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Indian Culture, Philosophy & Leadership Excellence ASSIGNMENT



an organization. we have the capacity to change our lives and the world itself. that’s the key to remembering Deepak’s leadership framework. Deepak Chopra offers not only a blueprint. it’s about getting our ego out of the way so that we can serve the greater good. decision. power or piling up profits. action. Deepak Chopra opens the door for today’s leaders to access the secrets of success we all need without giving up who we are. Each letter represents a different aspect of being an effective leader: . but a powerful call to action. the deepest desires of the group. Deepak Chopra shows that true leadership comes not from exploiting people’s fear and anger but from helping them tap into their better angels. and compassion redefine the locus of power in relationships and organizations. a country or the whole world. love. He went on to say that the leader represents the longings. True leadership begins at the spiritual level. Leadership begins at home and in the heart. The Soul of Leadership is an invaluable resource. where consciousness. It’s not about popularity. ―the soul‖. Leadership is the most crucial choice one can make . Deepak Chopra’s lights the way to twenty first century is the decision to step out of darkness into the light. or non action.Very beautifully he has put the example of Mahatma Gandhi and explaines that Leadership is all about transformation not management. The video was all about the peace and clarity the soul brings to any vision. A Seven Step Framework for Leaders: We can spell ―Leaders‖. the aspirations. so in a sense. a step by step methods to release the power of leadership within each one of us. By evolving toward an ever higher level of spiritual awareness. a community. demonstrating how we all can become enlightened leaders in our own lives.THE SOUL OF LEADERSHIP Deepak described a leader as ―the symbolic soul of a group of consciousness.‖ He said that group consciousness could be a family.

Be action-oriented. Take calculated risks. Manage relationship in a way that fosters that bonding. they disengage. 3. their disengagement goes up by 20%. Without the story. Deepak says we can get all the facts. 2. watching their diet. Look and listen with our flesh – eyes and ears.One of the best ways we can empower others is by noticing their strengths. 7.If we’re not taking action.That means getting good sleep. ―Am I doing what I said i was doing?‖ Ask for feedback. it goes up by 45%.Deepak says that leaders who are really effective are emotionally and physically grounded and stable. Look and listen with our heart — how do we feel about things? Paint a vision.If you criticize them. facts remain clinical.Take risks.If we notice a single strength. It has to be inspiring. Deepak says that when people are emotionally bonded they are much more effective. E – EMPOWER OURSELF. D – DOING. not the facts. then the story remains the same. Be comfortable with our own emotions. L – LOOK and LISTEN. Deepak suggests asking the colleagues. R – RESPONSIBILITY. 4. As a tip. The vision has to be compelling. Take initiative.1. S – SYNCHRONICITY. exercising. 6.Above all maintain good health. E – EMOTIONAL BONDING. if we don’t notice their strength. . Deepak reminded us there are 7 levels of need from safety to survival to belonging to self-esteem to creative expression to hired consciousness to success. Understand the emotions of others.Deepak pointed out that according to Gallup research.If we ignore them.According to Deepak.If we’re not going to task risks. then it’s just a dream. A – AWARENESS. It has to be a story. The story has to authentic and it has to make a difference in our lives. People are actually buying into a story. Be aware of needs and know what’s needed here. Use emotional intelligence. and they know how to manage stress. Empower others. 5. disengagement falls to less than 1%. Look and listen with our mind – so we can analyze the facts. but what gives soul to facts is story.We need to be a role model for action. the story only changes when you take calculated risks.

Dyer says that this is all nonsense. And this is particularly true when we’re conscious that we live our life. The question is then. famous and powerful. we are edging God out. we can overcome any sort of biological inheritance or conditioning. Dyer explains that beliefs protect each of us from fear. We have to make a basic choice between joy (God) or excuses (the ego). it really doesn’t matter how long it takes. In other words.We can bring our desires to consciousness by disconnecting the power from our subconscious so that it can’t continue to run our life. If we wish to elevate our life. Often it takes something or someone outside of us to help ourself realize that. All we ever get is now. He sees that beliefs must be changed for a better life. and health. As every psychotherapist knows. Our subconscious (habitual) mind is accessible. Even though you may know what to think. We then develop an elaborate series of excuses to maintain the status quo-which is perceived as safety. actually changing those thinking habits that have been with us since childhood might be somewhat challenging. Other people blame childhood conditioning or an uncaring society that tells us we are not good enough unless we are rich. there comes a moment in therapy when the patient sees this choice. Every thought occurs in the present moment. so we need to unearth the excuses buried deep within us and become conscious. to make us think that we actually are nothing but an ego living in a body. If we choose joy. and every change has a defining moment. We tend to find an excuse not to proceed. in the present moment and only in the present moment. They cannot do what they want to do because of bad genetic inheritance. He outlines many of the . Many people believe that they are genetically damaged.The excuses run the gamut from biology to psychology and cultural conditioning.‖ By dropping all excuses and changing beliefs we change who we are. He calls this the ―excuse way of life.Wayne Dyer Excuses Begone Dr. every single bit of it. The ego creates negative beliefs to retain control of our being. happiness. Wayne Dyer reveals how to change the self-defeating thinking patterns that have prevented us from living at the highest levels of success. ―how do I change my beliefs?‖ Dyer suggests using affirmations and meditations.

I am too old. being in the present. For example.35249.0. we can easily change from ego driven beings with severe limitations to joyful beings.25507. will take too long.10.0.that relates to dropping the excuse and turning to Source energy.0l10. and developing both passion and compassion. all things are possible. dedicated to being who we really are and helping others. not smart enough..1.0. ―It is too difficult‖ is replaced with. or is too expensive. lack the he tells us to ―switch teams. Dyer has seven principles that we can follow to initiate and maintain the changes in our &gs_l=youtube.1.2j7j1.27308. Dyer gives us an antidote-or affirmation. ―With God.1. contemplation. By following these _l=youtube. For each excuse.tftR89hsKGk ..0.1ac.0. He suggests awareness. To passionately living our lives. alignment with God.1j6j1.u2oY9DV_0 B0 http://www.. too risky.239. willingness to take responsibility.0..9. BIBLIOGRAPHY: http://www. I am too busy or too overwhelmed by my life.0. too young.207... too hard.3.2330. Whatever we have to do is.8.‖ Finally.‖ Drop the excuses and become our God selves.16985.1ac. It is a very comprehensive list.popular excuse and how to mindfully approach changing them. The popular excuses are all outlined.