this Statementor Facebookexclusivelyin a state or federal court located in Santa Clara County. The laws of the Stateof California will govem this Statemenf as well as any claim that might arise betweenyou and us, without regardto jurisdiction of the courts conflict of law provisions.You agreeto submitto the personal locatedin SantaClaraCounty,Califomia for thepurpose litigatingall suchclaims. of Section15.1http:/lwww, Statement RightsandResponsibilities, of FactsConceming Plaintiffs' Actions 34. Plaintiffs Fraley, Wang and Mainzer eachregistered Facebook a accountprior to Jantnry25

18 t9 20 2T 22 23 24 25 26 27

2011. 35. Plaintiffs' accountshave been continuouslyactive sincethat time and up to the date

action. 36. 37. Plaintiffs' eachPosted on contentto their NewsFeeds ot afterJanuary 25,2011. allege that their postedcontent, some Plaintiffs are informed and believe,and thereupon or

thereof, along with their respectivenames, photographs, likenesses,or identities, appeared endorsements a Facebookadvertiser,product or service0n one or more of the Facebook of Sponsored accessed their Facebook by Friendsthroughthe Facebook Stories advertising service.



In otherwords,their picfuresand namesweremadeto appear part of advertisements as for

2 3 4

party companies whoseproductsthey may or may not haveconnected with once.Their "Friends" saw what appeared be an advertisement to appearing their Facebook pages, on with Plaintiff Fraley Plaintiff Wangor Plaintiff Mainzer's profile imagescombined with statements suchas "Angel likes fProductXJ," "Paul Wang has checkedin to [AdvertiserlocationY]," or "SusanMainzer fProductZ]." 39, Plaintiffs never consented the use of their nEunes, to photographs likenesses, identities or

6 7 8 9 10 lt t2 l3 l4 15 16 t7 18 l9 20 21 22 23

advertiseor sell productsor servicesor brandsthrough the Facebook Sponsored Storiesadvertisi service.


Thevalueof usingthename, photograph, likeness identity a Friend measruably or of is hi

than of using suchitems of a personunconnected with the person whom the advertisement bein to is shown.Thatvalueis measurable dollarson a classwide in basis. 41. Plaintiffs were deprived of fair market value remuneration the use of their for

photographs likenesses identities,andwerethusharmed. and 42, Plaintiffs' reputations were harmedby the implied endorsement advertisers their of or

or services. V. CLASS ACTION ALLEGATIONS 43. Plaintiffclass. The classsoughtto be represented defined follows: is as AII registered membersof of January as 24,2011in the UnitedStates who are natural personsand who have had their names, photographs, likenesses or identitiesusedin a Facebook Sponsored storiesadvertisement (,,theclass"). Excluded from the Class are (a) FACEBOOK, its officers and directors,legal representatives, successors assigns; any entity in which FACEBOOKhasor had a (b) or contolling interest;(c) thejudge to whom this caseis arsigned thejudge'simmediate and family; (d) anyjuror selected hearthis case. to


25 joinder in this action would be impracticable, The disposition their elaimsthroughthis class of 26 27

44. TheClass composed thousandsnotmillionsof persons, is therefore numerous is of if and so



will benefit Classmembers, partiesand the courts.Upon inforrnation belief,FACEBOOK the and over 600 miliion members worldwide,and over 148million persons the Class. in 45. Upon informationandbelief, the identitiesand contactinformation the individualmembers of

3 4

the ClassareavailablethroughFACEBOOK'selectronicrecords.


Thereis a well-defined community interestin questions law andfact affecting of of the

These questionsof law and fact predominateover individual questionsaffecting individual C

6 7 8 9 10 l1 12 13 t4 l5 16 t7 l8

including,but not limited to, the following: members, r Whether Plaintiffs and the Class consented the use of their names, to photographs, likenesses, identitiesin Sponsored or Stories; r WhetherFACEBOOK gaineda commercial benefit someotheradvantage or by using Plaintiff and the Class' names,photographs, likenesses, identitiesin or Sponsored Stories; o Whether Classmembersare entitledto damages a resultof FACEBOOK's as conduct,and,if so,what is the measure those of damages; o WhetherFACEBOOK's conduct described hereinviolatedCalifornia'sUnfair CompetitionLaw (Cal. Bus. & Prof. Codeg 17200, seq.); et o WhetherFACEBOOKwas unjustlyenriched a resultof its conduct as described herein;and WhetherFACEBOOK violatedCalifomia Civil Codesection 3344. what the value of an endorsement a non-celebrity in a social network by is advertisement; 47. in FACEBOOK engaged a cornmoncourseof conductgivingrise to the legalrightssoughtto

20 2l 22 23 24 2s 26 27

enforced by Class members.Similar or identical statutoryand common law violations, practices and injuries are involved. Individual questions, arry,pale by comparison the if to commonquestions that dominate. 48. The injuries sustained members the Classflow, in eachinstance, by of from a cofirmon

facts.In eachcase, FACEBOOKcaused permitted unauthorized or of operative the appropriation of


I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 l1 t2 l3 l4 l5 l6 T7 t8 t9 20 2l 22 23 24 25 26 27

Plaintiff andthe Classmembers'names,photographs, or or likenesses identitieswithout adequate notice,consent, opportunityto withdraw from participation. or 49. Giventhe similar natureof the Classmembers' claims andthe absence materialdifferences of

the statutes commonlaws uponwhich the Classmembers'clairns based, nationwide and class are a be easilymanaged the Courtandthe parties. by 50. of Because the relatively small size of the individual Class members' claims,no Class

could afford to seeklegalredress an individual basis. on 51. Plaintiffs' claims are typical of those of the Class as all members the Classare of

affectedby FACEBOOK'suniform and abtionable conductasalleged herein.

52. FACEBOOKhas actedand failed to act on grounds generally applicable Plaintiffsand to

other membersof the Class,requiring the Court'simpositionof uniform relief to ensure standards conducttowardthe members the Class. of of 53. protectthe interests the Classandhaveretained Plaintiffs will fairly and adequately of

competent and experienced classaction litigation. Plaintiffshaveno interests in antagonistic or to, conflict with, the Classthat Plaintiffs seekto represent. 54. Plaintiffs reserve the right to revise the above class definition basedon facts learned

discovery. FIRST CAUSE OF ACTION (Violafion of California's Right of Publicity Statute,Civil Code $ 3344) 55. 56. eachof the foregoingallegations if fully setforth herein. Plaintiffsincorporate as California's Right of Publicity Statute,California Civil Code g 3344 et seq.protects

from the unauthorized appropriation the person'sidentitybyanother commercial of for gain. 57. During the Class period, FACEBOOK and Does 1-100knowingly used Plaintiffs'

photographs, likenesses directly advertise sell a product service. to or or or 58. FACEBOOKdid not havePlaintiffs'consent do so. to

or 59. Plaintiflsreceived compensation otherconsideration FACEBOOK's no (and/or for DoesI 100)use thereof. 60. actions. wereharmed FACEBOOK's bv Plaintiffs
Page 10

a L


Useof Plaintiffs' names, photographs, likenesses to weredirectly connected FACEBOOK' and

and/orDoesl-100's commercial use. 62. FACEBOOK'sand Does 1-100'sactionswere a substautial factorin Plaintiffs' harm.

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 II T2 13 t4 15 16 L7 l8 T9 20 2l 22 23 24 z) 26 27

publicaffairs, sports broadcast 63. Theadvertisements not used conjunction news, were in a with
account or a political campaign. 64. 65. Eachincidentis a separate distinctviolation of Cal.Civil Code$ 3344. and Plaintiffs and membersof the Classthereforeseekinjunctiverelief and othersuch

andotherequitable declaratory or relief as may be appropriate. 66. Plaintiffs and membersof the Class also seek remedyas provided for by Cal. Civ, Code

3344(a) in the amount equal to the greater of $750 per inciden! or actual damages, aay attributable FACEBOOK's (and Does l-100's) illegal actionand not takeninto account to into punitivedamages, attorneys damages, feesand costs,andany reliefasmay be appropriate. SECOND CAUSE OF ACTION (Violation of Cal. Bus.& Prof. Code$17200) eachof the foregoingallegations if fully setforth herein. 67. Plaintiffsincorporate as

68. As describedherein, FACEBOOK's (and Does l-100's) nonconsensual of its use

and names,photographs, likenesses, identitiesis a violation of California'sRight to Publicify S Civil Code$ 3344,and of the commonlaw privacy tort, appropriation another's of or likeness

gain. for commercial prongof theUnfair satisffthe*unlawful" violations Competition ("UCL"),Cal.Bus 69, These Law et & Prof.Code 1.7200, seq. $ (and Does i-100) violaledthe "fraudulent" prongof the UCL by 70, FACEBOOK
representingthat members have full conhol prevent their appearance Facebook in including Sponsored Stories, when in reality there is no rneaningfulway to prevent one's photogaph,likeness identity from appearing an endorsenent Sponsored as or in Stories, 71. the Alternatively,to the degree Terms of Use weremodifiedto truthftlly represent member' a

FACEBOOKviolatedthe"fraudulent"prong Stories, inability to meaningfullyopt out of Sponsored


I 2

the UCL by knowingly and intentionallyfailing to seekand acquireinformedconsent regarding changes the Termsof Use. to 72. FACEBOOKviolatedthe "unfair" prong of the UCL by leadingmembers believe to theycan

4 5 6 7 8 9 l0 t1 t2 t3 l4 15 t6 t7 l8 T9 20 2l 22 23 24 25 26 27

out of advertising endorsements, encouraging members weaveFacebook to into their lives suchthat i indispensibie, then introducingan advertising becomes and from which members unable service are opt out. 73. FACEBOOK violated the "unfaiC' prong of the UCL by intentionally profiting from

nonconsensual endorsements extracted from members without sharing those profits with members. 74. FACEBOOK's unfair, deceptiveand fraudulent practicesoriginated from and/or occut

pdmarily in California. Decisions concerning the creation of SponsoredStories were made

part Califomia, FACEBOOKmaintains or a substantial of its computer all systems serve that
Facebook Califomia, and all or a substantial in part of the codeand contentthat comprise and Storiesis developed deployed within and from Califomia. 75. Pr.rsuant Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code E 17203,Plaintiffsseekan orderof this Court to

enjoining FACEBOOK (and Does 1-100) from continuingto engagein the unlawful, unfair

fraudulent conduct described herein. Plaintiffs seek order an requiring FACEBOOK (1)immediatel to
cease unlawful practicesstatedin this Complaint,and (2) awardPlaintiff and the Class the costs andattorneys' feespursuant Cal.Codeof Civ. Proc.$ 1021.5. to 76. Plaintiffs eachlost moneyto which they wereentitledin the form of compensation the useo for

their imagesand names, and in which they had a vested interest, virtue of FACEBOOK's(and by

1-100's) Theyareentitled restitution such to conduct, of sums. THIRD CAUSEOF ACTION (UnjustEnrichment) 77. Plaintiffincorporates of theforegoing each allegations if fully setforthherein. as

Plaintiff and the Classhave confened benefituponFACEBOOK a (and Does l-100)

FACEBOOK (and Does l-100) hasreceivedand retained moneyfrom advertisers, portion of whi a


photographs, likenesses belongto Plaintiffs and the Classas a resultof co-optingmembers names, herein. identities,andplacingthem in paid-foradverfisements--Sponsored Stories-as described 79. FACEBOOK(andDoes l-100) appreciates hasknowledge saidbenefit. of or


80, 4 5 6

not principles equityandgoodconscience, (and of Under FACEBOOK Doesl-100)should

of permitted retain money belonging Plaintiffs the Class it unjustly as to to that received a result i and actions. 81. (and 1-100's have of Plaintiffs theClass and suffered asa directresult FACEBOOK's Does loss

conduct. 82. seekthe impositionof a Plaintiffs, on their own behalfand on behalf of the Class,

I 9 10 1l 12 13 t4

trust on and restitution of the proceeds FACEBOOK (and Does 1-100) receivedas a result of i herein,as well as attorney's conductdescribed feesand costspursuant Cal. Civ, Proc,Code$ rc2t.5. to 83. PRAYER FOR RELIEF WHEREFORE, Plaintiffs individuallyand on behalfof the Class,

for the following relief: r Certify this caseas a classaction on behalfof the Classdefinedabove,appoint Plaintiffs Angel Fraley, Paul Wang and Susan Mainzer as classrepresentatives, and appointtheir counselas Classco-counsel; Declare that FACEBOOK's actions,as described herein, violate the Califomia Right to Publicity Act (Cal. Civ. Code $ 3344),violate the Unfair Competition Law, andhaveled to unjustenrichment; to Award injunctive and other equitablerelief asis necessary protectthe interests of the Plaintiffs and the Class, including, inter alia, an order prohibiting inthe wrongfi:l andunlawfulactsdescribed FACEBOOK from engaging herein; from its Sponsored DisgorgeFACEBOOK of all revenueearned Storiesfeanue period; during the class incluciingstatutorydamages where applicable, Plaintiffs and to Award damages, at the Classin an amountto be determined fiial:

ls t6 t7 l8 l9

2l 22 23 24

nn LI

Page 13


I 2 3

Awardall economio, darnagos monet&y,actual, and consquential, compcruabry caused FACBOOK's (andDoesl-100's)conduct, if its conduct proved by and is wi[flil, aunard P.laintiffs theClass damages; and cr(wrplary Awardpurdtive damages; Au'ardrectitution agairutFACBBOOK (andDoest-100)for all money which to Plaintifrs thc Class eirtitledin equity; and erc Awud Plaintiffi andthe Classtheir rcasonable litigationE(penses attorneys' and feer; o Awad Plaintiffs and thc Classpre. aud pst-judgmont lnterest, tlrc cxte* b allowable; and r Awardnrchotbc,t furtherreliefasequity justicemayreguire. and and


5 6 7 8 I l0 ll

t2 t3

TRrAL r).F[{Ar{pE4 JrrRy

Platntiffdemandejurytial on all issue a so

ls t6 t7 t8 t9
20 2l 22 23 ,24 25 26 27



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PtainrifJ: ANGEL FRALEY, et al. DeJendant: FACEBOOK, lNC,


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l I lc v t 9 6 1 9 3

1. At thetimeof service wasat leastI 8 yearsof ageandnot ct I pafty to thisaction. 2. I served copies theSUMMONS; of CIVIL CASE COVER SFIEET; ACTION COMPLAINT CLASS FORDAMAGES; CIVL LAWSUIT NOTICE;ADR INFORMATION SHEET.

a. Party served: b. Personserved: Addresswhere theparty was semed:


I served party: the a, by personal service,I personally delivered documents the listedin item2 to thepartyor person authorized receive of to service process theparry on:Fri.,Mar. I l, 201I (2) at:3:55PM (l) for (on to Seryed" theSummons) completed follows: was 6. The"Notice thePerson as on behalf FACEBOOK, of: fNC, a corporation (corporation) 416.10 Under CCP Personllho SenedPapers: a.JONATHANSHISLER
Recoverable Per Cost CCP 1033.5(aXaXB) d. The Feefor Servicewas: e. I am: (3) registered Californiaprocess server (, IndependentContractor (ii) Registration No.: (iii) County: 2008-10 Sacramento

1814 Street "1" CA 95814 Sacramento, Telephone (916) 444-5111 (916) Fax 443-3111 www.f irstlegal

(iv) Expiration Date:

Fri, Feb.03,2012

8, IdeclareunderpenaltyofperjaryunderlhelawsoftheStateofCaliforniathattheforegoingis

e and correct,

Date:Ilon, Mar.14,2011
FormPOS-0f0 Judiciol Council Rev I,2007 Rule2,150,(a)&(b) January





Superior of County Santa Court California, of Clara 191 First SanJose, 95113 Sf,, CA N,


(the you PUINTIFF person Within days filing lawsuit, must serve each Defendant theComplaint, suing): 60 after the with (ADR) file Summons,Alternative Dispute Reso/uflon Informatlon and copy thisCivil Lawsuit Notlce, Vou an of and must Sheef, a written of such service oroof your (The sued): must each thefollowing protect rights: You do of DEFENDANT person to in CIerk's ofthe response Complatnt, the legalforn fornat, the or 1 You must a written file tothe usrng proper Office you were within of date served the with Summons Conplaint, and Court, 30days the P la o t t h s ifP la in ht f t as acopyofyourwrit t e n re s p o n s e inn if f e a t t o rn e y o ro n t h e P la inifif fn o 2 Yo u m ustservebymail "serve mail" yourself (to and by meanshave adultotherthan mailacopy); to an attorney must the Case Management Conference. attend first 3 You instructions, Warning: lf you, theDefendant, follow as donot these youmay automaticallythis lose case,
Courl Californla of RUTES ANDFORMS; mustfollowthe You California of Courtand Superor Rules the County Santa of Clara and forms, of charge, from forms. Youcanobtain legal information, therules receive view kee Local Rules useproper and Civil (408-882-2900 (Select x-2926), scselfservice.orq 'Civil") from, wvvw Dame Avenue, Jose San or theSelf-Help at Center 99Notre . . wuv Forms:,qov/forms courtinfo,ca,qov/rules and Rules Judicial and Council State and htto://wv v.sccsuperiorcourt,orq/civil/ruleltoc.htm Local Rules Forms:

(CMCI: must parties discuss case, person by meet theother with and in You the or CASE MANAGEMENT C?NFERENCE a Management Statement Youmust fillout, and also file serve Case at 30 days the telephone,least calendar before CMC. (Judicial days Council CM-110)least calendar before CMC. form at 15 the by Civil Rule at mayask appear telephoneseeLocal to B. Youor your attorney mustappear theCMC.You YourCase Judgeis: Honorable James Kleinbere Management Depariment:

, .8'ne.63f Tel'tcMCschd Ie h is e u d tfiUbot -, T ::.r


frme; ooau inDepartment: t lo: orhas byparty lstCMC continued passed) was The next CMC scheduled (Completed ifthe is for; Time: _ inDepartment:

(ADR): allparties appeared filed completed Stipulation (local and a ADR Form have lf ALTERNATM DISPUTE RESOLUIIOI'I of Status Conference. wiilcancelthe and notice anADR CMC mail 15 the at before CMC, Court the form CV-5008)least days (408-BB2-2100 fora listof x-2530) the orcall ADR Visit Court's websitewww,sccsuperiorcourtorqlcivil/ADR/ Afministrator at the
qualifications, and seruices, fees and ADRproviders their or Rules Court of Rules if the WARN/|'/Gr may Sanctions beimposedyoudonotfollow California of Court theLocal

F o r mC V - 5 0 1 2 E V7/0 1 /0 8 R


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can Many cases be resolvedto the satisfaction ofall partieswithout the necessity oftraditional litigation, which can be expensive, time consuming,and shessful.The Court finds that it is in the best interests the partiesthat they participatein altematives of to traditional litigation, includingarbitration, mediation, neutral evaluation, special masters referees, settlement and and conferences. Therefore,all mattersshall be referredto an appropriate form of Altemative Diipute Resolution (ADR) beforethey aresetfor trial, unless thereis goodcause dispense to with theADR requirement. llhat k ADR? ADR is the generalterm for a wide varietyof disputeresolutionprocesses are alternatives litigation. Types of ADR that to processes includemediation,arbitration,neutralevaluation, specialmasters and referees, settlement and conferences, amongothi:rs forms. llhat are the ad,vantages choosingADR insteadof litigation? of ADR canhavea number ofadvantages overlitigation: < ADR can savetime.A dispute be resolved a matter months, evenweeks, can in of or while litigationcantakeyears. < ADR can savemoney.Attomey'sfees, courtcosts, expertfeescanbe reduced avoided and or altogether. < ADR providesmore participation,Parties havemoreopportunities with ADR to express their interests concems, and instead of focusing exclusively legalrights. on < ADR providesmore control and flexibilify.Parties choose ADR process is mostlikely to bring a satisfactory can the that resolution theirdispute. to < ADR can reduce stress.ADR encourages cooperation communication, and while discouraging adversarial the atmosphere of litigation. Surveysofparties ivho haveparticipated an ADR process in havefound much greatersatisfaction thanwith partieswho havegonethroughlitigation. What are lhe main forms of ADR offered by the Courl? < Mediation is an informal, confidential, process the mediator flexibleandnon-binding in helpsthe partiestounderstand the interests ofeyeryone involved, andtheirpractical legalchoices. and The mediator helpstheparties communicate to befter, explorelegaland practicalsettlement options,andreachan acceptable solutionofthe problem.The mediatordoesnot decidethe solutionto the dispute;the partiesdo. < Mediationmay be appropriate when: < The partieswant a non-adversary procedure < The parties havea continuing business personal or relationship < Communication problemsare interferingwith a resolution < Thereis an emotional element involved < The partiesare interested an injunction,consent in decree, other form of equitable or relief < Neutral evaluation, sometimes called"Early NeutralEvaluation" "ENE", is an informalprocess which the evaluator, or in an experienced neuhallawyer,hears compact presentation a ofboth sidesofthe case, givesa non-binding assessment ofthe strengths weaknesses eachside,andpredicts likely outcome. and on the The evaluator help parties identiff issues, can to prepare stipulations, draftdiscovery and plans. The parties may usethe neutral'sevaluation discuss to settlement. Neufal evaluationmay be appropriate when: < The partiesare far apartin their view of the law or valueof the case < The caseinvolvesa technicalissuein which the evaluatorhasexpertise < Caseplanningassistance would be helpful andwould savelegal feesand costs < The parties interested an injunction, are in consent decree, otherform ofequitable or relief -over-




i i:-.','t,i ii--U





i- ,i r li
r 40i l

ru t r

you you yourbeing Read infomation wilhin days. 30 the sued. court The maydscide heard unless respond been against wilhoul You NOTICEI have
below. al DAYSafterthis summons and legalpapersare seruedon you lo lilea writtenresponse lhis courtandhavea copy You have30 CALENDAR A servedon the plaintiff, letteror phonecallwili not prolsctyou. Your wriltenresponsemusl bein properlegalform if you wanl lhe courtto hearyour Courts and at You can find thesecourtforrns moreinformalion lhe Califomia case.Theremay be a ciud form that you can use for your response. you. lf you cannolpaythe filingfee,ask your nearesl law OnllneSelFHelpCanter( e,ounty library,or the courthouse on the courl clerkfor Efee waiverfom. lf you do not lile your response time,you may losethe caseby defaull,and yourwages,money,andpropelty fudherwarnlngfrom lhe court. may be takenwr'lhont you You There are otherlegalrequirements. may wantto call an attorneyrightaway.lf you do notknowan attotney, maywanl to callan attomey legalservlcesptogram. Youcan locate froma nonptofit referralservlce.lf you cannotaffordan altomey,you may be ellglblefor free legalserulces groupsat the CalifomiaLegalServices Web site (wwulawhelpcalifomia.orgj, California CourtsOnlineSetf-HepCenter the these nonprofit your localcourtor countybar association. fees and lien The courlhas statutory for waived (, by contacling NOTE: or lhe awardof $10,000or more in a civilcase.The courl'slienmuslbe paidbeforethe courtwill dismiss case, or cosls on any settlemont arbitration a IAWSO1Lo handemandado. Sl no rcspondedentro de 30 d/as, la cortepueda dacldit on su eonlrasin escucharsu versi6n.Leala informaclhn continuacihn. tiene 30 DIASDE CALENDARIOdespusde que le enteguen esta citaci6ny papeles legalesgara prcsentaruna respuestapor escritoen esta Su coftey hacer que se entegue una copia al demandante.Una carta o una llamada telefbnicanolo protegen. respueslapor escritotieneque estar en formato legal conecto sidese que procesensu csso en Ia cofte. Es postbla que hayaun fomulaio que ustedpueda usarpaa su respuesla. .gov),en la de Puetie encpnt'ar estos formulariosde la cofte y mds intormacihnen el Centrode Ayuclade ,EsCor{es Cafifomiafwvt'w,sucorte,ca pida al secretario la code de bibliotecade leyes de su condado o en la cofte que le quede m6s cerce. Si rn puede pagarIa wota de presentaci6n, quele cl6 un formularlode exenci6nde pago de cuotas.Sl no presenla su respuesla a tlempo,puede perderel casopor lncumplinientoy Ia corte le podrd quitar su sueldo,dinaro ybienas stn mds adveftencia. que llame a un abogado inmediatamenta. no conocee un abogado,puede llamar a un sewiciode Si Hay otros requisitoslegales,Es recomendable remisiana abogados,Si no puede pagara un abogado,es posible gua cumpla eon los requlsitospan oblener servlciosleEalesgratultosde un prcgrcma do sevicios legalessin llnes de lucro. Puede encontrarestos grupos sin finas-delucn en el silioweb de Califomia Legal Seruices, o en (, al Centrode Ayuda de las Corfes de Califomie,(wwwsucorte, poniAndose cantactoconla corteo el en por colegiode abogadoslocales.AVISO: Por ley, la code tiene derecho a reclamar las caotasy /oscostos axentos imponerun gavamet sobt en cualquierrecupenci1n de $10,000 6 mds de valor rccibida medianteun acuetdo o una concesilnde arbltraJe un casode derechocivll, Tienequa pagarel gravamende la cofte antesde que la cofte pueda desecharel caso.

The name and addressof lhe courtis: (EI nombrev dimccihn de la cottP eg:

OF SLTPEfuORCOURT CAIIFORMA, COUNTYOF SANTACLARA 13 Jose, 951 CA l9t N FirstSteet,San E. Jonathan Davis @ar# 191346)

;' YT L SSI S $

or wilhout attorney, attomey, plaintiff an is: number plaintiffs of and The name,address, telephone (El nombre,E direccihny el nhmerc de telhfonodel abosado del demandante,o del demandante no tieno abogado, que t llrecci6n v n0m.erc-de_tel6fono abogado ?4:

) ',:..,,.. '" .rl ; , Deputy (AdJunto) @dJunk

_l_l \. l_1ilil,

Clerk,bPAV[]]L Yrtfr4AliAi{r (SecrBf


(formPOS410)-) of of proofof service thissummons, Proof Service Summons use of (POS410)). of of Proof Service Summons, use de de a prueba entrega eslacitati6n el formulario Yciu SERVED: areserved NOTICE THEPERSON TO defendant. 1, l-l as anindividual (specify): the nameof suedunder fictitious 2. fastheperson 3 l-l on behatf (specify): of (minor) 416.00 CCP (cgpservatee) 416,70 CCP person) 416.90 (authorized CCP

(corporation) l-l under: ccP 416.10 tl (detunct corporation) l--l ccp 416.20 n (association partnership) or l---l CCP416.40 E other(specify): l-l 4. ideliveron (date): bypersonal
Fom Adopted fd M8ndatolyUs o{ JudiEidCguncil CElilDmia SUI#100lRev Jt y1,20091


Cod! of CMI P@dur SSt11220,4S

lif LxisNexifi AutonotedCaliforntanai"iiitffi i'frfl?


a' nmbeL dE#): and 8d lTl'8"{6'*o "

,:. -- :-r

The Ams Law Firm 515 FolsomStreel Third Floor SanFrancisco. 94105 CA rer-ernoue (415) 495-7E00 io.: rnrto.:(4I5) 795-7888 ATToRNEv Ansel Fralev.Paul Wane.and Susan lvfainzer. al.. Plaintiffs FoR ruan'r' et

, ;'itir-j;'i'lLU




r :i il- )

couNw couRr 3upERroR oFcALrFoRNrA, oFSANTA CLARA STREETADDRESS: Street 191 N FirSt

II HP,? ?tit
' : !: t. | fJ" r ,,;,.i r, ". : .l ,tf i;ilCt CAll .,;. il;tiriit;a 'fi

crwAr.rDaP San Jose95 I l3 cooe







Fraley,et al. v. Facebook, al. et

CIVILCASECOVERSHEET lT-l untiritd ELimited (Arnount (Amount demanded is demanded or exceeds $25,000) $25,000 less)
ComplexCaseDesignation l-l counte, f-l Joinder Filedwilh first appearance defendant by (Cal.Rulesof Court,rule3,402)

.^T,nH' ftU$J - ilVu" r i l 'r


thls 1. Checkone box belowfor the case type lhat bestdescribes case:

Complex Litigation Civil Provlslonally of rules3.400-3.403) lcal. Rules Court, (03) enttrusrrrade regulation n Consrruction (10) defect f] Mass (+o) tort n (28) liligation Securities f] Environmenlal/Toxic tort(30) E fl from In.uranr" coverage claims adsing the provisionally above listed complex case gpes(41) EnforcementJudgment of n (20) Enfor.rrentofjudgment Miscellaneous Complalnt eivll

l-] nrco (zz)

D E lTl (42) (nol specified O,ng complainl above) Civil Petition Mlecellaneous pannersnip corporate govomanc ) (21 and petilion(nofspacifiedabove) (43) Otn.,

l-l Othrr"rplovment(15) is not 2. Thiscase Xl is

judicial management: factors requiring exceplional parties 6.l-[] urge numberof represented witnesses a. f] number separately of Large practice pending oneor more lTl gxtensive courts raising or difficult novel e. l-l Goordination related with in O. motion actions inother countles, court issues willbetime-consumlng that to resolve states, countries, ina federal or or judicial postjudgment evidence c. E amount documentary of f. l-l Substantial Suostantial supervision relief c.l X lpunitive

review(39) [-l otrreriuoioial Rules Court.If the caseis complex, complexunderrule3.400of the California complex of markthe

3. 4. 5, g.

(cfieckallthatapply): sought declaratory Remedies a.[Tl monetary b.fF] nonmonetary; or (specify): Number causes action of of THREE (3) l--l is not a class Thiscase fFl i. adionsuit. (You of case. a nay lf there anyknown related cases, andserve notice related file are

Date: Marsh11,2011, Jonathan Davis E.

r Plaintiff (exceptsmallclaimscasesor casesfiled mustfile this coversheetwith the first paperfiled in the actionor proceeding Code).(Cal.Rules Gourt, and lnstitutions undertheProbate Code,FamilyCode,or Walfare of rule3,220,) Failure file mayresult to in sanctions. r Filelhiscoversheetin addition anycoversheetrequired localcourtrule. by to r lf thiscaseis complex you of Rules Court, mustservea copyof thiscoversheeton all underrule3.4O0 seq.of the California et otherparties the actlonor proceeding. to r Unless is a collections purposes case,thiscoversheet be usedfor statistical will caseunderruie3.740or a complex lhis
Form Adoflsd tor Msrdalory Use Judbi8l Cffil ot Califomia cl+O10lRw, tuly 1,2@71



Cal"Rulssd Cout illoo,3.40H,1o3, 3.74q Cd Slqdards of JudEislAdtnhi8fdiott std 3 l0 w.etttin{o'ca'ggv IexisNexis@ Automated California Judiclal Council Funs

in a To.Flaintiifs and Others Filing First Papers. lf you are filing a first paper (for exarnple, complaini) a civil case,you must will and file, alongwith your first paper,ihe Civil CeseCover Sheel containedon page 1. This information be usedto compile complete aboui the iypes and numbers of cases filed You must completeitems 1 through6 on the sheet. ln item 1, you must check statisiics l a o ne bo xfo rthe c as et y pet hat bes t c jes c r ibes t hec a s ef.t h e c e s e f r i s b o t h a . o e n e r a ln d a m o r e s p e c i f i c t y p e o f c a s e l i s t e d i n i i e m l , checkthe more specificone lf the case has multiplecausesof action,check the box that best indicatesthe primary cause of action. To assistyou in conpleting the sheet, examplesof the casesthal belongunder each casetype in item I are providedbelow. A cover a sheetmust be fi)edonly wiih your initialpaper. Failureio n-le cover sheet with the firsl paper filedin a civil case may subjecta party, its counsel,or both to sanctionsunder rules2.30 and 3.220 of the CalifomiaRulesof Court. case" under rule 3.740 is definedas an action for recoveryof money To Parties in Rule 3-740 Collections Cases, A "collections in fees, arisingfiom a transaction owed in a sum siatedto be certainthat is not more than $25,000,exclusiveof interestand atiorney's ( i n to v,rhichp rop erty , s er v ic es , oim oney was ac quir e d o n c r A d i l l l e c {o n s c a s e d o e s n p t i n c l u d e a n a c t i o n s e e k i n g t h e f o l l o w 1 )g : r t e co damages, (2) punitive damages, (3) recovery of real property, (4) recovery of personal property,or (5) a prejudgmentwrit of of attachmen! The identification a cese as a rule 3.740 collectionscise on this form rneansthat it will be exemptfrom the general and case managementrules, unless a defendantfiles a responsivepleading. A rule 3.740 collections requirements tim*-for-servica for casewill be subjectto the requirements serviceand obtaininga judgmentin rule 3-740 To Parties in Complex Cases, In complexcases only, partiesmust also use the Civil Case Cover Sheel to designatewhetherthe by case is complex.lf a plaintifibelievesthe case is complexunderrule 3.400 of the CaiifomiaRules of Cou( this must be indicated the a ihe compleiing appnpriate boxes in iteris 1 and 2. lf a plaintiffdesignates case as complex, cover sheet mustbe servedwith the a complainton all pariies io the action,A defendantmay file and ierue no later than the time of its first appearance joinder in the has made no designation, designation that a that plainiiffsdesignation, counter-designation the case is not comple4 or, if the plaintiff a the case is complex. cAsE TypESANDEXAMpLES
Auto Toft Auto (ZzFPersonal lnjury/Property Damagerurongful D'-ath Uhinsured Motorisl (<6) (i;the case involves an uninsured moloig claim subBct to ahitration, dled< this item ingead ot Auto) Other PUPDAID (Personal lnjury/ Property DamageMmn gful Death) Tort Asbesfos (04) Asbestos Property Damage Asbestos Personal lnjury/ Wongful Death Produd Uability (nof asbesfits or (241 Wic/eninnmenial) lvledicalMalpnctice (45) Medical MalpracticePhpicians & Surgeons Othar ProlessionalHealth Care Malpraclice Otirer PIIPD/WD (23) Premises Liabiliiy(e 9.. sliP and iall) lntenlionalBodily InjuTPDAAD (e.9.,assault vandalism) lntentionallnllidion of EmotionalDslress Negligentlnfliclion of Emolional Distress Other PVPD A/D Non-PlfPD/WD (OthBr) Tort Business BusinessT ortrUnFah Practice (07) Civil Righb (e 9., discriminafion, ialse anest) lnol civil ha,essmenfl [08) (e.,0., slander,nb=l) Deiamaiion ( 13 ) Fnud (16) InlelleciualPrDperty(19) ProtessionalNegligene (25) Legal Malpradice Olher Prot:ssional Malpractice (not medicalot legal) Other Non-PIFDruVDTorl (3t Employment Wrongful Terminalion (36) Other Ernploymenl(1fl Gontract Breacfr of Conhad/Warranty (08) ' Breach of RentaVLease Conb-ad (not unlawful detainer or wmngful eviclion) Conbad/Warranty Breach-Seller Plaintiff (nof haud or negligence) NegligentBreach of ConhacU Warranty Oiher Breach oi Gontraclrl{ananty (e-g-,moneyowed, open Colleciions book accounts) (09) CollectionCas+-Seller Plaintifi Other PromissoryNote/Collections InsurancCoverage (nof pmvi sionally @r],plex)(18) Auto Subrogalion Other Coverage Other CDntracl(34 ConhactualFraud Other Conhad Dispute Real Properlry EminenlDomain/lnverse (14) Condemnabon Wrongful Eviction (33) Other Real Property(e.9.,quiel title)(25) Wril of Possessionof Real Property ge l\ilDrlga Foredosure

Provisionally Compler Civil Litigation (Cal. Rules of Court Rules 3.400-3.403I AndhusVTradeRegulation (03) Conshudion Debd (10) Claims lnvolving Mass Tort (40) SecuritiesLitigation(28) Environmental/Toxic Torl (30) Insut-ance CoverageClaims (arising fnm pmisionally compler. Enforcement of Judgment EnfDrcementof Judgment (20) Abstrad of Judgmenl (Out of Countvl Confession of JudgmBntf,?ondomestic relailons) Sisier Stale Judgment AdministrativeAgency Award (not unpaid ts,xes) PetitionlOertificaEon Entry of of Judgment on Unpaid Taxes Other Enforcementof Judoment MiscellaneousCivil Complairt Rlco (27) Other Complaint (nol specified above) (471 Dedaratory Relief Only Injundive Relief Only (nonharassrnenfl MecfranicsLien OSrerCommercialComplaint Case (non-tqft/non-nmp Iex) Other Givll Comolaint (non+otunon-complex) MiscellaneousCivil Petition Parhership and Corporate , Govemance(21) Other Peffion (not specifred above) (43) Civil Harassmeni \\,orkolace Violence Adr.rlt Elder/Dependent Abuse ElectiDnContest Petitionfor Name Change Petitionfor RenefFrom Lete Claim Other Civil Petition

Other Real Propefty (not eminent do mein, landlord/t enant, or loredosu.r-) Unlawful Detainer (31) Cornmercial Residential(32) Drugs (38) lt the case involves il)egal drugs, check this tts-m:otherwise, repotl es CommeEial or Residential) JudiDial Revlew Assei Forhih.rc (051 PetitionRe: Arbit"ationAward (1 1) Writ of Mandate(02) Mandamus Vvrit-+riministrative on \rvdt-lvlandamus Limited Courl Case h4atler Wdl-Othet Limited Court Case Review Oiher Judlcial ReviEw (39) Review of Health Oficer Order Notice of ApDeal-Labor Commissiol=r Apl2eals

CfJ.Dl0 fRev July i, 2004


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